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MSWordSections Class Reference

Class to collect and output the sections/headers/footers. More...

#include <wrtww8.hxx>

Inheritance diagram for MSWordSections:

Public Member Functions

 MSWordSections (MSWordExportBase &rExport)
virtual ~MSWordSections ()
virtual bool HeaderFooterWritten ()
void AppendSection (const SwPageDesc *pPd, const SwSectionFormat *pSectionFormat, sal_uLong nLnNumRestartNo, bool bIsFirstParagraph=false)
void AppendSection (const SwFormatPageDesc &rPd, const SwNode &rNd, const SwSectionFormat *pSectionFormat, sal_uLong nLnNumRestartNo)
sal_uInt16 CurrentNumberOfColumns (const SwDoc &rDoc) const
 Number of columns based on the most recent WW8_SepInfo. More...
bool DocumentIsProtected () const
const WW8_SepInfoCurrentSectionInfo ()
 The most recent WW8_SepInfo. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static const SwFormatColGetFormatCol (const SwDoc &rDoc, const WW8_SepInfo &rInfo)
 Number of columns of the provided WW8_SepInfo. More...
static void SetHeaderFlag (sal_uInt8 &rHeadFootFlags, const SwFormat &rFormat, sal_uInt8 nFlag)
static void SetFooterFlag (sal_uInt8 &rHeadFootFlags, const SwFormat &rFormat, sal_uInt8 nFlag)
static bool HasBorderItem (const SwFormat &rFormat)
 Should we output borders? More...

Protected Member Functions

void CheckForFacinPg (const WW8Export &rWrt) const
void NeedsDocumentProtected (const WW8_SepInfo &rInfo)
 MSWordSections (const MSWordSections &)
MSWordSectionsoperator= (const MSWordSections &)

Protected Attributes

bool mbDocumentIsProtected
std::vector< WW8_SepInfom_aSects

Detailed Description

Class to collect and output the sections/headers/footers.

Definition at line 195 of file wrtww8.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MSWordSections() [1/2]

MSWordSections::MSWordSections ( const MSWordSections )

◆ MSWordSections() [2/2]

MSWordSections::MSWordSections ( MSWordExportBase rExport)

◆ ~MSWordSections()

MSWordSections::~MSWordSections ( )

Definition at line 1093 of file wrtw8sty.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AppendSection() [1/2]

void MSWordSections::AppendSection ( const SwFormatPageDesc rPd,
const SwNode rNd,
const SwSectionFormat pSectionFormat,
sal_uLong  nLnNumRestartNo 

◆ AppendSection() [2/2]

void MSWordSections::AppendSection ( const SwPageDesc pPd,
const SwSectionFormat pSectionFormat,
sal_uLong  nLnNumRestartNo,
bool  bIsFirstParagraph = false 

Definition at line 1145 of file wrtw8sty.cxx.

References HeaderFooterWritten(), m_aSects, and NeedsDocumentProtected().

Referenced by WW8_WrPlcSepx::AppendSep(), and MSWordSections().

◆ CheckForFacinPg()

void MSWordSections::CheckForFacinPg ( const WW8Export rWrt) const

◆ CurrentNumberOfColumns()

sal_uInt16 MSWordSections::CurrentNumberOfColumns ( const SwDoc rDoc) const

Number of columns based on the most recent WW8_SepInfo.

Definition at line 1111 of file wrtw8sty.cxx.

References GetFormatCol(), SwFormatCol::GetNumCols(), and m_aSects.

◆ CurrentSectionInfo()

const WW8_SepInfo * MSWordSections::CurrentSectionInfo ( )

The most recent WW8_SepInfo.

Definition at line 1137 of file wrtw8sty.cxx.

References m_aSects.

◆ DocumentIsProtected()

bool MSWordSections::DocumentIsProtected ( ) const

Definition at line 228 of file wrtww8.hxx.

References mbDocumentIsProtected.

◆ GetFormatCol()

const SwFormatCol & MSWordSections::GetFormatCol ( const SwDoc rDoc,
const WW8_SepInfo rInfo 

◆ HasBorderItem()

bool MSWordSections::HasBorderItem ( const SwFormat rFormat)

◆ HeaderFooterWritten()

bool MSWordSections::HeaderFooterWritten ( )

Reimplemented in WW8_WrPlcSepx.

Definition at line 1101 of file wrtw8sty.cxx.

Referenced by AppendSection().

◆ NeedsDocumentProtected()

void MSWordSections::NeedsDocumentProtected ( const WW8_SepInfo rInfo)

Definition at line 1286 of file wrtw8sty.cxx.

References WW8_SepInfo::IsProtected(), and mbDocumentIsProtected.

Referenced by AppendSection().

◆ operator=()

MSWordSections & MSWordSections::operator= ( const MSWordSections )

◆ SetFooterFlag()

void MSWordSections::SetFooterFlag ( sal_uInt8 rHeadFootFlags,
const SwFormat rFormat,
sal_uInt8  nFlag 

◆ SetHeaderFlag()

void MSWordSections::SetHeaderFlag ( sal_uInt8 rHeadFootFlags,
const SwFormat rFormat,
sal_uInt8  nFlag 

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_aSects

std::vector<WW8_SepInfo> MSWordSections::m_aSects

◆ mbDocumentIsProtected

bool MSWordSections::mbDocumentIsProtected

Definition at line 198 of file wrtww8.hxx.

Referenced by DocumentIsProtected(), and NeedsDocumentProtected().

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