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SwTOXType Class Referencefinal

#include <tox.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SwTOXType (SwDoc &rDoc, TOXTypes eTyp, const OUString &rName)
 SwTOXType (const SwTOXType &rCopy)
const OUString & GetTypeName () const
TOXTypes GetType () const
SwDocGetDoc () const
void CollectTextMarks (SwTOXMarks &rMarks) const
SwContentFrameFindContentFrame (const SwDoc &rDoc, const SwRootFrame &rLayout) const
void CollectTextTOXMarksForLayout (std::vector< std::reference_wrapper< SwTextTOXMark >> &rMarks, const SwRootFrame *pLayout) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from sw::BroadcastingModify
virtual void CallSwClientNotify (const SfxHint &rHint) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwModify
 SwModify ()
virtual ~SwModify () override
void Add (SwClient *pDepend)
SwClientRemove (SwClient *pDepend)
bool HasWriterListeners () const
bool HasOnlyOneListener () const
virtual bool GetInfo (SfxPoolItem &) const override
void LockModify ()
void UnlockModify ()
bool IsModifyLocked () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwClient
 SwClient ()
 SwClient (SwClient &&) noexcept
virtual ~SwClient () override
std::optional< sw::ModifyChangedHintCheckRegistration (const SfxPoolItem *pOldValue)
void CheckRegistrationFormat (SwFormat &rOld)
const SwModifyGetRegisteredIn () const
SwModifyGetRegisteredIn ()
void EndListeningAll ()
void StartListeningToSameModifyAs (const SwClient &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from sw::WriterListener
bool IsLast () const
virtual const SwCellFrameDynCastCellFrame () const
virtual const SwTabFrameDynCastTabFrame () const
virtual const SwRowFrameDynCastRowFrame () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from sw::BroadcasterMixin
 BroadcasterMixin ()=default
 BroadcasterMixin (BroadcasterMixin const &)=default
BroadcasterMixinoperator= (const BroadcasterMixin &)
SvtBroadcasterGetNotifier ()

Private Member Functions

SwTOXTypeoperator= (const SwTOXType &)=delete

Private Attributes

OUString m_aName
TOXTypes m_eType

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwModify
virtual void SwClientNotify (const SwModify &, const SfxHint &rHint) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwClient
 SwClient (SwModify *pToRegisterIn)
SwModifyGetRegisteredInNonConst () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sw::WriterListener
 WriterListener ()
virtual ~WriterListener () COVERITY_NOEXCEPT_FALSE

Detailed Description

Definition at line 171 of file tox.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SwTOXType::SwTOXType ( SwDoc rDoc,
TOXTypes  eTyp,
const OUString &  rName 

Definition at line 212 of file tox.cxx.

References m_aName, and m_eType.

SwTOXType::SwTOXType ( const SwTOXType rCopy)

Definition at line 219 of file tox.cxx.

References SwClient::GetRegisteredIn(), m_aName, and m_eType.

Member Function Documentation

void SwTOXType::CollectTextMarks ( SwTOXMarks rMarks) const
void SwTOXType::CollectTextTOXMarksForLayout ( std::vector< std::reference_wrapper< SwTextTOXMark >> &  rMarks,
const SwRootFrame pLayout 
) const

Definition at line 190 of file tox.hxx.

References SvtBroadcaster::Broadcast(), and sw::BroadcasterMixin::GetNotifier().

SwContentFrame* SwTOXType::FindContentFrame ( const SwDoc rDoc,
const SwRootFrame rLayout 
) const
SwDoc& SwTOXType::GetDoc ( ) const

Definition at line 181 of file tox.hxx.

References m_rDoc.

Referenced by MakeTextAttr().

TOXTypes SwTOXType::GetType ( ) const
const OUString & SwTOXType::GetTypeName ( ) const
SwTOXType& SwTOXType::operator= ( const SwTOXType )

Member Data Documentation

OUString SwTOXType::m_aName

Definition at line 196 of file tox.hxx.

Referenced by GetTypeName().

TOXTypes SwTOXType::m_eType

Definition at line 197 of file tox.hxx.

Referenced by GetType().

SwDoc& SwTOXType::m_rDoc

Definition at line 195 of file tox.hxx.

Referenced by GetDoc().

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