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15 * License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file
16 * except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of
17 * the License at .
18 */
23#include <memory>
24#include "wrtww8.hxx"
27class RtfExportFilter;
28class RtfSdrExport;
29using RtfColorTable = std::map<sal_uInt16, Color>;
30class SwNode;
31class SwTextNode;
32class SwGrfNode;
33class SwOLENode;
43 std::unique_ptr<RtfAttributeOutput> m_pAttrOutput;
46 std::unique_ptr<MSWordSections> m_pSections;
48 std::unique_ptr<RtfSdrExport> m_pSdrExport;
53 AttributeOutputBase& AttrOutput() const override;
56 MSWordSections& Sections() const override;
61 bool FieldsQuoted() const override { return true; }
63 bool AddSectionBreaksForTOX() const override { return false; }
65 bool PreferPageBreakBefore() const override { return true; }
68 bool CollapseScriptsforWordOk(sal_uInt16 nScript, sal_uInt16 nWhich) override;
70 void AppendBookmarks(const SwTextNode& rNode, sal_Int32 nCurrentPos, sal_Int32 nLen,
71 const SwRedlineData* pSwRedlineData = nullptr) override;
73 void AppendBookmark(const OUString& rName) override;
75 void AppendAnnotationMarks(const SwWW8AttrIter& rAttrs, sal_Int32 nCurrentPos,
76 sal_Int32 nLen) override;
78 //For i120928,add an interface to export graphic of bullet
79 void ExportGrfBullet(const SwTextNode& rNd) override;
81 void
83 Pointer_t /*pTableTextNodeInfoInner = ww8::WW8TableNodeInfoInner::Pointer_t()*/)
84 override
85 {
86 /* no-op for rtf, most probably should not even be in MSWordExportBase */
87 }
88 void WriteChar(sal_Unicode c) override;
91 void WriteNumbering() override;
94 void WriteRevTab();
97 void WriteHeadersFooters(sal_uInt8 nHeadFootFlags, const SwFrameFormat& rFormat,
98 const SwFrameFormat& rLeftHeaderFormat,
99 const SwFrameFormat& rLeftFooterFormat,
100 const SwFrameFormat& rFirstPageFormat, sal_uInt8 nBreakCode,
101 bool bEvenAndOddHeaders) override;
104 void OutputField(const SwField* pField, ww::eField eFieldType, const OUString& rFieldCmd,
105 FieldFlags nMode = FieldFlags::All) override;
108 void WriteFormData(const ::sw::mark::IFieldmark& rFieldmark) override;
109 void WriteHyperlinkData(const ::sw::mark::IFieldmark& rFieldmark) override;
111 void DoComboBox(const OUString& rName, const OUString& rHelp, const OUString& ToolTip,
112 const OUString& rSelected,
113 const css::uno::Sequence<OUString>& rListItems) override;
115 void DoFormText(const SwInputField* pField) override;
117 sal_uInt64 ReplaceCr(sal_uInt8 nChar) override;
119 ExportFormat GetExportFormat() const override { return ExportFormat::RTF; }
123 ErrCode ExportDocument_Impl() override;
125 void SectionBreaksAndFrames(const SwTextNode& /*rNode*/) override {}
128 void PrepareNewPageDesc(const SfxItemSet* pSet, const SwNode& rNd,
129 const SwFormatPageDesc* pNewPgDescFormat, const SwPageDesc* pNewPgDesc,
130 bool bExtraPageBreak = false) override;
133 bool DisallowInheritingOutlineNumbering(const SwFormat& rFormat) override;
136 void OutputTextNode(SwTextNode& rNode) override;
139 void OutputEndNode(const SwEndNode& rEndNode) override;
142 void OutputGrfNode(const SwGrfNode& rGrfNode) override;
145 void OutputOLENode(const SwOLENode& rOLENode) override;
147 void OutputLinkedOLE(const OUString& rLink) override;
149 void AppendSection(const SwPageDesc* pPageDesc, const SwSectionFormat* pFormat,
150 sal_uLong nLnNum) override;
154 RtfExport(RtfExportFilter* pFilter, SwDoc& rDocument, std::shared_ptr<SwUnoCursor>& pCurrentPam,
155 SwPaM& rOriginalPam, Writer* pWriter, bool bOutOutlineOnly = false);
157 RtfExport(const RtfExport&) = delete;
159 RtfExport& operator=(const RtfExport&) = delete;
162 ~RtfExport() override;
165 rtl_TextEncoding m_eDefaultEncoding;
166 rtl_TextEncoding m_eCurrentEncoding;
173 rtl_TextEncoding GetDefaultEncoding() const { return m_eDefaultEncoding; }
174 void SetCurrentEncoding(rtl_TextEncoding eCurrentEncoding)
175 {
176 m_eCurrentEncoding = eCurrentEncoding;
177 }
178 rtl_TextEncoding GetCurrentEncoding() const { return m_eCurrentEncoding; }
179 void SetRTFFlySyntax(bool bRTFFlySyntax) { m_bRTFFlySyntax = bRTFFlySyntax; }
180 bool GetRTFFlySyntax() const { return m_bRTFFlySyntax; }
182 SvStream& Strm();
184 void setStream();
186 OString getStream();
188 void resetStream();
191 void OutUnicode(const char* pToken, const OUString& rContent, bool bUpr = false);
192 void OutDateTime(const char* pStr, const css::util::DateTime& rDT);
193 void OutPageDescription(const SwPageDesc& rPgDsc, bool bCheckForFirstPage);
195 sal_uInt16 GetColor(const Color& rColor) const;
196 void InsColor(const Color& rCol);
197 void InsColorLine(const SvxBoxItem& rBox);
198 void OutColorTable();
199 sal_uInt16 GetRedline(const OUString& rAuthor);
200 const OUString* GetRedline(sal_uInt16 nId);
202 void InsStyle(sal_uInt16 nId, const OString& rStyle);
203 OString* GetStyle(sal_uInt16 nId);
208 void WriteFonts();
209 void WriteStyles();
211 void WriteMainText();
212 void WriteInfo();
214 void WriteUserPropType(int nType);
216 void WriteUserPropValue(const OUString& rValue);
218 void WriteUserProps();
220 void WriteDocVars();
222 void WritePageDescTable();
224 void BuildNumbering();
225 void WriteHeaderFooter(const SfxPoolItem& rItem, bool bHeader);
226 void WriteHeaderFooter(const SwFrameFormat& rFormat, bool bHeader, const char* pStr,
227 bool bTitlepg = false);
230 std::map<sal_uInt16, OString> m_aStyTable;
231 std::map<OUString, sal_uInt16> m_aRedlineTable;
233 std::unique_ptr<SvMemoryStream> m_pStream;
240/* vim:set shiftwidth=4 softtabstop=4 expandtab: */
Base class for WW8Export and DocxExport.
Definition: wrtww8.hxx:451
Class to collect and output the sections/headers/footers.
Definition: wrtww8.hxx:196
The class that has handlers for various resource types when exporting as RTF.
The physical access to the RTF document (for writing).
The class that does all the actual RTF export-related work.
Definition: rtfexport.hxx:37
void WriteNumbering() override
Write the numbering table.
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:225
sal_uInt16 GetColor(const Color &rColor) const
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:1215
void SetCurrentEncoding(rtl_TextEncoding eCurrentEncoding)
Definition: rtfexport.hxx:174
void OutputGrfNode(const SwGrfNode &rGrfNode) override
Output SwGrfNode.
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:1107
void WriteStyles()
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:449
SwNodeOffset m_nCurrentNodeIndex
Index of the current SwTextNode, if any.
Definition: rtfexport.hxx:170
void WriteRevTab()
Write the revision table.
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:257
void OutputEndNode(const SwEndNode &rEndNode) override
Output SwEndNode.
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:1100
std::unique_ptr< MSWordSections > m_pSections
Definition: rtfexport.hxx:46
std::unique_ptr< RtfAttributeOutput > m_pAttrOutput
Attribute output for document.
Definition: rtfexport.hxx:43
bool m_bOutOutlineOnly
Definition: rtfexport.hxx:49
void WriteFormData(const ::sw::mark::IFieldmark &rFieldmark) override
Write the data of the form field.
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:323
void WriteHeaderFooter(const SfxPoolItem &rItem, bool bHeader)
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:1504
RtfExport & operator=(const RtfExport &)=delete
RtfColorTable m_aColTable
Definition: rtfexport.hxx:229
Writer * m_pWriter
Definition: rtfexport.hxx:40
void WriteChar(sal_Unicode c) override
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:184
RtfExport(const RtfExport &)=delete
void setStream()
From now on, let Strm() return a memory stream, not a real one.
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:1171
rtl_TextEncoding GetDefaultEncoding() const
Definition: rtfexport.hxx:173
std::map< OUString, sal_uInt16 > m_aRedlineTable
Definition: rtfexport.hxx:231
std::unique_ptr< RtfSdrExport > m_pSdrExport
Definition: rtfexport.hxx:48
void OutPageDescription(const SwPageDesc &rPgDsc, bool bCheckForFirstPage)
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:1453
const SfxItemSet * m_pFirstPageItemSet
Item set of the first page during export of a follow page format.
Definition: rtfexport.hxx:235
SvStream & OutLong(tools::Long nVal)
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:1187
void OutputOLENode(const SwOLENode &rOLENode) override
Output SwOLENode.
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:1112
RtfExport(RtfExportFilter *pFilter, SwDoc &rDocument, std::shared_ptr< SwUnoCursor > &pCurrentPam, SwPaM &rOriginalPam, Writer *pWriter, bool bOutOutlineOnly=false)
Pass the pDocument, pCurrentPam and pOriginalPam to the base class.
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:1134
MSWordSections & Sections() const override
Access to the sections/headers/footres.
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:82
void AppendAnnotationMarks(const SwWW8AttrIter &rAttrs, sal_Int32 nCurrentPos, sal_Int32 nLen) override
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:153
void WriteHeadersFooters(sal_uInt8 nHeadFootFlags, const SwFrameFormat &rFormat, const SwFrameFormat &rLeftHeaderFormat, const SwFrameFormat &rLeftFooterFormat, const SwFrameFormat &rFirstPageFormat, sal_uInt8 nBreakCode, bool bEvenAndOddHeaders) override
Output the actual headers and footers.
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:290
std::unique_ptr< SvMemoryStream > m_pStream
If set, then Strm() returns this stream, instead of m_pWriter's stream.
Definition: rtfexport.hxx:233
void OutputTextNode(SwTextNode &rNode) override
Output SwTextNode is depending on outline export mode.
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:1119
void InsColorLine(const SvxBoxItem &rBox)
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:1254
void AppendBookmark(const OUString &rName) override
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:145
void WriteUserPropType(int nType)
Writes a single user property type.
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:574
void AppendBookmarks(const SwTextNode &rNode, sal_Int32 nCurrentPos, sal_Int32 nLen, const SwRedlineData *pSwRedlineData=nullptr) override
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:120
void OutUnicode(const char *pToken, const OUString &rContent, bool bUpr=false)
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:1189
bool GetRTFFlySyntax() const
Definition: rtfexport.hxx:180
OString getStream()
Get the contents of the memory stream as a string.
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:1173
void WriteFonts()
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:439
void OutColorTable()
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:1277
void WriteInfo()
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:516
void WriteUserProps()
Writes the userprops group: user defined document properties.
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:587
rtl_TextEncoding m_eCurrentEncoding
Definition: rtfexport.hxx:166
bool FieldsQuoted() const override
Determines if the import filter already quoted fields or not.
Definition: rtfexport.hxx:61
AttributeOutputBase & AttrOutput() const override
Access to the attribute output class.
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:80
void WriteUserPropValue(const OUString &rValue)
Writes a single user property value.
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:580
void DoFormText(const SwInputField *pField) override
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:393
void OutputField(const SwField *pField, ww::eField eFieldType, const OUString &rFieldCmd, FieldFlags nMode=FieldFlags::All) override
Write the field.
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:317
ExportFormat GetExportFormat() const override
Definition: rtfexport.hxx:119
void OutDateTime(const char *pStr, const css::util::DateTime &rDT)
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:1205
bool PreferPageBreakBefore() const override
If saving page break is preferred as a paragraph attribute (yes) or as a special character (no).
Definition: rtfexport.hxx:65
SvStream & Strm()
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:1163
void BuildNumbering()
This is necessary to have the numbering table ready before the main text is being processed.
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:206
ErrCode ExportDocument_Impl() override
Format-dependent part of the actual export.
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:780
void PrepareNewPageDesc(const SfxItemSet *pSet, const SwNode &rNd, const SwFormatPageDesc *pNewPgDescFormat, const SwPageDesc *pNewPgDesc, bool bExtraPageBreak=false) override
Get ready for a new section.
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:1057
void OutputLinkedOLE(const OUString &rLink) override
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:1117
void AppendSection(const SwPageDesc *pPageDesc, const SwSectionFormat *pFormat, sal_uLong nLnNum) override
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:1127
sal_uInt16 GetRedline(const OUString &rAuthor)
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:1434
rtl_TextEncoding GetCurrentEncoding() const
Definition: rtfexport.hxx:178
SvStream & OutULong(sal_uLong nVal)
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:1185
bool m_bRTFFlySyntax
This is used by OutputFlyFrame_Impl() to control the written syntax.
Definition: rtfexport.hxx:168
bool AddSectionBreaksForTOX() const override
Determines the Section Breaks are to be added for TOX Section.
Definition: rtfexport.hxx:63
bool DisallowInheritingOutlineNumbering(const SwFormat &rFormat) override
Return value indicates if an inherited outline numbering is suppressed.
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:1078
void SectionBreaksAndFrames(const SwTextNode &) override
Definition: rtfexport.hxx:125
void resetStream()
Return back to the real stream.
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:1183
void WritePageDescTable()
Writes the writer-specific \pgdsctbl group.
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:734
void DoComboBox(const OUString &rName, const OUString &rHelp, const OUString &ToolTip, const OUString &rSelected, const css::uno::Sequence< OUString > &rListItems) override
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:386
void WriteFootnoteSettings()
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:456
RtfSdrExport & SdrExporter() const
Access to the Rtf Sdr exporter.
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:84
void InsColor(const Color &rCol)
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:1229
void ExportGrfBullet(const SwTextNode &rNd) override
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:179
~RtfExport() override
void SetRTFFlySyntax(bool bRTFFlySyntax)
Definition: rtfexport.hxx:179
RtfExportFilter * m_pFilter
Pointer to the filter that owns us.
Definition: rtfexport.hxx:39
std::map< sal_uInt16, OString > m_aStyTable
Definition: rtfexport.hxx:230
void WriteCR(ww8::WW8TableNodeInfoInner::Pointer_t) override
Definition: rtfexport.hxx:82
bool CollapseScriptsforWordOk(sal_uInt16 nScript, sal_uInt16 nWhich) override
Guess the script (asian/western).
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:86
void WriteHyperlinkData(const ::sw::mark::IFieldmark &rFieldmark) override
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:381
void WriteMainText()
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:471
void WriteDocVars()
Writes document variables.
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:683
OString * GetStyle(sal_uInt16 nId)
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:1426
sal_uInt64 ReplaceCr(sal_uInt8 nChar) override
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:431
SwNodeOffset GetCurrentNodeIndex() const
Definition: rtfexport.hxx:181
const SfxItemSet * GetFirstPageItemSet() const
Definition: rtfexport.hxx:205
void InsStyle(sal_uInt16 nId, const OString &rStyle)
Definition: rtfexport.cxx:1421
rtl_TextEncoding m_eDefaultEncoding
Definition: rtfexport.hxx:165
Handles export of drawings using RTF markup.
Definition: doc.hxx:195
Ends a section of nodes in the document model.
Definition: node.hxx:378
Base class of all fields.
Definition: fldbas.hxx:293
Pagedescriptor Client of SwPageDesc that is "described" by the attribute.
Definition: fmtpdsc.hxx:36
Base class for various Writer styles.
Definition: format.hxx:47
Style of a layout element.
Definition: frmfmt.hxx:62
Base class of the Writer document model elements.
Definition: node.hxx:98
PaM is Point and Mark: a selection of the document model.
Definition: pam.hxx:187
SwTextNode is a paragraph in the document model.
Definition: ndtxt.hxx:111
long Long
std::map< sal_uInt16, Color > RtfColorTable
Definition: rtfexport.hxx:29
sal_uIntPtr sal_uLong
unsigned char sal_uInt8
sal_uInt16 sal_Unicode
Definition: wrtww8.hxx:143