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ScViewFunc Class Reference

#include <viewfunc.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 ScViewFunc (vcl::Window *pParent, ScDocShell &rDocSh, ScTabViewShell *pViewShell)
 ~ScViewFunc ()
SC_DLLPUBLIC const ScPatternAttrGetSelectionPattern ()
void GetSelectionFrame (std::shared_ptr< SvxBoxItem > &rLineOuter, std::shared_ptr< SvxBoxInfoItem > &rLineInner)
SvtScriptType GetSelectionScriptType ()
bool GetAutoSumArea (ScRangeList &rRangeList)
void EnterAutoSum (const ScRangeList &rRangeList, bool bSubTotal, const ScAddress &rAddr, const OpCode eCode)
bool AutoSum (const ScRange &rRange, bool bSubTotal, bool bSetCursor, bool bContinue, const OpCode eCode)
OUString GetAutoSumFormula (const ScRangeList &rRangeList, bool bSubTotal, const ScAddress &rAddr, const OpCode eCode)
void EnterData (SCCOL nCol, SCROW nRow, SCTAB nTab, const OUString &rString, const EditTextObject *pData=nullptr)
void EnterData (SCCOL nCol, SCROW nRow, SCTAB nTab, const EditTextObject &rData, bool bTestSimple=false)
void EnterValue (SCCOL nCol, SCROW nRow, SCTAB nTab, const double &rValue)
void EnterMatrix (const OUString &rString,::formula::FormulaGrammar::Grammar eGram)
void EnterBlock (const OUString &rString, const EditTextObject *pData)
void EnterDataAtCursor (const OUString &rString)
SC_DLLPUBLIC void CutToClip ()
 Not used? More...
SC_DLLPUBLIC bool CopyToClip (ScDocument *pClipDoc, bool bCut, bool bApi=false, bool bIncludeObjects=false, bool bStopEdit=true)
SC_DLLPUBLIC bool CopyToClip (ScDocument *pClipDoc, const ScRangeList &rRange, bool bCut, bool bApi=false, bool bIncludeObjects=false, bool bStopEdit=true)
bool CopyToClipSingleRange (ScDocument *pClipDoc, const ScRangeList &rRanges, bool bCut, bool bIncludeObjects)
bool CopyToClipMultiRange (const ScDocument *pClipDoc, const ScRangeList &rRanges, bool bCut, bool bApi, bool bIncludeObjects)
rtl::Reference< ScTransferObjCopyToTransferable ()
SC_DLLPUBLIC bool PasteFromClip (InsertDeleteFlags nFlags, ScDocument *pClipDoc, ScPasteFunc nFunction=ScPasteFunc::NONE, bool bSkipEmpty=false, bool bTranspose=false, bool bAsLink=false, InsCellCmd eMoveMode=INS_NONE, InsertDeleteFlags nUndoExtraFlags=InsertDeleteFlags::NONE, bool bAllowDialogs=false)
void FillTab (InsertDeleteFlags nFlags, ScPasteFunc nFunction, bool bSkipEmpty, bool bAsLink)
SC_DLLPUBLIC void PasteFromSystem ()
SC_DLLPUBLIC bool PasteFromSystem (SotClipboardFormatId nFormatId, bool bApi=false)
void PasteFromTransferable (const css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::XTransferable > &rxTransferable)
void PasteDraw ()
void PasteDraw (const Point &rLogicPos, SdrModel *pModel, bool bGroup, std::u16string_view rSrcShellID, std::u16string_view rDestShellID)
bool PasteOnDrawObjectLinked (const css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::XTransferable > &rxTransferable, SdrObject &rHitObj)
bool PasteDataFormat (SotClipboardFormatId nFormatId, const css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::XTransferable > &rxTransferable, SCCOL nPosX, SCROW nPosY, const Point *pLogicPos, bool bLink=false, bool bAllowDialogs=false)
bool PasteFile (const Point &, const OUString &, bool bLink)
bool PasteObject (const Point &, const css::uno::Reference< css::embed::XEmbeddedObject > &, const Size *, const Graphic *=nullptr, const OUString &=OUString(), sal_Int64 nAspect=css::embed::Aspects::MSOLE_CONTENT)
bool PasteBitmapEx (const Point &, const BitmapEx &)
bool PasteMetaFile (const Point &, const GDIMetaFile &)
bool PasteGraphic (const Point &rPos, const Graphic &rGraphic, const OUString &rFile)
bool PasteBookmark (SotClipboardFormatId nFormatId, const css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::XTransferable > &rxTransferable, SCCOL nPosX, SCROW nPosY)
bool PasteLink (const css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::XTransferable > &rxTransferable)
void InsertBookmark (const OUString &rDescription, const OUString &rURL, SCCOL nPosX, SCROW nPosY, const OUString *pTarget=nullptr, bool bTryReplace=false)
bool HasBookmarkAtCursor (SvxHyperlinkItem *pContent)
bool MoveBlockTo (const ScRange &rSource, const ScAddress &rDestPos, bool bCut)
bool LinkBlock (const ScRange &rSource, const ScAddress &rDestPos)
void CreateNames (CreateNameFlags nFlags)
CreateNameFlags GetCreateNameFlags ()
void InsertNameList ()
bool InsertName (const OUString &rName, const OUString &rSymbol, const OUString &rType)
void ApplyAttributes (const SfxItemSet *pDialogSet, const SfxItemSet *pOldSet, bool bAdjustBlockHeight=true)
void ApplyAttr (const SfxPoolItem &rAttrItem, bool bAdjustBlockHeight=true)
void ApplySelectionPattern (const ScPatternAttr &rAttr, bool bCursorOnly=false)
void ApplyPatternLines (const ScPatternAttr &rAttr, const SvxBoxItem &rNewOuter, const SvxBoxInfoItem *pNewInner)
void ApplyUserItemSet (const SfxItemSet &rItemSet)
const SfxStyleSheetGetStyleSheetFromMarked ()
void SetStyleSheetToMarked (const SfxStyleSheet *pStyleSheet)
void RemoveStyleSheetInUse (const SfxStyleSheetBase *pStyleSheet)
void UpdateStyleSheetInUse (const SfxStyleSheetBase *pStyleSheet)
void SetNumberFormat (SvNumFormatType nFormatType, sal_uLong nAdd=0)
void SetNumFmtByStr (const OUString &rCode)
void ChangeNumFmtDecimals (bool bIncrement)
void SetValidation (const ScValidationData &rNew)
void ChangeIndent (bool bIncrement)
void ProtectSheet (SCTAB nTab, const ScTableProtection &rProtect)
void ProtectDoc (const OUString &rPassword)
bool Unprotect (SCTAB nTab, const OUString &rPassword)
void DeleteCells (DelCellCmd eCmd)
bool InsertCells (InsCellCmd eCmd, bool bRecord=true, bool bPartOfPaste=false)
void DeleteMulti (bool bRows)
void DeleteContents (InsertDeleteFlags nFlags)
void SetWidthOrHeight (bool bWidth, const std::vector< sc::ColRowSpan > &rRanges, ScSizeMode eMode, sal_uInt16 nSizeTwips, bool bRecord=true, const ScMarkData *pMarkData=nullptr)
void SetMarkedWidthOrHeight (bool bWidth, ScSizeMode eMode, sal_uInt16 nSizeTwips)
bool AdjustBlockHeight (bool bPaint=true, ScMarkData *pMarkData=nullptr)
bool AdjustRowHeight (SCROW nStartRow, SCROW nEndRow, bool bApi)
void ModifyCellSize (ScDirection eDir, bool bOptimal)
SC_DLLPUBLIC void InsertPageBreak (bool bColumn, bool bRecord=true, const ScAddress *pPos=nullptr, bool bSetModified=true)
SC_DLLPUBLIC void DeletePageBreak (bool bColumn, bool bRecord=true, const ScAddress *pPos=nullptr, bool bSetModified=true)
void RemoveManualBreaks ()
void SetPrintZoom (sal_uInt16 nScale)
void AdjustPrintZoom ()
bool TestMergeCells ()
bool TestRemoveMerge ()
bool MergeCells (bool bApi, bool &rDoContents, bool bCenter)
bool RemoveMerge ()
SC_DLLPUBLIC void FillSimple (FillDir eDir)
void FillSeries (FillDir eDir, FillCmd eCmd, FillDateCmd eDateCmd, double fStart, double fStep, double fMax)
SC_DLLPUBLIC void FillAuto (FillDir eDir, SCCOL nStartCol, SCROW nStartRow, SCCOL nEndCol, SCROW nEndRow, sal_uLong nCount)
void FillCrossDblClick ()
 Downward fill of selected cell(s) by double-clicking cross-hair cursor. More...
void ConvertFormulaToValue ()
void TransliterateText (TransliterationFlags nType)
ScAutoFormatDataCreateAutoFormatData ()
void AutoFormat (sal_uInt16 nFormatNo)
bool SearchAndReplace (const SvxSearchItem *pSearchItem, bool bAddUndo, bool bIsApi)
void Solve (const ScSolveParam &rParam)
void TabOp (const ScTabOpParam &rParam, bool bRecord=true)
bool InsertTable (const OUString &rName, SCTAB nTabNr, bool bRecord=true)
void InsertTables (std::vector< OUString > &aNames, SCTAB nTab, SCTAB nCount, bool bRecord=true)
bool AppendTable (const OUString &rName, bool bRecord=true)
void DeleteTable (SCTAB nTabNr, bool bRecord=true)
bool DeleteTables (const std::vector< SCTAB > &TheTabs, bool bRecord=true)
void DeleteTables (SCTAB nTab, SCTAB nSheets)
bool RenameTable (const OUString &rName, SCTAB nTabNr)
void MoveTable (sal_uInt16 nDestDocNo, SCTAB nDestTab, bool bCopy, const OUString *pNewTabName=nullptr)
void ImportTables (ScDocShell *pSrcShell, SCTAB nCount, const SCTAB *pSrcTabs, bool bLink, SCTAB nTab)
bool SetTabBgColor (const Color &rColor, SCTAB nTabNr)
bool SetTabBgColor (ScUndoTabColorInfo::List &rUndoSetTabBgColorInfoList)
void InsertTableLink (const OUString &rFile, const OUString &rFilter, const OUString &rOptions, std::u16string_view rTabName)
void InsertAreaLink (const OUString &rFile, const OUString &rFilter, const OUString &rOptions, const OUString &rSource)
void ShowTable (const std::vector< OUString > &rNames)
void HideTable (const ScMarkData &rMark, SCTAB nTabToSelect=-1)
void MakeScenario (const OUString &rName, const OUString &rComment, const Color &rColor, ScScenarioFlags nFlags)
void ExtendScenario ()
void UseScenario (const OUString &rName)
void InsertSpecialChar (const OUString &rStr, const vcl::Font &rFont)
void SetSelectionFrameLines (const ::editeng::SvxBorderLine *pLine, bool bColorOnly)
void SetNoteText (const ScAddress &rPos, const OUString &rNoteText)
void ReplaceNote (const ScAddress &rPos, const OUString &rNoteText, const OUString *pAuthor, const OUString *pDate)
void DoRefConversion ()
void DoHangulHanjaConversion ()
void DoThesaurus ()
void DoSheetConversion (const ScConversionParam &rParam)
 Generic implementation of sheet conversion functions. More...
void SetPrintRanges (bool bEntireSheet, const OUString *pPrint, const OUString *pRepCol, const OUString *pRepRow, bool bAddPrint)
void DetectiveAddPred ()
void DetectiveDelPred ()
void DetectiveAddSucc ()
void DetectiveDelSucc ()
void DetectiveAddError ()
void DetectiveMarkInvalid ()
void DetectiveDelAll ()
void DetectiveRefresh ()
void DetectiveMarkPred ()
void DetectiveMarkSucc ()
void InsertCurrentTime (SvNumFormatType nCellFmt, const OUString &rUndoStr)
 Insert date or time into current cell. More...
void ShowNote (bool bShow)
void EditNote ()
bool SelectionEditable (bool *pOnlyNotBecauseOfMatrix=nullptr)
SC_DLLPUBLIC void DataFormPutData (SCROW nCurrentRow, SCROW nStartRow, SCCOL nStartCol, SCROW nEndRow, SCCOL nEndCol, std::vector< std::unique_ptr< ScDataFormFragment >> &rEdits, sal_uInt16 aColLength)
void UpdateSelectionArea (const ScMarkData &rSel, ScPatternAttr *pAttr=nullptr)
void OnLOKInsertDeleteColumn (SCCOL nStartCol, tools::Long nOffset)
void OnLOKInsertDeleteRow (SCROW nStartRow, tools::Long nOffset)
void OnLOKSetWidthOrHeight (SCCOLROW nStart, bool bWidth)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ScTabView
 ScTabView (const ScTabView &)=delete
 make noncopyable More...
const ScTabViewoperator= (const ScTabView &)=delete
 ScTabView (vcl::Window *pParent, ScDocShell &rDocSh, ScTabViewShell *pViewShell)
 ~ScTabView ()
void MakeDrawLayer ()
void HideListBox ()
bool HasHintWindow () const
void RemoveHintWindow ()
void TestHintWindow ()
 DECL_LINK (TabBarResize,::TabBar *, void)
void SetTabBarWidth (tools::Long nNewWidth)
 Sets an absolute tab bar width (in pixels). More...
SC_DLLPUBLIC void SetRelTabBarWidth (double fRelTabBarWidth)
 Sets a relative tab bar width. More...
void SetPendingRelTabBarWidth (double fRelTabBarWidth)
 Sets a relative tab bar width. More...
tools::Long GetTabBarWidth () const
 Returns the current tab bar width in pixels. More...
double GetPendingRelTabBarWidth () const
 Returns the pending tab bar width relative to the frame window width (0.0 ... More...
void DoResize (const Point &rOffset, const Size &rSize, bool bInner=false)
void RepeatResize (bool bUpdateFix=true)
void UpdateFixPos ()
Point GetGridOffset () const
bool IsDrawSelMode () const
void SetDrawSelMode (bool bNew)
void SetDrawFuncPtr (FuPoor *pFuncPtr)
void SetDrawFuncOldPtr (FuPoor *pFuncPtr)
FuPoorGetDrawFuncPtr ()
FuPoorGetDrawFuncOldPtr ()
void DrawDeselectAll ()
void DrawMarkListHasChanged ()
void UpdateAnchorHandles ()
ScPageBreakDataGetPageBreakData ()
const std::vector< ScHighlightEntry > & GetHighlightRanges () const
void UpdatePageBreakData (bool bForcePaint=false)
ScViewDataGetViewData ()
const ScViewDataGetViewData () const
ScViewFunctionSetGetFunctionSet ()
ScViewSelectionEngineGetSelEngine ()
bool SelMouseButtonDown (const MouseEvent &rMEvt)
ScDrawViewGetScDrawView ()
bool IsMinimized () const
void TabChanged (bool bSameTabButMoved=false)
 Called after moving, copying, inserting or deleting a sheet. More...
void SetZoom (const Fraction &rNewX, const Fraction &rNewY, bool bAll)
SC_DLLPUBLIC void RefreshZoom ()
void SetPagebreakMode (bool bSet)
void UpdateLayerLocks ()
void UpdateDrawTextOutliner ()
void DigitLanguageChanged ()
void InitRefMode (SCCOL nCurX, SCROW nCurY, SCTAB nCurZ, ScRefType eType)
void DoneRefMode (bool bContinue=false)
void UpdateRef (SCCOL nCurX, SCROW nCurY, SCTAB nCurZ)
void StopRefMode ()
void StopMarking ()
void FakeButtonUp (ScSplitPos eWhich)
ScGridWindowGetActiveWin ()
vcl::WindowGetWindowByPos (ScSplitPos ePos) const
ScSplitPos FindWindow (const vcl::Window *pWindow) const
void SetActivePointer (PointerStyle nPointer)
void ActiveGrabFocus ()
void ClickCursor (SCCOL nPosX, SCROW nPosY, bool bControl)
SC_DLLPUBLIC void SetCursor (SCCOL nPosX, SCROW nPosY, bool bNew=false)
SC_DLLPUBLIC void CellContentChanged ()
void SelectionChanged (bool bFromPaste=false)
void CursorPosChanged ()
void UpdateInputContext ()
void CheckSelectionTransfer ()
void InvertHorizontal (ScVSplitPos eWhich, tools::Long nDragPos)
void InvertVertical (ScHSplitPos eWhich, tools::Long nDragPos)
Point GetInsertPos () const
Point GetChartInsertPos (const Size &rSize, const ScRange &rCellRange)
Point GetChartDialogPos (const Size &rDialogSize, const tools::Rectangle &rLogicChart)
void UpdateAutoFillMark (bool bFromPaste=false)
void ShowCursor ()
void HideAllCursors ()
void ShowAllCursors ()
void AlignToCursor (SCCOL nCurX, SCROW nCurY, ScFollowMode eMode, const ScSplitPos *pWhich=nullptr)
SvxZoomType GetZoomType () const
void SetZoomType (SvxZoomType eNew, bool bAll)
sal_uInt16 CalcZoom (SvxZoomType eType, sal_uInt16 nOldZoom)
bool HasPageFieldDataAtCursor () const
void StartDataSelect ()
SC_DLLPUBLIC void MoveCursorAbs (SCCOL nCurX, SCROW nCurY, ScFollowMode eMode, bool bShift, bool bControl, bool bKeepOld=false, bool bKeepSel=false)
void MoveCursorRel (SCCOL nMovX, SCROW nMovY, ScFollowMode eMode, bool bShift, bool bKeepSel=false)
void MoveCursorPage (SCCOL nMovX, SCROW nMovY, ScFollowMode eMode, bool bShift, bool bKeepSel=false)
void MoveCursorArea (SCCOL nMovX, SCROW nMovY, ScFollowMode eMode, bool bShift, bool bKeepSel=false)
void MoveCursorEnd (SCCOL nMovX, SCROW nMovY, ScFollowMode eMode, bool bShift, bool bKeepSel=false)
void MoveCursorScreen (SCCOL nMovX, SCROW nMovY, ScFollowMode eMode, bool bShift)
void MoveCursorEnter (bool bShift)
bool MoveCursorKeyInput (const KeyEvent &rKeyEvent)
void FindNextUnprot (bool bShift, bool bInSelection)
void GetPageMoveEndPosition (SCCOL nMovX, SCROW nMovY, SCCOL &rPageX, SCROW &rPageY)
SC_DLLPUBLIC void SetTabNo (SCTAB nTab, bool bNew=false, bool bExtendSelection=false, bool bSameTabButMoved=false)
void SelectNextTab (short nDir, bool bExtendSelection)
void SelectTabPage (const sal_uInt16 nTab)
void ActivateView (bool bActivate, bool bFirst)
void ActivatePart (ScSplitPos eWhich)
bool IsInActivatePart () const
void SetTimer (ScGridWindow *pWin, const MouseEvent &rMEvt)
void ResetTimer ()
void ScrollX (tools::Long nDeltaX, ScHSplitPos eWhich, bool bUpdBars=true)
void ScrollY (tools::Long nDeltaY, ScVSplitPos eWhich, bool bUpdBars=true)
SC_DLLPUBLIC void ScrollLines (tools::Long nDeltaX, tools::Long nDeltaY)
bool ScrollCommand (const CommandEvent &rCEvt, ScSplitPos ePos)
void ScrollToObject (const SdrObject *pDrawObj)
void MakeVisible (const tools::Rectangle &rHMMRect)
void PaintArea (SCCOL nStartCol, SCROW nStartRow, SCCOL nEndCol, SCROW nEndRow, ScUpdateMode eMode=ScUpdateMode::All)
void PaintGrid ()
void PaintTopArea (SCCOL nStartCol, SCCOL nEndCol)
void PaintTop ()
void PaintLeftArea (SCROW nStartRow, SCROW nEndRow)
void PaintLeft ()
bool PaintExtras ()
void RecalcPPT ()
void CreateAnchorHandles (SdrHdlList &rHdl, const ScAddress &rAddress)
void UpdateCopySourceOverlay ()
void UpdateSelectionOverlay ()
void UpdateShrinkOverlay ()
void UpdateAllOverlays ()
void UpdateFormulas (SCCOL nStartCol=-1, SCROW nStartRow=-1, SCCOL nEndCol=-1, SCROW nEndRow=-1)
void InterpretVisible ()
void CheckNeedsRepaint ()
bool NeedsRepaint ()
void PaintRangeFinder (tools::Long nNumber)
void AddHighlightRange (const ScRange &rRange, const Color &rColor)
void ClearHighlightRanges ()
void DoChartSelection (const css::uno::Sequence< css::chart2::data::HighlightedRange > &rHilightRanges)
void DoDPFieldPopup (std::u16string_view rPivotTableName, sal_Int32 nDimensionIndex, Point aPoint, Size aSize)
tools::Long GetGridWidth (ScHSplitPos eWhich)
tools::Long GetGridHeight (ScVSplitPos eWhich)
void UpdateScrollBars (HeaderType eHeaderType=BOTH_HEADERS)
void SetNewVisArea ()
void SetTabProtectionSymbol (SCTAB nTab, const bool bProtect)
void InvalidateAttribs ()
void OnLibreOfficeKitTabChanged ()
void AddWindowToForeignEditView (SfxViewShell *pViewShell, ScSplitPos eWhich)
void RemoveWindowFromForeignEditView (SfxViewShell *pViewShell, ScSplitPos eWhich)
void MakeEditView (ScEditEngineDefaulter *pEngine, SCCOL nCol, SCROW nRow)
void KillEditView (bool bNoPaint)
void UpdateEditView ()
void SelectAll (bool bContinue=false)
void SelectAllTables ()
void DeselectAllTables ()
void MarkCursor (SCCOL nCurX, SCROW nCurY, SCTAB nCurZ, bool bCols=false, bool bRows=false, bool bCellSelection=false)
void InitBlockMode (SCCOL nCurX, SCROW nCurY, SCTAB nCurZ, bool bTestNeg=false, bool bCols=false, bool bRows=false, bool bForceNeg=false)
void InitOwnBlockMode ()
void DoneBlockMode (bool bContinue=false)
bool IsBlockMode () const
void ExpandBlock (SCCOL nMovX, SCROW nMovY, ScFollowMode eMode)
void ExpandBlockPage (SCCOL nMovX, SCROW nMovY)
void ExpandBlockArea (SCCOL nMovX, SCROW nMovY)
void MarkColumns ()
void MarkRows ()
void MarkColumns (SCCOL nCol, sal_Int16 nModifier)
 Called to select the specified full column. More...
void MarkRows (SCROW nRow, sal_Int16 nModifier)
 Called to select the specified full row. More...
void MarkDataArea (bool bIncludeCursor=true)
void MarkMatrixFormula ()
void Unmark ()
void MarkRange (const ScRange &rRange, bool bSetCursor=true, bool bContinue=false)
bool IsMarking (SCCOL nCol, SCROW nRow, SCTAB nTab) const
void PaintMarks (SCCOL nStartCol, SCROW nStartRow, SCCOL nEndCol, SCROW nEndRow)
void PaintBlock (bool bReset)
 divide PaintBlock into two methods: RepaintBlock and RemoveBlock or similar More...
void SetMarkData (const ScMarkData &rNew)
void MarkDataChanged ()
void LockModifiers (sal_uInt16 nModifiers)
sal_uInt16 GetLockedModifiers () const
void ViewOptionsHasChanged (bool bHScrollChanged, bool bGraphicsChanged)
Point GetMousePosPixel ()
void FreezeSplitters (bool bFreeze, SplitMethod eSplitMethod=SC_SPLIT_METHOD_CURSOR, SCCOLROW nFreezeIndex=-1)
void RemoveSplit ()
void SplitAtCursor ()
void SplitAtPixel (const Point &rPixel)
void InvalidateSplit ()
void ErrorMessage (TranslateId pGlobStrId)
void EnableRefInput (bool bFlag)
vcl::WindowGetFrameWin () const
bool HasPaintBrush () const
ScDocumentGetBrushDocument () const
SfxItemSetGetDrawBrushSet () const
bool IsPaintBrushLocked () const
void SetBrushDocument (ScDocumentUniquePtr pNew, bool bLock)
void SetDrawBrushSet (std::unique_ptr< SfxItemSet > pNew, bool bLock)
void ResetBrushDocument ()
void EnableAutoSpell (bool bEnable)
void ResetAutoSpell ()
void ResetAutoSpellForContentChange ()
void SetAutoSpellData (SCCOL nPosX, SCROW nPosY, const std::vector< editeng::MisspellRanges > *pRanges)
void getRowColumnHeaders (const tools::Rectangle &rRectangle, tools::JsonWriter &rJsonWriter)
OString getSheetGeometryData (bool bColumns, bool bRows, bool bSizes, bool bHidden, bool bFiltered, bool bGroups)
void extendTiledAreaIfNeeded ()
SCROW GetLOKStartHeaderRow () const
SCROW GetLOKEndHeaderRow () const
SCCOL GetLOKStartHeaderCol () const
SCCOL GetLOKEndHeaderCol () const

Static Protected Member Functions

static void UpdateLineAttrs (::editeng::SvxBorderLine &rLine, const ::editeng::SvxBorderLine *pDestLine, const ::editeng::SvxBorderLine *pSrcLine, bool bColor)

Private Member Functions

void PasteRTF (SCCOL nCol, SCROW nStartRow, const css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::XTransferable > &rxTransferable)
bool PasteMultiRangesFromClip (InsertDeleteFlags nFlags, ScDocument *pClipDoc, ScPasteFunc nFunction, bool bSkipEmpty, bool bIncludeFiltered, bool bTranspose, bool bAsLink, bool bAllowDialogs, InsCellCmd eMoveMode, InsertDeleteFlags nUndoFlags)
bool PasteFromClipToMultiRanges (InsertDeleteFlags nFlags, ScDocument *pClipDoc, ScPasteFunc nFunction, bool bSkipEmpty, bool bTranspose, bool bAsLink, bool bAllowDialogs, InsCellCmd eMoveMode, InsertDeleteFlags nUndoFlags)
void PostPasteFromClip (const ScRangeList &rPasteRanges, const ScMarkData &rMark)
sal_uInt16 GetOptimalColWidth (SCCOL nCol, SCTAB nTab, bool bFormula)
void StartFormatArea ()
bool TestFormatArea (SCCOL nCol, SCROW nRow, SCTAB nTab, bool bAttrChanged)
void DoAutoAttributes (SCCOL nCol, SCROW nRow, SCTAB nTab, bool bAttrChanged)
void MarkAndJumpToRanges (const ScRangeList &rRanges)
void CopyAutoSpellData (FillDir eDir, SCCOL nStartCol, SCROW nStartRow, SCCOL nEndCol, SCROW nEndRow, sal_uLong nCount)

Private Attributes

ScAddress aFormatSource
ScRange aFormatArea
bool bFormatValid

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ScTabView
enum  SplitMethod {
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ScTabView
static SC_DLLPUBLIC double GetRelTabBarWidth ()
 Returns the current tab bar width relative to the frame window width (0.0 ... More...
static void UpdateInputLine ()
static void OnLOKNoteStateChanged (const ScPostIt *pNote)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ScTabView
void UpdateHeaderWidth (const ScVSplitPos *pWhich=nullptr, const SCROW *pPosY=nullptr)
void HideTip ()
void ShowRefTip ()
void ZoomChanged ()
void UpdateShow ()
bool UpdateVisibleRange ()
void GetBorderSize (SvBorder &rBorder, const Size &rSize)
void ResetDrawDragMode ()
bool IsDrawTextEdit () const
void DrawEnableAnim (bool bSet)
void MakeDrawView (TriState nForceDesignMode)
void HideNoteMarker ()
void UpdateIMap (SdrObject *pObj)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 70 of file viewfunc.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ScViewFunc::ScViewFunc ( vcl::Window pParent,
ScDocShell rDocSh,
ScTabViewShell pViewShell 

Definition at line 93 of file viewfunc.cxx.

ScViewFunc::~ScViewFunc ( )

Definition at line 99 of file viewfunc.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

bool ScViewFunc::AdjustBlockHeight ( bool  bPaint = true,
ScMarkData pMarkData = nullptr 
void ScViewFunc::AdjustPrintZoom ( )

Definition at line 1037 of file viewfun2.cxx.

References SC_MARK_SIMPLE.

Referenced by ScTabViewShell::Execute().

bool ScViewFunc::AdjustRowHeight ( SCROW  nStartRow,
SCROW  nEndRow,
bool  bApi 
bool ScViewFunc::AppendTable ( const OUString &  rName,
bool  bRecord = true 
void ScViewFunc::ApplyAttr ( const SfxPoolItem rAttrItem,
bool  bAdjustBlockHeight = true 
void ScViewFunc::ApplyAttributes ( const SfxItemSet pDialogSet,
const SfxItemSet pOldSet,
bool  bAdjustBlockHeight = true 
void ScViewFunc::ApplyPatternLines ( const ScPatternAttr rAttr,
const SvxBoxItem rNewOuter,
const SvxBoxInfoItem pNewInner 
void ScViewFunc::ApplySelectionPattern ( const ScPatternAttr rAttr,
bool  bCursorOnly = false 

Definition at line 1108 of file viewfunc.cxx.

References SfxUndoManager::AddUndoAction(), ScRange::aEnd, ScDocument::ApplyPattern(), ScDocument::ApplySelectionPattern(), aProperties, ScRange::aStart, ATTR_BORDER(), ATTR_HOR_JUSTIFY(), ATTR_PATTERN_END(), ATTR_PATTERN_START(), ATTR_SHADOW(), ATTRIB, ScTabView::CellContentChanged(), CELLTYPE_EDIT, EditTextObject::Clone(), ScAddress::Col(), ScDocument::CopyToDocument(), ScCellObj::GetCellPropertyMap(), ScViewData::GetCurX(), ScViewData::GetCurY(), ScUndoSelectionAttr::GetDataArray(), ScViewData::GetDocShell(), ScDocShell::GetDocument(), ScDocument::GetEditText(), SfxSetItem::GetItemSet(), SfxItemSet::GetItemState(), ScViewData::GetMarkData(), HelperNotifyChanges::getMustPropagateChangesModel(), ScDocument::GetPattern(), SfxItemPropertyMap::getPropertyEntries(), ScDocument::GetTableCount(), ScViewData::GetTabNo(), ScDocShell::GetUndoManager(), ScTabView::GetViewData(), Grid, ScDocument::IsUndoEnabled(), ScRefCellValue::meType, ScRefCellValue::mpEditText, nCount, HelperNotifyChanges::Notify(), ScDocShell::PostPaint(), ScRangeList::push_back(), SfxPoolItem::QueryValue(), ScDocument::RemoveEditTextCharAttribs(), ScAddress::Row(), SC_PF_LINES, SC_PF_TESTMERGE, SC_PF_WHOLEROWS, SCDOCMODE_UNDO, ScDocShellModificator::SetDocumentModified(), ScAddress::SetTab(), StartFormatArea(), ScAddress::Tab(), ScViewUtil::UnmarkFiltered(), and ScDocShell::UpdateOle().

Referenced by ApplyAttr(), ApplyAttributes(), ApplyUserItemSet(), ChangeNumFmtDecimals(), ScInputHandler::EnterHandler(), ScFormatShell::ExecuteNumFormat(), ScFormatShell::ExecuteTextDirection(), ScUndoSelectionAttr::Repeat(), SetNumberFormat(), and SetNumFmtByStr().

void ScViewFunc::ApplyUserItemSet ( const SfxItemSet rItemSet)
void ScViewFunc::AutoFormat ( sal_uInt16  nFormatNo)
bool ScViewFunc::AutoSum ( const ScRange rRange,
bool  bSubTotal,
bool  bSetCursor,
bool  bContinue,
const OpCode  eCode 
void ScViewFunc::ChangeIndent ( bool  bIncrement)
void ScViewFunc::ChangeNumFmtDecimals ( bool  bIncrement)
void ScViewFunc::ConvertFormulaToValue ( )
void ScViewFunc::CopyAutoSpellData ( FillDir  eDir,
SCCOL  nStartCol,
SCROW  nStartRow,
SCCOL  nEndCol,
SCROW  nEndRow,
sal_uLong  nCount 
bool ScViewFunc::CopyToClip ( ScDocument pClipDoc,
bool  bCut,
bool  bApi = false,
bool  bIncludeObjects = false,
bool  bStopEdit = true 
bool ScViewFunc::CopyToClip ( ScDocument pClipDoc,
const ScRangeList rRange,
bool  bCut,
bool  bApi = false,
bool  bIncludeObjects = false,
bool  bStopEdit = true 

Definition at line 201 of file viewfun3.cxx.

References ScRangeList::empty(), and ScRangeList::size().

bool ScViewFunc::CopyToClipMultiRange ( const ScDocument pClipDoc,
const ScRangeList rRanges,
bool  bCut,
bool  bApi,
bool  bIncludeObjects 
bool ScViewFunc::CopyToClipSingleRange ( ScDocument pClipDoc,
const ScRangeList rRanges,
bool  bCut,
bool  bIncludeObjects 
rtl::Reference< ScTransferObj > ScViewFunc::CopyToTransferable ( )
ScAutoFormatData * ScViewFunc::CreateAutoFormatData ( )

Definition at line 1892 of file viewfun2.cxx.

References ScDocument::GetAutoFormatData(), pData, and SC_MARK_SIMPLE.

Referenced by ScCellShell::Execute().

void ScViewFunc::CreateNames ( CreateNameFlags  nFlags)
void ScViewFunc::CutToClip ( )
void ScViewFunc::DataFormPutData ( SCROW  nCurrentRow,
SCROW  nStartRow,
SCCOL  nStartCol,
SCROW  nEndRow,
SCCOL  nEndCol,
std::vector< std::unique_ptr< ScDataFormFragment >> &  rEdits,
sal_uInt16  aColLength 
void ScViewFunc::DeleteCells ( DelCellCmd  eCmd)
void ScViewFunc::DeleteContents ( InsertDeleteFlags  nFlags)
void ScViewFunc::DeleteMulti ( bool  bRows)
void ScViewFunc::DeletePageBreak ( bool  bColumn,
bool  bRecord = true,
const ScAddress pPos = nullptr,
bool  bSetModified = true 
void ScViewFunc::DeleteTable ( SCTAB  nTabNr,
bool  bRecord = true 
bool ScViewFunc::DeleteTables ( const std::vector< SCTAB > &  TheTabs,
bool  bRecord = true 
void ScViewFunc::DeleteTables ( SCTAB  nTab,
SCTAB  nSheets 
void ScViewFunc::DetectiveAddError ( )
void ScViewFunc::DetectiveAddPred ( )
void ScViewFunc::DetectiveAddSucc ( )
void ScViewFunc::DetectiveDelAll ( )
void ScViewFunc::DetectiveDelPred ( )
void ScViewFunc::DetectiveDelSucc ( )
void ScViewFunc::DetectiveMarkInvalid ( )
void ScViewFunc::DetectiveMarkPred ( )
void ScViewFunc::DetectiveMarkSucc ( )
void ScViewFunc::DetectiveRefresh ( )
void ScViewFunc::DoAutoAttributes ( SCCOL  nCol,
SCROW  nRow,
SCTAB  nTab,
bool  bAttrChanged 
void ScViewFunc::DoHangulHanjaConversion ( )

Definition at line 433 of file viewfun4.cxx.


Referenced by ScCellShell::ExecuteEdit().

void ScViewFunc::DoRefConversion ( )
void ScViewFunc::DoSheetConversion ( const ScConversionParam rParam)
void ScViewFunc::DoThesaurus ( )
void ScViewFunc::EditNote ( )
void ScViewFunc::EnterAutoSum ( const ScRangeList rRangeList,
bool  bSubTotal,
const ScAddress rAddr,
const OpCode  eCode 

Definition at line 615 of file viewfun2.cxx.

Referenced by ScTabViewShell::DoAutoSum().

void ScViewFunc::EnterBlock ( const OUString &  rString,
const EditTextObject pData 
void ScViewFunc::EnterData ( SCCOL  nCol,
SCROW  nRow,
SCTAB  nTab,
const OUString &  rString,
const EditTextObject pData = nullptr 

Definition at line 343 of file viewfunc.cxx.

References ScDocFunc::ApplyAttributes(), ATTR_VALUE_FORMAT(), Application::CreateMessageDialog(), formula::FormulaTokenArray::DelRPN(), DoAutoAttributes(), ScGlobal::eLnge, ScDocFunc::EndListAction(), ScDocFunc::EnterListAction(), ScTabView::ErrorMessage(), ScCompiler::EXTENDED_ERROR_DETECTION_NAME_BREAK, ScModule::GetAppOptions(), ScDocument::GetAttr(), ScFormulaCell::GetCode(), ScDocument::GetCondFormat(), ScViewData::GetDocFunc(), ScViewData::GetDocShell(), ScViewData::GetDocument(), SvNumberFormatter::GetEntry(), ScMarkData::GetFirstSelected(), ScDocument::GetFormatTable(), ScDocument::GetGrammar(), SfxSetItem::GetItemSet(), SvNumberformat::GetLanguage(), ScEditableTester::GetMessageId(), ScDocument::GetNumberFormat(), formula::FormulaToken::GetOpCode(), ScDocument::GetPool(), ScDocument::GetSheetLimits(), SvNumberFormatter::GetStandardFormat(), SvNumberFormatter::GetType(), ScTabView::GetViewData(), formula::FormulaGrammar::GRAM_DEFAULT, i, ScEditableTester::IsEditable(), formula::FormulaToken::IsFunction(), formula::FormulaTokenArray::IsHyperLink(), SvNumberFormatter::IsNumberFormat(), ScDocument::IsUndoEnabled(), lcl_AddFunction(), lcl_PostRepaintCondFormat(), nIndex, NONE, HelperNotifyChanges::NotifyIfChangesListeners(), nType, ocClose, ocOpen, ScTabView::PaintArea(), SfxItemSet::Put(), RET_NO, RET_YES, SC_MOD, ScResId(), ScMarkData::SelectTable(), ScModule::SetAppOptions(), ScCompiler::SetAutoCorrection(), ScDocShellModificator::SetDocumentModified(), ScDocFunc::SetEditCell(), ScFormulaCell::SetErrCode(), ScDocFunc::SetFormulaCell(), formula::FormulaTokenArray::SetHyperLink(), ScDocFunc::SetNormalString(), ScDocFunc::SetStringCell(), ScAddress::SetTab(), TestFormatArea(), u, and ScDocShell::UpdateOle().

Referenced by EnterData(), EnterDataAtCursor(), ScGridWindow::ExecDataSelect(), ScCellShell::Execute(), ScCellShell::ExecuteEdit(), and ScDocShell::MergeDocument().

void ScViewFunc::EnterData ( SCCOL  nCol,
SCROW  nRow,
SCTAB  nTab,
const EditTextObject rData,
bool  bTestSimple = false 
void ScViewFunc::EnterDataAtCursor ( const OUString &  rString)
void ScViewFunc::EnterMatrix ( const OUString &  rString,
::formula::FormulaGrammar::Grammar  eGram 
void ScViewFunc::EnterValue ( SCCOL  nCol,
SCROW  nRow,
SCTAB  nTab,
const double &  rValue 
void ScViewFunc::ExtendScenario ( )
void ScViewFunc::FillAuto ( FillDir  eDir,
SCCOL  nStartCol,
SCROW  nStartRow,
SCCOL  nEndCol,
SCROW  nEndRow,
sal_uLong  nCount 
void ScViewFunc::FillCrossDblClick ( )

Downward fill of selected cell(s) by double-clicking cross-hair cursor.

Either, extends a current selection if non-empty cells exist immediately below the selection, overwriting cells below the selection up to the minimum row of already filled cells.

Or, extends a current selection down to the last non-empty cell of an adjacent column when the lower-right corner of the selection is double-clicked. It uses a left-adjoining non-empty column as a guide if such is available, otherwise a right-adjoining non-empty column is used.

No return value
See also

Definition at line 1749 of file viewfun2.cxx.

References ScRange::aEnd, ScRange::aStart, ScAddress::Col(), FILL_TO_BOTTOM, ScDocument::FindAreaPos(), ScDocument::HasData(), ScDocument::IsBlockEmpty(), ScDocument::MaxCol(), ScDocument::MaxRow(), ScRange::PutInOrder(), ScAddress::Row(), and SC_MOVE_DOWN.

Referenced by ScGridWindow::HandleMouseButtonDown().

void ScViewFunc::FillSeries ( FillDir  eDir,
FillCmd  eCmd,
FillDateCmd  eDateCmd,
double  fStart,
double  fStep,
double  fMax 
void ScViewFunc::FillSimple ( FillDir  eDir)
void ScViewFunc::FillTab ( InsertDeleteFlags  nFlags,
ScPasteFunc  nFunction,
bool  bSkipEmpty,
bool  bAsLink 
bool ScViewFunc::GetAutoSumArea ( ScRangeList rRangeList)
OUString ScViewFunc::GetAutoSumFormula ( const ScRangeList rRangeList,
bool  bSubTotal,
const ScAddress rAddr,
const OpCode  eCode 
CreateNameFlags ScViewFunc::GetCreateNameFlags ( )
sal_uInt16 ScViewFunc::GetOptimalColWidth ( SCCOL  nCol,
SCTAB  nTab,
bool  bFormula 
void ScViewFunc::GetSelectionFrame ( std::shared_ptr< SvxBoxItem > &  rLineOuter,
std::shared_ptr< SvxBoxInfoItem > &  rLineInner 
const ScPatternAttr * ScViewFunc::GetSelectionPattern ( )
SvtScriptType ScViewFunc::GetSelectionScriptType ( )
const SfxStyleSheet * ScViewFunc::GetStyleSheetFromMarked ( )
bool ScViewFunc::HasBookmarkAtCursor ( SvxHyperlinkItem pContent)
void ScViewFunc::HideTable ( const ScMarkData rMark,
SCTAB  nTabToSelect = -1 
void ScViewFunc::ImportTables ( ScDocShell pSrcShell,
SCTAB  nCount,
const SCTAB pSrcTabs,
bool  bLink,
SCTAB  nTab 
void ScViewFunc::InsertAreaLink ( const OUString &  rFile,
const OUString &  rFilter,
const OUString &  rOptions,
const OUString &  rSource 

Definition at line 2664 of file viewfun2.cxx.

References ScDocShell::GetDocFunc(), and ScDocFunc::InsertAreaLink().

Referenced by ScGridWindow::ExecuteDrop().

void ScViewFunc::InsertBookmark ( const OUString &  rDescription,
const OUString &  rURL,
const OUString *  pTarget = nullptr,
bool  bTryReplace = false 
bool ScViewFunc::InsertCells ( InsCellCmd  eCmd,
bool  bRecord = true,
bool  bPartOfPaste = false 
void ScViewFunc::InsertCurrentTime ( SvNumFormatType  nReqFmt,
const OUString &  rUndoStr 

Insert date or time into current cell.

If cell is in input or edit mode, insert date/time at cursor position, else create a date or time or date+time cell as follows:

  • key date on time cell => current date + time of cell => date+time formatted cell
    • unless time cell was empty or 00:00 time => current date => date formatted cell
  • key date on date+time cell => current date + 00:00 time => date+time formatted cell
    • unless date was current date => current date => date formatted cell
  • key date on other cell => current date => date formatted cell
  • key time on date cell => date of cell + current time => date+time formatted cell
    • unless date cell was empty => current time => time formatted cell
  • key time on date+time cell => current time => time formatted cell
    • unless cell was empty => current date+time => date+time formatted cell
  • key time on other cell => current time => time formatted cell

Definition at line 273 of file viewfun6.cxx.

References ScInputHandler::DataChanged(), ScInputHandler::DataChanging(), ScGlobal::eLnge, SfxUndoManager::EnterListAction(), ScViewData::GetCurPos(), ScDocShell::GetDocFunc(), ScViewData::GetDocShell(), ScDocShell::GetDocument(), SvNumberFormatter::GetEntry(), ScDocument::GetFormatTable(), SvNumberformat::GetLanguage(), SvNumberformat::GetMaskedType(), SvNumberFormatter::GetNullDate(), ScDocument::GetNumberFormat(), SvNumberFormatter::GetOutputString(), SvNumberFormatter::GetStandardFormat(), ScInputHandler::GetTableView(), tools::Time::GetTimeInDays(), ScInputHandler::GetTopView(), ScDocShell::GetUndoManager(), ScDocument::GetValue(), ScTabView::GetViewData(), ScViewData::GetViewShell(), SfxViewShell::GetViewShellId(), EditView::InsertText(), ScInputHandler::IsInputMode(), SfxUndoManager::LeaveListAction(), NONE, SAL_WARN, SC_MOD, SetNumberFormat(), ScViewData::SetPasteMode(), ScDocFunc::SetValueCell(), DateTime::SYSTEM, tools::Time::SYSTEM, Date::SYSTEM, ScTabView::UpdateCopySourceOverlay(), and ScViewData::UpdateInputHandler().

Referenced by ScCellShell::ExecuteEdit().

bool ScViewFunc::InsertName ( const OUString &  rName,
const OUString &  rSymbol,
const OUString &  rType 
void ScViewFunc::InsertNameList ( )
void ScViewFunc::InsertPageBreak ( bool  bColumn,
bool  bRecord = true,
const ScAddress pPos = nullptr,
bool  bSetModified = true 
void ScViewFunc::InsertSpecialChar ( const OUString &  rStr,
const vcl::Font rFont 
bool ScViewFunc::InsertTable ( const OUString &  rName,
SCTAB  nTabNr,
bool  bRecord = true 

Definition at line 2368 of file viewfun2.cxx.

Referenced by ScTabControl::AddTabClick(), and ScUndoInsertTab::Redo().

void ScViewFunc::InsertTableLink ( const OUString &  rFile,
const OUString &  rFilter,
const OUString &  rOptions,
std::u16string_view  rTabName 
void ScViewFunc::InsertTables ( std::vector< OUString > &  aNames,
SCTAB  nTab,
SCTAB  nCount,
bool  bRecord = true 
bool ScViewFunc::LinkBlock ( const ScRange rSource,
const ScAddress rDestPos 
void ScViewFunc::MakeScenario ( const OUString &  rName,
const OUString &  rComment,
const Color rColor,
ScScenarioFlags  nFlags 

Definition at line 2317 of file viewfun2.cxx.

References CopyAll, SfxBindings::Invalidate(), and ScDocShell::MakeScenario().

Referenced by ScCellShell::Execute().

void ScViewFunc::MarkAndJumpToRanges ( const ScRangeList rRanges)
bool ScViewFunc::MergeCells ( bool  bApi,
bool &  rDoContents,
bool  bCenter 
void ScViewFunc::ModifyCellSize ( ScDirection  eDir,
bool  bOptimal 
bool ScViewFunc::MoveBlockTo ( const ScRange rSource,
const ScAddress rDestPos,
bool  bCut 
void ScViewFunc::MoveTable ( sal_uInt16  nDestDocNo,
SCTAB  nDestTab,
bool  bCopy,
const OUString *  pNewTabName = nullptr 

Definition at line 2832 of file viewfun2.cxx.

References SfxUndoManager::AddUndoAction(), ScChartHelper::AdjustRangesOfChartsOnDestinationPage(), aName, ScDocument::BeginDrawUndo(), bVisible, SfxUndoManager::Clear(), SdrMarkView::ClearPageView(), ScDocument::CreateValidTabName(), ScDocument::DeleteTab(), Extras, ScDocShell::GetBestViewShell(), ScDocShell::GetDocument(), ScDocument::GetDrawLayer(), SfxViewFrame::GetFrame(), ScDocument::GetName(), SfxViewFrame::GetObjectShell(), ScTabView::GetScDrawView(), ScDocument::GetScenarioData(), ScMarkData::GetSelectCount(), ScDocShell::GetShellByNum(), ScDocument::GetTable(), ScDocument::GetTableCount(), ScMarkData::GetTableSelect(), ScDocShell::GetUndoManager(), Grid, ScDocument::InsertTab(), ScDocument::IsActiveScenario(), ScDocument::IsChartListenerCollectionNeedsUpdate(), ScDocument::IsScenario(), ScDocument::IsUndoEnabled(), ScDocument::IsVisible(), Left, ScDocShell::MakeDrawLayer(), ScClipParam::maRanges, ScDocument::MaxCol(), ScDocument::MaxRow(), MAXTAB, ScDocShell::MoveTable(), n, ScDocShell::PostPaint(), ScDocShell::PostPaintExtras(), ScDocShell::PostPaintGridAll(), ScRangeList::push_back(), ScDocument::RenameTab(), SC_DOC_NEW, SC_TAB_APPEND, SC_TAB_DELETED, SC_TAB_INSERTED, SC_TABS_INSERTED, ScDocument::SetActiveScenario(), ScDocument::SetClipParam(), ScDocShell::SetDocumentModified(), ScDocument::SetScenario(), ScDocument::SetScenarioData(), ScDocument::SetVisible(), SfxGetpApp(), Size, sName, STRING_SCAPP, ScTabView::TabChanged(), Top, ScDocShell::TransferTab(), and ScDocument::UpdateChartListenerCollection().

Referenced by ScTabControl::ExecuteDrop().

void ScViewFunc::OnLOKInsertDeleteColumn ( SCCOL  nStartCol,
tools::Long  nOffset 
void ScViewFunc::OnLOKInsertDeleteRow ( SCROW  nStartRow,
tools::Long  nOffset 
void ScViewFunc::OnLOKSetWidthOrHeight ( SCCOLROW  nStart,
bool  bWidth 
bool ScViewFunc::PasteBitmapEx ( const Point rPos,
const BitmapEx rBmpEx 

Definition at line 366 of file viewfun7.cxx.

bool ScViewFunc::PasteBookmark ( SotClipboardFormatId  nFormatId,
const css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::XTransferable > &  rxTransferable,
bool ScViewFunc::PasteDataFormat ( SotClipboardFormatId  nFormatId,
const css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::XTransferable > &  rxTransferable,
const Point pLogicPos,
bool  bLink = false,
bool  bAllowDialogs = false 


Definition at line 77 of file viewfun5.cxx.

References ADDR_ABS_3D, ScRange::aEnd, ALL, aName, aProperties, ScRange::aStart, svx::OColumnTransferable::canExtractColumnDescriptor(), svx::ODataAccessObjectTransferable::canExtractObjectDescriptor(), tools::SvRef< T >::clear(), o3tl::convert(), ScDocument::CopyToClip(), FileList::Count(), ScAbstractDialogFactory::Create(), FmFormView::CreateFieldControl(), svx::ODataAccessDescriptor::createPropertyValueSequence(), ScAbstractDialogFactory::CreateScImportAsciiDlg(), ScAbstractDialogFactory::CreateScTextImportOptionsDlg(), SfxViewShell::Current(), VclReferenceBase::disposeOnce(), SfxObjectShell::DoClose(), SfxObjectShell::DoInitNew(), SfxObjectShell::DoLoad(), EIF_AUTO, ERRCODE_NONE, VclAbstractDialog::Execute(), SfxDispatcher::ExecuteList(), svx::OColumnTransferable::extractColumnDescriptor(), svx::ODataAccessObjectTransferable::extractObjectDescriptor(), ScAddress::Format(), tools::SvRef< T >::get(), ScFormatFilter::Get(), ScDocument::GetAddressConvention(), TransferableDataHelper::GetBitmapEx(), ScDocument::GetCellArea(), ScDocument::GetColWidth(), TransferableDataHelper::GetDataFlavorExVector(), ScDocument::GetDataStart(), ScDocShell::GetDBData(), ScDocShell::GetDocument(), ScDocument::GetDrawLayer(), ScDocument::GetExtDocOptions(), FileList::GetFile(), TransferableDataHelper::GetFileList(), SotExchange::GetFormatDataFlavor(), vcl::Window::GetFrameWeld(), TransferableDataHelper::GetGDIMetaFile(), TransferableDataHelper::GetGraphic(), TransferableDataHelper::GetInputStream(), SfxMedium::GetItemSet(), AbstractScTextImportOptionsDlg::GetLanguageType(), ScDBData::GetName(), SdrObjList::GetObjCount(), AbstractScImportAsciiDlg::GetOptions(), ScDocument::GetPrintArea(), comphelper::getProcessComponentContext(), ScDocument::GetRowHeight(), SdrPaintView::GetSdrPageView(), ScDocument::GetSheetLimits(), TransferableDataHelper::GetSotStorageStream(), comphelper::OStorageHelper::GetStorageFromInputStream(), TransferableDataHelper::GetString(), ScExtDocOptions::GetTabSettings(), comphelper::OStorageHelper::GetTemporaryStorage(), SfxObjectShell::GetTitle(), TransferableDataHelper::GetTransferableObjectDescriptor(), ScDocument::GetVisibleTab(), TransferableDataHelper::HasFormat(), ScDrawLayer::HasObjects(), ScDocument::HasTable(), i, INS_NONE, ScDrawView::InsertObjectSafe(), comphelper::LibreOfficeKit::isActive(), comphelper::Automation::AutomationInvokedZone::isActive(), AbstractScTextImportOptionsDlg::IsDateConversionSet(), ScImportExport::IsFormatSupported(), AbstractScTextImportOptionsDlg::IsKeepAskingSet(), SfxViewShell::isLOKMobilePhone(), ScDocument::IsNegativePage(), ScRange::IsValid(), Keep, TransferableObjectDescriptor::maClassName, com::sun::star::uno::makeAny(), TransferableObjectDescriptor::maSize, ScExtTabSettings::maUsedArea, o3tl::mm100, TransferableObjectDescriptor::mnViewAspect, SdrObject::NbcSetLayer(), nCount, SdrObjListIter::Next(), NONE, pObject, Point, SfxItemSet::Put(), TypeSerializer::readGraphic(), ScDocument::ResetClip(), RET_OK, AbstractScImportAsciiDlg::SaveParameters(), SC_DB_OLD, SC_FOLLOW_NONE, SC_LAYER_CONTROLS(), SC_LAYER_FRONT(), SC_MOD, SC_PASTETEXT, SCDOCMODE_CLIP, ScFormatFilterPlugin::ScImportExcel(), ScMarkData::SelectOneTable(), ScDocument::SetClipArea(), ScGlobal::SetClipDocName(), ScAsciiOptions::SetDetectSpecialNumber(), ScAsciiOptions::SetLanguage(), ScDocument::SetPastingDrawFromOtherDoc(), tools::Rectangle::SetPos(), ScAddress::SetTab(), SFX_TITLE_FULLNAME, SO3_SC_CLASSID_60, VclAbstractDialog::StartExecuteAsync(), SvxDrawingLayerImport(), o3tl::twip, u, SdrOle2Obj::Unload(), and xStream.

Referenced by ScGridWindow::ExecuteDrop(), and ScGridWindow::PasteSelection().

void ScViewFunc::PasteDraw ( )
void ScViewFunc::PasteDraw ( const Point rLogicPos,
SdrModel pModel,
bool  bGroup,
std::u16string_view  rSrcShellID,
std::u16string_view  rDestShellID 

merge with FuText::MakeOutliner?

Definition at line 73 of file viewfun7.cxx.

References SdrEditView::AddUndo(), aDragStartDiff, SdrEditView::BegUndo(), bPasteIsMove, SdrObject::CloneSdrObject(), ScChartHelper::CreateProtectedChartListenersAndNotify(), SdrView::DeleteMarked(), SdrEditView::EndUndo(), SdrMarkList::ForceSort(), SdrMarkView::GetAllMarkedRect(), ScChartHelper::GetChartNames(), ScTabViewShell::GetClipData(), ScModule::GetDragData(), ScDrawTransferObj::GetDragSourceView(), SfxViewShell::GetIPClient(), SdrObject::GetLayer(), OutputDevice::GetMapMode(), SdrMarkList::GetMark(), SdrMarkList::GetMarkCount(), SdrMarkView::GetMarkedObjectList(), SdrMark::GetMarkedSdrObj(), SfxObjectShell::GetModel(), SdrPaintView::GetModel(), ScDrawTransferObj::GetOwnClipboard(), SdrPageView::GetPage(), SdrModel::GetPage(), ScDrawTransferObj::GetProtectedChartRangesVector(), SdrPaintView::GetSdrPageView(), tools::Rectangle::GetSize(), SfxInPlaceClient::GetViewShell(), SdrEditView::GroupMarked(), SdrObjList::InsertObject(), ScDrawLayer::IsCellAnchored(), SfxInPlaceClient::IsObjectInPlaceActive(), ScDrawLayer::IsResizeWithCell(), lcl_AdjustInsertPos(), SdrMarkView::MarkAllObj(), ScDrawView::MarkListHasChanged(), SdrEditView::MoveAllMarked(), SdrObject::NbcSetLayer(), SdrObjListIter::Next(), E3dView::Paste(), ScDragData::pDrawTransfer, pObject, Point, rData, SC_LAYER_CONTROLS(), SC_MOD, ScResId(), ScDrawLayer::SetCellAnchoredFromPosition(), OutputDevice::SetMapMode(), SdrObjEditView::ShowSdrPage(), and tools::Rectangle::TopLeft().

bool ScViewFunc::PasteFile ( const Point rPos,
const OUString &  rFile,
bool  bLink 
bool ScViewFunc::PasteFromClip ( InsertDeleteFlags  nFlags,
ScDocument pClipDoc,
ScPasteFunc  nFunction = ScPasteFunc::NONE,
bool  bSkipEmpty = false,
bool  bTranspose = false,
bool  bAsLink = false,
InsCellCmd  eMoveMode = INS_NONE,
InsertDeleteFlags  nUndoExtraFlags = InsertDeleteFlags::NONE,
bool  bAllowDialogs = false 

check overlapping just check truly intersection !!!!!!!

remove block-range on RefUndoDoc !!!

Definition at line 871 of file viewfun3.cxx.

References SfxUndoManager::AddUndoAction(), ScRange::aEnd, ALL, ScRange::aStart, ATTR_MERGE(), ATTR_MERGE_FLAG(), ATTRIB, ScUndoPasteOptions::bAsLink, ScDocument::BeginDrawUndo(), ScUndoPasteOptions::bSkipEmpty, ScUndoPasteOptions::bTranspose, ScAddress::Col(), CONTENTS, ScDocument::CopyFromClip(), ScDocument::CopyToDocument(), ScDocument::CopyUpdated(), Application::CreateMessageDialog(), ScChartHelper::CreateProtectedChartListenersAndNotify(), SfxObjectShell::DoInitNew(), ScUndoPasteOptions::eMoveMode, SfxUndoManager::EnterListAction(), ScDocument::ExtendMerge(), ScDocument::ExtendMergeSel(), ScDocument::ExtendOverlapped(), ScMarkData::FillRangeListWithMarks(), ScViewUtil::FitToUnfilteredRows(), FORMULA, tools::SvRef< T >::get(), ScDocument::GetChangeTrack(), ScChartHelper::GetChartNames(), ScDocument::GetClipArea(), ScDocument::GetClipParam(), ScDocument::GetClipStart(), ScAddress::GetColRowString(), ScDocShell::GetDocFunc(), ScDocument::GetDocumentID(), ScDocument::GetDrawLayer(), ScPatternAttr::GetItem(), ScMarkData::GetMarkArea(), ScEditableTester::GetMessageId(), SdrPaintView::GetModel(), SfxObjectShell::GetModel(), ScDocAttrIterator::GetNext(), SdrModel::GetPage(), ScClipParam::getSourceDocID(), ScDocument::GetTableCount(), ScDocShell::GetUndoManager(), ScRange::GetVars(), Grid, ScDocument::HasClipFilteredRows(), ScViewUtil::HasFiltered(), ScDocument::HasTable(), i, INS_NONE, ScDocument::IsCutMode(), ScEditableTester::IsEditable(), ScMarkData::IsMarked(), ScMergeAttr::IsMerged(), ScMarkData::IsMultiMarked(), ScClipParam::isMultiRange(), ScMergeFlagAttr::IsOverlapped(), ScDocument::IsUndoEnabled(), lcl_SelHasAttrib(), SfxUndoManager::LeaveListAction(), Left, ScDocShell::MakeDrawLayer(), ScClipParam::maProtectedChartRangesVector, ScDocument::MaxCol(), ScDocument::MaxRow(), ScDocument::MixDocument(), ScUndoPasteOptions::nFunction, NOCAPTIONS, NONE, NOTE, OBJECTS, Overlapped, ScDocShell::PostPaint(), ScDocument::RefreshAutoFilter(), ScChangeTrack::ResetLastCut(), RET_NO, RET_YES, ScAddress::Row(), SC_MARK_SIMPLE, SC_MARK_SIMPLE_FILTERED, SC_MOD, SCDOCMODE_CLIP, SCDOCMODE_UNDO, ScResId(), ScAddress::SetCol(), ScDocument::SetCutMode(), ScDrawLayer::SetGlobalDrawPersist(), ScMarkData::SetMarkArea(), ScRangeList::size(), Top, ScDocument::TransposeClip(), ScViewUtil::UnmarkFiltered(), ScDocFunc::UnmergeCells(), ScDocShell::UpdatePaintExt(), ScDocument::UpdateTranspose(), ScDocument::ValidCol(), and ScDocument::ValidRow().

Referenced by ScGridWindow::DropTransferObj(), ScCellShell::ExecuteEdit(), ooo::vba::excel::implnPasteSpecial(), ScGridWindow::MouseButtonUp(), ScClipUtil::PasteFromClipboard(), and ScUndoPaste::Repeat().

bool ScViewFunc::PasteFromClipToMultiRanges ( InsertDeleteFlags  nFlags,
ScDocument pClipDoc,
ScPasteFunc  nFunction,
bool  bSkipEmpty,
bool  bTranspose,
bool  bAsLink,
bool  bAllowDialogs,
InsCellCmd  eMoveMode,
InsertDeleteFlags  nUndoFlags 
void ScViewFunc::PasteFromSystem ( )
bool ScViewFunc::PasteFromSystem ( SotClipboardFormatId  nFormatId,
bool  bApi = false 
void ScViewFunc::PasteFromTransferable ( const css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::XTransferable > &  rxTransferable)
bool ScViewFunc::PasteGraphic ( const Point rPos,
const Graphic rGraphic,
const OUString &  rFile 
bool ScViewFunc::PasteLink ( const css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::XTransferable > &  rxTransferable)
bool ScViewFunc::PasteMetaFile ( const Point rPos,
const GDIMetaFile rMtf 

Definition at line 372 of file viewfun7.cxx.

bool ScViewFunc::PasteMultiRangesFromClip ( InsertDeleteFlags  nFlags,
ScDocument pClipDoc,
ScPasteFunc  nFunction,
bool  bSkipEmpty,
bool  bIncludeFiltered,
bool  bTranspose,
bool  bAsLink,
bool  bAllowDialogs,
InsCellCmd  eMoveMode,
InsertDeleteFlags  nUndoFlags 
bool ScViewFunc::PasteObject ( const Point ,
const css::uno::Reference< css::embed::XEmbeddedObject > &  ,
const Size ,
const Graphic = nullptr,
const OUString &  = OUString(),
sal_Int64  nAspect = css::embed::Aspects::MSOLE_CONTENT 
bool ScViewFunc::PasteOnDrawObjectLinked ( const css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::XTransferable > &  rxTransferable,
SdrObject rHitObj 
void ScViewFunc::PasteRTF ( SCCOL  nCol,
SCROW  nStartRow,
const css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::XTransferable > &  rxTransferable 
void ScViewFunc::PostPasteFromClip ( const ScRangeList rPasteRanges,
const ScMarkData rMark 
void ScViewFunc::ProtectDoc ( const OUString &  rPassword)
void ScViewFunc::ProtectSheet ( SCTAB  nTab,
const ScTableProtection rProtect 
void ScViewFunc::RemoveManualBreaks ( )
bool ScViewFunc::RemoveMerge ( )
void ScViewFunc::RemoveStyleSheetInUse ( const SfxStyleSheetBase pStyleSheet)
bool ScViewFunc::RenameTable ( const OUString &  rName,
SCTAB  nTabNr 

Definition at line 2631 of file viewfun2.cxx.

Referenced by ScTabControl::AllowRenaming().

void ScViewFunc::ReplaceNote ( const ScAddress rPos,
const OUString &  rNoteText,
const OUString *  pAuthor,
const OUString *  pDate 
bool ScViewFunc::SearchAndReplace ( const SvxSearchItem pSearchItem,
bool  bAddUndo,
bool  bIsApi 

at least one is always selected

account for bAttrib during Undo !!!

select all, after pUndoMark has been created

otherwise now one table more might be selected

Definition at line 1931 of file viewfun2.cxx.

References ScRange::aStart, ScMarkData::begin(), SfxViewFrame::Current(), ScMarkData::end(), sc::SearchResultsDlg::FillResults(), SvxSearchItem::GetBackward(), ScGridWindow::GetCellSelection(), SvxSearchItem::GetCellType(), SfxViewFrame::GetChildWindow(), SvxSearchItem::GetCommand(), SfxChildWindow::GetController(), ScDocShell::GetDocument(), ScMarkData::GetFirstSelected(), ScMarkData::GetLastSelected(), SvxSearchItem::GetReplaceString(), ScDocument::GetSearchAndReplaceStart(), ScGlobal::GetSearchItem(), SvxSearchItem::GetSearchString(), SvxSearchItem::GetStartPointX(), SvxSearchItem::GetStartPointY(), ScDocument::GetTableCount(), SfxShell::GetViewShell(), Grid, SvxSearchItem::HasStartPoint(), i, comphelper::LibreOfficeKit::isActive(), SvxSearchItem::IsAllTables(), ScDocument::IsEmptyCellSearch(), ScMarkData::IsMarked(), ScMarkData::IsMultiMarked(), ScDocument::IsUndoEnabled(), SfxViewShell::libreOfficeKitViewCallback(), n, Point, ScDocShell::PostPaint(), ScDocShell::PostPaintGridAll(), ScMarkData::ResetMark(), SC_FOLLOW_JUMP, SCDOCMODE_UNDO, ScDocument::SearchAndReplace(), ScMarkData::SelectTable(), ScGridWindow::SetCellSelectionPixel(), SvxSearchItem::SetCommand(), ScDocShell::SetDocumentModified(), ScMarkData::SetMultiMarkArea(), SvxSearchDialogWrapper::SetSearchLabel(), SfxPoolItem::SetWhich(), SfxViewFrame::ShowChildWindow(), ScRangeList::size(), ScAddress::Tab(), ScTable::UpdateSearchItemAddressForReplace(), and VOPT_SUMMARY.

Referenced by ScTabViewShell::ExecSearch(), and ScUndoReplace::Redo().

bool ScViewFunc::SelectionEditable ( bool *  pOnlyNotBecauseOfMatrix = nullptr)
void ScViewFunc::SetMarkedWidthOrHeight ( bool  bWidth,
ScSizeMode  eMode,
sal_uInt16  nSizeTwips 
void ScViewFunc::SetNoteText ( const ScAddress rPos,
const OUString &  rNoteText 
void ScViewFunc::SetNumberFormat ( SvNumFormatType  nFormatType,
sal_uLong  nAdd = 0 
void ScViewFunc::SetNumFmtByStr ( const OUString &  rCode)
void ScViewFunc::SetPrintRanges ( bool  bEntireSheet,
const OUString *  pPrint,
const OUString *  pRepCol,
const OUString *  pRepRow,
bool  bAddPrint 
void ScViewFunc::SetPrintZoom ( sal_uInt16  nScale)

Definition at line 1030 of file viewfun2.cxx.

References ScDocShell::SetPrintZoom().

Referenced by ScTabViewShell::Execute().

void ScViewFunc::SetSelectionFrameLines ( const ::editeng::SvxBorderLine pLine,
bool  bColorOnly 
void ScViewFunc::SetStyleSheetToMarked ( const SfxStyleSheet pStyleSheet)
bool ScViewFunc::SetTabBgColor ( const Color rColor,
SCTAB  nTabNr 

Definition at line 2644 of file viewfun2.cxx.

bool ScViewFunc::SetTabBgColor ( ScUndoTabColorInfo::List rUndoSetTabBgColorInfoList)

Definition at line 2654 of file viewfun2.cxx.

void ScViewFunc::SetValidation ( const ScValidationData rNew)

Definition at line 3446 of file viewfun2.cxx.

References ScDocument::AddValidationEntry(), ATTR_VALIDDATA(), and nIndex.

Referenced by ScCellShell::ExecuteDB().

void ScViewFunc::SetWidthOrHeight ( bool  bWidth,
const std::vector< sc::ColRowSpan > &  rRanges,
ScSizeMode  eMode,
sal_uInt16  nSizeTwips,
bool  bRecord = true,
const ScMarkData pMarkData = nullptr 

outlines from all tab?

Definition at line 2036 of file viewfunc.cxx.

References SfxUndoManager::AddUndoAction(), ScDocument::BeginDrawUndo(), ScDocument::ColHidden(), COLUMN_HEADER, ScDocument::CopyToDocument(), ScTabView::ErrorMessage(), ScViewData::GetCurX(), ScViewData::GetCurY(), ScSizeDeviceProvider::GetDevice(), ScViewData::GetDocShell(), ScDocShell::GetDocument(), ScMarkData::GetFirstSelected(), HelperNotifyChanges::getMustPropagateChangesModel(), GetOptimalColWidth(), ScViewOptions::GetOption(), ScViewData::GetOptions(), ScDocument::GetOutlineTable(), ScSizeDeviceProvider::GetPPTX(), ScViewData::GetPPTX(), ScSizeDeviceProvider::GetPPTY(), ScViewData::GetPPTY(), ScDocument::GetRowFlags(), ScViewData::GetTabNo(), ScDocShell::GetUndoManager(), ScViewData::GetView(), ScTabView::GetViewData(), ScViewData::GetZoomX(), ScViewData::GetZoomY(), Grid, ScDocument::HasAttrib(), ScSizeDeviceProvider::IsPrinter(), SfxObjectShell::IsReadOnly(), ScDocument::IsUndoEnabled(), Left, ManualSize, ScDocument::MaxCol(), ScDocument::MaxRow(), Merged, ScTabView::MoveCursorRel(), NONE, HelperNotifyChanges::Notify(), ScTabViewShell::notifyAllViewsSheetGeomInvalidation(), nPPTX, nPPTY, OnLOKSetWidthOrHeight(), Overlapped, ScDocShell::PostPaint(), ScRangeList::push_back(), ScTabView::RefreshZoom(), ROW_HEADER, ScDocument::RowHidden(), SC_FOLLOW_LINE, SC_SIZE_DIRECT, SC_SIZE_OPTIMAL, SC_SIZE_ORIGINAL, SC_SIZE_SHOW, SC_SIZE_VISOPT, SCDOCMODE_UNDO, ScDocument::SetColWidth(), ScDocShellModificator::SetDocumentModified(), ScDocument::SetDrawPageSize(), sc::RowHeightContext::setForceAutoSize(), ScDocument::SetManualHeight(), ScDocument::SetOptimalHeight(), ScDocument::SetRowFlags(), ScDocument::SetRowHeightRange(), ScDocument::ShowCol(), ScDocument::ShowRows(), Top, ScDocShell::UpdateOle(), ScDocument::UpdateOutlineCol(), ScDocument::UpdateOutlineRow(), ScDocument::UpdatePageBreaks(), ScTabView::UpdateScrollBars(), and VOPT_FORMULAS.

Referenced by ScCellShell::Execute(), ScColBar::HideEntries(), ScRowBar::HideEntries(), ModifyCellSize(), ScUndoWidthOrHeight::Redo(), ScColBar::SetEntrySize(), ScRowBar::SetEntrySize(), and SetMarkedWidthOrHeight().

void ScViewFunc::ShowNote ( bool  bShow)
void ScViewFunc::ShowTable ( const std::vector< OUString > &  rNames)
void ScViewFunc::Solve ( const ScSolveParam rParam)
void ScViewFunc::StartFormatArea ( )
void ScViewFunc::TabOp ( const ScTabOpParam rParam,
bool  bRecord = true 
bool ScViewFunc::TestFormatArea ( SCCOL  nCol,
SCROW  nRow,
SCTAB  nTab,
bool  bAttrChanged 
bool ScViewFunc::TestMergeCells ( )
bool ScViewFunc::TestRemoveMerge ( )

Definition at line 1299 of file viewfun2.cxx.

References ScDocument::HasAttrib(), Merged, and SC_MARK_SIMPLE.

Referenced by ScCellShell::GetState().

void ScViewFunc::TransliterateText ( TransliterationFlags  nType)
bool ScViewFunc::Unprotect ( SCTAB  nTab,
const OUString &  rPassword 
void ScViewFunc::UpdateLineAttrs ( ::editeng::SvxBorderLine rLine,
const ::editeng::SvxBorderLine pDestLine,
const ::editeng::SvxBorderLine pSrcLine,
bool  bColor 

Definition at line 3307 of file viewfun2.cxx.

void ScViewFunc::UpdateSelectionArea ( const ScMarkData rSel,
ScPatternAttr pAttr = nullptr 
void ScViewFunc::UpdateStyleSheetInUse ( const SfxStyleSheetBase pStyleSheet)
void ScViewFunc::UseScenario ( const OUString &  rName)

Definition at line 2356 of file viewfun2.cxx.

References ScDocShell::UseScenario().

Referenced by ScCellShell::ExecuteEdit(), and ScGridWindow::FilterSelect().

Member Data Documentation

ScRange ScViewFunc::aFormatArea

Definition at line 74 of file viewfunc.hxx.

Referenced by StartFormatArea(), and TestFormatArea().

ScAddress ScViewFunc::aFormatSource

Definition at line 73 of file viewfunc.hxx.

Referenced by DoAutoAttributes(), StartFormatArea(), and TestFormatArea().

bool ScViewFunc::bFormatValid

Definition at line 75 of file viewfunc.hxx.

Referenced by DeleteContents(), StartFormatArea(), and TestFormatArea().

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