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SwWW8Writer Class Reference

The writer class that gets called for the WW8 filter. More...

#include <wrtww8.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SwWW8Writer (std::u16string_view rFltName, const OUString &rBaseURL)
virtual ~SwWW8Writer () override
virtual ErrCode WriteStorage () override
virtual ErrCode WriteMedium (SfxMedium &) override
bool InitStd97CodecUpdateMedium (::msfilter::MSCodec_Std97 &rCodec)
virtual ErrCode Write (SwPaM &, SfxMedium &, const OUString *) override
SfxMediumGetMedia ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from StgWriter
 StgWriter ()
virtual bool IsStgWriter () const override
virtual ErrCode Write (SwPaM &, const css::uno::Reference< css::embed::XStorage > &, const OUString *, SfxMedium *=nullptr) override
virtual ErrCode Write (SwPaM &, SotStorage &, const OUString *) override
SotStorageGetStorage () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Writer
 Writer ()
virtual ~Writer () override
ErrCode Write (SwPaM &, SvStream &, const OUString *)
virtual void SetupFilterOptions (SfxMedium &rMedium)
void SetShowProgress (bool bFlag)
const OUString * GetOrigFileName () const
const SwAsciiOptionsGetAsciiOptions () const
void SetAsciiOptions (const SwAsciiOptions &rOpt)
const OUString & GetBaseURL () const
sal_Int32 FindPos_Bkmk (const SwPosition &rPos) const
void CreateBookmarkTable ()
bool GetBookmarks (const SwContentNode &rNd, sal_Int32 nStt, sal_Int32 nEnd, std::vector< const ::sw::mark::IMark * > &rArr)
bool CopyLocalFileToINet (OUString &rFileNm)
void SetStream (SvStream *const pStream)
SvStreamStrm ()
void SetOrganizerMode (bool bSet)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SvRefBase
 SvRefBase ()
 SvRefBase (const SvRefBase &)
SvRefBaseoperator= (const SvRefBase &)
void RestoreNoDelete ()
void AddNextRef ()
void AddFirstRef ()
void ReleaseRef ()
unsigned int GetRefCount () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void InsUInt16 (ww::bytes &rO, sal_uInt16 n)
static void InsUInt32 (ww::bytes &rO, sal_uInt32 n)
static void InsAsString16 (ww::bytes &rO, const OUString &rStr)
static void InsAsString8 (ww::bytes &O, std::u16string_view rStr, rtl_TextEncoding eCodeSet)
static sal_uLong FillUntil (SvStream &rStrm, sal_uLong nEndPos=0)
static void FillCount (SvStream &rStrm, sal_uLong nCount)
static void WriteShort (SvStream &rStrm, sal_Int16 nVal)
static void WriteShort (SvStream &rStrm, sal_uLong nPos, sal_Int16 nVal)
static void WriteLong (SvStream &rStrm, sal_Int32 nVal)
static void WriteLong (SvStream &rStrm, sal_uLong nPos, sal_Int32 nVal)
static void WriteString16 (SvStream &rStrm, const OUString &rStr, bool bAddZero)
static void WriteString8 (SvStream &rStrm, std::u16string_view rStr, bool bAddZero, rtl_TextEncoding eCodeSet)
static void WriteString_xstz (SvStream &rStrm, const OUString &rStr, bool bAddZero)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Writer
static std::shared_ptr< SwUnoCursorNewUnoCursor (SwDoc &rDoc, SwNodeOffset const nStartIdx, SwNodeOffset const nEndIdx)
static SvStreamOutLong (SvStream &rStrm, tools::Long nVal)
static SvStreamOutULong (SvStream &rStrm, sal_uLong nVal)

Private Member Functions

 SwWW8Writer (const SwWW8Writer &)=delete
SwWW8Writeroperator= (const SwWW8Writer &)=delete
ErrCode WriteStorageImpl ()

Private Attributes



void WW8_WrtRedlineAuthor::Write (Writer &rWrt)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Writer
std::shared_ptr< SwUnoCursorm_pCurrentPam
bool m_bWriteAll: 1
bool m_bShowProgress: 1
bool m_bWriteClipboardDoc: 1
bool m_bWriteOnlyFirstTable: 1
bool m_bASCII_ParaAsCR: 1
bool m_bASCII_ParaAsBlank: 1
bool m_bASCII_NoLastLineEnd: 1
bool m_bUCS2_WithStartChar: 1
bool m_bExportParagraphNumbering: 1
bool m_bBlock: 1
bool m_bOrganizerMode: 1
bool m_bHideDeleteRedlines: 1
- Protected Member Functions inherited from StgWriter
virtual ErrCode WriteStream () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Writer
void ResetWriter ()
bool CopyNextPam (SwPaM **)
void PutNumFormatFontsInAttrPool ()
void PutEditEngFontsInAttrPool ()
void SetBaseURL (const OUString &rURL)
IDocumentSettingAccessgetIDocumentSettingAccess ()
const IDocumentSettingAccessgetIDocumentSettingAccess () const
IDocumentStylePoolAccessgetIDocumentStylePoolAccess ()
const IDocumentStylePoolAccessgetIDocumentStylePoolAccess () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SvRefBase
- Protected Attributes inherited from StgWriter
tools::SvRef< SotStoragem_pStg
css::uno::Reference< css::embed::XStorage > m_xStg
- Protected Attributes inherited from Writer
const OUString * m_pOrigFileName

Detailed Description

The writer class that gets called for the WW8 filter.

Definition at line 935 of file wrtww8.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SwWW8Writer::SwWW8Writer ( std::u16string_view  rFltName,
const OUString &  rBaseURL 

Definition at line 3945 of file wrtww8.cxx.

References FILTER_WW8, Writer::SetBaseURL(), and void().

SwWW8Writer::~SwWW8Writer ( )

Definition at line 3954 of file wrtww8.cxx.

SwWW8Writer::SwWW8Writer ( const SwWW8Writer )

Member Function Documentation

void SwWW8Writer::FillCount ( SvStream rStrm,
sal_uLong  nCount 
sal_uLong SwWW8Writer::FillUntil ( SvStream rStrm,
sal_uLong  nEndPos = 0 

Definition at line 946 of file wrtww8.cxx.

References FillCount(), and SvStream::Tell().

Referenced by WW8Export::StoreDoc1(), and WW8_WrPlcPn::WriteFkps().

SfxMedium* SwWW8Writer::GetMedia ( )

Definition at line 984 of file wrtww8.hxx.

References mpMedium.

bool SwWW8Writer::InitStd97CodecUpdateMedium ( ::msfilter::MSCodec_Std97 rCodec)
void SwWW8Writer::InsAsString16 ( ww::bytes rO,
const OUString &  rStr 
void SwWW8Writer::InsAsString8 ( ww::bytes O,
std::u16string_view  rStr,
rtl_TextEncoding  eCodeSet 

Definition at line 1732 of file wrtww8.cxx.

References OUStringToOString().

Referenced by WriteString8().

void SwWW8Writer::InsUInt16 ( ww::bytes rO,
sal_uInt16  n 
void SwWW8Writer::InsUInt32 ( ww::bytes rO,
sal_uInt32  n 
SwWW8Writer& SwWW8Writer::operator= ( const SwWW8Writer )
ErrCode SwWW8Writer::Write ( SwPaM rPaM,
SfxMedium rMed,
const OUString *  pFileName 

Reimplemented from Writer.

Definition at line 3843 of file wrtww8.cxx.

References mpMedium, and StgWriter::Write().

static void SwWW8Writer::WriteLong ( SvStream rStrm,
sal_Int32  nVal 
void SwWW8Writer::WriteLong ( SvStream rStrm,
sal_uLong  nPos,
sal_Int32  nVal 

Definition at line 1699 of file wrtww8.cxx.

References SvStream::Seek(), SvStream::Tell(), and WriteLong().

ErrCode SwWW8Writer::WriteMedium ( SfxMedium )

Implements StgWriter.

Definition at line 3838 of file wrtww8.cxx.

References WriteStorage().

static void SwWW8Writer::WriteShort ( SvStream rStrm,
sal_Int16  nVal 
void SwWW8Writer::WriteShort ( SvStream rStrm,
sal_uLong  nPos,
sal_Int16  nVal 

Definition at line 1691 of file wrtww8.cxx.

References SvStream::Seek(), SvStream::Tell(), and WriteShort().

ErrCode SwWW8Writer::WriteStorage ( )
ErrCode SwWW8Writer::WriteStorageImpl ( )
void SwWW8Writer::WriteString16 ( SvStream rStrm,
const OUString &  rStr,
bool  bAddZero 
void SwWW8Writer::WriteString8 ( SvStream rStrm,
std::u16string_view  rStr,
bool  bAddZero,
rtl_TextEncoding  eCodeSet 
void SwWW8Writer::WriteString_xstz ( SvStream rStrm,
const OUString &  rStr,
bool  bAddZero 

Definition at line 1755 of file wrtww8.cxx.

References InsAsString16(), InsUInt16(), and SvStream::WriteBytes().

Referenced by WW8Export::WriteFormData().

Friends And Related Function Documentation

Member Data Documentation

WW8Export* SwWW8Writer::m_pExport

Definition at line 942 of file wrtww8.hxx.

Referenced by WriteStorageImpl().

SfxMedium* SwWW8Writer::mpMedium

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