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SwFormatField Class Referencefinal

#include <fmtfld.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SwFormatField (const SwField &rField)
 Single argument constructors shall be explicit. More...
 SwFormatField (const SwFormatField &rAttr)
virtual ~SwFormatField () override
virtual bool operator== (const SfxPoolItem &) const override
 "Pure virtual methods" of SfxPoolItem. More...
virtual SwFormatFieldClone (SfxItemPool *pPool=nullptr) const override
virtual bool GetInfo (SfxPoolItem &rInfo) const override
void InvalidateField ()
const SwFieldGetField () const
SwFieldGetField ()
void SetField (std::unique_ptr< SwField > pField)
 Sets current field. More...
const SwTextFieldGetTextField () const
SwTextFieldGetTextField ()
void SetTextField (SwTextField &rTextField)
void ClearTextField ()
void RegisterToFieldType (SwFieldType &)
bool IsFieldInDoc () const
bool IsProtect () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE css::uno::WeakReference< css::text::XTextField > const & GetXTextField () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void SetXTextField (css::uno::Reference< css::text::XTextField > const &xTextField)
void dumpAsXml (xmlTextWriterPtr pWriter) const override
void UpdateTextNode (const SfxPoolItem *pOld, const SfxPoolItem *pNew)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SfxPoolItem
void AddRef (sal_uInt32 n=1) const
virtual ~SfxPoolItem ()
void SetWhich (sal_uInt16 nId)
sal_uInt16 Which () const
T & StaticWhichCast (TypedWhichId< T > nId)
const T & StaticWhichCast (TypedWhichId< T > nId) const
T * DynamicWhichCast (TypedWhichId< T > nId)
const T * DynamicWhichCast (TypedWhichId< T > nId) const
bool operator!= (const SfxPoolItem &rItem) const
virtual bool operator< (const SfxPoolItem &) const
virtual bool IsSortable () const
virtual bool HasLookup () const
virtual lookup_iterator Lookup (lookup_iterator, lookup_iterator end) const
virtual bool GetPresentation (SfxItemPresentation ePresentation, MapUnit eCoreMetric, MapUnit ePresentationMetric, OUString &rText, const IntlWrapper &rIntlWrapper) const
virtual void ScaleMetrics (tools::Long lMult, tools::Long lDiv)
virtual bool HasMetrics () const
virtual bool QueryValue (css::uno::Any &rVal, sal_uInt8 nMemberId=0) const
virtual bool PutValue (const css::uno::Any &rVal, sal_uInt8 nMemberId)
std::unique_ptr< SfxPoolItemCloneSetWhich (sal_uInt16 nNewWhich) const
std::unique_ptr< T > CloneSetWhich (TypedWhichId< T > nId) const
sal_uInt32 GetRefCount () const
SfxItemKind GetKind () const
virtual boost::property_tree::ptree dumpAsJSON () const
virtual bool IsVoidItem () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from sw::BroadcastingModify
virtual void CallSwClientNotify (const SfxHint &rHint) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwModify
 SwModify ()
virtual ~SwModify () override
void Add (SwClient *pDepend)
SwClientRemove (SwClient *pDepend)
bool HasWriterListeners () const
bool HasOnlyOneListener () const
void LockModify ()
void UnlockModify ()
bool IsModifyLocked () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwClient
 SwClient ()
 SwClient (SwClient &&) noexcept
virtual ~SwClient () override
std::optional< sw::ModifyChangedHintCheckRegistration (const SfxPoolItem *pOldValue)
void CheckRegistrationFormat (SwFormat &rOld)
const SwModifyGetRegisteredIn () const
SwModifyGetRegisteredIn ()
void EndListeningAll ()
void StartListeningToSameModifyAs (const SwClient &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from sw::WriterListener
bool IsLast () const
virtual const SwCellFrameDynCastCellFrame () const
virtual const SwTabFrameDynCastTabFrame () const
virtual const SwRowFrameDynCastRowFrame () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from sw::BroadcasterMixin
 BroadcasterMixin ()=default
 BroadcasterMixin (BroadcasterMixin const &)=default
BroadcasterMixinoperator= (const BroadcasterMixin &)
SvtBroadcasterGetNotifier ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SfxBroadcaster
 SfxBroadcaster ()
 SfxBroadcaster (const SfxBroadcaster &rBC)
virtual ~SfxBroadcaster () COVERITY_NOEXCEPT_FALSE
void Broadcast (const SfxHint &rHint)
bool HasListeners () const
size_t GetListenerCount () const
size_t GetSizeOfVector () const
SfxListenerGetListener (size_t nNo) const

Private Member Functions

 SwFormatField (sal_uInt16 nWhich)
virtual void SwClientNotify (const SwModify &rModify, const SfxHint &rHint) override

Private Attributes

css::uno::WeakReference< css::text::XTextField > m_wXTextField
std::unique_ptr< SwFieldmpField


void InitCore ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from SfxPoolItem
typedef std::vector< SfxPoolItem * >::const_iterator lookup_iterator
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SfxPoolItem
 SfxPoolItem (sal_uInt16 nWhich=0)
 SfxPoolItem (const SfxPoolItem &rCopy)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwClient
 SwClient (SwModify *pToRegisterIn)
SwModifyGetRegisteredInNonConst () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sw::WriterListener
 WriterListener ()
virtual ~WriterListener () COVERITY_NOEXCEPT_FALSE
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SfxBroadcaster
void Forward (SfxBroadcaster &rBC, const SfxHint &rHint)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 84 of file fmtfld.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SwFormatField::SwFormatField ( sal_uInt16  nWhich)

Definition at line 48 of file atrfld.cxx.

Referenced by Clone().

SwFormatField::SwFormatField ( const SwField rField)
SwFormatField::SwFormatField ( const SwFormatField rAttr)
SwFormatField::~SwFormatField ( )

Member Function Documentation

void SwFormatField::ClearTextField ( )

Definition at line 195 of file atrfld.cxx.

References mpTextField.

Referenced by SwTextField::~SwTextField().

SwFormatField * SwFormatField::Clone ( SfxItemPool pPool = nullptr) const

Implements SfxPoolItem.

Definition at line 211 of file atrfld.cxx.

References SwFormatField().

Referenced by SwWW8FltRefStack::RefToVar().

void SwFormatField::dumpAsXml ( xmlTextWriterPtr  pWriter) const

Reimplemented from SfxPoolItem.

Definition at line 432 of file atrfld.cxx.

References SfxPoolItem::dumpAsXml(), mpField, mpTextField, and void().

Referenced by SwTextAttr::dumpAsXml().

const SwField* SwFormatField::GetField ( ) const

Definition at line 116 of file fmtfld.hxx.

Referenced by SwXTextField::attach(), SwTaggedPDFHelper::BeginInlineStructureElements(), SwpHints::CalcFlags(), SwpHints::CalcHiddenParaField(), sw::annotation::SwAnnotationWin::CalcParent(), SwDoc::ChangeDBFields(), SwRefPageGetField::ChangeExpansion(), SwNodes::ChgNode(), SwDoc::ConvertFieldsToText(), SwTextField::CopyTextField(), sw::annotation::SwAnnotationWin::CountFollowing(), SwpHints::DeleteAtPos(), SwWrtShell::DelRight(), SwTextNode::DestroyAttr(), SwUndoFieldFromDoc::DoImpl(), SwContentTree::EditEntry(), SwTOXAuthority::equivalent(), SwTextField::ExpandTextField(), sw::DocumentFieldsManager::FieldsToExpand(), SwTOXAuthority::FillText(), AttributeOutputBase::GenerateBookmarksForSequenceField(), SwDoc::GetAllUsedDB(), SwTextAnnotationField::GetAnnotationMark(), SwDocUpdateField::GetBodyNode(), SwCursorShell::GetContentAtPos(), SwInputFieldList::GetField(), SwCursorShell::GetFieldAtCursor(), sw::DocumentFieldsManager::GetFieldAtPos(), SwTextInputField::GetFieldContent(), SwXTextField::Impl::GetFieldType(), SwAccessibleParagraph::GetFieldTypeNameAtIndex(), SwTOXAuthority::GetLevel(), SwTextNode::GetMinMaxSize(), SwPageFrame::GetModelPositionForViewPoint(), SwCursorShell::GetPostItFieldAtCursor(), sw::DocumentFieldsManager::GetRecordsPerDocument(), SwTextFrame::GetScalingOfSelectedText(), SwAuthorityFieldType::GetSequencePos(), SwTOXAuthority::GetText(), SwTableBox::GetValue(), SwHandleAnchorNodeChg::ImplDestroy(), sw::mark::AnnotationMark::InitDoc(), SwDocUpdateField::InsDelFieldInFieldLst(), SwTextNode::InsertHint(), SwWW8FltRefStack::IsFootnoteEdnBkmField(), SwTextFrame::IsHiddenNow(), sw::annotation::SwAnnotationWin::IsResolved(), SwTableBox::IsValidNumTextNd(), lcl_CopyHint(), lcl_ExportHints(), lcl_GetText(), lcl_IsNoEndTextAttrAtPos(), lcl_MakeFieldLst(), lcl_SelectByContentTypeAndAddress(), SwDocUpdateField::MakeFieldList_(), MakeTextAttr(), SwEditWin::MouseButtonDown(), SwTextFormatter::NewFieldPortion(), SwPostItMgr::Notify(), OutHTML_SwFormatField(), SwWW8FltRefStack::SetAttrInDoc(), sw::annotation::SwAnnotationWin::SetPostItText(), sw::annotation::SwAnnotationWin::SetResolved(), SwTOXAuthority::sort_lt(), SwClientNotify(), AttributeOutputBase::TextField(), SwXTextField::TransmuteLeadToInputField(), SwpHints::TryInsertHint(), SwUndoFieldFromDoc::UndoImpl(), sw::DocumentFieldsManager::UpdateExpFieldsImpl(), sw::DocumentFieldsManager::UpdateField(), SwRefPageGetFieldType::UpdateField(), SwTextInputField::UpdateFieldContent(), SwEditShell::UpdateOneField(), SwEditWin::UpdatePointer(), and UpdateTextNode().

SwField* SwFormatField::GetField ( )

Definition at line 120 of file fmtfld.hxx.

bool SwFormatField::GetInfo ( SfxPoolItem rInfo) const
const SwTextField* SwFormatField::GetTextField ( ) const
SwTextField* SwFormatField::GetTextField ( )

Definition at line 138 of file fmtfld.hxx.

SAL_DLLPRIVATE css::uno::WeakReference<css::text::XTextField> const& SwFormatField::GetXTextField ( ) const
void SwFormatField::InvalidateField ( )
bool SwFormatField::IsFieldInDoc ( ) const
bool SwFormatField::IsProtect ( ) const
bool SwFormatField::operator== ( const SfxPoolItem rAttr) const

"Pure virtual methods" of SfxPoolItem.

Implements SfxPoolItem.

Definition at line 200 of file atrfld.cxx.

References mpField.

void SwFormatField::RegisterToFieldType ( SwFieldType rType)

Definition at line 170 of file atrfld.cxx.

References SwModify::Add().

Referenced by SwDoc::ChangeDBFields(), and SwpHints::TryInsertHint().

void SwFormatField::SetField ( std::unique_ptr< SwField pField)

Sets current field.

pFieldnew field
The current field will be destroyed before setting the new field.

Definition at line 175 of file atrfld.cxx.

References SfxBroadcaster::Broadcast(), CHANGED, Input, mpField, and SetExp.

Referenced by sw::DocumentFieldsManager::UpdateField().

void SwFormatField::SetTextField ( SwTextField rTextField)

Definition at line 190 of file atrfld.cxx.

References mpTextField.

Referenced by SwTextField::SwTextField().

SAL_DLLPRIVATE void SwFormatField::SetXTextField ( css::uno::Reference< css::text::XTextField > const &  xTextField)

Definition at line 151 of file fmtfld.hxx.

void SwFormatField::SwClientNotify ( const SwModify rModify,
const SfxHint rHint 
void SwFormatField::UpdateTextNode ( const SfxPoolItem pOld,
const SfxPoolItem pNew 

Friends And Related Function Documentation

void InitCore ( )

Definition at line 449 of file init.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

css::uno::WeakReference<css::text::XTextField> SwFormatField::m_wXTextField

Definition at line 92 of file fmtfld.hxx.

Referenced by UpdateTextNode().

std::unique_ptr<SwField> SwFormatField::mpField
SwTextField* SwFormatField::mpTextField

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