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XclObjAny Class Reference

#include <xcl97rec.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 XclObjAny (XclExpObjectManager &rObjMgr, const css::uno::Reference< css::drawing::XShape > &rShape, ScDocument *pDoc)
virtual ~XclObjAny () override
const css::uno::Reference< css::drawing::XShape > & GetShape () const
virtual void Save (XclExpStream &rStrm) override
 Writes the record header and calls WriteBody(). More...
virtual void SaveXml (XclExpXmlStream &rStrm) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from XclObj
virtual ~XclObj () override
sal_uInt16 GetObjType () const
void SetId (sal_uInt16 nId)
void SetTab (SCTAB nScTab)
SCTAB GetTab () const
void SetLocked (bool b)
void SetPrintable (bool b)
void SetAutoFill (bool b)
void SetAutoLine (bool b)
void SetGrBit (bool b, int f)
void SetEscherShapeType (sal_uInt16 nType)
void SetEscherShapeTypeGroup ()
bool IsOwnEscher () const
 If set to true, this object has created its own escher data. More...
void SetText (const XclExpRoot &rRoot, const SdrTextObj &rObj)
 actually writes ESCHER_ClientTextbox More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from XclExpRecord
 XclExpRecord (sal_uInt16 nRecId=EXC_ID_UNKNOWN, std::size_t nRecSize=0)
 XclExpRecord (XclExpRecord const &)=default
virtual ~XclExpRecord () override
sal_uInt16 GetRecId () const
 Returns the current record ID. More...
std::size_t GetRecSize () const
 Returns the current record size prediction. More...
void SetRecId (sal_uInt16 nRecId)
 Sets a new record ID. More...
void SetRecSize (std::size_t nRecSize)
 Sets a new record size prediction. More...
void AddRecSize (std::size_t nRecSize)
 Adds a size value to the record size prediction. More...
void SetRecHeader (sal_uInt16 nRecId, std::size_t nRecSize)
 Sets record ID and size with one call. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from XclExpRecordBase
 XclExpRecordBase ()
 XclExpRecordBase (XclExpRecordBase const &)
 XclExpRecordBase (XclExpRecordBase &&)
XclExpRecordBaseoperator= (XclExpRecordBase const &)
XclExpRecordBaseoperator= (XclExpRecordBase &&) noexcept
virtual ~XclExpRecordBase ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from salhelper::SimpleReferenceObject
 SimpleReferenceObject ()
void acquire ()
void release ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void WriteFromTo (XclExpXmlStream &rStrm, const XclObjAny &rObj)
static void WriteFromTo (XclExpXmlStream &rStrm, const css::uno::Reference< css::drawing::XShape > &rShape, SCTAB nTab)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from salhelper::SimpleReferenceObject
static voidoperator new (std::size_t nSize)
static voidoperator new (std::size_t nSize, std::nothrow_t const &rNothrow)
static void operator delete (void *pPtr)
static void operator delete (void *pPtr, std::nothrow_t const &rNothrow)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void WriteSubRecs (XclExpStream &rStrm) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from XclObj
 XclObj (XclExpObjectManager &rObjMgr, sal_uInt16 nObjType, bool bOwnEscher=false)
 true = Escher part created on the fly. More...
void ImplWriteAnchor (const SdrObject *pSdrObj, const tools::Rectangle *pChildAnchor)
virtual void WriteBody (XclExpStream &rStrm) override
 Writes the body of the record (without record header). More...
void SaveTextRecs (XclExpStream &rStrm)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from salhelper::SimpleReferenceObject
virtual ~SimpleReferenceObject () COVERITY_NOEXCEPT_FALSE

Private Attributes

css::uno::Reference< css::drawing::XShape > mxShape

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from XclObj
std::unique_ptr< XclExpMsoDrawingpClientTextbox
std::unique_ptr< XclTxopTxo
sal_uInt16 mnObjType
sal_uInt16 nObjId
sal_uInt16 nGrbit
bool bFirstOnSheet
bool mbOwnEscher
- Protected Attributes inherited from salhelper::SimpleReferenceObject
oslInterlockedCount m_nCount

Detailed Description

Definition at line 254 of file xcl97rec.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

XclObjAny::XclObjAny ( XclExpObjectManager rObjMgr,
const css::uno::Reference< css::drawing::XShape > &  rShape,
ScDocument pDoc 

Definition at line 1061 of file xcl97rec.cxx.

References mxShape.

XclObjAny::~XclObjAny ( )

Definition at line 1068 of file xcl97rec.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

const css::uno::Reference< css::drawing::XShape >& XclObjAny::GetShape ( ) const

Definition at line 266 of file xcl97rec.hxx.

References mxShape.

Referenced by GetEditAs(), and WriteFromTo().

void XclObjAny::Save ( XclExpStream rStrm)

Writes the record header and calls WriteBody().

Reimplemented from XclObj.

Definition at line 1079 of file xcl97rec.cxx.

References XclExpRecord::AddRecSize(), EXC_OBJTYPE_GROUP, XclObj::mnObjType, and XclObj::Save().

void XclObjAny::SaveXml ( XclExpXmlStream rStrm)
void XclObjAny::WriteFromTo ( XclExpXmlStream rStrm,
const XclObjAny rObj 

Definition at line 1162 of file xcl97rec.cxx.

References GetShape(), and XclObj::GetTab().

Referenced by SaveXml(), and XclExpChartObj::SaveXml().

static void XclObjAny::WriteFromTo ( XclExpXmlStream rStrm,
const css::uno::Reference< css::drawing::XShape > &  rShape,
SCTAB  nTab 
void XclObjAny::WriteSubRecs ( XclExpStream rStrm)

Reimplemented from XclObj.

Reimplemented in XclExpShapeObj.

Definition at line 1072 of file xcl97rec.cxx.

References EXC_ID_OBJGMO, EXC_OBJTYPE_GROUP, and XclObj::mnObjType.

Referenced by XclExpShapeObj::WriteSubRecs().

Member Data Documentation

ScDocument* XclObjAny::mpDoc

Definition at line 276 of file xcl97rec.hxx.

css::uno::Reference< css::drawing::XShape > XclObjAny::mxShape

Definition at line 275 of file xcl97rec.hxx.

Referenced by GetShape(), and SaveXml().

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