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sw Namespace Reference

Dialog to specify the properties of date form field. More...




class  AccessibilityCheck
class  AccessibilityIssue
class  BorderCacheOwner
 Bookkeeping helper for SwCache caching writer borders. More...
class  BroadcasterMixin
class  BroadcastingModify
struct  CheckDrawFrameFormatLayerHint
class  ClientIteratorBase
struct  CollectPostItsHint
struct  CollectTextMarksHint
struct  CollectTextObjectsHint
struct  CollectTextTOXMarksForLayoutHint
class  CondCollCondChg
struct  ContactChangedHint
struct  CreatePortionHint
class  DateFormFieldDialog
class  DefaultToxTabStopTokenHandler
 The default implementation of ToxTabStopTokenHandler. More...
class  DocumentChartDataProviderManager
class  DocumentContentOperationsManager
class  DocumentDeviceManager
class  DocumentDrawModelManager
class  DocumentDyingHint
class  DocumentExternalDataManager
class  DocumentFieldsManager
class  DocumentLayoutManager
class  DocumentLinksAdministrationManager
class  DocumentListItemsManager
class  DocumentListsManager
class  DocumentOutlineNodesManager
class  DocumentRedlineManager
class  DocumentSettingManager
class  DocumentStateManager
class  DocumentStatisticsManager
class  DocumentStylePoolManager
class  DocumentTimerManager
class  DrawFlyCntPortion
struct  DrawFormatLayoutCopyHint
struct  DrawFrameFormatHint
class  DrawUndoGuard
class  DropDownFieldDialog
class  DropDownFormFieldDialog
struct  Extent
 Describes a part of a single text node, which will be part of a text frame, even when redlines are hidden at a layout level. More...
class  ExternalData
struct  ExternalDataTypeHash
class  Filters
struct  FindContentFrameHint
struct  FindFormatForFieldHint
struct  FindFormatForPostItIdHint
struct  FindRedlineHint
struct  FindSdrObjectHint
class  FlyContentPortion
class  FormatDropDefiner
struct  FrameClient
struct  GatherFieldsHint
struct  GatherNodeIndexHint
struct  GatherRefFieldsHint
struct  GetObjectConnectedHint
struct  GetZOrderHint
struct  GetZOrderLayer
class  GrfRereadAndInCacheHint
class  GroupUndoGuard
struct  HasHiddenInformationNotesHint
class  ICoreFrameStyle
struct  InRangeSearchHint
class  IShellCursorSupplier
 The Undo actions need to create new Shell cursors. More...
class  LayoutDumpFilter
 Implementation of UNO export service to dump the layout of the document as XML. More...
struct  LegacyModifyHint
struct  LinkAnchorSearchHint
class  ListenerEntry
class  MergedAttrIter
class  MergedAttrIterBase
 iterate SwTextAttr in potentially merged text frame More...
class  MergedAttrIterByEnd
class  MergedAttrIterReverse
struct  MergedPara
 Describes parts of multiple text nodes, which will form a text frame, even when redlines are hidden at a layout level. More...
class  Meta
class  MetaField
class  MetaFieldManager
 knows all meta-fields in the document. More...
struct  ModifyChangedHint
class  MoveTableBoxHint
class  MoveTableLineHint
class  MoveText
 text is moved into pDestNode More...
class  PageFootnoteHint
class  PostGraphicArrivedHint
class  PreGraphicArrivedHint
class  RedlineDelText
 new delete redline is created More...
class  RedlineUnDelText
 delete redline is removed More...
class  RepeatContext
struct  RestoreFlyAnchorHint
class  Ring
class  RingContainer
 helper class that provides Svalue_typeL-style container iteration to the ring More...
class  RingIterator
class  StoredChapterNumberingRules
class  SwDocIdle
 An Idle, which is just ready to be scheduled for idle documents. More...
class  ToxLinkProcessor
 A helper class for ToxTextGenerator. More...
class  ToxTabStopTokenHandler
 This class handles tab stop tokens in the pattern for tox entries. More...
class  ToxTextGenerator
 This class generates text for the entries of a table of x. More...
class  ToxWhitespaceStripper
 This class helps to remove unwanted whitespaces from a string to use in a Tox. More...
class  UndoGuard
class  UndoManager
class  UndoRedoContext
struct  UnoCursorHint
class  UnoCursorPointer
struct  UnoImplPtrDeleter
class  WriterListener
 refactoring out the same of the more sane SwClient functionality More...
class  WriterMultiListener
class  WrongListIterator
class  WrongListIteratorBase
class  WrongListIteratorCounter
struct  WW8AnchorConvHint
struct  WW8AnchorConvResult
class  WW8FFData


typedef std::shared_ptr< ExternalDatatExternalDataPointer
typedef std::function< SwTextFrame *()> Creator
template<typename T >
using UnoImplPtr = std::unique_ptr< T, UnoImplPtrDeleter< T > >
 Smart pointer class ensuring that the pointed object is deleted with a locked SolarMutex. More...


enum  IssueObject {
enum  LineAlign {
enum  RedlineMode {
enum  FieldmarkMode {
  FieldmarkMode::ShowCommand = 1,
  FieldmarkMode::ShowResult = 2,
  FieldmarkMode::ShowBoth = 3
enum  FrameMode {
enum  Recreate {
enum  IteratorMode {
enum  DBConnURIType {
  DBConnURIType::UNKNOWN = 0,
enum  DrawFrameFormatHintId {
enum  WW8AnchorConv {
enum  tExternalDataType {
enum  TextRangeMode {


bool IsMarkHidden (SwRootFrame const &rLayout,::sw::mark::IMark const &rMark)
bool FindAttrImpl (SwPaM &rSearchPam, const SfxPoolItem &rAttr, SwMoveFnCollection const &fnMove, const SwPaM &rRegion, bool bInReadOnly, SwRootFrame const *const pLayout)
bool FindFormatImpl (SwPaM &rSearchPam, const SwFormat &rFormat, SwMoveFnCollection const &fnMove, const SwPaM &rRegion, bool bInReadOnly, SwRootFrame const *const pLayout)
bool FindTextImpl (SwPaM &rSearchPam, const i18nutil::SearchOptions2 &rSearchOpt, bool bSearchInNotes, utl::TextSearch &rSText, SwMoveFnCollection const &fnMove, const SwPaM &rRegion, bool bInReadOnly, SwRootFrame const *pLayout, std::unique_ptr< SvxSearchItem > &xSearchItem)
 Search. More...
bool ReplaceImpl (SwPaM &rCursor, OUString const &rReplacement, bool const bRegExp, SwDoc &rDoc, SwRootFrame const *const pLayout)
std::optional< OUString > ReplaceBackReferences (const i18nutil::SearchOptions2 &rSearchOpt, SwPaM *pPam, SwRootFrame const *pLayout)
 Helperfunction to resolve backward references in regular expressions. More...
std::unique_ptr< SwPaMMakeRegion (SwMoveFnCollection const &fnMove, const SwPaM &rOrigRg)
 make a new region More...
void GotoPrevLayoutTextFrame (SwNodeIndex &rIndex, SwRootFrame const *const pLayout)
void GotoNextLayoutTextFrame (SwNodeIndex &rIndex, SwRootFrame const *const pLayout)
std::vector< SwRangeRedline * > GetAllValidRanges (std::unique_ptr< SwRangeRedline > p)
void CopyBookmarks (const SwPaM &rPam, SwPosition &rCpyPam)
void CalcBreaks (std::vector< std::pair< sal_uLong, sal_Int32 >> &rBreaks, SwPaM const &rPam, bool const isOnlyFieldmarks)
static bool IsEmptyRange (const SwPosition &rStart, const SwPosition &rEnd, SwCopyFlags const flags)
 Checks if rStart..rEnd mark a range that makes sense to copy. More...
static void lcl_PushNumruleState (SfxItemState &aNumRuleState, std::shared_ptr< SwNumRuleItem > &aNumRuleItem, SfxItemState &aListIdState, std::shared_ptr< SfxStringItem > &aListIdItem, const SwTextNode *pDestTextNd)
static void lcl_PopNumruleState (SfxItemState aNumRuleState, const std::shared_ptr< SwNumRuleItem > &aNumRuleItem, SfxItemState aListIdState, const std::shared_ptr< SfxStringItem > &aListIdItem, SwTextNode *pDestTextNd, const SwPaM &rPam)
bool IsFieldDeletedInModel (IDocumentRedlineAccess const &rIDRA, SwTextField const &rTextField)
OUString GetExpandTextMerged (SwRootFrame const *const pLayout, SwTextNode const &rNode, bool const bWithNumber, bool const bWithSpacesForLevel, ExpandMode const i_mode)
static void UpdateFieldsForRedline (IDocumentFieldsAccess &rIDFA)
void UpdateFramesForAddDeleteRedline (SwDoc &rDoc, SwPaM const &rPam)
void UpdateFramesForRemoveDeleteRedline (SwDoc &rDoc, SwPaM const &rPam)
 IMPL_LINK (DocumentStatisticsManager, DoIdleStatsUpdate, Timer *, pIdle, void)
 IMPL_LINK (DocumentTimerManager, FireIdleJobsTimeout, Timer *,, void)
 IMPL_LINK_NOARG (DocumentTimerManager, DoIdleJobs, Timer *, void)
bool IsFootnoteDeleted (IDocumentRedlineAccess const &rIDRA, SwTextFootnote const &rTextFootnote)
bool GetRanges (std::vector< std::shared_ptr< SwUnoCursor >> &rRanges, SwDoc &rDoc, SwPaM const &rDelPam)
SwTextFrameSwHyphIterCacheLastTextFrame (SwTextNode const *pNode, const sw::Creator &create)
bool IsMarkHintHidden (SwRootFrame const &rLayout, SwTextNode const &rNode, SwTextAttrEnd const &rHint)
bool IsRightPageByNumber (SwRootFrame const &rLayout, sal_uInt16 nPageNum)
void RemoveFootnotesForNode (SwRootFrame const &rLayout, SwTextNode const &rTextNode, std::vector< std::pair< sal_Int32, sal_Int32 >> const *const pExtents)
bool IsPageFrameEmpty (SwPageFrame const &rPage)
 check if there's content on the page that requires it to exist More...
std::pair< SwTextNode *, sal_Int32 > MapViewToModel (MergedPara const &, TextFrameIndex nIndex)
TextFrameIndex MapModelToView (MergedPara const &, SwTextNode const *pNode, sal_Int32 nIndex)
std::unique_ptr< sw::MergedParaCheckParaRedlineMerge (SwTextFrame &rFrame, SwTextNode &rTextNode, FrameMode eMode)
SwTextFrameMakeTextFrame (SwTextNode &rNode, SwFrame *, sw::FrameMode eMode)
bool FrameContainsNode (SwContentFrame const &rFrame, sal_uLong nNodeIndex)
bool IsParaPropsNode (SwRootFrame const &rLayout, SwTextNode const &rNode)
SwTextNodeGetParaPropsNode (SwRootFrame const &rLayout, SwNodeIndex const &rNode)
SwPosition GetParaPropsPos (SwRootFrame const &rLayout, SwPosition const &rPos)
std::pair< SwTextNode *, SwTextNode * > GetFirstAndLastNode (SwRootFrame const &rLayout, SwNodeIndex const &rPos)
SwTextNode const & GetAttrMerged (SfxItemSet &rFormatSet, SwTextNode const &rNode, SwRootFrame const *pLayout)
TextFrameIndex UpdateMergedParaForDelete (MergedPara &rMerged, bool isRealDelete, SwTextNode const &rNode, sal_Int32 nIndex, sal_Int32 nLen)
void MoveMergedFlysAndFootnotes (std::vector< SwTextFrame * > const &rFrames, SwTextNode const &rFirstNode, SwTextNode &rSecondNode, bool)
void MoveDeletedPrevFrames (const SwTextNode &rDeletedPrev, SwTextNode &rNode)
 if first node is deleted & second survives, then the first node's frame will be deleted too; prevent this by moving the frame to the second node if necessary. More...
void CheckResetRedlineMergeFlag (SwTextNode &rNode, Recreate const eRecreateMerged)
 if first node is First, its frames may need to be moved, never deleted. More...
void AddRemoveFlysAnchoredToFrameStartingAtNode (SwTextFrame &rFrame, SwTextNode &rTextNode, std::set< sal_uLong > *const pSkipped)
 rTextNode is the first one of the "new" merge - if rTextNode isn't the same as MergedPara::pFirstNode, then nodes before rTextNode have their flys already properly attached, so only the other nodes need handling here. More...
void RecreateStartTextFrames (SwTextNode &rNode)
bool HasNumberingWhichNeedsLayoutUpdate (const SwTextNode &rTextNode)
 Decides if rTextNode has a numbering which has layout-level values (e.g. More...
bool GetAtPageRelOrientation (sal_Int16 &rOrientation, bool const isIgnorePrintArea)
bool IsFlyFrameFormatInHeader (const SwFrameFormat &rFormat)
void CheckAnchoredFlyConsistency (SwDoc const &rDoc)
SwTwips FootnoteSeparatorHeight (SwPageFootnoteInfo const &rInf)
ColorGetActiveRetoucheColor ()
static TextFrameIndex UpdateMergedParaForInsert (MergedPara &rMerged, bool const isRealInsert, SwTextNode const &rNode, sal_Int32 const nIndex, sal_Int32 const nLen)
std::unique_ptr< std::vector< SwFrameFormat * > > GetFlysAnchoredAt (SwDoc &rDoc, sal_uLong const nSttNode)
void DeepCopyPaM (SwPaM const &rSource, SwPaM &rTarget)
bool XTextRangeToSwPaM (SwUnoInternalPaM &rToFill, const uno::Reference< text::XTextRange > &xTextRange,::sw::TextRangeMode const eMode)
static bool lcl_IsStartNodeInFormat (const bool bHeader, SwStartNode const *const pSttNode, SwFrameFormat const *const pFrameFormat, SwFrameFormat *&rpFormat)
uno::Reference< text::XText > CreateParentXText (SwDoc &rDoc, const SwPosition &rPos)
auto FilterControlChars (OUString const &rString) -> OUString
 IMPL_LINK_NOARG (DropDownFormFieldDialog, ListChangedHdl, weld::TreeView &, void)
 IMPL_LINK (DropDownFormFieldDialog, KeyPressedHdl, const KeyEvent &, rEvent, bool)
 IMPL_LINK_NOARG (DropDownFormFieldDialog, EntryChangedHdl, weld::Entry &, void)
 IMPL_LINK (DropDownFormFieldDialog, ButtonPushedHdl, weld::Button &, rButton, void)
void ExportStoredChapterNumberingRules (SwChapterNumRules &rRules, SvStream &rStream, OUString const &rFileName)
void ImportStoredChapterNumberingRules (SwChapterNumRules &rRules, SvStream &rStream, OUString const &rFileName)
DBConnURIType GetDBunoType (const INetURLObject &rURL)
void InitPrintOptionsFromApplication (SwPrintData &o_rData, bool const bWeb)
auto PrepareJumpToTOXMark (SwDoc const &rDoc, OUString const &rName) -> std::optional< std::pair< SwTOXMark, sal_Int32 >>
void ClientNotifyAttrChg (SwModify &rModify, const SwAttrSet &aSet, SwAttrSet &aOld, SwAttrSet &aNew)
template<class C >
C * UnoTunnelGetImplementation (css::uno::Reference< css::lang::XUnoTunnel > const &xUnoTunnel)
template<class C >
sal_Int64 UnoTunnelImpl (const css::uno::Sequence< sal_Int8 > &rId, C *const pThis)
SW_DLLPUBLIC bool XTextRangeToSwPaM (SwUnoInternalPaM &rToFill, const css::uno::Reference< css::text::XTextRange > &xTextRange, TextRangeMode eMode=TextRangeMode::RequireTextNode)
bool GetDefaultTextContentValue (css::uno::Any &rAny, std::u16string_view rPropertyName, sal_uInt16 nWID=0)


const SwTwips WIDOW_MAGIC = (SAL_MAX_INT32 - 1)/2

Detailed Description

Dialog to specify the properties of date form field.

Dialog to specify the properties of drop-down form field.

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::function<SwTextFrame*()> sw::Creator

Definition at line 148 of file splargs.hxx.

typedef std::shared_ptr<ExternalData> sw::tExternalDataPointer

Definition at line 42 of file IDocumentExternalData.hxx.

template<typename T >
using sw::UnoImplPtr = typedef std::unique_ptr<T, UnoImplPtrDeleter<T> >

Smart pointer class ensuring that the pointed object is deleted with a locked SolarMutex.

Definition at line 98 of file unobaseclass.hxx.

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum sw::DBConnURIType

Definition at line 479 of file dbmgr.hxx.


Definition at line 261 of file frmfmt.hxx.

enum sw::FieldmarkMode

Definition at line 50 of file rootfrm.hxx.

enum sw::FrameMode

Definition at line 102 of file txtfrm.hxx.

enum sw::IssueObject

Definition at line 19 of file AccessibilityIssue.hxx.

enum sw::IteratorMode

Definition at line 122 of file calbck.hxx.

enum sw::LineAlign

Definition at line 48 of file ascharanchoredobjectposition.hxx.

enum sw::Recreate

Definition at line 127 of file txtfrm.hxx.

enum sw::RedlineMode

Definition at line 45 of file rootfrm.hxx.

enum sw::tExternalDataType

Definition at line 28 of file IDocumentExternalData.hxx.

enum sw::TextRangeMode

Definition at line 58 of file unotextrange.hxx.

enum sw::WW8AnchorConv

Definition at line 296 of file frmfmt.hxx.

Function Documentation

void sw::AddRemoveFlysAnchoredToFrameStartingAtNode ( SwTextFrame rFrame,
SwTextNode rTextNode,
std::set< sal_uLong > *const  pSkipped 

rTextNode is the first one of the "new" merge - if rTextNode isn't the same as MergedPara::pFirstNode, then nodes before rTextNode have their flys already properly attached, so only the other nodes need handling here.

Definition at line 4255 of file wsfrm.cxx.

References AddRemoveFlysForNode(), assert(), SwFrame::FindPageFrame(), SwNode::GetDoc(), SwTextFrame::GetFollow(), SwNode::GetIndex(), SwTextFrame::GetMergedPara(), SwNode::GetNodes(), SwDoc::GetSpzFrameFormats(), SwNode::GetTextNode(), i, and SwNode::NonFirst.

Referenced by UnHideRedlines(), and UpdateFramesForAddDeleteRedline().

void sw::CalcBreaks ( std::vector< std::pair< sal_uLong, sal_Int32 >> &  rBreaks,
SwPaM const &  rPam,
bool const  isOnlyFieldmarks 
void sw::CheckAnchoredFlyConsistency ( SwDoc const &  rDoc)
std::unique_ptr< sw::MergedPara > sw::CheckParaRedlineMerge ( SwTextFrame rFrame,
SwTextNode rTextNode,
FrameMode  eMode 
void sw::CheckResetRedlineMergeFlag ( SwTextNode rNode,
Recreate const  eRecreateMerged 

if first node is First, its frames may need to be moved, never deleted.

if first node is NonFirst, second node's own frames (First/None) must be deleted

Definition at line 839 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References assert(), CheckParaRedlineMerge(), eMode, Existing, SwIterator< TElementType, TSource, eMode >::First(), SwNode::GetIndex(), SwNode::GetNodes(), SwNode::GetRedlineMergeFlag(), SwNode::GetTextNode(), i, New, SwIterator< TElementType, TSource, eMode >::Next(), No, SwNode::None, Predecessor, and SwNode::SetRedlineMergeFlag().

Referenced by SwTextNode::JoinNext(), SwTextNode::JoinPrev(), and sw_JoinText().

void sw::ClientNotifyAttrChg ( SwModify rModify,
const SwAttrSet aSet,
SwAttrSet aOld,
SwAttrSet aNew 
void sw::CopyBookmarks ( const SwPaM rPam,
SwPosition rCpyPam 
css::uno::Reference< css::text::XText > sw::CreateParentXText ( SwDoc rDoc,
const SwPosition rPos 
void sw::DeepCopyPaM ( SwPaM const &  rSource,
SwPaM rTarget 

Definition at line 78 of file unoobj2.cxx.

References SwPaM::GetNext(), and sw::Ring< value_type >::MoveTo().

Referenced by SwUnoCursorHelper::lcl_createPamCopy().

void sw::ExportStoredChapterNumberingRules ( SwChapterNumRules rRules,
SvStream rStream,
OUString const &  rFileName 
auto sw::FilterControlChars ( OUString const &  rString) -> OUString
bool sw::FindAttrImpl ( SwPaM rSearchPam,
const SfxPoolItem rAttr,
SwMoveFnCollection const &  fnMove,
const SwPaM rRegion,
bool  bInReadOnly,
SwRootFrame const *const  pLayout 
bool sw::FindFormatImpl ( SwPaM rSearchPam,
const SwFormat rFormat,
SwMoveFnCollection const &  fnMove,
const SwPaM rRegion,
bool  bInReadOnly,
SwRootFrame const *const  pLayout 
bool sw::FindTextImpl ( SwPaM rSearchPam,
const i18nutil::SearchOptions2 rSearchOpt,
bool  bSearchInNotes,
utl::TextSearch rSText,
SwMoveFnCollection const &  fnMove,
const SwPaM rRegion,
bool  bInReadOnly,
SwRootFrame const *const  pLayout,
std::unique_ptr< SvxSearchItem > &  xSearchItem 
SW_DLLPUBLIC SwTwips sw::FootnoteSeparatorHeight ( SwPageFootnoteInfo const &  rInf)
bool sw::FrameContainsNode ( SwContentFrame const &  rFrame,
sal_uLong  nNodeIndex 
SW_DLLPUBLIC Color * sw::GetActiveRetoucheColor ( )

Definition at line 250 of file paintfrm.cxx.

References aGlobalRetoucheColor.

std::vector< SwRangeRedline * > sw::GetAllValidRanges ( std::unique_ptr< SwRangeRedline p)
bool sw::GetAtPageRelOrientation ( sal_Int16 &  rOrientation,
bool const  isIgnorePrintArea 
SwTextNode const & sw::GetAttrMerged ( SfxItemSet rFormatSet,
SwTextNode const &  rNode,
SwRootFrame const *  pLayout 
DBConnURIType SW_DLLPUBLIC sw::GetDBunoType ( const INetURLObject rURL)
bool sw::GetDefaultTextContentValue ( css::uno::Any &  rAny,
std::u16string_view  rPropertyName,
sal_uInt16  nWID = 0 
OUString sw::GetExpandTextMerged ( SwRootFrame const *const  pLayout,
SwTextNode const &  rNode,
bool const  bWithNumber,
bool const  bWithSpacesForLevel,
ExpandMode const  i_mode 
std::pair< SwTextNode *, SwTextNode * > sw::GetFirstAndLastNode ( SwRootFrame const &  rLayout,
SwNodeIndex const &  rPos 
std::unique_ptr< std::vector< SwFrameFormat * > > sw::GetFlysAnchoredAt ( SwDoc rDoc,
sal_uLong const  nSttNode 
SwTextNode * sw::GetParaPropsNode ( SwRootFrame const &  rLayout,
SwNodeIndex const &  rNode 
SwPosition sw::GetParaPropsPos ( SwRootFrame const &  rLayout,
SwPosition const &  rPos 
bool sw::GetRanges ( std::vector< std::shared_ptr< SwUnoCursor >> &  rRanges,
SwDoc rDoc,
SwPaM const &  rDelPam 
void sw::GotoNextLayoutTextFrame ( SwNodeIndex rIndex,
SwRootFrame const *const  pLayout 
void sw::GotoPrevLayoutTextFrame ( SwNodeIndex rIndex,
SwRootFrame const *const  pLayout 
bool sw::HasNumberingWhichNeedsLayoutUpdate ( const SwTextNode rTextNode)

Decides if rTextNode has a numbering which has layout-level values (e.g.

Arabic, but not none or bullets).

Definition at line 911 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References SwTextNode::GetAttrListLevel(), SwTextNode::GetNum(), SvxNumberType::GetNumberingType(), SwNumRule::GetNumFormat(), SwNodeNum::GetNumRule(), SVX_NUM_BITMAP, SVX_NUM_CHAR_SPECIAL, and SVX_NUM_NUMBER_NONE.

Referenced by SwNodes::ChgNode(), SwNodes::Delete(), and SwTextNode::JoinNext().

sw::IMPL_LINK ( DropDownFormFieldDialog  ,
KeyPressedHdl  ,
const KeyEvent ,
rEvent  ,

Definition at line 53 of file DropDownFormFieldDialog.cxx.

References KEY_RETURN.

sw::IMPL_LINK ( DropDownFormFieldDialog  ,
ButtonPushedHdl  ,
weld::Button ,
rButton  ,

Definition at line 65 of file DropDownFormFieldDialog.cxx.

sw::IMPL_LINK ( DocumentTimerManager  ,
FireIdleJobsTimeout  ,
Timer ,

Definition at line 105 of file DocumentTimerManager.cxx.

sw::IMPL_LINK ( DocumentStatisticsManager  ,
DoIdleStatsUpdate  ,
Timer ,
pIdle  ,
sw::IMPL_LINK_NOARG ( DropDownFormFieldDialog  ,
ListChangedHdl  ,
weld::TreeView ,

Definition at line 51 of file DropDownFormFieldDialog.cxx.

sw::IMPL_LINK_NOARG ( DropDownFormFieldDialog  ,
EntryChangedHdl  ,
weld::Entry ,

Definition at line 63 of file DropDownFormFieldDialog.cxx.

sw::IMPL_LINK_NOARG ( DocumentTimerManager  ,
DoIdleJobs  ,
Timer ,
void sw::ImportStoredChapterNumberingRules ( SwChapterNumRules rRules,
SvStream rStream,
OUString const &  rFileName 
void sw::InitPrintOptionsFromApplication ( SwPrintData o_rData,
bool const  bWeb 

Definition at line 1940 of file view.cxx.

References SW_MOD.

Referenced by SwRenderData::MakeSwPrtOptions().

static bool sw::IsEmptyRange ( const SwPosition rStart,
const SwPosition rEnd,
SwCopyFlags const  flags 

Checks if rStart..rEnd mark a range that makes sense to copy.

IsMoveToFly means the copy is a move to create a fly and so existing flys at the edge must not be copied.

Definition at line 1874 of file DocumentContentOperationsManager.cxx.

References AllMask, IsDestroyFrameAnchoredAtChar(), IsMoveToFly, and WriterfilterHack.

Referenced by sw::DocumentContentOperationsManager::CopyImplImpl(), and sw::DocumentContentOperationsManager::CopyRange().

bool sw::IsFieldDeletedInModel ( IDocumentRedlineAccess const &  rIDRA,
SwTextField const &  rTextField 
SW_DLLPUBLIC bool sw::IsFlyFrameFormatInHeader ( const SwFrameFormat rFormat)
bool sw::IsFootnoteDeleted ( IDocumentRedlineAccess const &  rIDRA,
SwTextFootnote const &  rTextFootnote 
bool sw::IsMarkHidden ( SwRootFrame const &  rLayout,
::sw::mark::IMark const &  rMark 
bool sw::IsMarkHintHidden ( SwRootFrame const &  rLayout,
SwTextNode const &  rNode,
SwTextAttrEnd const &  rHint 
bool sw::IsPageFrameEmpty ( SwPageFrame const &  rPage)
bool sw::IsParaPropsNode ( SwRootFrame const &  rLayout,
SwTextNode const &  rNode 
bool sw::IsRightPageByNumber ( SwRootFrame const &  rLayout,
sal_uInt16  nPageNum 
static bool sw::lcl_IsStartNodeInFormat ( const bool  bHeader,
SwStartNode const *const  pSttNode,
SwFrameFormat const *const  pFrameFormat,
SwFrameFormat *&  rpFormat 
static void sw::lcl_PopNumruleState ( SfxItemState  aNumRuleState,
const std::shared_ptr< SwNumRuleItem > &  aNumRuleItem,
SfxItemState  aListIdState,
const std::shared_ptr< SfxStringItem > &  aListIdItem,
SwTextNode pDestTextNd,
const SwPaM rPam 
static void sw::lcl_PushNumruleState ( SfxItemState aNumRuleState,
std::shared_ptr< SwNumRuleItem > &  aNumRuleItem,
SfxItemState aListIdState,
std::shared_ptr< SfxStringItem > &  aListIdItem,
const SwTextNode pDestTextNd 
std::unique_ptr< SwPaM > sw::MakeRegion ( SwMoveFnCollection const &  fnMove,
const SwPaM rOrigRg 

make a new region

Sets the first SwPaM onto the given SwPaM, or to the beginning or end of a document. SPoint stays at its position, GetMark will be changed respectively.

fnMoveContains information if beginning or end of document.
pOrigRgThe given region.
Newly created range, in Ring with parameter pOrigRg.

Definition at line 524 of file pam.cxx.

References SwMoveFnCollection::fnCmpOp.

Referenced by FindAttrImpl(), FindAttrsImpl(), FindFormatImpl(), and FindTextImpl().

SwTextFrame * sw::MakeTextFrame ( SwTextNode rNode,
SwFrame pSibling,
sw::FrameMode  eMode 

Definition at line 796 of file txtfrm.cxx.

Referenced by InsertCnt_(), and SwTextNode::MakeFrame().

TextFrameIndex sw::MapModelToView ( MergedPara const &  rMerged,
SwTextNode const *  pNode,
sal_Int32  nIndex 
std::pair< SwTextNode *, sal_Int32 > sw::MapViewToModel ( MergedPara const &  rMerged,
TextFrameIndex  nIndex 
void sw::MoveDeletedPrevFrames ( const SwTextNode rDeletedPrev,
SwTextNode rNode 

if first node is deleted & second survives, then the first node's frame will be deleted too; prevent this by moving the frame to the second node if necessary.

Definition at line 799 of file ndtxt.cxx.

References assert(), SwIterator< TElementType, TSource, eMode >::First(), and SwIterator< TElementType, TSource, eMode >::Next().

Referenced by SwTextNode::JoinPrev(), and sw_JoinText().

void sw::MoveMergedFlysAndFootnotes ( std::vector< SwTextFrame * > const &  rFrames,
SwTextNode const &  rFirstNode,
SwTextNode rSecondNode,
bool  isSplitNode 
SW_DLLPUBLIC auto sw::PrepareJumpToTOXMark ( SwDoc const &  rDoc,
OUString const &  rName 
) -> std::optional< std::pair< SwTOXMark, sal_Int32 >>
void sw::RecreateStartTextFrames ( SwTextNode rNode)
void sw::RemoveFootnotesForNode ( SwRootFrame const &  rLayout,
SwTextNode const &  rTextNode,
std::vector< std::pair< sal_Int32, sal_Int32 >> const *const  pExtents 
std::optional< OUString > sw::ReplaceBackReferences ( const i18nutil::SearchOptions2 rSearchOpt,
SwPaM *const  pPam,
SwRootFrame const *const  pLayout 
bool sw::ReplaceImpl ( SwPaM rCursor,
OUString const &  rReplacement,
bool const  bRegExp,
SwDoc rDoc,
SwRootFrame const *const  pLayout 
SwTextFrame * sw::SwHyphIterCacheLastTextFrame ( SwTextNode const *  pNode,
const sw::Creator create 

Definition at line 585 of file edlingu.cxx.

References assert().

Referenced by SwTextNode::Hyphenate().

template<class C >
C* sw::UnoTunnelGetImplementation ( css::uno::Reference< css::lang::XUnoTunnel > const &  xUnoTunnel)

Definition at line 101 of file unobaseclass.hxx.

References C.

template<class C >
sal_Int64 sw::UnoTunnelImpl ( const css::uno::Sequence< sal_Int8 > &  rId,
C *const  pThis 

Definition at line 111 of file unobaseclass.hxx.

Referenced by SwXFlatParagraph::getSomething().

static void sw::UpdateFieldsForRedline ( IDocumentFieldsAccess rIDFA)
void sw::UpdateFramesForAddDeleteRedline ( SwDoc rDoc,
SwPaM const &  rPam 
void sw::UpdateFramesForRemoveDeleteRedline ( SwDoc rDoc,
SwPaM const &  rPam 
TextFrameIndex sw::UpdateMergedParaForDelete ( MergedPara rMerged,
bool  isRealDelete,
SwTextNode const &  rNode,
sal_Int32  nIndex,
sal_Int32  nLen 
static TextFrameIndex sw::UpdateMergedParaForInsert ( MergedPara rMerged,
bool const  isRealInsert,
SwTextNode const &  rNode,
sal_Int32 const  nIndex,
sal_Int32 const  nLen 
SW_DLLPUBLIC bool sw::XTextRangeToSwPaM ( SwUnoInternalPaM rToFill,
const css::uno::Reference< css::text::XTextRange > &  xTextRange,
TextRangeMode  eMode = TextRangeMode::RequireTextNode 
bool sw::XTextRangeToSwPaM ( SwUnoInternalPaM rToFill,
const uno::Reference< text::XTextRange > &  xTextRange,
::sw::TextRangeMode const  eMode 

Definition at line 1096 of file unoobj2.cxx.

References SwXText::CreateCursor(), SwPaM::DeleteMark(), SwXTextPortion::GetCursor(), OTextCursorHelper::GetDoc(), SwXTextRange::GetDoc(), SwPaM::GetDoc(), SwPaM::GetMark(), OTextCursorHelper::GetPaM(), SwPaM::GetPoint(), SwXTextRange::GetPositions(), SwPaM::HasMark(), SwPaM::IsMultiSelection(), SwXParagraph::SelectPaM(), and SwPaM::SetMark().

Referenced by SwXDrawPage::add(), SwXReferenceMark::attach(), SwXFootnote::attach(), SwXDocumentIndex::attach(), SwXFrame::attach(), SwXTextSection::attach(), SwXTextField::attach(), SwXDocumentIndexMark::attach(), SwXTextTable::attach(), SwXMeta::AttachImpl(), SwXFrame::attachToRange(), SwXBookmark::attachToRangeEx(), SwXTextMarkup::commitTextRangeMarkup(), SwXText::Impl::ComparePositions(), SwXText::Impl::ConvertCell(), SwXText::convertToTextFrame(), SwTextBoxHelper::create(), SwXBodyText::createTextCursorByRange(), SwXCell::createTextCursorByRange(), SwXFootnote::createTextCursorByRange(), SwXHeadFootText::createTextCursorByRange(), SwXTextFrame::createTextCursorByRange(), SwXText::Impl::finishOrAppendParagraph(), SwSpellDialogChildWindow::GetNextWrongSentence(), SwUnoCursorHelper::GetSelectableFromAny(), SwXTextView::getTransferableForTextRange(), SwXTextViewCursor::gotoRange(), SwXText::insertControlCharacter(), SwDocShell::InsertGeneratedStream(), SwXText::insertTextContent(), SwXText::insertTextContentWithProperties(), SwXShape::setPropertyValue(), and SwTextBoxHelper::syncProperty().

Variable Documentation

const SwTwips sw::WIDOW_MAGIC = (SAL_MAX_INT32 - 1)/2

Definition at line 1024 of file txtfrm.hxx.

Referenced by SwTextFrame::CalcPreps(), and SwTextFrame::WouldFit().