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SwStartNode Class Reference

Starts a section of nodes in the document model. More...

#include <node.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

SwStartNodeType GetStartNodeType () const
void CheckSectionCondColl () const
 Call ChkCondcoll to all ContentNodes of section. More...
virtual void dumpAsXml (xmlTextWriterPtr pWriter) const override
 Dumps the node structure to the given destination (file nodes.xml in the current directory by default) More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwNode
bool IsCreateFrameWhenHidingRedlines () const
void SetRedlineMergeFlag (Merge const eMerge)
Merge GetRedlineMergeFlag () const
virtual ~SwNode () override=0
 the = 0 forces the class to be an abstract base class, but the dtor can be still called from subclasses More...
tools::Long GetSerial () const
sal_uInt16 GetSectionLevel () const
 Returns the section level at the position given by aIndex. More...
SwNodeOffset StartOfSectionIndex () const
const SwStartNodeStartOfSectionNode () const
SwStartNodeStartOfSectionNode ()
SwNodeOffset EndOfSectionIndex () const
const SwEndNodeEndOfSectionNode () const
SwEndNodeEndOfSectionNode ()
sal_uInt8 GetAutoFormatLvl () const
void SetAutoFormatLvl (sal_uInt8 nVal)
bool IsIgnoreDontExpand () const
void SetIgnoreDontExpand (bool bNew)
SwNodeType GetNodeType () const
SwStartNodeGetStartNode ()
const SwStartNodeGetStartNode () const
SwContentNodeGetContentNode ()
const SwContentNodeGetContentNode () const
SwEndNodeGetEndNode ()
const SwEndNodeGetEndNode () const
SwTextNodeGetTextNode ()
 Inline methods from Node.hxx. More...
const SwTextNodeGetTextNode () const
SwOLENodeGetOLENode ()
 Inline methods from Node.hxx. More...
const SwOLENodeGetOLENode () const
SwNoTextNodeGetNoTextNode ()
const SwNoTextNodeGetNoTextNode () const
SwGrfNodeGetGrfNode ()
const SwGrfNodeGetGrfNode () const
SwTableNodeGetTableNode ()
const SwTableNodeGetTableNode () const
SwSectionNodeGetSectionNode ()
const SwSectionNodeGetSectionNode () const
bool IsStartNode () const
bool IsContentNode () const
bool IsEndNode () const
bool IsTextNode () const
bool IsTableNode () const
bool IsSectionNode () const
bool IsOLENode () const
bool IsNoTextNode () const
bool IsGrfNode () const
bool IsInRedlines () const
 Checks if this node is in redlines. More...
SwTableNodeFindTableNode ()
 Search table node, in which it is. More...
const SwTableNodeFindTableNode () const
SwSectionNodeFindSectionNode ()
 Search section node, in which it is. More...
const SwSectionNodeFindSectionNode () const
SwStartNodeFindSttNodeByType (SwStartNodeType eTyp)
const SwStartNodeFindSttNodeByType (SwStartNodeType eTyp) const
const SwStartNodeFindTableBoxStartNode () const
const SwStartNodeFindFlyStartNode () const
const SwStartNodeFindFootnoteStartNode () const
const SwStartNodeFindHeaderStartNode () const
const SwStartNodeFindFooterStartNode () const
SwNodesGetNodes ()
 Node is in which nodes-array/doc? More...
const SwNodesGetNodes () const
SwDocGetDoc ()
const SwDocGetDoc () const
const IDocumentSettingAccessgetIDocumentSettingAccess () const
 Provides access to the document setting interface. More...
const IDocumentDeviceAccessgetIDocumentDeviceAccess () const
 Provides access to the document device interface. More...
const IDocumentMarkAccessgetIDocumentMarkAccess () const
 Provides access to the document bookmark interface. More...
const IDocumentRedlineAccessgetIDocumentRedlineAccess () const
 Provides access to the document redline interface. More...
const IDocumentStylePoolAccessgetIDocumentStylePoolAccess () const
 Provides access to the document style pool interface. More...
const IDocumentDrawModelAccessgetIDocumentDrawModelAccess () const
 Provides access to the document draw model interface. More...
const IDocumentLayoutAccessgetIDocumentLayoutAccess () const
 Provides access to the document layout interface. More...
IDocumentLayoutAccessgetIDocumentLayoutAccess ()
const IDocumentLinksAdministrationgetIDocumentLinksAdministration () const
 Provides access to the document links administration interface. More...
IDocumentLinksAdministrationgetIDocumentLinksAdministration ()
const IDocumentFieldsAccessgetIDocumentFieldsAccess () const
 Provides access to the document fields administration interface. More...
IDocumentFieldsAccessgetIDocumentFieldsAccess ()
IDocumentContentOperationsgetIDocumentContentOperations ()
 Provides access to the document content operations interface. More...
IStyleAccessgetIDocumentStyleAccess ()
 Provides access to the document automatic styles interface. More...
IDocumentListItemsgetIDocumentListItems ()
 Provides access to the document's numbered items interface. More...
bool IsInVisibleArea (SwViewShell const *pSh) const
 Is node in the visible area of the Shell? More...
bool IsInProtectSect () const
 Is node in a protected area? More...
bool IsProtect () const
 Is node in something that is protected (range, frame, table cells ... including anchor in case of frames or footnotes)? More...
const SwPageDescFindPageDesc (SwNodeOffset *pPgDescNdIdx=nullptr) const
 Search PageDesc with which this node is formatted. More...
SwFrameFormatGetFlyFormat () const
 If node is in a fly return the respective format. More...
SwTableBoxGetTableBox () const
 If node is in a table return the respective table box. More...
SwNodeOffset GetIndex () const
const SwTextNodeFindOutlineNodeOfLevel (sal_uInt8 nLvl, SwRootFrame const *pLayout=nullptr) const
sal_uInt8 HasPrevNextLayNode () const
std::vector< SwFrameFormat * > const & GetAnchoredFlys () const
void AddAnchoredFly (SwFrameFormat *)
void RemoveAnchoredFly (SwFrameFormat *)
virtual void dumpAsXml (xmlTextWriterPtr pWriter) const
 Dumps the node structure to the given destination (file nodes.xml in the current directory by default) More...
bool operator== (const SwNode &rOther) const
bool operator!= (const SwNode &rOther) const
bool operator< (const SwNode &rOther) const
bool operator<= (const SwNode &rOther) const
bool operator> (const SwNode &rOther) const
bool operator>= (const SwNode &rOther) const
sw::AccessibilityCheckStatusgetAccessibilityCheckStatus ()
void resetAndQueueAccessibilityCheck ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from sw::BorderCacheOwner
 BorderCacheOwner ()
 BorderCacheOwner (BorderCacheOwner &)
BorderCacheOwneroperator= (const BorderCacheOwner &)
 ~BorderCacheOwner ()
bool IsInCache () const
void InvalidateInSwCache (const sal_uInt16)

Protected Member Functions

 SwStartNode (const SwNode &rWhere, const SwNodeType nNodeType=SwNodeType::Start, SwStartNodeType=SwNormalStartNode)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwNode
 SwNode ()
 only used by SwContentNodeTmp in SwTextNode::Update More...
 SwNode (const SwNode &rWhere, const SwNodeType nNodeId)
 SwNode (SwNodes &rNodes, SwNodeOffset nPos, const SwNodeType nNodeId)
 for the initial StartNode More...

Private Member Functions

 SwStartNode (SwNodes &rNodes, SwNodeOffset nPos)
 for the initial StartNode More...
 SwStartNode (const SwStartNode &rNode)=delete
SwStartNodeoperator= (const SwStartNode &rNode)=delete

Private Attributes

SwStartNodeType m_eStartNodeType


class SwNode
class SwNodes
class SwEndNode
 to set the theEndOfSection !! More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from SwNode
enum class  Merge {
  None ,
  First ,
  NonFirst ,
 sw_redlinehide: redline node merge state More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from SwNode

Detailed Description

Starts a section of nodes in the document model.

Definition at line 347 of file node.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SwStartNode() [1/3]

SwStartNode::SwStartNode ( SwNodes rNodes,
SwNodeOffset  nPos 

for the initial StartNode

Definition at line 981 of file node.cxx.

References SwNodes::InsertNode(), m_pEndOfSection, SwNode::m_pStartOfSection, nPos, and Start.

◆ SwStartNode() [2/3]

SwStartNode::SwStartNode ( const SwNode rWhere,
const SwNodeType  nNodeType = SwNodeType::Start,
SwStartNodeType  eSttNd = SwNormalStartNode 

◆ SwStartNode() [3/3]

SwStartNode::SwStartNode ( const SwStartNode rNode)

Member Function Documentation

◆ CheckSectionCondColl()

void SwStartNode::CheckSectionCondColl ( ) const

◆ dumpAsXml()

void SwStartNode::dumpAsXml ( xmlTextWriterPtr  pWriter) const

Dumps the node structure to the given destination (file nodes.xml in the current directory by default)

Reimplemented from SwNode.

Reimplemented in SwTableNode, and SwSectionNode.

Definition at line 1003 of file node.cxx.

References SwNode::GetIndex(), SwNode::GetNodeType(), GetStartNodeType(), SwNode::GetTableBox(), pName, SwFlyStartNode, SwFooterStartNode, SwFootnoteStartNode, SwHeaderStartNode, SwNormalStartNode, SwTableBoxStartNode, and Table.

◆ GetStartNodeType()

SwStartNodeType SwStartNode::GetStartNodeType ( ) const

◆ operator=()

SwStartNode & SwStartNode::operator= ( const SwStartNode rNode)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ SwEndNode

friend class SwEndNode

to set the theEndOfSection !!

Definition at line 351 of file node.hxx.

Referenced by SwTableNode::MakeCopy(), and SwSectionNode::MakeCopy().

◆ SwNode

friend class SwNode

Definition at line 349 of file node.hxx.

◆ SwNodes

friend class SwNodes

Definition at line 350 of file node.hxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_eStartNodeType

SwStartNodeType SwStartNode::m_eStartNodeType

Definition at line 354 of file node.hxx.

◆ m_pEndOfSection

SwEndNode* SwStartNode::m_pEndOfSection

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