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ww8 Namespace Reference


class  CellInfo
class  Frame
 Make exporting a Writer Frame easy. More...
struct  hashNode
struct  hashTable
class  WW8FibData
class  WW8Struct
class  WW8Sttb
class  WW8TableCellGrid
class  WW8TableCellGridRow
class  WW8TableInfo
class  WW8TableNodeInfo
class  WW8TableNodeInfoInner


typedef std::vector< SwTextFormatColl * > ParaStyles
 STL container of Paragraph Styles (SwTextFormatColl) More...
typedef std::map< sal_uInt16, const SfxPoolItem *, sw::util::ItemSortPoolItems
 STL container of SfxPoolItems (Attributes) More...
typedef std::vector< FrameFrames
 STL container of Frames. More...
typedef std::vector< Frame >::iterator FrameIter
 STL iterator for Frames. More...
typedef std::vector< const SwTableBox * > TableBoxVector
typedef std::shared_ptr< TableBoxVectorTableBoxVectorPtr
typedef std::vector< sal_uInt32 > GridCols
typedef std::shared_ptr< GridColsGridColsPtr
typedef std::vector< sal_Int32 > RowSpans
typedef std::shared_ptr< RowSpansRowSpansPtr
typedef std::vector< sal_uInt32 > Widths
typedef std::shared_ptr< WidthsWidthsPtr
typedef std::multiset< CellInfoCellInfoMultiSet
typedef std::map< sal_uInt32, WW8TableNodeInfoInner *, std::greater< sal_uInt32 > > RowEndInners_t


static void updateFinalEndOfLine (RowEndInners_t &rLastRowEnds, WW8TableNodeInfo const *pEndOfCellInfo)


const unsigned int MAXTABLECELLS = 63

Typedef Documentation

◆ CellInfoMultiSet

typedef std::multiset<CellInfo> ww8::CellInfoMultiSet

Definition at line 156 of file WW8TableInfo.hxx.

◆ FrameIter

typedef std::vector<Frame>::iterator ww8::FrameIter

STL iterator for Frames.

Definition at line 199 of file writerhelper.hxx.

◆ Frames

typedef std::vector<Frame> ww8::Frames

STL container of Frames.

Definition at line 197 of file writerhelper.hxx.

◆ GridCols

typedef std::vector<sal_uInt32> ww8::GridCols

Definition at line 45 of file WW8TableInfo.hxx.

◆ GridColsPtr

typedef std::shared_ptr<GridCols> ww8::GridColsPtr

Definition at line 46 of file WW8TableInfo.hxx.

◆ ParaStyles

typedef std::vector<SwTextFormatColl *> ww8::ParaStyles

STL container of Paragraph Styles (SwTextFormatColl)

Definition at line 64 of file writerhelper.hxx.

◆ PoolItems

typedef std::map<sal_uInt16, const SfxPoolItem *, sw::util::ItemSort> ww8::PoolItems

STL container of SfxPoolItems (Attributes)

Definition at line 66 of file writerhelper.hxx.

◆ RowEndInners_t

typedef std::map<sal_uInt32, WW8TableNodeInfoInner*, std::greater<sal_uInt32> > ww8::RowEndInners_t

Definition at line 158 of file WW8TableInfo.hxx.

◆ RowSpans

typedef std::vector<sal_Int32> ww8::RowSpans

Definition at line 47 of file WW8TableInfo.hxx.

◆ RowSpansPtr

typedef std::shared_ptr<RowSpans> ww8::RowSpansPtr

Definition at line 48 of file WW8TableInfo.hxx.

◆ TableBoxVector

typedef std::vector<const SwTableBox *> ww8::TableBoxVector

Definition at line 43 of file WW8TableInfo.hxx.

◆ TableBoxVectorPtr

typedef std::shared_ptr<TableBoxVector> ww8::TableBoxVectorPtr

Definition at line 44 of file WW8TableInfo.hxx.

◆ Widths

typedef std::vector<sal_uInt32> ww8::Widths

Definition at line 49 of file WW8TableInfo.hxx.

◆ WidthsPtr

typedef std::shared_ptr<Widths> ww8::WidthsPtr

Definition at line 50 of file WW8TableInfo.hxx.

Function Documentation

◆ updateFinalEndOfLine()

static void ww8::updateFinalEndOfLine ( RowEndInners_t rLastRowEnds,
WW8TableNodeInfo const *  pEndOfCellInfo 

Variable Documentation


const unsigned int ww8::MAXTABLECELLS = 63