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SwRootFrame Class Referencefinal

The root element of a Writer document layout. More...

#include <rootfrm.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

void AllCheckPageDescs () const
void AllInvalidateAutoCompleteWords () const
void AllAddPaintRect () const
void AllRemoveFootnotes ()
void AllInvalidateSmartTagsOrSpelling (bool bSmartTags) const
 SwRootFrame (SwFrameFormat *, SwViewShell *)
void Init (SwFrameFormat *)
SwViewShellGetCurrShell () const
void DeRegisterShell (SwViewShell *pSh)
void StartAllAction ()
 Set up Start-/EndAction for all Shells on an as high as possible (Shell section) level. More...
void EndAllAction (bool bVirDev=false)
void UnoRemoveAllActions ()
 Certain UNO Actions (e.g. More...
void UnoRestoreAllActions ()
const SdrPageGetDrawPage () const
SdrPageGetDrawPage ()
void SetDrawPage (SdrPage *pNew)
virtual bool GetModelPositionForViewPoint (SwPosition *, Point &, SwCursorMoveState *=nullptr, bool bTestBackground=false) const override
 Primary passes the call to the first page. More...
virtual void PaintSwFrame (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext, SwRect const &, SwPrintData const *const pPrintData=nullptr) const override
 Paint once for every visible page which is touched by Rect. More...
virtual SwTwips ShrinkFrame (SwTwips, bool bTst=false, bool bInfo=false) override
virtual SwTwips GrowFrame (SwTwips, bool bTst=false, bool bInfo=false) override
virtual void Cut () override
virtual void Paste (SwFrame *pParent, SwFrame *pSibling=nullptr) override
virtual bool FillSelection (SwSelectionList &rList, const SwRect &rRect) const override
Point GetNextPrevContentPos (const Point &rPoint, bool bNext) const
 Search the nearest Content to the passed point. More...
virtual Size ChgSize (const Size &aNewSize) override
void SetIdleFlags ()
bool IsIdleFormat () const
void ResetIdleFormat ()
bool IsNeedGrammarCheck () const
void SetNeedGrammarCheck (bool bVal)
void SetAssertFlyPages ()
 Makes sure that all requested page-bound Flys find a Page. More...
void AssertFlyPages ()
 Ensures that enough pages exist, so that all page bound frames and draw objects can be placed. More...
bool IsAssertFlyPages () const
void SetTableUpdateInProgress (bool bValue)
bool IsTableUpdateInProgress () const
void InvalidateAllContent (SwInvalidateFlags nInvalidate)
 Invalidate all Content, Size or PrtArea. More...
void InvalidateAllObjPos ()
 Invalidate/re-calculate the position of all floating screen objects (Writer fly frames and drawing objects), which are anchored to paragraph or to character. More...
void SetSuperfluous ()
 Remove superfluous Pages. More...
bool IsSuperfluous () const
void RemoveSuperfluous ()
 remove pages that are not needed at all More...
sal_uInt16 GetCurrPage (const SwPaM *) const
 Query/set the current Page and the collective Page count We'll format as much as necessary. More...
sal_uInt16 SetCurrPage (SwCursor *, sal_uInt16 nPageNum)
 Returns a PaM which sits at the beginning of the requested page. More...
Point GetPagePos (sal_uInt16 nPageNum) const
 Returns the absolute document position of the desired page. More...
sal_uInt16 GetPageNum () const
void DecrPhyPageNums ()
void IncrPhyPageNums ()
bool IsVirtPageNum () const
void SetVirtPageNum (const bool bOf) const
bool IsDummyPage (sal_uInt16 nPageNum) const
void CalcFrameRects (SwShellCursor &)
bool MakeTableCursors (SwTableCursor &)
 Calculates the cells included from the current selection. More...
void DisallowTurbo () const
void ResetTurboFlag () const
bool IsTurboAllowed () const
void SetTurbo (const SwContentFrame *pContent)
void ResetTurbo ()
const SwContentFrameGetTurbo () const
void UpdateFootnoteNums ()
 Update the footnote numbers of all Pages. More...
void RemoveFootnotes (SwPageFrame *pPage=nullptr, bool bPageOnly=false, bool bEndNotes=false)
 Remove all footnotes (but no references) More...
void CheckFootnotePageDescs (bool bEndNote)
 Change the page template of the footnote pages. More...
const SwPageFrameGetLastPage () const
SwPageFrameGetLastPage ()
tools::Long GetBrowseWidth () const
void InvalidateBrowseWidth ()
bool IsNewLayout () const
void ResetNewLayout ()
void InsertEmptySct (SwSectionFrame *pDel)
 Empty SwSectionFrames are registered here for deletion and destroyed later on or deregistered. More...
void DeleteEmptySct ()
void RemoveFromList (SwSectionFrame *pSct)
bool IsInDelList (SwSectionFrame *pSct) const
void SetCallbackActionEnabled (bool b)
bool IsCallbackActionEnabled () const
bool IsAnyShellAccessible () const
void AddAccessibleShell ()
void RemoveAccessibleShell ()
SwPageFrameGetPageByPageNum (sal_uInt16 _nPageNum) const
 Get page frame by physical page number looping through the lowers, which are page frame, in order to find the page frame with the given physical page number. More...
void CheckViewLayout (const SwViewOption *pViewOpt, const SwRect *pVisArea)
bool IsLeftToRightViewLayout () const
const SwRectGetPagesArea () const
void SetSidebarChanged ()
bool IsLayoutFreezed () const
void FreezeLayout (bool freeze)
void RemovePage (SwPageFrame **pDel, SwRemoveResult eResult)
bool IsHideRedlines () const
 Replacement for sw::DocumentRedlineManager::GetRedlineFlags() (this is layout-level redline hiding). More...
void SetHideRedlines (bool)
sw::FieldmarkMode GetFieldmarkMode () const
void SetFieldmarkMode (sw::FieldmarkMode)
bool HasMergedParas () const
const SwPageFrameGetPageAtPos (const Point &rPt, const Size *pSize=nullptr, bool bExtend=false) const
 Point rPt: The point that should be used to find the page Size pSize: If given, we return the (first) page that overlaps with the rectangle defined by rPt and pSize bool bExtend: Extend each page to the left/right/top/bottom up to the next page margin. More...
bool IsBetweenPages (const Point &rPt) const
 Point rPt: The point to test. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwLayoutFrame
virtual void PaintSubsidiaryLines (const SwPageFrame *, const SwRect &) const
void RefreshLaySubsidiary (const SwPageFrame *, const SwRect &) const
void RefreshExtraData (const SwRect &) const
void ChgLowersProp (const Size &rOldSize)
 Change size of lowers proportionally. More...
void AdjustColumns (const SwFormatCol *pCol, bool bAdjustAttributes)
void ChgColumns (const SwFormatCol &rOld, const SwFormatCol &rNew, const bool bChgFootnote=false)
 add or remove columns from a layoutframe. More...
void PaintColLines (const SwRect &, const SwFormatCol &, const SwPageFrame *) const
 Paints the column separation line for the inner columns. More...
const SwContentFrameGetContentPos (Point &rPoint, const bool bDontLeave, const bool bBodyOnly=false, SwCursorMoveState *pCMS=nullptr, const bool bDefaultExpand=true) const
 Finds the closest Content for the SPoint Is used for Pages, Flys and Cells if GetModelPositionForViewPoint failed. More...
 SwLayoutFrame (SwFrameFormat *, SwFrame *)
const SwFrameLower () const
SwFrameLower ()
bool ContainsDeleteForbiddenLayFrame () const
const SwContentFrameContainsContent () const
 Checks if the frame contains one or more ContentFrame's anywhere in his subsidiary structure; if so the first found ContentFrame is returned. More...
SwContentFrameContainsContent ()
 In order to save us from duplicating implementations, we cast here a little. More...
const SwCellFrameFirstCell () const
 Calls ContainsAny first to reach the innermost cell. More...
SwCellFrameFirstCell ()
const SwFrameContainsAny (const bool _bInvestigateFootnoteForSections=false) const
 Method <ContainsAny()> doesn't investigate content of footnotes by default. More...
SwFrameContainsAny (const bool _bInvestigateFootnoteForSections=false)
bool IsAnLower (const SwFrame *) const
virtual const SwFrameFormatGetFormat () const
virtual SwFrameFormatGetFormat ()
void SetFrameFormat (SwFrameFormat *)
bool MoveLowerFootnotes (SwContentFrame *pStart, SwFootnoteBossFrame *pOldBoss, SwFootnoteBossFrame *pNewBoss, const bool bFootnoteNums)
 Moving the Footnotes of all Lowers - starting from StartContent. More...
void NotifyLowerObjs (const bool _bUnlockPosOfObjs=false)
 force an unlockposition call for the lower objects. More...
void InvaPercentLowers (SwTwips nDiff=0)
 Invalidates the inner Frames, whose width and/or height are calculated using percentages. More...
void FormatWidthCols (const SwBorderAttrs &, const SwTwips nBorder, const SwTwips nMinHeight)
 Called by Format for Frames and Areas with columns. More...
SwTwips InnerHeight () const
 InnerHeight returns the height of the content and may be bigger or less than the PrtArea-Height of the layoutframe himself. More...
bool IsBefore (const SwLayoutFrame *_pCheckRefLayFrame) const
 method to check relative position of layout frame to a given layout frame. More...
SwFrameGetLastLower ()
virtual void PaintBreak () const
void SetVertPosOrientFrameFor (SwAnchoredObject *pObj)
void ClearVertPosOrientFrameFor (SwAnchoredObject *pObj)
const SwFrameGetLastLower () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwFrame
virtual css::uno::Sequence< css::style::TabStop > GetTabStopInfo (SwTwips)
SwFrameType GetType () const
SwTwips Shrink (SwTwips, bool bTst=false, bool bInfo=false)
SwTwips Grow (SwTwips, bool bTst=false, bool bInfo=false)
void InsertBefore (SwLayoutFrame *pParent, SwFrame *pBehind)
 Insert SwFrame into existing structure. More...
void InsertBehind (SwLayoutFrame *pParent, SwFrame *pBefore)
 Insert SwFrame into existing structure. More...
bool InsertGroupBefore (SwFrame *pParent, SwFrame *pWhere, SwFrame *pSct)
 Insert a chain of SwFrames into an existing structure. More...
void RemoveFromLayout ()
SwLayoutFrameGetLeaf (MakePageType eMakePage, bool bFwd)
SwLayoutFrameGetNextLeaf (MakePageType eMakePage)
 Returns the next layout leaf in which we can move the frame. More...
SwLayoutFrameGetNextFootnoteLeaf (MakePageType eMakePage)
 Return the next layout leaf in that the frame can be moved. More...
SwLayoutFrameGetNextSctLeaf (MakePageType eMakePage)
 Returns the next layout sheet where the frame can be moved in. More...
SwLayoutFrameGetPrevLeaf ()
 Returns the previous layout leaf where we can move the frame. More...
SwLayoutFrameGetPrevFootnoteLeaf (MakePageType eMakeFootnote)
 Get the preceding layout leaf in that the frame can be moved. More...
SwLayoutFrameGetPrevSctLeaf ()
 Returns the preceding layout sheet where the frame can be moved into. More...
const SwLayoutFrameGetLeaf (MakePageType eMakePage, bool bFwd, const SwFrame *pAnch) const
 Returns the next/previous Layout leaf that's NOT below this (or even is this itself). More...
bool WrongPageDesc (SwPageFrame *pNew)
void AppendDrawObj (SwAnchoredObject &_rNewObj)
void RemoveDrawObj (SwAnchoredObject &_rToRemoveObj)
void AppendFly (SwFlyFrame *pNew)
void RemoveFly (SwFlyFrame *pToRemove)
const SwSortedObjsGetDrawObjs () const
SwSortedObjsGetDrawObjs ()
void SetDrawObjsAsDeleted (bool bDeleted)
void InvalidateObjs (const bool _bNoInvaOfAsCharAnchoredObjs=true)
virtual void PaintSwFrameShadowAndBorder (const SwRect &, const SwPageFrame *pPage, const SwBorderAttrs &) const
 Paints shadows and borders. More...
void PaintBaBo (const SwRect &, const SwPageFrame *pPage, const bool bOnlyTextBackground=false) const
void PaintSwFrameBackground (const SwRect &, const SwPageFrame *pPage, const SwBorderAttrs &, const bool bLowerMode=false, const bool bLowerBorder=false, const bool bOnlyTextBackground=false) const
 Do not paint background for fly frames without a background brush by calling <PaintBaBo> at the page or at the fly frame its anchored. More...
void PaintBorderLine (const SwRect &, const SwRect &, const SwPageFrame *, const Color *pColor, const SvxBorderLineStyle=SvxBorderLineStyle::SOLID) const
std::unique_ptr< drawinglayer::processor2d::BaseProcessor2DCreateProcessor2D () const
void ProcessPrimitives (const drawinglayer::primitive2d::Primitive2DContainer &rSequence) const
void Retouch (const SwPageFrame *pPage, const SwRect &rRect) const
 Retouch for a section. More...
bool GetBackgroundBrush (drawinglayer::attribute::SdrAllFillAttributesHelperPtr &rFillAttributes, const SvxBrushItem *&rpBrush, std::optional< Color > &rxColor, SwRect &rOrigRect, bool bLowerMode, bool bConsiderTextBox) const
 Determine the background brush for the frame: the background brush is taken from it-self or from its parent (anchor/upper). More...
void SetCompletePaint () const
void ResetCompletePaint () const
bool IsCompletePaint () const
void SetRetouche () const
void ResetRetouche () const
bool IsRetouche () const
void InvalidateInfFlags ()
bool IsInDocBody () const
bool IsInFootnote () const
bool IsInTab () const
bool IsInFly () const
bool IsInSct () const
bool IsVertical () const
bool IsVertLR () const
bool IsVertLRBT () const
void SetDerivedVert (bool bNew)
void SetInvalidVert (bool bNew)
bool IsRightToLeft () const
void SetDerivedR2L (bool bNew)
void CheckDirChange ()
 checks the layout direction and invalidates the lower frames recursively, if necessary. More...
Point GetFrameAnchorPos (bool bIgnoreFlysAnchoredAtThisFrame) const
 returns the position for anchors based on frame direction More...
bool IsFootnoteAllowed () const
virtual void CheckDirection (bool bVert)
void ReinitializeFrameSizeAttrFlags ()
bool HasFixSize () const
SwFrameGetNext ()
SwFrameGetPrev ()
SwLayoutFrameGetUpper ()
SwRootFramegetRootFrame ()
SwPageFrameFindPageFrame ()
SwFrameGetLower ()
const SwFrameGetNext () const
const SwFrameGetPrev () const
const SwLayoutFrameGetUpper () const
const SwRootFramegetRootFrame () const
SwTabFrameFindTabFrame ()
SwFootnoteFrameFindFootnoteFrame ()
SwFlyFrameFindFlyFrame ()
SwSectionFrameFindSctFrame ()
SwFrameFindNext ()
SwContentFrameFindNextCnt (const bool _bInSameFootnote=false)
SwFrameFindPrev ()
const SwPageFrameFindPageFrame () const
const SwFootnoteBossFrameFindFootnoteBossFrame (bool bFootnote=false) const
const SwFrameFindColFrame () const
const SwFrameFindFooterOrHeader () const
const SwTabFrameFindTabFrame () const
const SwFootnoteFrameFindFootnoteFrame () const
const SwFlyFrameFindFlyFrame () const
const SwSectionFrameFindSctFrame () const
const SwBodyFrameFindBodyFrame () const
const SwFrameFindNext () const
const SwContentFrameFindNextCnt (const bool _bInSameFootnote=false) const
const SwFrameFindPrev () const
const SwFrameGetLower () const
SwContentFrameFindPrevCnt ()
const SwContentFrameFindPrevCnt () const
SwFrameGetIndPrev_ () const
 Called for a frame inside a section with no direct previous frame (or only previous empty section frames) the previous frame of the outer section is returned, if the frame is the first flowing content of this section. More...
SwFrameGetIndPrev () const
SwFrameGetIndNext ()
const SwFrameGetIndNext () const
sal_uInt16 GetPhyPageNum () const
sal_uInt16 GetVirtPageNum () const
bool OnRightPage () const
bool WannaRightPage () const
 Decides if the page want to be a right page or not. More...
bool OnFirstPage () const
const SwLayoutFrameGetPrevLayoutLeaf () const
const SwLayoutFrameGetNextLayoutLeaf () const
SwLayoutFrameGetPrevLayoutLeaf ()
SwLayoutFrameGetNextLayoutLeaf ()
virtual void Calc (vcl::RenderContext *pRenderContext) const
void OptCalc () const
Point GetRelPos () const
SwRect GetPaintArea () const
 |* The paintarea is the area, in which the content of a frame is allowed |* to be displayed. More...
SwRect UnionFrame (bool bBorder=false) const
 |* The unionframe is the framearea (getFrameArea()) of a frame expanded by the |* printarea, if there's a negative margin at the left or right side. More...
void ValidateLineNum ()
bool GetValidLineNumFlag () const
void InvalidateSize_ ()
void InvalidatePrt_ ()
void InvalidatePos_ ()
void InvalidateLineNum_ ()
void InvalidateAll_ ()
void InvalidateSize ()
void InvalidatePrt ()
void InvalidatePos ()
void InvalidateLineNum ()
void InvalidateAll ()
void ImplInvalidateSize ()
void ImplInvalidatePrt ()
void ImplInvalidatePos ()
void ImplInvalidateLineNum ()
void InvalidateNextPos (bool bNoFootnote=false)
void InvalidatePage (const SwPageFrame *pPage=nullptr) const
 Invalidates the page in which the Frame is currently placed. More...
virtual bool GetCharRect (SwRect &, const SwPosition &, SwCursorMoveState *=nullptr, bool bAllowFarAway=true) const
virtual bool Prepare (const PrepareHint ePrep=PrepareHint::Clear, const void *pVoid=nullptr, bool bNotify=true)
bool IsLayoutFrame () const
bool IsRootFrame () const
bool IsPageFrame () const
bool IsColumnFrame () const
bool IsFootnoteBossFrame () const
bool IsHeaderFrame () const
bool IsFooterFrame () const
bool IsFootnoteContFrame () const
bool IsFootnoteFrame () const
bool IsBodyFrame () const
bool IsColBodyFrame () const
 These SwFrame inlines are here, so that frame.hxx does not need to include layfrm.hxx. More...
bool IsPageBodyFrame () const
bool IsFlyFrame () const
bool IsSctFrame () const
bool IsTabFrame () const
bool IsRowFrame () const
bool IsCellFrame () const
bool IsContentFrame () const
bool IsTextFrame () const
bool IsNoTextFrame () const
bool IsFlowFrame () const
bool IsRetoucheFrame () const
bool IsAccessibleFrame () const
void PrepareCursor ()
bool IsProtected () const
 Is the Frame or rather the Section in which it lies protected? More...
bool IsColLocked () const
virtual bool IsDeleteForbidden () const
bool IsInDtor () const
tools::Long GetTopMargin () const
tools::Long GetBottomMargin () const
tools::Long GetLeftMargin () const
tools::Long GetRightMargin () const
void SetTopBottomMargins (tools::Long, tools::Long)
void SetLeftRightMargins (tools::Long, tools::Long)
void SetRightLeftMargins (tools::Long, tools::Long)
tools::Long GetPrtLeft () const
tools::Long GetPrtBottom () const
tools::Long GetPrtRight () const
tools::Long GetPrtTop () const
bool SetMinLeft (tools::Long)
bool SetMaxBottom (tools::Long)
bool SetMaxRight (tools::Long)
void MakeBelowPos (const SwFrame *, const SwFrame *, bool)
void MakeLeftPos (const SwFrame *, const SwFrame *, bool)
void MakeRightPos (const SwFrame *, const SwFrame *, bool)
bool IsNeighbourFrame () const
virtual bool IsLeaveUpperAllowed () const
virtual bool IsCoveredCell () const
bool IsInCoveredCell () const
bool KnowsFormat (const SwFormat &rFormat) const
void RegisterToFormat (SwFormat &rFormat)
void ValidateThisAndAllLowers (const sal_uInt16 nStage)
void ForbidDelete ()
void AllowDelete ()
virtual void dumpAsXml (xmlTextWriterPtr writer=nullptr) const
void dumpTopMostAsXml (xmlTextWriterPtr writer=nullptr) const
void dumpInfosAsXml (xmlTextWriterPtr writer) const
virtual void dumpAsXmlAttributes (xmlTextWriterPtr writer) const
void dumpChildrenAsXml (xmlTextWriterPtr writer) const
bool IsCollapse () const
SwLayoutFrameGetNextCellLeaf ()
SwLayoutFrameGetPrevCellLeaf ()
void SetInfFlags ()
const SwRowFrameIsInSplitTableRow () const
const SwRowFrameIsInFollowFlowRow () const
bool IsInBalancedSection () const
bool IsMoveable (const SwLayoutFrame *_pLayoutFrame=nullptr) const
 determine, if frame is moveable in given environment More...
const SwAttrSetGetAttrSet () const
 WARNING: this may not return correct RES_PAGEDESC/RES_BREAK items for SwTextFrame, use GetBreakItem()/GetPageDescItem() instead. More...
virtual const SvxFormatBreakItemGetBreakItem () const
virtual const SwFormatPageDescGetPageDescItem () const
SwFrameFindColFrame ()
SwRowFrameFindRowFrame ()
SwFootnoteBossFrameFindFootnoteBossFrame (bool bFootnotes=false)
SwTabFrameImplFindTabFrame ()
SwFootnoteFrameImplFindFootnoteFrame ()
SwFlyFrameImplFindFlyFrame ()
SwSectionFrameImplFindSctFrame ()
const SwBodyFrameImplFindBodyFrame () const
SwFrameFindFooterOrHeader ()
void ImplInvalidateNextPos (bool bNoFootnote)
void InvalidateNextPrtArea ()
 method to invalidate printing area of next frame #i11859# More...
SwTextFrameDynCastTextFrame ()
const SwTextFrameDynCastTextFrame () const
drawinglayer::attribute::SdrAllFillAttributesHelperPtr getSdrAllFillAttributesHelper () const
bool supportsFullDrawingLayerFillAttributeSet () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwFrameAreaDefinition
 SwFrameAreaDefinition ()
virtual ~SwFrameAreaDefinition ()
bool isFrameAreaPositionValid () const
bool isFrameAreaSizeValid () const
bool isFramePrintAreaValid () const
bool isFrameAreaDefinitionValid () const
sal_uInt32 GetFrameId () const
const SwRectgetFrameArea () const
const SwRectgetFramePrintArea () const
virtual basegfx::B2DHomMatrix getFrameAreaTransformation () const
virtual basegfx::B2DHomMatrix getFramePrintAreaTransformation () const
virtual void transform_translate (const Point &rOffset)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwClient
 SwClient ()
 SwClient (SwClient &&) noexcept
virtual ~SwClient () override
std::optional< sw::ModifyChangedHintCheckRegistration (const SfxPoolItem *pOldValue)
void CheckRegistrationFormat (SwFormat &rOld)
const SwModifyGetRegisteredIn () const
SwModifyGetRegisteredIn ()
void EndListeningAll ()
void StartListeningToSameModifyAs (const SwClient &)
virtual bool GetInfo (SfxPoolItem &) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from sw::WriterListener
bool IsLast () const
virtual const SwCellFrameDynCastCellFrame () const
virtual const SwTabFrameDynCastTabFrame () const
virtual const SwRowFrameDynCastRowFrame () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SfxBroadcaster
 SfxBroadcaster ()
 SfxBroadcaster (const SfxBroadcaster &rBC)
virtual ~SfxBroadcaster () COVERITY_NOEXCEPT_FALSE
void Broadcast (const SfxHint &rHint)
bool HasListeners () const
size_t GetListenerCount () const
size_t GetSizeOfVector () const
SfxListenerGetListener (size_t nNo) const

Static Public Member Functions

static void RemoveMasterObjs (SdrPage *pPg)
 Remove MasterObjects from the Page (called by the ctors) More...
static bool FlushVout ()
 Output virtual Device (e.g. for animations) More...
static bool HasSameRect (const SwRect &rRect)
 Save Clipping if exactly the ClipRect is outputted. More...
static void AssertPageFlys (SwPageFrame *)
 Makes sure that, starting from the passed Page, all page-bound Frames are on the right Page (pagenumber). More...
static bool IsInPaint ()
static void SetNoVirDev (const bool bNew)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SwFrame
static SwCacheGetCache ()
static SwCacheGetCachePtr ()
static void SetCache (SwCache *pNew)
static void CheckPageDescs (SwPageFrame *pStart, bool bNotifyFields=true, SwPageFrame **ppPrev=nullptr)
 Check all pages (starting from the given one) if they use the appropriate frame format. More...
static void DestroyFrame (SwFrame *const pFrame)
 this is the only way to delete a SwFrame instance More...

Private Member Functions

void ImplCalcBrowseWidth ()
void ImplInvalidateBrowseWidth ()
void DeleteEmptySct_ ()
void RemoveFromList_ (SwSectionFrame *pSct)
virtual void DestroyImpl () override
virtual ~SwRootFrame () override
virtual void MakeAll (vcl::RenderContext *pRenderContext) override

Private Attributes

std::vector< SwRectmaPageRects
SwRect maPagesArea
tools::Long mnViewWidth
sal_uInt16 mnColumns
bool mbBookMode
bool mbSidebarChanged
bool mbNeedGrammarCheck
bool mbCheckSuperfluous:1
bool mbIdleFormat:1
bool mbBrowseWidthValid:1
bool mbTurboAllowed:1
bool mbAssertFlyPages:1
bool mbTableUpdateInProgress: 1
bool mbIsVirtPageNum:1
bool mbIsNewLayout:1
bool mbCallbackActionEnabled:1
bool mbLayoutFreezed
bool mbHideRedlines
sw::FieldmarkMode m_FieldmarkMode
tools::Long mnBrowseWidth
 For BrowseMode mnBrowseWidth is the outer margin of the object most to the right. More...
const SwContentFramempTurbo
 If we only have to format one ContentFrame, its in mpTurbo. More...
 We should not need to always struggle to find the last page, so store it here. More...
std::unique_ptr< SwCurrShellsmpCurrShells
 One Page per DrawModel per Document; is always the size of the Root. More...
std::unique_ptr< SwDestroyListmpDestroy
sal_uInt16 mnPhyPageNums
sal_uInt16 mnAccessibleShells
 Page count. More...

Static Private Attributes

static SwLayVouts_pVout = nullptr
static bool s_isInPaint = false
static bool s_isNoVirDev = false
static constexpr sal_Int64 MIN_BROWSE_WIDTH = o3tl::toTwips(20000, o3tl::Length::mm100)
 Width of the HTML / Web document if not defined otherwise: 20cm. More...


class CurrShell
 [ Comment from the original StarOffice checkin ]: The root takes care of the shell access. More...
void AdjustSizeChgNotify (SwRootFrame *pRoot)
void SetLastPage (SwPageFrame *)
void FrameInit ()
void FrameFinit ()
void SetShell (SwViewShell *pSh)
void InitCurrShells (SwRootFrame *pRoot)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from SwFrame
enum  InvalidationType {
 enumeration for the different invalidations #i28701# More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwLayoutFrame
virtual ~SwLayoutFrame () override
virtual void Format (vcl::RenderContext *pRenderContext, const SwBorderAttrs *pAttrs=nullptr) override
 "Formats" the Frame; Frame and PrtArea. More...
tools::Long CalcRel (const SwFormatFrameSize &rSz) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwFrame
void ColLock ()
void ColUnlock ()
virtual ~SwFrame () override
void setRootFrame (SwRootFrame *pRoot)
SwPageFrameInsertPage (SwPageFrame *pSibling, bool bFootnote)
void PrepareMake (vcl::RenderContext *pRenderContext)
 Prepares the Frame for "formatting" (MakeAll()). More...
void OptPrepareMake ()
virtual void MakePos ()
SwTwips AdjustNeighbourhood (SwTwips nDiff, bool bTst=false)
 Adjust surrounding neighbourhood after insertion. More...
sw::BroadcastingModifyGetDep ()
 use these so we can grep for SwFrame's GetRegisteredIn accesses beware that SwTextFrame may return sw::WriterMultiListener More...
const sw::BroadcastingModifyGetDep () const
 SwFrame (sw::BroadcastingModify *, SwFrame *)
void CheckDir (SvxFrameDirection nDir, bool bVert, bool bOnlyBiDi, bool bBrowse)
virtual bool InvalidationAllowed (const InvalidationType _nInvalid) const
 method to determine, if an invalidation is allowed. More...
virtual void ActionOnInvalidation (const InvalidationType _nInvalid)
 method to perform additional actions on an invalidation More...
void PaintShadow (const SwRect &, SwRect &, const SwBorderAttrs &) const
 Paints a shadow if the format requests so. More...
virtual void SwClientNotify (const SwModify &, const SfxHint &) override
virtual const IDocumentDrawModelAccessgetIDocumentDrawModelAccess ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwFrameAreaDefinition
void setFrameAreaPositionValid (bool bNew)
void setFrameAreaSizeValid (bool bNew)
void setFramePrintAreaValid (bool bNew)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwClient
 SwClient (SwModify *pToRegisterIn)
SwModifyGetRegisteredInNonConst () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sw::WriterListener
 WriterListener ()
virtual ~WriterListener () COVERITY_NOEXCEPT_FALSE
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SfxBroadcaster
void Forward (SfxBroadcaster &rBC, const SfxHint &rHint)
- Protected Attributes inherited from SwLayoutFrame
std::vector< SwAnchoredObject * > m_VertPosOrientFramesFor
- Protected Attributes inherited from SwFrame
std::unique_ptr< SwSortedObjsm_pDrawObjs
SwFrameType mnFrameType
bool mbInDtor: 1
bool mbInvalidR2L: 1
bool mbDerivedR2L: 1
bool mbRightToLeft: 1
bool mbInvalidVert: 1
bool mbDerivedVert: 1
bool mbVertical: 1
bool mbVertLR: 1
bool mbVertLRBT: 1
bool mbValidLineNum: 1
bool mbFixSize: 1
bool mbCompletePaint: 1
bool mbRetouche: 1
bool mbInfInvalid: 1
bool mbInfBody: 1
bool mbInfTab: 1
bool mbInfFly: 1
bool mbInfFootnote: 1
bool mbInfSct: 1
bool mbColLocked: 1
bool m_isInDestroy: 1
int mnForbidDelete

Detailed Description

The root element of a Writer document layout.

Lower frames are expected to be SwPageFrame instances.

Definition at line 81 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SwRootFrame::~SwRootFrame ( )

Definition at line 564 of file newfrm.cxx.

SwRootFrame::SwRootFrame ( SwFrameFormat pFormat,
SwViewShell pSh 

Definition at line 399 of file newfrm.cxx.

References false, SwFrame::mnFrameType, Root, and SwFrame::setRootFrame().

Member Function Documentation

void SwRootFrame::AddAccessibleShell ( )

Definition at line 390 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwAccessibleMap::SwAccessibleMap().

void SwRootFrame::AllAddPaintRect ( ) const
void SwRootFrame::AllCheckPageDescs ( ) const

Definition at line 579 of file newfrm.cxx.

References SwFrame::CheckPageDescs(), IsLayoutFreezed(), and SwLayoutFrame::Lower().

void SwRootFrame::AllInvalidateAutoCompleteWords ( ) const
void SwRootFrame::AllInvalidateSmartTagsOrSpelling ( bool  bSmartTags) const
void SwRootFrame::AllRemoveFootnotes ( )

Definition at line 600 of file newfrm.cxx.

References RemoveFootnotes().

void SwRootFrame::AssertFlyPages ( )
void SwRootFrame::AssertPageFlys ( SwPageFrame pPage)

Makes sure that, starting from the passed Page, all page-bound Frames are on the right Page (pagenumber).

Ensure that after the given page all page-bound objects are located on the correct page.

Definition at line 1693 of file pagechg.cxx.

References sw::BroadcastingModify::CallSwClientNotify(), SwFormat::GetAnchor(), SwFormatAnchor::GetAnchorId(), SwFrame::GetNext(), SwFormatAnchor::GetPageNum(), SwPageFrame::GetPhyPageNum(), SwFrame::GetPrev(), SwPageFrame::GetSortedObjs(), i, SAL_INFO, and SwSortedObjs::size().

Referenced by AssertFlyPages(), SwFrame::CheckPageDescs(), InsertNewPage(), and SwFrame::InsertPage().

void SwRootFrame::CalcFrameRects ( SwShellCursor rCursor)

Definition at line 2008 of file trvlfrm.cxx.

References a, Add(), BIDI, SwRect::Bottom(), SwRectFnSet::BottomDist(), SwSortedObjs::Contains(), SwAnchoredObject::DynCastFlyFrame(), SwPaM::End(), SwFrame::FindFlyFrame(), SwFrame::FindPageFrame(), Footer, SwFormat::GetAnchor(), SwAnchoredObject::GetAnchorFrame(), SwRectFnSet::GetBottom(), SwFrame::GetCharRect(), GetContentNode(), SwNode::GetContentNode(), GetCurrShell(), SwShellCursor::GetEndPos(), SwTabFrame::GetFollow(), SwFlyFrame::GetFormat(), SwFrameAreaDefinition::getFrameArea(), SwAnchoredObject::GetFrameFormat(), SwIndex::GetIndex(), SwContentNode::getLayoutFrame(), SwRectFnSet::GetLeft(), SwFrame::GetLower(), SwFrame::GetNext(), SwContentFrame::GetNextContentFrame(), SwNodeIndex::GetNode(), SdrObject::GetOrdNum(), SwViewShell::GetOut(), SwFrame::GetPaintArea(), SwPaM::GetPoint(), SwRectFnSet::GetRight(), SwTable::GetRowsToRepeat(), OutputDevice::GetSettings(), SwPageFrame::GetSortedObjs(), SwShellCursor::GetSttPos(), AllSettings::GetStyleSettings(), SwFormatSurround::GetSurround(), SwFormat::GetSurround(), SwTabFrame::GetTable(), SwRectFnSet::GetTop(), SwFrame::GetType(), SwTableBox::GetUpper(), SwFrame::GetUpper(), SwViewShell::GetViewOptions(), SwFlyFrame::GetVirtDrawObj(), SwRectFnSet::GetWidth(), SwRect::HasArea(), Header, SwRect::Height(), SwSortedObjs::Insert(), SwRect::Intersection(), comphelper::LibreOfficeKit::isActive(), SwLayoutFrame::IsAnLower(), SwFrame::IsCellFrame(), SwNode::IsContentNode(), SwFormatSurround::IsContour(), IsDestroyFrameAnchoredAtChar(), SwFrame::IsInDocBody(), SwFrame::IsInFly(), SwViewOption::IsPDFExport(), SwFrame::IsRightToLeft(), SwViewShell::IsSelectAll(), IsSelectFrameAnchoredAtPara(), SwFrame::IsTextFrame(), lcl_IsInRepeatedHeadline(), SwRect::Left(), SwCursorMoveState::m_b2Lines, SwCursorMoveState::m_bNoScroll, SwCursorMoveState::m_nCursorBidiLevel, SwCursorMoveState::m_p2Lines, SwPosition::nContent, SwPosition::nNode, NONE, nPos, OutputDevice::PixelToLogic(), Point, SwRect::Pos(), pOut, SwRectFnSet::Refresh(), SwRect::Right(), ROT_270, ROT_90, RUBY, SwRectFnSet::SetBottom(), SwRectFnSet::SetLeft(), SwRectFnSet::SetRight(), SwRectFnSet::SetTop(), SwRectFnSet::SetWidth(), SwSortedObjs::size(), SwPaM::Start(), Sub(), Tab, SwRect::Union(), SwFrame::UnionFrame(), SwViewShell::VisArea(), and SwRect::Width().

Referenced by SwShellCursor::FillRects().

void SwRootFrame::CheckFootnotePageDescs ( bool  bEndNote)

Change the page template of the footnote pages.

Definition at line 1006 of file ftnfrm.cxx.

References SwFrame::CheckPageDescs(), SwFrame::GetNext(), SwPageFrame::IsEndNotePage(), SwPageFrame::IsFootnotePage(), and SwLayoutFrame::Lower().

void SwRootFrame::CheckViewLayout ( const SwViewOption pViewOpt,
const SwRect pVisArea 
Size SwRootFrame::ChgSize ( const Size aNewSize)

Reimplemented from SwFrame.

Definition at line 1737 of file pagechg.cxx.

References SwFrameAreaDefinition::getFrameArea(), SwFrame::InvalidatePrt_(), SwFrame::mbFixSize, and SwRect::SSize().

Referenced by CheckViewLayout().

void SwRootFrame::Cut ( )

Reimplemented from SwLayoutFrame.

Definition at line 55 of file unusedf.cxx.

void SwRootFrame::DecrPhyPageNums ( )

Definition at line 313 of file rootfrm.hxx.

void SwRootFrame::DeleteEmptySct ( )

Definition at line 380 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwLayAction::Action(), and SwLayAction::InternalAction().

void SwRootFrame::DeleteEmptySct_ ( )
void SwRootFrame::DeRegisterShell ( SwViewShell pSh)
void SwRootFrame::DestroyImpl ( )
void SwRootFrame::DisallowTurbo ( ) const
void SwRootFrame::EndAllAction ( bool  bVirDev = false)
bool SwRootFrame::FillSelection ( SwSelectionList rList,
const SwRect rRect 
) const
bool SwRootFrame::FlushVout ( )

Output virtual Device (e.g. for animations)

Definition at line 30 of file virtoutp.cxx.

References SwLayVout::Flush_(), and s_pVout.

Referenced by SwTextSizeInfo::NoteAnimation(), and SwNoTextFrame::PaintPicture().

void SwRootFrame::FreezeLayout ( bool  freeze)

Definition at line 413 of file rootfrm.hxx.

tools::Long SwRootFrame::GetBrowseWidth ( ) const

Definition at line 430 of file rootfrm.hxx.

References ImplCalcBrowseWidth(), mbBrowseWidthValid, and mnBrowseWidth.

sal_uInt16 SwRootFrame::GetCurrPage ( const SwPaM pActualCursor) const

Query/set the current Page and the collective Page count We'll format as much as necessary.

Returns the number of the current page.

If the method gets a PaM then the current page is the one in which the PaM sits. Otherwise the current page is the first one inside the VisibleArea. We only work on available pages!

Definition at line 981 of file trvlfrm.cxx.

References SwFrame::FindPageFrame(), GetContentNode(), SwContentNode::getLayoutFrame(), SwNodeIndex::GetNode(), SwPageFrame::GetPhyPageNum(), SwPaM::GetPoint(), and SwPosition::nNode.

Referenced by SwUndoInsLayFormat::RepeatImpl().

SwViewShell* SwRootFrame::GetCurrShell ( ) const

Definition at line 206 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwRowFrame::AdjustCells(), SwTextFrame::AdjustFrame(), SwFrame::AdjustNeighbourhood(), AdjustSizeChgNotify(), AllAddPaintRect(), SwFrame::AppendDrawObj(), SwTextFrame::AutoSpell_(), CalcContent(), SwTextFrame::CalcFollow(), SwSectionFrame::CalcFootnoteContent(), CalcFrameRects(), SwTextFrame::CalcHeightOfLastLine(), SwContentFrame::CalcLowers(), SwLayHelper::CalcPageCount(), objectpositioning::SwToLayoutAnchoredObjectPosition::CalcPosition(), objectpositioning::SwToContentAnchoredObjectPosition::CalcPosition(), SwLayoutFrame::CalcRel(), SwFlyFrame::CalcRel(), SwFlyFrame::ChainFrames(), SwCellFrame::CheckDirection(), SwSectionFrame::CheckDirection(), SwTabFrame::CheckDirection(), SwFlyFrame::CheckDirection(), SwPageFrame::CheckDirection(), SwTextFrame::CheckDirection(), SwFrame::CheckPageDescs(), SwPageFrame::CheckPageHeightValidForHideWhitespace(), CheckViewLayout(), ChkChartSel(), SwTextFrame::ConnectFootnote(), SwFrame::CreateProcessor2D(), SwAttrIter::CtorInitAttrIter(), SwTextInfo::CtorInitTextInfo(), SwTextSizeInfo::CtorInitTextSizeInfo(), SwCellFrame::Cut(), SwContentFrame::Cut(), SwPageFrame::Cut(), SwFlowFrame::CutTree(), SwTableNode::DelFrames(), SwCellFrame::DestroyImpl(), SwPageFrame::DestroyImpl(), SwFlyFrame::DestroyImpl(), SwFrame::DestroyImpl(), SwTextFly::DrawFlyRect(), SwTextPaintInfo::DrawText_(), SwTextFly::DrawTextOpaque(), SwFrame::dumpAsXml(), SwTextFrame::EmptyHeight(), EndAllAction(), SwAutoFormat::EnsureFormatted(), SwTextFrame::FillCursorPos(), SwTextFrame::FillRegister(), SwPageFrame::FindPageDesc(), SwFlyFrame::FinitDrawObj(), SwLayoutFrame::Format(), SwFootnoteContFrame::Format(), SwSectionFrame::Format(), SwTabFrame::Format(), SwCombinedPortion::Format(), SwObjectFormatterTextFrame::FormatAnchorFrameAndItsPrevs(), SwLayAction::FormatContent(), SwLayAction::FormatLayout(), SwObjectFormatter::FormatLayout_(), SwTextFrame::FormatLine(), SwLayoutFrame::FormatWidthCols(), SwFrame::GetBackgroundBrush(), SwPageFrame::GetBoundRect(), SwFlyFrame::GetContour(), SwPageFrame::GetDrawBackgroundColor(), SwTextFrame::GetFormatted(), GetFrameOfModify(), SwCellFrame::GetModelPositionForViewPoint(), SwLayoutFrame::GetModelPositionForViewPoint(), SwFlyFrame::GetModelPositionForViewPoint(), SwFrame::GetNextLeaf(), GetNextPrevContentPos(), SwTextFrame::GetScalingOfSelectedText(), GetTableSel(), SwFootnoteBossFrame::GetVarSpace(), SwSectionFrame::Grow_(), SwFlyFrame::Grow_(), SwLayoutFrame::GrowFrame(), SwFootnoteContFrame::GrowFrame(), SwContentFrame::GrowFrame(), SwTabFrame::GrowFrame(), SwTextFrame::HideAndShowObjects(), SwTextFrame::Hyphenate(), ImplCalcBrowseWidth(), SwFrameNotify::ImplDestroy(), SwLayNotify::ImplDestroy(), SwFlyNotify::ImplDestroy(), SwContentNotify::ImplDestroy(), SwViewShell::ImplEndAction(), Init(), InsertCnt_(), SwFrame::InsertPage(), InvalidateAllContent(), IsBetweenPages(), SwTextFrame::IsHiddenNow(), SwPageFrame::IsLeftShadowNeeded(), SwPageFrame::IsOverHeaderFooterArea(), SwFlowFrame::IsPageBreak(), SwFlowFrame::IsPrevObjMove(), SwPageFrame::IsRightShadowNeeded(), SwLayAction::IsShortCut(), SwNoTextFrame::IsTransparent(), SwTextFrame::JoinFrame(), lcl_ClearArea(), lcl_ColumnRefresh(), lcl_EmergencyFormatFootnoteCont(), lcl_FormatContentOfLayoutFrame(), lcl_FormatLay(), lcl_InnerCalcLayout(), lcl_MoveAllLowerObjs(), lcl_MoveAllLowers(), lcl_RecalcSplitLine(), SwSectionFrame::MakeAll(), SwPageFrame::MakeAll(), SwTabFrame::MakeAll(), SwContentNode::MakeFramesForAdjacentContentNode(), SwSectionNode::MakeFramesForAdjacentContentNode(), SwFlyFrameFormat::MakeGraphic(), MakeNxt(), SwFlyFrame::MakeObjPos(), SwTableNode::MakeOwnFrames(), SwContentFrame::MakePrtArea(), SwFlowFrame::MoveBwd(), SwFlowFrame::MoveFwd(), SwFlowFrame::MoveSubTree(), SwVirtFlyDrawObj::NbcCrop(), SwVirtFlyDrawObj::NbcResize(), Notify(), Notify_Background(), sw::FlyContentPortion::Paint(), SwGrfNumPortion::Paint(), SwTextFrame::PaintEmpty(), SwTextFrame::PaintExtraData(), SwNoTextFrame::PaintPicture(), SwNoTextFrame::PaintSwFrame(), SwFlyFrame::PaintSwFrame(), SwTextFrame::PaintSwFrame(), SwFrame::PaintSwFrameShadowAndBorder(), SwPageFrame::Paste(), SwPageFrame::PrepareFooter(), SwPageFrame::PrepareHeader(), SwFrame::RemoveDrawObj(), SwLayAction::RemoveEmptyBrowserPages(), SwFrame::RemoveFly(), RemoveSuperfluous(), SwFrame::Retouch(), SwVirtFlyDrawObj::Rotate(), SetCurrPage(), SwFootnoteBossFrame::SetFootnoteDeadLine(), SwContentFrame::ShouldBwdMoved(), SwTabFrame::ShouldBwdMoved(), SwFlyFrame::Shrink_(), SwLayoutFrame::ShrinkFrame(), SwFootnoteContFrame::ShrinkFrame(), SwPageFrame::SidebarPosition(), SwTextFrame::SplitFrame(), StartAllAction(), sw_ChangeOffset(), sw_FormatNextContentForKeep(), SwCellFrame::SwClientNotify(), SwPageFrame::SwClientNotify(), SwTextFrame::SwClientNotify(), SwFlyFrame::SwFlyFrame(), SwHandleAnchorNodeChg::SwHandleAnchorNodeChg(), SwPageFrame::SwPageFrame(), SwTestFormat::SwTestFormat(), SwTextPaintInfo::SwTextPaintInfo(), SwTextSizeInfo::SwTextSizeInfo(), SwFlyFrame::UnchainFrames(), UnHide(), SwTextFrame::UnitDown_(), SwTextFrame::UnitUp_(), UnoRemoveAllActions(), UnoRestoreAllActions(), SwSectionFrame::UpdateAttr_(), SwPageFrame::UpdateAttr_(), SwFlyFrame::UpdateAttr_(), SwCursor::UpDown(), ValidateBodyFrame_(), SwTextFrame::ValidateFrame(), and SwVirtFlyDrawObj::wrap_DoPaintObject().

const SdrPage* SwRootFrame::GetDrawPage ( ) const
SdrPage* SwRootFrame::GetDrawPage ( )

Definition at line 227 of file rootfrm.hxx.

sw::FieldmarkMode SwRootFrame::GetFieldmarkMode ( ) const
const SwPageFrame* SwRootFrame::GetLastPage ( ) const
SwPageFrame* SwRootFrame::GetLastPage ( )

Definition at line 363 of file rootfrm.hxx.

bool SwRootFrame::GetModelPositionForViewPoint ( SwPosition pPos,
Point rPoint,
SwCursorMoveState pCMS = nullptr,
bool  bTestBackground = false 
) const
Point SwRootFrame::GetNextPrevContentPos ( const Point rPoint,
bool  bNext 
) const

Search the nearest Content to the passed point.

Only search inside the BodyText.

Only the nearest vertically one will be searched.
JP 11.10.2001: only in tables we try to find the right column - Bug 72294

Definition at line 1475 of file trvlfrm.cxx.

References SwRect::Bottom(), SwFrame::Calc(), SwLayoutFrame::ContainsContent(), GetCurrShell(), SwFrameAreaDefinition::getFrameArea(), SwFrame::GetNext(), SwContentFrame::GetNextContentFrame(), SwViewShell::GetOut(), SwFrame::GetPrev(), SwFrame::IsInDocBody(), lcl_IsInRepeatedHeadline(), SwRect::Left(), SwLayoutFrame::Lower(), Point, SwRect::Pos(), SwRect::Top(), and SwFrame::UnionFrame().

const SwPageFrame * SwRootFrame::GetPageAtPos ( const Point rPt,
const Size pSize = nullptr,
bool  bExtend = false 
) const

Point rPt: The point that should be used to find the page Size pSize: If given, we return the (first) page that overlaps with the rectangle defined by rPt and pSize bool bExtend: Extend each page to the left/right/top/bottom up to the next page margin.

Definition at line 627 of file findfrm.cxx.

References SwRect::Bottom(), SwRect::Contains(), SwFrameAreaDefinition::getFrameArea(), SwFrame::GetNext(), GetPageNum(), SwLayoutFrame::Lower(), maPageRects, SwRect::Overlaps(), SwRect::Pos(), and SwRect::SSize().

Referenced by SwFEShell::Copy(), SwFEShell::CopyDrawSel(), SwEnhancedPDFExportHelper::EnhancedPDFExport(), SwViewShell::FillPrtDoc(), FindPage(), GetModelPositionForViewPoint(), SwPostItHelper::getPageInfo(), SwViewShell::GetPageNumAndSetOffsetForPDF(), SwEditWin::IsInHeaderFooter(), SwCursorShell::IsPageAtPos(), and SwEditWin::MouseButtonDown().

SwPageFrame * SwRootFrame::GetPageByPageNum ( sal_uInt16  _nPageNum) const

Get page frame by physical page number looping through the lowers, which are page frame, in order to find the page frame with the given physical page number.

get page frame by physical page number

if no page frame is found, 0 is returned. Note: Empty page frames are also returned.

_nPageNumphysical page number of page frame to be searched and returned.
pointer to the page frame with the given physical page number
pointer to the page frame with the given physical page number

Definition at line 1592 of file trvlfrm.cxx.

References SwFrame::GetNext(), SwPageFrame::GetPhyPageNum(), and SwLayoutFrame::Lower().

Referenced by SwPagePreviewLayout::CalcPreviewPages(), SwEnhancedPDFExportHelper::EnhancedPDFExport(), and SwPagePreviewLayout::Paint().

sal_uInt16 SwRootFrame::GetPageNum ( ) const
Point SwRootFrame::GetPagePos ( sal_uInt16  nPageNum) const

Returns the absolute document position of the desired page.

Formatting is done only as far as needed and only if bFormat=true. Pos is set to the one of the last page, if the page number was chosen too big.

Null, if the operation failed.

Definition at line 1574 of file trvlfrm.cxx.

References SwFrameAreaDefinition::getFrameArea(), SwFrame::GetNext(), SwPageFrame::GetPhyPageNum(), SwFrame::IsPageFrame(), SwLayoutFrame::Lower(), Point, and SwRect::Pos().

Referenced by SwViewShell::GetPagePos().

const SwRect& SwRootFrame::GetPagesArea ( ) const

Definition at line 409 of file rootfrm.hxx.

const SwContentFrame* SwRootFrame::GetTurbo ( ) const
SwTwips SwRootFrame::GrowFrame ( SwTwips  nDist,
bool  bTst = false,
bool  bInfo = false 

Reimplemented from SwLayoutFrame.

Definition at line 1465 of file pagechg.cxx.

References SwRect::AddHeight().

bool SwRootFrame::HasMergedParas ( ) const
bool SwRootFrame::HasSameRect ( const SwRect rRect)

Save Clipping if exactly the ClipRect is outputted.

Definition at line 40 of file virtoutp.cxx.

References s_pVout.

Referenced by SwSaveClip::ChgClip_().

void SwRootFrame::ImplCalcBrowseWidth ( )
void SwRootFrame::ImplInvalidateBrowseWidth ( )
void SwRootFrame::IncrPhyPageNums ( )

Definition at line 314 of file rootfrm.hxx.

void SwRootFrame::Init ( SwFrameFormat pFormat)
void SwRootFrame::InsertEmptySct ( SwSectionFrame pDel)

Empty SwSectionFrames are registered here for deletion and destroyed later on or deregistered.

Definition at line 2878 of file sectfrm.cxx.

References mpDestroy.

Referenced by SwSectionFrame::DelEmpty().

void SwRootFrame::InvalidateAllContent ( SwInvalidateFlags  nInvalidate)
void SwRootFrame::InvalidateAllObjPos ( )

Invalidate/re-calculate the position of all floating screen objects (Writer fly frames and drawing objects), which are anchored to paragraph or to character.

Invalidate/re-calculate the position of all floating screen objects (Writer fly frames and drawing objects), that are anchored to paragraph or to character.

(2004-03-16 #i11860#)

Definition at line 4215 of file wsfrm.cxx.

References SwFormatAnchor::GetAnchorId(), SwFrame::GetNext(), SwPageFrame::GetSortedObjs(), SwPageFrame::InvalidateFlyLayout(), and SwLayoutFrame::Lower().

Referenced by lcl_InvalidateAllObjPos().

void SwRootFrame::InvalidateBrowseWidth ( )
bool SwRootFrame::IsAnyShellAccessible ( ) const
bool SwRootFrame::IsAssertFlyPages ( ) const

Definition at line 279 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by AssertFlyPages(), and SwLayAction::InternalAction().

bool SwRootFrame::IsBetweenPages ( const Point rPt) const

Point rPt: The point to test.

true: if rPt is between top/bottom margins of two pages in hide-whitespace, rPt can be near the gap, but not strictly between pages (in a page) as gap is small.
false: if rPt is in a page or not strictly between two pages

Definition at line 669 of file findfrm.cxx.

References abs(), SwRect::Bottom(), SwRect::Contains(), o3tl::convert(), GetCurrShell(), SwFrameAreaDefinition::getFrameArea(), SwFrame::GetNext(), SwViewShell::GetViewOptions(), SwViewOption::IsWhitespaceHidden(), SwRect::Left(), SwLayoutFrame::Lower(), min(), o3tl::mm, SwRect::Right(), SwRect::Top(), and o3tl::twip.

Referenced by SwEditWin::MouseButtonDown(), and SwEditWin::UpdatePointer().

bool SwRootFrame::IsCallbackActionEnabled ( ) const
bool SwRootFrame::IsDummyPage ( sal_uInt16  nPageNum) const
true, when the given physical pagenumber doesn't exist or this page is an empty page.

Definition at line 1613 of file trvlfrm.cxx.

References SwFrame::GetNext(), GetPageNum(), SwFrame::GetPhyPageNum(), SwPageFrame::IsEmptyPage(), and SwLayoutFrame::Lower().

Referenced by SwViewShell::IsDummyPage().

bool SwRootFrame::IsHideRedlines ( ) const

Replacement for sw::DocumentRedlineManager::GetRedlineFlags() (this is layout-level redline hiding).

Definition at line 421 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwPostItMgr::AddPostIts(), SwChapterField::ChangeExpansion(), sw::CheckParaRedlineMerge(), SwGetExpField::ChgExpStr(), SwSetExpField::ChgExpStr(), SwAuthorityField::ConditionalExpandAuthIdentifier(), SwTextNode::CopyExpandText(), SwAttrIter::CtorInitAttrIter(), SwFEShell::DeleteRow(), SwTextFrame::EmptyHeight(), SwEnhancedPDFExportHelper::EnhancedPDFExport(), SwDocShell::Execute(), SwAuthorityField::ExpandCitation(), SwChapterField::ExpandImpl(), SwGetExpField::ExpandImpl(), SwGetRefField::ExpandImpl(), SwSetExpField::ExpandImpl(), SwRefPageGetField::ExpandImpl(), sw::DocumentFieldsManager::FieldsToExpand(), SwTOXIndex::FillText(), SwGetRefFieldType::FindAnchor(), sw::ToxTextGenerator::GetAttributesForNode(), SwTextNode::GetExpandText(), SwSetExpField::GetExpStr(), SwChapterField::GetLevel(), SwTextNode::GetNum(), SwChapterField::GetNumber(), SwEditShell::GetSelectedText(), SwSetExpFieldType::GetSeqFieldList(), SwEditShell::GetSeqFootnoteList(), SwAuthorityFieldType::GetSequencePos(), SwTOXContent::GetText_Impl(), SwTOXPara::GetText_Impl(), SwUnoCursorHelper::GetTextFromPam(), SwChapterField::GetTitle(), SwDoc::GetTOIKeys(), SwGetExpField::GetValue(), SwSetExpField::GetValue(), SwFormatFootnote::GetViewNumStr(), InsertCnt_(), SwDoc::InsertTableOf(), lcl_BoxesInDeletedRows(), lcl_CursorInDeletedTable(), lcl_setRedlineAttr(), FndBox_::MakeFrames(), SwRefPageGetFieldType::MakeSetList(), SwTextFrame::PaintEmpty(), SwTextFrame::PaintExtraData(), sw::ReplaceImpl(), SaveTable::RestoreAttr(), SwRefPageGetField::SetText(), SwGetExpField::SetValue(), SwSetExpField::SetValue(), SwTabFrame::SwTabFrame(), UnHideRedlines(), SwTOXBaseSection::UpdateAuthorities(), sw::DocumentFieldsManager::UpdateExpFieldsImpl(), SwPageFrame::UpdateFootnoteNum(), SwTOXBaseSection::UpdateSequence(), sw::DocumentFieldsManager::UpdateTableFields(), SwAnnotationItem::UseElement(), and SwXMLWriter::Write_().

bool SwRootFrame::IsIdleFormat ( ) const

Definition at line 258 of file rootfrm.hxx.

bool SwRootFrame::IsInDelList ( SwSectionFrame pSct) const

Definition at line 2925 of file sectfrm.cxx.

References mpDestroy.

static bool SwRootFrame::IsInPaint ( )

Definition at line 365 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewShell::Paint(), and SwPaintQueue::Repaint().

bool SwRootFrame::IsLayoutFreezed ( ) const

Definition at line 412 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by AllCheckPageDescs().

bool SwRootFrame::IsLeftToRightViewLayout ( ) const
bool SwRootFrame::IsNeedGrammarCheck ( ) const

Definition at line 261 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by sw::DocumentTimerManager::GetNextIdleJob().

bool SwRootFrame::IsNewLayout ( ) const

Definition at line 372 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewShell::IsNewLayout().

bool SwRootFrame::IsSuperfluous ( ) const
bool SwRootFrame::IsTableUpdateInProgress ( ) const

Definition at line 282 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwLayAction::InternalAction().

bool SwRootFrame::IsTurboAllowed ( ) const

Definition at line 349 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwFrame::InvalidatePage().

bool SwRootFrame::IsVirtPageNum ( ) const

Definition at line 315 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwTextFormatter::NewFieldPortion().

void SwRootFrame::MakeAll ( vcl::RenderContext pRenderContext)
bool SwRootFrame::MakeTableCursors ( SwTableCursor rTableCursor)
void SwRootFrame::PaintSwFrame ( vcl::RenderContext rRenderContext,
SwRect const &  rRect,
SwPrintData const *const  pPrintData = nullptr 
) const

Paint once for every visible page which is touched by Rect.

  1. Paint borders and backgrounds
  2. Paint the draw layer (frames and drawing objects) that is below the document (hell)
  3. Paint the document content (text)
  4. Paint the draw layer that is above the document |

Reimplemented from SwLayoutFrame.

Definition at line 3064 of file paintfrm.cxx.

References SwViewShell::ActionPend(), SwPaintQueue::Add(), aGlobalRetoucheColor, BACKGROUND_PARA_OVER_DRAWINGS, SwViewShellImp::DeletePaintRegion(), SwViewShell::DLPostPaint2(), SwViewShell::DLPrePaint2(), SdrPageView::DrawPageViewGrid(), OutputDevice::DrawRect(), OutputDevice::DrawText(), SwLayVout::Enter(), vcl::Region::Exclude(), FileInit, sw::DocumentSettingManager::get(), SfxProgress::GetActiveProgress(), SwPageFrame::GetBorderAndShadowBoundRect(), SwFrameControlsManager::GetControl(), SwViewShell::GetDoc(), SwDoc::GetDocShell(), SwDoc::GetDocumentSettingManager(), SwPageFrame::GetDrawBackgroundColor(), SwViewShellImp::GetDrawView(), SwView::GetEditWin(), SwPageFrame::GetEmptyPageFont(), OutputDevice::GetFillColor(), SwViewShellImp::GetFirstVisPage(), OutputDevice::GetFont(), SwLayoutFrame::GetFormat(), SwPageFrame::GetFormatPage(), SwFrameAreaDefinition::getFrameArea(), SwEditWin::GetFrameControlsManager(), IDocumentDrawModelAccess::GetHeavenId(), IDocumentDrawModelAccess::GetHellId(), SwViewShell::getIDocumentDrawModelAccess(), SwDoc::getIDocumentDrawModelAccess(), SwRectFnSet::GetLeft(), SwFrame::GetNext(), SwViewShell::GetOut(), vcl::Window::GetOutDev(), SwPageFrame::GetPhyPageNum(), SwFrame::GetPrev(), SwViewShellImp::GetRetoucheColor(), sw::Ring< value_type >::GetRingContainer(), SdrPaintView::GetSdrPageView(), SwViewOption::GetTextGridColor(), SwEditWin::GetView(), SwRectFnSet::GetWidth(), SwViewShell::GetWin(), gProp, SwViewShellImp::HasDrawView(), SwViewShell::Imp(), SwRect::Intersection(), SwRect::Intersection_(), vcl::Window::Invalidate(), IsCallbackActionEnabled(), SwPageFrame::IsEmptyPage(), IsExtraData(), SdrPaintView::IsGridVisible(), SwViewShell::IsInEndAction(), SfxObjectShell::IsInPlaceActive(), SwPageFrame::IsLeftShadowNeeded(), SwFrame::IsPageFrame(), SwPageFrame::IsRightShadowNeeded(), vcl::Window::IsVisible(), lcl_AdjustRectToPixelSize(), SwLayVout::Leave(), SwLayoutFrame::Lower(), mpCurrShell, NONE, OUTDEV_WINDOW, SwRect::Overlaps(), PageBreak, SwFrame::PaintBaBo(), SwPageFrame::PaintBorderAndShadow(), SwPageFrame::PaintBreak(), SwPageFrame::PaintDecorators(), SwViewShellImp::PaintLayer(), SwPageFrame::PaintNotesSidebar(), SwLayoutFrame::PaintSwFrame(), SwFrame::ProcessPrimitives(), PROTOCOL, SwPageFrame::RefreshExtraData(), SwPageFrame::RefreshSubsidiary(), ResetTurbo(), ResetTurboFlag(), sw::sidebarwindows::RIGHT, s_isInPaint, s_isNoVirDev, s_pVout, SetCallbackActionEnabled(), OutputDevice::SetFillColor(), OutputDevice::SetFont(), SwRectFnSet::SetLeftAndWidth(), OutputDevice::SetLineColor(), SwLayVout::SetOrgRect(), SwLayAction::SetPaint(), SwPageFrame::SidebarPosition(), SwRect::SVRect(), SwAlignRect(), SwCalcPixStatics(), SwResId(), and SwViewShell::VisArea().

Referenced by SwViewShell::ImplEndAction(), SwViewShell::Paint(), and SwViewShell::SmoothScroll().

void SwRootFrame::Paste ( SwFrame pParent,
SwFrame pSibling = nullptr 

Reimplemented from SwLayoutFrame.

Definition at line 60 of file unusedf.cxx.

void SwRootFrame::RemoveAccessibleShell ( )

Definition at line 391 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwAccessibleMap::~SwAccessibleMap().

void SwRootFrame::RemoveFootnotes ( SwPageFrame pPage = nullptr,
bool  bPageOnly = false,
bool  bEndNotes = false 
void SwRootFrame::RemoveFromList ( SwSectionFrame pSct)

Definition at line 381 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwSectionFrame::DelEmpty(), SwSectionFrame::DestroyImpl(), and MakeFrames().

void SwRootFrame::RemoveFromList_ ( SwSectionFrame pSct)

Definition at line 2918 of file sectfrm.cxx.

References mpDestroy.

void SwRootFrame::RemoveMasterObjs ( SdrPage pPg)

Remove MasterObjects from the Page (called by the ctors)

Definition at line 568 of file newfrm.cxx.

References SdrObjList::GetObj(), SdrObjList::GetObjCount(), i, and SdrObjList::RemoveObject().

Referenced by AssertFlyPages().

void SwRootFrame::RemovePage ( SwPageFrame **  pDel,
SwRemoveResult  eResult 
void SwRootFrame::RemoveSuperfluous ( )
void SwRootFrame::ResetIdleFormat ( )
void SwRootFrame::ResetNewLayout ( )

Definition at line 373 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewShell::~SwViewShell().

void SwRootFrame::ResetTurbo ( )
void SwRootFrame::ResetTurboFlag ( ) const

Definition at line 348 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwLayAction::Action(), and PaintSwFrame().

void SwRootFrame::SetAssertFlyPages ( )
void SwRootFrame::SetCallbackActionEnabled ( bool  b)
sal_uInt16 SwRootFrame::SetCurrPage ( SwCursor pToSet,
sal_uInt16  nPageNum 
void SwRootFrame::SetDrawPage ( SdrPage pNew)
void SwRootFrame::SetFieldmarkMode ( sw::FieldmarkMode  eMode)
void SwRootFrame::SetHideRedlines ( bool  bHideRedlines)
void SwRootFrame::SetIdleFlags ( )
void SwRootFrame::SetNeedGrammarCheck ( bool  bVal)
static void SwRootFrame::SetNoVirDev ( const bool  bNew)

Definition at line 367 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewShell::Paint().

void SwRootFrame::SetSidebarChanged ( )

Definition at line 410 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwPostItHelper::setSidebarChanged().

void SwRootFrame::SetSuperfluous ( )

Remove superfluous Pages.

Definition at line 301 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwContentFrame::Cut(), SwFootnoteFrame::Cut(), SwTabFrame::Cut(), SwSectionFrame::Cut_(), and DeleteEmptySct_().

void SwRootFrame::SetTableUpdateInProgress ( bool  bValue)

Definition at line 281 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwEditShell::UpdateTableOf().

void SwRootFrame::SetTurbo ( const SwContentFrame pContent)

Definition at line 350 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwFrame::InvalidatePage().

void SwRootFrame::SetVirtPageNum ( const bool  bOf) const

Definition at line 443 of file rootfrm.hxx.

References mbIsVirtPageNum.

Referenced by SwFrame::InsertPage(), and SwFEShell::SetPageOffset().

SwTwips SwRootFrame::ShrinkFrame ( SwTwips  nDist,
bool  bTst = false,
bool  bInfo = false 

Reimplemented from SwLayoutFrame.

Definition at line 1476 of file pagechg.cxx.

References SwRect::AddHeight(), SwFrameAreaDefinition::getFrameArea(), and Height.

void SwRootFrame::StartAllAction ( )

Set up Start-/EndAction for all Shells on an as high as possible (Shell section) level.

For the StarONE binding, which does not know the Shells directly. The ChangeLinkd of the CursorShell (UI notifications) is called automatically in the EndAllAction.

Definition at line 1905 of file pagechg.cxx.

References GetCurrShell().

Referenced by SwViewShell::CalcPagesForPrint(), SwDrawContact::Changed(), SwDrawView::DeleteMarked(), SwHTMLTableLayout::Resize_(), sw::DocumentSettingManager::setCharacterCompressionType(), sw::DocumentSettingManager::setForbiddenCharacters(), SwDoc::SetLineNumberInfo(), SwLineNumberInfo::SwClientNotify(), and UnoActionContext::UnoActionContext().

void SwRootFrame::UnoRemoveAllActions ( )

Certain UNO Actions (e.g.

table cursor) require that all Actions are reset temporarily In order for that to work, every SwViewShell needs to remember its old Action counter

Definition at line 1939 of file pagechg.cxx.

References EndAction, SwCursorShell::EndAction(), and GetCurrShell().

Referenced by lcl_RemoveImpl().

void SwRootFrame::UnoRestoreAllActions ( )

Definition at line 1974 of file pagechg.cxx.

References GetCurrShell().

Referenced by UnoActionRemoveContext::~UnoActionRemoveContext().

void SwRootFrame::UpdateFootnoteNums ( )

Friends And Related Function Documentation

void AdjustSizeChgNotify ( SwRootFrame pRoot)

Definition at line 816 of file pagechg.cxx.

Referenced by CheckViewLayout().

friend class CurrShell

[ Comment from the original StarOffice checkin ]: The root takes care of the shell access.

Via the document it should be possible to get at the root frame, and thus always have access to the shell. the pointer mpCurrShell is the pointer to any of the shells for the document. Because sometimes it matters which shell is used, it is necessary to know the active shell. this is approximated by setting the pointer mpCurrShell when a shell gets the focus (FEShell). Additionally the pointer will be set temporarily by SwCurrShell typically via CurrShell The class can be found in the SwViewShell. These object can be created nested (also for different kinds of Shells). They are collected into the Array mpCurrShells. Furthermore it can happen that a shell is activated while a curshell object is still 'active'. This one will be entered into mpWaitingCurrShell and will be activated by the last d'tor of CurrShell. One other problem is the destruction of a shell while it is active. The pointer mpCurrShell is then reset to an arbitrary other shell. If at the time of the destruction of a shell, which is still referenced by a curshell object, that will be cleaned up as well.

Definition at line 160 of file rootfrm.hxx.

void FrameFinit ( )

Definition at line 306 of file newfrm.cxx.

void FrameInit ( )

Definition at line 295 of file newfrm.cxx.

void InitCurrShells ( SwRootFrame pRoot)

Definition at line 389 of file newfrm.cxx.

Referenced by Init().

void SetLastPage ( SwPageFrame pPage)

Definition at line 835 of file pagechg.cxx.

void SetShell ( SwViewShell pSh)

Definition at line 352 of file newfrm.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

sw::FieldmarkMode SwRootFrame::m_FieldmarkMode

Definition at line 123 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by SetFieldmarkMode(), and SetHideRedlines().

std::vector<SwRect> SwRootFrame::maPageRects

Definition at line 93 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by CheckViewLayout(), and GetPageAtPos().

SwRect SwRootFrame::maPagesArea

Definition at line 96 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by CheckViewLayout().

bool SwRootFrame::mbAssertFlyPages

Definition at line 115 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by AssertFlyPages().

bool SwRootFrame::mbBookMode

Definition at line 99 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by CheckViewLayout().

bool SwRootFrame::mbBrowseWidthValid
bool SwRootFrame::mbCallbackActionEnabled

Definition at line 119 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by Init().

bool SwRootFrame::mbCheckSuperfluous

Definition at line 111 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by AdjustSizeChgNotify(), and RemoveSuperfluous().

bool SwRootFrame::mbHideRedlines

Definition at line 122 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by SetFieldmarkMode(), and SetHideRedlines().

bool SwRootFrame::mbIdleFormat

Definition at line 112 of file rootfrm.hxx.

bool SwRootFrame::mbIsNewLayout

Definition at line 118 of file rootfrm.hxx.

bool SwRootFrame::mbIsVirtPageNum

Definition at line 117 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by Init(), and SetVirtPageNum().

bool SwRootFrame::mbLayoutFreezed

Definition at line 121 of file rootfrm.hxx.

bool SwRootFrame::mbNeedGrammarCheck

Definition at line 102 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by Init().

bool SwRootFrame::mbSidebarChanged

Definition at line 100 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by CheckViewLayout().

bool SwRootFrame::mbTableUpdateInProgress

Definition at line 116 of file rootfrm.hxx.

bool SwRootFrame::mbTurboAllowed

Definition at line 114 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by DestroyImpl().

constexpr sal_Int64 SwRootFrame::MIN_BROWSE_WIDTH = o3tl::toTwips(20000, o3tl::Length::mm100)

Width of the HTML / Web document if not defined otherwise: 20cm.

Definition at line 109 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by ImplCalcBrowseWidth().

sal_uInt16 SwRootFrame::mnAccessibleShells

Page count.

Definition at line 173 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by DestroyImpl().

tools::Long SwRootFrame::mnBrowseWidth

For BrowseMode mnBrowseWidth is the outer margin of the object most to the right.

The page's right edge should not be smaller than this value.

Definition at line 130 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by GetBrowseWidth(), and ImplCalcBrowseWidth().

sal_uInt16 SwRootFrame::mnColumns

Definition at line 98 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by CheckViewLayout().

sal_uInt16 SwRootFrame::mnPhyPageNums

Definition at line 172 of file rootfrm.hxx.

tools::Long SwRootFrame::mnViewWidth

Definition at line 97 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by CheckViewLayout().

SwViewShell* SwRootFrame::mpCurrShell
std::unique_ptr<SwCurrShells> SwRootFrame::mpCurrShells
std::unique_ptr<SwDestroyList> SwRootFrame::mpDestroy
SdrPage* SwRootFrame::mpDrawPage

One Page per DrawModel per Document; is always the size of the Root.

Definition at line 168 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by AssertFlyPages(), and Init().

SwPageFrame* SwRootFrame::mpLastPage

We should not need to always struggle to find the last page, so store it here.

Definition at line 136 of file rootfrm.hxx.

const SwContentFrame* SwRootFrame::mpTurbo

If we only have to format one ContentFrame, its in mpTurbo.

Definition at line 133 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by DestroyImpl().

SwViewShell* SwRootFrame::mpWaitingCurrShell

Definition at line 164 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by DeRegisterShell(), SetShell(), and CurrShell::~CurrShell().

bool SwRootFrame::s_isInPaint = false

Definition at line 105 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by PaintSwFrame().

bool SwRootFrame::s_isNoVirDev = false

Definition at line 106 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by PaintSwFrame().

SwLayVout * SwRootFrame::s_pVout = nullptr

Definition at line 104 of file rootfrm.hxx.

Referenced by FlushVout(), FrameFinit(), HasSameRect(), and PaintSwFrame().

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