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SwWrtShell Class Referencefinal

Used by the UI to modify the document model. More...

#include <wrtsh.hxx>

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struct  CursorStack
struct  ModeStack

Public Types

enum  word {
  NO_WORD = 0 ,
enum  GetStyle {
enum  DoType {
  UNDO ,
  REDO ,
enum class  FieldDialogPressedButton {
  NONE ,
  Previous ,
typedef bool(SwWrtShell::* FNSimpleMove) ()
- Public Types inherited from SwCursorShell
enum  CursorFlag {
  UPDOWN = (1 << 0) ,
  SCROLLWIN = (1 << 1) ,
  CHKRANGE = (1 << 2) ,
  READONLY = (1 << 3)
 for calling UpdateCursor More...
enum class  StartsWith {
  None ,
  Table ,
enum class  PopMode {
  DeleteCurrent ,
- Public Types inherited from sw::Ring< SwViewShell >
typedef std::add_const< SwViewShell >::type const_value_type
typedef RingContainer< SwViewShellring_container
typedef RingContainer< const_value_typeconst_ring_container

Public Member Functions

tools::Long CallSetCursor (const Point *pPt, bool bProp)
void Drag (const Point *pPt, bool bProp)
void EndDrag (const Point *pPt, bool bProp)
tools::Long KillSelection (const Point *pPt, bool bProp)
bool IsSplitVerticalByDefault () const
void SetSplitVerticalByDefault (bool value)
tools::Long ResetSelect (const Point *, bool)
void ResetCursorStack ()
SelectionType GetSelectionType () const
bool IsModePushed () const
void PushMode ()
void PopMode ()
void SttSelect ()
void EndSelect ()
bool IsInSelect () const
void SetInSelect ()
bool HasSelection () const
bool Pop (SwCursorShell::PopMode, ::std::optional< SwCallLink > &roLink)
bool Pop (SwCursorShell::PopMode=SwCursorShell::PopMode::DeleteStack)
void EnterStdMode ()
bool IsStdMode () const
void EnterExtMode ()
void LeaveExtMode ()
void ToggleExtMode ()
bool IsExtMode () const
void EnterAddMode ()
void LeaveAddMode ()
void ToggleAddMode ()
bool IsAddMode () const
void EnterBlockMode ()
void LeaveBlockMode ()
void ToggleBlockMode ()
bool IsBlockMode () const
void SetInsMode (bool bOn=true)
void ToggleInsMode ()
bool IsInsMode () const
void SetRedlineFlagsAndCheckInsMode (RedlineFlags eMode)
void EnterSelFrameMode (const Point *pStartDrag=nullptr)
void LeaveSelFrameMode ()
bool IsSelFrameMode () const
void UnSelectFrame ()
void Invalidate ()
void SelTableCells (const Link< SwWrtShell &, void > &rLink)
void EndSelTableCells ()
bool IsExtSel () const
bool Is_FnDragEQBeginDrag () const
bool IsEndWrd ()
bool IsSttOfPara () const
bool IsEndOfPara () const
bool SelNearestWrd ()
bool SelWrd (const Point *=nullptr)
void SelSentence (const Point *)
void SelPara (const Point *)
void SelAll ()
bool SimpleMove (FNSimpleMove, bool bSelect)
bool Left (SwCursorSkipMode nMode, bool bSelect, sal_uInt16 nCount, bool bBasicCall, bool bVisual=false)
bool Right (SwCursorSkipMode nMode, bool bSelect, sal_uInt16 nCount, bool bBasicCall, bool bVisual=false)
bool Up (bool bSelect, sal_uInt16 nCount=1, bool bBasicCall=false)
bool Down (bool bSelect, sal_uInt16 nCount=1, bool bBasicCall=false)
void NxtWrd (bool bSelect=false)
bool PrvWrd (bool bSelect=false)
bool LeftMargin (bool bSelect, bool bBasicCall)
bool RightMargin (bool bSelect, bool bBasicCall)
bool StartOfSection (bool bSelect=false)
bool EndOfSection (bool bSelect=false)
bool SttNxtPg (bool bSelect=false)
void SttPrvPg (bool bSelect=false)
void EndNxtPg (bool bSelect=false)
bool EndPrvPg (bool bSelect=false)
bool SttPg (bool bSelect=false)
bool EndPg (bool bSelect=false)
bool SttPara (bool bSelect=false)
void EndPara (bool bSelect=false)
bool FwdPara ()
void BwdPara ()
void FwdSentence (bool bSelect=false)
void BwdSentence (bool bSelect=false)
bool SelectTableRowCol (const Point &rPt, const Point *pEnd=nullptr, bool bRowDrag=false)
void SelectTableRow ()
void SelectTableCol ()
void SelectTableCell ()
bool SelectTextAttr (sal_uInt16 nWhich, const SwTextAttr *pAttr=nullptr)
void StartOfColumn ()
void EndOfColumn ()
void StartOfNextColumn ()
void EndOfNextColumn ()
void StartOfPrevColumn ()
void EndOfPrevColumn ()
bool GotoPage (sal_uInt16 nPage, bool bRecord)
 DECL_DLLPRIVATE_LINK (ExecFlyMac, const SwFlyFrameFormat *, void)
bool PageCursor (SwTwips lOffset, bool bSelect)
 if no stack exists --> cancel selection if stack && change of direction --> pop cursor and return else --> push cursor transpose cursor More...
void UpdateInputFields (SwInputFieldList *pLst=nullptr)
void NoEdit (bool bHideCursor=true)
void Edit ()
bool IsRetainSelection () const
void SetRetainSelection (bool bRet)
void ChgDBData (const SwDBData &SwDBData)
void DelToEndOfLine ()
void DelToStartOfLine ()
void DelLine ()
 Description: Erase the line. More...
bool DelLeft ()
bool DelRight (bool isReplaceHeuristic=false)
void DelToEndOfPara ()
void DelToStartOfPara ()
bool DelToEndOfSentence ()
void DelToStartOfSentence ()
void DelNxtWord ()
void DelPrvWord ()
int IntelligentCut (SelectionType nSelectionType, bool bCut=true)
bool InsertField2 (SwField const &, SwPaM *pAnnotationRange=nullptr)
void Insert (const OUString &)
void InsertGraphic (const OUString &rPath, const OUString &rFilter, const Graphic &, SwFlyFrameAttrMgr *=nullptr, RndStdIds nAnchorType=RndStdIds::FLY_AT_PARA)
void InsertByWord (const OUString &)
void InsertPageBreak (const OUString *pPageDesc=nullptr, const ::std::optional< sal_uInt16 > &rPgNum=std::nullopt)
void InsertLineBreak (std::optional< SwLineBreakClear > oClear=std::nullopt)
void InsertColumnBreak ()
void InsertContentControl (SwContentControlType eType)
void InsertFootnote (const OUString &, bool bEndNote=false, bool bEdit=true)
void SplitNode (bool bAutoFormat=false)
bool CanInsert ()
void InsertTableOf (const SwTOXBase &rTOX, const SfxItemSet *pSet=nullptr)
void UpdateTableOf (const SwTOXBase &rTOX, const SfxItemSet *pSet=nullptr)
void NumOrBulletOn (bool bNum)
 Turns on numbering or bullets. More...
void NumOrBulletOff ()
void NumOn ()
void BulletOn ()
void InsertObject (const svt::EmbeddedObjectRef &, SvGlobalName const *pName, sal_uInt16 nSlotId=0)
bool InsertOleObject (const svt::EmbeddedObjectRef &xObj, SwFlyFrameFormat **pFlyFrameFormat=nullptr)
void LaunchOLEObj (sal_Int32 nVerb=css::embed::EmbedVerbs::MS_OLEVERB_PRIMARY)
virtual void MoveObjectIfActive (svt::EmbeddedObjectRef &xObj, const Point &rOffset) override
 The layout has been changed, so the active object has to be moved after that. More...
virtual void CalcAndSetScale (svt::EmbeddedObjectRef &xObj, const SwRect *pFlyPrtRect=nullptr, const SwRect *pFlyFrameRect=nullptr, const bool bNoTextFramePrtAreaChanged=false) override
 Client for OleObject has to be up-to-date regarding scaling. More...
virtual void ConnectObj (svt::EmbeddedObjectRef &xIPObj, const SwRect &rPrt, const SwRect &rFrame) override
 Connect objects with ActivateWhenVisible at Paint. More...
SwTextFormatCollGetParaStyle (const OUString &rCollName, GetStyle eCreate=GETSTYLE_NOCREATE)
SwCharFormatGetCharStyle (const OUString &rFormatName, GetStyle eCreate=GETSTYLE_NOCREATE)
SwFrameFormatGetTableStyle (std::u16string_view rFormatName)
void SetPageStyle (const OUString &rCollName)
OUString const & GetCurPageStyle () const
void QuickUpdateStyle ()
void Do (DoType eDoType, sal_uInt16 nCnt=1, sal_uInt16 nOffset=0)
OUString GetDoString (DoType eDoType) const
OUString GetRepeatString () const
void GetDoStrings (DoType eDoType, SfxStringListItem &rStrLstItem) const
sal_Int32 SearchPattern (const i18nutil::SearchOptions2 &rSearchOpt, bool bSearchInNotes, SwDocPositions eStart, SwDocPositions eEnd, FindRanges eFlags=FindRanges::InBody, bool bReplace=false)
sal_Int32 SearchTempl (const OUString &rTempl, SwDocPositions eStart, SwDocPositions eEnd, FindRanges eFlags=FindRanges::InBody, const OUString *pReplTempl=nullptr)
sal_Int32 SearchAttr (const SfxItemSet &rFindSet, bool bNoColls, SwDocPositions eStart, SwDocPositions eEnd, FindRanges eFlags=FindRanges::InBody, const i18nutil::SearchOptions2 *pSearchOpt=nullptr, const SfxItemSet *pReplaceSet=nullptr)
void AutoCorrect (SvxAutoCorrect &rACorr, sal_Unicode cChar)
void MoveCursor (bool bWithSelect=false)
bool StartInputFieldDlg (SwField *, bool bPrevButton, bool bNextButton, weld::Widget *pParentWin, FieldDialogPressedButton *pPressedButton=nullptr)
bool StartDropDownFieldDlg (SwField *, bool bPrevButton, bool bNextButton, weld::Widget *pParentWin, FieldDialogPressedButton *pPressedButton=nullptr)
virtual void DrawSelChanged () override
void GotoMark (const ::sw::mark::IMark *const pMark)
bool GotoMark (const ::sw::mark::IMark *const pMark, bool bSelect)
void GotoMark (const OUString &rName)
bool GoNextBookmark ()
bool GoPrevBookmark ()
bool GotoFieldmark (::sw::mark::IFieldmark const *const pMark)
bool GotoField (const SwFormatField &rField)
bool GotoContentControl (const SwFormatContentControl &rContentControl, bool bOnlyRefresh=false)
void SelectNextPrevHyperlink (bool bNext)
const SwViewGetView () const
SwViewGetView ()
void ExecMacro (const SvxMacro &rMacro, OUString *pRet=nullptr, SbxArray *pArgs=nullptr)
sal_uInt16 CallEvent (SvMacroItemId nEvent, const SwCallMouseEvent &rCallEvent, bool bCheckPtr=false)
void ClickToField (const SwField &rField, bool bExecHyperlinks)
void ClickToINetAttr (const SwFormatINetFormat &rItem, LoadUrlFlags nFilter=LoadUrlFlags::NONE)
bool ClickToINetGrf (const Point &rDocPt, LoadUrlFlags nFilter)
bool IsInClickToEdit () const
bool GetURLFromButton (OUString &rURL, OUString &rDescr) const
void NavigatorPaste (const NaviContentBookmark &rBkmk, const sal_uInt16 nAction)
virtual void ApplyViewOptions (const SwViewOption &rOpt) override
 Apply ViewOptions with Start-/EndAction. More...
virtual void SetReadonlyOption (bool bSet) override
void AutoUpdateFrame (SwFrameFormat *pFormat, const SfxItemSet &rStyleSet)
void AutoUpdatePara (SwTextFormatColl *pColl, const SfxItemSet &rStyleSet, SwPaM *pPaM=nullptr)
void StartInsertRegionDialog (const SwSectionData &)
 SwWrtShell (SwWrtShell &, vcl::Window *pWin, SwView &rShell)
 SwWrtShell (SwDoc &rDoc, vcl::Window *pWin, SwView &rShell, const SwViewOption *pViewOpt)
virtual ~SwWrtShell () override
bool TryRemoveIndent ()
OUString GetSelDescr () const
SwNavigationMgrGetNavigationMgr ()
void addCurrentPosition ()
bool GotoFly (const OUString &rName, FlyCntType eType=FLYCNTTYPE_ALL, bool bSelFrame=true)
bool GotoINetAttr (const SwTextINetFormat &rAttr)
void GotoOutline (SwOutlineNodes::size_type nIdx)
bool GotoOutline (const OUString &rName)
bool GotoRegion (std::u16string_view rName)
bool GotoRefMark (const OUString &rRefMark, sal_uInt16 nSubType=0, sal_uInt16 nSeqNo=0)
bool GotoNextTOXBase (const OUString *pName=nullptr)
bool GotoTable (const OUString &rName)
void GotoFormatField (const SwFormatField &rField)
const SwRangeRedlineGotoRedline (SwRedlineTable::size_type nArrPos, bool bSelect)
bool GotoDrawingObject (std::u16string_view rName)
void GotoFootnoteAnchor (const SwTextFootnote &rTextFootnote)
void ChangeHeaderOrFooter (std::u16string_view rStyleName, bool bHeader, bool bOn, bool bShowWarning)
virtual void SetShowHeaderFooterSeparator (FrameControlType eControl, bool bShow) override
void InsertPostIt (SwFieldMgr &rFieldMgr, const SfxRequest &rReq)
 Inserts a new annotation/comment at the current cursor position / selection. More...
bool IsOutlineContentVisible (const size_t nPos)
void MakeOutlineContentVisible (const size_t nPos, bool bMakeVisible=true, bool bSetAttrOutlineVisibility=true)
void MakeAllFoldedOutlineContentVisible (bool bMakeVisible=true)
void InvalidateOutlineContentVisibility ()
bool GetAttrOutlineContentVisible (const size_t nPos) const
void MakeOutlineLevelsVisible (const int nLevel)
bool HasFoldedOutlineContentSelected () const
virtual void InfoReadOnlyDialog (bool bAsync) const override
 Selected area has readonly content. More...
virtual bool WarnHiddenSectionDialog () const override
 Selected area has hidden content. More...
virtual bool WarnSwitchToDesignModeDialog () const override
 Switch to Design mode for Forms. More...
std::optional< OString > getLOKPayload (int nType, int nViewId) const
bool GotoFootnoteAnchor ()
 jump from footnote to anchor More...
bool GotoFootnoteAnchor (const SwTextFootnote &rTextFootnote)
void Insert (sal_Unicode, bool bOnlyCurrCursor=false)
 Edit (all selected ranges). More...
void Insert (const SwTOXMark &rMark)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwFEShell
 SwFEShell (SwDoc &rDoc, vcl::Window *pWin, const SwViewOption *pOpt)
 SwFEShell (SwEditShell &rShell, vcl::Window *pWin)
virtual ~SwFEShell () override
void Copy (SwDoc &rClpDoc, const OUString *pNewClpText=nullptr)
 Copy and Paste methods for internal clipboard. More...
bool Paste (SwDoc &rClpDoc, bool bNestedTable=false)
void PastePages (SwFEShell &rToFill, sal_uInt16 nStartPage, sal_uInt16 nEndPage)
 Paste some pages into another doc - used in mailmerge. More...
bool Copy (SwFEShell &, const Point &rSttPt, const Point &rInsPt, bool bIsMove=false, bool bSelectInsert=true)
 Copy-Method for Drag&Drop. More...
void SelectFlyFrame (SwFlyFrame &rFrame)
const SwFrameFormatIsFlyInFly ()
 Is selected frame within another frame? More...
bool SelectObj (const Point &rSelPt, sal_uInt8 nFlag=0, SdrObject *pObj=nullptr)
 If an object has been given, exactly this object is selected (instead of searching over position). More...
void DelSelectedObj ()
void SelectionToTop (bool bTop=true)
 Move selection upwards or downwards (Z-Order). More...
void SelectionToBottom (bool bBottom=true)
SdrLayerID GetLayerId () const
 1 Heaven, 0 Hell, SDRLAYER_NOTFOUND Ambiguous. More...
void SelectionToHeaven ()
 Above document. More...
void SelectionToHell ()
 Below document. More...
bool IsObjSelectable (const Point &rPt)
 The following two methods return enum SdrHdlKind. More...
SdrObjectGetObjAt (const Point &rPt)
 Same as IsObjSelectable(), but return the object as well. More...
bool IsInsideSelectedObj (const Point &rPt)
 returns enum values More...
bool ShouldObjectBeSelected (const Point &rPt)
 Test if there is a draw object at that position and if it should be selected. More...
bool MoveAnchor (SwMove nDir)
bool IsDirectlyInSection () const
FrameTypeFlags GetFrameType (const Point *pPt, bool bStopAtFly) const
 For return values see above FrameType. More...
FrameTypeFlags GetSelFrameType () const
bool IsSelContainsControl () const
 check whether selected frame contains a control; companion method to GetSelFrameType, used for preventing drag&drop of controls into header More...
ObjCntType GetObjCntType (const Point &rPt, SdrObject *&rpObj) const
ObjCntType GetObjCntTypeOfSelection () const
SwRect GetObjRect () const
 For adjustment of PosAttr when anchor changes. More...
SwRect GetFlyRect () const
 For moving flys with keyboard. More...
void CalcBoundRect (SwRect &_orRect, const RndStdIds _nAnchorId, const sal_Int16 _eHoriRelOrient=css::text::RelOrientation::FRAME, const sal_Int16 _eVertRelOrient=css::text::RelOrientation::FRAME, const SwFormatAnchor *_pToCharContentPos=nullptr, const bool _bFollowTextFlow=false, bool _bMirror=false, Point *_opRef=nullptr, Size *_opPercent=nullptr, const SwFormatFrameSize *pFormatFrameSize=nullptr) const
 i#17567 - adjustments to allow negative vertical positions for fly frames anchored to paragraph or to character. More...
void SetObjRect (const SwRect &rRect)
 Set size of draw objects. More...
void BeginDrag (const Point *pPt, bool bProp)
void Drag (const Point *pPt, bool bProp)
void EndDrag ()
void BreakDrag ()
Point GetAnchorObjDiff () const
 Methods for status line. More...
Point GetObjAbsPos () const
Size GetObjSize () const
void GetPageObjs (std::vector< SwFrameFormat * > &rFillArr)
 SS for envelopes: get all page-bound objects and set them to new page. More...
void SetPageObjsNewPage (std::vector< SwFrameFormat * > &rFillArr)
virtual void MakeSelVisible () override
 Show current selection (frame / draw object as required). More...
const SwFrameFormatGetFormatFromObj (const Point &rPt, SwRect **pRectToFill=nullptr) const
const SwFrameFormatGetFormatFromAnyObj (const Point &rPt) const
FlyProtectFlags IsSelObjProtected (FlyProtectFlags eType) const
 Which Protection is set at selected object? More...
const GraphicGetGrfAtPos (const Point &rDocPos, OUString &rName, bool &rbLink) const
 Deliver graphic in rName besides graphic name. More...
OUString GetObjTitle () const
void SetObjTitle (const OUString &rTitle)
OUString GetObjDescription () const
void SetObjDescription (const OUString &rDescription)
bool IsObjDecorative () const
void SetObjDecorative (bool isDecorative)
bool IsFrameSelected () const
bool GetFlyFrameAttr (SfxItemSet &rSet) const
bool SetFlyFrameAttr (SfxItemSet &rSet)
void ResetFlyFrameAttr (const SfxItemSet *pSet)
const SwFrameFormatNewFlyFrame (const SfxItemSet &rSet, bool bAnchValid=false, SwFrameFormat *pParent=nullptr)
void SetFlyPos (const Point &rAbsPos)
Point FindAnchorPos (const Point &rAbsPos, bool bMoveIt=false)
bool IsFrameVertical (const bool bEnvironment, bool &bRightToLeft, bool &bVertL2R) const
 Determines whether a frame or its environment is vertically formatted and right-to-left. More...
SwFrameFormatGetSelectedFrameFormat () const
 If frame then frame style, else 0. More...
void SetFrameFormat (SwFrameFormat *pFormat, bool bKeepOrient=false, Point const *pDocPos=nullptr)
 If frame then set frame style. More...
SwFlyFrameGetSelectedFlyFrame () const
SwFlyFrameGetCurrFlyFrame (const bool bCalcFrame=true) const
SwFlyFrameGetSelectedOrCurrFlyFrame () const
SwFrameFormatWizardGetFly ()
 Find/delete fly containing the cursor. More...
bool GotoNextFly (GotoObjFlags eType=GotoObjFlags::FlyAny)
 Independent selecting of flys. More...
bool GotoPrevFly (GotoObjFlags eType=GotoObjFlags::FlyAny)
size_t GetFlyCount (FlyCntType eType, bool bIgnoreTextBoxes=false) const
 Iterate over flys - for Basic-collections. More...
const SwFrameFormatGetFlyNum (size_t nIdx, FlyCntType eType, bool bIgnoreTextBoxes=false) const
std::vector< SwFrameFormat const * > GetFlyFrameFormats (FlyCntType eType, bool bIgnoreTextBoxes)
const SwFrameFormatSelFlyGrabCursor ()
 If a fly is selected, it draws cursor into the first ContentFrame. More...
const SwFrameFormatGetFlyFrameFormat () const
 Get FlyFrameFormat; for UI macro linkage at Flys. More...
SwFrameFormatGetFlyFrameFormat ()
Size RequestObjectResize (const SwRect &rRect, const css::uno::Reference< css::embed::XEmbeddedObject > &)
 OLE. More...
virtual void MoveObjectIfActive (svt::EmbeddedObjectRef &xObj, const Point &rOffset)
 The layout has been changed, so the active object has to be moved after that. More...
virtual void CalcAndSetScale (svt::EmbeddedObjectRef &xObj, const SwRect *pFlyPrtRect=nullptr, const SwRect *pFlyFrameRect=nullptr, const bool bNoTextFramePrtAreaChanged=false)=0
 Client for OleObject has to be up-to-date regarding scaling. More...
virtual void ConnectObj (svt::EmbeddedObjectRef &, const SwRect &rPrt, const SwRect &rFrame)=0
 Connect objects with ActivateWhenVisible at Paint. More...
bool IsCheckForOLEInCaption () const
 Check resize of OLE-Object. More...
void SetCheckForOLEInCaption (bool bFlag)
void SetFlyName (const OUString &rName)
 Set name at selected FlyFrame. More...
OUString GetFlyName () const
css::uno::Reference< css::embed::XEmbeddedObject > GetOleRef () const
 get reference to OLE object (if there is one) for selected FlyFrame More...
OUString GetUniqueGrfName () const
 Created unique name for frame. More...
OUString GetUniqueOLEName () const
OUString GetUniqueFrameName () const
bool GotoFly (const OUString &rName, FlyCntType eType, bool bSelFrame)
 Jump to named Fly (graphic/OLE). More...
const SwFrameFormatIsURLGrfAtPos (const Point &rPt, OUString *pURL=nullptr, OUString *pTargetFrameName=nullptr, OUString *pURLDescription=nullptr) const
 Position is a graphic with URL? More...
SwChainRet Chainable (SwRect &rRect, const SwFrameFormat &rSource, const Point &rPt) const
 For Chain always connect Fly specified by format with that hit by point. More...
SwChainRet Chain (SwFrameFormat &rSource, const Point &rPt)
void Chain (SwFrameFormat &rSource, const SwFrameFormat &rDest)
void Unchain (SwFrameFormat &rFormat)
void HideChainMarker ()
void SetChainMarker ()
Size GetGraphicDefaultSize () const
void CheckUnboundObjects ()
 Temporary work around for bug. More...
bool GetObjAttr (SfxItemSet &rSet) const
 Attention: Ambiguities if multiple selections. More...
void SetObjAttr (const SfxItemSet &rSet)
const SdrObjectGetBestObject (bool bNext, GotoObjFlags eType, bool bFlat=true, const svx::ISdrObjectFilter *pFilter=nullptr, bool *pbWrapped=nullptr)
bool GotoObj (bool bNext, GotoObjFlags eType=GotoObjFlags::DrawAny)
void SetDragMode (SdrDragMode eSdrDragMode)
 Set DragMode (e.g. Rotate), but do nothing when frame is selected. More...
SdrDragMode GetDragMode () const
void StartCropImage ()
bool IsRotationOfSwGrfNodePossible () const
size_t IsObjSelected () const
bool IsObjSelected (const SdrObject &rObj) const
bool IsObjSameLevelWithMarked (const SdrObject *pObj) const
const SdrMarkListGetMarkList () const
void EndTextEdit ()
 Deletes object if required. More...
RndStdIds GetAnchorId () const
 Anchor type of selected object, RndStdIds::UNKNOWN if ambiguous or in case of frame selection. More...
bool BeginCreate (SdrObjKind eSdrObjectKind, const Point &rPos)
 Process of creating draw objects. More...
bool BeginCreate (SdrObjKind eSdrObjectKind, SdrInventor eObjInventor, const Point &)
void MoveCreate (const Point &rPos)
bool EndCreate (SdrCreateCmd eSdrCreateCmd)
void BreakCreate ()
bool IsDrawCreate () const
void CreateDefaultShape (SdrObjKind eSdrObjectKind, const tools::Rectangle &rRect, sal_uInt16 nSlotId)
bool BeginMark (const Point &rPos)
 Functions for Rubberbox, it selects Draw-Objects. More...
void MoveMark (const Point &rPos)
bool EndMark ()
bool IsGroupSelected (bool bAllowDiagams)
 Create and destroy group, don't when frame is selected. More...
void GroupSelection ()
 Afterwards the group is selected. More...
void UnGroupSelection ()
 The individual objects are selected, but it is possible that there are groups included. More...
bool IsGroupAllowed () const
bool IsUnGroupAllowed () const
void MirrorSelection (bool bHorizontal)
 Vertical if FALSE. More...
void ChgAnchor (RndStdIds eAnchorId, bool bSameOnly=false, bool bPosCorr=true)
 frmatr.hxx. More...
bool SetDrawingAttr (SfxItemSet &rSet)
bool GetDrawObjGraphic (SotClipboardFormatId nFormat, Graphic &rGrf) const
 Get selected DrawObj as graphics (MetaFile/Bitmap). More...
void Paste (SvStream &rStm, SwPasteSdr nAction, const Point *pPt)
bool Paste (const Graphic &rGrf, const OUString &rURL)
comphelper::OInterfaceContainerHelper3< css::text::XPasteListener > & GetPasteListeners ()
bool IsAlignPossible () const
void SetCalcFieldValueHdl (Outliner *pOutliner)
void Insert (const OUString &rGrfName, const OUString &rFltName, const Graphic *pGraphic, const SfxItemSet *pFlyAttrSet)
void InsertDrawObj (SdrObject &rDrawObj, const Point &rInsertPosition)
 Insertion of a drawing object which have to be already inserted in the DrawModel. More...
void ReplaceSdrObj (const OUString &rGrfName, const Graphic *pGrf)
void AlignFormulaToBaseline (const css::uno::Reference< css::embed::XEmbeddedObject > &xObj)
 for starmath formulas anchored 'as char' it aligns it baseline to baseline changing the previous vertical orientation More...
void AlignAllFormulasToBaseline ()
 aligns all formulas with anchor 'as char' to baseline More...
Point GetContentPos (const Point &rPoint, bool bNext) const
 Provide information about content situated closes to given Point. More...
Point GetRelativePagePosition (const Point &rDocPos)
 Convert document position into position relative to the current page. More...
void ShellLoseFocus ()
 Hide or show layout-selection and pass call to CursorSh. More...
void ShellGetFocus ()
void ChgCurPageDesc (const SwPageDesc &)
 PageDescriptor-interface. More...
size_t GetCurPageDesc (const bool bCalcFrame=true) const
size_t GetMousePageDesc (const Point &rPt) const
size_t GetPageDescCnt () const
SwPageDescFindPageDescByName (const OUString &rName, bool bGetFromPool=false, size_t *pPos=nullptr)
const SwPageDescGetPageDesc (size_t i) const
void ChgPageDesc (size_t i, const SwPageDesc &)
const SwPageDescGetSelectedPageDescs () const
 if inside all selection only one PageDesc, More...
const SwRectGetAnyCurRect (CurRectType eType, const Point *pPt=nullptr, const css::uno::Reference< css::embed::XEmbeddedObject > &=css::uno::Reference< css::embed::XEmbeddedObject >()) const
sal_uInt16 GetPageNumber (const Point &rPoint) const
 Page number of the page containing Point, O if no page. More...
bool GetPageNumber (tools::Long nYPos, bool bAtCursorPos, sal_uInt16 &rPhyNum, sal_uInt16 &rVirtNum, OUString &rDisplay) const
SwFlyFrameFormatInsertObject (const svt::EmbeddedObjectRef &, SfxItemSet *pFlyAttrSet)
bool FinishOLEObj ()
 Shutdown server. More...
void GetTableAttr (SfxItemSet &) const
void SetTableAttr (const SfxItemSet &)
bool HasWholeTabSelection () const
bool HasBoxSelection () const
 Is content of a table cell or at least a table cell completely selected? More...
void InsertRow (sal_uInt16 nCnt, bool bBehind)
void InsertCol (sal_uInt16 nCnt, bool bBehind)
bool DeleteCol ()
void DeleteTable ()
bool DeleteRow (bool bCompleteTable=false)
SwTable::SearchType GetTableInsertMode () const
void SetTableInsertMode (SwTable::SearchType eFlag)
bool GetTableCopied () const
void SetTableCopied (bool bCopied)
bool DeleteTableSel ()
 Current selection, may be whole table. More...
TableMergeErr MergeTab ()
 Merge selected parts of table. More...
void SplitTab (bool bVert, sal_uInt16 nCnt, bool bSameHeight)
 Split cell vertically or horizontally. More...
bool Sort (const SwSortOptions &)
void SetRowHeight (const SwFormatFrameSize &rSz)
std::unique_ptr< SwFormatFrameSizeGetRowHeight () const
 Pointer must be destroyed by caller != 0. More...
void SetRowSplit (const SwFormatRowSplit &rSz)
std::unique_ptr< SwFormatRowSplitGetRowSplit () const
void SetBoxAlign (sal_uInt16 nOrient)
sal_uInt16 GetBoxAlign () const
 USHRT_MAX if ambiguous. More...
bool BalanceRowHeight (bool bTstOnly, const bool bOptimize=false)
void SetTabBorders (const SfxItemSet &rSet)
void GetTabBorders (SfxItemSet &rSet) const
void SetTabLineStyle (const Color *pColor, bool bSetLine=false, const editeng::SvxBorderLine *pBorderLine=nullptr)
void SetTabBackground (const SvxBrushItem &rNew)
void GetTabBackground (std::unique_ptr< SvxBrushItem > &rToFill) const
void SetBoxBackground (const SvxBrushItem &rNew)
bool GetBoxBackground (std::unique_ptr< SvxBrushItem > &rToFill) const
 FALSE ambiguous. More...
void SetBoxDirection (const SvxFrameDirectionItem &rNew)
bool GetBoxDirection (std::unique_ptr< SvxFrameDirectionItem > &rToFill) const
 FALSE ambiguous. More...
void SetRowBackground (const SvxBrushItem &rNew)
bool GetRowBackground (std::unique_ptr< SvxBrushItem > &rToFill) const
 FALSE ambiguous. More...
SwTab WhichMouseTabCol (const Point &rPt) const
void GetTabCols (SwTabCols &rToFill) const
 Info about columns and margins. More...
void SetTabCols (const SwTabCols &rNew, bool bCurRowOnly)
void GetMouseTabCols (SwTabCols &rToFill, const Point &rPt) const
void SetMouseTabCols (const SwTabCols &rNew, bool bCurRowOnly, const Point &rPt)
bool SelTableRowCol (const Point &rPt, const Point *pEnd, bool bRowDrag)
 pEnd will be used during MouseMove More...
void GetTabRows (SwTabCols &rToFill) const
void SetTabRows (const SwTabCols &rNew, bool bCurColOnly)
void GetMouseTabRows (SwTabCols &rToFill, const Point &rPt) const
void SetMouseTabRows (const SwTabCols &rNew, bool bCurColOnly, const Point &rPt)
void ProtectCells ()
 If a table selection exists it is destroyed in case cursor is not allowed in readonly. More...
void UnProtectCells ()
 Refers to table selection. More...
void UnProtectTables ()
 Unprotect all tables in selection. More...
bool HasTableAnyProtection (const OUString *pTableName, bool *pFullTableProtection)
bool CanUnProtectCells () const
sal_uInt16 GetRowsToRepeat () const
void SetRowsToRepeat (sal_uInt16 nNumOfRows)
sal_uInt16 GetVirtPageNum () const
sal_uInt16 GetRowSelectionFromTop () const
bool IsInRepeatedHeadline () const
bool IsInHeadline () const
void AdjustCellWidth (const bool bBalance, const bool bNoShrink)
bool IsAdjustCellWidthAllowed (bool bBalance=false) const
 Not allowed if only empty cells are selected. More...
void SetTableStyle (const OUString &rStyleName)
 Set table style of the current table. More...
bool SetTableStyle (const SwTableAutoFormat &rNew)
bool UpdateTableStyleFormatting (SwTableNode *pTableNode=nullptr, bool bResetDirect=false, OUString const *pStyleName=nullptr)
 Update the direct formatting according to the current table style. More...
bool GetTableAutoFormat (SwTableAutoFormat &rGet)
void SetColRowWidthHeight (TableChgWidthHeightType eType, sal_uInt16 nDiff)
void GetAutoSum (OUString &rFormula) const
sal_uInt16 GetPhyPageNum () const
 Phy: real page count. More...
void SetNewPageOffset (sal_uInt16 nOffset)
void SetPageOffset (sal_uInt16 nOffset)
 Changes last page offset. More...
sal_uInt16 GetPageOffset () const
void InsertLabel (const SwLabelType eType, const OUString &rText, const OUString &rSeparator, const OUString &rNumberSeparator, const bool bBefore, const sal_uInt16 nId, const OUString &rCharacterStyle, const bool bCpyBrd)
sal_uInt16 GetCurColNum (SwGetCurColNumPara *pPara=nullptr) const
 The ruler needs some information too. More...
sal_uInt16 GetCurMouseColNum (const Point &rPt) const
size_t GetCurTabColNum () const
size_t GetCurMouseTabColNum (const Point &rPt) const
sal_uInt16 GetCurOutColNum () const
 Current outer column. More...
bool IsColRightToLeft () const
bool IsTableRightToLeft () const
bool IsMouseTableRightToLeft (const Point &rPt) const
bool IsTableVertical () const
bool IsLastCellInRow () const
tools::Long GetSectionWidth (SwFormat const &rFormat) const
 Width of current range for column-dialog. More...
void GetConnectableFrameFormats (SwFrameFormat &rFormat, const OUString &rReference, bool bSuccessors, std::vector< OUString > &aPrevPageVec, std::vector< OUString > &aThisPageVec, std::vector< OUString > &aNextPageVec, std::vector< OUString > &aRestVec)
Color GetShapeBackground () const
 SwFEShell::GetShapeBackground. More...
bool IsShapeDefaultHoriTextDirR2L () const
 Is default horizontal text direction for selected drawing object right-to-left. More...
void ParkCursorInTab ()
SwTextNodeGetNumRuleNodeAtPos (const Point &rPot)
bool IsNumLabel (const Point &rPt, int nMaxOffset=-1)
void ToggleHeaderFooterEdit ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ClearColumnRowCache (SwTabFrame const *)
void Insert (sal_Unicode, bool bOnlyCurrCursor=false)
 Edit (all selected ranges). More...
void Insert (const SwTOXMark &rMark)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwEditShell
void Insert (sal_Unicode, bool bOnlyCurrCursor=false)
 Edit (all selected ranges). More...
void Insert2 (const OUString &, const bool bForceExpandHints=false)
void Overwrite (const OUString &)
bool Replace (const OUString &rNewStr, bool bRegExpRplc)
 Replace a selected range in a TextNode by given string. More...
bool Delete (bool isArtificialSelection=false)
 Delete content of all ranges. More...
bool DelFullPara ()
 Remove a complete paragraph. More...
void TransliterateText (TransliterationFlags nType)
 Change text to Upper/Lower/Hiragana/Katakana/... More...
void CountWords (SwDocStat &rStat) const
 Count words in current selection. More...
bool ConvertFieldsToText ()
 Replace fields by text - mailmerge support. More...
void SetNumberingRestart ()
 Set all numbering start points to a fixed value - mailmerge support. More...
sal_uInt16 GetLinkUpdMode () const
 Embeds all local links (ranges/graphics). More...
void SetLinkUpdMode (sal_uInt16 nMode)
bool Copy (SwEditShell &rDestShell)
 Copy content of all ranges at current position of cursor to given Shell. More...
bool CopySelToDoc (SwDoc &rInsDoc)
 For copying via ClipBoard: If table is copied into table, move all cursors away from it. More...
void SplitNode (bool bAutoFormat=false, bool bCheckTableStart=true)
bool AppendTextNode ()
void AutoFormatBySplitNode ()
void DelINetAttrWithText ()
 If cursor is in an INetAttribute it will be deleted completely including the descriptive text (needed at drag & drop). More...
bool DontExpandFormat ()
 If Cursor is at the end of a character style in which the DontExpand-flag is not yet set, the latter will be set (==> return TRUE). More...
bool GetPaMAttr (SwPaM *pPaM, SfxItemSet &, const bool bMergeIndentValuesOfNumRule=false) const
 Apply / remove attributes. More...
bool GetCurAttr (SfxItemSet &, const bool bMergeIndentValuesOfNumRule=false) const
void SetAttrItem (const SfxPoolItem &, SetAttrMode nFlags=SetAttrMode::DEFAULT, const bool bParagraphSetting=false)
void SetAttrSet (const SfxItemSet &, SetAttrMode nFlags=SetAttrMode::DEFAULT, SwPaM *pCursor=nullptr, const bool bParagraphSetting=false)
std::vector< std::pair< const SfxPoolItem *, std::unique_ptr< SwPaM > > > GetItemWithPaM (sal_uInt16 nWhich)
 Get RES_CHRATR_* items of one type in the current selection. More...
void GetCurParAttr (SfxItemSet &rSet) const
 Get the paragraph format attribute(s) of the current selection. More...
void GetPaMParAttr (SwPaM *pPaM, SfxItemSet &rSet) const
 Get the paragraph format attribute(s) of the selection(s) described by a SwPaM. More...
void SetDefault (const SfxPoolItem &)
 Set attribute as new default attribute in document. More...
const SfxPoolItemGetDefault (sal_uInt16 nFormatHint) const
 Query default attribute of document. More...
template<class T >
const T & GetDefault (TypedWhichId< T > nWhich) const
void ResetAttr (const o3tl::sorted_vector< sal_uInt16 > &attrs=o3tl::sorted_vector< sal_uInt16 >(), SwPaM *pCursor=nullptr)
void GCAttr ()
SvtScriptType GetScriptType () const
 returns the script type of the selection More...
LanguageType GetCurLang () const
size_t GetTableFrameFormatCount (bool bUsed=false) const
 TABLE. More...
SwFrameFormatGetTableFrameFormat (size_t nFormat, bool bUsed=false) const
OUString GetUniqueTableName () const
sal_uInt16 GetCharFormatCount () const
 CHAR. More...
SwCharFormatGetCharFormat (sal_uInt16 nFormat) const
SwCharFormatGetCurCharFormat () const
void FillByEx (SwCharFormat *)
SwCharFormatMakeCharFormat (const OUString &rName)
SwCharFormatFindCharFormatByName (const OUString &rName) const
SwTextFormatCollGetDfltTextFormatColl () const
sal_uInt16 GetTextFormatCollCount () const
SwTextFormatCollGetTextFormatColl (sal_uInt16 nTextFormatColl) const
SwTextFormatCollGetCurTextFormatColl () const
 Get the named paragraph format of the current selection. More...
SwTextFormatCollGetPaMTextFormatColl (SwPaM *pPaM) const
 Get the named paragraph format of the selection(s) described by a SwPaM. More...
void SetTextFormatColl (SwTextFormatColl *, const bool bResetListAttrs=false)
 Add 2nd optional parameter <bResetListAttrs> - see also <SwDoc::SetTextFormatColl(..)> More...
SwTextFormatCollMakeTextFormatColl (const OUString &rFormatCollName, SwTextFormatColl *pDerivedFrom=nullptr)
void FillByEx (SwTextFormatColl *)
SwTextFormatCollFindTextFormatCollByName (const OUString &rName) const
SwTextFormatCollGetTextCollFromPool (sal_uInt16 nId)
SwFormatGetFormatFromPool (sal_uInt16 nId)
 return the requested automatic format - base-class ! More...
SwPageDescGetPageDescFromPool (sal_uInt16 nId)
bool IsUsed (const sw::BroadcastingModify &) const
 Query if the paragraph-/character-/frame-/page-style is used. More...
SwFrameFormatGetFrameFormatFromPool (sal_uInt16 nId)
SwCharFormatGetCharFormatFromPool (sal_uInt16 nId)
void SetClassification (const OUString &rName, SfxClassificationPolicyType eType)
void ApplyAdvancedClassification (std::vector< svx::ClassificationResult > const &rResult)
std::vector< svx::ClassificationResultCollectAdvancedClassification ()
SfxWatermarkItem GetWatermark () const
void SetWatermark (const SfxWatermarkItem &rText)
void SignParagraph ()
 Sign the paragraph at the cursor. More...
void ValidateParagraphSignatures (SwTextNode *pNode, bool updateDontRemove)
 Validate the paragraph signatures, if any, of the current text node. More...
void ValidateCurrentParagraphSignatures (bool updateDontRemove)
 Validate the current paragraph signatures, if any, at the cursor start. More...
void ValidateAllParagraphSignatures (bool updateDontRemove)
 Validate all paragraph signatures. More...
void RestoreMetadataFieldsAndValidateParagraphSignatures ()
 Restore the metadata fields, if missing, from the RDF metadata and validate the signatures and update the signature metadata fields. More...
void ClassifyDocPerHighestParagraphClass ()
 Ensure that the classification of the doc is never lower than the paragraph with the highest classification. More...
void ApplyParagraphClassification (std::vector< svx::ClassificationResult > aResult)
 Apply the classification to the paragraph at cursor. More...
std::vector< svx::ClassificationResultCollectParagraphClassification ()
bool IsCursorInParagraphMetadataField () const
 Returns true iff the cursor is within a paragraph metadata field. More...
bool RemoveParagraphMetadataFieldAtCursor ()
 Removes the paragraph metadata field at the current cursor, if any. More...
bool InsertField (SwField const &, const bool bForceExpandHints)
 add a field at the cursor position More...
void UpdateOneField (SwField &)
 One single field. More...
size_t GetFieldTypeCount (SwFieldIds nResId=SwFieldIds::Unknown) const
 count field types with a ResId, if SwFieldIds::Unknown count all More...
SwFieldTypeGetFieldType (size_t nField, SwFieldIds nResId=SwFieldIds::Unknown) const
 get field types with a ResId, if 0 get all More...
SwFieldTypeGetFieldType (SwFieldIds nResId, const OUString &rName) const
 get first type with given ResId and name More...
void RemoveFieldType (size_t nField)
 delete field type More...
void RemoveFieldType (SwFieldIds nResId, const OUString &rName)
 delete field type based on its name More...
void FieldToText (SwFieldType const *pType)
void ChangeAuthorityData (const SwAuthEntry *pNewData)
SwDBData const & GetDBData () const
 Database information. More...
void ChgDBData (const SwDBData &SwDBData)
void ChangeDBFields (const std::vector< OUString > &rOldNames, const OUString &rNewName)
void GetAllUsedDB (std::vector< OUString > &rDBNameList, std::vector< OUString > const *pAllDBNames)
bool IsAnyDatabaseFieldInDoc () const
bool IsFieldDataSourceAvailable (OUString &rUsedDataSource) const
 Check whether DB fields point to an available data source and returns it. More...
void UpdateExpFields (bool bCloseDB=false)
 only every expression fields update More...
void LockExpFields ()
void UnlockExpFields ()
bool IsExpFieldsLocked () const
SwFieldUpdateFlags GetFieldUpdateFlags () const
void SetFieldUpdateFlags (SwFieldUpdateFlags eFlags)
SwDBManagerGetDBManager () const
 For evaluation of DB fields (new DB-manager). More...
SwFieldTypeInsertFieldType (const SwFieldType &)
 insert field type More...
bool IsModified () const
 Changes in document? More...
void SetModified ()
void ResetModified ()
void SetUndoNoResetModified ()
void UpdateDocStat ()
 Document - Statistics. More...
const SwDocStatGetUpdatedDocStat ()
void Insert (const SwTOXMark &rMark)
void DeleteTOXMark (SwTOXMark const *pMark)
void GetCurTOXMarks (SwTOXMarks &rMarks) const
 Get all marks at current SPoint. More...
void InsertTableOf (const SwTOXBase &rTOX, const SfxItemSet *pSet=nullptr)
 Insert content table. Renew if required. More...
void UpdateTableOf (const SwTOXBase &rTOX, const SfxItemSet *pSet=nullptr)
 update tables of content More...
const SwTOXBaseGetCurTOX () const
 Get current listing before or at the Cursor. More...
const SwTOXBaseGetDefaultTOXBase (TOXTypes eTyp, bool bCreate=false)
void SetDefaultTOXBase (const SwTOXBase &rBase)
void SetTOXBaseReadonly (const SwTOXBase &rTOXBase, bool bReadonly)
sal_uInt16 GetTOXCount () const
const SwTOXBaseGetTOX (sal_uInt16 nPos) const
bool DeleteTOX (const SwTOXBase &rTOXBase, bool bDelNodes)
void SetUpdateTOX (bool bFlag)
 After reading file update all content tables. More...
bool IsUpdateTOX () const
sal_uInt16 GetTOXTypeCount (TOXTypes eTyp) const
 Manage types of content tables. More...
const SwTOXTypeGetTOXType (TOXTypes eTyp, sal_uInt16 nId) const
void InsertTOXType (const SwTOXType &rTyp)
OUString const & GetTOIAutoMarkURL () const
 AutoMark file. More...
void SetTOIAutoMarkURL (const OUString &rSet)
void ApplyAutoMark ()
void GetTOIKeys (SwTOIKeyType eTyp, std::vector< OUString > &rArr) const
 Key for managing index. More...
void SetOutlineNumRule (const SwNumRule &)
const SwNumRuleGetOutlineNumRule () const
bool OutlineUpDown (short nOffset=1)
bool MoveOutlinePara (SwOutlineNodes::difference_type nOffset)
bool IsProtectedOutlinePara () const
const SwNumRuleGetNumRuleAtCurrCursorPos () const
const SwNumRuleGetNumRuleAtCurrentSelection () const
 Returns the numbering rule found at the paragraphs of the current selection, if all paragraphs of the current selection have the same or none numbering rule applied. More...
void SetCurNumRule (const SwNumRule &, const bool bCreateNewList, const OUString &sContinuedListId=OUString(), const bool bResetIndentAttrs=false)
 Optional parameter <bResetIndentAttrs> (default value false). More...
void NoNum ()
 Paragraphs without enumeration but with indents. More...
void DelNumRules ()
 Delete, split enumeration list. More...
void NumUpDown (bool bDown=true)
bool MoveParagraph (SwNodeOffset nOffset=SwNodeOffset(1))
bool MoveNumParas (bool bUpperLower, bool bUpperLeft)
bool NumOrNoNum (bool bDelete=false, bool bChkStart=true)
 Switch on/off of numbering via Delete/Backspace. More...
void ChangeIndentOfAllListLevels (sal_Int32 nDiff)
 Remove unused default parameter <nLevel> and <bRelative>. More...
void SetIndent (short nIndent, const SwPosition &rPos)
bool IsFirstOfNumRuleAtCursorPos () const
bool IsNoNum (bool bChkStart=true) const
sal_uInt8 GetNumLevel () const
void GetCurrentOutlineLevels (sal_uInt8 &rUpper, sal_uInt8 &rLower)
 Detect highest and lowest level to check moving of outline levels. More...
int GetCurrentParaOutlineLevel () const
 Get Outline level of current paragraph. More...
bool HasNumber () const
bool HasBullet () const
bool SelectionHasNumber () const
bool SelectionHasBullet () const
OUString GetUniqueNumRuleName () const
void ChgNumRuleFormats (const SwNumRule &rRule)
void SetNumRuleStart (bool bFlag, SwPaM *pCursor)
 Set (and query if) a numbering with StartFlag starts at current PointPos. More...
bool IsNumRuleStart (SwPaM *pPaM=nullptr) const
void SetNodeNumStart (sal_uInt16 nStt)
sal_uInt16 GetNodeNumStart (SwPaM *pPaM) const
void ReplaceNumRule (const OUString &rOldRule, const OUString &rNewRule)
const SwNumRuleSearchNumRule (const bool bNum, OUString &sListId)
 Searches for a text node with a numbering rule. More...
void DoUndo (bool bOn=true)
 Undo. More...
bool DoesUndo () const
void DoGroupUndo (bool bUn)
bool DoesGroupUndo () const
void DelAllUndoObj ()
SwUndoId StartUndo (SwUndoId eUndoId=SwUndoId::EMPTY, const SwRewriter *pRewriter=nullptr)
 Undo: set up Undo parenthesis, return nUndoId of this parenthesis. More...
SwUndoId EndUndo (SwUndoId eUndoId=SwUndoId::EMPTY, const SwRewriter *pRewriter=nullptr)
 Closes parenthesis of nUndoId, not used by UI. More...
bool GetLastUndoInfo (OUString *const o_pStr, SwUndoId *const o_pId, const SwView *pView=nullptr) const
bool GetFirstRedoInfo (OUString *const o_pStr, SwUndoId *const o_pId, const SwView *pView=nullptr) const
SwUndoId GetRepeatInfo (OUString *const o_pStr) const
bool CursorsLocked () const
 is it forbidden to modify cursors via API calls? More...
void HandleUndoRedoContext (::sw::UndoRedoContext &rContext)
 set selections to those contained in the UndoRedoContext should only be called by sw::UndoManager! More...
void Undo (sal_uInt16 const nCount=1, sal_uInt16 nOffset=0)
void Redo (sal_uInt16 const nCount=1)
void Repeat (sal_uInt16 const nCount)
void StartAllAction ()
 For all views of this document. More...
void EndAllAction ()
virtual void CalcLayout () override
 To enable set up of StartActions and EndActions. More...
sal_uInt16 GetCntType () const
 Determine form of content. Return Type at CurrentCursor->SPoint. More...
bool HasOtherCnt () const
 Are there frames, footnotes, etc. More...
virtual void ApplyViewOptions (const SwViewOption &rOpt) override
 Apply ViewOptions with Start-/EndAction. More...
virtual void InfoReadOnlyDialog (bool) const
 Selected area has readonly content. More...
virtual bool WarnHiddenSectionDialog () const
 Selected area has hidden content. More...
virtual bool WarnSwitchToDesignModeDialog () const
 Switch to Design mode for Forms. More...
void GetSelectedText (OUString &rBuf, ParaBreakType nHndlParaBreak=ParaBreakType::ToBlank)
 Query text within selection. More...
const GraphicGetGraphic (bool bWait=true) const
const GraphicObjectGetGraphicObj () const
const GraphicAttrGetGraphicAttr (GraphicAttr &rGA) const
bool IsLinkedGrfSwapOut () const
GraphicType GetGraphicType () const
const tools::PolyPolygonGetGraphicPolygon () const
void SetGraphicPolygon (const tools::PolyPolygon *pPoly)
void ClearAutomaticContour ()
 If there's an automatic, not manipulated polygon at the selected notxtnode, it has to be deleted, e.g. More...
bool GetGrfSize (Size &) const
void GetGrfNms (OUString *pGrfName, OUString *pFltName, const SwFlyFrameFormat *=nullptr) const
 Returns the name and the filter name of a graphic if the pointer is on a graphic. More...
void ReRead (const OUString &rGrfName, const OUString &rFltName, const Graphic *pGraphic=nullptr)
 Re-read if graphic is not ok. Current graphic is replaced by the new one. More...
void * GetIMapInventor () const
 Unique identification of object (for ImageMapDlg). More...
Graphic GetIMapGraphic () const
 Remove default parameter, because method always called this default value. More...
const SwFlyFrameFormatFindFlyByName (const OUString &rName) const
svt::EmbeddedObjectRefGetOLEObject () const
 Get OLE object at pointer. More...
bool HasOLEObj (std::u16string_view rName) const
 Is there an OLEObject with this name (SwFormat)? More...
void SetChartName (const OUString &rName)
void UpdateCharts (const OUString &rName)
 Update content of all charts for table with given name. More...
OUString GetCurWord () const
 request current word More...
void InsertGlossary (SwTextBlocks &rGlossary, const OUString &)
 Glossary from glossary document in current document. More...
sal_uInt16 MakeGlossary (SwTextBlocks &rToFill, const OUString &rName, const OUString &rShortName, bool bSaveRelFile, const OUString *pOnlyText)
 Make current selection glossary and insert into glossary document including styles. More...
sal_uInt16 SaveGlossaryDoc (SwTextBlocks &rGlossary, const OUString &rName, const OUString &rShortName, bool bSaveRelFile, bool bOnlyText)
 Save complete content of doc as glossary. More...
void HyphStart (SwDocPositions eStart, SwDocPositions eEnd)
 Save selections. More...
void HyphEnd ()
 restore selections. More...
css::uno::Reference< css::uno::XInterface > HyphContinue (sal_uInt16 *pPageCnt, sal_uInt16 *pPageSt)
void HyphIgnore ()
 ignore hyphenation More...
const SwTableInsertTable (const SwInsertTableOptions &rInsTableOpts, sal_uInt16 nRows, sal_uInt16 nCols, const SwTableAutoFormat *pTAFormat=nullptr)
 Inserts an nRows x nCols table to the document at the current position. More...
void InsertDDETable (const SwInsertTableOptions &rInsTableOpts, SwDDEFieldType *pDDEType, sal_uInt16 nRows, sal_uInt16 nCols)
void UpdateTable ()
 update fields of a listing More...
void SetTableName (SwFrameFormat &rTableFormat, const OUString &rNewName)
 change table name More...
SwFrameFormatGetTableFormat ()
bool TextToTable (const SwInsertTableOptions &rInsTableOpts, sal_Unicode cCh, const SwTableAutoFormat *pTAFormat=nullptr)
bool TableToText (sal_Unicode cCh)
bool IsTextToTableAvailable () const
bool GetTableBoxFormulaAttrs (SfxItemSet &rSet) const
void SetTableBoxFormulaAttrs (const SfxItemSet &rSet)
bool IsTableBoxTextFormat () const
OUString GetTableBoxText () const
TableChgMode GetTableChgMode () const
void SetTableChgMode (TableChgMode eMode)
void SplitTable (SplitTable_HeadlineOption eMode)
 Split table at cursor position. More...
bool CanMergeTable (bool bWithPrev=true, bool *pChkNxtPrv=nullptr) const
 Merge tables. More...
bool MergeTable (bool bWithPrev)
void AppendUndoForInsertFromDB (bool bIsTable)
 Set up InsertDB as table Undo. More...
void SpellStart (SwDocPositions eStart, SwDocPositions eEnd, SwDocPositions eCurr, SwConversionArgs *pConvArgs=nullptr)
 Functions used for spell checking and text conversion. More...
void SpellEnd (SwConversionArgs const *pConvArgs=nullptr, bool bRestoreSelection=true)
 Restore selections. More...
css::uno::Any SpellContinue (sal_uInt16 *pPageCnt, sal_uInt16 *pPageSt, SwConversionArgs const *pConvArgs)
bool SpellSentence (svx::SpellPortions &rToFill, bool bIsGrammarCheck)
 Spells on a sentence basis - the SpellPortions are needed. More...
void ApplyChangedSentence (const svx::SpellPortions &rNewPortions, bool bRecheck)
 Applies a changed sentence. More...
void HandleCorrectionError (const OUString &aText, SwPosition aPos, sal_Int32 nBegin, sal_Int32 nLen, const Point *pPt, SwRect &rSelectRect)
css::uno::Reference< css::linguistic2::XSpellAlternatives > GetCorrection (const Point *pPt, SwRect &rSelectRect)
 Get a list of potential corrections for misspelled word. More...
bool GetGrammarCorrection (css::linguistic2::ProofreadingResult &rResult, sal_Int32 &rErrorPosInText, sal_Int32 &rErrorIndexInResult, css::uno::Sequence< OUString > &rSuggestions, const Point *pPt, SwRect &rSelectRect)
void SetLinguRange (SwDocPositions eStart, SwDocPositions eEnd)
const SwFormatRefMarkGetRefMark (std::u16string_view rName) const
 get the reference of a given name in the Doc More...
sal_uInt16 GetRefMarks (std::vector< OUString > *=nullptr) const
 get the names of all references in a Doc More...
void AutoCorrect (SvxAutoCorrect &rACorr, bool bInsertMode, sal_Unicode cChar)
 Call AutoCorrect. More...
OUString GetPrevAutoCorrWord (SvxAutoCorrect &rACorr)
std::vector< OUString > GetChunkForAutoText ()
void AutoFormat (const SvxSwAutoFormatFlags *pAFlags)
 Set our styles according to the respective rules. More...
OUString Calculate ()
 Calculates selection. More...
bool InsertURL (const SwFormatINetFormat &rFormat, const OUString &rStr, bool bKeepSelection=false)
void GetINetAttrs (SwGetINetAttrs &rArr, bool bIncludeInToxContent=true)
OUString GetDropText (const sal_Int32 nChars) const
void ReplaceDropText (const OUString &rStr, SwPaM *pPaM=nullptr)
bool IsOutlineMovable (SwOutlineNodes::size_type nIdx) const
 May an outline be moved or copied? Check whether it's in text body, not in table, and not read-only (move). More...
bool IsOutlineCopyable (SwOutlineNodes::size_type nIdx) const
sal_Int32 GetLineCount ()
bool GetCurFootnote (SwFormatFootnote *pToFillFootnote=nullptr)
 Query and set footnote-text/number. Set... to current SSelection! More...
bool SetCurFootnote (const SwFormatFootnote &rFillFootnote)
bool HasFootnotes (bool bEndNotes=false) const
size_t GetSeqFootnoteList (SwSeqFieldList &rList, bool bEndNotes=false)
 Give a List of all footnotes and their beginning texts. More...
SwSection const * InsertSection (SwSectionData &rNewData, SfxItemSet const *const =nullptr)
bool IsInsRegionAvailable () const
const SwSectionGetCurrSection () const
SwSectionGetAnySection (bool bOutOfTab=false, const Point *pPt=nullptr)
 Deliver the responsible area of the columns. More...
size_t GetSectionFormatCount () const
size_t GetSectionFormatPos (const SwSectionFormat &) const
const SwSectionFormatGetSectionFormat (size_t nFormat) const
void DelSectionFormat (size_t nFormat)
void UpdateSection (size_t const nSect, SwSectionData &, SfxItemSet const *const =nullptr)
bool IsAnySectionInDoc () const
OUString GetUniqueSectionName (const OUString *pChkStr=nullptr) const
void SetSectionAttr (const SfxItemSet &rSet, SwSectionFormat *pSectFormat=nullptr)
 Set attributes. More...
sal_uInt16 GetFullSelectedSectionCount () const
 Search inside the cursor selection for full selected sections. More...
void DoSpecialInsert ()
 Special insert: Insert a new text node just before or after a section or table, if the cursor is positioned at the start/end of said section/table. More...
bool CanSpecialInsert () const
 a node can be special-inserted (alt-Enter) whenever lcl_SpecialInsertNode finds a suitable position More...
void SetNewDoc ()
 Optimizing UI. More...
sfx2::LinkManagerGetLinkManager ()
const sfx2::LinkManagerGetLinkManager () const
bool IsMoveLeftMargin (bool bRight, bool bModulus=true) const
 Adjust left margin via object bar (similar to adjustment of numerations). More...
void MoveLeftMargin (bool bRight, bool bModulus=true)
SvNumberFormatterGetNumberFormatter ()
 Query NumberFormatter from document. More...
const SvNumberFormatterGetNumberFormatter () const
bool IsGlobalDoc () const
 Interfaces for GlobalDocument. More...
void SetGlblDocSaveLinks (bool bFlag)
bool IsGlblDocSaveLinks () const
void GetGlobalDocContent (SwGlblDocContents &rArr) const
void InsertGlobalDocContent (const SwGlblDocContent &rPos, SwSectionData &rNew)
bool InsertGlobalDocContent (const SwGlblDocContent &rPos, const SwTOXBase &rTOX)
bool InsertGlobalDocContent (const SwGlblDocContent &rPos)
void DeleteGlobalDocContent (const SwGlblDocContents &rArr, size_t nPos)
bool MoveGlobalDocContent (const SwGlblDocContents &rArr, size_t nFromPos, size_t nToPos, size_t nNewPos)
void GotoGlobalDocContent (const SwGlblDocContent &rPos)
RedlineFlags GetRedlineFlags () const
 For Redlining. More...
void SetRedlineFlags (RedlineFlags eMode)
bool IsRedlineOn () const
SwRedlineTable::size_type GetRedlineCount () const
const SwRangeRedlineGetRedline (SwRedlineTable::size_type nPos) const
bool AcceptRedline (SwRedlineTable::size_type nPos)
bool RejectRedline (SwRedlineTable::size_type nPos)
bool AcceptRedlinesInSelection ()
bool RejectRedlinesInSelection ()
SwRedlineTable::size_type FindRedlineOfData (const SwRedlineData &) const
 Search Redline for this Data and. More...
bool SetRedlineComment (const OUString &rS)
 Set comment to Redline at position. More...
const SwRangeRedlineGetCurrRedline () const
void UpdateRedlineAttr ()
 Redline attributes have been changed. Updated views. More...
tools::Long CompareDoc (const SwDoc &rDoc)
 Compare two documents. More...
tools::Long MergeDoc (const SwDoc &rDoc)
 Merge two documents. More...
const SwFootnoteInfoGetFootnoteInfo () const
 Footnote attributes global to document. More...
void SetFootnoteInfo (const SwFootnoteInfo &rInfo)
const SwEndNoteInfoGetEndNoteInfo () const
void SetEndNoteInfo (const SwEndNoteInfo &rInfo)
const SwLineNumberInfoGetLineNumberInfo () const
void SetLineNumberInfo (const SwLineNumberInfo &rInfo)
void SetLabelDoc (bool bFlag)
 Labels: Synchronize ranges. More...
bool IsLabelDoc () const
void CreateExtTextInput (LanguageType eInputLanguage)
 Interface for TextInputData - (for input of Japanese/Chinese chars.) More...
OUString DeleteExtTextInput (bool bInsText=true)
void SetExtTextInputData (const CommandExtTextInputData &)
bool IsParagraphSignatureValidationEnabled () const
 Returns true iff paragraph signature validation is enabled. More...
bool SetParagraphSignatureValidation (const bool bEnable)
 Enable/Disable paragraph signature validation and return the previous value. More...
sal_uInt16 GetScalingOfSelectedText () const
bool IsNbspRunNext () const
 SwEditShell (SwDoc &, vcl::Window *, const SwViewOption *pOpt)
 Ctor/Dtor. More...
 SwEditShell (SwEditShell &, vcl::Window *)
 Copy-Constructor in disguise. More...
virtual ~SwEditShell () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwCursorShell
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void UpdateCursor (sal_uInt16 eFlags=SwCursorShell::SCROLLWIN|SwCursorShell::CHKRANGE, bool bIdleEnd=false)
 SwCursorShell (SwDoc &rDoc, vcl::Window *pWin, const SwViewOption *pOpt)
 default constructor More...
 SwCursorShell (SwCursorShell &rShell, vcl::Window *pWin)
 Copy constructor. More...
virtual ~SwCursorShell () override
virtual SwCursorCreateNewShellCursor () override
 Create and return a new shell cursor. More...
virtual SwCursorGetCurrentShellCursor () override
 Return the current shell cursor. More...
SwPaMCreateCursor ()
 delete the current cursor and make the following into the current More...
void DestroyCursor ()
 transform TableCursor to normal cursor, nullify Tablemode More...
void TableCursorToCursor ()
 enter block mode, change normal cursor into block cursor More...
void CursorToBlockCursor ()
 leave block mode, change block cursor into normal cursor More...
void BlockCursorToCursor ()
void ExtendedSelectAll (bool bFootnotes=true)
::std::optional<::std::pair< SwNode const *, ::std::vector< SwTableNode * > > > ExtendedSelectedAll () const
 If ExtendedSelectAll() was called and selection didn't change since then. More...
StartsWith StartsWith_ ()
 If document body starts with a table or starts/ends with hidden paragraph. More...
SwCursorGetCursor (bool bMakeTableCursor=true) const
 Return pointer to the current shell cursor. More...
SwShellCursorGetCursor_ ()
const SwShellCursorGetCursor_ () const
void SetSelection (const SwPaM &rCursor)
void ParkCursor (const SwNode &rIdx)
 Remove selections and additional cursors of all shells. More...
SwPaMGetStackCursor () const
void StartAction ()
void EndAction (const bool bIdleEnd=false)
tools::Long GetUpDownX () const
bool Left (sal_uInt16 nCnt, SwCursorSkipMode nMode, bool bAllowVisual=false)
bool Right (sal_uInt16 nCnt, SwCursorSkipMode nMode, bool bAllowVisual=false)
bool Up (sal_uInt16 nCnt=1)
bool Down (sal_uInt16 nCnt=1)
bool LeftMargin ()
bool RightMargin (bool bAPI=false)
bool SttEndDoc (bool bStt)
bool MovePage (SwWhichPage, SwPosPage)
bool MovePara (SwWhichPara, SwMoveFnCollection const &)
bool MoveSection (SwWhichSection, SwMoveFnCollection const &)
bool MoveTable (SwWhichTable, SwMoveFnCollection const &)
void MoveColumn (SwWhichColumn, SwPosColumn)
bool MoveRegion (SwWhichRegion, SwMoveFnCollection const &)
sal_Int32 Find_Text (const i18nutil::SearchOptions2 &rSearchOpt, bool bSearchInNotes, SwDocPositions eStart, SwDocPositions eEnd, bool &bCancel, FindRanges eRng, bool bReplace=false)
sal_Int32 FindFormat (const SwTextFormatColl &rFormatColl, SwDocPositions eStart, SwDocPositions eEnd, bool &bCancel, FindRanges eRng, const SwTextFormatColl *pReplFormat)
sal_Int32 FindAttrs (const SfxItemSet &rSet, bool bNoCollections, SwDocPositions eStart, SwDocPositions eEnd, bool &bCancel, FindRanges eRng, const i18nutil::SearchOptions2 *pSearchOpt, const SfxItemSet *rReplSet)
int SetCursor (const Point &rPt, bool bOnlyText=false, bool bBlock=true)
virtual void VisPortChgd (const SwRect &) override
void Paint (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext, const tools::Rectangle &rRect) override
void SetMark ()
bool HasMark () const
void ClearMark ()
void NormalizePam (bool bPointFirst=true)
 Ensure point and mark of the current PaM are in a specific order. More...
void SwapPam ()
bool TestCurrPam (const Point &rPt, bool bTstHit=false)
 Search in the selected area for a Selection that covers the given point. More...
void KillPams ()
void Push ()
 store a copy of the current cursor on the cursor stack More...
bool Pop (PopMode, ::std::optional< SwCallLink > &roLink)
bool Pop (PopMode)
 delete cursor More...
void Combine ()
 Combine two cursors. More...
void SttCursorMove ()
void EndCursorMove (const bool bIdleEnd=false)
bool HasShellFocus () const
void ShellLoseFocus ()
void ShellGetFocus ()
void ShowCursor ()
void HideCursor ()
void ShowCursors (bool bCursorVis)
void HideCursors ()
bool IsOverwriteCursor () const
void SetOverwriteCursor (bool bFlag)
bool IsSendAccessibleCursorEvents () const
void SetSendAccessibleCursorEvents (bool bEnable)
SwContentFrameGetCurrFrame (const bool bCalcFrame=true) const
 Get current frame in which the cursor is positioned. More...
bool IsCursorReadonly () const
bool HasReadonlySel (bool isReplace=false) const
bool HasHiddenSections () const
bool IsReadOnlyAvailable () const
void SetReadOnlyAvailable (bool bFlag)
 is the cursor allowed to enter ReadOnly sections? More...
bool IsOverReadOnlyPos (const Point &rPt) const
void SetFlyMacroLnk (const Link< const SwFlyFrameFormat *, void > &rLnk)
const Link< const SwFlyFrameFormat *, void > & GetFlyMacroLnk () const
void SetChgLnk (const Link< LinkParamNone *, void > &rLnk)
const Link< LinkParamNone *, void > & GetChgLnk () const
void SetGrfArrivedLnk (const Link< SwCursorShell &, void > &rLnk)
const Link< SwCursorShell &, void > & GetGrfArrivedLnk () const
void CallChgLnk ()
bool HasSelection () const
 Does the current cursor create a selection? More...
bool IsSelection () const
bool IsMultiSelection () const
bool IsSelFullPara () const
bool ShouldWait () const
 Should WaitPtr be switched on for the clipboard? More...
bool IsSelOnePara () const
const SwRectGetCharRect () const
bool IsCursorVisible () const
void GetCharRectAt (SwRect &rRect, const SwPosition *pPos)
void GetPageNum (sal_uInt16 &rnPhyNum, sal_uInt16 &rnVirtNum, bool bAtCursorPos=true, const bool bCalcFrame=true)
sal_uInt16 GetPageNumSeqNonEmpty ()
sal_uInt16 GetNextPrevPageNum (bool bNext=true)
bool GotoPage (sal_uInt16 nPage)
sal_uInt16 GetPageCnt ()
bool GoNextCursor ()
 go to the next SSelection More...
bool GoPrevCursor ()
 go to the previous SSelection More...
void GoNextPrevCursorSetSearchLabel (const bool bNext)
::sw::mark::IMarkSetBookmark (const vcl::KeyCode &, const OUString &rName, IDocumentMarkAccess::MarkType eMark=IDocumentMarkAccess::MarkType::BOOKMARK)
::sw::mark::IMarkSetBookmark2 (const vcl::KeyCode &, const OUString &rName, bool bHide, const OUString &rCondition)
bool GotoMark (const ::sw::mark::IMark *const pMark)
bool GotoMark (const ::sw::mark::IMark *const pMark, bool bAtStart)
bool GoNextBookmark ()
bool GoPrevBookmark ()
bool IsFormProtected ()
::sw::mark::IFieldmark * GetCurrentFieldmark ()
sw::mark::IFieldmark * GetFieldmarkAfter (bool bLoop)
sw::mark::IFieldmark * GetFieldmarkBefore (bool bLoop)
bool GotoFieldmark (const ::sw::mark::IFieldmark *const pMark)
void UpdateCursorPos ()
 Set the cursor back into content. More...
OUString GetSelText () const
 get selected text of a node at current cursor More...
const SwTableNodeIsCursorInTable () const
 Check if Point of current cursor is placed within a table. More...
bool MoveOutOfTable ()
bool TrySelectOuterTable ()
bool MoveStartText ()
bool IsCursorInFootnote () const
PointGetCursorDocPos () const
Point GetCursorPagePos () const
bool IsCursorPtAtEnd () const
const SwPaMGetTableCrs () const
SwPaMGetTableCrs ()
bool IsTableComplexForChart ()
OUString GetBoxNms () const
bool GoNextCell (bool bAppendLine=true)
 set cursor into next/previous cell More...
bool GoPrevCell ()
bool GotoTable (const OUString &rName)
bool SelTableRow ()
bool SelTableCol ()
bool SelTableBox ()
bool SelTable ()
void GotoNextNum ()
 go to next/previous point on the same level More...
void GotoPrevNum ()
bool GotoOutline (const OUString &rName)
void GotoOutline (SwOutlineNodes::size_type nIdx)
SwOutlineNodes::size_type GetOutlinePos (sal_uInt8 nLevel=UCHAR_MAX, SwPaM *pPaM=nullptr)
 search "outline position" before previous outline node at given level More...
void MakeOutlineSel (SwOutlineNodes::size_type nSttPos, SwOutlineNodes::size_type nEndPos, bool bWithChildren, bool bKillPams=true)
bool GotoNextOutline ()
 jump to next node with outline num. More...
bool GotoPrevOutline ()
 jump to previous node with outline num. More...
SwShellCursorgetShellCursor (bool bBlock)
 Delivers the current shell cursor. More...
const SwShellCursorgetShellCursor (bool bBlock) const
bool IsBlockMode () const
bool IsTableMode () const
const SwShellTableCursorGetTableCursor () const
SwShellTableCursorGetTableCursor ()
size_t UpdateTableSelBoxes ()
bool GotoFootnoteText ()
 jump from content to footnote More...
bool GotoFootnoteAnchor ()
 jump from footnote to anchor More...
bool GotoPrevFootnoteAnchor ()
bool GotoNextFootnoteAnchor ()
void GotoFlyAnchor ()
 jump from the frame to the anchor More...
bool GotoHeaderText ()
 jump from the content to the header More...
bool GotoFooterText ()
 jump from the content to the footer More...
bool SetCursorInHdFt (size_t nDescNo, bool bInHeader, bool bEven=false, bool bFirst=false)
bool IsInHeaderFooter (bool *pbInHeader=nullptr) const
bool GotoNextTOXBase (const OUString *=nullptr)
 jump to the next index More...
bool GotoPrevTOXBase (const OUString *=nullptr)
 jump to previous index More...
void GotoTOXMarkBase ()
 jump to index of TOXMark More...
bool GotoNxtPrvTOXMark (bool bNext=true)
 jump to next/previous index marker More...
const SwTOXMarkGotoTOXMark (const SwTOXMark &rStart, SwTOXSearch eDir)
 traveling between marks More...
bool GotoNxtPrvTableFormula (bool bNext=true, bool bOnlyErrors=false)
 Jump to next/previous table formula Optionally it is possible to also jump to broken formulas. More...
bool SelectNxtPrvHyperlink (bool bNext)
bool GotoRefMark (const OUString &rRefMark, sal_uInt16 nSubType, sal_uInt16 nSeqNo)
 jump to reference marker More...
sal_Unicode GetChar (bool bEnd=true, tools::Long nOffset=0)
 get the nth character of the current SSelection More...
bool ExtendSelection (bool bEnd=true, sal_Int32 nCount=1)
 extend current SSelection by n characters More...
bool SetVisibleCursor (const Point &rPt)
 Move visible cursor to given position in document. More...
void UnSetVisibleCursor ()
SwVisibleCursorGetVisibleCursor () const
bool MoveFieldType (const SwFieldType *pFieldType, const bool bNext, const SwFieldIds nResType=SwFieldIds::Unknown, const bool bAddSetExpressionFieldsToInputFields=true)
bool GotoFormatField (const SwFormatField &rField)
bool GotoFormatContentControl (const SwFormatContentControl &rContentControl)
void GotoFormControl (bool bNext)
 Go to the next (or previous) form control, based first on tabIndex and then paragraph position, where a tabIndex of 1 is first, 0 is last, and -1 is excluded. More...
SwFieldGetCurField (const bool bIncludeInputFieldAtStart=false) const
bool CursorInsideInputField () const
SwTextContentControlCursorInsideContentControl () const
bool DocPtInsideInputField (const Point &rDocPt) const
sal_uInt16 GetCursorCnt (bool bAll=true) const
 Get the number of elements in the ring of cursors. More...
bool GoStartWord ()
bool GoEndWord ()
bool GoNextWord ()
bool GoPrevWord ()
bool GoNextSentence ()
bool GoStartSentence ()
bool GoEndSentence ()
bool SelectWord (const Point *pPt)
void ExpandToSentenceBorders ()
bool IsStartWord (sal_Int16 nWordType=css::i18n::WordType::ANYWORD_IGNOREWHITESPACES) const
bool IsEndWord (sal_Int16 nWordType=css::i18n::WordType::ANYWORD_IGNOREWHITESPACES) const
bool IsInWord (sal_Int16 nWordType=css::i18n::WordType::ANYWORD_IGNOREWHITESPACES) const
bool IsStartSentence () const
bool IsEndSentence () const
bool IsSttPara () const
bool IsEndPara () const
bool IsEndOfTable () const
 at the very last SwPosition inside a table More...
bool IsStartOfDoc () const
bool IsEndOfDoc () const
bool IsInFrontOfLabel () const
bool IsAtLeftMargin () const
bool IsAtRightMargin () const
bool ParkTableCursor ()
 Invalidate cursors. More...
bool IsGCAttr () const
void ClearGCAttr ()
void UpdateAttr ()
bool IsAllProtect () const
bool GotoRegion (std::u16string_view rName)
virtual void MakeSelVisible ()
 show the current selected "object" More...
bool FindValidContentNode (bool bOnlyText)
 search a valid content position (not protected/hidden) More...
bool GetContentAtPos (const Point &rPt, SwContentAtPos &rContentAtPos, bool bSetCursor=false, SwRect *pFieldRect=nullptr)
const SwPostItFieldGetPostItFieldAtCursor () const
void GetSmartTagRect (const Point &rPt, SwRect &rSelectRect)
void GetSmartTagTerm (std::vector< OUString > &rSmartTagTypes, css::uno::Sequence< css::uno::Reference< css::container::XStringKeyMap > > &rStringKeyMaps, css::uno::Reference< css::text::XTextRange > &rRange) const
bool IsPageAtPos (const Point &rPt) const
bool SelectTextAttr (sal_uInt16 nWhich, bool bExpand, const SwTextAttr *pAttr=nullptr)
bool GotoINetAttr (const SwTextINetFormat &rAttr)
const SwFormatINetFormatFindINetAttr (std::u16string_view rName) const
bool SelectTextModel (sal_Int32 nStart, sal_Int32 nEnd)
bool CheckTableBoxContent (const SwPosition *pPos=nullptr)
void SaveTableBoxContent (const SwPosition *pPos=nullptr)
void ClearTableBoxContent ()
bool EndAllTableBoxEdit ()
void SetSelTableCells (bool bFlag)
bool IsSelTableCells () const
void UnsetEnhancedTableSelection ()
SwTable::SearchType GetEnhancedTableSelection () const
bool IsAutoUpdateCells () const
void SetAutoUpdateCells (bool bFlag)
bool GetShadowCursorPos (const Point &rPt, SwFillMode eFillMode, SwRect &rRect, sal_Int16 &rOrient)
bool SetShadowCursorPos (const Point &rPt, SwFillMode eFillMode)
const SwRangeRedlineSelNextRedline ()
const SwRangeRedlineSelPrevRedline ()
const SwRangeRedlineGotoRedline (SwRedlineTable::size_type nArrPos, bool bSelect)
bool GotoFootnoteAnchor (const SwTextFootnote &rTextFootnote)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE SvxFrameDirection GetTextDirection (const Point *pPt=nullptr) const
bool IsInVerticalText (const Point *pPt=nullptr) const
bool IsInRightToLeftText () const
bool bColumnChange ()
bool IsInHiddenRange (const bool bSelect)
 If the current cursor position is inside a hidden range true is returned. More...
void ClearUpCursors ()
void SetMacroExecAllowed (const bool _bMacroExecAllowed)
bool IsMacroExecAllowed () const
OUString GetCursorDescr () const
 Returns textual description of the current selection. More...
virtual void dumpAsXml (xmlTextWriterPtr pWriter) const override
OUString getPageRectangles ()
 Implementation of lok::Document::getPartPageRectangles() for Writer. More...
void NotifyCursor (SfxViewShell *pViewShell) const
 See SwView::NotifyCursor(). More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwViewShell
SwViewShellImpImp ()
const SwViewShellImpImp () const
const SwNodesGetNodes () const
void InitPrt (OutputDevice *pOutDev)
void StartAction ()
void ImplStartAction ()
void EndAction (const bool bIdleEnd=false)
void ImplEndAction (const bool bIdleEnd)
sal_uInt16 ActionCount () const
bool ActionPend () const
bool IsInEndAction () const
void SetRestoreActions (sal_uInt16 nSet)
sal_uInt16 GetRestoreActions () const
bool HasInvalidRect () const
void ChgHyphenation ()
void ChgNumberDigits ()
bool AddPaintRect (const SwRect &rRect)
void InvalidateWindows (const SwRect &rRect)
void FlushPendingLOKInvalidateTiles ()
void Reformat ()
 Invalidates complete Layout (ApplyViewOption). More...
void PrePaint ()
void DLPrePaint2 (const vcl::Region &rRegion)
void DLPostPaint2 (bool bPaintFormLayer)
const MapModegetPrePostMapMode () const
virtual void Paint (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext, const tools::Rectangle &rRect)
void PaintTile (VirtualDevice &rDevice, int contextWidth, int contextHeight, int tilePosX, int tilePosY, tools::Long tileWidth, tools::Long tileHeight)
 Paint tile. More...
bool IsPaintInProgress () const
bool IsDrawingLayerPaintInProgress () const
virtual void VisPortChgd (const SwRect &)
bool SmoothScroll (tools::Long lXDiff, tools::Long lYDiff, const tools::Rectangle *)
void EnableSmooth (bool b)
const SwRectVisArea () const
const tools::RectanglegetLOKVisibleArea () const
 The visible area in the client (set by setClientVisibleArea). More...
void setLOKVisibleArea (const tools::Rectangle &rArea)
void MakeVisible (const SwRect &)
void SizeChgNotify ()
void UISizeNotify ()
Point GetPagePos (sal_uInt16 nPageNum) const
sal_uInt16 GetNumPages () const
bool IsDummyPage (sal_uInt16 nPageNum) const
void SetFirstVisPageInvalid ()
SwRootFrameGetLayout () const
bool IsNewLayout () const
Size GetDocSize () const
virtual void CalcLayout ()
sal_uInt16 GetPageCount () const
Size GetPageSize (sal_uInt16 nPageNum, bool bSkipEmptyPages) const
SwDocGetDoc () const
const IDocumentSettingAccessgetIDocumentSettingAccess () const
 Provides access to the document setting interface. More...
IDocumentSettingAccessgetIDocumentSettingAccess ()
const IDocumentDeviceAccessgetIDocumentDeviceAccess () const
 Provides access to the document device interface. More...
IDocumentDeviceAccessgetIDocumentDeviceAccess ()
const IDocumentMarkAccessgetIDocumentMarkAccess () const
 Provides access to the document bookmark interface. More...
IDocumentMarkAccessgetIDocumentMarkAccess ()
const IDocumentDrawModelAccessgetIDocumentDrawModelAccess () const
 Provides access to the document draw model interface. More...
IDocumentDrawModelAccessgetIDocumentDrawModelAccess ()
const IDocumentRedlineAccessgetIDocumentRedlineAccess () const
 Provides access to the document redline interface. More...
IDocumentRedlineAccessgetIDocumentRedlineAccess ()
const IDocumentLayoutAccessgetIDocumentLayoutAccess () const
 Provides access to the document layout interface. More...
IDocumentLayoutAccessgetIDocumentLayoutAccess ()
IDocumentContentOperationsgetIDocumentContentOperations ()
 Provides access to the content operations interface. More...
IDocumentStylePoolAccessgetIDocumentStylePoolAccess ()
 Provides access to the document style pool interface. More...
const IDocumentStatisticsgetIDocumentStatistics () const
 Provides access to the document statistics interface. More...
IDocumentUndoRedo const & GetIDocumentUndoRedo () const
 Provides access to the document undo/redo interface. More...
IDocumentUndoRedo & GetIDocumentUndoRedo ()
const IDocumentListItemsgetIDocumentListItemsAccess () const
const IDocumentOutlineNodesgetIDocumentOutlineNodesAccess () const
vcl::RenderContextGetRefDev () const
vcl::WindowGetWin () const
vcl::RenderContextGetOut () const
void SetWin (vcl::Window *win)
void SetOut (vcl::RenderContext *pOut)
void ChgAllPageOrientation (Orientation eOri)
void ChgAllPageSize (Size const &rSz)
bool PrintOrPDFExport (OutputDevice *pOutDev, SwPrintData const &rPrintData, sal_Int32 nRenderer, bool bIsPDFExport)
void PrintProspect (OutputDevice *pOutDev, const SwPrintData &rPrintData, sal_Int32 nRenderer)
 print brochure More...
void FillPrtDoc (SwDoc &rPrtDoc, const SfxPrinter *pPrt)
void CalcPagesForPrint (sal_uInt16 nMax)
void UpdateFields (bool bCloseDB=false)
 Forces update of each field. More...
bool IsAnyFieldInDoc () const
 Check if the DocNodesArray contains fields. More...
void UpdateOleObjectPreviews ()
 Update the previews of all OLE objects. More...
void UpdateAllCharts ()
 update all charts for which any table exists More...
bool HasCharts () const
void SetParaSpaceMax (bool bNew)
void SetParaSpaceMaxAtPages (bool bNew)
void SetTabCompat (bool bNew)
void SetAddExtLeading (bool bNew)
void SetAddParaSpacingToTableCells (bool _bAddParaSpacingToTableCells)
 Sets if paragraph and table spacing is added at bottom of table cells. More...
void SetUseFormerLineSpacing (bool _bUseFormerLineSpacing)
 Sets if former formatting of text lines with proportional line spacing should used. More...
void SetUseFormerObjectPositioning (bool _bUseFormerObjPos)
 Sets IDocumentSettingAccess if former object positioning should be used. More...
void SetConsiderWrapOnObjPos (bool _bConsiderWrapOnObjPos)
void SetUseFormerTextWrapping (bool _bUseFormerTextWrapping)
void SetDoNotJustifyLinesWithManualBreak (bool _bDoNotJustifyLinesWithManualBreak)
void SetProtectForm (bool _bProtectForm)
void SetMsWordCompTrailingBlanks (bool _bMsWordCompTrailingBlanks)
void SetSubtractFlysAnchoredAtFlys (bool bSubtractFlysAnchoredAtFlys)
void SetEmptyDbFieldHidesPara (bool bEmptyDbFieldHidesPara)
void LayoutIdle ()
const SwViewOptionGetViewOptions () const
virtual void ApplyViewOptions (const SwViewOption &rOpt)
void SetUIOptions (const SwViewOption &rOpt)
virtual void SetReadonlyOption (bool bSet)
void SetPDFExportOption (bool bSet)
void SetPrtFormatOption (bool bSet)
void SetReadonlySelectionOption (bool bSet)
const SwAccessibilityOptionsGetAccessibilityOptions () const
SfxViewShellGetSfxViewShell () const
void SetSfxViewShell (SfxViewShell *pNew)
virtual void DrawSelChanged ()
SwPagePreviewLayoutPagePreviewLayout ()
void AdjustOptionsForPagePreview (SwPrintData const &rPrintOptions)
 adjust view options for page preview More...
bool IsViewLocked () const
void LockView (bool b)
void LockPaint (LockPaintReason eReason)
void ImplLockPaint ()
void UnlockPaint (bool bVirDev=false)
void ImplUnlockPaint (std::vector< LockPaintReason > &rReasons, bool bVirDev)
bool IsPaintLocked () const
bool HasDrawView () const
void MakeDrawView ()
bool HasDrawViewDrag () const
SdrViewGetDrawView ()
const SdrViewGetDrawView () const
SdrViewGetDrawViewWithValidMarkList ()
const SfxItemPoolGetAttrPool () const
SfxItemPoolGetAttrPool ()
bool IsPreview () const
void InvalidateLayout (bool bSizeChanged)
const SizeGetBrowseBorder () const
sal_Int32 GetBrowseWidth () const
void SetBrowseBorder (const Size &rNew)
css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessible > CreateAccessible ()
css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessible > CreateAccessiblePreview ()
void ShowPreviewSelection (sal_uInt16 nSelPage)
void InvalidateAccessibleFocus ()
void ApplyAccessibilityOptions ()
void InvalidateAccessibleParaFlowRelation (const SwTextFrame *_pFromTextFrame, const SwTextFrame *_pToTextFrame)
 invalidate CONTENT_FLOWS_FROM/_TO relation for paragraphs More...
void InvalidateAccessibleParaTextSelection ()
 invalidate text selection for paragraphs More...
void InvalidateAccessibleParaAttrs (const SwTextFrame &rTextFrame)
 invalidate attributes for paragraphs and paragraph's characters More...
SwAccessibleMapGetAccessibleMap ()
 SwViewShell (SwViewShell &, vcl::Window *pWin, OutputDevice *pOut=nullptr, tools::Long nFlags=0)
 CTor for further Shells on a document. More...
 SwViewShell (SwDoc &rDoc, vcl::Window *pWin, const SwViewOption *pOpt, OutputDevice *pOut=nullptr, tools::Long nFlags=0)
 CTor for the first Shell. More...
virtual ~SwViewShell () override
sal_Int32 GetPageNumAndSetOffsetForPDF (OutputDevice &rOut, const SwRect &rRect) const
bool IsInConstructor () const
const BitmapExGetReplacementBitmap (bool bIsErrorState)
void DeleteReplacementBitmaps ()
const SwPostItMgrGetPostItMgr () const
SwPostItMgrGetPostItMgr ()
void ToggleHeaderFooterEdit ()
 Acts both for headers / footers, depending on the bShow(Header|Footer)Separator flags. More...
bool IsHeaderFooterEdit () const
 Acts both for headers / footers, depending on the bShow(Header|Footer)Separator flags. More...
bool IsShowHeaderFooterSeparator (FrameControlType eControl)
virtual void SetShowHeaderFooterSeparator (FrameControlType eControl, bool bShow)
bool IsSelectAll () const
void setOutputToWindow (bool bOutputToWindow)
bool isOutputToWindow () const
void OnGraphicArrived (const SwRect &)
void GetFirstLastVisPageNumbers (SwVisiblePageNumbers &rVisiblePageNumbers)
virtual void dumpAsXml (xmlTextWriterPtr pWriter) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from sw::Ring< SwViewShell >
void unlink ()
 algo::unlink is buggy! don't call it directly! More...
void MoveTo (SwViewShell *pDestRing)
 Removes this item from its current ring container and adds it to another ring container. More...
ring_container GetRingContainer ()
const_ring_container GetRingContainer () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from sw::IShellCursorSupplier
virtual ~IShellCursorSupplier ()
virtual SwCursorCreateNewShellCursor ()=0
virtual SwCursorGetCurrentShellCursor ()=0

Private Types

enum  PageMove {
  MV_NO ,
enum  BookMarkMove {
typedef tools::Long(SwWrtShell::* SELECTFUNC) (const Point *, bool bProp)
typedef void(SwWrtShell::* SELECTFUNC2) (const Point *, bool bProp)

Private Member Functions

SAL_DLLPRIVATE void OpenMark ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void CloseMark (bool bOkFlag)
bool HasCursorStack () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool PushCursor (SwTwips lOffset, bool bSelect)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool PopCursor (bool bUpdate, bool bSelect=false)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool NxtWrd_ ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool PrvWrd_ ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool NxtWrdForDelete ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool PrvWrdForDelete ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool FwdSentence_ ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool BwdSentence_ ()
bool FwdPara_ ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool BwdPara_ ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ResetCursorStack_ ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE tools::Long SetCursor (const Point *, bool bProp=false)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE tools::Long SetCursorKillSel (const Point *, bool bProp)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void BeginDrag (const Point *, bool bProp)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void DefaultDrag (const Point *, bool bProp)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void DefaultEndDrag (const Point *, bool bProp)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ExtSelWrd (const Point *, bool bProp)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ExtSelLn (const Point *, bool bProp)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void BeginFrameDrag (const Point *, bool bProp)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void UpdateLayoutFrame (const Point *, bool bProp)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void SttLeaveSelect ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void AddLeaveSelect ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE tools::Long Ignore (const Point *, bool bProp)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void LeaveExtSel ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool GoStart (bool KeepArea, bool *, bool bSelect, bool bDontMoveRegion=false)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool GoEnd (bool KeepArea=false, const bool *=nullptr)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool MoveBookMark (BookMarkMove eFuncId, const ::sw::mark::IMark *const pMark=nullptr)
bool Left (sal_uInt16 nCnt, SwCursorSkipMode nMode, bool bAllowVisual=false)
bool Right (sal_uInt16 nCnt, SwCursorSkipMode nMode, bool bAllowVisual=false)
bool Up (sal_uInt16 nCnt=1)
bool Down (sal_uInt16 nCnt=1)
bool LeftMargin ()
bool RightMargin (bool bAPI=false)
bool SelectTextAttr (sal_uInt16 nWhich, bool bExpand, const SwTextAttr *pAttr=nullptr)
bool GotoPage (sal_uInt16 nPage)
SwFlyFrameFormatInsertObject (const svt::EmbeddedObjectRef &, SfxItemSet *pFlyAttrSet)
void AutoCorrect (SvxAutoCorrect &rACorr, bool bInsertMode, sal_Unicode cChar)
 Call AutoCorrect. More...
bool GotoMark (const ::sw::mark::IMark *const pMark)
bool GotoMark (const ::sw::mark::IMark *const pMark, bool bAtStart)
int SetCursor (const Point &rPt, bool bOnlyText=false, bool bBlock=true)

Private Attributes

SELECTFUNC2 m_fnDrag = &SwWrtShell::BeginDrag
SELECTFUNC m_fnSetCursor = &SwWrtShell::SetCursor
SELECTFUNC2 m_fnEndDrag = &SwWrtShell::DefaultEndDrag
SELECTFUNC m_fnKillSel = &SwWrtShell::Ignore
struct SwWrtShell::ModeStackm_pModeStack = nullptr
enum SwWrtShell::PageMove m_ePageMove = MV_NO
std::unique_ptr< CursorStackm_pCursorStack
SwNavigationMgr m_aNavigationMgr
Point m_aDest
bool m_bDestOnStack = false
bool m_bIns:1
bool m_bInSelect:1
bool m_bExtMode:1
bool m_bAddMode:1
bool m_bBlockMode:1
bool m_bLayoutMode:1
bool m_bSelWrd:1
bool m_bSelLn:1
bool m_bIsInClickToEdit:1
bool m_bClearMark:1
bool m_bRetainSelection:1
Point m_aStart
Link< SwWrtShell &, void > m_aSelTableLink

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SwFEShell
static ObjCntType GetObjCntType (const SdrObject &rObj)
static SfxItemSetFixed< RES_VERT_ORIENT, RES_ANCHORmakeItemSetFromFormatAnchor (SfxItemPool &rPool, const SwFormatAnchor &rAnchor)
static bool IsVerticalModeAtNdAndPos (const SwTextNode &_rTextNode, const Point &_rDocPos)
static void SetLineEnds (SfxItemSet &rAttr, SdrObject const &rObj, sal_uInt16 nSlotId)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SwEditShell
static bool IsTOXBaseReadonly (const SwTOXBase &rTOXBase)
static void InsertSoftHyph (const sal_Int32 nHyphPos)
 For Inserting SoftHyphen. Position is offset within the syllabificated word. More...
static void PutSpellingToSentenceStart ()
 Make SpellIter start with the current sentence when called next time. More...
static void MoveContinuationPosToEndOfCheckedSentence ()
 Moves the continuation position to the end of the currently checked sentence. More...
static bool HasLastSentenceGotGrammarChecked ()
 Check SwSpellIter data to see if the last sentence got grammar checked. More...
static bool HasConvIter ()
 Is text conversion active somewhere else? More...
static bool HasHyphIter ()
 Is hyphenation active somewhere else? More...
static void IgnoreGrammarErrorAt (SwPaM &rErrorPosition)
static SvxSwAutoFormatFlagsGetAutoFormatFlags ()
static void SetAutoFormatFlags (SvxSwAutoFormatFlags const *)
static SwAutoCompleteWordGetAutoCompleteWords ()
 Interface for access to AutoComplete-list. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SwCursorShell
static SwTextFieldGetTextFieldAtPos (const SwPosition *pPos, ::sw::GetTextAttrMode eMode)
static SwTextFieldGetTextFieldAtCursor (const SwPaM *pCursor, ::sw::GetTextAttrMode eMode)
static SwFieldGetFieldAtCursor (const SwPaM *pCursor, const bool bIncludeInputFieldAtStart)
static bool PosInsideInputField (const SwPosition &rPos)
static sal_Int32 StartOfInputFieldAtPos (const SwPosition &rPos)
static sal_Int32 EndOfInputFieldAtPos (const SwPosition &rPos)
static void FirePageChangeEvent (sal_uInt16 nOldPage, sal_uInt16 nNewPage)
static void FireSectionChangeEvent (sal_uInt16 nOldSection, sal_uInt16 nNewSection)
static void FireColumnChangeEvent (sal_uInt16 nOldColumn, sal_uInt16 nNewColumn)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SwViewShell
static bool IsLstEndAction ()
static void PrtOle2 (SwDoc *pDoc, const SwViewOption *pOpt, const SwPrintData &rOptions, vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext, const tools::Rectangle &rRect, bool bOutputForScreen)
static void SetShellRes (ShellResource *pRes)
static ShellResourceGetShellRes ()
static weld::WindowCareChildWin (SwViewShell const &rVSh)
static void SetCareDialog (const std::shared_ptr< weld::Window > &rNew)
static weld::WindowGetCareDialog (SwViewShell const &rVSh)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwCursorShell
SwMoveFnCollection const & MakeFindRange (SwDocPositions, SwDocPositions, SwPaM *) const
int CompareCursorStackMkCurrPt () const
bool SelTableRowOrCol (bool bRow, bool bRowSimple=false)
bool SetInFrontOfLabel (bool bNew)
void RefreshBlockCursor ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void UpdateMarkedListLevel ()
 Updates the marked list level according to the cursor. More...
virtual void SwClientNotify (const SwModify &, const SfxHint &) override
 forward all attribute/format changes at the current node to the Link More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sw::Ring< SwViewShell >
 Ring ()
 Creates a new item in a ring container all by itself. More...
 Ring (SwViewShell *pRing)
 Creates a new item and add it to an existing ring container. More...
SwViewShellGetNextInRing ()
const_value_typeGetNextInRing () const
SwViewShellGetPrevInRing ()
const_value_typeGetPrevInRing () const
bool unique () const
- Protected Attributes inherited from SwViewShell
SwRect maVisArea
 The modern version of VisArea. More...
tools::Rectangle maLOKVisibleArea
 The visible area in the LibreOfficeKit client. More...
rtl::Reference< SwDocmxDoc
 The document; never 0. More...
sal_uInt16 mnStartAction
 != 0 if at least one Action is active. More...
sal_uInt16 mnLockPaint
 != 0 if Paint is locked. More...
std::vector< LockPaintReasonmaLockPaintReasons
bool mbSelectAll
 Special select all mode: whole document selected, even if doc starts with table. More...
bool mbOutputToWindow
 The virtual device we paint to will end up on the screen. More...
std::stack< vcl::RegionmPrePostPaintRegions
VclPtr< OutputDevicempPrePostOutDev
MapMode maPrePostMapMode
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from SwViewShell
static ShellResourcespShellRes = nullptr
 Resources for the Shell. More...
static vcl::DeleteOnDeinit< std::shared_ptr< weld::Window > > spCareDialog {}
 Avoid this window. More...

Detailed Description

Used by the UI to modify the document model.

Eg. the Insert() method will take the current cursor position, insert the string, and take care of undo etc.

Definition at line 96 of file wrtsh.hxx.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ FNSimpleMove

typedef bool(SwWrtShell::* SwWrtShell::FNSimpleMove) ()

Definition at line 208 of file wrtsh.hxx.


typedef tools::Long(SwWrtShell::* SwWrtShell::SELECTFUNC) (const Point *, bool bProp)

Definition at line 111 of file wrtsh.hxx.


typedef void(SwWrtShell::* SwWrtShell::SELECTFUNC2) (const Point *, bool bProp)

Definition at line 112 of file wrtsh.hxx.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ BookMarkMove


Definition at line 641 of file wrtsh.hxx.

◆ DoType


Definition at line 378 of file wrtsh.hxx.

◆ FieldDialogPressedButton


Definition at line 380 of file wrtsh.hxx.

◆ GetStyle


Definition at line 361 of file wrtsh.hxx.

◆ PageMove

enum SwWrtShell::PageMove

Definition at line 545 of file wrtsh.hxx.

◆ word


Definition at line 301 of file wrtsh.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SwWrtShell() [1/2]

SwWrtShell::SwWrtShell ( SwWrtShell rSh,
vcl::Window pWin,
SwView rShell 

◆ SwWrtShell() [2/2]

SwWrtShell::SwWrtShell ( SwDoc rDoc,
vcl::Window pWin,
SwView rShell,
const SwViewOption pViewOpt 

◆ ~SwWrtShell()

SwWrtShell::~SwWrtShell ( )

Definition at line 2031 of file wrtsh1.cxx.

References SwTransferable::ClearSelection(), IsModePushed(), PopCursor(), and PopMode().

Member Function Documentation

◆ addCurrentPosition()

void SwWrtShell::addCurrentPosition ( )

◆ AddLeaveSelect()

void SwWrtShell::AddLeaveSelect ( )

◆ ApplyViewOptions()

void SwWrtShell::ApplyViewOptions ( const SwViewOption rOpt)

◆ AutoCorrect() [1/2]

void SwEditShell::AutoCorrect ( SvxAutoCorrect rACorr,
bool  bInsertMode,
sal_Unicode  cChar 

Call AutoCorrect.

Auto correction.

Definition at line 837 of file edws.cxx.

◆ AutoCorrect() [2/2]

void SwWrtShell::AutoCorrect ( SvxAutoCorrect rACorr,
sal_Unicode  cChar 

◆ AutoUpdateFrame()

void SwWrtShell::AutoUpdateFrame ( SwFrameFormat pFormat,
const SfxItemSet rStyleSet 

◆ AutoUpdatePara()

void SwWrtShell::AutoUpdatePara ( SwTextFormatColl pColl,
const SfxItemSet rStyleSet,
SwPaM pPaM = nullptr 

◆ BeginDrag()

void SwWrtShell::BeginDrag ( const Point ,
bool  bProp 

◆ BeginFrameDrag()

void SwWrtShell::BeginFrameDrag ( const Point pPt,
bool  bProp 

◆ BulletOn()

void SwWrtShell::BulletOn ( )

Definition at line 1718 of file wrtsh1.cxx.

References NumOrBulletOn().

Referenced by SwTextShell::ExecEnterNum().

◆ BwdPara()

void SwWrtShell::BwdPara ( )

Definition at line 236 of file wrtsh.hxx.

References BwdPara_().

Referenced by SwTextShell::ExecMoveLingu().

◆ BwdPara_()

bool SwWrtShell::BwdPara_ ( )

◆ BwdSentence()

void SwWrtShell::BwdSentence ( bool  bSelect = false)

Definition at line 240 of file wrtsh.hxx.

References BwdSentence_().

Referenced by SwTextShell::ExecMoveLingu().

◆ BwdSentence_()

bool SwWrtShell::BwdSentence_ ( )

◆ CalcAndSetScale()

void SwWrtShell::CalcAndSetScale ( svt::EmbeddedObjectRef xObj,
const SwRect pFlyPrtRect = nullptr,
const SwRect pFlyFrameRect = nullptr,
const bool  bNoTextFramePrtAreaChanged = false 

◆ CallEvent()

sal_uInt16 SwWrtShell::CallEvent ( SvMacroItemId  nEvent,
const SwCallMouseEvent rCallEvent,
bool  bCheckPtr = false 

Definition at line 328 of file wrtsh3.cxx.

References SwDoc::CallEvent(), and SwViewShell::GetDoc().

Referenced by SwEditWin::MouseMove().

◆ CallSetCursor()

tools::Long SwWrtShell::CallSetCursor ( const Point pPt,
bool  bProp 

◆ CanInsert()

bool SwWrtShell::CanInsert ( )

◆ ChangeHeaderOrFooter()

void SwWrtShell::ChangeHeaderOrFooter ( std::u16string_view  rStyleName,
bool  bHeader,
bool  bOn,
bool  bShowWarning 

◆ ChgDBData()

void SwWrtShell::ChgDBData ( const SwDBData SwDBData)

◆ ClickToField()

void SwWrtShell::ClickToField ( const SwField rField,
bool  bExecHyperlinks 

◆ ClickToINetAttr()

void SwWrtShell::ClickToINetAttr ( const SwFormatINetFormat rItem,
LoadUrlFlags  nFilter = LoadUrlFlags::NONE 

◆ ClickToINetGrf()

bool SwWrtShell::ClickToINetGrf ( const Point rDocPt,
LoadUrlFlags  nFilter 

◆ CloseMark()

void SwWrtShell::CloseMark ( bool  bOkFlag)

◆ ConnectObj()

void SwWrtShell::ConnectObj ( svt::EmbeddedObjectRef ,
const SwRect rPrt,
const SwRect rFrame 

Connect objects with ActivateWhenVisible at Paint.

Called by notxtfrm::Paint, implemented in wrtsh.

Implements SwFEShell.

Definition at line 930 of file wrtsh1.cxx.

References CalcAndSetScale(), SfxViewShell::FindIPClient(), svt::EmbeddedObjectRef::GetObject(), and GetView().


SwWrtShell::DECL_DLLPRIVATE_LINK ( ExecFlyMac  ,
const SwFlyFrameFormat ,

◆ DefaultDrag()

void SwWrtShell::DefaultDrag ( const Point ,
bool  bProp 

◆ DefaultEndDrag()

void SwWrtShell::DefaultEndDrag ( const Point ,
bool  bProp 

◆ DelLeft()

bool SwWrtShell::DelLeft ( )

◆ DelLine()

void SwWrtShell::DelLine ( )

◆ DelNxtWord()

void SwWrtShell::DelNxtWord ( )

◆ DelPrvWord()

void SwWrtShell::DelPrvWord ( )

◆ DelRight()

bool SwWrtShell::DelRight ( bool  isReplaceHeuristic = false)

Definition at line 285 of file delete.cxx.

References Cells, CH_TXT_TRACKED_DUMMY_CHAR, Chars, SwCursorShell::ClearMark(), CloseMark(), DbForm, SwDrawBase::Deactivate(), sw::Default, SwEditShell::Delete(), SwCursorShell::DeleteCurrent, IDocumentMarkAccess::DeleteFieldmarkCommand(), IDocumentMarkAccess::deleteMark(), SwEditShell::DelFullPara(), DelRight(), SwFEShell::DelSelectedObj(), DrawObject, DrawObjectEditMode, EMPTY, EnterBlockMode(), EnterSelFrameMode(), EnterStdMode(), SwNode::FindTableBoxStartNode(), Frame, SwFormat::GetAnchor(), SwFormatAnchor::GetAnchorId(), SwFormatAnchor::GetAnchorNode(), SwViewShell::GetAttrPool(), SwFormatAnchor::GetContentAnchor(), SwCursorShell::GetCurrentShellCursor(), SwCursorShell::GetCursor(), SwViewShell::GetDoc(), SwView::GetDrawFuncPtr(), SwFormatField::GetField(), IDocumentMarkAccess::getFieldmarkAt(), SwTextNode::GetFieldTextAttrAt(), SwFEShell::GetFlyFrameAttr(), SwFlyFrame::GetFormat(), SwTextAttr::GetFormatField(), SwViewShell::getIDocumentMarkAccess(), SwFEShell::GetObjRect(), SwPaM::GetPoint(), SwPaM::GetPointNode(), SwEditShell::GetRedlineFlags(), SwFEShell::GetSelectedFlyFrame(), GetSelectionType(), SwNode::GetTextNode(), GetView(), SwFEShell::GotoNextFly(), Graphic, HasSelection(), Ignore, Insert(), IsBlockMode(), SwCursorShell::IsCursorInTable(), SwCursorShell::IsEndPara(), SwFEShell::IsFrameSelected(), SwEditShell::IsRedlineOn(), SwCursorShell::IsSelection(), SwCursorShell::IsSttPara(), SwView::LeaveDrawCreate(), LeaveSelFrameMode(), SwCursorShell::Left(), Media, SwViewShell::mxDoc, SwCursorShell::NormalizePam(), NumberList, Ole, OpenMark(), Ornament, SwCursorShell::Pop(), PostIt, SwCursorShell::Push(), SfxItemSet::Put(), ResetCursorStack(), SwCursorShell::Right(), SwDoc::SetAttr(), SetCursor(), SwView::SetDrawFuncPtr(), SwFEShell::SetFlyFrameAttr(), SwEditShell::SetRedlineFlags(), Table, TableCell, Text, SwRect::TopLeft(), UnSelectFrame(), and SwCursorShell::UpdateAttr().

Referenced by SwMailMergeLayoutPage::Activate(), AutoCorrect(), SwEditWin::Command(), SwInsertDBColAutoPilot::DataToDoc(), sw::annotation::SwAnnotationWin::Delete(), SwPostItMgr::Delete(), SwTransferable::DeleteSelection(), DelRight(), SwTransferable::DragFinished(), SwContentTree::EditEntry(), SwBaseShell::ExecDelete(), SwTextShell::ExecInsert(), SwTextShell::Execute(), SwDBManager::ImportFromConnection(), Insert(), InsertColumnBreak(), SwModule::InsertEnv(), InsertField2(), SwGlossaryHdl::InsertGlossary(), InsertGraphic(), SwTextShell::InsertHyperlink(), InsertLineBreak(), InsertObject(), InsertOleObject(), InsertPageBreak(), SwTextShell::InsertSymbol(), InsertTableImpl(), InsertTableOf(), SwTransferable::PasteDDE(), SwTransferable::PrivateDrop(), SwTransferable::PrivatePaste(), and SplitNode().

◆ DelToEndOfLine()

void SwWrtShell::DelToEndOfLine ( )

◆ DelToEndOfPara()

void SwWrtShell::DelToEndOfPara ( )

◆ DelToEndOfSentence()

bool SwWrtShell::DelToEndOfSentence ( )

◆ DelToStartOfLine()

void SwWrtShell::DelToStartOfLine ( )

◆ DelToStartOfPara()

void SwWrtShell::DelToStartOfPara ( )

◆ DelToStartOfSentence()

void SwWrtShell::DelToStartOfSentence ( )

◆ Do()

void SwWrtShell::Do ( DoType  eDoType,
sal_uInt16  nCnt = 1,
sal_uInt16  nOffset = 0 

◆ Down() [1/2]

bool SwWrtShell::Down ( bool  bSelect,
sal_uInt16  nCount = 1,
bool  bBasicCall = false 

◆ Down() [2/2]

bool SwCursorShell::Down ( sal_uInt16  nCnt = 1)

Definition at line 369 of file crsrsh.hxx.

◆ Drag()

void SwWrtShell::Drag ( const Point pPt,
bool  bProp 

Definition at line 124 of file wrtsh.hxx.

Referenced by IMPL_LINK_NOARG(), and SwEditWin::MouseMove().

◆ DrawSelChanged()

void SwWrtShell::DrawSelChanged ( )

◆ Edit()

void SwWrtShell::Edit ( )

◆ EndDrag()

void SwWrtShell::EndDrag ( const Point pPt,
bool  bProp 

Definition at line 125 of file wrtsh.hxx.

Referenced by SwEditWin::MouseButtonUp().

◆ EndNxtPg()

void SwWrtShell::EndNxtPg ( bool  bSelect = false)

Definition at line 370 of file move.cxx.

References GetLastSub(), GetNextFrame(), and SwCursorShell::MovePage().

Referenced by SwTextShell::ExecMovePage().

◆ EndOfColumn()

void SwWrtShell::EndOfColumn ( )

Definition at line 416 of file move.cxx.

References GetColumnEnd(), GetCurrColumn(), and SwCursorShell::MoveColumn().

Referenced by SwTextShell::ExecMoveCol().

◆ EndOfNextColumn()

void SwWrtShell::EndOfNextColumn ( )

Definition at line 428 of file move.cxx.

References GetColumnEnd(), GetNextColumn(), and SwCursorShell::MoveColumn().

Referenced by SwTextShell::ExecMoveCol().

◆ EndOfPrevColumn()

void SwWrtShell::EndOfPrevColumn ( )

Definition at line 440 of file move.cxx.

References GetColumnEnd(), GetPrevColumn(), and SwCursorShell::MoveColumn().

Referenced by SwTextShell::ExecMoveCol().

◆ EndOfSection()

bool SwWrtShell::EndOfSection ( bool  bSelect = false)

◆ EndPara()

void SwWrtShell::EndPara ( bool  bSelect = false)

◆ EndPg()

bool SwWrtShell::EndPg ( bool  bSelect = false)

◆ EndPrvPg()

bool SwWrtShell::EndPrvPg ( bool  bSelect = false)

◆ EndSelect()

void SwWrtShell::EndSelect ( )

◆ EndSelTableCells()

void SwWrtShell::EndSelTableCells ( )

◆ EndWrd()

void SwWrtShell::EndWrd ( )

◆ EnterAddMode()

void SwWrtShell::EnterAddMode ( )

◆ EnterBlockMode()

void SwWrtShell::EnterBlockMode ( )

◆ EnterExtMode()

void SwWrtShell::EnterExtMode ( )

◆ EnterSelFrameMode()

void SwWrtShell::EnterSelFrameMode ( const Point pStartDrag = nullptr)

◆ EnterStdMode()

void SwWrtShell::EnterStdMode ( )

Definition at line 560 of file select.cxx.

References SwCursorShell::ClearMark(), SwTransferable::ClearSelection(), Invalidate(), IsRetainSelection(), IsSelFrameMode(), SwCursorShell::KillPams(), LeaveAddMode(), LeaveBlockMode(), LeaveSelFrameMode(), m_bAddMode, m_bBlockMode, m_bExtMode, m_bInSelect, m_bSelLn, m_bSelWrd, m_fnKillSel, m_fnSetCursor, ResetSelect(), SetCursorKillSel(), and UnSelectFrame().

Referenced by SwPostItMgr::AssureStdModeAtShell(), SwInputWindow::CancelFormula(), SwXTextViewCursor::collapseToEnd(), SwXTextViewCursor::collapseToStart(), DelLeft(), DelNxtWord(), DelPrvWord(), DelRight(), Do(), EnterBlockMode(), SwTextShell::ExecDelete(), SwSpellPopup::Execute(), SwView::Execute(), SwBaseShell::Execute(), SwFrameShell::Execute(), SwTableShell::Execute(), SwTextShell::Execute(), SwBezierShell::Execute(), SwNavigationShell::Execute(), SwContentTree::ExecuteContextMenuAction(), SwView::ExecuteStatusLine(), SwView::GenerateFormLetter(), GoStart(), SwGlobalTree::GotoContent(), GotoDrawingObject(), sw::AccessibilityIssue::gotoIssue(), SwXTextViewCursor::gotoRange(), SwInsertBookmarkDlg::GotoSelectedBookmark(), SwNavigationMgr::GotoSwPosition(), IMPL_LINK(), IMPL_LINK_NOARG(), SwModule::InsertEnv(), SwTextShell::InsertHyperlink(), SwTextShell::InsertMediaDlg(), InsertPostIt(), SwBaseShell::InsertTable(), SwXTextViewCursor::jumpToFirstPage(), SwXTextViewCursor::jumpToLastPage(), lcl_ActivateTextShell(), lcl_AssureStdModeAtShell(), lcl_LeaveDrawText(), lcl_Save(), MakeAllFoldedOutlineContentVisible(), SwSpellDialogChildWindow::MakeTextSelection_Impl(), SwEditWin::MouseButtonDown(), SwEditWin::MouseButtonUp(), SwTransferable::PrivateDrop(), SelAll(), SwXTextView::select(), SelectNextPrevHyperlink(), SwTransferable::SetSelInShell(), SwEditWin::ToggleOutlineContentVisibility(), SwTOXMgr::UpdateOrInsertTOX(), SwFieldEditDlg::~SwFieldEditDlg(), and SwJavaEditDialog::~SwJavaEditDialog().

◆ ExecMacro()

void SwWrtShell::ExecMacro ( const SvxMacro rMacro,
OUString *  pRet = nullptr,
SbxArray pArgs = nullptr 

◆ ExtSelLn()

void SwWrtShell::ExtSelLn ( const Point pPt,
bool  bProp 

◆ ExtSelWrd()

void SwWrtShell::ExtSelWrd ( const Point pPt,
bool  bProp 

◆ FwdPara()

bool SwWrtShell::FwdPara ( )

◆ FwdPara_()

bool SwWrtShell::FwdPara_ ( )

◆ FwdSentence()

void SwWrtShell::FwdSentence ( bool  bSelect = false)

Definition at line 238 of file wrtsh.hxx.

References FwdSentence_().

Referenced by SwTextShell::ExecMoveLingu().

◆ FwdSentence_()

bool SwWrtShell::FwdSentence_ ( )

◆ GetAttrOutlineContentVisible()

bool SwWrtShell::GetAttrOutlineContentVisible ( const size_t  nPos) const

◆ GetCharStyle()

SwCharFormat * SwWrtShell::GetCharStyle ( const OUString &  rFormatName,
GetStyle  eCreate = GETSTYLE_NOCREATE 

◆ GetCurPageStyle()

OUString const & SwWrtShell::GetCurPageStyle ( ) const

◆ GetDoString()

OUString SwWrtShell::GetDoString ( DoType  eDoType) const

◆ GetDoStrings()

void SwWrtShell::GetDoStrings ( DoType  eDoType,
SfxStringListItem rStrLstItem 
) const

◆ getLOKPayload()

std::optional< OString > SwWrtShell::getLOKPayload ( int  nType,
int  nViewId 
) const

◆ GetNavigationMgr()

SwNavigationMgr & SwWrtShell::GetNavigationMgr ( )

Definition at line 485 of file wrtsh.hxx.

Referenced by SwNavigationShell::Execute(), SwNavigationShell::GetState(), and IMPL_LINK().

◆ GetParaStyle()

SwTextFormatColl * SwWrtShell::GetParaStyle ( const OUString &  rCollName,
GetStyle  eCreate = GETSTYLE_NOCREATE 

◆ GetRepeatString()

OUString SwWrtShell::GetRepeatString ( ) const

Definition at line 138 of file wrtundo.cxx.

References SwEditShell::GetRepeatInfo(), and SvtResId().

Referenced by SwBaseShell::StateUndo().

◆ GetSelDescr()

OUString SwWrtShell::GetSelDescr ( ) const

◆ GetSelectionType()

SelectionType SwWrtShell::GetSelectionType ( ) const

Definition at line 1723 of file wrtsh1.cxx.

References SwViewShell::ActionPend(), svx::checkForSelectedCustomShapes(), svx::checkForSelectedFontWork(), DbForm, DrawObject, DrawObjectEditMode, ExtrudedCustomShape, FontWork, Frame, SwNumRule::Get(), SwTextNode::GetActualListLevel(), SwEditShell::GetCntType(), SdrView::GetContext(), SwCursorShell::GetCursor(), SwViewShell::GetDrawView(), SwView::GetEditWin(), SwCursorShell::GetEnhancedTableSelection(), SwViewShell::GetLayout(), GetNode(), SvxNumberType::GetNumberingType(), SwEditShell::GetNumRuleAtCurrCursorPos(), sw::GetParaPropsNode(), SwView::GetPostItMgr(), GetView(), Graphic, SwPostItMgr::HasActiveSidebarWin(), SwView::IsBezierEditMode(), SwCursorShell::IsCursorInTable(), SwView::IsDrawMode(), SwView::IsFormMode(), SwEditWin::IsFrameAction(), SwFEShell::IsFrameSelected(), SwTextNode::IsInList(), SwFEShell::IsObjSelected(), IsSelFrameMode(), SwCursorShell::IsTableMode(), SdrObjEditView::IsTextEdit(), SwView::LeaveDrawCreate(), MAXLEVEL, Media, NumberList, Ole, Ornament, PostIt, SwTable::SEARCH_COL, SwTable::SEARCH_ROW, SVX_NUM_NUMBER_NONE, Table, TableCell, TableCol, TableRow, and Text.

Referenced by SwFormatClipboard::Copy(), SwTransferable::DeleteSelection(), DelLeft(), DelRight(), SwView::DoVerb(), SwTransferable::DragFinished(), SwBaseShell::ExecBckCol(), SwBaseShell::Execute(), SwFrameShell::Execute(), SwBaseShell::ExecuteGallery(), SwTableOptionsTabPage::FillItemSet(), SwBaseShell::GetBckColState(), SwTransferable::GetData(), SwBaseShell::GetGalleryState(), SwSpellDialogChildWindow::GetNextWrongSentence(), GetSelDescr(), SwBaseShell::GetState(), SwFrameShell::GetState(), SwTextShell::GetState(), SwView::InsertCaption(), SwView::InsertGraphic(), SwView::InsertGraphicDlg(), SwTextShell::InsertHyperlink(), SwTransferable::isComplex(), SwXTextViewCursor::IsTextSelection(), SwEditWin::KeyInput(), lcl_TableParamToItemSet(), SwEditWin::MouseButtonDown(), SwEditWin::MouseButtonUp(), SwEditWin::MouseMove(), SwParaDlg::PageCreated(), SwFormatClipboard::Paste(), PrepareBoxInfo(), SwTransferable::PrepareForCopy(), SwTransferable::PrivateDrop(), SwTransferable::PrivatePaste(), SwWrapTabPage::Reset(), SwEditWin::SelectMenuPosition(), SwWebView::SelectShell(), SwCursorShell::sendLOKCursorUpdates(), SwTransferable::SetDataForDragAndDrop(), SwTextShell::StateInsert(), SwFrameShell::StateInsert(), SwModule::StateOther(), SwDocShell::StateStyleSheet(), SwView::StateTabWin(), SwCaptionDialog::SwCaptionDialog(), SwSortDlg::SwSortDlg(), and SwContentTree::UpdateTracking().

◆ GetTableStyle()

SwFrameFormat * SwWrtShell::GetTableStyle ( std::u16string_view  rFormatName)

◆ GetURLFromButton()

bool SwWrtShell::GetURLFromButton ( OUString &  rURL,
OUString &  rDescr 
) const

◆ GetView() [1/2]

SwView & SwWrtShell::GetView ( )

Definition at line 444 of file wrtsh.hxx.

◆ GetView() [2/2]

const SwView & SwWrtShell::GetView ( ) const

Definition at line 443 of file wrtsh.hxx.

Referenced by SwModelessRedlineAcceptDlg::Activate(), DrawSelection::Activate(), SwFlyFrame::ActiveUnfloatButton(), SwNavigationMgr::addEntry(), SwGlossaryDlg::Apply(), SwSortDlg::Apply(), SwSpellDialogChildWindow::ApplyChangedSentence(), ApplyCharBackground(), ApplyViewOptions(), SwPostItMgr::AssureStdModeAtShell(), CalcAndSetScale(), SwTransferable::CalculateAndCopy(), SwRedlineAcceptDlg::CallAcceptReject(), CanInsert(), ChangeHeaderOrFooter(), SwSpellPopup::checkRedline(), ChgDBData(), ClickToField(), SwEditWin::Command(), SwTemplateControl::Command(), ConnectObj(), SwTransferable::Copy(), SwTransferable::CopyGlossary(), SwContentTree::CopyOutlineSelections(), SwDrawBase::Deactivate(), SwTransferable::DeleteSelection(), DelRight(), SwPageFrame::DestroyImpl(), SwContentTree::Display(), SwTransferable::DragFinished(), DrawSelChanged(), SwEnvFormatPage::Edit(), SwGlobalTree::EditContent(), SwContentTree::EditEntry(), EndSelect(), SwDrawBase::EnterSelectMode(), SwBaseShell::ExecClpbrd(), SwDrawTextShell::ExecDraw(), SwDrawShell::ExecDrawAttrArgs(), SwFrameShell::ExecDrawAttrArgsTextFrame(), SwTextShell::ExecField(), SwDrawTextShell::ExecFontWork(), SwModule::ExecOther(), SwBaseShell::ExecUndo(), SwSpellPopup::Execute(), SwDrawShell::Execute(), SwDrawTextShell::Execute(), SwFrameShell::Execute(), SwTableShell::Execute(), SwTextShell::Execute(), SwGrfShell::Execute(), SwBezierShell::Execute(), SwDrawBaseShell::Execute(), SwNavigationShell::Execute(), SwReadOnlyPopup::Execute(), SwHeaderFooterWin::ExecuteCommand(), SwContentTree::ExecuteContextMenuAction(), SwGlobalTree::ExecuteContextMenuAction(), SwDBManager::ExecuteFormLetter(), SwGlossaryHdl::Expand(), SwInsertSectionTabPage::FillItemSet(), SwTableOptionsTabPage::FillItemSet(), SwSpellPopup::fillLangPopupMenu(), SwContentType::FillMemberList(), SwContentTree::FillTransferData(), SwSpellDialogChildWindow::FindNextDrawTextError_Impl(), SwTextShell::GetAttrState(), SwTransferable::GetData(), SwEditWin::GetDropDestination(), SwSpellDialogChildWindow::GetFocus(), SwDocShell::GetIPClient(), SwSpellDialogChildWindow::GetNextWrongSentence(), SwXTextDocument::getPointer(), GetSelectionType(), SwTransferable::GetSotDestination(), SwFrameShell::GetState(), SwTextShell::GetState(), SwMailMergeDlg::GetURLfromPath(), SwTextFrame::GetView(), SwNavigationMgr::goBack(), SwNavigationMgr::goForward(), SwContentTree::GotoContent(), GotoContentControl(), sw::AccessibilityIssue::gotoIssue(), IMPL_LINK(), IMPL_LINK_NOARG(), SwDBManager::ImportFromConnection(), SwMacroAssignDlg::INetFormatDlg(), InfoReadOnlyDialog(), SwIndexMarkPane::InitControls(), SwCompatibilityOptPage::InitControls(), SwTableFUNC::InsertChart(), SwModule::InsertEnv(), SwFieldMgr::InsertField(), SwModule::InsertLab(), InsertObject(), InsertOleObject(), InsertPostIt(), SwDBManager::InsertText(), SwBaseShell::InsertURLButton(), Invalidate(), InvalidateOutlineContentVisibility(), SwEditWin::IsInHeaderFooter(), SwXTextDocument::isMimeTypeSupported(), ItemSetToTableParam(), SwEditWin::KeyInput(), LaunchOLEObj(), lcl_AssureStdModeAtShell(), lcl_GetCharFormat(), lcl_getDocStyleSheet(), lcl_InsertBCText(), lcl_LeaveDrawText(), lcl_Save(), lcl_SetAttr(), lcl_TableParamToItemSet(), lcl_UpdateContourDlg(), LoadURL(), SwSpellDialogChildWindow::LoseFocus(), MakeAllFoldedOutlineContentVisible(), SwSpellDialogChildWindow::MakeTextSelection_Impl(), SwDBManager::Merge(), SwDBManager::MergeMailFiles(), SwEditWin::MouseButtonDown(), SwDrawBase::MouseButtonUp(), ConstRectangle::MouseButtonUp(), SwEditWin::MouseButtonUp(), SwEditWin::MouseMove(), MoveObjectIfActive(), NavigatorPaste(), SwGlossaryHdl::NewGlossary(), SwModule::Notify(), SwContentTree::Notify(), SwGlobalTree::Notify(), NumOrBulletOn(), SwInsertSectionTabDialog::Ok(), SwGlobalTree::OpenDoc(), SwFrameDlg::PageCreated(), SwTemplateDlgController::PageCreated(), SwSvxNumBulletTabDialog::PageCreated(), SwPageFrame::PaintBreak(), SwPageFrame::PaintDecorators(), SwTextFrame::PaintParagraphStylesHighlighting(), SwRootFrame::PaintSwFrame(), SwTransferable::Paste(), SwTransferable::PasteData(), SwTransferable::PasteDBData(), SwTransferable::PasteFileName(), SwTransferable::PasteFormat(), SwTransferable::PasteGrf(), SwTransferable::PrepareForCopy(), SwTransferable::PrepareForCopyTextRange(), SwTransferable::PrivateDrop(), PushCursor(), SwEndNoteOptionPage::Reset(), SwDropCapsPage::Reset(), SwFramePage::Reset(), SwCondCollPage::Reset(), sw::GraphicSizeCheckGUIEntry::runProperties(), SwDocShell::Save(), SwGlobalTree::Select(), SwCondCollPage::SelectHdl(), SwEditWin::SelectMenuPosition(), SwContentTree::SetActiveShell(), SwContentTree::SetConstantShell(), SwJavaEditDialog::SetField(), SwBaseShell::SetFrameMode(), SwSpellDialogChildWindow::SetGrammarChecking(), SetInsMode(), SetReadonlyOption(), SwTransferable::SetSelInShell(), SwEndNoteOptionPage::SetShell(), SwTextFlowPage::SetShell(), SetShowHeaderFooterSeparator(), SwInsertSectionTabPage::SetWrtShell(), SwTOXEntryTabPage::SetWrtShell(), SwNumPositionTabPage::SetWrtShell(), SwOutlineSettingsTabPage::SetWrtShell(), SfxToSwPageDescAttr(), QuickHelpData::Start(), SwTransferable::StartDrag(), StartDropDownFieldDlg(), StartInsertRegionDialog(), SwBaseShell::StateClpbrd(), SwDocShell::StateStyleSheet(), SwBaseShell::StateUndo(), QuickHelpData::Stop(), sw_CharDialog(), sw_CharDialogResult(), SwCaptionOptPage::SwCaptionOptPage(), SwEditRegionDlg::SwEditRegionDlg(), SwFlyFrameAttrMgr::SwFlyFrameAttrMgr(), SwFrameDlg::SwFrameDlg(), SwGlossaryDlg::SwGlossaryDlg(), SwInsertChart::SwInsertChart(), SwInsertSectionTabDialog::SwInsertSectionTabDialog(), SwLineNumberingDlg::SwLineNumberingDlg(), SwSectionPropertyTabDialog::SwSectionPropertyTabDialog(), SwTableHeightDlg::SwTableHeightDlg(), SwTableWidthDlg::SwTableWidthDlg(), SwTemplateDlgController::SwTemplateDlgController(), SwTitlePageDlg::SwTitlePageDlg(), SwTransferable::SwTransferable(), SwGlobalTree::Update(), UpdateInputFields(), SwTOXMgr::UpdateOrInsertTOX(), SwTextFrame::UpdateOutlineContentVisibilityButton(), SwDropCapsPict::UpdatePaintSettings(), SwFlyFrame::UpdateUnfloatButton(), WarnHiddenSectionDialog(), and SwPasteContext::~SwPasteContext().

◆ GoEnd()

bool SwWrtShell::GoEnd ( bool  KeepArea = false,
const bool *  pMoveTable = nullptr 

◆ GoNextBookmark()

bool SwWrtShell::GoNextBookmark ( )

◆ GoPrevBookmark()

bool SwWrtShell::GoPrevBookmark ( )

◆ GoStart()

bool SwWrtShell::GoStart ( bool  KeepArea,
bool *  pMoveTable,
bool  bSelect,
bool  bDontMoveRegion = false 

◆ GotoContentControl()

bool SwWrtShell::GotoContentControl ( const SwFormatContentControl rContentControl,
bool  bOnlyRefresh = false