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SwInputFieldList Class Reference

#include <expfld.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SwInputFieldList (SwEditShell *pShell, bool bBuildTmpLst=false)
 ~SwInputFieldList ()
size_t Count () const
SwFieldGetField (size_t nId)
void GotoFieldPos (size_t nId)
 go to position of a field More...
void PushCursor ()
 save cursor More...
void PopCursor ()
 get cursor More...
bool BuildSortLst ()
 Put all that are new into SortList for updating. More...

Private Attributes

std::unique_ptr< SetGetExpFieldsmpSrtLst
std::set< const SwTextField * > maTmpLst

Detailed Description

Definition at line 341 of file expfld.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SwInputFieldList::SwInputFieldList ( SwEditShell pShell,
bool  bBuildTmpLst = false 
SwInputFieldList::~SwInputFieldList ( )

Definition at line 82 of file fldlst.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

bool SwInputFieldList::BuildSortLst ( )

Put all that are new into SortList for updating.

Compare TmpLst with current fields.

true if not empty. (For Glossary: only update its input-fields). Compare TmpLst with current fields.

All new ones are added to SortList so that they can be updated. For text blocks: update only input fields.

true if not empty

Definition at line 127 of file fldlst.cxx.

References SwIterator< TElementType, TSource, eMode >::First(), SwViewShell::GetDoc(), IDocumentFieldsAccess::GetFieldTypes(), SwDoc::getIDocumentFieldsAccess(), SwNode::GetNodes(), SwTextField::GetTextNode(), i, Input, SwNodes::IsDocNodes(), maTmpLst, mpSh, mpSrtLst, SwIterator< TElementType, TSource, eMode >::Next(), nType, SetExp, and SwFieldType::Which().

Referenced by SwGlossaryHdl::Expand(), and SwGlossaryHdl::InsertGlossary().

size_t SwInputFieldList::Count ( ) const

Definition at line 86 of file fldlst.cxx.

References mpSrtLst.

Referenced by SwWrtShell::UpdateInputFields().

SwField * SwInputFieldList::GetField ( size_t  nId)

Definition at line 92 of file fldlst.cxx.

References SwFormatField::GetField(), and SwTextAttr::GetFormatField().

Referenced by SwWrtShell::UpdateInputFields().

void SwInputFieldList::GotoFieldPos ( size_t  nId)

go to position of a field

Definition at line 113 of file fldlst.cxx.

References SwEditShell::EndAllAction(), SwCursorShell::GetCursor(), SwPaM::GetPoint(), mpSh, and SwEditShell::StartAllAction().

Referenced by SwWrtShell::UpdateInputFields().

void SwInputFieldList::PopCursor ( )

get cursor

Definition at line 107 of file fldlst.cxx.

References SwCursorShell::DeleteCurrent, mpSh, and SwCursorShell::Pop().

Referenced by SwWrtShell::UpdateInputFields().

void SwInputFieldList::PushCursor ( )

save cursor

Definition at line 100 of file fldlst.cxx.

References SwCursorShell::ClearMark(), mpSh, and SwCursorShell::Push().

Referenced by SwWrtShell::UpdateInputFields().

Member Data Documentation

std::set<const SwTextField*> SwInputFieldList::maTmpLst

Definition at line 362 of file expfld.hxx.

Referenced by BuildSortLst(), and SwInputFieldList().

SwEditShell* SwInputFieldList::mpSh

Definition at line 360 of file expfld.hxx.

Referenced by BuildSortLst(), GotoFieldPos(), PopCursor(), PushCursor(), and SwInputFieldList().

std::unique_ptr<SetGetExpFields> SwInputFieldList::mpSrtLst

Definition at line 361 of file expfld.hxx.

Referenced by BuildSortLst(), Count(), and SwInputFieldList().

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