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1/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*- */
3 * This file is part of the LibreOffice project.
4 *
5 * This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
6 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
7 * file, You can obtain one at
8 *
9 * This file incorporates work covered by the following license notice:
10 *
11 * Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
12 * contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file distributed
13 * with this work for additional information regarding copyright
14 * ownership. The ASF licenses this file to you under the Apache
15 * License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file
16 * except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of
17 * the License at .
18 */
19#pragma once
21#include "tabview.hxx"
23#include <tabbgcolor.hxx>
25#include <com/sun/star/embed/Aspects.hpp>
26#include <vector>
28class ScPatternAttr;
30class SvxSearchItem;
31class SfxItemSet;
32class SvxBoxItem;
33class SvxBoxInfoItem;
35class SfxStyleSheet;
36class SfxPoolItem;
37class EditTextObject;
38struct ScSolveParam;
39struct ScTabOpParam;
42class SdrModel;
43class Graphic;
44class ScRangeList;
46class ScTransferObj;
48enum class CreateNameFlags;
50namespace editeng { class SvxBorderLine; }
51namespace com::sun::star::embed { class XEmbeddedObject; }
53namespace sc {
55struct ColRowSpan;
59namespace com::sun::star::datatransfer { class XTransferable; }
63 std::unique_ptr<weld::Builder> m_xBuilder;
64 std::unique_ptr<weld::Label> m_xLabel;
65 std::unique_ptr<weld::Entry> m_xEdit;
67 ScDataFormFragment(weld::Container* pGrid, int nLine);
70class ScViewFunc : public ScTabView
73 ScAddress aFormatSource; // for automatic extension of formatting
78 ScViewFunc( vcl::Window* pParent, ScDocShell& rDocSh, ScTabViewShell* pViewShell );
83 std::shared_ptr<SvxBoxItem>& rLineOuter,
84 std::shared_ptr<SvxBoxInfoItem>& rLineInner );
88 bool GetAutoSumArea( ScRangeList& rRangeList );
89 void EnterAutoSum( const ScRangeList& rRangeList, bool bSubTotal, const ScAddress& rAddr, const OpCode eCode );
90 bool AutoSum( const ScRange& rRange, bool bSubTotal, bool bSetCursor, bool bContinue, const OpCode eCode );
91 OUString GetAutoSumFormula( const ScRangeList& rRangeList, bool bSubTotal, const ScAddress& rAddr, const OpCode eCode );
93 void EnterData( SCCOL nCol, SCROW nRow, SCTAB nTab, const OUString& rString,
94 const EditTextObject* pData = nullptr, bool bMatrixExpand = false );
95 void EnterData( SCCOL nCol, SCROW nRow, SCTAB nTab,
96 const EditTextObject& rData, bool bTestSimple = false );
97 void EnterValue( SCCOL nCol, SCROW nRow, SCTAB nTab, const double& rValue );
99 void EnterMatrix( const OUString& rString, ::formula::FormulaGrammar::Grammar eGram );
105 void EnterBlock( const OUString& rString, const EditTextObject* pData );
107 void EnterDataAtCursor( const OUString& rString );
109 SC_DLLPUBLIC void CutToClip();
110 SC_DLLPUBLIC bool CopyToClip( ScDocument* pClipDoc, bool bCut, bool bApi = false,
111 bool bIncludeObjects = false, bool bStopEdit = true );
112 SC_DLLPUBLIC bool CopyToClip( ScDocument* pClipDoc, const ScRangeList& rRange, bool bCut,
113 bool bApi = false, bool bIncludeObjects = false, bool bStopEdit = true );
114 bool CopyToClipSingleRange( ScDocument* pClipDoc, const ScRangeList& rRanges, bool bCut,
115 bool bIncludeObjects );
116 bool CopyToClipMultiRange( const ScDocument* pClipDoc, const ScRangeList& rRanges, bool bCut,
117 bool bApi, bool bIncludeObjects );
121 InsertDeleteFlags nFlags, ScDocument* pClipDoc,
122 ScPasteFunc nFunction = ScPasteFunc::NONE, bool bSkipEmptyCells = false,
123 bool bTranspose = false, bool bAsLink = false,
124 InsCellCmd eMoveMode = INS_NONE,
126 bool bAllowDialogs = false );
128 void FillTab( InsertDeleteFlags nFlags, ScPasteFunc nFunction, bool bSkipEmpty, bool bAsLink );
131 SC_DLLPUBLIC bool PasteFromSystem( SotClipboardFormatId nFormatId, bool bApi = false );
132 void PasteFromTransferable( const css::uno::Reference<
133 css::datatransfer::XTransferable >& rxTransferable );
135 void PasteDraw();
136 void PasteDraw( const Point& rLogicPos, SdrModel* pModel, bool bGroup,
137 std::u16string_view rSrcShellID, std::u16string_view rDestShellID );
140 const css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::XTransferable >& rxTransferable,
141 SdrObject& rHitObj);
144 const css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::XTransferable >& rxTransferable,
145 SCCOL nPosX, SCROW nPosY, const Point* pLogicPos,
146 bool bLink = false, bool bAllowDialogs = false );
148 bool PasteFile( const Point&, const OUString&, bool bLink );
149 bool PasteObject( const Point&, const css::uno::Reference < css::embed::XEmbeddedObject >&, const Size*, const Graphic* = nullptr, const OUString& = OUString(), sal_Int64 nAspect = css::embed::Aspects::MSOLE_CONTENT );
150 bool PasteBitmapEx( const Point&, const BitmapEx& );
151 bool PasteMetaFile( const Point&, const GDIMetaFile& );
152 bool PasteGraphic( const Point& rPos, const Graphic& rGraphic,
153 const OUString& rFile );
154 bool PasteBookmark( SotClipboardFormatId nFormatId,
155 const css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::XTransferable >& rxTransferable,
156 SCCOL nPosX, SCROW nPosY );
157 bool PasteLink( const css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::XTransferable >& rxTransferable );
159 void InsertBookmark( const OUString& rDescription, const OUString& rURL,
160 SCCOL nPosX, SCROW nPosY, const OUString* pTarget = nullptr,
161 bool bTryReplace = false );
162 bool HasBookmarkAtCursor( SvxHyperlinkItem* pContent );
164 bool MoveBlockTo( const ScRange& rSource, const ScAddress& rDestPos,
165 bool bCut );
167 bool LinkBlock( const ScRange& rSource, const ScAddress& rDestPos );
169 void CreateNames( CreateNameFlags nFlags );
171 void InsertNameList();
172 bool InsertName( const OUString& rName, const OUString& rSymbol,
173 const OUString& rType );
175 void ApplyAttributes( const SfxItemSet* pDialogSet, const SfxItemSet* pOldSet, bool bAdjustBlockHeight = true );
176 void ApplyAttr( const SfxPoolItem& rAttrItem, bool bAdjustBlockHeight = true );
178 void ApplySelectionPattern( const ScPatternAttr& rAttr,
179 bool bCursorOnly = false);
180 void ApplyPatternLines(const ScPatternAttr& rAttr,
181 const SvxBoxItem& rNewOuter,
182 const SvxBoxInfoItem* pNewInner);
184 void ApplyUserItemSet( const SfxItemSet& rItemSet );
186 const SfxStyleSheet*
188 void SetStyleSheetToMarked( const SfxStyleSheet* pStyleSheet );
189 void RemoveStyleSheetInUse( const SfxStyleSheetBase* pStyleSheet );
190 void UpdateStyleSheetInUse( const SfxStyleSheetBase* pStyleSheet );
192 void SetNumberFormat( SvNumFormatType nFormatType, sal_uLong nAdd = 0 );
193 void SetNumFmtByStr( const OUString& rCode );
194 void ChangeNumFmtDecimals( bool bIncrement );
196 void SetValidation( const ScValidationData& rNew );
198 void ChangeIndent( bool bIncrement );
200 void ProtectSheet( SCTAB nTab, const ScTableProtection& rProtect );
202 void ProtectDoc( const OUString& rPassword );
203 bool Unprotect( SCTAB nTab, const OUString& rPassword );
205 void DeleteCells( DelCellCmd eCmd );
206 bool InsertCells( InsCellCmd eCmd, bool bRecord = true, bool bPartOfPaste = false );
207 void DeleteMulti( bool bRows );
209 void DeleteContents( InsertDeleteFlags nFlags );
211 void SetWidthOrHeight(
212 bool bWidth, const std::vector<sc::ColRowSpan>& rRanges, ScSizeMode eMode,
213 sal_uInt16 nSizeTwips, bool bRecord = true, const ScMarkData* pMarkData = nullptr );
215 void SetMarkedWidthOrHeight( bool bWidth, ScSizeMode eMode, sal_uInt16 nSizeTwips );
217 bool AdjustBlockHeight( bool bPaint = true, ScMarkData* pMarkData = nullptr );
218 bool AdjustRowHeight( SCROW nStartRow, SCROW nEndRow, bool bApi );
220 void ModifyCellSize( ScDirection eDir, bool bOptimal );
223 InsertPageBreak( bool bColumn, bool bRecord = true,
224 const ScAddress* pPos = nullptr,
225 bool bSetModified = true );
227 DeletePageBreak( bool bColumn, bool bRecord = true,
228 const ScAddress* pPos = nullptr,
229 bool bSetModified = true );
231 void RemoveManualBreaks();
233 void SetPrintZoom(sal_uInt16 nScale);
234 void AdjustPrintZoom();
236 bool TestMergeCells();
237 bool TestRemoveMerge();
239 bool MergeCells( bool bApi, bool& rDoContents, bool bCenter );
240 bool RemoveMerge();
243 FillSimple( FillDir eDir );
244 void FillSeries( FillDir eDir, FillCmd eCmd, FillDateCmd eDateCmd,
245 double fStart, double fStep, double fMax );
247 FillAuto( FillDir eDir, SCCOL nStartCol, SCROW nStartRow,
248 SCCOL nEndCol, SCROW nEndRow, sal_uLong nCount );
249 void FillCrossDblClick();
255 void AutoFormat( sal_uInt16 nFormatNo );
257 bool SearchAndReplace( const SvxSearchItem* pSearchItem,
258 bool bAddUndo, bool bIsApi );
260 void Solve( const ScSolveParam& rParam );
261 void TabOp( const ScTabOpParam& rParam, bool bRecord = true );
263 bool InsertTable( const OUString& rName, SCTAB nTabNr, bool bRecord = true );
264 void InsertTables(std::vector<OUString>& aNames, SCTAB nTab, SCTAB nCount, bool bRecord = true);
266 bool AppendTable( const OUString& rName, bool bRecord = true );
268 void DeleteTable( SCTAB nTabNr, bool bRecord = true );
269 bool DeleteTables(const std::vector<SCTAB>& TheTabs, bool bRecord = true );
270 void DeleteTables(SCTAB nTab, SCTAB nSheets);
272 bool RenameTable( const OUString& rName, SCTAB nTabNr );
273 void MoveTable( sal_uInt16 nDestDocNo, SCTAB nDestTab, bool bCopy, const OUString* pNewTabName = nullptr );
274 void ImportTables( ScDocShell* pSrcShell,
275 SCTAB nCount, const SCTAB* pSrcTabs,
276 bool bLink,SCTAB nTab);
278 bool SetTabBgColor( const Color& rColor, SCTAB nTabNr );
279 bool SetTabBgColor( ScUndoTabColorInfo::List& rUndoSetTabBgColorInfoList );
281 void InsertTableLink( const OUString& rFile,
282 const OUString& rFilter, const OUString& rOptions,
283 std::u16string_view rTabName );
284 void InsertAreaLink( const OUString& rFile,
285 const OUString& rFilter, const OUString& rOptions,
286 const OUString& rSource );
288 void ShowTable( const std::vector<OUString>& rNames );
289 void HideTable( const ScMarkData& rMark, SCTAB nTabToSelect = -1);
291 void MakeScenario(const OUString& rName, const OUString& rComment,
292 const Color& rColor, ScScenarioFlags nFlags);
293 void ExtendScenario();
294 void UseScenario( const OUString& rName );
296 void InsertSpecialChar( const OUString& rStr, const vcl::Font& rFont );
298 void SetSelectionFrameLines( const ::editeng::SvxBorderLine* pLine,
299 bool bColorOnly );
301 void SetNoteText( const ScAddress& rPos, const OUString& rNoteText );
302 void ReplaceNote( const ScAddress& rPos, const OUString& rNoteText, const OUString* pAuthor, const OUString* pDate );
303 void DoRefConversion();
306 void DoThesaurus();
309 void DoSheetConversion( const ScConversionParam& rParam );
311 void SetPrintRanges( bool bEntireSheet,
312 const OUString* pPrint,
313 const OUString* pRepCol, const OUString* pRepRow,
314 bool bAddPrint );
316 void DetectiveAddPred();
317 void DetectiveDelPred();
318 void DetectiveAddSucc();
319 void DetectiveDelSucc();
320 void DetectiveAddError();
322 void DetectiveDelAll();
323 void DetectiveRefresh();
324 void DetectiveMarkPred();
325 void DetectiveMarkSucc();
327 void InsertCurrentTime(SvNumFormatType nCellFmt, const OUString& rUndoStr);
329 void ShowNote( bool bShow );
330 void EditNote();
332 bool SelectionEditable( bool* pOnlyNotBecauseOfMatrix = nullptr );
335 DataFormPutData(SCROW nCurrentRow ,
336 SCROW nStartRow , SCCOL nStartCol ,
337 SCROW nEndRow , SCCOL nEndCol ,
338 std::vector<std::unique_ptr<ScDataFormFragment>>& rEdits,
339 sal_uInt16 aColLength);
340 void UpdateSelectionArea( const ScMarkData& rSel, ScPatternAttr* pAttr = nullptr );
342 void OnLOKInsertDeleteColumn(SCCOL nStartCol, tools::Long nOffset);
343 void OnLOKInsertDeleteRow(SCROW nStartRow, tools::Long nOffset);
344 void OnLOKSetWidthOrHeight(SCCOLROW nStart, bool bWidth);
346 // Internal helper functions
348 static void UpdateLineAttrs( ::editeng::SvxBorderLine& rLine,
349 const ::editeng::SvxBorderLine* pDestLine,
350 const ::editeng::SvxBorderLine* pSrcLine,
351 bool bColor );
354 void PasteRTF( SCCOL nCol, SCROW nStartRow,
355 const css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::XTransferable >& rxTransferable );
358 InsertDeleteFlags nFlags, ScDocument* pClipDoc,
359 ScPasteFunc nFunction, bool bSkipEmptyCells,
360 bool bTranspose, bool bAsLink, bool bAllowDialogs,
361 InsCellCmd eMoveMode, InsertDeleteFlags nUndoFlags );
364 InsertDeleteFlags nFlags, ScDocument* pClipDoc, ScPasteFunc nFunction,
365 bool bSkipEmptyCells, bool bTranspose, bool bAsLink, bool bAllowDialogs,
366 InsCellCmd eMoveMode, InsertDeleteFlags nUndoFlags );
368 void PostPasteFromClip(const ScRangeList& rPasteRanges, const ScMarkData& rMark);
370 sal_uInt16 GetOptimalColWidth( SCCOL nCol, SCTAB nTab, bool bFormula );
372 void StartFormatArea();
373 bool TestFormatArea( SCCOL nCol, SCROW nRow, SCTAB nTab, bool bAttrChanged );
374 void DoAutoAttributes( SCCOL nCol, SCROW nRow, SCTAB nTab,
375 bool bAttrChanged );
377 void MarkAndJumpToRanges(const ScRangeList& rRanges);
378 void CopyAutoSpellData( FillDir eDir, SCCOL nStartCol, SCROW nStartRow,
379 SCCOL nEndCol, SCROW nEndRow, sal_uLong nCount );
382extern bool bPasteIsMove;
384/* vim:set shiftwidth=4 softtabstop=4 expandtab: */
Parameters for conversion.
Definition: spellparam.hxx:33
todo: It should be possible to have MarkArrays for each table, in order to enable "search all" across...
Definition: markdata.hxx:43
sheet protection state container
ScAddress aFormatSource
Definition: viewfunc.hxx:73
bool AutoSum(const ScRange &rRange, bool bSubTotal, bool bSetCursor, bool bContinue, const OpCode eCode)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:622
void TabOp(const ScTabOpParam &rParam, bool bRecord=true)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:2317
bool SelectionEditable(bool *pOnlyNotBecauseOfMatrix=nullptr)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:274
bool AppendTable(const OUString &rName, bool bRecord=true)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:2436
bool GetAutoSumArea(ScRangeList &rRangeList)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:510
void SetNumFmtByStr(const OUString &rCode)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:2776
void DeleteCells(DelCellCmd eCmd)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:1781
void RemoveManualBreaks()
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:1004
void FillTab(InsertDeleteFlags nFlags, ScPasteFunc nFunction, bool bSkipEmpty, bool bAsLink)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:1678
void PasteFromTransferable(const css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::XTransferable > &rxTransferable)
Definition: viewfun3.cxx:623
void AdjustPrintZoom()
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:1035
void ReplaceNote(const ScAddress &rPos, const OUString &rNoteText, const OUString *pAuthor, const OUString *pDate)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:2737
bool PasteGraphic(const Point &rPos, const Graphic &rGraphic, const OUString &rFile)
Definition: viewfun7.cxx:384
void SetMarkedWidthOrHeight(bool bWidth, ScSizeMode eMode, sal_uInt16 nSizeTwips)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:2482
void MarkAndJumpToRanges(const ScRangeList &rRanges)
Definition: viewfun6.cxx:139
SC_DLLPUBLIC void FillSimple(FillDir eDir)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:1395
bool RemoveMerge()
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:1345
void EnterData(SCCOL nCol, SCROW nRow, SCTAB nTab, const OUString &rString, const EditTextObject *pData=nullptr, bool bMatrixExpand=false)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:384
SC_DLLPUBLIC void DeletePageBreak(bool bColumn, bool bRecord=true, const ScAddress *pPos=nullptr, bool bSetModified=true)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:987
void EnterDataAtCursor(const OUString &rString)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:828
bool CopyToClipMultiRange(const ScDocument *pClipDoc, const ScRangeList &rRanges, bool bCut, bool bApi, bool bIncludeObjects)
Definition: viewfun3.cxx:306
void SetStyleSheetToMarked(const SfxStyleSheet *pStyleSheet)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:1435
void ApplyUserItemSet(const SfxItemSet &rItemSet)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:1396
void SetPrintRanges(bool bEntireSheet, const OUString *pPrint, const OUString *pRepCol, const OUString *pRepRow, bool bAddPrint)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:1043
rtl::Reference< ScTransferObj > CopyToTransferable()
Definition: viewfun3.cxx:430
void DetectiveAddError()
Definition: viewfun6.cxx:101
void FillSeries(FillDir eDir, FillCmd eCmd, FillDateCmd eDateCmd, double fStart, double fStep, double fMax)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:1444
void InsertNameList()
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:3111
void DetectiveDelSucc()
Definition: viewfun6.cxx:94
sal_uInt16 GetOptimalColWidth(SCCOL nCol, SCTAB nTab, bool bFormula)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:250
ScViewFunc(vcl::Window *pParent, ScDocShell &rDocSh, ScTabViewShell *pViewShell)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:106
void TransliterateText(TransliterationFlags nType)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:1882
void ApplyPatternLines(const ScPatternAttr &rAttr, const SvxBoxItem &rNewOuter, const SvxBoxInfoItem *pNewInner)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:1114
void CopyAutoSpellData(FillDir eDir, SCCOL nStartCol, SCROW nStartRow, SCCOL nEndCol, SCROW nEndRow, sal_uLong nCount)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:1517
bool InsertCells(InsCellCmd eCmd, bool bRecord=true, bool bPartOfPaste=false)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:1727
void EnterAutoSum(const ScRangeList &rRangeList, bool bSubTotal, const ScAddress &rAddr, const OpCode eCode)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:616
SC_DLLPUBLIC void CutToClip()
Definition: viewfun3.cxx:90
void DetectiveMarkInvalid()
Definition: viewfun6.cxx:115
bool TestFormatArea(SCCOL nCol, SCROW nRow, SCTAB nTab, bool bAttrChanged)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:154
void SetWidthOrHeight(bool bWidth, const std::vector< sc::ColRowSpan > &rRanges, ScSizeMode eMode, sal_uInt16 nSizeTwips, bool bRecord=true, const ScMarkData *pMarkData=nullptr)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:2159
void SetSelectionFrameLines(const ::editeng::SvxBorderLine *pLine, bool bColorOnly)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:3356
void SetPrintZoom(sal_uInt16 nScale)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:1028
SC_DLLPUBLIC void InsertPageBreak(bool bColumn, bool bRecord=true, const ScAddress *pPos=nullptr, bool bSetModified=true)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:970
void ProtectSheet(SCTAB nTab, const ScTableProtection &rProtect)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:2648
void SetNumberFormat(SvNumFormatType nFormatType, sal_uLong nAdd=0)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:2742
bool Unprotect(SCTAB nTab, const OUString &rPassword)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:2688
const SfxStyleSheet * GetStyleSheetFromMarked()
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:1415
bool DeleteTables(const std::vector< SCTAB > &TheTabs, bool bRecord=true)
SvtScriptType GetSelectionScriptType()
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:883
void InsertAreaLink(const OUString &rFile, const OUString &rFilter, const OUString &rOptions, const OUString &rSource)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:2678
void PostPasteFromClip(const ScRangeList &rPasteRanges, const ScMarkData &rMark)
Definition: viewfun3.cxx:1797
void EnterValue(SCCOL nCol, SCROW nRow, SCTAB nTab, const double &rValue)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:669
bool PasteFromClipToMultiRanges(InsertDeleteFlags nFlags, ScDocument *pClipDoc, ScPasteFunc nFunction, bool bSkipEmptyCells, bool bTranspose, bool bAsLink, bool bAllowDialogs, InsCellCmd eMoveMode, InsertDeleteFlags nUndoFlags)
Definition: viewfun3.cxx:1634
void ProtectDoc(const OUString &rPassword)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:2678
void RemoveStyleSheetInUse(const SfxStyleSheetBase *pStyleSheet)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:1530
void ShowNote(bool bShow)
Definition: viewfun6.cxx:498
bool SetTabBgColor(const Color &rColor, SCTAB nTabNr)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:2658
bool bFormatValid
Definition: viewfunc.hxx:75
void ApplySelectionPattern(const ScPatternAttr &rAttr, bool bCursorOnly=false)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:1227
void DoRefConversion()
Definition: viewfun4.cxx:180
bool HasBookmarkAtCursor(SvxHyperlinkItem *pContent)
Definition: viewfun4.cxx:752
void FillCrossDblClick()
Downward fill of selected cell(s) by double-clicking cross-hair cursor.
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:1758
SC_DLLPUBLIC void FillAuto(FillDir eDir, SCCOL nStartCol, SCROW nStartRow, SCCOL nEndCol, SCROW nEndRow, sal_uLong nCount)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:1467
void DeleteTable(SCTAB nTabNr, bool bRecord=true)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:2467
void DeleteMulti(bool bRows)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:1869
SC_DLLPUBLIC const ScPatternAttr * GetSelectionPattern()
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:911
void DeleteContents(InsertDeleteFlags nFlags)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:2065
void MakeScenario(const OUString &rName, const OUString &rComment, const Color &rColor, ScScenarioFlags nFlags)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:2330
void DetectiveMarkSucc()
Definition: viewfun6.cxx:235
bool PasteMultiRangesFromClip(InsertDeleteFlags nFlags, ScDocument *pClipDoc, ScPasteFunc nFunction, bool bSkipEmptyCells, bool bTranspose, bool bAsLink, bool bAllowDialogs, InsCellCmd eMoveMode, InsertDeleteFlags nUndoFlags)
Definition: viewfun3.cxx:1465
ScAutoFormatData * CreateAutoFormatData()
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:1903
void EditNote()
Definition: viewfun6.cxx:508
SC_DLLPUBLIC void DataFormPutData(SCROW nCurrentRow, SCROW nStartRow, SCCOL nStartCol, SCROW nEndRow, SCCOL nEndCol, std::vector< std::unique_ptr< ScDataFormFragment > > &rEdits, sal_uInt16 aColLength)
Definition: viewfun3.cxx:1953
void DetectiveDelPred()
Definition: viewfun6.cxx:80
void ImportTables(ScDocShell *pSrcShell, SCTAB nCount, const SCTAB *pSrcTabs, bool bLink, SCTAB nTab)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:2725
bool PasteOnDrawObjectLinked(const css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::XTransferable > &rxTransferable, SdrObject &rHitObj)
Definition: viewfun3.cxx:768
ScRange aFormatArea
Definition: viewfunc.hxx:74
void HideTable(const ScMarkData &rMark, SCTAB nTabToSelect=-1)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:3237
bool MergeCells(bool bApi, bool &rDoContents, bool bCenter)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:1179
bool PasteBookmark(SotClipboardFormatId nFormatId, const css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::XTransferable > &rxTransferable, SCCOL nPosX, SCROW nPosY)
Definition: viewfun4.cxx:681
void UpdateSelectionArea(const ScMarkData &rSel, ScPatternAttr *pAttr=nullptr)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:3119
bool AdjustBlockHeight(bool bPaint=true, ScMarkData *pMarkData=nullptr)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:115
void ShowTable(const std::vector< OUString > &rNames)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:3202
void OnLOKInsertDeleteColumn(SCCOL nStartCol, tools::Long nOffset)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:1583
void Solve(const ScSolveParam &rParam)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:2247
void UpdateStyleSheetInUse(const SfxStyleSheetBase *pStyleSheet)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:1556
SC_DLLPUBLIC void PasteFromSystem()
Definition: viewfun3.cxx:484
bool PasteLink(const css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::XTransferable > &rxTransferable)
Definition: viewfun5.cxx:703
void AutoFormat(sal_uInt16 nFormatNo)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:1924
void CreateNames(CreateNameFlags nFlags)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:3038
void PasteRTF(SCCOL nCol, SCROW nStartRow, const css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::XTransferable > &rxTransferable)
Definition: viewfun4.cxx:78
void MoveTable(sal_uInt16 nDestDocNo, SCTAB nDestTab, bool bCopy, const OUString *pNewTabName=nullptr)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:2846
void InsertCurrentTime(SvNumFormatType nCellFmt, const OUString &rUndoStr)
Insert date or time into current cell.
Definition: viewfun6.cxx:275
void DoHangulHanjaConversion()
Definition: viewfun4.cxx:433
bool CopyToClipSingleRange(ScDocument *pClipDoc, const ScRangeList &rRanges, bool bCut, bool bIncludeObjects)
Definition: viewfun3.cxx:217
void DoThesaurus()
Definition: viewfun4.cxx:311
bool PasteDataFormat(SotClipboardFormatId nFormatId, const css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::XTransferable > &rxTransferable, SCCOL nPosX, SCROW nPosY, const Point *pLogicPos, bool bLink=false, bool bAllowDialogs=false)
Definition: viewfun5.cxx:78
void OnLOKInsertDeleteRow(SCROW nStartRow, tools::Long nOffset)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:1640
void DetectiveDelAll()
Definition: viewfun6.cxx:108
void InsertSpecialChar(const OUString &rStr, const vcl::Font &rFont)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:3287
void ChangeNumFmtDecimals(bool bIncrement)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:2823
void EnterMatrix(const OUString &rString, ::formula::FormulaGrammar::Grammar eGram)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:839
static void UpdateLineAttrs(::editeng::SvxBorderLine &rLine, const ::editeng::SvxBorderLine *pDestLine, const ::editeng::SvxBorderLine *pSrcLine, bool bColor)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:3321
void GetSelectionFrame(std::shared_ptr< SvxBoxItem > &rLineOuter, std::shared_ptr< SvxBoxInfoItem > &rLineInner)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:943
void ModifyCellSize(ScDirection eDir, bool bOptimal)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:2507
void EnterBlock(const OUString &rString, const EditTextObject *pData)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:881
void SetNoteText(const ScAddress &rPos, const OUString &rNoteText)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:2732
void InsertTables(std::vector< OUString > &aNames, SCTAB nTab, SCTAB nCount, bool bRecord=true)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:2394
void ApplyAttr(const SfxPoolItem &rAttrItem, bool bAdjustBlockHeight=true)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:1086
bool TestRemoveMerge()
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:1306
void DoAutoAttributes(SCCOL nCol, SCROW nRow, SCTAB nTab, bool bAttrChanged)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:219
void DoSheetConversion(const ScConversionParam &rParam)
Generic implementation of sheet conversion functions.
Definition: viewfun4.cxx:439
bool RenameTable(const OUString &rName, SCTAB nTabNr)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:2645
void OnLOKSetWidthOrHeight(SCCOLROW nStart, bool bWidth)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:1697
bool InsertName(const OUString &rName, const OUString &rSymbol, const OUString &rType)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:2984
SC_DLLPUBLIC bool CopyToClip(ScDocument *pClipDoc, bool bCut, bool bApi=false, bool bIncludeObjects=false, bool bStopEdit=true)
Definition: viewfun3.cxx:168
void StartFormatArea()
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:132
bool PasteMetaFile(const Point &, const GDIMetaFile &)
Definition: viewfun7.cxx:378
CreateNameFlags GetCreateNameFlags()
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:3049
SC_DLLPUBLIC bool PasteFromClip(InsertDeleteFlags nFlags, ScDocument *pClipDoc, ScPasteFunc nFunction=ScPasteFunc::NONE, bool bSkipEmptyCells=false, bool bTranspose=false, bool bAsLink=false, InsCellCmd eMoveMode=INS_NONE, InsertDeleteFlags nUndoExtraFlags=InsertDeleteFlags::NONE, bool bAllowDialogs=false)
Definition: viewfun3.cxx:871
void DetectiveAddPred()
Definition: viewfun6.cxx:73
bool SearchAndReplace(const SvxSearchItem *pSearchItem, bool bAddUndo, bool bIsApi)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:1942
void ApplyAttributes(const SfxItemSet *pDialogSet, const SfxItemSet *pOldSet, bool bAdjustBlockHeight=true)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:974
void InsertTableLink(const OUString &rFile, const OUString &rFilter, const OUString &rOptions, std::u16string_view rTabName)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:2691
void InsertBookmark(const OUString &rDescription, const OUString &rURL, SCCOL nPosX, SCROW nPosY, const OUString *pTarget=nullptr, bool bTryReplace=false)
Definition: viewfun4.cxx:694
void DetectiveMarkPred()
Definition: viewfun6.cxx:171
bool TestMergeCells()
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:1162
void ChangeIndent(bool bIncrement)
Definition: viewfunc.cxx:2954
bool PasteBitmapEx(const Point &, const BitmapEx &)
Definition: viewfun7.cxx:372
void PasteDraw()
Definition: viewfun3.cxx:467
void ConvertFormulaToValue()
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:1869
void ExtendScenario()
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:2351
bool InsertTable(const OUString &rName, SCTAB nTabNr, bool bRecord=true)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:2381
OUString GetAutoSumFormula(const ScRangeList &rRangeList, bool bSubTotal, const ScAddress &rAddr, const OpCode eCode)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:842
bool LinkBlock(const ScRange &rSource, const ScAddress &rDestPos)
Definition: viewfun3.cxx:1915
bool MoveBlockTo(const ScRange &rSource, const ScAddress &rDestPos, bool bCut)
Definition: viewfun3.cxx:1830
void SetValidation(const ScValidationData &rNew)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:3459
void UseScenario(const OUString &rName)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:2369
bool AdjustRowHeight(SCROW nStartRow, SCROW nEndRow, bool bApi)
Definition: viewfun2.cxx:193
bool PasteObject(const Point &, const css::uno::Reference< css::embed::XEmbeddedObject > &, const Size *, const Graphic *=nullptr, const OUString &=OUString(), sal_Int64 nAspect=css::embed::Aspects::MSOLE_CONTENT)
Definition: viewfun7.cxx:285
void DetectiveAddSucc()
Definition: viewfun6.cxx:87
bool PasteFile(const Point &, const OUString &, bool bLink)
Definition: viewfun4.cxx:579
void DetectiveRefresh()
Definition: viewfun6.cxx:122
Definition: global.hxx:281
Definition: global.hxx:181
Definition: global.hxx:290
Definition: global.hxx:295
Definition: global.hxx:149
Definition: global.hxx:351
Definition: global.hxx:334
Definition: global.hxx:226
Definition: global.hxx:343
Definition: global.hxx:317
Definition: global.hxx:309
CAUTION! The following defines must be in the same namespace as the respective type.
Definition: broadcast.cxx:15
long Long
Definition: qproform.cxx:398
Definition: scdllapi.h:27
Definition: scui_def.hxx:50
sal_uIntPtr sal_uLong
std::unique_ptr< weld::Entry > m_xEdit
Definition: viewfunc.hxx:65
std::unique_ptr< weld::Builder > m_xBuilder
Definition: viewfunc.hxx:63
std::unique_ptr< weld::Label > m_xLabel
Definition: viewfunc.hxx:64
ScDataFormFragment(weld::Container *pGrid, int nLine)
Definition: datafdlg.cxx:343
Parameter for data table aka multiple operations.
Definition: paramisc.hxx:46
::std::vector< ScUndoTabColorInfo > List
Definition: tabbgcolor.hxx:36
sal_Int32 SCCOLROW
a type capable of holding either SCCOL or SCROW
Definition: types.hxx:23
sal_Int16 SCTAB
Definition: types.hxx:22
sal_Int16 SCCOL
Definition: types.hxx:21
sal_Int32 SCROW
Definition: types.hxx:17
bool bPasteIsMove
Definition: viewfun7.cxx:52