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SwTextNode Class Reference

SwTextNode is a paragraph in the document model. More...

#include <ndtxt.hxx>

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Public Types

enum  WrongState {
enum  GetTextAttrMode {
- Public Types inherited from SwNode
enum  Merge {
 sw_redlinehide: redline node merge state More...

Public Member Functions

bool IsWordCountDirty () const
WrongState GetWrongDirty () const
bool IsWrongDirty () const
bool IsGrammarCheckDirty () const
bool IsSmartTagDirty () const
bool IsAutoCompleteWordDirty () const
void SetWordCountDirty (bool bNew) const
void SetWrongDirty (WrongState eNew) const
void SetGrammarCheckDirty (bool bNew) const
void SetSmartTagDirty (bool bNew) const
void SetAutoCompleteWordDirty (bool bNew) const
void SetWrong (SwWrongList *pNew, bool bDelete=true)
SwWrongListGetWrong ()
const SwWrongListGetWrong () const
void SetGrammarCheck (SwGrammarMarkUp *pNew, bool bDelete=true)
SwGrammarMarkUpGetGrammarCheck ()
SwWrongList const * GetGrammarCheck () const
void SetSmartTags (SwWrongList *pNew, bool bDelete=true)
SwWrongListGetSmartTags ()
SwWrongList const * GetSmartTags () const
void TryCharSetExpandToNum (const SfxItemSet &pCharSet)
const OUString & GetText () const
sal_Int32 GetSpaceLeft () const
SwpHintsGetSwpHints ()
 getters for SwpHints More...
const SwpHintsGetSwpHints () const
SwpHintsGetpSwpHints ()
const SwpHintsGetpSwpHints () const
bool HasHints () const
SwpHintsGetOrCreateSwpHints ()
virtual ~SwTextNode () override
virtual sal_Int32 Len () const override
void GetMinMaxSize (sal_uLong nIndex, sal_uLong &rMin, sal_uLong &rMax, sal_uLong &rAbs) const
 Is in itratr. More...
virtual bool SetAttr (const SfxPoolItem &) override
 overriding to handle change of certain paragraph attributes More...
virtual bool SetAttr (const SfxItemSet &rSet) override
virtual bool ResetAttr (sal_uInt16 nWhich1, sal_uInt16 nWhich2=0) override
virtual bool ResetAttr (const std::vector< sal_uInt16 > &rWhichArr) override
virtual sal_uInt16 ResetAllAttr () override
OUString InsertText (const OUString &rStr, const SwIndex &rIdx, const SwInsertFlags nMode=SwInsertFlags::DEFAULT)
 insert text content More...
void EraseText (const SwIndex &rIdx, const sal_Int32 nCount=SAL_MAX_INT32, const SwInsertFlags nMode=SwInsertFlags::DEFAULT)
 delete text content ATTENTION: must not be called with a range that overlaps the start of an attribute with both extent and dummy char More...
void RstTextAttr (const SwIndex &rIdx, const sal_Int32 nLen, const sal_uInt16 nWhich=0, const SfxItemSet *pSet=nullptr, const bool bInclRefToxMark=false, const bool bExactRange=false)
 delete all attributes. More...
void GCAttr ()
void DestroyAttr (SwTextAttr *pAttr)
void ClearSwpHintsArr (bool bDelFields)
void FileLoadedInitHints ()
 initialize the hints after file loading (which takes shortcuts) More...
bool InsertHint (SwTextAttr *const pAttr, const SetAttrMode nMode=SetAttrMode::DEFAULT)
 Insert pAttr into hints array. More...
SwTextAttrInsertItem (SfxPoolItem &rAttr, const sal_Int32 nStart, const sal_Int32 nEnd, const SetAttrMode nMode=SetAttrMode::DEFAULT)
 create new text attribute from rAttr and insert it More...
bool SetAttr (const SfxItemSet &rSet, sal_Int32 nStt, sal_Int32 nEnd, const SetAttrMode nMode=SetAttrMode::DEFAULT, SwTextAttr **ppNewTextAttr=nullptr)
 Set these attributes at TextNode. More...
bool GetParaAttr (SfxItemSet &rSet, sal_Int32 nStt, sal_Int32 nEnd, const bool bOnlyTextAttr=false, const bool bGetFromChrFormat=true, const bool bMergeIndentValuesOfNumRule=false, SwRootFrame const *pLayout=nullptr) const
 Query the attributes of textnode over the range. More...
void FormatToTextAttr (SwTextNode *pNd)
 Convey attributes of an AttrSet (AutoFormat) to SwpHintsArray. More...
void DeleteAttributes (const sal_uInt16 nWhich, const sal_Int32 nStart, const sal_Int32 nEnd=0)
 delete all attributes of type nWhich at nStart (opt. end nEnd) More...
void DeleteAttribute (SwTextAttr *const pTextAttr)
 delete the attribute pTextAttr More...
void CopyText (SwTextNode *const pDest, const SwIndex &rStart, const sal_Int32 nLen, const bool bForceCopyOfAllAttrs)
 Actions on text and attributes. More...
void CopyText (SwTextNode *const pDest, const SwIndex &rDestStart, const SwIndex &rStart, sal_Int32 nLen, const bool bForceCopyOfAllAttrs=false)
void CutText (SwTextNode *const pDest, const SwIndex &rStart, const sal_Int32 nLen)
void CutText (SwTextNode *const pDest, const SwIndex &rDestStart, const SwIndex &rStart, const sal_Int32 nLen)
void ReplaceText (const SwIndex &rStart, const sal_Int32 nDelLen, const OUString &rText)
 replace nDelLen characters at rStart with rText in case the replacement does not fit, it is partially inserted up to the capacity of the node More...
void ReplaceTextOnly (sal_Int32 nPos, sal_Int32 nLen, const OUString &rText, const css::uno::Sequence< sal_Int32 > &rOffsets)
virtual SwContentFrameMakeFrame (SwFrame *) override
 Virtual methods from ContentNode. More...
SwTextNodeSplitContentNode (const SwPosition &, std::function< void(SwTextNode *, sw::mark::RestoreMode)> const *pContentIndexRestore)
virtual SwContentNodeJoinNext () override
void JoinPrev ()
SwContentNodeAppendNode (const SwPosition &)
bool DontExpandFormat (const SwIndex &rIdx, bool bFlag=true, bool bFormatToTextAttributes=true)
 When appropriate set DontExpand-flag at INet or character styles respectively. More...
SwTextAttrGetTextAttrAt (sal_Int32 const nIndex, sal_uInt16 const nWhich, enum GetTextAttrMode const eMode=DEFAULT) const
 get the innermost text attribute covering position nIndex. More...
std::vector< SwTextAttr * > GetTextAttrsAt (sal_Int32 const nIndex, sal_uInt16 const nWhich) const
 get the innermost text attributes covering position nIndex. More...
SwTextAttrGetTextAttrForCharAt (const sal_Int32 nIndex, const sal_uInt16 nWhich=RES_TXTATR_END) const
 get the text attribute at position nIndex which owns the dummy character CH_TXTATR_* at that position, if one exists. More...
SwTextFieldGetFieldTextAttrAt (const sal_Int32 nIndex, const bool bIncludeInputFieldAtStart=false) const
bool Spell (SwSpellArgs *)
bool Convert (SwConversionArgs &)
SwTextFormatCollGetTextColl () const
virtual SwFormatCollChgFormatColl (SwFormatColl *) override
void ChgTextCollUpdateNum (const SwTextFormatColl *pOld, const SwTextFormatColl *pNew)
void CopyCollFormat (SwTextNode &rDestNd)
 Copy collection with all auto formats to dest-node. More...
SwNumRuleGetNumRule (bool bInParent=true) const
 Returns numbering rule of this text node. More...
const SwNodeNumGetNum (SwRootFrame const *pLayout=nullptr) const
void DoNum (std::function< void(SwNodeNum &)> const &)
SwNumberTree::tNumberVector GetNumberVector (SwRootFrame const *pLayout=nullptr) const
bool IsOutline () const
 Returns if this text node is an outline. More...
bool IsOutlineStateChanged () const
void UpdateOutlineState ()
void NumRuleChgd ()
 Notify this textnode that its numbering rule has changed. More...
OUString GetNumString (const bool _bInclPrefixAndSuffixStrings=true, const unsigned int _nRestrictToThisLevel=MAXLEVEL, SwRootFrame const *pLayout=nullptr) const
 Returns outline of numbering string. More...
long GetLeftMarginWithNum (bool bTextLeft=false) const
 Returns the additional indents of this text node and its numbering. More...
bool GetFirstLineOfsWithNum (short &rFirstOffset) const
 Returns the combined first line indent of this text node and its numbering. More...
SwTwips GetAdditionalIndentForStartingNewList () const
void ClearLRSpaceItemDueToListLevelIndents (std::shared_ptr< SvxLRSpaceItem > &o_rLRSpaceItem) const
long GetLeftMarginForTabCalculation () const
 return left margin for tab stop position calculation More...
bool HasNumber () const
 Returns if this text node has a number. More...
bool HasBullet () const
 Returns if this text node has a bullet. More...
bool IsNumbered (SwRootFrame const *pLayout=nullptr) const
 Returns is this text node is numbered. More...
bool HasMarkedLabel () const
 Returns if this text node has a marked label. More...
void SetAttrListLevel (int nLevel)
 Sets the list level of this text node. More...
bool HasAttrListLevel () const
int GetAttrListLevel () const
int GetActualListLevel () const
 Returns the actual list level of this text node, when it is a list item. More...
int GetAttrOutlineLevel () const
 Returns outline level of this text node. More...
void SetAttrOutlineLevel (int nLevel)
 Sets the out line level at a text node. More...
bool IsEmptyListStyleDueToSetOutlineLevelAttr () const
void SetEmptyListStyleDueToSetOutlineLevelAttr ()
void ResetEmptyListStyleDueToResetOutlineLevelAttr ()
SwTwips GetWidthOfLeadingTabs () const
 Returns the width of leading tabs/blanks in this paragraph. More...
bool HasVisibleNumberingOrBullet () const
 Returns if the paragraph has a visible numbering or bullet. More...
void SetListId (OUString const &rListId)
OUString GetListId () const
bool AreListLevelIndentsApplicable () const
 Determines, if the list level indent attributes can be applied to the paragraph. More...
bool GetListTabStopPosition (long &nListTabStopPosition) const
 Retrieves the list tab stop position, if the paragraph's list level defines one and this list tab stop has to merged into the tap stops of the paragraph. More...
OUString GetLabelFollowedBy () const
 Retrieves the character following the list label, if the paragraph's list level defines one. More...
void fillSoftPageBreakList (SwSoftPageBreakList &rBreak) const
LanguageType GetLang (const sal_Int32 nBegin, const sal_Int32 nLen=0, sal_uInt16 nScript=0) const
bool IsSymbolAt (sal_Int32 nBegin) const
 in ndcopy.cxx More...
virtual SwContentNodeMakeCopy (SwDoc *, const SwNodeIndex &, bool bNewFrames) const override
bool Hyphenate (SwInterHyphInfo &rHyphInf)
 Interactive hyphenation: we find TextFrame and call its CalcHyph. More...
void DelSoftHyph (const sal_Int32 nStart, const sal_Int32 nEnd)
OUString GetExpandText (SwRootFrame const *pLayout, const sal_Int32 nIdx=0, const sal_Int32 nLen=-1, const bool bWithNum=false, const bool bAddSpaceAfterListLabelStr=false, const bool bWithSpacesForLevel=false, const ExpandMode eAdditionalMode=ExpandMode::ExpandFootnote) const
 add 4th optional parameter <bAddSpaceAfterListLabelStr> indicating, when <bWithNum = true> that a space is inserted after the string for the list label. More...
bool CopyExpandText (SwTextNode &rDestNd, const SwIndex *pDestIdx, sal_Int32 nIdx, sal_Int32 nLen, SwRootFrame const *pLayout, bool bWithNum=false, bool bWithFootnote=true, bool bReplaceTabsWithSpaces=false) const
OUString GetRedlineText () const
sal_Int32 GetDropLen (sal_Int32 nWishLen) const
 nWishLen = 0 indicates that we want a whole word More...
bool GetDropSize (int &rFontHeight, int &rDropHeight, int &rDropDescent) const
 Passes back info needed on the dropcap dimensions. More...
bool CalcHiddenParaField ()
 Hidden Paragraph Field: More...
void SetCalcHiddenParaField ()
 set CalcVisible flags More...
bool IsHiddenByParaField () const
 is the paragraph visible? More...
int FieldCanHideParaWeight (SwFieldIds eFieldId) const
bool FieldHidesPara (const SwField &rField) const
bool HasHiddenCharAttribute (bool bWholePara) const
 Hidden Paragraph Field: More...
void SetCalcHiddenCharFlags () const
bool IsHidden () const
virtual void Update (SwIndex const &rPos, const sal_Int32 nChangeLen, const bool bNegative=false, const bool bDelete=false) override
 override SwIndexReg More...
void TransliterateText (utl::TransliterationWrapper &rTrans, sal_Int32 nStart, sal_Int32 nEnd, SwUndoTransliterate *pUndo)
 change text to Upper/Lower/Hiragana/Katakana/... More...
bool CountWords (SwDocStat &rStat, sal_Int32 nStart, sal_Int32 nEnd) const
 count words in given range - returns true if we refreshed out count More...
bool IsNotificationEnabled () const
 Checks some global conditions like loading or destruction of document to economize notifications. More...
bool IsNotifiable () const
 Checks a temporary notification blocker and the global conditions of IsNotificationEnabled() More...
void SetListRestart (bool bRestart)
bool IsListRestart () const
void SetAttrListRestartValue (SwNumberTree::tSwNumTreeNumber nNum)
bool HasAttrListRestartValue () const
SwNumberTree::tSwNumTreeNumber GetAttrListRestartValue () const
SwNumberTree::tSwNumTreeNumber GetActualListStartValue () const
void SetCountedInList (bool bCounted)
bool IsCountedInList () const
void AddToList ()
void AddToListRLHidden ()
void RemoveFromList ()
void RemoveFromListRLHidden ()
bool IsInList () const
bool IsFirstOfNumRule (SwRootFrame const &rLayout) const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE css::uno::WeakReference< css::text::XTextContent > const & GetXParagraph () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void SetXParagraph (css::uno::Reference< css::text::XTextContent > const &xParagraph)
virtual ::sfx2::IXmlIdRegistryGetRegistry () override
 sfx2::Metadatable More...
virtual bool IsInClipboard () const override
virtual bool IsInUndo () const override
virtual bool IsInContent () const override
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::rdf::XMetadatable > MakeUnoObject () override
bool IsCollapse () const
virtual void dumpAsXml (xmlTextWriterPtr pWriter) const override
 Dumps the node structure to the given destination (file nodes.xml in the current directory by default) More...
sal_uInt32 GetRsid (sal_Int32 nStt, sal_Int32 nEnd) const
sal_uInt32 GetParRsid () const
bool CompareRsid (const SwTextNode &rTextNode, sal_Int32 nStt1, sal_Int32 nStt2) const
bool CompareParRsid (const SwTextNode &rTextNode) const
virtual drawinglayer::attribute::SdrAllFillAttributesHelperPtr getSdrAllFillAttributesHelper () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwContentNode
bool CanJoinNext (SwNodeIndex *pIdx=nullptr) const
 Is it possible to join two nodes? In pIdx the second position can be returned. More...
bool CanJoinPrev (SwNodeIndex *pIdx=nullptr) const
 Can we join two Nodes? We can return the 2nd position in pIdx. More...
void MakeStartIndex (SwIndex *pIdx)
void MakeEndIndex (SwIndex *pIdx)
bool GoNext (SwIndex *, sal_uInt16 nMode) const
bool GoPrevious (SwIndex *, sal_uInt16 nMode) const
SwContentFramegetLayoutFrame (const SwRootFrame *, const SwPosition *pPos=nullptr, std::pair< Point, bool > const *pViewPosAndCalcFrame=nullptr) const
SwRect FindLayoutRect (const bool bPrtArea=false, const Point *pPoint=nullptr) const
SwRect FindPageFrameRect () const
void MakeFramesForAdjacentContentNode (SwContentNode &rNode)
 Method creates all views of document for given node. More...
void DelFrames (SwRootFrame const *pLayout)
 Method deletes all views of document for the node. More...
virtual bool GetInfo (SfxPoolItem &) const override
 Get information from Client. More...
const SfxPoolItemGetAttr (sal_uInt16 nWhich, bool bInParent=true) const
 SS for PoolItems: hard attributation. More...
bool GetAttr (SfxItemSet &rSet) const
const SfxPoolItemGetNoCondAttr (sal_uInt16 nWhich, bool bInParents) const
 Obtains attribute that is not delivered via conditional style! More...
const SwAttrSetGetSwAttrSet () const
 Does node has already its own auto-attributes? Access to SwAttrSet. More...
const SwAttrSetGetpSwAttrSet () const
bool HasSwAttrSet () const
SwFormatCollGetFormatColl () const
SwFormatCollGetAnyFormatColl () const
void SetCondFormatColl (SwFormatColl *)
SwFormatCollGetCondFormatColl () const
bool IsAnyCondition (SwCollCondition &rTmp) const
void ChkCondColl ()
bool InvalidateNumRule ()
 Invalidates NumRule at the node. More...
SvxFrameDirection GetTextDirection (const SwPosition &rPos, const Point *pPt) const
 determines the text direction for a certain position. More...
void SetModifyAtAttr (bool bSetModifyAtAttr) const
bool GetModifyAtAttr () const
virtual void ModifyNotification (const SfxPoolItem *pOld, const SfxPoolItem *pNew) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from sw::BroadcastingModify
virtual void CallSwClientNotify (const SfxHint &rHint) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwModify
 SwModify ()
 SwModify (SwModify *pToRegisterIn)
void NotifyClients (const SfxPoolItem *pOldValue, const SfxPoolItem *pNewValue)
void ModifyBroadcast (const SfxPoolItem *pOldValue, const SfxPoolItem *pNewValue)
virtual ~SwModify () override
void Add (SwClient *pDepend)
SwClientRemove (SwClient *pDepend)
bool HasWriterListeners () const
void LockModify ()
void UnlockModify ()
void SetInCache (bool bNew)
void SetInSwFntCache (bool bNew)
void SetInDocDTOR ()
bool IsModifyLocked () const
bool IsInCache () const
bool IsInSwFntCache () const
void CheckCaching (const sal_uInt16 nWhich)
bool HasOnlyOneListener () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwClient
 SwClient ()
 SwClient (SwClient &&) noexcept
virtual ~SwClient () override
std::unique_ptr< sw::ModifyChangedHintCheckRegistration (const SfxPoolItem *pOldValue)
void SwClientNotifyCall (const SwModify &rModify, const SfxHint &rHint)
const SwModifyGetRegisteredIn () const
SwModifyGetRegisteredIn ()
void EndListeningAll ()
void StartListeningToSameModifyAs (const SwClient &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from sw::WriterListener
bool IsLast () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from sw::BroadcasterMixin
 BroadcasterMixin ()=default
 BroadcasterMixin (BroadcasterMixin const &)=default
BroadcasterMixinoperator= (const BroadcasterMixin &)
SvtBroadcasterGetNotifier ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwNode
bool IsCreateFrameWhenHidingRedlines () const
void SetRedlineMergeFlag (Merge const eMerge)
Merge GetRedlineMergeFlag () const
virtual ~SwNode () override=0
 the = 0 forces the class to be an abstract base class, but the dtor can be still called from subclasses More...
long GetSerial () const
sal_uInt16 GetSectionLevel () const
 Returns the section level at the position given by aIndex. More...
sal_uLong StartOfSectionIndex () const
const SwStartNodeStartOfSectionNode () const
SwStartNodeStartOfSectionNode ()
sal_uLong EndOfSectionIndex () const
const SwEndNodeEndOfSectionNode () const
SwEndNodeEndOfSectionNode ()
sal_uInt8 GetAutoFormatLvl () const
void SetAutoFormatLvl (sal_uInt8 nVal)
bool IsIgnoreDontExpand () const
void SetIgnoreDontExpand (bool bNew)
SwNodeType GetNodeType () const
SwStartNodeGetStartNode ()
const SwStartNodeGetStartNode () const
SwContentNodeGetContentNode ()
const SwContentNodeGetContentNode () const
SwEndNodeGetEndNode ()
const SwEndNodeGetEndNode () const
SwTextNodeGetTextNode ()
 Inline methods from Node.hxx. More...
const SwTextNodeGetTextNode () const
SwOLENodeGetOLENode ()
 Inline methods from Node.hxx. More...
const SwOLENodeGetOLENode () const
SwNoTextNodeGetNoTextNode ()
const SwNoTextNodeGetNoTextNode () const
SwGrfNodeGetGrfNode ()
const SwGrfNodeGetGrfNode () const
SwTableNodeGetTableNode ()
const SwTableNodeGetTableNode () const
SwSectionNodeGetSectionNode ()
const SwSectionNodeGetSectionNode () const
bool IsStartNode () const
bool IsContentNode () const
bool IsEndNode () const
bool IsTextNode () const
bool IsTableNode () const
bool IsSectionNode () const
bool IsOLENode () const
bool IsNoTextNode () const
bool IsGrfNode () const
bool IsInRedlines () const
 Checks if this node is in redlines. More...
SwTableNodeFindTableNode ()
 Search table node, in which it is. More...
const SwTableNodeFindTableNode () const
SwSectionNodeFindSectionNode ()
 Search section node, in which it is. More...
const SwSectionNodeFindSectionNode () const
SwStartNodeFindSttNodeByType (SwStartNodeType eTyp)
const SwStartNodeFindSttNodeByType (SwStartNodeType eTyp) const
const SwStartNodeFindTableBoxStartNode () const
const SwStartNodeFindFlyStartNode () const
const SwStartNodeFindFootnoteStartNode () const
const SwStartNodeFindHeaderStartNode () const
const SwStartNodeFindFooterStartNode () const
SwNodesGetNodes ()
 Node is in which nodes-array/doc? More...
const SwNodesGetNodes () const
SwDocGetDoc ()
const SwDocGetDoc () const
const IDocumentSettingAccessgetIDocumentSettingAccess () const
 Provides access to the document setting interface. More...
const IDocumentDeviceAccessgetIDocumentDeviceAccess () const
 Provides access to the document device interface. More...
const IDocumentMarkAccessgetIDocumentMarkAccess () const
 Provides access to the document bookmark interface. More...
const IDocumentRedlineAccessgetIDocumentRedlineAccess () const
 Provides access to the document redline interface. More...
const IDocumentStylePoolAccessgetIDocumentStylePoolAccess () const
 Provides access to the document style pool interface. More...
const IDocumentDrawModelAccessgetIDocumentDrawModelAccess () const
 Provides access to the document draw model interface. More...
const IDocumentLayoutAccessgetIDocumentLayoutAccess () const
 Provides access to the document layout interface. More...
IDocumentLayoutAccessgetIDocumentLayoutAccess ()
const IDocumentLinksAdministrationgetIDocumentLinksAdministration () const
 Provides access to the document links administration interface. More...
IDocumentLinksAdministrationgetIDocumentLinksAdministration ()
const IDocumentFieldsAccessgetIDocumentFieldsAccess () const
 Provides access to the document fields administration interface. More...
IDocumentFieldsAccessgetIDocumentFieldsAccess ()
IDocumentContentOperationsgetIDocumentContentOperations ()
 Provides access to the document content operations interface. More...
IStyleAccessgetIDocumentStyleAccess ()
 Provides access to the document automatic styles interface. More...
IDocumentListItemsgetIDocumentListItems ()
 Provides access to the document's numbered items interface. More...
bool IsInVisibleArea (SwViewShell const *pSh) const
 Is node in the visible area of the Shell? More...
bool IsInProtectSect () const
 Is node in a protected area? More...
bool IsProtect () const
 Is node in something that is protected (range, frame, table cells ... More...
const SwPageDescFindPageDesc (size_t *pPgDescNdIdx=nullptr) const
 Search PageDesc with which this node is formatted. More...
SwFrameFormatGetFlyFormat () const
 If node is in a fly return the respective format. More...
SwTableBoxGetTableBox () const
 If node is in a table return the respective table box. More...
sal_uLong GetIndex () const
const SwTextNodeFindOutlineNodeOfLevel (sal_uInt8 nLvl, SwRootFrame const *pLayout=nullptr) const
sal_uInt8 HasPrevNextLayNode () const
std::vector< SwFrameFormat * > const * GetAnchoredFlys () const
void AddAnchoredFly (SwFrameFormat *)
void RemoveAnchoredFly (SwFrameFormat *)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwIndexReg
 SwIndexReg ()
virtual ~SwIndexReg ()
void MoveTo (SwIndexReg &rArr)
const SwIndexGetFirstIndex () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from sfx2::Metadatable
 Metadatable ()
virtual ~Metadatable ()
css::beans::StringPair GetMetadataReference () const
void SetMetadataReference (const css::beans::StringPair &i_rReference)
void EnsureMetadataReference ()
void RemoveMetadataReference ()
void RegisterAsCopyOf (Metadatable const &i_rSource, const bool i_bCopyPrecedesSource=false)
std::shared_ptr< MetadatableUndoCreateUndo () const
std::shared_ptr< MetadatableUndoCreateUndoForDelete ()
void RestoreMetadata (std::shared_ptr< MetadatableUndo > const &i_pUndo)
void JoinMetadatable (Metadatable const &i_rOther, const bool i_isMergedEmpty, const bool i_isOtherEmpty)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool IsIgnoredCharFormatForNumbering (const sal_uInt16 nWhich)
 In MS Word, the font underline setting of the paragraph end position won't affect the formatting of numbering, so we ignore it. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SwContentNode
static std::unique_ptr< SwOLENodesCreateOLENodesArray (const SwFormatColl &rColl, bool bOnlyWithInvalidSize)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void SwClientNotify (const SwModify &, const SfxHint &) override
 End: Data collected during idle time. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwContentNode
 SwContentNode (const SwNodeIndex &rWhere, const SwNodeType nNodeType, SwFormatColl *pFormatColl)
virtual ~SwContentNode () override=0
 the = 0 forces the class to be an abstract base class, but the dtor can be still called from subclasses More...
sal_uInt16 ClearItemsFromAttrSet (const std::vector< sal_uInt16 > &rWhichIds)
 There some functions that like to remove items from the internal SwAttrSet (handle): More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwClient
 SwClient (SwModify *pToRegisterIn)
SwModifyGetRegisteredInNonConst () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sw::WriterListener
 WriterListener ()
virtual ~WriterListener () COVERITY_NOEXCEPT_FALSE
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwNode
 SwNode (const SwNodeIndex &rWhere, const SwNodeType nNodeId)
 SwNode (SwNodes &rNodes, sal_uLong nPos, const SwNodeType nNodeId)
 for the initial StartNode More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwIndexReg
bool HasAnyIndex () const

Private Member Functions

SAL_DLLPRIVATE SwTextNode (const SwNodeIndex &rWhere, SwTextFormatColl *pTextColl, const SfxItemSet *pAutoAttr=nullptr)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void CopyAttr (SwTextNode *pDest, const sal_Int32 nStart, const sal_Int32 nOldPos)
 Copies the attributes at nStart to pDest. More...
SAL_DLLPRIVATE SwTextNodeMakeNewTextNode (const SwNodeIndex &, bool bNext=true, bool bChgFollow=true)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void CutImpl (SwTextNode *const pDest, const SwIndex &rDestStart, const SwIndex &rStart, sal_Int32 nLen, const bool bUpdate=true)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void MoveTextAttr_To_AttrSet ()
 Move all comprising hard attributes to the AttrSet of the paragraph. More...
virtual SAL_DLLPRIVATE void NewAttrSet (SwAttrPool &) override
 Create the specific AttrSet. More...
bool IsCalcHiddenCharFlags () const
 Optimization: Asking for information about hidden characters at SwScriptInfo updates these flags. More...
void SetHiddenCharAttribute (bool bNewHiddenCharsHidePara, bool bNewContainsHiddenChars) const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void CalcHiddenCharFlags () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void SetLanguageAndFont (const SwPaM &rPaM, LanguageType nLang, sal_uInt16 nLangWhichId, const vcl::Font *pFont, sal_uInt16 nFontWhichId)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void InitSwParaStatistics (bool bNew)
 Start: Data collected during idle time. More...
void TryDeleteSwpHints ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void impl_FormatToTextAttr (const SfxItemSet &i_rAttrSet)
 Does the hard work of SwTextNode::FormatToTextAttr: the real conversion of items to automatic styles. More...
const SwTextInputFieldGetOverlappingInputField (const SwTextAttr &rTextAttr) const
void DelFrames_TextNodePart ()

Private Attributes

std::unique_ptr< SwpHintsm_pSwpHints
 May be 0. More...
std::unique_ptr< SwNodeNummpNodeNum
 Numbering for this paragraph. More...
std::unique_ptr< SwNodeNummpNodeNumRLHidden
 Numbering for this paragraph (hidden redlines) More...
OUString m_Text
bool m_bContainsHiddenChars: 1
 Some of the chars this para are hidden. More...
bool m_bHiddenCharsHidePara: 1
 The whole paragraph is hidden because of the hidden text attribute. More...
bool m_bRecalcHiddenCharFlags: 1
 The last two flags have to be recalculated if this flag is set: More...
bool m_bLastOutlineState: 1
bool m_bNotifiable
bool mbEmptyListStyleSetDueToSetOutlineLevelAttr
bool mbInSetOrResetAttr
 boolean, indicating that a <SetAttr(..)> or <ResetAttr(..)> or <ResetAllAttr(..)> method is running. More...
std::unique_ptr< OUString > m_pNumStringCache
css::uno::WeakReference< css::text::XTextContent > m_wXParagraph
drawinglayer::attribute::SdrAllFillAttributesHelperPtr maFillAttributes


class SwContentNode
class SwDoc
 For creating the first TextNode. More...
class SwNodes
class SwTextFrame
class SwScriptInfo

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from SwContentNode
std::shared_ptr< const SfxItemSetmpAttrSet
 Attribute-set for all auto attributes of a ContentNode. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from SwNode

Detailed Description

SwTextNode is a paragraph in the document model.

Definition at line 79 of file ndtxt.hxx.

Member Enumeration Documentation


DEFAULT: (Start <= nIndex < End)


EXPAND : (Start < nIndex <= End)

Definition at line 360 of file ndtxt.hxx.


Definition at line 176 of file ndtxt.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SwTextNode::SwTextNode ( const SwNodeIndex rWhere,
SwTextFormatColl pTextColl,
const SfxItemSet pAutoAttr = nullptr 
SwTextNode::~SwTextNode ( )

Member Function Documentation

void SwTextNode::AddToList ( )
void SwTextNode::AddToListRLHidden ( )
SwContentNode * SwTextNode::AppendNode ( const SwPosition rPos)
bool SwTextNode::AreListLevelIndentsApplicable ( ) const

Determines, if the list level indent attributes can be applied to the paragraph.

The list level indents can be applied to the paragraph under the one of following conditions:

  • the list style is directly applied to the paragraph and the paragraph has no own indent attributes.
  • the list style is applied to the paragraph through one of its paragraph styles, the paragraph has no own indent attributes and on the paragraph style hierarchy from the paragraph to the paragraph style with the list style no indent attributes are found.

Definition at line 4409 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References SwFormat::DerivedFrom(), SwFormat::GetAttrSet(), SfxItemSet::GetItemState(), GetNum(), GetNumRule(), SwContentNode::GetpSwAttrSet(), GetTextColl(), SwContentNode::HasSwAttrSet(), RES_LR_SPACE, and RES_PARATR_NUMRULE.

Referenced by ClearLRSpaceItemDueToListLevelIndents(), SwTextMargin::CtorInitTextMargin(), GetAdditionalIndentForStartingNewList(), GetFirstLineOfsWithNum(), GetLeftMarginForTabCalculation(), GetLeftMarginWithNum(), GetListTabStopPosition(), lcl_MergeListLevelIndentAsLRSpaceItem(), SwDoc::MoveLeftMargin(), MSWordExportBase::OutputTextNode(), and SwWW8ImplReader::Read_LR().

void SwTextNode::CalcHiddenCharFlags ( ) const

Definition at line 4547 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References SwScriptInfo::GetBoundsOfHiddenRange().

bool SwTextNode::CalcHiddenParaField ( )

Hidden Paragraph Field:

Definition at line 701 of file ndtxt.hxx.

Referenced by SwTextField::ExpandTextField().

SwFormatColl * SwTextNode::ChgFormatColl ( SwFormatColl pNewColl)
void SwTextNode::ChgTextCollUpdateNum ( const SwTextFormatColl pOld,
const SwTextFormatColl pNew 
void SwTextNode::ClearLRSpaceItemDueToListLevelIndents ( std::shared_ptr< SvxLRSpaceItem > &  o_rLRSpaceItem) const
void SwTextNode::ClearSwpHintsArr ( bool  bDelFields)
bool SwTextNode::CompareParRsid ( const SwTextNode rTextNode) const

Definition at line 5221 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References GetParRsid().

Referenced by LineArrayComparator::Compare(), and SwCompareLine::CompareNode().

bool SwTextNode::CompareRsid ( const SwTextNode rTextNode,
sal_Int32  nStt1,
sal_Int32  nStt2 
) const

Definition at line 5229 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References GetRsid().

Referenced by WordArrayComparator::Compare(), and CharArrayComparator::Compare().

bool SwTextNode::Convert ( SwConversionArgs rArgs)
void SwTextNode::CopyAttr ( SwTextNode pDest,
const sal_Int32  nStart,
const sal_Int32  nOldPos 
void SwTextNode::CopyCollFormat ( SwTextNode rDestNd)

Copy collection with all auto formats to dest-node.

The latter might be in another document! (Method in ndcopy.cxx!!).

Definition at line 327 of file ndcopy.cxx.

References aBreakSetRange, ChgFormatColl(), SwDoc::CopyTextColl(), SwDoc::GetAttrPool(), SwNode::GetDoc(), SwContentNode::GetpSwAttrSet(), GetTextColl(), RES_BREAK, RES_PAGEDESC, and SetAttr().

Referenced by sw::DocumentContentOperationsManager::CopyImpl(), SwRangeRedline::CopyToSection(), and SwNodes::MoveRange().

bool SwTextNode::CopyExpandText ( SwTextNode rDestNd,
const SwIndex pDestIdx,
sal_Int32  nIdx,
sal_Int32  nLen,
SwRootFrame const *  pLayout,
bool  bWithNum = false,
bool  bWithFootnote = true,
bool  bReplaceTabsWithSpaces = false 
) const
void SwTextNode::CopyText ( SwTextNode *const  pDest,
const SwIndex rStart,
const sal_Int32  nLen,
const bool  bForceCopyOfAllAttrs 

Actions on text and attributes.

copy text and attributes to node pDest

introduce optional parameter to control, if all attributes have to be copied.

Definition at line 1993 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References m_Text.

Referenced by sw::DocumentContentOperationsManager::CopyImpl(), and MakeCopy().

void SwTextNode::CopyText ( SwTextNode *const  pDest,
const SwIndex rDestStart,
const SwIndex rStart,
sal_Int32  nLen,
const bool  bForceCopyOfAllAttrs = false 
bool SwTextNode::CountWords ( SwDocStat rStat,
sal_Int32  nStart,
sal_Int32  nEnd 
) const
void SwTextNode::CutImpl ( SwTextNode *const  pDest,
const SwIndex rDestStart,
const SwIndex rStart,
sal_Int32  nLen,
const bool  bUpdate = true 
void SwTextNode::CutText ( SwTextNode *const  pDest,
const SwIndex rStart,
const sal_Int32  nLen 
void SwTextNode::CutText ( SwTextNode *const  pDest,
const SwIndex rDestStart,
const SwIndex rStart,
const sal_Int32  nLen 

Definition at line 853 of file ndtxt.hxx.

References CutImpl().

void SwTextNode::DeleteAttribute ( SwTextAttr *const  pTextAttr)
void SwTextNode::DeleteAttributes ( const sal_uInt16  nWhich,
const sal_Int32  nStart,
const sal_Int32  nEnd = 0 
void SwTextNode::DelFrames_TextNodePart ( )
void SwTextNode::DelSoftHyph ( const sal_Int32  nStart,
const sal_Int32  nEnd 

Definition at line 1746 of file thints.cxx.

References CHAR_SOFTHYPHEN, EraseText(), and m_Text.

Referenced by SwHyphIter::DelSoftHyph().

void SwTextNode::DestroyAttr ( SwTextAttr pAttr)
bool SwTextNode::DontExpandFormat ( const SwIndex rIdx,
bool  bFlag = true,
bool  bFormatToTextAttributes = true 
void SwTextNode::DoNum ( std::function< void(SwNodeNum &)> const &  rFunc)

Definition at line 3971 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References mpNodeNum, and mpNodeNumRLHidden.

void SwTextNode::dumpAsXml ( xmlTextWriterPtr  pWriter) const

Dumps the node structure to the given destination (file nodes.xml in the current directory by default)

Reimplemented from SwNode.

Definition at line 5161 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References SwpHints::Count(), SfxItemSet::dumpAsXml(), SwTextAttr::dumpAsXml(), SwNumRule::dumpAsXml(), SwpHints::Get(), SwContentNode::GetFormatColl(), SwNode::GetIndex(), GetNumRule(), SwContentNode::GetSwAttrSet(), GetSwpHints(), GetText(), HasHints(), SwContentNode::HasSwAttrSet(), and i.

void SwTextNode::EraseText ( const SwIndex rIdx,
const sal_Int32  nCount = SAL_MAX_INT32,
const SwInsertFlags  nMode = SwInsertFlags::DEFAULT 
int SwTextNode::FieldCanHideParaWeight ( SwFieldIds  eFieldId) const
bool SwTextNode::FieldHidesPara ( const SwField rField) const

Definition at line 715 of file ndtxt.hxx.

References SwDoc::FieldHidesPara(), and SwNode::GetDoc().

Referenced by SwpHints::CalcHiddenParaField(), and SwTextFrame::IsHiddenNow().

void SwTextNode::FileLoadedInitHints ( )

initialize the hints after file loading (which takes shortcuts)

Definition at line 270 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References m_pSwpHints.

Referenced by sw_MergePortions().

void SwTextNode::fillSoftPageBreakList ( SwSoftPageBreakList rBreak) const
void SwTextNode::FormatToTextAttr ( SwTextNode pNd)
void SwTextNode::GCAttr ( )
int SwTextNode::GetActualListLevel ( ) const

Returns the actual list level of this text node, when it is a list item.

the actual list level of this text node, if it is a list item, -1 otherwise

Definition at line 4094 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References SwNumberTreeNode::GetLevelInListTree(), GetNum(), and mpNodeNumRLHidden.

Referenced by SwUndoDelNum::AddNode(), SwTextFrame::CalcAdditionalFirstLineOffset(), SwChapterField::ChangeExpansion(), ClearLRSpaceItemDueToListLevelIndents(), SwContentTree::FillTransferData(), GetAdditionalIndentForStartingNewList(), SwUnoCursorHelper::getCursorPropertyValue(), GetExpandText(), GetFirstLineOfsWithNum(), GetLabelFollowedBy(), GetLeftMarginForTabCalculation(), GetLeftMarginWithNum(), GetListTabStopPosition(), SwWW8FltControlStack::GetNumFormatFromStack(), sw::util::GetNumFormatFromTextNode(), SwEditShell::GetNumLevel(), GetNumString(), sw::ToxTextGenerator::GetNumStringOfFirstNode(), SwEditShell::GetPaMAttr(), SwWrtShell::GetSelectionType(), HasBullet(), HasMarkedLabel(), HasNumber(), HasVisibleNumberingOrBullet(), SwHTMLParser::InsertImage(), lcl_CreateOutlineString(), lcl_dbg_out(), lcl_FindOutlineNum(), lcl_GotoNextPrevNum(), lcl_IsNoEndTextAttrAtPos(), lcl_MergeListLevelIndentAsLRSpaceItem(), lcl_SetRuleChgd(), MakeRefNumStr(), SwDoc::MoveLeftMargin(), SwEditShell::MoveNumParas(), SwTextFormatter::NewNumberPortion(), SwWrtShell::NumOrBulletOff(), SwWrtShell::NumOrBulletOn(), SwDoc::NumOrNoNum(), SwDoc::NumUpDown(), OutASC_SwTextNode(), OutHTML_NumBulListStart(), OutHTML_SwFormat(), MSWordExportBase::OutputTextNode(), AttributeOutputBase::ParaNumRule(), RtfAttributeOutput::ParaNumRule_Impl(), SwWW8ImplReader::Read_LR(), SwHTMLNumRuleInfo::Set(), SwEditShell::SetIndent(), TryCharSetExpandToNum(), and SwCursorShell::UpdateMarkedListLevel().

SwNumberTree::tSwNumTreeNumber SwTextNode::GetActualListStartValue ( ) const
SwTwips SwTextNode::GetAdditionalIndentForStartingNewList ( ) const
int SwTextNode::GetAttrListLevel ( ) const
SwNumberTree::tSwNumTreeNumber SwTextNode::GetAttrListRestartValue ( ) const
int SwTextNode::GetAttrOutlineLevel ( ) const

Returns outline level of this text node.

If a text node has an outline number (i.e. it has an SwNodeNum and an outline numbering rule) the outline level is the level of this SwNodeNum.

If a text node has no outline number and has a paragraph style attached the outline level is the outline level of the paragraph style.

Otherwise the text node has no outline level (NO_NUMBERING).

NOTE: The outline level of text nodes is subject to change. The plan is to have an SwTextNode::nOutlineLevel member that is updated from a paragraph style upon appliance of that paragraph style.

outline level or NO_NUMBERING if there is no outline level

Definition at line 4029 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References SwContentNode::GetAttr(), GetValue, and RES_PARATR_OUTLINELEVEL.

Referenced by SwTaggedPDFHelper::BeginBlockStructureElements(), SwChapterField::ChangeExpansion(), SwNode::FindOutlineNodeOfLevel(), SwEditShell::GetCurrentParaOutlineLevel(), SwUnoCursorHelper::getCursorPropertyValue(), GetEndNode(), SwCursorShell::GetOutlinePos(), SwContentNode::IsAnyCondition(), IsOutline(), SwEditShell::IsProtectedOutlinePara(), lcl_dbg_out(), lcl_FindOutlineNum(), SwCursorShell::MakeOutlineSel(), SwDoc::MoveOutlinePara(), SwDoc::OutlineUpDown(), sw::DocumentLinksAdministrationManager::SelectServerObj(), and sw::DocumentFieldsManager::SetFieldsDirty().

sal_Int32 SwTextNode::GetDropLen ( sal_Int32  nWishLen) const
bool SwTextNode::GetDropSize ( int rFontHeight,
int rDropHeight,
int rDropDescent 
) const
OUString SwTextNode::GetExpandText ( SwRootFrame const *  pLayout,
const sal_Int32  nIdx = 0,
const sal_Int32  nLen = -1,
const bool  bWithNum = false,
const bool  bAddSpaceAfterListLabelStr = false,
const bool  bWithSpacesForLevel = false,
const ExpandMode  eAdditionalMode = ExpandMode::ExpandFootnote 
) const
SwTextField * SwTextNode::GetFieldTextAttrAt ( const sal_Int32  nIndex,
const bool  bIncludeInputFieldAtStart = false 
) const
bool SwTextNode::GetFirstLineOfsWithNum ( short &  rFirstOffset) const
SwGrammarMarkUp * SwTextNode::GetGrammarCheck ( )
SwWrongList const * SwTextNode::GetGrammarCheck ( ) const

Definition at line 2192 of file txtedt.cxx.

References GetGrammarCheck().

OUString SwTextNode::GetLabelFollowedBy ( ) const
LanguageType SwTextNode::GetLang ( const sal_Int32  nBegin,
const sal_Int32  nLen = 0,
sal_uInt16  nScript = 0 
) const
long SwTextNode::GetLeftMarginForTabCalculation ( ) const

return left margin for tab stop position calculation

Needed for text formatting Method considers new list level attributes, which also can provide a left margin value

Definition at line 3305 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References AreListLevelIndentsApplicable(), SwNumRule::Get(), GetActualListLevel(), SvxNumberFormat::GetIndentAt(), SwAttrSet::GetLRSpace(), GetNum(), SwNodeNum::GetNumRule(), SvxNumberFormat::GetPositionAndSpaceMode(), SwContentNode::GetSwAttrSet(), SvxLRSpaceItem::GetTextLeft(), and SvxNumberFormat::LABEL_ALIGNMENT.

Referenced by SwTextMargin::CtorInitTextMargin().

long SwTextNode::GetLeftMarginWithNum ( bool  bTextLeft = false) const
OUString SwTextNode::GetListId ( ) const
bool SwTextNode::GetListTabStopPosition ( long &  nListTabStopPosition) const

Retrieves the list tab stop position, if the paragraph's list level defines one and this list tab stop has to merged into the tap stops of the paragraph.

nListTabStopPositionoutput parameter - containing the list tab stop position
boolean - indicating, if a list tab stop position is provided

Definition at line 4472 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References AreListLevelIndentsApplicable(), SwNumRule::Get(), GetActualListLevel(), SwNode::getIDocumentSettingAccess(), SvxNumberFormat::GetIndentAt(), SvxNumberFormat::GetLabelFollowedBy(), SvxNumberFormat::GetListtabPos(), SwAttrSet::GetLRSpace(), GetNum(), SwNodeNum::GetNumRule(), SvxNumberFormat::GetPositionAndSpaceMode(), SwContentNode::GetSwAttrSet(), SvxLRSpaceItem::GetTextLeft(), HasVisibleNumberingOrBullet(), IGNORE_FIRST_LINE_INDENT_IN_NUMBERING, SvxNumberFormat::LABEL_ALIGNMENT, SvxNumberFormat::LISTTAB, and TABS_RELATIVE_TO_INDENT.

Referenced by SwLineInfo::CtorInitLineInfo().

void SwTextNode::GetMinMaxSize ( sal_uLong  nIndex,
sal_uLong rMin,
sal_uLong rMax,
sal_uLong rAbs 
) const

Is in itratr.

Changing this method very likely requires changing of GetScalingOfSelectedText This one is called exclusively from import filters, so there is no layout.

Definition at line 990 of file itratr.cxx.

References CH_BLANK, CH_BREAK, CH_TAB, CH_TXTATR_BREAKWORD, CH_TXTATR_INWORD, CHAR_HARDBLANK, CHAR_HARDHYPHEN, CHAR_SOFTHYPHEN, SwField::ExpandField(), SwFrameFormat::FindSdrObject(), FLYINCNT_MIN_WIDTH, SwAttrIter::GetAttr(), SdrObject::GetCurrentBoundRect(), IDocumentLayoutAccess::GetCurrentViewShell(), Application::GetDefaultDevice(), SwNode::GetDoc(), SwFormatField::GetField(), GetFirstLineOfsWithNum(), SwTextAttr::GetFlyCnt(), SwAttrIter::GetFnt(), SwTextAttr::GetFootnote(), SwTextAttr::GetFormatField(), SwFormatFlyCnt::GetFrameFormat(), SwFormat::GetFrameSize(), SwDoc::getIDocumentLayoutAccess(), SvxLRSpaceItem::GetLeft(), GetLeftMarginWithNum(), SwFormat::GetLRSpace(), SwAttrSet::GetLRSpace(), OutputDevice::GetMapMode(), SwAttrIter::GetNextAttr(), SwFormatFootnote::GetNumStr(), SvxLRSpaceItem::GetRight(), SwDoc::GetSpzFrameFormats(), SwContentNode::GetSwAttrSet(), SvxLRSpaceItem::GetTextLeft(), SwFont::GetTextSize_(), SvxSizeItem::GetWidth(), tools::Rectangle::GetWidth(), SwFormatFrameSize::GetWidthPercent(), SwViewShell::GetWin(), lcl_MinMaxNode(), lcl_MinMaxString(), m_Text, SwMinMaxArgs::Minimum(), SwMinMaxNodeArgs::Minimum(), SwMinMaxArgs::NewWord(), SwScriptInfo::NextScriptChg(), SwMinMaxNodeArgs::nIndx, SwMinMaxNodeArgs::nLeftDiff, SwMinMaxNodeArgs::nLeftRest, SwMinMaxNodeArgs::nMaxWidth, SwMinMaxNodeArgs::nMinWidth, SwMinMaxArgs::nNoLineBreak, SwMinMaxNodeArgs::nRightDiff, SwMinMaxNodeArgs::nRightRest, SwMinMaxArgs::nRowWidth, SwMinMaxArgs::nWordAdd, SwMinMaxArgs::nWordWidth, RES_DRAWFRMFMT, RES_FLYFRMFMT, RES_TXTATR_ANNOTATION, RES_TXTATR_FIELD, RES_TXTATR_FLYCNT, RES_TXTATR_FTN, SwAttrIter::SeekAndChgAttrIter(), OutputDevice::SetMapMode(), USHRT_MAX, SwFormat::Which(), SwTextAttr::Which(), and Size::Width().

Referenced by CalculateFlySize(), and lcl_GetMinMaxSize().

const SwNodeNum * SwTextNode::GetNum ( SwRootFrame const *  pLayout = nullptr) const
SwNumberTree::tNumberVector SwTextNode::GetNumberVector ( SwRootFrame const *  pLayout = nullptr) const

Definition at line 3986 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References GetNum().

Referenced by SwContentTree::FillTransferData(), GetNumString(), and lcl_CreateOutlineString().

SwNumRule * SwTextNode::GetNumRule ( bool  bInParent = true) const

Returns numbering rule of this text node.

bInParentsearch in parent attributes, too
numbering rule of this text node or NULL if none is set

Definition at line 2810 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References SwDoc::FindNumRulePtr(), SwNode::GetDoc(), SwContentNode::GetNoCondAttr(), SwFormat::GetNumRule(), SwContentNode::GetpSwAttrSet(), GetTextColl(), CntUnencodedStringItem::GetValue(), GetValue, SwContentNode::HasSwAttrSet(), and RES_PARATR_NUMRULE.

Referenced by SwUndoDelNum::AddNode(), AppendNode(), AreListLevelIndentsApplicable(), SwTaggedPDFHelper::BeginNumberedListStructureElements(), SwAutoFormat::BuildEnum(), SwTextFrame::CalcAdditionalFirstLineOffset(), SwChapterField::ChangeExpansion(), SwNodes::ChgNode(), ClearLRSpaceItemDueToListLevelIndents(), SwDoc::DelNumRules(), dumpAsXml(), SwHTMLParser::EndPara(), FindList(), GetActualListStartValue(), GetListId(), sw::util::GetNormalNumRuleFromTextNode(), SwWW8FltControlStack::GetNumFormatFromStack(), sw::util::GetNumFormatFromTextNode(), SwEditShell::GetNumLevel(), SwDoc::GetNumRuleAtPos(), sw::ToxTextGenerator::GetNumStringOfFirstNode(), SwEditShell::GetPaMAttr(), SwEditShell::HasNumber(), SwUnoCursorHelper::IsNodeNumStart(), IsOutline(), lcl_CreateOutlineString(), lcl_dbg_out(), lcl_FindOutlineNum(), lcl_GotoNextPrevNum(), lcl_IsNoEndTextAttrAtPos(), lcl_MergeListLevelIndentAsLRSpaceItem(), lcl_SetTextFormatColl(), MakeNewTextNode(), MakeRefNumStr(), SwDoc::MakeUniqueNumRules(), SwDoc::MoveLeftMargin(), SwEditShell::MoveNumParas(), SwTextFormatter::NewNumberPortion(), SwDoc::NoNum(), SwWrtShell::NumOrBulletOn(), SwDoc::NumOrNoNum(), NumRuleChgd(), SwDoc::NumUpDown(), OutASC_SwTextNode(), OutHTML_NumBulListStart(), OutHTML_SwTextNode(), MSWordExportBase::OutputTextNode(), RtfAttributeOutput::ParaNumRule_Impl(), SwNodeNum::PreAdd(), SwWW8ImplReader::Read_LR(), SwWW8ImplReader::RegisterNumFormatOnTextNode(), SwDoc::SearchNumRule(), SwEditShell::SelectionHasBullet(), SwEditShell::SelectionHasNumber(), SwHTMLNumRuleInfo::Set(), SwSetExpFieldType::SetChapter(), SwDoc::SetNumRule(), SwDoc::SetNumRuleStart(), SwXCell::setPropertyValue(), SwWW8ImplReader::SetTextFormatCollAndListLevel(), SplitContentNode(), SwAutoFormat::SwAutoFormat(), SwTextNode(), TryCharSetExpandToNum(), and SwTextFormatter::WhichFirstPortion().

OUString SwTextNode::GetNumString ( const bool  _bInclPrefixAndSuffixStrings = true,
const unsigned int  _nRestrictToThisLevel = MAXLEVEL,
SwRootFrame const *  pLayout = nullptr 
) const

Returns outline of numbering string.

Introduce parameter <_bInclPrefixAndSuffixStrings> in order to control, if the prefix and the suffix strings have to been included or not.

_bInclPrefixAndSuffixStringsoptional input parameter - boolean indicating, if the prefix and the suffix strings have to been included or not. default value = <true>
_nRestrictToThisLeveloptional input parameter - unsigned integer indicating the maximum outline level to which the output string must be restricted to. Default value is MAXLEVEL

Definition at line 3127 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References SwNumRule::Get(), GetActualListLevel(), SwNode::GetDoc(), GetLang(), GetNum(), GetNumberVector(), SwNodeNum::GetNumRule(), IsCountedInList(), m_pNumStringCache, and SwNumRule::MakeNumString().

Referenced by SwChapterField::ChangeExpansion(), CopyExpandText(), CopyText(), CountWords(), SwUnoCursorHelper::getCursorPropertyValue(), GetExpandText(), sw::ToxTextGenerator::GetNumStringOfFirstNode(), lcl_IsNoEndTextAttrAtPos(), SwTextFormatter::NewNumberPortion(), OutASC_SwTextNode(), OutHTML_SwTextNode(), and RtfAttributeOutput::ParaNumRule_Impl().

SwpHints & SwTextNode::GetOrCreateSwpHints ( )

Definition at line 819 of file ndtxt.hxx.

References m_pSwpHints.

Referenced by FormatToTextAttr(), InsertHint(), SwRegHistory::InsertItems(), SetAttr(), and SplitContentNode().

const SwTextInputField * SwTextNode::GetOverlappingInputField ( const SwTextAttr rTextAttr) const

Definition at line 1743 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References SwTextAttr::End(), SwTextAttr::GetStart(), GetTextAttrAt(), PARENT, and RES_TXTATR_INPUTFIELD.

Referenced by InsertHint().

bool SwTextNode::GetParaAttr ( SfxItemSet rSet,
sal_Int32  nStt,
sal_Int32  nEnd,
const bool  bOnlyTextAttr = false,
const bool  bGetFromChrFormat = true,
const bool  bMergeIndentValuesOfNumRule = false,
SwRootFrame const *  pLayout = nullptr 
) const

Query the attributes of textnode over the range.

Introduce 4th optional parameter <bMergeIndentValuesOfNumRule>. If <bMergeIndentValuesOfNumRule> == true, the indent attributes of the corresponding list level of an applied list style is merged into the requested item set as a LR-SPACE item, if <bOnlyTextAttr> == false, corresponding node has not its own indent attributes and the position-and-space mode of the list level is SvxNumberFormat::LABEL_ALIGNMENT.

Definition at line 2057 of file thints.cxx.

References SfxItemSet::Count(), SwTextAttr::DontExpand(), SwTextAttr::End(), SwTextAttr::GetAttr(), sw::GetAttrMerged(), CharFormat::GetItemSet(), SfxItemSet::GetPool(), SfxItemSet::GetRanges(), SwNode::GetRedlineMergeFlag(), SwTextAttr::GetStart(), HasHints(), SwNode::Hidden, INVALID_POOL_ITEM, SfxItemSet::InvalidateItem(), isCHRATR(), SwRootFrame::IsHideRedlines(), IsInvalidItem(), isTXTATR_WITHEND(), isUNKNOWNATR(), lcl_MergeAttr(), lcl_MergeAttr_ExpandChrFormat(), lcl_MergeListLevelIndentAsLRSpaceItem(), m_pSwpHints, SwPoolItemEndPair::mnEndPos, SwPoolItemEndPair::mpItem, SfxItemSet::Put(), RES_CHRATR_BEGIN, RES_TXTATR_AUTOFMT, RES_TXTATR_WITHEND_END, void(), SfxPoolItem::Which(), and SwTextAttr::Which().

Referenced by SwUnoCursorHelper::GetCursorAttr(), SwWW8FltControlStack::GetFormatAttr(), SwGetExpField::GetReferenceTextPos(), GetRsid(), OutHTML_SwField(), sw::DocumentContentOperationsManager::ReplaceRangeImpl(), SwDontExpandItem::SaveDontExpandItems(), SwDoc::SetFormatItemByAutoFormat(), and WW8Export::WriteFootnoteBegin().

sal_uInt32 SwTextNode::GetParRsid ( ) const

Definition at line 5216 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References SwContentNode::GetAttr(), GetValue, and RES_PARATR_RSID.

Referenced by CompareParRsid(), and SwUndoSplitNode::SwUndoSplitNode().

SwpHints* SwTextNode::GetpSwpHints ( )

Definition at line 218 of file ndtxt.hxx.

Referenced by SwUndoTransliterate::AddChanges(), SwHTMLParser::AddParSpace(), SwHTMLParser::AppendTextNode(), CanSkipOverRedline(), SwNodes::ChgNode(), CopyText(), SwWW8ImplReader::CoreLoad(), sw::DocumentContentOperationsManager::DeleteRangeImplImpl(), SwDoc::DeleteTOXMark(), AttributeOutputBase::GenerateBookmarksForSequenceField(), sw::ToxTextGenerator::GetAttributesForNode(), SwUnoCursorHelper::getCursorPropertyValue(), SwDoc::GetCurTOXMark(), SwEditShell::GetItemWithPaM(), GetNextAttrImpl(), SwWW8AttrIter::HasTextItem(), SwUndoReplace::Impl::Impl(), InsertHint(), XMLRedlineImportHelper::InsertIntoDocument(), SwRegHistory::InsertItems(), SwWW8AttrIter::IsExportableAttr(), SwWW8AttrIter::IsTextAttr(), SwTableBox::IsValidNumTextNd(), lcl_ChangeFootnoteRef(), lcl_CopyHint(), lcl_CreatePortions(), sw::DocumentContentOperationsManager::lcl_RstTextAttr(), SwAttrIter::MaybeHasHints(), sw::MergedAttrIterReverse::MergedAttrIterReverse(), ModelToViewHelper::ModelToViewHelper(), MaybeMergedIter::NextAttr(), sw::MergedAttrIterMulti::NextAttr(), sw::MergedAttrIter::NextAttr(), sw::MergedAttrIterByEnd::NextAttr(), SwASC_AttrIter::OutAttr(), SwWW8AttrIter::OutAttr(), SwWW8AttrIter::OutAttrWithRange(), MSWordExportBase::OutputTextNode(), sw::DocumentContentOperationsManager::Overwrite(), sw::MergedAttrIterReverse::PrevAttr(), SwNodes::RemoveNode(), Replace0xFF(), SwDontExpandItem::RestoreDontExpandItems(), RstTextAttr(), SwUndoDelete::SaveContent(), SwUndoInsSection::SaveSplitNode(), SwASC_AttrIter::SearchNext(), SwWW8AttrIter::SearchNext(), SwLanguageIterator::SearchNextChg(), SwAttrIter::Seek(), SwAttrIter::SeekFwd(), SwScriptInfo::selectHiddenTextProperty(), SwDoc::SelectNextRubyChars(), SwTextFlyCnt::SetAnchor(), UndoTransliterate_Data::SetChangeAtNode(), sw::DocumentFieldsManager::SetFieldsDirty(), SwTableToTextSave::SwTableToTextSave(), SwUndoInserts::SwUndoInserts(), SwUndoMove::SwUndoMove(), SwUndoOverwrite::SwUndoOverwrite(), SwUndoSplitNode::SwUndoSplitNode(), SwUndoTableNumFormat::SwUndoTableNumFormat(), SwUndoOverwrite::UndoImpl(), SwUndoDelete::UndoImpl(), SwUndoTableMerge::UndoImpl(), SwUndoTableNumFormat::UndoImpl(), SwUndoReplace::Impl::UndoImpl(), SwNodes::UndoTableToText(), and SwTOXBaseSection::UpdatePageNum_().

const SwpHints* SwTextNode::GetpSwpHints ( ) const

Definition at line 219 of file ndtxt.hxx.

OUString SwTextNode::GetRedlineText ( ) const
sfx2::IXmlIdRegistry & SwTextNode::GetRegistry ( )


Implements sfx2::Metadatable.

Definition at line 5238 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References SwNode::GetDoc(), and SwDoc::GetXmlIdRegistry().

Referenced by sw::Meta::GetRegistry().

sal_uInt32 SwTextNode::GetRsid ( sal_Int32  nStt,
sal_Int32  nEnd 
) const

Definition at line 5203 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References SwNode::GetDoc(), GetParaAttr(), and RES_CHRATR_RSID.

Referenced by CompareRsid().

drawinglayer::attribute::SdrAllFillAttributesHelperPtr SwTextNode::getSdrAllFillAttributesHelper ( ) const

Reimplemented from SwContentNode.

Definition at line 5339 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References SwContentNode::GetSwAttrSet(), and maFillAttributes.

SwWrongList * SwTextNode::GetSmartTags ( )
SwWrongList const * SwTextNode::GetSmartTags ( ) const

Definition at line 2217 of file txtedt.cxx.

References GetSmartTags().

sal_Int32 SwTextNode::GetSpaceLeft ( ) const
SwpHints & SwTextNode::GetSwpHints ( )
const SwpHints & SwTextNode::GetSwpHints ( ) const

Definition at line 813 of file ndtxt.hxx.

References m_pSwpHints.

const OUString& SwTextNode::GetText ( ) const

Definition at line 210 of file ndtxt.hxx.

Referenced by SwUndoTransliterate::AddChanges(), SwSpellIter::AddPortion(), DocxExport::AppendBookmarks(), SwHTMLParser::AppendTextNode(), sw::ToxTextGenerator::ApplyHandledTextToken(), SwEditShell::AutoFormatBySplitNode(), SwTextFrame::AutoSpell_(), SwScriptInfo::CalcHiddenRanges(), WordArrayComparator::CalcPositions(), SwUndoOverwrite::CanGrouping(), SwUndoDelete::CanGrouping(), SwAutoFormat::CanJoin(), SwDoc::Chainable(), SwCompareLine::ChangesInLine(), CellSaveStruct::CheckNoBreak(), sw::CheckParaRedlineMerge(), SwCursorShell::CheckTableBoxContent(), ChgNumToText(), ChgTextToNum(), SwDoc::ClearLineNumAttrs(), SwTextFrame::CollectAutoCmplWrds(), LineArrayComparator::Compare(), WordArrayComparator::Compare(), CharArrayComparator::Compare(), SwCompareLine::CompareTextNd(), SwHTMLParser::Continue(), CopyExpandText(), sw::DocumentContentOperationsManager::CopyFlyInFlyImpl(), sw::DocumentContentOperationsManager::CopyImpl(), CopyText(), SwWW8ImplReader::CoreLoad(), SwDoc::CountWords(), CountWords(), CutImpl(), CutText(), SwAutoFormat::DelEmptyLine(), SwDoc::DeleteTOXMark(), SwLayIdle::DoIdleJob_(), SwCursor::DoSetBidiLevelUpDown(), dumpAsXml(), SwWW8ImplReader::emulateMSWordAddTextToParagraph(), SwWW8ImplReader::End_Footnote(), SwHTMLParser::EndAttr(), SwXMLImport::endDocument(), SwEnhancedPDFExportHelper::EnhancedPDFExport(), SwView::ExecLingu(), SwCursorShell::ExtendSelection(), sw::FindTextImpl(), AttributeOutputBase::GenerateBookmarksForSequenceField(), sw::ToxTextGenerator::GenerateText(), SwUndoSetFlyFormat::GetAnchor(), SwScriptInfo::GetBoundsOfHiddenRange(), SwCursorShell::GetChar(), WordArrayComparator::GetCharSequence(), sw::mark::DateFieldmark::GetContent(), SwEditShell::GetCorrection(), SwUnoCursorHelper::GetCursorAttr(), GetDropLen(), GetExpandText(), SwEditShell::GetGrammarCorrection(), SwEditShell::GetItemWithPaM(), SwSortTextElement::GetKey(), SwSortBoxElement::GetKey(), CharArrayComparator::GetLen1(), CharArrayComparator::GetLen2(), GetMergeSel(), GetNextAttrImpl(), SwEditShell::GetPaMAttr(), SwDoc::GetPaMDescr(), sw::util::GetPseudoCharRuns(), GetRedlineText(), SwGetExpField::GetReferenceTextPos(), SwEditShell::GetScriptType(), SwAuthorityFieldType::GetSequencePos(), SwCursorShell::GetSmartTagRect(), SwPaM::GetText(), SwLangHelper::GetTextForLanguageGuessing(), SwUndoInsert::GetTextFromDoc(), SwTableBox::GetValue(), GetWidthOfLeadingTabs(), SwContentNode::GoNext(), SwContentNode::GoPrevious(), SwWW8ImplReader::HandlePageBreakChar(), SwUndoReplace::Impl::Impl(), sw::DocumentStatisticsManager::IncrementalDocStatCalculate(), SwScriptInfo::InitScriptInfo(), BookmarkTable::InsertBookmark(), SwHTMLParser::InsertComment(), SwEditShell::InsertGlobalDocContent(), XMLRedlineImportHelper::InsertIntoDocument(), SwDoc::InsertSwSection(), SwRangeRedline::InvalidateRange(), IsCollapse(), SwTransferable::isComplex(), SwTableBox::IsFormulaOrValueBox(), SwCursor::IsInWordWT(), SwAutoFormat::JoinPrevPara(), lcl_CellText(), lcl_CleanStr(), lcl_CopyHint(), lcl_dbg_out(), lcl_DelBox(), lcl_ExportFieldMark(), lcl_FillFieldMarkArray(), lcl_IsNoEndTextAttrAtPos(), lcl_MaskDeletedRedlines(), MakeCopy(), SwDOCXReader::MakeEntries(), SwXMLTableContext::MakeTableBox(), SwScriptInfo::MaskHiddenRanges(), ModelToViewHelper::ModelToViewHelper(), sw::DocumentContentOperationsManager::MoveAndJoin(), SwWW8ImplReader::MoveOutsideFly(), SwNodes::MoveRange(), MSWordExportBase::NeedTextNodeSplit(), SwHTMLParser::NextToken(), OutASC_SwTextNode(), OutHTML_FrameFormatTableNode(), OutHTML_SwFormat(), OutHTML_SwTextNode(), MSWordExportBase::OutputTextNode(), SwUndoTableCpyTable::PrepareRedline(), SwRTFReader::Read(), SwWW8ImplReader::ReadText(), SwUndoMove::RedoImpl(), SwUndoSort::RedoImpl(), sw::DocumentContentOperationsManager::RemoveLeadingWhiteSpace(), sw::ReplaceBackReferences(), sw::mark::DateFieldmark::ReplaceContent(), sw::DocumentContentOperationsManager::ReplaceRangeImpl(), SwDoc::ResetAttrs(), SwDontExpandItem::RestoreDontExpandItems(), SwUndoFormatAttr::RestoreFlyAnchor(), SwUndoDelete::SaveContent(), SwDontExpandItem::SaveDontExpandItems(), SwUndoInsSection::SaveSplitNode(), SwWW8AttrIter::SearchNext(), DocxAttributeOutput::SectionBreaks(), SwScriptInfo::selectHiddenTextProperty(), SwDoc::SelectNextRubyChars(), SwXParagraph::SelectPaM(), SwScriptInfo::selectRedLineDeleted(), SwAttrCheckArr::SetNewSet(), SwExtTextInput::SetOverwriteCursor(), SwXCell::setPropertyValue(), SwXParagraph::setString(), SwDoc::SetTextFormatCollByAutoFormat(), SwWW8ImplReader::simpleAddTextToParagraph(), SwTextFrame::SmartTagScan(), SwDoc::Spell(), SwDoc::SplitDoc(), SwHTMLParser::StripTrailingLF(), SwHTMLParser::StripTrailingPara(), SwDoc::Summary(), sw_GetJoinFlags(), SwTableToTextSave::SwTableToTextSave(), SwUndoDelete::SwUndoDelete(), SwUndoInserts::SwUndoInserts(), SwUndoMove::SwUndoMove(), SwUndoOverwrite::SwUndoOverwrite(), SwUndoRedlineDelete::SwUndoRedlineDelete(), SwUndoSplitNode::SwUndoSplitNode(), SwUndoTableNumFormat::SwUndoTableNumFormat(), SwNodes::TextToTable(), sw::DocumentContentOperationsManager::TransliterateText(), TransliterateText(), SwUndoSplitNode::UndoImpl(), SwUndoMove::UndoImpl(), SwUndoTextToTable::UndoImpl(), SwUndoTableMerge::UndoImpl(), SwUndoInserts::UndoImpl(), SwUndoTableNumFormat::UndoImpl(), SwNodes::UndoTableToText(), SwTOXBaseSection::UpdateAuthorities(), SwGetRefField::UpdateField(), SwTOXBaseSection::UpdateMarks(), sw::UpdateMergedParaForInsert(), SwTOXBaseSection::UpdatePageNum_(), SwTOXBaseSection::UpdateSequence(), WordArrayComparator::WordArrayComparator(), SwASCWriter::WriteStream(), WW8Ruby::WW8Ruby(), SwCallLink::~SwCallLink(), and SwExtTextInput::~SwExtTextInput().

SwTextAttr * SwTextNode::GetTextAttrAt ( sal_Int32 const  nIndex,
sal_uInt16 const  nWhich,
enum GetTextAttrMode const  eMode = DEFAULT 
) const

get the innermost text attribute covering position nIndex.

nWhichonly attribute with this id is returned.
eModethe predicate for matching (
See also

ATTENTION: this function is not well-defined for those hints of which several may cover a single position, like RES_TXTATR_CHARFMT, RES_TXTATR_REFMARK, RES_TXTATR_TOXMARK

Definition at line 1726 of file ndtxt.cxx.


Referenced by GetFieldTextAttrAt(), SwUnoCursorHelper::GetNestedTextContent(), GetOverlappingInputField(), SwTableBox::GetValue(), lcl_GetParagraphMetadataFieldAtIndex(), SwDoc::ResetAttrs(), RstTextAttr(), and SwCursorShell::SelectTextAttr().

SwTextAttr * SwTextNode::GetTextAttrForCharAt ( const sal_Int32  nIndex,
const sal_uInt16  nWhich = RES_TXTATR_END 
) const

get the text attribute at position nIndex which owns the dummy character CH_TXTATR_* at that position, if one exists.

nIndexthe position in the text
nWhichif different from RES_TXTATR_END, return only attribute with given which id
the text attribute at nIndex of type nWhich, if it exists

Definition at line 3056 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References SwTextAttr::GetStart(), SwTextAttr::HasDummyChar(), HasHints(), i, m_pSwpHints, RES_TXTATR_BEGIN, RES_TXTATR_END, and SwTextAttr::Which().

Referenced by SwSpellIter::AddPortion(), SwXFootnote::attach(), sw::annotation::SwAnnotationWin::CalcParent(), sw::annotation::SwAnnotationWin::CountFollowing(), SwUndoSaveContent::DelContentIndex(), SwUndoFlyBase::DelFly(), sw::DocumentLayoutManager::DelLayoutFormat(), SwXParaFrameEnumerationImpl::FillFrame(), SwHTMLParser::FinishFootEndNote(), SwEditShell::GetCurFootnote(), SwPageFrame::GetCursorOfst(), SwUnoCursorHelper::getCursorPropertyValue(), GetDropLen(), GetFieldTextAttrAt(), SwTableBox::GetValue(), SwCursor::GotoFootnoteText(), SwXReferenceMark::Impl::InsertRefMark(), lcl_InsertDrawLabel(), lcl_InsertLabel(), lcl_IsNoEndTextAttrAtPos(), lcl_SaveAnchor(), SwUndoAttr::RemoveIdx(), Replace0xFF(), ReplaceText(), SwUndoFormatAttr::RestoreFlyAnchor(), SwWW8FltRefStack::SetAttrInDoc(), SwDoc::SetFlyFrameAnchor(), SwHistorySetRefMark::SetInDoc(), SwHistorySetFootnote::SetInDoc(), SwXShape::setPropertyValue(), SwHTMLParser::StripTrailingPara(), SwUndoSetFlyFormat::UndoImpl(), and SwGetRefField::UpdateField().

std::vector< SwTextAttr * > SwTextNode::GetTextAttrsAt ( sal_Int32 const  nIndex,
sal_uInt16 const  nWhich 
) const

get the innermost text attributes covering position nIndex.

nWhichonly attributes with this id are returned.
eModethe predicate for matching (
See also

Definition at line 1717 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References DEFAULT, lcl_GetTextAttrs(), m_pSwpHints, RES_TXTATR_BEGIN, and RES_TXTATR_END.

Referenced by SwUnoCursorHelper::getCursorPropertyValue(), and SwXReferenceMark::Impl::InsertRefMark().

SwTextFormatColl * SwTextNode::GetTextColl ( ) const
SwTwips SwTextNode::GetWidthOfLeadingTabs ( ) const

Returns the width of leading tabs/blanks in this paragraph.

This space will be converted into numbering indent if the paragraph is set to be numbered.

the width of the leading whitespace

Definition at line 1399 of file itratr.cxx.

References SwIterator< TElementType, TSource, eMode >::First(), SwRectFnSet::GetLeft(), getLength(), SwRectFnSet::GetPrtLeft(), SwRectFnSet::GetPrtRight(), SwRectFnSet::GetRight(), GetText(), SwPosition::nContent, and SwIterator< TElementType, TSource, eMode >::Next().

Referenced by SwWrtShell::NumOrBulletOn().

SwWrongList * SwTextNode::GetWrong ( )
const SwWrongList * SwTextNode::GetWrong ( ) const

Definition at line 2170 of file txtedt.cxx.

References m_pParaIdleData_Impl, and SwParaIdleData_Impl::pWrong.

auto SwTextNode::GetWrongDirty ( ) const

Definition at line 2243 of file txtedt.cxx.

References DONE, SwParaIdleData_Impl::eWrongDirty, and m_pParaIdleData_Impl.

Referenced by SwLayIdle::DoIdleJob_().

SAL_DLLPRIVATE css::uno::WeakReference<css::text::XTextContent> const& SwTextNode::GetXParagraph ( ) const

Definition at line 779 of file ndtxt.hxx.

Referenced by SwXParagraph::CreateXParagraph().

bool SwTextNode::HasAttrListLevel ( ) const

Definition at line 4077 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References SfxItemSet::GetItemState(), SwContentNode::GetpSwAttrSet(), and RES_PARATR_LIST_LEVEL.

Referenced by SwTextNode().

bool SwTextNode::HasAttrListRestartValue ( ) const
bool SwTextNode::HasBullet ( ) const

Returns if this text node has a bullet.

This text node has a bullet if it has a SwNodeNum and a numbering rule and the numbering format specified for the level of the SwNodeNum is of a bullet type.

Return values
trueThis text node has a bullet.

Definition at line 3109 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References SwNumRule::Get(), GetActualListLevel(), GetNum(), SwNodeNum::GetNumRule(), and SwNumFormat::IsItemize().

Referenced by CountWords(), SwEditShell::HasBullet(), SwNodeNum::IsCountedForNumbering(), SwDoc::NumOrNoNum(), OutASC_SwTextNode(), and SwEditShell::SelectionHasBullet().

bool SwTextNode::HasHiddenCharAttribute ( bool  bWholePara) const
bool SwTextNode::HasHints ( ) const
bool SwTextNode::HasMarkedLabel ( ) const

Returns if this text node has a marked label.

Return values
trueThis text node has a marked label.

Definition at line 2891 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References GetActualListLevel(), SwNode::GetDoc(), SwDoc::getIDocumentListsAccess(), IDocumentListsAccess::getListByName(), GetListId(), IsInList(), and SwList::IsListLevelMarked().

Referenced by SwTextPaintInfo::DrawViewOpt().

bool SwTextNode::HasNumber ( ) const

Returns if this text node has a number.

This text node has a number if it has a SwNodeNum and a numbering rule and the numbering format specified for the level of the SwNodeNum is of an enumeration type.

Return values
trueThis text node has a number.

Definition at line 3092 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References SwNumRule::Get(), GetActualListLevel(), GetNum(), SwNodeNum::GetNumRule(), SwNumFormat::IsEnumeration(), and SVX_NUM_NUMBER_NONE.

Referenced by SwEditShell::HasNumber(), SwNodeNum::IsCountedForNumbering(), MakeRefNumStr(), SwNumRule::MakeRefNumString(), SwDoc::MakeUniqueNumRules(), SwDoc::NumOrNoNum(), and SwEditShell::SelectionHasNumber().

bool SwTextNode::HasVisibleNumberingOrBullet ( ) const

Returns if the paragraph has a visible numbering or bullet.

This includes all kinds of numbering/bullet/outlines. Note: This function returns false, if the numbering format is SVX_NUM_NUMBER_NONE or if the numbering/bullet has been deleted.

true if the paragraph has a visible numbering/bullet/outline

This includes all kinds of numbering/bullet/outlines. The concrete list label string has to be checked, too.

Definition at line 4129 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References SwNumRule::Get(), GetActualListLevel(), GetNum(), SvxNumberType::GetNumberingType(), SwNodeNum::GetNumRule(), IsCountedInList(), SwNumRule::MakeNumString(), and SVX_NUM_NUMBER_NONE.

Referenced by GetLabelFollowedBy(), GetListTabStopPosition(), SwCursorShell::LeftRight(), SwCursorShell::LRMargin(), OutASC_SwTextNode(), and SwCursorShell::SetCursor().

bool SwTextNode::Hyphenate ( SwInterHyphInfo rHyphInf)
void SwTextNode::impl_FormatToTextAttr ( const SfxItemSet i_rAttrSet)

Does the hard work of SwTextNode::FormatToTextAttr: the real conversion of items to automatic styles.

Definition at line 2391 of file thints.cxx.

References SwContentNode::ClearItemsFromAttrSet(), SfxItemSet::Count(), DestroyAttr(), SwTextAttr::GetAttr(), SwNode::GetDoc(), m_pSwpHints, m_Text, and MakeTextAttr().

Referenced by FormatToTextAttr().

void SwTextNode::InitSwParaStatistics ( bool  bNew)

Start: Data collected during idle time.

Definition at line 2136 of file txtedt.cxx.

References m_pParaIdleData_Impl, SwParaIdleData_Impl::pGrammarCheck, SwParaIdleData_Impl::pSmartTags, and SwParaIdleData_Impl::pWrong.

Referenced by SwTextNode(), and ~SwTextNode().

bool SwTextNode::InsertHint ( SwTextAttr *const  pAttr,
const SetAttrMode  nMode = SetAttrMode::DEFAULT 

Insert pAttr into hints array.

true iff inserted successfully

Definition at line 1256 of file thints.cxx.

References o3tl::sorted_vector< Value, Compare, Find, class >::begin(), sw::BroadcastingModify::CallSwClientNotify(), CH_TXT_ATR_INPUTFIELDEND, CH_TXT_ATR_INPUTFIELDSTART, CH_TXTATR_BREAKWORD, CH_TXTATR_INWORD, SwRegHistory::ChangeNodeIndex(), SwContentNode::DelFrames(), DestroyAttr(), EMPTYEXPAND, SwTextAttr::End(), o3tl::sorted_vector< Value, Compare, Find, class >::erase(), EraseText(), FieldCanHideParaWeight(), FORCEHINTEXPAND, SwFormat::GetAnchor(), SwFormatAnchor::GetAnchorId(), GetCharOfTextAttr(), SwFormatAnchor::GetContentAnchor(), SwFormat::GetDoc(), SwNode::GetDoc(), SwTextAttr::GetEnd(), SwNodes::GetEndOfAutotext(), SwNodes::GetEndOfRedlines(), SwFormatField::GetField(), SwTextInputField::GetFieldContent(), SwTextAttr::GetFlyCnt(), SwDoc::GetFootnoteIdxs(), SwTextAttr::GetFormatField(), SwFormatFlyCnt::GetFrameFormat(), SwpHints::GetHistory(), SwDoc::GetIDocumentUndoRedo(), SwNode::GetIndex(), SwFormat::GetItemState(), SwNode::GetNodes(), SwDoc::GetNodes(), GetOrCreateSwpHints(), GetOverlappingInputField(), GetpSwpHints(), SwTextAttr::GetStart(), SwNode::GetStartNode(), SwNode::GetTableNode(), SwField::GetTyp(), SwTextAttr::HasContent(), SwTextAttr::HasDummyChar(), o3tl::sorted_vector< Value, Compare, Find, class >::insert(), InsertText(), SwDoc::IsInHeaderFooter(), Len(), m_pSwpHints, m_Text, SwPosition::nContent, SwPosition::nNode, NOHINTEXPAND, NOTXTATRCHR, RES_ANCHOR, RES_DRAWFRMFMT, RES_TXTATR_FIELD, RES_TXTATR_FLYCNT, RES_TXTATR_FTN, RES_TXTATR_INPUTFIELD, SwTextFlyCnt::SetAnchor(), SetCalcHiddenParaField(), SwTextAttr::SetEnd(), SwTextAttr::SetStart(), o3tl::sorted_vector< Value, Compare, Find, class >::size(), SwNode::StartOfSectionIndex(), Update(), SwFootnoteIdxs::UpdateFootnote(), void(), SwFormat::Which(), SwTextAttr::Which(), and SwFieldType::Which().

Referenced by CopyText(), CutImpl(), InsertItem(), InsertText(), RstTextAttr(), SetAttr(), and SwHistorySetFootnote::SetInDoc().

SwTextAttr * SwTextNode::InsertItem ( SfxPoolItem rAttr,
const sal_Int32  nStart,
const sal_Int32  nEnd,
const SetAttrMode  nMode = SetAttrMode::DEFAULT 
OUString SwTextNode::InsertText ( const OUString &  rStr,
const SwIndex rIdx,
const SwInsertFlags  nMode = SwInsertFlags::DEFAULT 

insert text content

rStrtext to insert; in case it does not fit into the capacity of the node, the longest prefix that fits is inserted
the prefix of rStr that was actually inserted

Definition at line 2282 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References CHECK_SWPHINTS, SwTextAttr::DontExpand(), EMPTYEXPAND, FORCEHINTEXPAND, SwTextAttr::GetEnd(), SwIndex::GetIndex(), GetSpaceLeft(), SwTextAttr::GetStart(), HasHints(), SwModify::HasWriterListeners(), i, InsertHint(), SwTextAttr::IsDontExpandStartAttr(), SwTextAttr::IsFormatIgnoreEnd(), SwNode::IsIgnoreDontExpand(), m_pSwpHints, m_Text, NOHINTADJUST, NOHINTEXPAND, SwModify::NotifyClients(), SAL_WARN_IF, SetCalcHiddenCharFlags(), SwTextAttr::SetEnd(), SwNode::SetIgnoreDontExpand(), SwTextAttr::SetStart(), and Update().

Referenced by sw::ToxTextGenerator::ApplyHandledTextToken(), CalculateFlySize(), SwUndoOverwrite::CanGrouping(), ChgNumToText(), ChgTextToNum(), CopyExpandText(), CopyText(), SwTOXSortTabBase::FillText(), SwTOXIndex::FillText(), SwTOXContent::FillText(), SwTOXPara::FillText(), SwTOXAuthority::FillText(), InsertHint(), sw::DocumentContentOperationsManager::InsertString(), lcl_DelBox(), lcl_InsertLabel(), SwXMLTextBlocks::MakeBlockText(), sw::DocumentContentOperationsManager::Overwrite(), SwUndoOverwrite::RedoImpl(), SwUndoInsert::RedoImpl(), SwExtTextInput::SetInputData(), SwUndoOverwrite::SwUndoOverwrite(), SwUndoOverwrite::UndoImpl(), SwUndoDelete::UndoImpl(), SwUndoTableNumFormat::UndoImpl(), SwUndoReplace::Impl::UndoImpl(), SwTOXBaseSection::Update(), and SwTOXBaseSection::UpdatePageNum_().

bool SwTextNode::IsAutoCompleteWordDirty ( ) const
bool SwTextNode::IsCalcHiddenCharFlags ( ) const

Optimization: Asking for information about hidden characters at SwScriptInfo updates these flags.

Definition at line 148 of file ndtxt.hxx.

Referenced by SwScriptInfo::GetBoundsOfHiddenRange().

bool SwTextNode::IsCollapse ( ) const
bool SwTextNode::IsCountedInList ( ) const
bool SwTextNode::IsEmptyListStyleDueToSetOutlineLevelAttr ( ) const

Definition at line 598 of file ndtxt.hxx.

bool SwTextNode::IsFirstOfNumRule ( SwRootFrame const &  rLayout) const

Definition at line 4346 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References GetNum(), SwNodeNum::GetNumRule(), and SwNumberTreeNode::IsFirst().

Referenced by SwDoc::IsFirstOfNumRuleAtPos().

bool SwTextNode::IsGrammarCheckDirty ( ) const
bool SwTextNode::IsHidden ( ) const
if the node is hidden due to
  1. HiddenParaField
  2. HiddenCharAttribute
  3. HiddenSection

Definition at line 4556 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References SwNode::FindSectionNode(), SwSectionNode::GetSection(), HasHiddenCharAttribute(), IsHiddenByParaField(), and SwSection::IsHiddenFlag().

Referenced by CountWords(), SwEnhancedPDFExportHelper::EnhancedPDFExport(), and SwXTextField::getPropertyValue().

bool SwTextNode::IsHiddenByParaField ( ) const

is the paragraph visible?

Definition at line 708 of file ndtxt.hxx.

Referenced by IsHidden(), and SwTOXBaseSection::UpdateMarks().

bool SwTextNode::IsIgnoredCharFormatForNumbering ( const sal_uInt16  nWhich)

In MS Word, the font underline setting of the paragraph end position won't affect the formatting of numbering, so we ignore it.

Definition at line 1763 of file thints.cxx.


Referenced by checkApplyParagraphMarkFormatToNumbering(), and TryCharSetExpandToNum().

bool SwTextNode::IsInClipboard ( ) const

Implements sfx2::Metadatable.

Definition at line 5243 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References SwNode::GetDoc(), and SwDoc::IsClipBoard().

Referenced by sw::Meta::IsInClipboard().

bool SwTextNode::IsInContent ( ) const

Implements sfx2::Metadatable.

Definition at line 5253 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References SwNode::GetDoc(), and SwDoc::IsInHeaderFooter().

Referenced by sw::Meta::IsInContent().

bool SwTextNode::IsInList ( ) const
bool SwTextNode::IsInUndo ( ) const
bool SwTextNode::IsListRestart ( ) const
bool SwTextNode::IsNotifiable ( ) const

Checks a temporary notification blocker and the global conditions of IsNotificationEnabled()

Definition at line 4206 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References IsNotificationEnabled(), and m_bNotifiable.

Referenced by SwNodeNum::IsNotifiable().

bool SwTextNode::IsNotificationEnabled ( ) const

Checks some global conditions like loading or destruction of document to economize notifications.

Definition at line 4211 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References SwNode::GetDoc(), SwDoc::IsInDtor(), and SwDoc::IsInReading().

Referenced by IsNotifiable(), and SwNodeNum::IsNotificationEnabled().

bool SwTextNode::IsNumbered ( SwRootFrame const *  pLayout = nullptr) const

Returns is this text node is numbered.

This node is numbered if it has a SwNodeNum and it has a numbering rule and has not a hidden SwNodeNum.

ATTENTION: Returns true even if the SwNumFormat has type SVX_NUM_NUMBER_NONE.

Return values
trueThis node is numbered.

Definition at line 2885 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References GetNum(), SwNodeNum::GetNumRule(), and IsCountedInList().

Referenced by SwTextFrame::CalcAdditionalFirstLineOffset(), SwDoc::ClearLineNumAttrs(), SwContentTree::FillTransferData(), sw::util::GetNormalNumRuleFromTextNode(), sw::util::GetNumFormatFromTextNode(), SwTextFormatter::NewNumberPortion(), MSWordExportBase::OutputTextNode(), and SwCursorShell::UpdateMarkedListLevel().

bool SwTextNode::IsOutline ( ) const
bool SwTextNode::IsOutlineStateChanged ( ) const

Definition at line 4019 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References IsOutline(), and m_bLastOutlineState.

Referenced by SwNodes::UpdateOutlineNode().

bool SwTextNode::IsSmartTagDirty ( ) const
bool SwTextNode::IsSymbolAt ( sal_Int32  nBegin) const
bool SwTextNode::IsWordCountDirty ( ) const

Definition at line 2230 of file txtedt.cxx.

References SwParaIdleData_Impl::bWordCountDirty, and m_pParaIdleData_Impl.

Referenced by CountWords(), and SwLayIdle::DoIdleJob_().

bool SwTextNode::IsWrongDirty ( ) const
SwContentNode * SwTextNode::JoinNext ( )
void SwTextNode::JoinPrev ( )
sal_Int32 SwTextNode::Len ( ) const
SwContentNode * SwTextNode::MakeCopy ( SwDoc pDoc,
const SwNodeIndex rIdx,
bool  bNewFrames 
) const
SwContentFrame * SwTextNode::MakeFrame ( SwFrame pSib)

Virtual methods from ContentNode.

Implements SwContentNode.

Definition at line 278 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References sw::MakeTextFrame(), and sw::New.

Referenced by SwTextFrame::SplitFrame().

SwTextNode * SwTextNode::MakeNewTextNode ( const SwNodeIndex rPos,
bool  bNext = true,
bool  bChgFollow = true 
uno::Reference< rdf::XMetadatable > SwTextNode::MakeUnoObject ( )

Implements sfx2::Metadatable.

Definition at line 5332 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References SwXParagraph::CreateXParagraph(), and SwNode::GetDoc().

void SwTextNode::MoveTextAttr_To_AttrSet ( )

Move all comprising hard attributes to the AttrSet of the paragraph.

Definition at line 804 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References DestroyAttr(), SwTextAttr::GetAttr(), SwTextAttr::GetEnd(), SwTextAttr::GetStart(), i, SwTextAttr::IsCharFormatAttr(), SwTextAttr::IsDontMoveAttr(), m_pSwpHints, m_Text, and SetAttr().

Referenced by SplitContentNode().

void SwTextNode::NewAttrSet ( SwAttrPool rPool)
void SwTextNode::NumRuleChgd ( )
void SwTextNode::RemoveFromList ( )
void SwTextNode::RemoveFromListRLHidden ( )
void SwTextNode::ReplaceText ( const SwIndex rStart,
const sal_Int32  nDelLen,
const OUString &  rText 
void SwTextNode::ReplaceTextOnly ( sal_Int32  nPos,
sal_Int32  nLen,
const OUString &  rText,
const css::uno::Sequence< sal_Int32 > &  rOffsets 
sal_uInt16 SwTextNode::ResetAllAttr ( )
bool SwTextNode::ResetAttr ( sal_uInt16  nWhich1,
sal_uInt16  nWhich2 = 0 
bool SwTextNode::ResetAttr ( const std::vector< sal_uInt16 > &  rWhichArr)

Reimplemented from SwContentNode.

Definition at line 5133 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References mbInSetOrResetAttr, and SwContentNode::ResetAttr().

void SwTextNode::ResetEmptyListStyleDueToResetOutlineLevelAttr ( )
void SwTextNode::RstTextAttr ( const SwIndex rIdx,
const sal_Int32  nLen,
const sal_uInt16  nWhich = 0,
const SfxItemSet pSet = nullptr,
const bool  bInclRefToxMark = false,
const bool  bExactRange = false 

delete all attributes.

Delete all attributes.

If neither pSet nor nWhich is given, delete all attributes (except refmarks, toxmarks, meta) in range.

rIdxstart position
nLenrange in which attributes will be deleted
pSetif not 0, delete only attributes contained in pSet
nWhichif not 0, delete only attributes with matching which
bInclRefToxMarkrefmarks, toxmarks, and metas will be ignored unless this is true ATTENTION: setting bInclRefToxMark is only allowed from UNDO!
bExactRangeFrom the attributes included in the range, delete only the ones which have exactly same range. Don't delete the ones which are simply included in the range.

5 cases: 1) The attribute is completely in the deletion range: -> delete it 2) The end of the attribute is in the deletion range: -> delete it, then re-insert it with new end 3) The start of the attribute is in the deletion range: -> delete it, then re-insert it with new start 4) The attribute contains the deletion range: Split, i.e., -> Delete, re-insert from old start to start of deletion range -> insert new attribute from end of deletion range to old end 5) The attribute is outside the deletion range -> nothing to do

rIdxstarting position
nLenlength of the deletion

Definition at line 363 of file txtedt.cxx.

References Count, DestroyAttr(), SwTextAttr::End(), SwTextAttr::GetAttr(), SwNode::GetDoc(), SwTextAttr::GetEnd(), SwContentNode::GetFormatColl(), SwNode::getIDocumentStyleAccess(), SwIndex::GetIndex(), SfxItemSet::GetItemState(), GetpSwpHints(), SwTextCharFormat::GetSortNumber(), SwTextAttr::GetStart(), GetTextAttrAt(), SwTextAttr::HasContent(), HasHints(), i, InsertHint(), isTXTATR_WITHEND(), lcl_HaveCommonAttributes(), m_pSwpHints, m_Text, MakeTextAttr(), NOHINTADJUST, SwModify::NotifyClients(), PARENT, RES_TXTATR_AUTOFMT, RES_TXTATR_INPUTFIELD, RES_TXTATR_META, RES_TXTATR_METAFIELD, RES_TXTATR_REFMARK, RES_TXTATR_TOXMARK, SwTextAttr::SetEnd(), SwTextAttr::SetStart(), static_txtattr_cast(), TryDeleteSwpHints(), and SwTextAttr::Which().

Referenced by sw::DocumentContentOperationsManager::lcl_RstTextAttr(), SetAttr(), SwUndoTableMerge::UndoImpl(), and SwUndoInserts::UndoImpl().

bool SwTextNode::SetAttr ( const SfxPoolItem pItem)
bool SwTextNode::SetAttr ( const SfxItemSet rSet)

Reimplemented from SwContentNode.

Definition at line 4903 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References mbInSetOrResetAttr, and SwContentNode::SetAttr().

bool SwTextNode::SetAttr ( const SfxItemSet rSet,
sal_Int32  nStt,
sal_Int32  nEnd,
const SetAttrMode  nMode = SetAttrMode::DEFAULT,
SwTextAttr **  ppNewTextAttr = nullptr 
void SwTextNode::SetAttrListLevel ( int  nLevel)

Sets the list level of this text node.

Side effect, when the text node is a list item: The text node's representation in the list tree (<SwNodeNum> instance) is updated.

nLevellevel to set

Definition at line 4064 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References MAXLEVEL, RES_PARATR_LIST_LEVEL, and SetAttr().

Referenced by SwAutoFormat::BuildEnum(), ChgTextCollUpdateNum(), WW8ListManager::GetNumRuleForActivation(), SwHTMLParser::NewNumBulListItem(), SwWW8ImplReader::NextAnlLine(), SwDoc::NumUpDown(), SwWW8ImplReader::RegisterNumFormatOnTextNode(), SwHTMLParser::SetNodeNum(), SwTextNode(), and SwUndoDelNum::UndoImpl().

void SwTextNode::SetAttrListRestartValue ( SwNumberTree::tSwNumTreeNumber  nNum)
void SwTextNode::SetAttrOutlineLevel ( int  nLevel)

Sets the out line level at a text node.

nLevelthe level to be set

If the text node has an outline number the level is set at the outline number.

If the text node has no outline number but has a paragraph style applied the outline level is set at the paragraph style.

NOTE: This is subject to change, see GetOutlineLevel.

Definition at line 4034 of file ndtxt.cxx.


Referenced by SwDoc::OutlineUpDown().

void SwTextNode::SetAutoCompleteWordDirty ( bool  bNew) const
void SwTextNode::SetCalcHiddenCharFlags ( ) const
void SwTextNode::SetCalcHiddenParaField ( )

set CalcVisible flags

Definition at line 704 of file ndtxt.hxx.

Referenced by DestroyAttr(), and InsertHint().

void SwTextNode::SetCountedInList ( bool  bCounted)
void SwTextNode::SetEmptyListStyleDueToSetOutlineLevelAttr ( )

Definition at line 4046 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References mbEmptyListStyleSetDueToSetOutlineLevelAttr, and SetAttr().

void SwTextNode::SetGrammarCheck ( SwGrammarMarkUp pNew,
bool  bDelete = true 
void SwTextNode::SetGrammarCheckDirty ( bool  bNew) const
void SwTextNode::SetHiddenCharAttribute ( bool  bNewHiddenCharsHidePara,
bool  bNewContainsHiddenChars 
) const
void SwTextNode::SetLanguageAndFont ( const SwPaM rPaM,
LanguageType  nLang,
sal_uInt16  nLangWhichId,
const vcl::Font pFont,
sal_uInt16  nFontWhichId 
void SwTextNode::SetListId ( OUString const &  rListId)
void SwTextNode::SetListRestart ( bool  bRestart)
void SwTextNode::SetSmartTagDirty ( bool  bNew) const
void SwTextNode::SetSmartTags ( SwWrongList pNew,
bool  bDelete = true 
void SwTextNode::SetWordCountDirty ( bool  bNew) const
void SwTextNode::SetWrong ( SwWrongList pNew,
bool  bDelete = true 
void SwTextNode::SetWrongDirty ( WrongState  eNew) const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void SwTextNode::SetXParagraph ( css::uno::Reference< css::text::XTextContent > const &  xParagraph)
bool SwTextNode::Spell ( SwSpellArgs pArgs)
SwTextNode * SwTextNode::SplitContentNode ( const SwPosition rPos,
std::function< void(SwTextNode *, sw::mark::RestoreMode)> const *  pContentIndexRestore 

Definition at line 421 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References CutText(), SwCache::Delete(), SwFrameFormat::DelFrames(), DestroyAttr(), SwTextAttr::DontExpand(), SwNode::First, SwIterator< TElementType, TSource, eMode >::First(), sw::mark::Flys, SwFrame::GetCache(), IDocumentLayoutAccess::GetCurrentLayout(), SwNode::GetDoc(), SwTextAttr::GetEnd(), SwTextAttr::GetFlyCnt(), SwFormatFlyCnt::GetFrameFormat(), GetGrammarCheck(), SwDoc::getIDocumentLayoutAccess(), SwIndex::GetIndex(), GetNumRule(), GetOrCreateSwpHints(), SwNode::GetRedlineMergeFlag(), GetSmartTags(), SwTextAttr::GetStart(), SwContentNode::GetSwAttrSet(), GetWrong(), HasHints(), SwModify::HasWriterListeners(), SwNode::Hidden, SwRootFrame::IsAnyShellAccessible(), SwModify::IsInCache(), IsOutline(), lcl_ChangeFootnoteRef(), SwModify::LockModify(), m_pSwpHints, m_Text, SwContentNode::MakeFramesForAdjacentContentNode(), MakeNewTextNode(), SwContentNode::ModifyNotification(), sw::MoveMergedFlysAndFootnotes(), MoveTextAttr_To_AttrSet(), SwPosition::nContent, SwIterator< TElementType, TSource, eMode >::Next(), SwPosition::nNode, SwNode::None, SwNode::NonFirst, sw::mark::NonFlys, SwModify::NotifyClients(), PREP_CLEAR, sfx2::Metadatable::RegisterAsCopyOf(), sfx2::Metadatable::RemoveMetadataReference(), RES_PAGEDESC, RES_PARATR_LIST_ID, RES_PARATR_LIST_ISCOUNTED, RES_PARATR_LIST_ISRESTART, RES_PARATR_LIST_LEVEL, RES_PARATR_LIST_RESTARTVALUE, RES_TXTATR_FLYCNT, ResetAttr(), SetGrammarCheck(), SetGrammarCheckDirty(), SwModify::SetInCache(), SwpHints::SetInSplitNode(), SwNode::SetRedlineMergeFlag(), SetSmartTagDirty(), SetSmartTags(), SetWordCountDirty(), SetWrong(), SetWrongDirty(), SwGrammarMarkUp::SplitGrammarList(), SwWrongList::SplitList(), TODO, SwModify::UnlockModify(), and void().

Referenced by sw::DocumentContentOperationsManager::MoveRange(), SwNodes::MoveRange(), sw::DocumentContentOperationsManager::SplitNode(), SwNodes::TextToTable(), and SwNodes::UndoTableToText().

void SwTextNode::SwClientNotify ( const SwModify rModify,
const SfxHint rHint 
void SwTextNode::TransliterateText ( utl::TransliterationWrapper rTrans,
sal_Int32  nStart,
sal_Int32  nEnd,
SwUndoTransliterate pUndo 
void SwTextNode::TryCharSetExpandToNum ( const SfxItemSet pCharSet)
void SwTextNode::TryDeleteSwpHints ( )
void SwTextNode::Update ( SwIndex const &  rPos,
const sal_Int32  nChangeLen,
const bool  bNegative = false,
const bool  bDelete = false 

override SwIndexReg

Reimplemented from SwIndexReg.

Definition at line 1172 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References SwIndex::Assign(), IDocumentMarkAccess::assureSortedMarkContainers(), SwTextAttr::Destroy(), SwTextAttr::DontExpand(), SwPaM::End(), SwFormat::GetAnchor(), SwNode::GetAnchoredFlys(), SwFormatAnchor::GetAnchorId(), SwTextAttr::GetAttr(), SwFormatAnchor::GetContentAnchor(), SwNode::GetDoc(), SwDoc::GetDocShell(), SwFrame::GetDrawObjs(), SwTextAttr::GetEnd(), SwIndexReg::GetFirstIndex(), SwNode::getIDocumentLayoutAccess(), SwNode::getIDocumentMarkAccess(), SwDoc::getIDocumentRedlineAccess(), SwIndex::GetIndex(), SwContentNode::getLayoutFrame(), SwPaM::GetMark(), sw::mark::IMark::GetMarkEnd(), sw::mark::IMark::GetMarkStart(), SwIndex::GetNext(), SwNodeIndex::GetNode(), SwPaM::GetPoint(), IDocumentRedlineAccess::GetRedlineTable(), sw::Ring< value_type >::GetRingContainer(), SwDoc::GetSpzFrameFormats(), SwTextAttr::GetStart(), HasHints(), SwPaM::HasMark(), i, o3tl::sorted_vector< Value, Compare, Find, class >::insert(), comphelper::LibreOfficeKit::isActive(), SwTextAttr::IsCharFormatAttr(), isCHRATR(), sw::mark::IMark::IsExpanded(), SwTextAttr::IsFormatIgnoreEnd(), SwNode::IsIgnoreDontExpand(), isTXTATR_WITHEND(), SwRedlineTable::LOKRedlineNotification(), m_pSwpHints, MakeTextAttr(), Modify, SwIndexReg::MoveTo(), SwPosition::nContent, next, SwPosition::nNode, RES_CHRATR_BEGIN, RES_TXTATR_CHARFMT, RES_TXTATR_INETFMT, RES_TXTATR_INPUTFIELD, RES_TXTATR_WITHEND_END, SetAutoCompleteWordDirty(), SwTextAttr::SetDontExpand(), SwTextAttr::SetEnd(), SwTextAttr::SetStart(), SwRedlineTable::size(), Start, SwPaM::Start(), SwIndexReg::Update(), SwSortedObjs::UpdateAll(), SwTextInputField::UpdateFieldContent(), void(), and SwTextAttr::Which().

Referenced by CutImpl(), EraseText(), InsertHint(), InsertText(), ReplaceText(), and ReplaceTextOnly().

void SwTextNode::UpdateOutlineState ( )

Definition at line 4024 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References IsOutline(), and m_bLastOutlineState.

Referenced by SwNodes::UpdateOutlineNode().

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class SwContentNode

Definition at line 83 of file ndtxt.hxx.

friend class SwDoc

For creating the first TextNode.

CTOR and AppendTextNode()

Definition at line 85 of file ndtxt.hxx.

friend class SwNodes

Definition at line 86 of file ndtxt.hxx.

friend class SwScriptInfo

Definition at line 88 of file ndtxt.hxx.

friend class SwTextFrame

Definition at line 87 of file ndtxt.hxx.

Member Data Documentation

bool SwTextNode::m_bContainsHiddenChars

Some of the chars this para are hidden.

Paragraph has to be reformatted on changing the view to print preview.

Definition at line 103 of file ndtxt.hxx.

Referenced by SwTextNode().

bool SwTextNode::m_bHiddenCharsHidePara

The whole paragraph is hidden because of the hidden text attribute.

Definition at line 105 of file ndtxt.hxx.

Referenced by SwTextNode().

bool SwTextNode::m_bLastOutlineState

Definition at line 109 of file ndtxt.hxx.

Referenced by IsOutlineStateChanged(), and UpdateOutlineState().

bool SwTextNode::m_bNotifiable

Definition at line 110 of file ndtxt.hxx.

Referenced by IsNotifiable(), SwClientNotify(), and SwTextNode().

bool SwTextNode::m_bRecalcHiddenCharFlags

The last two flags have to be recalculated if this flag is set:

Definition at line 107 of file ndtxt.hxx.

Referenced by SwTextNode().

std::unique_ptr< OUString > SwTextNode::m_pNumStringCache

Definition at line 119 of file ndtxt.hxx.

Referenced by CopyText(), and GetNumString().

SwParaIdleData_Impl* SwTextNode::m_pParaIdleData_Impl
std::unique_ptr<SwpHints> SwTextNode::m_pSwpHints
OUString SwTextNode::m_Text
css::uno::WeakReference<css::text::XTextContent> SwTextNode::m_wXParagraph

Definition at line 121 of file ndtxt.hxx.

drawinglayer::attribute::SdrAllFillAttributesHelperPtr SwTextNode::maFillAttributes

Definition at line 124 of file ndtxt.hxx.

Referenced by ChgFormatColl(), getSdrAllFillAttributesHelper(), and SwClientNotify().

bool SwTextNode::mbEmptyListStyleSetDueToSetOutlineLevelAttr
bool SwTextNode::mbInSetOrResetAttr

boolean, indicating that a <SetAttr(..)> or <ResetAttr(..)> or <ResetAllAttr(..)> method is running.

Needed to avoid duplicate handling of attribute change actions.

Definition at line 117 of file ndtxt.hxx.

Referenced by ChgFormatColl(), ResetAllAttr(), ResetAttr(), SetAttr(), and SwClientNotify().

std::unique_ptr<SwNodeNum> SwTextNode::mpNodeNum

Numbering for this paragraph.

Definition at line 94 of file ndtxt.hxx.

Referenced by AddToList(), DoNum(), GetNum(), NumRuleChgd(), and RemoveFromList().

std::unique_ptr<SwNodeNum> SwTextNode::mpNodeNumRLHidden

Numbering for this paragraph (hidden redlines)

Definition at line 95 of file ndtxt.hxx.

Referenced by AddToListRLHidden(), DoNum(), GetActualListLevel(), GetNum(), NumRuleChgd(), and RemoveFromListRLHidden().

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