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Writer Class Referenceabstract

#include <shellio.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 Writer ()
virtual ~Writer () override
virtual ErrCode Write (SwPaM &, SfxMedium &, const OUString *)
ErrCode Write (SwPaM &, SvStream &, const OUString *)
virtual ErrCode Write (SwPaM &, const css::uno::Reference< css::embed::XStorage > &, const OUString *, SfxMedium *=nullptr)
virtual ErrCode Write (SwPaM &, SotStorage &, const OUString *)
virtual void SetupFilterOptions (SfxMedium &rMedium)
virtual bool IsStgWriter () const
void SetShowProgress (bool bFlag)
const OUString * GetOrigFileName () const
const SwAsciiOptionsGetAsciiOptions () const
void SetAsciiOptions (const SwAsciiOptions &rOpt)
const OUString & GetBaseURL () const
sal_Int32 FindPos_Bkmk (const SwPosition &rPos) const
void CreateBookmarkTable ()
bool GetBookmarks (const SwContentNode &rNd, sal_Int32 nStt, sal_Int32 nEnd, std::vector< const ::sw::mark::IMark * > &rArr)
bool CopyLocalFileToINet (OUString &rFileNm)
void SetStream (SvStream *const pStream)
SvStreamStrm ()
void SetOrganizerMode (bool bSet)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SvRefBase
 SvRefBase ()
 SvRefBase (const SvRefBase &)
SvRefBaseoperator= (const SvRefBase &)
void RestoreNoDelete ()
void AddNextRef ()
void AddFirstRef ()
void ReleaseRef ()
unsigned int GetRefCount () const

Static Public Member Functions

static std::shared_ptr< SwUnoCursorNewUnoCursor (SwDoc &rDoc, SwNodeOffset const nStartIdx, SwNodeOffset const nEndIdx)

Public Attributes

std::shared_ptr< SwUnoCursorm_pCurrentPam
bool m_bWriteAll: 1
bool m_bShowProgress: 1
bool m_bWriteClipboardDoc: 1
bool m_bWriteOnlyFirstTable: 1
bool m_bASCII_ParaAsCR: 1
bool m_bASCII_ParaAsBlank: 1
bool m_bASCII_NoLastLineEnd: 1
bool m_bUCS2_WithStartChar: 1
bool m_bExportParagraphNumbering: 1
bool m_bBlock: 1
bool m_bOrganizerMode: 1
bool m_bHideDeleteRedlines: 1

Protected Member Functions

void ResetWriter ()
bool CopyNextPam (SwPaM **)
void PutNumFormatFontsInAttrPool ()
void PutEditEngFontsInAttrPool ()
virtual ErrCode WriteStream ()=0
void SetBaseURL (const OUString &rURL)
IDocumentSettingAccessgetIDocumentSettingAccess ()
const IDocumentSettingAccessgetIDocumentSettingAccess () const
IDocumentStylePoolAccessgetIDocumentStylePoolAccess ()
const IDocumentStylePoolAccessgetIDocumentStylePoolAccess () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SvRefBase

Protected Attributes

const OUString * m_pOrigFileName

Private Member Functions

void AddFontItem (SfxItemPool &rPool, const SvxFontItem &rFont)
void AddFontItems_ (SfxItemPool &rPool, sal_uInt16 nWhichId)
 Writer (Writer const &)=delete
Writeroperator= (Writer const &)=delete

Private Attributes

SwAsciiOptions m_aAsciiOptions
OUString m_sBaseURL
std::unique_ptr< Writer_Implm_pImpl

Detailed Description

Definition at line 373 of file shellio.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Writer() [1/2]

Writer::Writer ( Writer const &  )

◆ Writer() [2/2]

Writer::Writer ( )

◆ ~Writer()

Writer::~Writer ( )

Definition at line 108 of file writer.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddFontItem()

void Writer::AddFontItem ( SfxItemPool rPool,
const SvxFontItem rFont 

◆ AddFontItems_()

void Writer::AddFontItems_ ( SfxItemPool rPool,
sal_uInt16  nWhichId 

◆ CopyLocalFileToINet()

bool Writer::CopyLocalFileToINet ( OUString &  rFileNm)

◆ CopyNextPam()

bool Writer::CopyNextPam ( SwPaM **  ppPam)

Definition at line 141 of file writer.cxx.

References SwPaM::GetNext(), m_pCurrentPam, and m_pOrigPam.

Referenced by SwHTMLWriter::Out_SwDoc(), and SwASCWriter::WriteStream().

◆ CreateBookmarkTable()

void Writer::CreateBookmarkTable ( )

Definition at line 397 of file writer.cxx.

References SwDoc::getIDocumentMarkAccess(), and m_pDoc.

Referenced by WW8Export::ExportDocument_Impl().

◆ FindPos_Bkmk()

sal_Int32 Writer::FindPos_Bkmk ( const SwPosition rPos) const

◆ GetAsciiOptions()

const SwAsciiOptions & Writer::GetAsciiOptions ( ) const

◆ GetBaseURL()

const OUString & Writer::GetBaseURL ( ) const

◆ GetBookmarks()

bool Writer::GetBookmarks ( const SwContentNode rNd,
sal_Int32  nStt,
sal_Int32  nEnd,
std::vector< const ::sw::mark::IMark * > &  rArr 

Definition at line 409 of file writer.cxx.

References SwNode::GetIndex(), SwContentNode::Len(), and m_pImpl.

◆ getIDocumentSettingAccess() [1/2]

IDocumentSettingAccess & Writer::getIDocumentSettingAccess ( )

Definition at line 115 of file writer.cxx.

References SwDoc::getIDocumentSettingAccess(), and m_pDoc.

◆ getIDocumentSettingAccess() [2/2]

const IDocumentSettingAccess & Writer::getIDocumentSettingAccess ( ) const

Definition at line 116 of file writer.cxx.

References SwDoc::getIDocumentSettingAccess(), and m_pDoc.

◆ getIDocumentStylePoolAccess() [1/2]

IDocumentStylePoolAccess & Writer::getIDocumentStylePoolAccess ( )

◆ getIDocumentStylePoolAccess() [2/2]

const IDocumentStylePoolAccess & Writer::getIDocumentStylePoolAccess ( ) const

Definition at line 118 of file writer.cxx.

References SwDoc::getIDocumentStylePoolAccess(), and m_pDoc.

◆ GetOrigFileName()

const OUString * Writer::GetOrigFileName ( ) const

◆ IsStgWriter()

bool Writer::IsStgWriter ( ) const

Reimplemented in StgWriter.

Definition at line 188 of file fltini.cxx.

Referenced by Write().

◆ NewUnoCursor()

std::shared_ptr< SwUnoCursor > Writer::NewUnoCursor ( SwDoc rDoc,
SwNodeOffset const  nStartIdx,
SwNodeOffset const  nEndIdx 

◆ operator=()

Writer & Writer::operator= ( Writer const &  )

◆ PutEditEngFontsInAttrPool()

void Writer::PutEditEngFontsInAttrPool ( )

◆ PutNumFormatFontsInAttrPool()

void Writer::PutNumFormatFontsInAttrPool ( )

◆ ResetWriter()

void Writer::ResetWriter ( )

◆ SetAsciiOptions()

void Writer::SetAsciiOptions ( const SwAsciiOptions rOpt)

Definition at line 441 of file shellio.hxx.

Referenced by SwASCWriter::SetupFilterOptions(), and SwASCWriter::SwASCWriter().

◆ SetBaseURL()

void Writer::SetBaseURL ( const OUString &  rURL)

◆ SetOrganizerMode()

void Writer::SetOrganizerMode ( bool  bSet)

Definition at line 467 of file shellio.hxx.

◆ SetShowProgress()

void Writer::SetShowProgress ( bool  bFlag)

Definition at line 436 of file shellio.hxx.

◆ SetStream()

void Writer::SetStream ( SvStream *const  pStream)

◆ SetupFilterOptions()

void Writer::SetupFilterOptions ( SfxMedium rMedium)

Reimplemented in SwASCWriter, and SwHTMLWriter.

Definition at line 241 of file writer.cxx.

Referenced by Write().

◆ Strm()

SvStream & Writer::Strm ( )

Definition at line 193 of file writer.cxx.

References m_pImpl.

Referenced by SwHTMLWriter::ChangeParaToken(), lcl_html_outFootEndNoteInfo(), lcl_html_OutSectionEndTag(), lcl_html_OutSectionStartTag(), SwHTMLWriter::MakeHeader(), SwHTMLWriter::OutAnchor(), SwHTMLWriter::OutAndSetDefList(), OutASC_SwTextNode(), SwHTMLWriter::OutBackground(), SwHTMLWriter::OutBasic(), SwHTMLWriter::OutBasicBodyEvents(), OutBodyColor(), OutCSS1_BodyTagStyleOpt(), SwHTMLWriter::OutCSS1_FrameFormatOptions(), OutCSS1_HintSpanTag(), OutCSS1_HintStyleOpt(), OutCSS1_NumberBulletListStyleOpt(), SwHTMLWriter::OutCSS1_Property(), SwHTMLWriter::OutCSS1_SectionFormatOptions(), SwHTMLWriter::OutCSS1_SfxItemSet(), OutCSS1_SvxBox(), OutCSS1_SwFootnoteInfo(), OutCSS1_SwFormatDrop(), OutCSS1_SwFormatDropAttrs(), OutCSS1_SwPageDesc(), OutCSS1_TableBGStyleOpt(), SwHTMLWriter::OutCSS1_TableCellBordersAndBG(), SwHTMLWriter::OutCSS1_TableFrameFormatOptions(), SwHTMLWriter::OutDirection(), SwHTMLWriter::OutFlyFrame(), SwHTMLWriter::OutFootEndNotes(), SwHTMLWriter::OutFootEndNoteSym(), SwHTMLWriter::OutFrameFormat(), SwHTMLWriter::OutFrameFormatOptions(), SwHTMLWriter::OutHiddenControls(), OutHTML_BulletImage(), OutHTML_DrawFrameFormatAsControl(), OutHTML_DrawFrameFormatAsMarquee(), OutHTML_FrameFormatAsDivOrSpan(), OutHTML_FrameFormatAsImage(), OutHTML_FrameFormatAsMulticol(), OutHTML_FrameFormatAsSpacer(), OutHTML_FrameFormatGrfNode(), OutHTML_FrameFormatOLENode(), OutHTML_FrameFormatOLENodeGrf(), OutHTML_HeaderFooter(), OutHTML_ImageOLEEnd(), OutHTML_ImageOLEStart(), OutHTML_INetFormat(), OutHTML_NumberBulletListEnd(), OutHTML_NumberBulletListStart(), OutHTML_SvxAdjust(), OutHTML_SvxColor(), OutHTML_SvxEscapement(), OutHTML_SvxFont(), OutHTML_SvxFontHeight(), OutHTML_SvxLanguage(), OutHTML_SwBlink(), OutHTML_SwCrossedOut(), OutHTML_SwField(), OutHTML_SwFormat(), OutHTML_SwFormatField(), OutHTML_SwFormatFootnote(), OutHTML_SwFormatLineBreak(), OutHTML_SwFormatOff(), OutHTML_SwPosture(), OutHTML_SwTableNode(), OutHTML_SwTextCharFormat(), OutHTML_SwTextNode(), OutHTML_SwUnderline(), OutHTML_SwWeight(), SwHTMLWriter::OutHyperlinkHRefValue(), SwHTMLWriter::OutLanguage(), SwHTMLWriter::OutNewLine(), SwHTMLWriter::OutPointFieldmarks(), SwHTMLWriter::OutStyleSheet(), RtfExport::Strm(), WW8Export::Strm(), SwASCWriter::WriteStream(), and SwHTMLWriter::WriteStream().

◆ Write() [1/4]

virtual ErrCode Writer::Write ( SwPaM ,
const css::uno::Reference< css::embed::XStorage > &  ,
const OUString *  ,
SfxMedium = nullptr 

Reimplemented in StgWriter, StgWriter, SwWW8Writer, and SwXMLWriter.

References Write.

◆ Write() [2/4]

ErrCode Writer::Write ( SwPaM rPam,
SfxMedium rMedium,
const OUString *  pFileName 

Reimplemented in StgWriter, SwWW8Writer, and SwXMLWriter.

Definition at line 244 of file writer.cxx.

References SfxMedium::GetOutStream(), SetupFilterOptions(), and Write().

Referenced by SwXMLWriter::Write(), and Write().

◆ Write() [3/4]

ErrCode Writer::Write ( SwPaM ,
SotStorage ,
const OUString *   

Reimplemented in StgWriter, StgWriter, SwWW8Writer, and SwXMLWriter.

Definition at line 252 of file writer.cxx.


◆ Write() [4/4]

ErrCode Writer::Write ( SwPaM rPaM,
SvStream rStrm,
const OUString *  pFName 

◆ WriteStream()

virtual ErrCode Writer::WriteStream ( )
protectedpure virtual

Implemented in StgWriter, SwASCWriter, SwHTMLWriter, and RtfWriter.

Referenced by Write().

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_aAsciiOptions

SwAsciiOptions Writer::m_aAsciiOptions

Definition at line 376 of file shellio.hxx.

◆ m_bASCII_NoLastLineEnd

bool Writer::m_bASCII_NoLastLineEnd

Definition at line 416 of file shellio.hxx.

Referenced by OutASC_SwTextNode(), ResetWriter(), and Writer().

◆ m_bASCII_ParaAsBlank

bool Writer::m_bASCII_ParaAsBlank

Definition at line 415 of file shellio.hxx.

Referenced by OutASC_SwTextNode(), ResetWriter(), Writer(), and SwASCWriter::WriteStream().

◆ m_bASCII_ParaAsCR

bool Writer::m_bASCII_ParaAsCR

Definition at line 414 of file shellio.hxx.

Referenced by ResetWriter(), Writer(), and SwASCWriter::WriteStream().

◆ m_bBlock

bool Writer::m_bBlock

Definition at line 420 of file shellio.hxx.

Referenced by ResetWriter(), SwXMLWriter::Write_(), and Writer().

◆ m_bExportParagraphNumbering

bool Writer::m_bExportParagraphNumbering

Definition at line 418 of file shellio.hxx.

Referenced by OutASC_SwTextNode(), and Writer().

◆ m_bHideDeleteRedlines

bool Writer::m_bHideDeleteRedlines

Definition at line 422 of file shellio.hxx.

◆ m_bOrganizerMode

bool Writer::m_bOrganizerMode

Definition at line 421 of file shellio.hxx.

Referenced by ResetWriter(), SwXMLWriter::Write_(), and Writer().

◆ m_bShowProgress

bool Writer::m_bShowProgress

◆ m_bUCS2_WithStartChar

bool Writer::m_bUCS2_WithStartChar

Definition at line 417 of file shellio.hxx.

Referenced by ResetWriter(), Writer(), and SwASCWriter::WriteStream().

◆ m_bWriteAll

bool Writer::m_bWriteAll

◆ m_bWriteClipboardDoc

bool Writer::m_bWriteClipboardDoc

Definition at line 412 of file shellio.hxx.

Referenced by OutASC_SwTextNode(), ResetWriter(), Writer(), and SwHTMLWriter::WriteStream().

◆ m_bWriteOnlyFirstTable

bool Writer::m_bWriteOnlyFirstTable

◆ m_pCurrentPam

std::shared_ptr<SwUnoCursor> Writer::m_pCurrentPam

◆ m_pDoc

SwDoc* Writer::m_pDoc

Definition at line 407 of file shellio.hxx.

Referenced by SwHTMLWriter::AddLinkTarget(), SwHTMLWriter::CollectFlyFrames(), SwHTMLWriter::CollectLinkTargets(), CreateBookmarkTable(), SwHTMLWriter::FillNextNumInfo(), FindPos_Bkmk(), SwHTMLWriter::GetControls(), SwHTMLWriter::GetFootEndNoteSym(), getIDocumentSettingAccess(), getIDocumentStylePoolAccess(), SwHTMLWriter::GuessFrameType(), HTMLSaveData::HTMLSaveData(), lcl_html_IsMultiColEnd(), lcl_html_IsMultiColStart(), SwHTMLWriter::MakeHeader(), SwHTMLWriter::Out_SwDoc(), SwHTMLWriter::OutBasic(), SwHTMLWriter::OutBasicBodyEvents(), SwHTMLWriter::OutBookmarks(), SwHTMLWriter::OutCSS1_FrameFormatBackground(), OutCSS1DropCapRule(), SwHTMLWriter::OutFootEndNoteInfo(), SwHTMLWriter::OutFootEndNoteSym(), SwHTMLWriter::OutForm(), SwHTMLWriter::OutHeaderAttrs(), SwHTMLWriter::OutHiddenForms(), OutHTML_DrawFrameFormatAsControl(), OutHTML_DrawFrameFormatAsMarquee(), OutHTML_FrameFormatAsDivOrSpan(), OutHTML_FrameFormatAsMulticol(), OutHTML_FrameFormatGrfNode(), OutHTML_FrameFormatOLENode(), OutHTML_FrameFormatOLENodeGrf(), OutHTML_FrameFormatTableNode(), OutHTML_HeaderFooter(), OutHTML_INetFormat(), OutHTML_NumberBulletListStart(), OutHTML_SwField(), OutHTML_SwFormat(), OutHTML_SwFormatField(), OutHTML_SwFormatFootnote(), OutHTML_SwTableNode(), OutHTML_SwTextNode(), SwHTMLWriter::OutPointFieldmarks(), SwHTMLWriter::OutStyleSheet(), PutEditEngFontsInAttrPool(), PutNumFormatFontsInAttrPool(), ResetWriter(), StgWriter::Write(), Write(), SwXMLWriter::Write_(), SwWW8Writer::WriteStorageImpl(), SwASCWriter::WriteStream(), and SwHTMLWriter::WriteStream().

◆ m_pImpl

std::unique_ptr<Writer_Impl> Writer::m_pImpl

◆ m_pOrigFileName

const OUString* Writer::m_pOrigFileName

◆ m_pOrigPam

SwPaM* Writer::m_pOrigPam

◆ m_sBaseURL

OUString Writer::m_sBaseURL

Definition at line 377 of file shellio.hxx.

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