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SwPageFrame Class Referencefinal

A page of the document layout. More...

#include <pagefrm.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SwPageFrame (SwFrameFormat *, SwFrame *, SwPageDesc *)
void PrepareHeader ()
 Make this public, so that the SwViewShell can access it when switching from browse mode Add/remove header/footer. More...
void PrepareFooter ()
 Creates or removes footer. More...
const SwSortedObjsGetSortedObjs () const
SwSortedObjsGetSortedObjs ()
void AppendDrawObjToPage (SwAnchoredObject &_rNewObj)
void RemoveDrawObjFromPage (SwAnchoredObject &_rToRemoveObj)
void AppendFlyToPage (SwFlyFrame *pNew)
void RemoveFlyFromPage (SwFlyFrame *pToRemove)
void MoveFly (SwFlyFrame *pToMove, SwPageFrame *pDest)
void SetPageDesc (SwPageDesc *, SwFrameFormat *)
SwPageDescGetPageDesc ()
const SwPageDescGetPageDesc () const
SwPageDescFindPageDesc ()
SwContentFrameFindLastBodyContent ()
 Searches the last ContentFrame in BodyText below the page. More...
SwContentFrameFindFirstBodyContent ()
const SwContentFrameFindFirstBodyContent () const
const SwContentFrameFindLastBodyContent () const
SwRect GetBoundRect (OutputDevice const *pOutputDevice) const
void GetContentPosition (const Point &rPt, SwPosition &rPos) const
 Same as SwLayoutFrame::GetContentPos(). More...
bool IsEmptyPage () const
void UpdateFootnoteNum ()
void PreparePage (bool bFootnote)
 Always call after Paste Creates the page-bound frames and formats the generic content. More...
void PrepareRegisterChg ()
void PlaceFly (SwFlyFrame *pFly, SwFlyFrameFormat *pFormat)
virtual bool GetModelPositionForViewPoint (SwPosition *, Point &, SwCursorMoveState *=nullptr, bool bTestBackground=false) const override
 Searches the page containing the searched point. More...
virtual bool GetInfo (SfxPoolItem &) const override
 Get info from Client. More...
virtual void Cut () override
virtual void Paste (SwFrame *pParent, SwFrame *pSibling=nullptr) override
virtual void CheckDirection (bool bVert) override
void CheckGrid (bool bInvalidate)
void PaintGrid (OutputDevice const *pOut, SwRect const &rRect) const
bool HasGrid () const
void PaintDecorators () const
virtual void PaintSubsidiaryLines (const SwPageFrame *, const SwRect &) const override
virtual void PaintBreak () const override
void RefreshExtraData (const SwRect &) const
 Paint line number etc. More...
void RefreshSubsidiary (const SwRect &) const
 Paint helper lines. More...
bool IsFootnotePage () const
 Foot note interface. More...
bool IsEndNotePage () const
void SetFootnotePage (bool b)
void SetEndNotePage (bool b)
sal_uInt16 GetPhyPageNum () const
void SetPhyPageNum (sal_uInt16 nNum)
void InvalidateFlyLayout () const
 Validate, invalidate and query the Page status Layout/Content and Fly/non-Fly respectively are inspected separately. More...
void InvalidateFlyContent () const
void InvalidateFlyInCnt () const
void InvalidateLayout () const
void InvalidateContent () const
void InvalidateSpelling () const
void InvalidateSmartTags () const
void InvalidateAutoCompleteWords () const
void InvalidateWordCount () const
void ValidateFlyLayout () const
void ValidateFlyContent () const
void ValidateFlyInCnt () const
void ValidateLayout () const
void ValidateContent () const
void ValidateSpelling () const
void ValidateSmartTags () const
void ValidateAutoCompleteWords () const
void ValidateWordCount () const
bool IsInvalid () const
bool IsInvalidFly () const
bool IsRightShadowNeeded () const
bool IsLeftShadowNeeded () const
bool IsInvalidFlyLayout () const
bool IsInvalidFlyContent () const
bool IsInvalidFlyInCnt () const
bool IsInvalidLayout () const
bool IsInvalidContent () const
bool IsInvalidSpelling () const
bool IsInvalidSmartTags () const
bool IsInvalidAutoCompleteWords () const
bool IsInvalidWordCount () const
Color GetDrawBackgroundColor () const
 SwPageFrame::GetDrawBackgroundColor. More...
void PaintMarginArea (const SwRect &_rOutputRect, SwViewShell const *_pViewShell) const
 paint margin area of a page More...
sw::sidebarwindows::SidebarPosition SidebarPosition () const
 asks the page on which side a margin should be shown, e.g for notes returns true for left side, false for right side More...
virtual bool FillSelection (SwSelectionList &rList, const SwRect &rRect) const override
SwRect PrtWithoutHeaderAndFooter () const
const SwPageFrameGetFormatPage () const
bool IsOverHeaderFooterArea (const Point &rPt, FrameControlType &rControl) const
 If in header or footer area, it also indicates the exact area in rControl. More...
bool CheckPageHeightValidForHideWhitespace (SwTwips nDiff)
 Is bottom-of-page-frame - bottom-of-text-frame difference valid in case whitespace is hidden? If false is returned, then the caller should handle negative difference as (at least) zero difference instead. More...
const SwHeaderFrameGetHeaderFrame () const
const SwFooterFrameGetFooterFrame () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwFootnoteBossFrame
 SwFootnoteBossFrame (SwFrameFormat *pFormat, SwFrame *pSib)
SwLayoutFrameFindBodyCont ()
 Searches the first ContentFrame in BodyText below the page. More...
const SwLayoutFrameFindBodyCont () const
void SetMaxFootnoteHeight (const SwTwips nNewMax)
void AppendFootnote (SwContentFrame *, SwTextFootnote *)
bool RemoveFootnote (const SwContentFrame *, const SwTextFootnote *, bool bPrep=true)
SwFootnoteContFrameFindFootnoteCont ()
const SwFootnoteContFrameFindFootnoteCont () const
const SwFootnoteFrameFindFirstFootnote (SwContentFrame const *) const
 Get the first footnote of a given content. More...
SwFootnoteContFrameFindNearestFootnoteCont (bool bDontLeave=false)
 Search the next available footnote container. More...
void RearrangeFootnotes (const SwTwips nDeadLine, const bool bLock, const SwTextFootnote *pAttr=nullptr)
void SetFootnoteDeadLine (const SwTwips nDeadLine)
SwTwips GetMaxFootnoteHeight () const
SwTwips GetVarSpace () const
void CollectFootnotes (const SwContentFrame *_pRef, SwFootnoteBossFrame *_pOld, SwFootnoteFrames &_rFootnoteArr, const bool _bCollectOnlyPreviousFootnotes=false)
 OD 03.04.2003 #108446# - add parameter <_bCollectOnlyPreviousFootnotes> in order to control, if only footnotes, which are positioned before the footnote boss frame <this> have to be collected. More...
void MoveFootnotes_ (SwFootnoteFrames &rFootnoteArr, bool bCalc=false)
void MoveFootnotes (const SwContentFrame *pSrc, SwContentFrame *pDest, SwTextFootnote const *pAttr)
SwNeighbourAdjust NeighbourhoodAdjustment () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwLayoutFrame
void RefreshLaySubsidiary (const SwPageFrame *, const SwRect &) const
void RefreshExtraData (const SwRect &) const
void ChgLowersProp (const Size &rOldSize)
 Change size of lowers proportionally. More...
void AdjustColumns (const SwFormatCol *pCol, bool bAdjustAttributes)
void ChgColumns (const SwFormatCol &rOld, const SwFormatCol &rNew, const bool bChgFootnote=false)
 add or remove columns from a layoutframe. More...
void PaintColLines (const SwRect &, const SwFormatCol &, const SwPageFrame *) const
 Paints the column separation line for the inner columns. More...
const SwContentFrameGetContentPos (Point &rPoint, const bool bDontLeave, const bool bBodyOnly=false, SwCursorMoveState *pCMS=nullptr, const bool bDefaultExpand=true) const
 Finds the closest Content for the SPoint Is used for Pages, Flys and Cells if GetModelPositionForViewPoint failed. More...
 SwLayoutFrame (SwFrameFormat *, SwFrame *)
virtual void PaintSwFrame (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext, SwRect const &, SwPrintData const *const pPrintData=nullptr) const override
const SwFrameLower () const
SwFrameLower ()
const SwContentFrameContainsContent () const
 Checks if the frame contains one or more ContentFrame's anywhere in his subsidiary structure; if so the first found ContentFrame is returned. More...
SwContentFrameContainsContent ()
 In order to save us from duplicating implementations, we cast here a little. More...
const SwCellFrameFirstCell () const
 Calls ContainsAny first to reach the innermost cell. More...
SwCellFrameFirstCell ()
const SwFrameContainsAny (const bool _bInvestigateFootnoteForSections=false) const
 Method <ContainsAny()> doesn't investigate content of footnotes by default. More...
SwFrameContainsAny (const bool _bInvestigateFootnoteForSections=false)
bool IsAnLower (const SwFrame *) const
virtual const SwFrameFormatGetFormat () const
virtual SwFrameFormatGetFormat ()
void SetFrameFormat (SwFrameFormat *)
bool MoveLowerFootnotes (SwContentFrame *pStart, SwFootnoteBossFrame *pOldBoss, SwFootnoteBossFrame *pNewBoss, const bool bFootnoteNums)
 Moving the Footnotes of all Lowers - starting from StartContent. More...
void NotifyLowerObjs (const bool _bUnlockPosOfObjs=false)
 force an unlockposition call for the lower objects. More...
void InvaPercentLowers (SwTwips nDiff=0)
 Invalidates the inner Frames, whose width and/or height are calculated using percentages. More...
void FormatWidthCols (const SwBorderAttrs &, const SwTwips nBorder, const SwTwips nMinHeight)
 Called by Format for Frames and Areas with columns. More...
SwTwips InnerHeight () const
 InnerHeight returns the height of the content and may be bigger or less than the PrtArea-Height of the layoutframe himself. More...
bool IsBefore (const SwLayoutFrame *_pCheckRefLayFrame) const
 method to check relative position of layout frame to a given layout frame. More...
SwFrameGetLastLower ()
void SetVertPosOrientFrameFor (SwAnchoredObject *pObj)
void ClearVertPosOrientFrameFor (SwAnchoredObject *pObj)
const SwFrameGetLastLower () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwFrame
virtual css::uno::Sequence< css::style::TabStop > GetTabStopInfo (SwTwips)
SwFrameType GetType () const
SwTwips Shrink (SwTwips, bool bTst=false, bool bInfo=false)
SwTwips Grow (SwTwips, bool bTst=false, bool bInfo=false)
void InsertBefore (SwLayoutFrame *pParent, SwFrame *pBehind)
 Insert SwFrame into existing structure. More...
void InsertBehind (SwLayoutFrame *pParent, SwFrame *pBefore)
 Insert SwFrame into existing structure. More...
bool InsertGroupBefore (SwFrame *pParent, SwFrame *pWhere, SwFrame *pSct)
 Insert a chain of SwFrames into an existing structure. More...
void RemoveFromLayout ()
SwLayoutFrameGetLeaf (MakePageType eMakePage, bool bFwd)
SwLayoutFrameGetNextLeaf (MakePageType eMakePage)
 Returns the next layout leaf in which we can move the frame. More...
SwLayoutFrameGetNextFootnoteLeaf (MakePageType eMakePage)
 Return the next layout leaf in that the frame can be moved. More...
SwLayoutFrameGetNextSctLeaf (MakePageType eMakePage)
 Returns the next layout sheet where the frame can be moved in. More...
SwLayoutFrameGetPrevLeaf ()
 Returns the previous layout leaf where we can move the frame. More...
SwLayoutFrameGetPrevFootnoteLeaf (MakePageType eMakeFootnote)
 Get the preceding layout leaf in that the frame can be moved. More...
SwLayoutFrameGetPrevSctLeaf ()
 Returns the preceding layout sheet where the frame can be moved into. More...
const SwLayoutFrameGetLeaf (MakePageType eMakePage, bool bFwd, const SwFrame *pAnch) const
 Returns the next/previous Layout leaf that's NOT below this (or even is this itself). More...
bool WrongPageDesc (SwPageFrame *pNew)
void AppendDrawObj (SwAnchoredObject &_rNewObj)
void RemoveDrawObj (SwAnchoredObject &_rToRemoveObj)
void AppendFly (SwFlyFrame *pNew)
void RemoveFly (SwFlyFrame *pToRemove)
const SwSortedObjsGetDrawObjs () const
SwSortedObjsGetDrawObjs ()
void SetDrawObjsAsDeleted (bool bDeleted)
void InvalidateObjs (const bool _bNoInvaOfAsCharAnchoredObjs=true)
virtual void PaintSwFrameShadowAndBorder (const SwRect &, const SwPageFrame *pPage, const SwBorderAttrs &) const
 Paints shadows and borders. More...
void PaintBaBo (const SwRect &, const SwPageFrame *pPage, const bool bOnlyTextBackground=false) const
void PaintSwFrameBackground (const SwRect &, const SwPageFrame *pPage, const SwBorderAttrs &, const bool bLowerMode=false, const bool bLowerBorder=false, const bool bOnlyTextBackground=false) const
 Do not paint background for fly frames without a background brush by calling <PaintBaBo> at the page or at the fly frame its anchored. More...
void PaintBorderLine (const SwRect &, const SwRect &, const SwPageFrame *, const Color *pColor, const SvxBorderLineStyle=SvxBorderLineStyle::SOLID) const
std::unique_ptr< drawinglayer::processor2d::BaseProcessor2DCreateProcessor2D () const
void ProcessPrimitives (const drawinglayer::primitive2d::Primitive2DContainer &rSequence) const
void Retouch (const SwPageFrame *pPage, const SwRect &rRect) const
 Retouch for a section. More...
bool GetBackgroundBrush (drawinglayer::attribute::SdrAllFillAttributesHelperPtr &rFillAttributes, const SvxBrushItem *&rpBrush, std::optional< Color > &rxColor, SwRect &rOrigRect, bool bLowerMode, bool bConsiderTextBox) const
 Determine the background brush for the frame: the background brush is taken from it-self or from its parent (anchor/upper). More...
void SetCompletePaint () const
void ResetCompletePaint () const
bool IsCompletePaint () const
void SetRetouche () const
void ResetRetouche () const
bool IsRetouche () const
void InvalidateInfFlags ()
bool IsInDocBody () const
bool IsInFootnote () const
bool IsInTab () const
bool IsInFly () const
bool IsInSct () const
bool IsVertical () const
bool IsVertLR () const
bool IsVertLRBT () const
void SetDerivedVert (bool bNew)
void SetInvalidVert (bool bNew)
bool IsRightToLeft () const
void SetDerivedR2L (bool bNew)
void CheckDirChange ()
 checks the layout direction and invalidates the lower frames recursively, if necessary. More...
Point GetFrameAnchorPos (bool bIgnoreFlysAnchoredAtThisFrame) const
 returns the position for anchors based on frame direction More...
bool IsFootnoteAllowed () const
void ReinitializeFrameSizeAttrFlags ()
bool HasFixSize () const
SwFrameGetNext ()
SwFrameGetPrev ()
SwLayoutFrameGetUpper ()
SwRootFramegetRootFrame ()
SwPageFrameFindPageFrame ()
SwFrameGetLower ()
const SwFrameGetNext () const
const SwFrameGetPrev () const
const SwLayoutFrameGetUpper () const
const SwRootFramegetRootFrame () const
SwTabFrameFindTabFrame ()
SwFootnoteFrameFindFootnoteFrame ()
SwFlyFrameFindFlyFrame ()
SwSectionFrameFindSctFrame ()
SwFrameFindNext ()
SwContentFrameFindNextCnt (const bool _bInSameFootnote=false)
SwFrameFindPrev ()
const SwPageFrameFindPageFrame () const
const SwFootnoteBossFrameFindFootnoteBossFrame (bool bFootnote=false) const
const SwFrameFindColFrame () const
const SwFrameFindFooterOrHeader () const
const SwTabFrameFindTabFrame () const
const SwFootnoteFrameFindFootnoteFrame () const
const SwFlyFrameFindFlyFrame () const
const SwSectionFrameFindSctFrame () const
const SwBodyFrameFindBodyFrame () const
const SwFrameFindNext () const
const SwContentFrameFindNextCnt (const bool _bInSameFootnote=false) const
const SwFrameFindPrev () const
const SwFrameGetLower () const
SwContentFrameFindPrevCnt ()
const SwContentFrameFindPrevCnt () const
SwFrameGetIndPrev_ () const
 Called for a frame inside a section with no direct previous frame (or only previous empty section frames) the previous frame of the outer section is returned, if the frame is the first flowing content of this section. More...
SwFrameGetIndPrev () const
SwFrameGetIndNext ()
const SwFrameGetIndNext () const
sal_uInt16 GetPhyPageNum () const
sal_uInt16 GetVirtPageNum () const
bool OnRightPage () const
bool WannaRightPage () const
 Decides if the page want to be a right page or not. More...
bool OnFirstPage () const
const SwLayoutFrameGetPrevLayoutLeaf () const
const SwLayoutFrameGetNextLayoutLeaf () const
SwLayoutFrameGetPrevLayoutLeaf ()
SwLayoutFrameGetNextLayoutLeaf ()
virtual void Calc (vcl::RenderContext *pRenderContext) const
void OptCalc () const
Point GetRelPos () const
SwRect GetPaintArea () const
 |* The paintarea is the area, in which the content of a frame is allowed |* to be displayed. More...
SwRect UnionFrame (bool bBorder=false) const
 |* The unionframe is the framearea (getFrameArea()) of a frame expanded by the |* printarea, if there's a negative margin at the left or right side. More...
virtual Size ChgSize (const Size &aNewSize)
void ValidateLineNum ()
bool GetValidLineNumFlag () const
void InvalidateSize_ ()
void InvalidatePrt_ ()
void InvalidatePos_ ()
void InvalidateLineNum_ ()
void InvalidateAll_ ()
void InvalidateSize ()
void InvalidatePrt ()
void InvalidatePos ()
void InvalidateLineNum ()
void InvalidateAll ()
void ImplInvalidateSize ()
void ImplInvalidatePrt ()
void ImplInvalidatePos ()
void ImplInvalidateLineNum ()
void InvalidateNextPos (bool bNoFootnote=false)
void InvalidatePage (const SwPageFrame *pPage=nullptr) const
 Invalidates the page in which the Frame is currently placed. More...
virtual bool GetCharRect (SwRect &, const SwPosition &, SwCursorMoveState *=nullptr, bool bAllowFarAway=true) const
virtual bool Prepare (const PrepareHint ePrep=PrepareHint::Clear, const void *pVoid=nullptr, bool bNotify=true)
bool IsLayoutFrame () const
bool IsRootFrame () const
bool IsPageFrame () const
bool IsColumnFrame () const
bool IsFootnoteBossFrame () const
bool IsHeaderFrame () const
bool IsFooterFrame () const
bool IsFootnoteContFrame () const
bool IsFootnoteFrame () const
bool IsBodyFrame () const
bool IsColBodyFrame () const
 These SwFrame inlines are here, so that frame.hxx does not need to include layfrm.hxx. More...
bool IsPageBodyFrame () const
bool IsFlyFrame () const
bool IsSctFrame () const
bool IsTabFrame () const
bool IsRowFrame () const
bool IsCellFrame () const
bool IsContentFrame () const
bool IsTextFrame () const
bool IsNoTextFrame () const
bool IsFlowFrame () const
bool IsRetoucheFrame () const
bool IsAccessibleFrame () const
void PrepareCursor ()
bool IsProtected () const
 Is the Frame or rather the Section in which it lies protected? More...
bool IsColLocked () const
virtual bool IsDeleteForbidden () const
bool IsInDtor () const
tools::Long GetTopMargin () const
tools::Long GetBottomMargin () const
tools::Long GetLeftMargin () const
tools::Long GetRightMargin () const
void SetTopBottomMargins (tools::Long, tools::Long)
void SetLeftRightMargins (tools::Long, tools::Long)
void SetRightLeftMargins (tools::Long, tools::Long)
tools::Long GetPrtLeft () const
tools::Long GetPrtBottom () const
tools::Long GetPrtRight () const
tools::Long GetPrtTop () const
bool SetMinLeft (tools::Long)
bool SetMaxBottom (tools::Long)
bool SetMaxRight (tools::Long)
void MakeBelowPos (const SwFrame *, const SwFrame *, bool)
void MakeLeftPos (const SwFrame *, const SwFrame *, bool)
void MakeRightPos (const SwFrame *, const SwFrame *, bool)
bool IsNeighbourFrame () const
virtual bool IsLeaveUpperAllowed () const
virtual bool IsCoveredCell () const
bool IsInCoveredCell () const
bool KnowsFormat (const SwFormat &rFormat) const
void RegisterToFormat (SwFormat &rFormat)
void ValidateThisAndAllLowers (const sal_uInt16 nStage)
void ForbidDelete ()
void AllowDelete ()
virtual void dumpAsXml (xmlTextWriterPtr writer=nullptr) const
void dumpTopMostAsXml (xmlTextWriterPtr writer=nullptr) const
void dumpInfosAsXml (xmlTextWriterPtr writer) const
virtual void dumpAsXmlAttributes (xmlTextWriterPtr writer) const
void dumpChildrenAsXml (xmlTextWriterPtr writer) const
bool IsCollapse () const
SwLayoutFrameGetNextCellLeaf ()
SwLayoutFrameGetPrevCellLeaf ()
void SetInfFlags ()
const SwRowFrameIsInSplitTableRow () const
const SwRowFrameIsInFollowFlowRow () const
bool IsInBalancedSection () const
bool IsMoveable (const SwLayoutFrame *_pLayoutFrame=nullptr) const
 determine, if frame is moveable in given environment More...
const SwAttrSetGetAttrSet () const
 WARNING: this may not return correct RES_PAGEDESC/RES_BREAK items for SwTextFrame, use GetBreakItem()/GetPageDescItem() instead. More...
virtual const SvxFormatBreakItemGetBreakItem () const
virtual const SwFormatPageDescGetPageDescItem () const
SwFrameFindColFrame ()
SwRowFrameFindRowFrame ()
SwFootnoteBossFrameFindFootnoteBossFrame (bool bFootnotes=false)
SwTabFrameImplFindTabFrame ()
SwFootnoteFrameImplFindFootnoteFrame ()
SwFlyFrameImplFindFlyFrame ()
SwSectionFrameImplFindSctFrame ()
const SwBodyFrameImplFindBodyFrame () const
SwFrameFindFooterOrHeader ()
void ImplInvalidateNextPos (bool bNoFootnote)
void InvalidateNextPrtArea ()
 method to invalidate printing area of next frame #i11859# More...
SwTextFrameDynCastTextFrame ()
const SwTextFrameDynCastTextFrame () const
drawinglayer::attribute::SdrAllFillAttributesHelperPtr getSdrAllFillAttributesHelper () const
bool supportsFullDrawingLayerFillAttributeSet () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwFrameAreaDefinition
 SwFrameAreaDefinition ()
virtual ~SwFrameAreaDefinition ()
bool isFrameAreaPositionValid () const
bool isFrameAreaSizeValid () const
bool isFramePrintAreaValid () const
bool isFrameAreaDefinitionValid () const
sal_uInt32 GetFrameId () const
const SwRectgetFrameArea () const
const SwRectgetFramePrintArea () const
virtual basegfx::B2DHomMatrix getFrameAreaTransformation () const
virtual basegfx::B2DHomMatrix getFramePrintAreaTransformation () const
virtual void transform_translate (const Point &rOffset)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwClient
 SwClient ()
 SwClient (SwClient &&) noexcept
virtual ~SwClient () override
std::optional< sw::ModifyChangedHintCheckRegistration (const SfxPoolItem *pOldValue)
void CheckRegistrationFormat (SwFormat &rOld)
const SwModifyGetRegisteredIn () const
SwModifyGetRegisteredIn ()
void EndListeningAll ()
void StartListeningToSameModifyAs (const SwClient &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from sw::WriterListener
bool IsLast () const
virtual const SwCellFrameDynCastCellFrame () const
virtual const SwTabFrameDynCastTabFrame () const
virtual const SwRowFrameDynCastRowFrame () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SfxBroadcaster
 SfxBroadcaster ()
 SfxBroadcaster (const SfxBroadcaster &rBC)
virtual ~SfxBroadcaster () COVERITY_NOEXCEPT_FALSE
void Broadcast (const SfxHint &rHint)
bool HasListeners () const
size_t GetListenerCount () const
size_t GetSizeOfVector () const
SfxListenerGetListener (size_t nNo) const

Static Public Member Functions

static void PaintBorderAndShadow (const SwRect &_rPageRect, const SwViewShell *_pViewShell, bool bPaintLeftShadow, bool bPaintRightShadow, bool bRightSidebar)
 paint page border and shadow More...
static void GetBorderAndShadowBoundRect (const SwRect &_rPageRect, const SwViewShell *_pViewShell, OutputDevice const *pRenderContext, SwRect &_orBorderAndShadowBoundRect, const bool bLeftShadow, const bool bRightShadow, const bool bRightSidebar)
 get bound rectangle of border and shadow for repaints More...
static void PaintNotesSidebar (const SwRect &_rPageRect, SwViewShell *_pViewShell, sal_uInt16 nPageNum, bool bRight)
 mod #i6193# paint sidebar for notes IMPORTANT: if you change the rects here, also change SwPostItMgr::ScrollbarHit More...
static void PaintNotesSidebarArrows (const Point &rMiddleFirst, const Point &rMiddleSecond, SwViewShell const *_pViewShell, const Color &rColorUp, const Color &rColorDown)
static const vcl::FontGetEmptyPageFont ()
 create/return font used to paint the "empty page" string More...
static SwTwips GetSidebarBorderWidth (const SwViewShell *)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SwFootnoteBossFrame
static SwFootnoteFrameFindFootnote (const SwContentFrame *, const SwTextFootnote *)
static void ChangeFootnoteRef (const SwContentFrame *pOld, const SwTextFootnote *, SwContentFrame *pNew)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SwFrame
static SwCacheGetCache ()
static SwCacheGetCachePtr ()
static void SetCache (SwCache *pNew)
static void CheckPageDescs (SwPageFrame *pStart, bool bNotifyFields=true, SwPageFrame **ppPrev=nullptr)
 Check all pages (starting from the given one) if they use the appropriate frame format. More...
static void DestroyFrame (SwFrame *const pFrame)
 this is the only way to delete a SwFrame instance More...

Private Member Functions

void UpdateAttr_ (const SfxPoolItem *, const SfxPoolItem *, SwPageFrameInvFlags &, SwAttrSetChg *pa=nullptr, SwAttrSetChg *pb=nullptr)
void SetColMaxFootnoteHeight ()
 Adapt the max. footnote height in each single column. More...
virtual void DestroyImpl () override
virtual ~SwPageFrame () override
virtual void MakeAll (vcl::RenderContext *pRenderContext) override
virtual void SwClientNotify (const SwModify &, const SfxHint &) override
size_t GetContentHeight (const tools::Long nTop, const tools::Long nBottom) const
 Calculate the content height of a page (without columns). More...

Static Private Member Functions

static void GetHorizontalShadowRect (const SwRect &_rPageRect, const SwViewShell *_pViewShell, OutputDevice const *pRenderContext, SwRect &_orBottomShadowRect, bool bPaintLeftShadow, bool bPaintRightShadow, bool bRightSidebar)
 determine rectangle for horizontal page shadow More...

Private Attributes

std::unique_ptr< SwSortedObjsm_pSortedObjs
sal_uInt16 m_nPhyPageNum
 Physical page number: index into list of SwRootFrame lowers. More...
bool m_bInvalidContent:1
bool m_bInvalidLayout:1
bool m_bInvalidFlyContent:1
bool m_bInvalidFlyLayout:1
bool m_bInvalidFlyInCnt:1
bool m_bFootnotePage:1
bool m_bEmptyPage:1
bool m_bEndNotePage:1
bool m_bInvalidSpelling:1
bool m_bInvalidSmartTags:1
bool m_bInvalidAutoCmplWrds:1
bool m_bInvalidWordCount:1
bool m_bHasGrid:1

Static Private Attributes

static const sal_Int8 snShadowPxWidth = 9


class SwFrame

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from SwFrame
enum  InvalidationType {
 enumeration for the different invalidations #i28701# More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwFootnoteBossFrame
void InsertFootnote (SwFootnoteFrame *)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwLayoutFrame
virtual ~SwLayoutFrame () override
virtual void Format (vcl::RenderContext *pRenderContext, const SwBorderAttrs *pAttrs=nullptr) override
 "Formats" the Frame; Frame and PrtArea. More...
virtual SwTwips ShrinkFrame (SwTwips, bool bTst=false, bool bInfo=false) override
virtual SwTwips GrowFrame (SwTwips, bool bTst=false, bool bInfo=false) override
tools::Long CalcRel (const SwFormatFrameSize &rSz) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwFrame
void ColLock ()
void ColUnlock ()
virtual ~SwFrame () override
void setRootFrame (SwRootFrame *pRoot)
SwPageFrameInsertPage (SwPageFrame *pSibling, bool bFootnote)
void PrepareMake (vcl::RenderContext *pRenderContext)
 Prepares the Frame for "formatting" (MakeAll()). More...
void OptPrepareMake ()
virtual void MakePos ()
SwTwips AdjustNeighbourhood (SwTwips nDiff, bool bTst=false)
 Adjust surrounding neighbourhood after insertion. More...
sw::BroadcastingModifyGetDep ()
 use these so we can grep for SwFrame's GetRegisteredIn accesses beware that SwTextFrame may return sw::WriterMultiListener More...
const sw::BroadcastingModifyGetDep () const
 SwFrame (sw::BroadcastingModify *, SwFrame *)
void CheckDir (SvxFrameDirection nDir, bool bVert, bool bOnlyBiDi, bool bBrowse)
virtual bool InvalidationAllowed (const InvalidationType _nInvalid) const
 method to determine, if an invalidation is allowed. More...
virtual void ActionOnInvalidation (const InvalidationType _nInvalid)
 method to perform additional actions on an invalidation More...
void PaintShadow (const SwRect &, SwRect &, const SwBorderAttrs &) const
 Paints a shadow if the format requests so. More...
virtual const IDocumentDrawModelAccessgetIDocumentDrawModelAccess ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwFrameAreaDefinition
void setFrameAreaPositionValid (bool bNew)
void setFrameAreaSizeValid (bool bNew)
void setFramePrintAreaValid (bool bNew)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwClient
 SwClient (SwModify *pToRegisterIn)
SwModifyGetRegisteredInNonConst () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sw::WriterListener
 WriterListener ()
virtual ~WriterListener () COVERITY_NOEXCEPT_FALSE
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SfxBroadcaster
void Forward (SfxBroadcaster &rBC, const SfxHint &rHint)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from SwFootnoteBossFrame
static void ResetFootnote (const SwFootnoteFrame *pAssumed)
- Protected Attributes inherited from SwLayoutFrame
std::vector< SwAnchoredObject * > m_VertPosOrientFramesFor
- Protected Attributes inherited from SwFrame
std::unique_ptr< SwSortedObjsm_pDrawObjs
SwFrameType mnFrameType
bool mbInDtor: 1
bool mbInvalidR2L: 1
bool mbDerivedR2L: 1
bool mbRightToLeft: 1
bool mbInvalidVert: 1
bool mbDerivedVert: 1
bool mbVertical: 1
bool mbVertLR: 1
bool mbVertLRBT: 1
bool mbValidLineNum: 1
bool mbFixSize: 1
bool mbCompletePaint: 1
bool mbRetouche: 1
bool mbInfInvalid: 1
bool mbInfBody: 1
bool mbInfTab: 1
bool mbInfFly: 1
bool mbInfFootnote: 1
bool mbInfSct: 1
bool mbColLocked: 1
bool m_isInDestroy: 1
bool mbForbidDelete: 1

Detailed Description

A page of the document layout.

Upper frame is expected to be an SwRootFrame instance. At least an SwBodyFrame lower is expected.

Definition at line 57 of file pagefrm.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SwPageFrame::~SwPageFrame ( )

Definition at line 301 of file pagechg.cxx.

SwPageFrame::SwPageFrame ( SwFrameFormat pFormat,
SwFrame pSib,
SwPageDesc pPgDsc 

Member Function Documentation

void SwPageFrame::AppendDrawObjToPage ( SwAnchoredObject _rNewObj)
void SwPageFrame::AppendFlyToPage ( SwFlyFrame pNew)
void SwPageFrame::CheckDirection ( bool  bVert)
void SwPageFrame::CheckGrid ( bool  bInvalidate)
bool SwPageFrame::CheckPageHeightValidForHideWhitespace ( SwTwips  nDiff)

Is bottom-of-page-frame - bottom-of-text-frame difference valid in case whitespace is hidden? If false is returned, then the caller should handle negative difference as (at least) zero difference instead.

Definition at line 2523 of file pagechg.cxx.

References SwRootFrame::GetCurrShell(), SwFrame::GetDep(), SwFrameAreaDefinition::getFrameArea(), SwFormat::GetFrameSize(), Size::getHeight(), SwFrame::getRootFrame(), SvxSizeItem::GetSize(), SwViewShell::GetViewOptions(), SwRect::Height(), and SwViewOption::IsWhitespaceHidden().

Referenced by SwTextFrameBreak::IsInside(), and SwContentFrame::MakeAll().

void SwPageFrame::Cut ( )
void SwPageFrame::DestroyImpl ( )
bool SwPageFrame::FillSelection ( SwSelectionList rList,
const SwRect rRect 
) const
SwContentFrame * SwPageFrame::FindFirstBodyContent ( )
const SwContentFrame * SwPageFrame::FindFirstBodyContent ( ) const
SwContentFrame * SwPageFrame::FindLastBodyContent ( )
const SwContentFrame * SwPageFrame::FindLastBodyContent ( ) const

Definition at line 360 of file pagefrm.hxx.

References FindLastBodyContent().

SwPageDesc * SwPageFrame::FindPageDesc ( )
void SwPageFrame::GetBorderAndShadowBoundRect ( const SwRect _rPageRect,
const SwViewShell _pViewShell,
OutputDevice const *  pRenderContext,
SwRect _orBorderAndShadowBoundRect,
const bool  bLeftShadow,
const bool  bRightShadow,
const bool  bRightSidebar 

get bound rectangle of border and shadow for repaints

Get bound rectangle of border and shadow for repaints.

_rPageRectinput parameter - constant instance reference of the page rectangle. Generally, it's the frame area of the page, but for empty pages in print preview, this parameter is useful.
_pViewShellinput parameter - instance of the view shell, for which the rectangle has to be generated.
_orBorderAndShadowBoundRectoutput parameter - instance reference of the bounded border and shadow rectangle for the given page rectangle

for #i9719#

Definition at line 6238 of file paintfrm.cxx.

References SwRect::AddBottom(), SwRect::AddTop(), GetHorizontalShadowRect(), SwRect::Left(), OutputDevice::LogicToPixel(), OutputDevice::PixelToLogic(), SwRect::Right(), snShadowPxWidth, SwRect::SVRect(), and SwAlignRect().

Referenced by DestroyImpl(), SwLayAction::FormatLayout(), GetBoundRect(), SwPagePreviewLayout::Paint(), SwRootFrame::PaintSwFrame(), and UpdateAttr_().

SwRect SwPageFrame::GetBoundRect ( OutputDevice const *  pOutputDevice) const
size_t SwPageFrame::GetContentHeight ( const tools::Long  nTop,
const tools::Long  nBottom 
) const
void SwPageFrame::GetContentPosition ( const Point rPt,
SwPosition rPos 
) const
Color SwPageFrame::GetDrawBackgroundColor ( ) const


For #102450# Determine the color, that is respectively will be drawn as background for the page frame.

determine the color, that is respectively will be drawn as background for the page frame.

reference to an instance of class Color

Using existing method SwFrame::GetBackgroundBrush to determine the color that is set at the page frame respectively is parent. If none is found return the global retouche color


Definition at line 7188 of file paintfrm.cxx.

References aGlobalRetoucheColor, SwFrame::GetBackgroundBrush(), Color::getBColor(), SvxBrushItem::GetColor(), SwRootFrame::GetCurrShell(), SwViewShell::GetDoc(), SvxBrushItem::GetGraphic(), SfxObjectShell::GetMedium(), SfxMedium::GetName(), SwDoc::GetPersist(), SwFrame::getRootFrame(), and SfxObjectShell::HasName().

Referenced by SwFEShell::GetShapeBackground(), SwFlyFrameFormat::MakeGraphic(), SwRootFrame::PaintSwFrame(), and SwFrame::Retouch().

const vcl::Font & SwPageFrame::GetEmptyPageFont ( )
const SwFooterFrame * SwPageFrame::GetFooterFrame ( ) const
const SwPageFrame & SwPageFrame::GetFormatPage ( ) const
const SwHeaderFrame * SwPageFrame::GetHeaderFrame ( ) const
void SwPageFrame::GetHorizontalShadowRect ( const SwRect _rPageRect,
const SwViewShell _pViewShell,
OutputDevice const *  pRenderContext,
SwRect _orBottomShadowRect,
bool  bPaintLeftShadow,
bool  bPaintRightShadow,
bool  bRightSidebar 

determine rectangle for horizontal page shadow

Determine rectangle for bottom page shadow for #i9719#.


_rPageRectinput parameter - constant instance reference of the page rectangle. Generally, it's the frame area of the page, but for empty pages in print preview, this parameter is useful.
_pViewShellinput parameter - instance of the view shell, for which the rectangle has to be generated.
_orBottomShadowRectoutput parameter - instance reference of the bottom shadow rectangle for the given page rectangle

Definition at line 5869 of file paintfrm.cxx.

References SwRect::AddLeft(), SwRect::AddRight(), SwRect::Chg(), SwViewShell::GetPostItMgr(), SwPostItMgr::GetSidebarBorderWidth(), SwPostItMgr::GetSidebarWidth(), SwPostItMgr::HasNotes(), SwRect::Left(), OutputDevice::LogicToPixel(), Point, SwPostItMgr::ShowNotes(), snShadowPxWidth, SwRect::SVRect(), SwAlignRect(), and SwRect::Width().

Referenced by GetBorderAndShadowBoundRect(), and PaintBorderAndShadow().

bool SwPageFrame::GetInfo ( SfxPoolItem rInfo) const

Get info from Client.

get information from Modify

Reimplemented from SwClient.

Definition at line 721 of file pagechg.cxx.

References RES_AUTOFMT_DOCNODE(), and SfxPoolItem::Which().

bool SwPageFrame::GetModelPositionForViewPoint ( SwPosition pPos,
Point rPoint,
SwCursorMoveState pCMS = nullptr,
bool  bTestBackground = false 
) const
SwPageDesc* SwPageFrame::GetPageDesc ( )
const SwPageDesc* SwPageFrame::GetPageDesc ( ) const

Definition at line 144 of file pagefrm.hxx.

sal_uInt16 SwPageFrame::GetPhyPageNum ( ) const

Definition at line 204 of file pagefrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwObjectFormatterLayFrame::AdditionalFormatObjsOnPage(), SwRootFrame::AssertFlyPages(), SwRootFrame::AssertPageFlys(), SwTabFrame::CalcFlyOffsets(), CalcHeightWithFlys(), SwPagePreviewLayout::CalcPreviewDataForPage(), SwPagePreviewLayout::CalcPreviewPages(), SwDoc::CalculatePagePairsForProspectPrinting(), SwDrawContact::Changed_(), SwRefPageGetField::ChangeExpansion(), SwLayAction::CheckFirstVisPage(), SwLayHelper::CheckFlyCache_(), SwObjectFormatterTextFrame::CheckMovedFwdCondition(), SwFrame::CheckPageDescs(), SwRootFrame::CheckViewLayout(), SwPageNumAndTypeOfAnchors::Collect(), SwLooping::Control(), SwPagePreviewLayout::ConvertAbsoluteToRelativePageNum(), SwPagePreviewLayout::ConvertRelativeToAbsolutePageNum(), SwContentFrame::Cut(), SwMovedFwdFramesByObjPos::DoesRowContainMovedFwdFrame(), SwLayIdle::DoIdleJob(), SwFrame::dumpAsXml(), SwFootnoteBossFrame::FindFirstFootnote(), SwLayAction::FormatContent(), SwLayAction::FormatLayoutTab(), SwRootFrame::GetCurrPage(), SwTabFrame::GetInfo(), SwTextFrame::GetInfo(), SwPostItHelper::getLayoutInfos(), SwFrame::GetNextLeaf(), SwCursorShell::GetNextPrevPageNum(), SwRootFrame::GetPageByPageNum(), SwPaM::GetPageNum(), SwCursorShell::GetPageNum(), SwViewShell::GetPageNumAndSetOffsetForPDF(), SwRootFrame::GetPagePos(), SwFrame::GetPhyPageNum(), SwFrame::GetPrevFootnoteLeaf(), SwFrame::GetVirtPageNum(), SwContentNotify::ImplDestroy(), SwFrame::InsertPage(), SwLayAction::InternalAction(), SwLayoutFrame::IsBefore(), SwLayAction::IsShortCut(), lcl_MakeObjs(), lcl_SetNewFlyPos(), SwLayouter::LoopingLouieLight(), SwFlyFrameFormat::MakeFrames(), SwFlowFrame::MoveBwd(), MoveFly(), SwFootnoteBossFrame::MoveFootnotes(), SwFootnoteBossFrame::MoveFootnotes_(), SwPagePreviewLayout::Paint(), SwRootFrame::PaintSwFrame(), SwViewShell::PrintProspect(), SwRootFrame::SetCurrPage(), SwLooping::SwLooping(), SwRefPageGetFieldType::UpdateField(), SwLayoutCache::Write(), and SwFrame::WrongPageDesc().

SwTwips SwPageFrame::GetSidebarBorderWidth ( const SwViewShell _pViewShell)
const SwSortedObjs* SwPageFrame::GetSortedObjs ( ) const

Definition at line 132 of file pagefrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwObjectFormatterLayFrame::AdditionalFormatObjsOnPage(), SwRootFrame::AssertPageFlys(), SwOrderIter::Bottom(), SwFlowFrame::BwdMoveNecessary(), SwTabFrame::CalcFlyOffsets(), SwRootFrame::CalcFrameRects(), SwLayHelper::CheckFlyCache_(), SwObjectFormatterTextFrame::CheckMovedFwdCondition(), SwTextFly::CtorInitTextFly(), Cut(), DelFlys(), SwFlyFreeFrame::DestroyImpl(), SwLayIdle::DoIdleJob(), SwFrame::dumpAsXml(), FillSelection(), SwCellFrame::Format(), SwLayAction::FormatContent(), SwLayoutFrame::FormatWidthCols(), SwDoc::GetAllFlyFormats(), SwFEShell::GetBox(), SwDrawView::GetMaxToTopObj(), GetModelPositionForViewPoint(), SwFlyFrame::GetModelPositionForViewPoint(), SwTextFly::InitAnchoredObjList(), SwLayAction::InternalAction(), SwRootFrame::InvalidateAllContent(), SwRootFrame::InvalidateAllObjPos(), SwObjectFormatterTextFrame::InvalidateFollowObjs(), SwTextFly::IsAnyObj(), sw::IsPageFrameEmpty(), SwLayAction::IsShortCut(), lcl_FindFirstInvaObj(), lcl_NotifyNeighbours(), lcl_SubtractFlys(), MoveFly(), SwAccessibleChildSList_const_iterator::next(), SwOrderIter::Next(), Notify_Background(), SwLayoutFrame::NotifyLowerObjs(), SwFrame::PaintBorderLine(), SwLayAction::PaintContent_(), SwLayoutFrame::PaintSubsidiaryLines(), SwFrame::PaintSwFrameBackground(), SwLayAction::PaintWithoutFlys(), PrepareRegisterChg(), SwOrderIter::Prev(), RefreshExtraData(), SwFrame::RemoveDrawObj(), SwLayAction::RemoveEmptyBrowserPages(), SwFrame::RemoveFly(), SwContentFrame::ShrinkFrame(), SwAccessibleChildMap::SwAccessibleChildMap(), SwAccessibleChildSList_const_iterator::SwAccessibleChildSList_const_iterator(), SwOrderIter::Top(), SwLayAction::TurboAction_(), unlockPositionOfObjects(), SwAnchoredObject::UpdateObjInSortedList(), SwViewShell::VisPortChgd(), and SwLayoutCache::Write().

SwSortedObjs* SwPageFrame::GetSortedObjs ( )

Definition at line 133 of file pagefrm.hxx.

bool SwPageFrame::HasGrid ( ) const

Definition at line 186 of file pagefrm.hxx.

Referenced by GetGridItem().

void SwPageFrame::InvalidateAutoCompleteWords ( ) const
void SwPageFrame::InvalidateContent ( ) const
void SwPageFrame::InvalidateFlyContent ( ) const
void SwPageFrame::InvalidateFlyInCnt ( ) const
void SwPageFrame::InvalidateFlyLayout ( ) const
void SwPageFrame::InvalidateLayout ( ) const

Definition at line 376 of file pagefrm.hxx.

References m_bInvalidLayout.

Referenced by SwRootFrame::InvalidateAllContent(), SwFrame::InvalidatePage(), and Paste().

void SwPageFrame::InvalidateSmartTags ( ) const
void SwPageFrame::InvalidateSpelling ( ) const
void SwPageFrame::InvalidateWordCount ( ) const
bool SwPageFrame::IsEmptyPage ( ) const
bool SwPageFrame::IsEndNotePage ( ) const
bool SwPageFrame::IsFootnotePage ( ) const
bool SwPageFrame::IsInvalid ( ) const
bool SwPageFrame::IsInvalidAutoCompleteWords ( ) const

Definition at line 238 of file pagefrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwLayIdle::SwLayIdle().

bool SwPageFrame::IsInvalidContent ( ) const
bool SwPageFrame::IsInvalidFly ( ) const
bool SwPageFrame::IsInvalidFlyContent ( ) const

Definition at line 232 of file pagefrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwFrame::dumpAsXml(), SwLayAction::IsShortCut(), and SwLayIdle::SwLayIdle().

bool SwPageFrame::IsInvalidFlyInCnt ( ) const

Definition at line 233 of file pagefrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwFrame::dumpAsXml(), SwLayAction::IsShortCut(), and SwLayIdle::SwLayIdle().

bool SwPageFrame::IsInvalidFlyLayout ( ) const

Definition at line 231 of file pagefrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwFrame::dumpAsXml(), SwLayAction::IsShortCut(), and SwLayIdle::SwLayIdle().

bool SwPageFrame::IsInvalidLayout ( ) const
bool SwPageFrame::IsInvalidSmartTags ( ) const

Definition at line 237 of file pagefrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwLayIdle::SwLayIdle().

bool SwPageFrame::IsInvalidSpelling ( ) const

Definition at line 236 of file pagefrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwXFlatParagraphIterator::getNextPara(), and SwLayIdle::SwLayIdle().

bool SwPageFrame::IsInvalidWordCount ( ) const

Definition at line 239 of file pagefrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwLayIdle::SwLayIdle().

bool SwPageFrame::IsLeftShadowNeeded ( ) const
bool SwPageFrame::IsOverHeaderFooterArea ( const Point rPt,
FrameControlType rControl 
) const
bool SwPageFrame::IsRightShadowNeeded ( ) const
void SwPageFrame::MakeAll ( vcl::RenderContext pRenderContext)
void SwPageFrame::MoveFly ( SwFlyFrame pToMove,
SwPageFrame pDest 
void SwPageFrame::PaintBorderAndShadow ( const SwRect _rPageRect,
const SwViewShell _pViewShell,
bool  bPaintLeftShadow,
bool  bPaintRightShadow,
bool  bRightSidebar 

paint page border and shadow

Paint page border and shadow.

_rPageRectinput parameter - constant instance reference of the page rectangle. Generally, it's the frame area of the page, but for empty pages in print preview, this parameter is useful.
_pViewShellinput parameter - instance of the view shell, on which the output has to be generated.
bPaintRightShadowShould we paint shadow on the right or not (used in book mode)
bFullBottomShadowShould we have a bottom shadow of the same size as the pages or not (for right pages in book mode in a LTR environment).
bRightSidebarIs the note sidebar on the right or not (used to adjust the shadow with & position).

for #i9719# implement paint of page border and shadow

Definition at line 5960 of file paintfrm.cxx.

References BORDER_TILE_SIZE, BOTTOM, COL_AUTO(), OutputDevice::DrawBitmapEx(), Bitmap::Erase(), AlphaMask::Erase(), BitmapEx::GetBitmap(), drawinglayer::primitive2d::DiscreteShadow::getBottom(), drawinglayer::primitive2d::DiscreteShadow::getBottomLeft(), drawinglayer::primitive2d::DiscreteShadow::getBottomRight(), GetHorizontalShadowRect(), drawinglayer::primitive2d::DiscreteShadow::getLeft(), SwViewShell::GetOut(), drawinglayer::primitive2d::DiscreteShadow::getRight(), SwViewOption::GetShadowColor(), BitmapEx::GetSizePixel(), drawinglayer::primitive2d::DiscreteShadow::getTop(), drawinglayer::primitive2d::DiscreteShadow::getTopLeft(), drawinglayer::primitive2d::DiscreteShadow::getTopRight(), Size::Height(), SwViewOption::IsShadow(), lcl_paintBitmapExToRect(), LEFT, SwRect::Left(), vcl::bitmap::loadFromName(), OutputDevice::LogicToPixel(), vcl::N24_BPP, OutputDevice::PixelToLogic(), Point, RIGHT, SwRect::Right(), BitmapEx::Scale(), snShadowPxWidth, SwRect::SVRect(), SwAlignRect(), TOP, Size::Width(), and SwRect::Width().

Referenced by SwPagePreviewLayout::Paint(), and SwRootFrame::PaintSwFrame().

void SwPageFrame::PaintBreak ( ) const
void SwPageFrame::PaintDecorators ( ) const
void SwPageFrame::PaintGrid ( OutputDevice const *  pOut,
SwRect const &  rRect 
) const
void SwPageFrame::PaintMarginArea ( const SwRect _rOutputRect,
SwViewShell const *  _pViewShell 
) const

paint margin area of a page

Paint margin area of a page.

implement paint of margin area; margin area will be painted for a view shell with a window and if the document is not in online layout.

_rOutputRectinput parameter - constant instance reference of the rectangle, for which an output has to be generated.
_pViewShellinput parameter - instance of the view shell, on which the output has to be generated.

OD 20.11.2002 for #104598#: implement paint of margin area; margin area will be painted for a view shell with a window and if the document is not in online layout.

_rOutputRectinput parameter - constant instance reference of the rectangle, for which an output has to be generated.
_pViewShellinput parameter - instance of the view shell, on which the output has to be generated.

Definition at line 5815 of file paintfrm.cxx.

References aGlobalRetoucheColor, OutputDevice::DrawRect(), SwViewOption::getBrowseMode(), OutputDevice::GetFillColor(), SwFrameAreaDefinition::getFrameArea(), SwViewShell::GetOut(), SwViewShell::GetViewOptions(), SwViewShell::GetWin(), SwRect::Intersection_(), SwRect::IsEmpty(), OutputDevice::SetFillColor(), and SwRect::SVRect().

void SwPageFrame::PaintNotesSidebar ( const SwRect _rPageRect,
SwViewShell _pViewShell,
sal_uInt16  nPageNum,
bool  bRight 
void SwPageFrame::PaintNotesSidebarArrows ( const Point rMiddleFirst,
const Point rMiddleSecond,
SwViewShell const *  _pViewShell,
const Color rColorUp,
const Color rColorDown 
void SwPageFrame::PaintSubsidiaryLines ( const SwPageFrame ,
const SwRect  
) const
void SwPageFrame::Paste ( SwFrame pParent,
SwFrame pSibling = nullptr 
void SwPageFrame::PlaceFly ( SwFlyFrame pFly,
SwFlyFrameFormat pFormat 
void SwPageFrame::PrepareFooter ( )
void SwPageFrame::PrepareHeader ( )
void SwPageFrame::PreparePage ( bool  bFootnote)

Always call after Paste Creates the page-bound frames and formats the generic content.

Definition at line 467 of file pagechg.cxx.

References SwFormat::GetDoc(), SwLayoutFrame::GetFormat(), SwFrame::GetPrev(), SwDoc::GetSpzFrameFormats(), IsEmptyPage(), lcl_FormatLay(), lcl_MakeObjs(), SwLayoutFrame::Lower(), RegistFlys(), and SetFootnotePage().

Referenced by SwFrame::CheckPageDescs(), and InsertNewPage().

void SwPageFrame::PrepareRegisterChg ( )
SwRect SwPageFrame::PrtWithoutHeaderAndFooter ( ) const
void SwPageFrame::RefreshExtraData ( const SwRect rRect) const

Paint line number etc.

Refreshes all extra data (line breaks a.s.o) of the page.

Basically only those objects are considered which horizontally overlap the Rect.

Definition at line 7118 of file paintfrm.cxx.

References SwRect::Bottom(), SwFormat::GetDoc(), SwLayoutFrame::GetFormat(), SwDoc::GetLineNumberInfo(), GetSortedObjs(), SwRect::HasArea(), SwLineNumberInfo::IsCountInFlys(), SwLineNumberInfo::IsPaintLineNumbers(), SwPostItHelper::NONE, SwLayoutFrame::RefreshExtraData(), SW_MOD, SwAlignRect(), and SwRect::Top().

Referenced by SwRootFrame::PaintSwFrame().

void SwPageFrame::RefreshSubsidiary ( const SwRect rRect) const

Paint helper lines.

Refreshes all subsidiary lines of a page.

Definition at line 6602 of file paintfrm.cxx.

References gProp, SwRect::HasArea(), isSubsidiaryLinesEnabled(), isSubsidiaryLinesFlysEnabled(), isSubsidiaryLinesForSectionsEnabled(), and SwLayoutFrame::RefreshLaySubsidiary().

Referenced by SwRootFrame::PaintSwFrame(), and SwFrame::Retouch().

void SwPageFrame::RemoveDrawObjFromPage ( SwAnchoredObject _rToRemoveObj)
void SwPageFrame::RemoveFlyFromPage ( SwFlyFrame pToRemove)
void SwPageFrame::SetColMaxFootnoteHeight ( )
void SwPageFrame::SetEndNotePage ( bool  b)

Definition at line 202 of file pagefrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwFootnoteBossFrame::AppendFootnote().

void SwPageFrame::SetFootnotePage ( bool  b)

Definition at line 201 of file pagefrm.hxx.

Referenced by PreparePage().

void SwPageFrame::SetPageDesc ( SwPageDesc pNew,
SwFrameFormat pFormat 

Definition at line 731 of file pagechg.cxx.

References m_pDesc, and SwLayoutFrame::SetFrameFormat().

Referenced by SwFrame::CheckPageDescs().

void SwPageFrame::SetPhyPageNum ( sal_uInt16  nNum)

Definition at line 205 of file pagefrm.hxx.

Referenced by Paste().

sw::sidebarwindows::SidebarPosition SwPageFrame::SidebarPosition ( ) const
void SwPageFrame::SwClientNotify ( const SwModify rModify,
const SfxHint rHint 
void SwPageFrame::UpdateAttr_ ( const SfxPoolItem pOld,
const SfxPoolItem pNew,
SwPageFrameInvFlags rInvFlags,
SwAttrSetChg pa = nullptr,
SwAttrSetChg pb = nullptr 
void SwPageFrame::UpdateFootnoteNum ( )
void SwPageFrame::ValidateAutoCompleteWords ( ) const

Definition at line 430 of file pagefrm.hxx.

References m_bInvalidAutoCmplWrds.

Referenced by SwLayIdle::DoIdleJob().

void SwPageFrame::ValidateContent ( ) const

Definition at line 417 of file pagefrm.hxx.

References m_bInvalidContent.

Referenced by SwTextFrame::CalcFollow(), and SwLayAction::InternalAction().

void SwPageFrame::ValidateFlyContent ( ) const

Definition at line 405 of file pagefrm.hxx.

References m_bInvalidFlyContent.

Referenced by SwLayAction::InternalAction().

void SwPageFrame::ValidateFlyInCnt ( ) const

Definition at line 409 of file pagefrm.hxx.

References m_bInvalidFlyInCnt.

Referenced by SwLayAction::InternalAction().

void SwPageFrame::ValidateFlyLayout ( ) const

Definition at line 401 of file pagefrm.hxx.

References m_bInvalidFlyLayout.

Referenced by SwLayAction::InternalAction().

void SwPageFrame::ValidateLayout ( ) const

Definition at line 413 of file pagefrm.hxx.

References m_bInvalidLayout.

Referenced by SwLayAction::InternalAction().

void SwPageFrame::ValidateSmartTags ( ) const

Definition at line 426 of file pagefrm.hxx.

References m_bInvalidSmartTags.

Referenced by SwLayIdle::DoIdleJob().

void SwPageFrame::ValidateSpelling ( ) const

Definition at line 421 of file pagefrm.hxx.

References m_bInvalidSpelling.

Referenced by SwLayIdle::DoIdleJob(), and SwXFlatParagraphIterator::getNextPara().

void SwPageFrame::ValidateWordCount ( ) const

Definition at line 434 of file pagefrm.hxx.

References m_bInvalidWordCount.

Referenced by SwLayIdle::DoIdleJob().

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class SwFrame

Definition at line 59 of file pagefrm.hxx.

Member Data Documentation

bool SwPageFrame::m_bEmptyPage

Definition at line 74 of file pagefrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwPageFrame(), and UpdateAttr_().

bool SwPageFrame::m_bEndNotePage

Definition at line 75 of file pagefrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwPageFrame().

bool SwPageFrame::m_bFootnotePage

Definition at line 73 of file pagefrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwPageFrame().

bool SwPageFrame::m_bHasGrid

Definition at line 80 of file pagefrm.hxx.

Referenced by CheckGrid(), PaintGrid(), and SwPageFrame().

bool SwPageFrame::m_bInvalidAutoCmplWrds

Definition at line 78 of file pagefrm.hxx.

Referenced by InvalidateAutoCompleteWords(), SwPageFrame(), and ValidateAutoCompleteWords().

bool SwPageFrame::m_bInvalidContent

Definition at line 68 of file pagefrm.hxx.

Referenced by InvalidateContent(), IsInvalid(), SwPageFrame(), and ValidateContent().

bool SwPageFrame::m_bInvalidFlyContent

Definition at line 70 of file pagefrm.hxx.

Referenced by InvalidateFlyContent(), IsInvalidFly(), SwPageFrame(), and ValidateFlyContent().

bool SwPageFrame::m_bInvalidFlyInCnt

Definition at line 72 of file pagefrm.hxx.

Referenced by InvalidateFlyInCnt(), IsInvalid(), SwPageFrame(), and ValidateFlyInCnt().

bool SwPageFrame::m_bInvalidFlyLayout

Definition at line 71 of file pagefrm.hxx.

Referenced by InvalidateFlyLayout(), IsInvalidFly(), SwPageFrame(), and ValidateFlyLayout().

bool SwPageFrame::m_bInvalidLayout

Definition at line 69 of file pagefrm.hxx.

Referenced by InvalidateLayout(), IsInvalid(), SwPageFrame(), and ValidateLayout().

bool SwPageFrame::m_bInvalidSmartTags

Definition at line 77 of file pagefrm.hxx.

Referenced by InvalidateSmartTags(), SwPageFrame(), and ValidateSmartTags().

bool SwPageFrame::m_bInvalidSpelling

Definition at line 76 of file pagefrm.hxx.

Referenced by InvalidateSpelling(), SwPageFrame(), and ValidateSpelling().

bool SwPageFrame::m_bInvalidWordCount

Definition at line 79 of file pagefrm.hxx.

Referenced by InvalidateWordCount(), SwPageFrame(), and ValidateWordCount().

sal_uInt16 SwPageFrame::m_nPhyPageNum

Physical page number: index into list of SwRootFrame lowers.

Definition at line 66 of file pagefrm.hxx.

Referenced by Cut(), and Paste().

SwPageDesc* SwPageFrame::m_pDesc

Definition at line 63 of file pagefrm.hxx.

Referenced by SetPageDesc(), SwClientNotify(), and SwPageFrame().

std::unique_ptr<SwSortedObjs> SwPageFrame::m_pSortedObjs
const sal_Int8 SwPageFrame::snShadowPxWidth = 9

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