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SwPostItField Class Referencefinal

#include <docufld.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SwPostItField (SwPostItFieldType *, const OUString &rAuthor, const OUString &rText, const OUString &rInitials, const OUString &rName, const DateTime &rDate, const bool bResolved=false, const sal_uInt32 nPostItId=0)
 SwPostItField (const SwPostItField &)=delete
SwPostItFieldoperator= (const SwPostItField &)=delete
virtual ~SwPostItField () override
virtual OUString ExpandImpl (SwRootFrame const *pLayout) const override
virtual std::unique_ptr< SwFieldCopy () const override
const DateTimeGetDateTime () const
Date GetDate () const
tools::Time GetTime () const
sal_uInt32 GetPostItId () const
virtual OUString GetPar1 () const override
 Author. More...
virtual void SetPar1 (const OUString &rStr) override
 set author More...
virtual OUString GetPar2 () const override
 Text. More...
virtual void SetPar2 (const OUString &rStr) override
 set the PostIt's text More...
const OUString & GetText () const
const OUString & GetInitials () const
void SetName (const OUString &rStr)
const OUString & GetName () const
const OutlinerParaObjectGetTextObject () const
void SetTextObject (std::unique_ptr< OutlinerParaObject > pText)
void SetResolved (bool bNewState)
void ToggleResolved ()
bool GetResolved () const
sal_Int32 GetNumberOfParagraphs () const
virtual bool QueryValue (css::uno::Any &rVal, sal_uInt16 nWhich) const override
virtual bool PutValue (const css::uno::Any &rVal, sal_uInt16 nWhich) override
virtual OUString GetDescription () const override
virtual void dumpAsXml (xmlTextWriterPtr pWriter) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwField
virtual ~SwField ()
 SwField (SwField const &)=default
 SwField (SwField &&)=default
SwFieldoperator= (SwField const &)=default
SwFieldoperator= (SwField &&)=default
SwFieldTypeGetTyp () const
virtual SwFieldTypeChgTyp (SwFieldType *)
 Set new type (used for copying among documents). More...
OUString ExpandField (bool bCached, SwRootFrame const *pLayout) const
 expand the field. More...
virtual OUString GetFieldName () const
 get name or content More...
std::unique_ptr< SwFieldCopyField () const
SwFieldIds Which () const
 ResId. More...
SwFieldTypesEnum GetTypeId () const
virtual sal_uInt16 GetSubType () const
virtual void SetSubType (sal_uInt16)
LanguageType GetLanguage () const
 Language at field position. More...
virtual void SetLanguage (LanguageType nLng)
sal_uInt32 GetFormat () const
 Query parameters for dialog and for BASIC. More...
virtual OUString GetFormula () const
void ChangeFormat (sal_uInt32 n)
bool HasClickHdl () const
 Does the field possess an action on its ClickHandler? (e.g. INetFields, ...). More...
bool IsFixed () const
bool IsAutomaticLanguage () const
void SetAutomaticLanguage (bool const bSet)
bool IsClickable () const
 Is this field clickable? More...

Static Public Attributes

static sal_uInt32 s_nLastPostItId = 1

Private Attributes

OUString m_sText
OUString m_sAuthor
OUString m_sInitials
 Initials of the author. More...
OUString m_sName
 Name of the comment. More...
DateTime m_aDateTime
bool m_bResolved
std::unique_ptr< OutlinerParaObjectmpText
rtl::Reference< SwTextAPIObjectm_xTextObject
sal_uInt32 m_nPostItId

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwField
void SetFormat (sal_uInt32 const nSet)
 SwField (SwFieldType *pTyp, sal_uInt32 nFormat=0, LanguageType nLang=LANGUAGE_SYSTEM, bool m_bUseFieldValueCache=true)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 445 of file docufld.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SwPostItField::SwPostItField ( SwPostItFieldType pT,
const OUString &  rAuthor,
const OUString &  rText,
const OUString &  rInitials,
const OUString &  rName,
const DateTime rDate,
const bool  bResolved = false,
const sal_uInt32  nPostItId = 0 

Definition at line 1724 of file docufld.cxx.

References m_nPostItId, m_sName, and s_nLastPostItId.

Referenced by Copy().

SwPostItField::SwPostItField ( const SwPostItField )
SwPostItField::~SwPostItField ( )

Definition at line 1744 of file docufld.cxx.

References m_xTextObject, and mpText.

Member Function Documentation

std::unique_ptr< SwField > SwPostItField::Copy ( ) const
void SwPostItField::dumpAsXml ( xmlTextWriterPtr  pWriter) const

Reimplemented from SwField.

Definition at line 1932 of file docufld.cxx.

References SwField::dumpAsXml(), GetName(), and mpText.

OUString SwPostItField::ExpandImpl ( SwRootFrame const *  pLayout) const

Implements SwField.

Definition at line 1754 of file docufld.cxx.

Date SwPostItField::GetDate ( ) const
const DateTime& SwPostItField::GetDateTime ( ) const
OUString SwPostItField::GetDescription ( ) const

Reimplemented from SwField.

Definition at line 1759 of file docufld.cxx.

References SwResId().

const OUString& SwPostItField::GetInitials ( ) const
const OUString& SwPostItField::GetName ( ) const
sal_Int32 SwPostItField::GetNumberOfParagraphs ( ) const

Definition at line 1827 of file docufld.cxx.

References mpText.

OUString SwPostItField::GetPar1 ( ) const
OUString SwPostItField::GetPar2 ( ) const


get the PostIt's text

Reimplemented from SwField.

Definition at line 1810 of file docufld.cxx.

References m_sText.

Referenced by SwXTextDocument::getPostIts(), lcl_FormatPostIt(), and sw::annotation::SwAnnotationWin::SetPostItText().

sal_uInt32 SwPostItField::GetPostItId ( ) const
bool SwPostItField::GetResolved ( ) const
const OUString& SwPostItField::GetText ( ) const
const OutlinerParaObject* SwPostItField::GetTextObject ( ) const
tools::Time SwPostItField::GetTime ( ) const
SwPostItField* SwPostItField::operator= ( const SwPostItField )
bool SwPostItField::PutValue ( const css::uno::Any &  rVal,
sal_uInt16  nWhich 
bool SwPostItField::QueryValue ( css::uno::Any &  rVal,
sal_uInt16  nWhich 
) const
void SwPostItField::SetName ( const OUString &  rStr)

Definition at line 1816 of file docufld.cxx.

References m_sName.

void SwPostItField::SetPar1 ( const OUString &  rStr)

set author

Reimplemented from SwField.

Definition at line 1792 of file docufld.cxx.

References m_sAuthor.

void SwPostItField::SetPar2 ( const OUString &  rStr)

set the PostIt's text

Reimplemented from SwField.

Definition at line 1804 of file docufld.cxx.

References m_sText.

Referenced by SwXTextField::attach(), sw::annotation::SwAnnotationWin::InitAnswer(), and sw::annotation::SwAnnotationWin::UpdateData().

void SwPostItField::SetResolved ( bool  bNewState)

Definition at line 1764 of file docufld.cxx.

References m_bResolved.

void SwPostItField::SetTextObject ( std::unique_ptr< OutlinerParaObject pText)
void SwPostItField::ToggleResolved ( )

Definition at line 1769 of file docufld.cxx.

References m_bResolved.

Member Data Documentation

DateTime SwPostItField::m_aDateTime

Definition at line 451 of file docufld.hxx.

Referenced by Copy(), PutValue(), and QueryValue().

bool SwPostItField::m_bResolved

Definition at line 452 of file docufld.hxx.

Referenced by Copy(), GetResolved(), PutValue(), QueryValue(), SetResolved(), and ToggleResolved().

sal_uInt32 SwPostItField::m_nPostItId

Definition at line 455 of file docufld.hxx.

Referenced by Copy(), and SwPostItField().

OUString SwPostItField::m_sAuthor

Definition at line 448 of file docufld.hxx.

Referenced by Copy(), GetPar1(), PutValue(), QueryValue(), and SetPar1().

OUString SwPostItField::m_sInitials

Initials of the author.

Definition at line 449 of file docufld.hxx.

Referenced by Copy(), PutValue(), and QueryValue().

OUString SwPostItField::m_sName

Name of the comment.

Definition at line 450 of file docufld.hxx.

Referenced by Copy(), PutValue(), QueryValue(), and SetName().

OUString SwPostItField::m_sText

Definition at line 447 of file docufld.hxx.

Referenced by Copy(), GetPar2(), PutValue(), QueryValue(), and SetPar2().

rtl::Reference<SwTextAPIObject> SwPostItField::m_xTextObject

Definition at line 454 of file docufld.hxx.

Referenced by QueryValue(), and ~SwPostItField().

std::unique_ptr<OutlinerParaObject> SwPostItField::mpText
sal_uInt32 SwPostItField::s_nLastPostItId = 1

Definition at line 458 of file docufld.hxx.

Referenced by SwPostItField().

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