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txtfrm.hxx File Reference
#include <com/sun/star/uno/Sequence.hxx>
#include "cntfrm.hxx"
#include "TextFrameIndex.hxx"
#include <nodeoffset.hxx>
#include <set>
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class  SwInterHyphInfoTextFrame
 a clone of SwInterHyphInfo, but with TextFrameIndex instead of node index More...
struct  sw::Extent
 Describes a part of a single text node, which will be part of a text frame, even when redlines are hidden at a layout level. More...
class  SwTextFrame
 Represents the visualization of a paragraph. More...
class  TextFrameLockGuard
class  TemporarySwap
class  SwSwapIfSwapped
class  SwSwapIfNotSwapped
class  SwFrameSwapper
 Helper class which can be used instead of the macros if a function has too many returns. More...
class  SwLayoutModeModifier
class  SwDigitModeModifier
struct  sw::MergedPara
 Describes parts of multiple text nodes, which will form a text frame, even when redlines are hidden at a layout level. More...
class  sw::MergedAttrIterBase
 iterate SwTextAttr in potentially merged text frame More...
class  sw::MergedAttrIter
class  sw::MergedAttrIterByEnd
class  sw::MergedAttrIterReverse


 Dialog to specify the properties of date form field.


#define NON_PRINTING_CHARACTER_COLOR   Color(0x26, 0x8b, 0xd2)


enum  sw::FrameMode {
enum  sw::Recreate {


std::pair< SwTextNode *, sal_Int32 > sw::MapViewToModel (MergedPara const &, TextFrameIndex nIndex)
TextFrameIndex sw::MapModelToView (MergedPara const &, SwTextNode const *pNode, sal_Int32 nIndex)
std::unique_ptr< sw::MergedParasw::CheckParaRedlineMerge (SwTextFrame &rFrame, SwTextNode &rTextNode, FrameMode eMode)
SwTextFramesw::MakeTextFrame (SwTextNode &rNode, SwFrame *, sw::FrameMode eMode)
bool sw::FrameContainsNode (SwContentFrame const &rFrame, SwNodeOffset nNodeIndex)
bool sw::IsParaPropsNode (SwRootFrame const &rLayout, SwTextNode const &rNode)
SwTextNodesw::GetParaPropsNode (SwRootFrame const &rLayout, SwNodeIndex const &rNode)
SwPosition sw::GetParaPropsPos (SwRootFrame const &rLayout, SwPosition const &rPos)
std::pair< SwTextNode *, SwTextNode * > sw::GetFirstAndLastNode (SwRootFrame const &rLayout, SwNodeIndex const &rPos)
SwTextNode const & sw::GetAttrMerged (SfxItemSet &rFormatSet, SwTextNode const &rNode, SwRootFrame const *pLayout)
void sw::GotoPrevLayoutTextFrame (SwNodeIndex &rIndex, SwRootFrame const *const pLayout)
void sw::GotoNextLayoutTextFrame (SwNodeIndex &rIndex, SwRootFrame const *const pLayout)
TextFrameIndex sw::UpdateMergedParaForDelete (MergedPara &rMerged, bool isRealDelete, SwTextNode const &rNode, sal_Int32 nIndex, sal_Int32 nLen)
void sw::MoveMergedFlysAndFootnotes (std::vector< SwTextFrame * > const &rFrames, SwTextNode const &rFirstNode, SwTextNode &rSecondNode, bool)
void sw::MoveDeletedPrevFrames (const SwTextNode &rDeletedPrev, SwTextNode &rNode)
 if first node is deleted & second survives, then the first node's frame will be deleted too; prevent this by moving the frame to the second node if necessary. More...
void sw::CheckResetRedlineMergeFlag (SwTextNode &rNode, Recreate const eRecreateMerged)
 if first node is First, its frames may need to be moved, never deleted. More...
void sw::UpdateFramesForAddDeleteRedline (SwDoc &rDoc, SwPaM const &rPam)
void sw::UpdateFramesForRemoveDeleteRedline (SwDoc &rDoc, SwPaM const &rPam)
void sw::AddRemoveFlysAnchoredToFrameStartingAtNode (SwTextFrame &rFrame, SwTextNode &rTextNode, std::set< SwNodeOffset > *const pSkipped)
 rTextNode is the first one of the "new" merge - if rTextNode isn't the same as MergedPara::pFirstNode, then nodes before rTextNode have their flys already properly attached, so only the other nodes need handling here. More...
OUString sw::GetExpandTextMerged (SwRootFrame const *const pLayout, SwTextNode const &rNode, bool const bWithNumber, bool const bWithSpacesForLevel, ExpandMode const i_mode)
bool sw::IsMarkHidden (SwRootFrame const &rLayout,::sw::mark::IMark const &rMark)
bool sw::IsMarkHintHidden (SwRootFrame const &rLayout, SwTextNode const &rNode, SwTextAttrEnd const &rHint)
void sw::RecreateStartTextFrames (SwTextNode &rNode)
SwInsText sw::MakeSwInsText (SwTextNode &rNode, sal_Int32 const nPos, sal_Int32 const nLen)
bool sw::HasNumberingWhichNeedsLayoutUpdate (const SwTextNode &rTextNode)
 Decides if rTextNode has a numbering which has layout-level values (e.g. More...


const SwTwips sw::WIDOW_MAGIC = (SAL_MAX_INT32 - 1)/2

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#define NON_PRINTING_CHARACTER_COLOR   Color(0x26, 0x8b, 0xd2)