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SwFormatField Class Referencefinal

#include <fmtfld.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SwFormatField (const SwField &rField)
 Single argument constructors shall be explicit. More...
 SwFormatField (const SwFormatField &rAttr)
virtual ~SwFormatField () override
virtual bool operator== (const SfxPoolItem &) const override
 "Pure virtual methods" of SfxPoolItem. More...
virtual SwFormatFieldClone (SfxItemPool *pPool=nullptr) const override
virtual bool GetInfo (SfxPoolItem &rInfo) const override
void InvalidateField ()
const SwFieldGetField () const
SwFieldGetField ()
void SetField (std::unique_ptr< SwField > pField)
 Sets current field. More...
const SwTextFieldGetTextField () const
SwTextFieldGetTextField ()
void SetTextField (SwTextField &rTextField)
void ClearTextField ()
void RegisterToFieldType (SwFieldType &)
bool IsFieldInDoc () const
bool IsProtect () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE css::uno::WeakReference< css::text::XTextField > const & GetXTextField () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void SetXTextField (css::uno::Reference< css::text::XTextField > const &xTextField)
void dumpAsXml (xmlTextWriterPtr pWriter) const override
void UpdateTextNode (const SfxPoolItem *pOld, const SfxPoolItem *pNew)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SfxPoolItem
void AddRef (sal_uInt32 n=1) const
virtual ~SfxPoolItem ()
void SetWhich (sal_uInt16 nId)
sal_uInt16 Which () const
bool operator!= (const SfxPoolItem &rItem) const
virtual bool operator< (const SfxPoolItem &) const
virtual bool IsSortable () const
virtual bool GetPresentation (SfxItemPresentation ePresentation, MapUnit eCoreMetric, MapUnit ePresentationMetric, OUString &rText, const IntlWrapper &rIntlWrapper) const
virtual void ScaleMetrics (tools::Long lMult, tools::Long lDiv)
virtual bool HasMetrics () const
virtual bool QueryValue (css::uno::Any &rVal, sal_uInt8 nMemberId=0) const
virtual bool PutValue (const css::uno::Any &rVal, sal_uInt8 nMemberId)
std::unique_ptr< SfxPoolItemCloneSetWhich (sal_uInt16 nNewWhich) const
std::unique_ptr< T > CloneSetWhich (TypedWhichId< T > nId) const
sal_uInt32 GetRefCount () const
SfxItemKind GetKind () const
virtual boost::property_tree::ptree dumpAsJSON () const
virtual bool IsVoidItem () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from sw::BroadcastingModify
virtual void CallSwClientNotify (const SfxHint &rHint) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwModify
 SwModify ()
void NotifyClients (const SfxPoolItem *pOldValue, const SfxPoolItem *pNewValue)
void ModifyBroadcast (const SfxPoolItem *pOldValue, const SfxPoolItem *pNewValue)
virtual ~SwModify () override
void Add (SwClient *pDepend)
SwClientRemove (SwClient *pDepend)
bool HasWriterListeners () const
void LockModify ()
void UnlockModify ()
void SetInCache (bool bNew)
void SetInSwFntCache (bool bNew)
void SetInDocDTOR ()
bool IsModifyLocked () const
bool IsInCache () const
bool IsInSwFntCache () const
void CheckCaching (const sal_uInt16 nWhich)
bool HasOnlyOneListener () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwClient
 SwClient ()
 SwClient (SwClient &&) noexcept
virtual ~SwClient () override
std::unique_ptr< sw::ModifyChangedHintCheckRegistration (const SfxPoolItem *pOldValue)
virtual void ModifyNotification (const SfxPoolItem *pOldValue, const SfxPoolItem *pNewValue)
void SwClientNotifyCall (const SwModify &rModify, const SfxHint &rHint)
const SwModifyGetRegisteredIn () const
SwModifyGetRegisteredIn ()
void EndListeningAll ()
void StartListeningToSameModifyAs (const SwClient &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from sw::WriterListener
bool IsLast () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from sw::BroadcasterMixin
 BroadcasterMixin ()=default
 BroadcasterMixin (BroadcasterMixin const &)=default
BroadcasterMixinoperator= (const BroadcasterMixin &)
SvtBroadcasterGetNotifier ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SfxBroadcaster
 SfxBroadcaster ()
 SfxBroadcaster (const SfxBroadcaster &rBC)
virtual ~SfxBroadcaster () COVERITY_NOEXCEPT_FALSE
void Broadcast (const SfxHint &rHint)
bool HasListeners () const
size_t GetListenerCount () const
size_t GetSizeOfVector () const
SfxListenerGetListener (size_t nNo) const

Private Member Functions

 SwFormatField (sal_uInt16 nWhich)
virtual void SwClientNotify (const SwModify &rModify, const SfxHint &rHint) override

Private Attributes

css::uno::WeakReference< css::text::XTextField > m_wXTextField
std::unique_ptr< SwFieldmpField


void InitCore ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SfxPoolItem
 SfxPoolItem (sal_uInt16 nWhich=0)
 SfxPoolItem (const SfxPoolItem &rCopy)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwClient
 SwClient (SwModify *pToRegisterIn)
SwModifyGetRegisteredInNonConst () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sw::WriterListener
 WriterListener ()
virtual ~WriterListener () COVERITY_NOEXCEPT_FALSE
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SfxBroadcaster
void Forward (SfxBroadcaster &rBC, const SfxHint &rHint)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 79 of file fmtfld.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SwFormatField::SwFormatField ( sal_uInt16  nWhich)

Definition at line 48 of file atrfld.cxx.

Referenced by Clone().

SwFormatField::SwFormatField ( const SwField rField)
SwFormatField::SwFormatField ( const SwFormatField rAttr)
SwFormatField::~SwFormatField ( )

Member Function Documentation

void SwFormatField::ClearTextField ( )

Definition at line 195 of file atrfld.cxx.

References mpTextField.

Referenced by SwTextField::~SwTextField().

SwFormatField * SwFormatField::Clone ( SfxItemPool pPool = nullptr) const

Implements SfxPoolItem.

Definition at line 211 of file atrfld.cxx.

References SwFormatField().

Referenced by SwWW8FltRefStack::RefToVar().

void SwFormatField::dumpAsXml ( xmlTextWriterPtr  pWriter) const

Reimplemented from SfxPoolItem.

Definition at line 407 of file atrfld.cxx.

References SfxPoolItem::dumpAsXml(), mpField, and mpTextField.

Referenced by SwTextAttr::dumpAsXml().

const SwField* SwFormatField::GetField ( ) const

Definition at line 111 of file fmtfld.hxx.

Referenced by SwXTextField::attach(), SwTaggedPDFHelper::BeginInlineStructureElements(), SwpHints::CalcFlags(), SwpHints::CalcHiddenParaField(), sw::annotation::SwAnnotationWin::CalcParent(), SwDoc::ChangeDBFields(), SwRefPageGetField::ChangeExpansion(), SwNodes::ChgNode(), SwDoc::ConvertFieldsToText(), SwTextField::CopyTextField(), sw::annotation::SwAnnotationWin::CountFollowing(), SwpHints::DeleteAtPos(), SwWrtShell::DelRight(), SwTextNode::DestroyAttr(), SwUndoFieldFromDoc::DoImpl(), SwTOXAuthority::equivalent(), SwTextField::ExpandTextField(), sw::DocumentFieldsManager::FieldsToExpand(), SwTOXAuthority::FillText(), AttributeOutputBase::GenerateBookmarksForSequenceField(), SwDoc::GetAllUsedDB(), SwTextAnnotationField::GetAnnotationMark(), SwDocUpdateField::GetBodyNode(), SwCursorShell::GetContentAtPos(), SwInputFieldList::GetField(), SwCursorShell::GetFieldAtCursor(), sw::DocumentFieldsManager::GetFieldAtPos(), SwTextInputField::GetFieldContent(), SwXTextField::Impl::GetFieldType(), SwAccessibleParagraph::GetFieldTypeNameAtIndex(), SwTOXAuthority::GetLevel(), SwTextNode::GetMinMaxSize(), SwPageFrame::GetModelPositionForViewPoint(), SwCursorShell::GetPostItFieldAtCursor(), sw::DocumentFieldsManager::GetRecordsPerDocument(), SwTextFrame::GetScalingOfSelectedText(), SwAuthorityFieldType::GetSequencePos(), SwTableBox::GetValue(), sw::mark::AnnotationMark::InitDoc(), SwDocUpdateField::InsDelFieldInFieldLst(), SwTextNode::InsertHint(), SwWW8FltRefStack::IsFootnoteEdnBkmField(), SwTextFrame::IsHiddenNow(), sw::annotation::SwAnnotationWin::IsResolved(), SwTableBox::IsValidNumTextNd(), lcl_CopyHint(), lcl_ExportHints(), lcl_GetText(), lcl_IsNoEndTextAttrAtPos(), lcl_MakeFieldLst(), SwDocUpdateField::MakeFieldList_(), MakeTextAttr(), SwEditWin::MouseButtonDown(), SwTextFormatter::NewFieldPortion(), SwPostItMgr::Notify(), OutHTML_SwFormatField(), SwFltControlStack::SetAttrInDoc(), SwWW8FltRefStack::SetAttrInDoc(), sw::annotation::SwAnnotationWin::SetPostItText(), sw::annotation::SwAnnotationWin::SetResolved(), SwTOXAuthority::sort_lt(), SwClientNotify(), AttributeOutputBase::TextField(), SwXTextField::TransmuteLeadToInputField(), SwpHints::TryInsertHint(), SwUndoFieldFromDoc::UndoImpl(), sw::DocumentFieldsManager::UpdateExpFieldsImpl(), sw::DocumentFieldsManager::UpdateField(), SwRefPageGetFieldType::UpdateField(), SwTextInputField::UpdateFieldContent(), SwEditShell::UpdateOneField(), SwEditWin::UpdatePointer(), and SwHandleAnchorNodeChg::~SwHandleAnchorNodeChg().

SwField* SwFormatField::GetField ( )

Definition at line 115 of file fmtfld.hxx.

bool SwFormatField::GetInfo ( SfxPoolItem rInfo) const
const SwTextField* SwFormatField::GetTextField ( ) const
SwTextField* SwFormatField::GetTextField ( )

Definition at line 133 of file fmtfld.hxx.

SAL_DLLPRIVATE css::uno::WeakReference<css::text::XTextField> const& SwFormatField::GetXTextField ( ) const
void SwFormatField::InvalidateField ( )
bool SwFormatField::IsFieldInDoc ( ) const
bool SwFormatField::IsProtect ( ) const
bool SwFormatField::operator== ( const SfxPoolItem rAttr) const

"Pure virtual methods" of SfxPoolItem.

Implements SfxPoolItem.

Definition at line 200 of file atrfld.cxx.

References assert(), and mpField.

void SwFormatField::RegisterToFieldType ( SwFieldType rType)

Definition at line 170 of file atrfld.cxx.

References SwModify::Add().

Referenced by SwDoc::ChangeDBFields(), and SwpHints::TryInsertHint().

void SwFormatField::SetField ( std::unique_ptr< SwField pField)

Sets current field.

pFieldnew field
The current field will be destroyed before setting the new field.

Definition at line 175 of file atrfld.cxx.

References SfxBroadcaster::Broadcast(), CHANGED, Input, mpField, and SetExp.

Referenced by sw::DocumentFieldsManager::UpdateField().

void SwFormatField::SetTextField ( SwTextField rTextField)

Definition at line 190 of file atrfld.cxx.

References mpTextField.

Referenced by SwTextField::SwTextField().

SAL_DLLPRIVATE void SwFormatField::SetXTextField ( css::uno::Reference< css::text::XTextField > const &  xTextField)

Definition at line 146 of file fmtfld.hxx.

void SwFormatField::SwClientNotify ( const SwModify rModify,
const SfxHint rHint 
void SwFormatField::UpdateTextNode ( const SfxPoolItem pOld,
const SfxPoolItem pNew 

Friends And Related Function Documentation

void InitCore ( )

Definition at line 454 of file init.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

css::uno::WeakReference<css::text::XTextField> SwFormatField::m_wXTextField

Definition at line 87 of file fmtfld.hxx.

Referenced by UpdateTextNode().

std::unique_ptr<SwField> SwFormatField::mpField
SwTextField* SwFormatField::mpTextField

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