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modeltoviewhelper.hxx File Reference
#include <rtl/ustring.hxx>
#include <sal/types.h>
#include <o3tl/typed_flags_set.hxx>
#include <vector>
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struct  o3tl::typed_flags< ExpandMode >
class  ModelToViewHelper
struct  ModelToViewHelper::ConversionMapEntry
 For each expanded/hidden portion in the model string, there is an entry in the conversion map. More...
struct  ModelToViewHelper::ModelPosition
 This struct defines a position in the model string. More...


namespace  o3tl


enum class  ExpandMode {
  PassThrough = 0x0000 ,
  ExpandFields = 0x0001 ,
  ExpandFootnote = 0x0002 ,
  HideInvisible = 0x0004 ,
  HideDeletions = 0x0008 ,
  ReplaceMode = 0x0010 ,
  HideFieldmarkCommands = 0x0020
 Some helpers for converting model strings to view strings. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ ExpandMode

enum class ExpandMode

Some helpers for converting model strings to view strings.

A paragraph string does not have its fields expanded, i.e., they are represented by a special character inside the string with an additional attribute assigned to it. For some tasks (e.g., SmartTags) it is required to expand the fields to get the string as it appears in the view. Two helper functions are provided to convert model positions to view positions and vice versa.

   CH_TXTATR_BREAKWORD -> SwTextNode will have field attributes associated with these
        .       .
        .       .
        .       .

AAAAA BBBBB # CCCCC # DDDDD | | | | | | | | | ------— | | . | | .

| | .......... bounds of a hidden text character attribute

.............. a range of text defined in redline region as deleted

0000: pass through gives: AAAAA BBBBB # CCCCC # DDDDD 0001: only expanding fields gives: AAAAA BBBBB foo CCCCC foo DDDDD 0010: only hiding hiddens gives: AAAAA CCCCC # DDDDD 0100: only hiding redlines gives: AAAABB # CCCCC # DDDDD 0011: expanding fields + hiding hiddens gives: AAAAA CCCC foo DDDDD 0101: expanding fields + hiding redlines gives: AAAA B foo CCCCC foo DDDDD 0110: hiding hiddens + hiding redlines gives: AAAACCCC # DDDDD 0111: expanding fields + hiding hiddens + hiding redlines gives: AAAABB foo CCCCC foo DDDDD


do not expand to content, but replace with zwsp


Definition at line 66 of file modeltoviewhelper.hxx.