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SwWW8AttrIter Class Reference

#include <wrtww8.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SwWW8AttrIter (MSWordExportBase &rWr, const SwTextNode &rNd)
bool IsTextAttr (sal_Int32 nSwPos) const
bool IsExportableAttr (sal_Int32 nSwPos) const
bool IncludeEndOfParaCRInRedlineProperties (sal_Int32 nPos) const
bool IsDropCap (int nSwPos)
bool RequiresImplicitBookmark ()
void NextPos ()
void OutAttr (sal_Int32 nSwPos, bool bWriteCombinedChars)
virtual const SfxPoolItemHasTextItem (sal_uInt16 nWhich) const override
virtual const SfxPoolItemGetItem (sal_uInt16 nWhich) const override
int OutAttrWithRange (const SwTextNode &rNode, sal_Int32 nPos)
const SwRedlineDataGetParagraphLevelRedline ()
const SwRedlineDataGetRunLevelRedline (sal_Int32 nPos)
FlyProcessingState OutFlys (sal_Int32 nSwPos)
bool HasFlysAt (sal_Int32 nSwPos) const
sal_Int32 WhereNext () const
sal_uInt16 GetScript () const
bool IsParaRTL () const
rtl_TextEncoding GetCharSet () const
OUString GetSnippet (const OUString &rStr, sal_Int32 nCurrentPos, sal_Int32 nLen) const
const SwFormatDropGetSwFormatDrop () const
bool IsWatermarkFrame ()
bool IsAnchorLinkedToThisNode (SwNodeOffset nNodePos)
void SplitRun (sal_Int32 nSplitEndPos)
const SwTextNodeGetNode () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from MSWordAttrIter
 MSWordAttrIter (MSWordExportBase &rExport)
virtual ~MSWordAttrIter ()
virtual const SfxPoolItemHasTextItem (sal_uInt16 nWhich) const =0
template<class T >
const T * HasTextItem (TypedWhichId< T > nWhich) const
virtual const SfxPoolItemGetItem (sal_uInt16 nWhich) const =0

Private Member Functions

sal_Int32 SearchNext (sal_Int32 nStartPos)
void OutSwFormatRefMark (const SwFormatRefMark &rAttr)
void IterToCurrent ()
 SwWW8AttrIter (const SwWW8AttrIter &)=delete
SwWW8AttrIteroperator= (const SwWW8AttrIter &)=delete
void handleToggleProperty (SfxItemSet &rExportSet, const SwFormatCharFormat *pCharFormatItem, sal_uInt16 nWhich, const SfxPoolItem *pValue)

Private Attributes

const SwTextNodem_rNode
sw::util::CharRuns maCharRuns
sw::util::CharRuns::const_iterator maCharRunIter
rtl_TextEncoding meChrSet
sal_uInt16 mnScript
bool mbCharIsRTL
const SwRangeRedlinem_pCurRedline
sal_Int32 m_nCurrentSwPos
SwRedlineTable::size_type m_nCurRedlinePos
bool mbParaIsRTL
const SwFormatDropmrSwFormatDrop
ww8::Frames maFlyFrames
ww8::FrameIter maFlyIter

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from MSWordAttrIter

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1512 of file wrtww8.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SwWW8AttrIter() [1/2]

SwWW8AttrIter::SwWW8AttrIter ( const SwWW8AttrIter )

◆ SwWW8AttrIter() [2/2]

SwWW8AttrIter::SwWW8AttrIter ( MSWordExportBase rWr,
const SwTextNode rNd 

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetCharSet()

rtl_TextEncoding SwWW8AttrIter::GetCharSet ( ) const

Definition at line 1568 of file wrtww8.hxx.

References meChrSet.

Referenced by MSWordExportBase::OutputTextNode().

◆ GetItem()

const SfxPoolItem & SwWW8AttrIter::GetItem ( sal_uInt16  nWhich) const

Implements MSWordAttrIter.

Definition at line 888 of file wrtw8nds.cxx.

References HasTextItem(), and m_rNode.

Referenced by GetSnippet().

◆ GetNode()

const SwTextNode & SwWW8AttrIter::GetNode ( ) const

◆ GetParagraphLevelRedline()

const SwRedlineData * SwWW8AttrIter::GetParagraphLevelRedline ( )

◆ GetRunLevelRedline()

const SwRedlineData * SwWW8AttrIter::GetRunLevelRedline ( sal_Int32  nPos)

◆ GetScript()

sal_uInt16 SwWW8AttrIter::GetScript ( ) const

Definition at line 1566 of file wrtww8.hxx.

References mnScript.

Referenced by OutAttr().

◆ GetSnippet()

OUString SwWW8AttrIter::GetSnippet ( const OUString &  rStr,
sal_Int32  nCurrentPos,
sal_Int32  nLen 
) const

◆ GetSwFormatDrop()

const SwFormatDrop & SwWW8AttrIter::GetSwFormatDrop ( ) const

Definition at line 1571 of file wrtww8.hxx.

References mrSwFormatDrop.

Referenced by MSWordExportBase::OutputTextNode().

◆ handleToggleProperty()

void SwWW8AttrIter::handleToggleProperty ( SfxItemSet rExportSet,
const SwFormatCharFormat pCharFormatItem,
sal_uInt16  nWhich,
const SfxPoolItem pValue 

◆ HasFlysAt()

bool SwWW8AttrIter::HasFlysAt ( sal_Int32  nSwPos) const

◆ HasTextItem()

const SfxPoolItem * SwWW8AttrIter::HasTextItem ( sal_uInt16  nWhich) const

◆ IncludeEndOfParaCRInRedlineProperties()

bool SwWW8AttrIter::IncludeEndOfParaCRInRedlineProperties ( sal_Int32  nPos) const

◆ IsAnchorLinkedToThisNode()

bool SwWW8AttrIter::IsAnchorLinkedToThisNode ( SwNodeOffset  nNodePos)

Definition at line 625 of file wrtw8nds.cxx.

References maFlyFrames, and maFlyIter.

Referenced by MSWordExportBase::OutputTextNode().

◆ IsDropCap()

bool SwWW8AttrIter::IsDropCap ( int  nSwPos)

◆ IsExportableAttr()

bool SwWW8AttrIter::IsExportableAttr ( sal_Int32  nSwPos) const

◆ IsParaRTL()

bool SwWW8AttrIter::IsParaRTL ( ) const

Definition at line 1567 of file wrtww8.hxx.

References mbParaIsRTL.

Referenced by MSWordExportBase::OutputTextNode().

◆ IsTextAttr()

bool SwWW8AttrIter::IsTextAttr ( sal_Int32  nSwPos) const

◆ IsWatermarkFrame()

bool SwWW8AttrIter::IsWatermarkFrame ( )

Definition at line 605 of file wrtw8nds.cxx.

References SdrObject::GetName(), maFlyFrames, and maFlyIter.

Referenced by MSWordExportBase::OutputTextNode().

◆ IterToCurrent()

void SwWW8AttrIter::IterToCurrent ( )

Definition at line 195 of file wrtw8nds.cxx.

References maCharRunIter, maCharRuns, mbCharIsRTL, meChrSet, and mnScript.

Referenced by SearchNext(), SplitRun(), and SwWW8AttrIter().

◆ NextPos()

void SwWW8AttrIter::NextPos ( )

◆ operator=()

SwWW8AttrIter & SwWW8AttrIter::operator= ( const SwWW8AttrIter )

◆ OutAttr()

void SwWW8AttrIter::OutAttr ( sal_Int32  nSwPos,
bool  bWriteCombinedChars 

◆ OutAttrWithRange()

int SwWW8AttrIter::OutAttrWithRange ( const SwTextNode rNode,
sal_Int32  nPos 

◆ OutFlys()

FlyProcessingState SwWW8AttrIter::OutFlys ( sal_Int32  nSwPos)

◆ OutSwFormatRefMark()

void SwWW8AttrIter::OutSwFormatRefMark ( const SwFormatRefMark rAttr)

◆ RequiresImplicitBookmark()

bool SwWW8AttrIter::RequiresImplicitBookmark ( )

◆ SearchNext()

sal_Int32 SwWW8AttrIter::SearchNext ( sal_Int32  nStartPos)

◆ SplitRun()

void SwWW8AttrIter::SplitRun ( sal_Int32  nSplitEndPos)

◆ WhereNext()

sal_Int32 SwWW8AttrIter::WhereNext ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_nCurRedlinePos

SwRedlineTable::size_type SwWW8AttrIter::m_nCurRedlinePos

◆ m_nCurrentSwPos

sal_Int32 SwWW8AttrIter::m_nCurrentSwPos

Definition at line 1525 of file wrtww8.hxx.

Referenced by NextPos(), SplitRun(), SwWW8AttrIter(), and WhereNext().

◆ m_pCurRedline

const SwRangeRedline* SwWW8AttrIter::m_pCurRedline

◆ m_rNode

const SwTextNode& SwWW8AttrIter::m_rNode

◆ maCharRunIter

sw::util::CharRuns::const_iterator SwWW8AttrIter::maCharRunIter

Definition at line 1518 of file wrtww8.hxx.

Referenced by IterToCurrent(), SearchNext(), SplitRun(), and SwWW8AttrIter().

◆ maCharRuns

sw::util::CharRuns SwWW8AttrIter::maCharRuns

Definition at line 1517 of file wrtww8.hxx.

Referenced by IterToCurrent(), SearchNext(), SplitRun(), and SwWW8AttrIter().

◆ maFlyFrames

ww8::Frames SwWW8AttrIter::maFlyFrames

◆ maFlyIter

ww8::FrameIter SwWW8AttrIter::maFlyIter

◆ mbCharIsRTL

bool SwWW8AttrIter::mbCharIsRTL

Definition at line 1522 of file wrtww8.hxx.

Referenced by IterToCurrent(), and OutAttr().

◆ mbParaIsRTL

bool SwWW8AttrIter::mbParaIsRTL

Definition at line 1528 of file wrtww8.hxx.

Referenced by IsParaRTL(), and SwWW8AttrIter().

◆ meChrSet

rtl_TextEncoding SwWW8AttrIter::meChrSet

Definition at line 1520 of file wrtww8.hxx.

Referenced by GetCharSet(), and IterToCurrent().

◆ mnScript

sal_uInt16 SwWW8AttrIter::mnScript

Definition at line 1521 of file wrtww8.hxx.

Referenced by GetScript(), and IterToCurrent().

◆ mrSwFormatDrop

const SwFormatDrop& SwWW8AttrIter::mrSwFormatDrop

Definition at line 1530 of file wrtww8.hxx.

Referenced by GetSwFormatDrop(), IsDropCap(), and SearchNext().

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