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SwTextFootnote Class Referencefinal

#include <txtftn.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SwTextFootnote (SwFormatFootnote &rAttr, sal_Int32 nStart)
virtual ~SwTextFootnote () override
SwNodeIndexGetStartNode () const
void SetStartNode (const SwNodeIndex *pNode, bool bDelNodes=true)
void SetNumber (sal_uInt16 nNumber, sal_uInt16 nNumberRLHidden, const OUString &sNumStr)
void CopyFootnote (SwTextFootnote &rDest, SwTextNode &rDestNode) const
const SwTextNodeGetTextNode () const
void ChgTextNode (SwTextNode *pNew)
void MakeNewTextSection (SwNodes &rNodes)
 create a new nodes-array section for the footnote More...
void DelFrames (const SwRootFrame *)
void CheckCondColl ()
void InvalidateNumberInLayout ()
void SetSeqRefNo ()
 Set the sequence number for the current footnote. More...
void SetSeqNo (sal_uInt16 n)
sal_uInt16 GetSeqRefNo () const
void dumpAsXml (xmlTextWriterPtr pWriter) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwTextAttr
void SetStart (sal_Int32 n)
 start position More...
sal_Int32 GetStart () const
virtual const sal_Int32 * GetEnd () const
 end position More...
virtual void SetEnd (sal_Int32)
const sal_Int32 * End () const
sal_Int32 GetAnyEnd () const
 end (if available), else start More...
void SetDontExpand (bool bDontExpand)
bool DontExpand () const
bool IsLockExpandFlag () const
bool IsDontMoveAttr () const
bool IsCharFormatAttr () const
bool IsOverlapAllowedAttr () const
bool IsPriorityAttr () const
void SetPriorityAttr (bool bFlag)
bool IsDontExpandStartAttr () const
bool IsNesting () const
bool HasDummyChar () const
bool IsFormatIgnoreStart () const
bool IsFormatIgnoreEnd () const
void SetFormatIgnoreStart (bool bFlag)
void SetFormatIgnoreEnd (bool bFlag)
bool HasContent () const
const SfxPoolItemGetAttr () const
SfxPoolItemGetAttr ()
sal_uInt16 Which () const
bool operator== (const SwTextAttr &) const
const SwFormatCharFormatGetCharFormat () const
const SwFormatAutoFormatGetAutoFormat () const
const SwFormatFieldGetFormatField () const
const SwFormatFootnoteGetFootnote () const
const SwFormatFlyCntGetFlyCnt () const
const SwTOXMarkGetTOXMark () const
const SwFormatRefMarkGetRefMark () const
const SwFormatINetFormatGetINetFormat () const
const SwFormatRubyGetRuby () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void SetUniqueSeqRefNo (SwDoc &rDoc)
 Set a unique sequential reference number for every footnote in the document. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SwTextAttr
static void Destroy (SwTextAttr *pToDestroy, SfxItemPool &rPool)
 destroy instance More...

Private Attributes

std::unique_ptr< SwNodeIndexm_pStartNode
sal_uInt16 m_nSeqNo

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwTextAttr
 SwTextAttr (SfxPoolItem &rAttr, sal_Int32 nStart)
void SetLockExpandFlag (bool bFlag)
void SetDontMoveAttr (bool bFlag)
void SetCharFormatAttr (bool bFlag)
void SetOverlapAllowedAttr (bool bFlag)
void SetDontExpandStartAttr (bool bFlag)
void SetNesting (const bool bFlag)
void SetHasDummyChar (const bool bFlag)
void SetHasContent (const bool bFlag)
- Protected Attributes inherited from SwTextAttr
SwpHintsm_pHints = nullptr

Detailed Description

Definition at line 31 of file txtftn.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SwTextFootnote::SwTextFootnote ( SwFormatFootnote rAttr,
sal_Int32  nStart 

Definition at line 281 of file atrftn.cxx.

References SwFormatFootnote::m_pTextAttr, and SwTextAttr::SetHasDummyChar().

SwTextFootnote::~SwTextFootnote ( )

Definition at line 290 of file atrftn.cxx.

References SetStartNode().

Member Function Documentation

void SwTextFootnote::CheckCondColl ( )

Definition at line 573 of file atrftn.cxx.

References SwNodeIndex::GetNode(), and GetStartNode().

Referenced by SwDoc::SetCurFootnote(), and SwHistorySetFootnote::SetInDoc().

void SwTextFootnote::ChgTextNode ( SwTextNode pNew)

Definition at line 48 of file txtftn.hxx.

void SwTextFootnote::CopyFootnote ( SwTextFootnote rDest,
SwTextNode rDestNode 
) const
void SwTextFootnote::DelFrames ( const SwRootFrame )
void SwTextFootnote::dumpAsXml ( xmlTextWriterPtr  pWriter) const

Reimplemented from SwTextAttr.

Definition at line 581 of file atrftn.cxx.

References SwTextAttr::dumpAsXml(), SwNode::GetIndex(), m_nSeqNo, m_pStartNode, m_pTextNode, and void().

sal_uInt16 SwTextFootnote::GetSeqRefNo ( ) const
SwNodeIndex* SwTextFootnote::GetStartNode ( ) const
const SwTextNode & SwTextFootnote::GetTextNode ( ) const
void SwTextFootnote::InvalidateNumberInLayout ( )
void SwTextFootnote::MakeNewTextSection ( SwNodes rNodes)
void SwTextFootnote::SetNumber ( sal_uInt16  nNumber,
sal_uInt16  nNumberRLHidden,
const OUString &  sNumStr 
void SwTextFootnote::SetSeqNo ( sal_uInt16  n)

Definition at line 63 of file txtftn.hxx.

Referenced by SwXFootnote::attach(), and SwWW8ImplReader::End_Footnote().

void SwTextFootnote::SetSeqRefNo ( )

Set the sequence number for the current footnote.

The new sequence number or USHRT_MAX if invalid.

Definition at line 538 of file atrftn.cxx.

References SwNode::GetDoc(), SwDoc::IsInReading(), m_nSeqNo, and m_pTextNode.

Referenced by SwXFootnote::attach().

void SwTextFootnote::SetStartNode ( const SwNodeIndex pNode,
bool  bDelNodes = true 
void SwTextFootnote::SetUniqueSeqRefNo ( SwDoc rDoc)

Set a unique sequential reference number for every footnote in the document.

[in]rDocThe document to be processed.

Definition at line 559 of file atrftn.cxx.

References i.

Referenced by SwDoc::SetAllUniqueFlyNames(), and SwDocShell::UpdateLinks().

Member Data Documentation

sal_uInt16 SwTextFootnote::m_nSeqNo

Definition at line 35 of file txtftn.hxx.

Referenced by dumpAsXml(), and SetSeqRefNo().

std::unique_ptr<SwNodeIndex> SwTextFootnote::m_pStartNode
SwTextNode* SwTextFootnote::m_pTextNode

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