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frmtool.hxx File Reference
#include <swtypes.hxx>
#include <frameformats.hxx>
#include <BorderCacheOwner.hxx>
#include "frame.hxx"
#include "txtfrm.hxx"
#include "swcache.hxx"
#include <swatrset.hxx>
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class  sw::FlyCreationSuppressor
class  SwFrameNotify
class  SwLayNotify
class  SwFlyNotify
class  SwContentNotify
class  SwBorderAttrs
class  SwBorderAttrAccess
class  SwOrderIter
class  StackHack
class  SwDeletionChecker
 helper class to check if a frame has been deleted during an operation WARNING! This should only be used as a last and desperate means to make the code robust. More...


namespace  sw
 Dialog to specify the properties of date form field.
namespace  basegfx
namespace  basegfx::utils


#define FAR_AWAY   (SAL_MAX_INT32 - 20000)
#define GRFNUM_NO   0
#define GRFNUM_YES   1
#define GRFNUM_REPLACE   2


void AppendObjs (const sw::FrameFormats< sw::SpzFrameFormat * > *pSpz, SwNodeOffset nIndex, SwFrame *pFrame, SwPageFrame *pPage, SwDoc *doc)
void AppendObjsOfNode (sw::FrameFormats< sw::SpzFrameFormat * > const *pTable, SwNodeOffset nIndex, SwFrame *pFrame, SwPageFrame *pPage, SwDoc *pDoc, std::vector< sw::Extent >::const_iterator const *pIter, std::vector< sw::Extent >::const_iterator const *pEnd, SwTextNode const *pFirstNode, SwTextNode const *pLastNode)
void RemoveHiddenObjsOfNode (SwTextNode const &rNode, std::vector< sw::Extent >::const_iterator const *pIter, std::vector< sw::Extent >::const_iterator const *pEnd, SwTextNode const *pFirstNode, SwTextNode const *pLastNode)
bool IsAnchoredObjShown (SwTextFrame const &rFrame, SwFormatAnchor const &rAnchor)
void AppendAllObjs (const sw::FrameFormats< sw::SpzFrameFormat * > *pSpzs, const SwFrame *pSib)
void DrawGraphic (const SvxBrushItem *, vcl::RenderContext &, const SwRect &rOrg, const SwRect &rOut, const sal_uInt8 nGrfNum=GRFNUM_NO, const bool bConsiderBackgroundTransparency=false)
bool DrawFillAttributes (const drawinglayer::attribute::SdrAllFillAttributesHelperPtr &rFillAttributes, const SwRect &rOriginalLayoutRect, const SwRegionRects &rPaintRegion, const basegfx::utils::B2DClipState &rClipState, vcl::RenderContext &rOut)
void paintGraphicUsingPrimitivesHelper (vcl::RenderContext &rOutputDevice, GraphicObject const &rGraphicObj, GraphicAttr const &rGraphicAttr, const basegfx::B2DHomMatrix &rGraphicTransform, const OUString &rName, const OUString &rTitle, const OUString &rDescription)
void paintGraphicUsingPrimitivesHelper (vcl::RenderContext &rOutputDevice, drawinglayer::primitive2d::Primitive2DContainer &rContent, const basegfx::B2DHomMatrix &rGraphicTransform, const OUString &rName, const OUString &rTitle, const OUString &rDescription)
void SwAlignRect (SwRect &rRect, const SwViewShell *pSh, const vcl::RenderContext *pRenderContext)
 Function <SwAlignRect(..)> is also used outside this file. More...
void SwAlignGrfRect (SwRect *pGrfRect, const vcl::RenderContext &rOut)
 Method to pixel-align rectangle for drawing graphic object. More...
void PaintCharacterBorder (const SwFont &rFont, const SwRect &rPaintArea, const bool bVerticalLayout, const bool bVerticalLayoutLRBT, const bool bJoinWithPrev, const bool bJoinWithNext)
 Paint border around a run of characters using frame painting code. More...
SwFlyFrameGetFlyFromMarked (const SdrMarkList *pLst, SwViewShell *pSh)
SwFrameSaveContent (SwLayoutFrame *pLay, SwFrame *pStart=nullptr)
void RestoreContent (SwFrame *pSav, SwLayoutFrame *pParent, SwFrame *pSibling)
void InsertCnt_ (SwLayoutFrame *pLay, SwDoc *pDoc, SwNodeOffset nIndex, bool bPages=false, SwNodeOffset nEndIndex=SwNodeOffset(0), SwFrame *pPrv=nullptr, sw::FrameMode eMode=sw::FrameMode::New)
void MakeFrames (SwDoc *pDoc, SwNode &rSttIdx, SwNode &rEndIdx)
SwTwips CalcRowRstHeight (SwLayoutFrame *pRow)
tools::Long CalcHeightWithFlys (const SwFrame *pFrame)
bool sw::HasPageBreakBefore (SwPageFrame const &rPage)
bool sw::IsRightPageByNumber (SwRootFrame const &rLayout, sal_uInt16 nPageNum)
SwPageFrameInsertNewPage (SwPageDesc &rDesc, SwFrame *pUpper, bool isRightPage, bool bFirst, bool bInsertEmpty, bool bFootnote, SwFrame *pSibling, bool bVeryFirstPage=false)
void RegistFlys (SwPageFrame *, const SwLayoutFrame *)
void Notify (SwFlyFrame *pFly, SwPageFrame *pOld, const SwRect &rOld, const SwRect *pOldRect=nullptr)
 Notify the background based on the difference between old and new rectangle. More...
void Notify_Background (const SdrObject *pObj, SwPageFrame *pPage, const SwRect &rRect, const PrepareHint eHint, const bool bInva)
const SwFrameGetVirtualUpper (const SwFrame *pFrame, const Point &rPos)
 Provides the Upper of an anchor in paragraph-bound objects. More...
bool Is_Lower_Of (const SwFrame *pCurrFrame, const SdrObject *pObj)
const SwFrameFindContext (const SwFrame *pFrame, SwFrameType nAdditionalContextTyp)
 provides the area of a frame in that no Fly from another area can overlap More...
bool IsFrameInSameContext (const SwFrame *pInnerFrame, const SwFrame *pFrame)
const SwFrameFindPage (const SwRect &rRect, const SwFrame *pPage)
SwFrameGetFrameOfModify (const SwRootFrame *pLayout, sw::BroadcastingModify const &, SwFrameType const nFrameType, const SwPosition *pPos=nullptr, std::pair< Point, bool > const *pViewPosAndCalcFrame=nullptr)
bool IsExtraData (const SwDoc *pDoc)
void CalcContent (SwLayoutFrame *pLay, bool bNoColl=false)
void GetSpacingValuesOfFrame (const SwFrame &rFrame, SwTwips &onLowerSpacing, SwTwips &onLineSpacing, bool &obIsLineSpacingProportional, bool bIdenticalStyles)
 method to determine the spacing values of a frame More...
const SwContentFrameGetCellContent (const SwLayoutFrame &rCell_)
 method to get the content of the table cell More...


constexpr tools::Long BROWSE_HEIGHT = 56700 * 10
bool bObjsDirect
bool bSetCompletePaintOnInvalidate

Macro Definition Documentation


#define FAR_AWAY   (SAL_MAX_INT32 - 20000)

Definition at line 53 of file frmtool.hxx.


#define GRFNUM_NO   0

Definition at line 55 of file frmtool.hxx.


#define GRFNUM_REPLACE   2

Definition at line 57 of file frmtool.hxx.


#define GRFNUM_YES   1

Definition at line 56 of file frmtool.hxx.

Function Documentation

◆ AppendAllObjs()

void AppendAllObjs ( const sw::FrameFormats< sw::SpzFrameFormat * > *  pSpzs,
const SwFrame pSib 

◆ AppendObjs()

void AppendObjs ( const sw::FrameFormats< sw::SpzFrameFormat * > *  pSpz,
SwNodeOffset  nIndex,
SwFrame pFrame,
SwPageFrame pPage,
SwDoc doc 

◆ AppendObjsOfNode()

void AppendObjsOfNode ( sw::FrameFormats< sw::SpzFrameFormat * > const *  pTable,
SwNodeOffset  nIndex,
SwFrame pFrame,
SwPageFrame pPage,
SwDoc pDoc,
std::vector< sw::Extent >::const_iterator const *  pIter,
std::vector< sw::Extent >::const_iterator const *  pEnd,
SwTextNode const *  pFirstNode,
SwTextNode const *  pLastNode 

◆ CalcContent()

void CalcContent ( SwLayoutFrame pLay,
bool  bNoColl = false 

◆ CalcHeightWithFlys()

tools::Long CalcHeightWithFlys ( const SwFrame pFrame)

◆ CalcRowRstHeight()

SwTwips CalcRowRstHeight ( SwLayoutFrame pRow)

◆ DrawFillAttributes()

bool DrawFillAttributes ( const drawinglayer::attribute::SdrAllFillAttributesHelperPtr rFillAttributes,
const SwRect rOriginalLayoutRect,
const SwRegionRects rPaintRegion,
const basegfx::utils::B2DClipState rClipState,
vcl::RenderContext rOut 

◆ DrawGraphic()

void DrawGraphic ( const SvxBrushItem pBrush,
vcl::RenderContext rOutDev,
const SwRect rOrg,
const SwRect rOut,
const sal_uInt8  nGrfNum = GRFNUM_NO,
const bool  bConsiderBackgroundTransparency = false 

init variable <bGrfBackgrdAlreadDrawn> to indicate, if background of graphic is already drawn or not.

Definition at line 1823 of file paintfrm.cxx.

References aGlobalRetoucheColor, SwRect::Bottom(), vcl::CLIPREGION, COL_TRANSPARENT(), SwRect::Contains(), Default, Graphic::DrawEx(), OutputDevice::DrawRect(), GraphicObject::DrawTiled(), OutputDevice::DrawTransparent(), ePos, vcl::FILLCOLOR, Color::GetAlpha(), GraphicAttr::GetAlpha(), GraphicObject::GetAttr(), SvxBrushItem::GetColor(), SwViewShell::GetDoc(), OutputDevice::GetDrawMode(), OutputDevice::GetFillColor(), OutputDevice::GetFont(), SvxBrushItem::GetGraphic(), SvxBrushItem::GetGraphicObject(), SvxBrushItem::GetGraphicPos(), GetGraphicSizeTwip(), StyleSettings::GetHighContrastMode(), SfxObjectShell::GetMedium(), SfxMedium::GetName(), SwDoc::GetPersist(), SwViewShell::GetReplacementBitmap(), Color::GetRGBColor(), Application::GetSettings(), AllSettings::GetStyleSettings(), Graphic::GetType(), SwViewShell::GetViewOptions(), GPOS_AREA, GPOS_LB, GPOS_LM, GPOS_LT, GPOS_MB, GPOS_MM, GPOS_MT, GPOS_NONE, GPOS_RB, GPOS_RM, GPOS_RT, GPOS_TILED, gProp, GRFNUM_NO, GRFNUM_REPLACE, SwRect::HasArea(), SfxObjectShell::HasName(), Size::Height(), SwRect::Height(), i, tools::PolyPolygon::Insert(), OutputDevice::IntersectClipRegion(), SwRect::Intersection(), SwViewOption::IsGraphic(), Graphic::IsSupportedGraphic(), Color::IsTransparent(), GraphicAttr::IsTransparent(), GraphicObject::IsTransparent(), lcl_DrawGraphic(), lcl_DrawGraphicBackground(), SwRect::Left(), vcl::LINECOLOR, SwRect::Overlaps(), OutputDevice::Pop(), SwRect::Pos(), OutputDevice::Push(), SwRect::Right(), OutputDevice::SetDrawMode(), OutputDevice::SetFillColor(), OutputDevice::SetLineColor(), SwRect::SSize(), SwRect::SVRect(), SwAlignRect(), SwRect::Top(), Transparent, Size::Width(), SwRect::Width(), Point::X(), and Point::Y().

Referenced by lcl_ClearArea(), SwGrfNumPortion::Paint(), and SwFrame::PaintSwFrameBackground().

◆ FindContext()

const SwFrame * FindContext ( const SwFrame pFrame,
SwFrameType  nAdditionalContextTyp 

◆ FindPage()

const SwFrame * FindPage ( const SwRect rRect,
const SwFrame pPage 

◆ GetCellContent()

const SwContentFrame * GetCellContent ( const SwLayoutFrame rCell)

method to get the content of the table cell

Content from any nested tables will be omitted. Note: line spacing value is only determined for text frames

rCell_input parameter - the cell which should be searched for content.

return pointer to the found content frame or 0

method to get the content of the table cell

Definition at line 3997 of file frmtool.cxx.

References SwLayoutFrame::ContainsContent(), SwTabFrame::FindLastContentOrTable(), SwFrame::FindNextCnt(), SwFrame::FindTabFrame(), and SwLayoutFrame::IsAnLower().

Referenced by SwDoc::GetTabRows(), SwFEShell::SelTableRowCol(), and SwDoc::SetTabRows().

◆ GetFlyFromMarked()

SwFlyFrame * GetFlyFromMarked ( const SdrMarkList pLst,
SwViewShell pSh 

◆ GetFrameOfModify()

SwFrame * GetFrameOfModify ( const SwRootFrame pLayout,
sw::BroadcastingModify const &  rMod,
SwFrameType const  nFrameType,
const SwPosition pPos = nullptr,
std::pair< Point, bool > const *  pViewPosAndCalcFrame = nullptr 
See also
pPosDocument model position; for a text frame, the returned frame will be one containing this position.
pViewPosAndCalcFrameFirst is a point in the document view; the returned frame will be the one with the minimal distance to this point. To get the first frame in the document, pass in a default-initialized Point with coordinates 0,0. Second indicates whether the frames should be formatted before retrieving their position for the test; this cannot be done by every caller so use with care!

Definition at line 3813 of file frmtool.cxx.

References a, SwRect::Center(), SwRect::Contains(), FAR_AWAY, SwIterator< TElementType, TSource, eMode >::First(), Fly, SwObjectFormatter::FormatObj(), SwAnchoredObject::GetAnchorFrame(), SwRootFrame::GetCurrShell(), SwFrameAreaDefinition::getFrameArea(), SwViewShell::GetOut(), SwFrame::getRootFrame(), Point::getX(), Point::getY(), sw::ClientIteratorBase::IsChanged(), SwFrame::IsTextFrame(), SwIterator< TElementType, TSource, eMode >::Next(), and SwRect::Pos().

Referenced by SwEnhancedPDFExportHelper::EnhancedPDFExport(), SwFrameFormat::FindLayoutRect(), SwContentNode::FindLayoutRect(), SwContentNode::FindPageFrameRect(), SwFrameFormat::FindRealSdrObject(), SwNode2LayImpl::GetFrame(), SwFlyFrameFormat::GetFrame(), SwContentNode::getLayoutFrame(), and lcl_GetFrameOfNode().

◆ GetSpacingValuesOfFrame()

void GetSpacingValuesOfFrame ( const SwFrame rFrame,
SwTwips onLowerSpacing,
SwTwips onLineSpacing,
bool &  obIsLineSpacingProportional,
bool  bIdenticalStyles 

method to determine the spacing values of a frame

#i28701# Values only provided for flow frames (table, section or text frames) Note: line spacing value is only determined for text frames #i102458# Add output parameter <obIsLineSpacingProportional>

rFrameinput parameter - frame, for which the spacing values are determined.
onPrevLowerSpacingoutput parameter - lower spacing of the frame in SwTwips
onPrevLineSpacingoutput parameter - line spacing of the frame in SwTwips
bIdenticalStylestrue if the styles of the actual and the next paragraphs (text-frames) are the same

OD 2004-03-10 #i28701# OD 2009-08-28 #i102458# Add output parameter <obIsLineSpacingProportional>

Definition at line 3961 of file frmtool.cxx.

References SwFrame::GetAttrSet(), SvxULSpaceItem::GetContext(), SvxULSpaceItem::GetLower(), SwAttrSet::GetULSpace(), SwFrame::IsFlowFrame(), and SwFrame::IsTextFrame().

◆ GetVirtualUpper()

const SwFrame * GetVirtualUpper ( const SwFrame pFrame,
const Point rPos 

Provides the Upper of an anchor in paragraph-bound objects.

If the latter is a chained border or a footnote, the "virtual" Upper might be returned.

Definition at line 3590 of file frmtool.cxx.

References SwRect::Contains(), SwFrame::FindFlyFrame(), SwFootnoteFrame::GetFollow(), SwFrameAreaDefinition::getFrameArea(), SwFlyFrame::GetNextLink(), SwFrame::GetUpper(), SwFrame::IsFootnoteFrame(), and SwFrame::IsTextFrame().

Referenced by SwTextFly::GetTop(), Is_Lower_Of(), and IsFrameInSameContext().

◆ InsertCnt_()

void InsertCnt_ ( SwLayoutFrame pLay,
SwDoc pDoc,
SwNodeOffset  nIndex,
bool  bPages = false,
SwNodeOffset  nEndIndex = SwNodeOffset(0),
SwFrame pPrv = nullptr,
sw::FrameMode  eMode = sw::FrameMode::New 

Definition at line 1491 of file frmtool.cxx.

References AppendAllObjs(), AppendObjs(), IDocumentTimerAccess::BlockIdling(), bObjsDirect, SwSection::CalcHiddenFlag(), SwFrame::CheckDirChange(), SwLayoutCache::ClearImpl(), SwLayoutCache::CompareLayout(), SwLayoutFrame::ContainsContent(), SwFrame::Cut(), SwFrame::DestroyFrame(), eMode, sw::FrameFormats< value_type >::empty(), SwNode::EndOfSectionIndex(), SwFrame::FindFlyFrame(), SwTabFrame::FindMaster(), SwFrame::FindNextCnt(), SwFrame::FindPageFrame(), SwFrame::FindPrevCnt(), SwFrame::FindSctFrame(), SwTable::GCLines(), SwRootFrame::GetCurrShell(), SwSection::GetFormat(), SwDoc::getIDocumentRedlineAccess(), SwDoc::getIDocumentTimerAccess(), SwViewShell::GetLayout(), SwDoc::GetLayoutCache(), SwContentNode::getLayoutFrame(), SwTextFrame::GetMergedPara(), SwFrame::GetNext(), SwFrame::GetNextLayoutLeaf(), SwPosition::GetNode(), SwDoc::GetNodes(), SwNode::GetNodes(), SwFrame::GetPrev(), IDocumentRedlineAccess::GetRedline(), SwNode::GetRedlineMergeFlag(), SwFrame::getRootFrame(), SwSectionFrame::GetSection(), SwSectionNode::GetSection(), SwSectionFormat::GetSectionNode(), SwActualSection::GetSectionNode(), SwDoc::GetSpzFrameFormats(), SwTableNode::GetTable(), SwNode::GetTextNode(), SwTextFrame::GetTextNodeFirst(), SwRangeRedline::GetType(), SwFrame::GetUpper(), SwRootFrame::HasMergedParas(), SwNode::Hidden, SwFrame::ImplFindFootnoteFrame(), Init(), SwFrame::InsertBehind(), SwViewShell::InvalidateAccessibleParaFlowRelation(), SwPageFrame::InvalidateContent(), SwPageFrame::InvalidateFlyContent(), SwFrame::InvalidateInfFlags(), SwFrame::InvalidatePage(), SwRootFrame::IsAnyShellAccessible(), SwRootFrame::IsCallbackActionEnabled(), SwFrame::IsColumnFrame(), SwNode::IsContentNode(), SwNode::IsCreateFrameWhenHidingRedlines(), SwNode::IsEndNode(), SwRootFrame::IsHideRedlines(), SwViewShell::IsInConstructor(), SwFrame::IsInFly(), SwFrame::IsInFootnote(), SwFrame::IsInSct(), SwFrame::IsInTab(), SwFrame::IsLayoutFrame(), SwFrame::IsSctFrame(), SwNode::IsSectionNode(), SwNode::IsStartNode(), SwNode::IsTableNode(), SwFrame::IsTextFrame(), SwNode::IsTextNode(), lcl_SetPos(), Lower, SwLayoutFrame::Lower(), SwTableNode::MakeFrame(), SwSectionNode::MakeFrame(), SwContentNode::MakeFrame(), sw::MakeTextFrame(), nIndex, SwNode::NonFirst, SwFrame::Paste(), SwTextFrame::Prepare(), QuoVadis, RegistFlys(), SwFrame::RemoveFromLayout(), SAL_WARN, SwRootFrame::SetCallbackActionEnabled(), SwActualSection::SetUpper(), SwPaM::Start(), SwNode::StartOfSectionNode(), SwFlyStartNode, SwTable::SwitchFormulasToInternalRepresentation(), and IDocumentTimerAccess::UnblockIdling().

Referenced by SwFootnoteBossFrame::AppendFootnote(), SwTextFrame::ConnectFootnote(), SwRootFrame::Init(), SwFlyFrame::InsertCnt(), MakeFrames(), SwNode2LayImpl::RestoreUpperFrames(), SwCellFrame::SwCellFrame(), SwHeadFootFrame::SwHeadFootFrame(), and SwFlyFrame::UnchainFrames().

◆ InsertNewPage()

SwPageFrame * InsertNewPage ( SwPageDesc rDesc,
SwFrame pUpper,
bool  isRightPage,
bool  bFirst,
bool  bInsertEmpty,
bool  bFootnote,
SwFrame pSibling,
bool  bVeryFirstPage = false 

◆ Is_Lower_Of()

bool Is_Lower_Of ( const SwFrame pCurrFrame,
const SdrObject pObj 

◆ IsAnchoredObjShown()

bool IsAnchoredObjShown ( SwTextFrame const &  rFrame,
SwFormatAnchor const &  rAnchor 

◆ IsExtraData()

bool IsExtraData ( const SwDoc pDoc)

◆ IsFrameInSameContext()

bool IsFrameInSameContext ( const SwFrame pInnerFrame,
const SwFrame pFrame 

◆ MakeFrames()

void MakeFrames ( SwDoc pDoc,
SwNode rSttIdx,
SwNode rEndIdx 

◆ Notify()

void Notify ( SwFlyFrame pFly,
SwPageFrame pOld,
const SwRect rOld,
const SwRect pOldRect = nullptr 

Notify the background based on the difference between old and new rectangle.

Definition at line 3254 of file frmtool.cxx.

Referenced by SwFlyNotify::ImplDestroy().

◆ Notify_Background()

void Notify_Background ( const SdrObject pObj,
SwPageFrame pPage,
const SwRect rRect,
const PrepareHint  eHint,
const bool  bInva 

Definition at line 3412 of file frmtool.cxx.

References SwAnchoredObject::AnchorFrame(), SwRect::Bottom(), SwLayoutFrame::ContainsContent(), FAR_AWAY, SwFrame::FindFlyFrame(), SwFrame::FindFooterOrHeader(), SwFrame::FindTabFrame(), FlyFrameArrive, FlyFrameLeave, SwContact::GetAnchoredObj(), SwAnchoredObject::GetAnchorFrame(), SwRootFrame::GetCurrShell(), SwLayoutFrame::GetFormat(), SwFlyFrame::GetFormat(), SwFrameAreaDefinition::getFrameArea(), SwFormatHoriOrient::GetHoriOrient(), SwFormat::GetHoriOrient(), SdrObject::GetLastBoundRect(), SwContentFrame::GetNextContentFrame(), SdrObject::GetOrdNum(), SdrObject::GetOrdNumDirect(), SwFrame::GetPrev(), SwFormatHoriOrient::GetRelationOrient(), SwFrame::getRootFrame(), SwPageFrame::GetSortedObjs(), SwFormatSurround::GetSurround(), SwFormat::GetSurround(), SwFrame::GetUpper(), GetUserCall(), SwFormatVertOrient::GetVertOrient(), SwFormat::GetVertOrient(), SwFlyFrame::GetVirtDrawObj(), SwFrame::InvalidatePos(), SwFrame::InvalidatePrt(), SwFrame::InvalidateSize(), SwViewShell::InvalidateWindows(), SwLayoutFrame::IsAnLower(), SwFlyFrame::IsAutoPos(), SwFrame::IsCellFrame(), SwFrame::IsColumnFrame(), SwFlyFrame::IsFlyAtContentFrame(), SwFlyFrame::IsFlyLayFrame(), SwFrame::IsInFly(), SwFrame::IsInTab(), SwFlyFrame::IsLowerOf(), lcl_CheckFlowBack(), lcl_NotifyContent(), SwRect::Left(), SwLayoutFrame::Lower(), SwPostItHelper::NONE, SwRect::Overlaps(), SwRect::Right(), and SwRect::Top().

Referenced by SwTextFrame::Format(), SwLayAction::FormatContent(), lcl_NotifyBackgroundOfObj(), SwContact::MoveObjToInvisibleLayer(), SwContact::MoveObjToVisibleLayer(), SwAnchoredDrawObject::NotifyBackground(), SwFlyFreeFrame::NotifyBackground(), SwDrawContact::NotifyBackgroundOfAllVirtObjs(), and SwFlyAtContentFrame::SetAbsPos().

◆ PaintCharacterBorder()

void PaintCharacterBorder ( const SwFont rFont,
const SwRect rPaintArea,
const bool  bVerticalLayout,
const bool  bVerticalLayoutLRBT,
const bool  bJoinWithPrev,
const bool  bJoinWithNext 

Paint border around a run of characters using frame painting code.

[in]rFontfont object of actual text, which specify the border
[in]rPaintArearectangle area in which line portion takes place
[in]bVerticalLayoutcorresponding text frame verticality
[in]bVerticalLayoutLRBTcorresponding text frame verticality (LRBT subset)
[in]bJoinWithPrevleave border with which actual border joins to the previous portion
[in]bJoinWithNextleave border with which actual border joins to the next portion

Definition at line 5040 of file paintfrm.cxx.

References drawinglayer::primitive2d::Primitive2DContainer::append(), basegfx::utils::createScaleTranslateB2DHomMatrix(), o3tl::strong_int< typename UNDERLYING_TYPE, typename PHANTOM_TYPE >::get(), SwFont::GetAbsBottomBorder(), SwFont::GetAbsLeftBorder(), SwFont::GetAbsRightBorder(), SwFont::GetAbsShadowLocation(), SwFont::GetAbsTopBorder(), SvxShadowItem::GetLocation(), SwFont::GetOrientation(), SwFont::GetShadowColor(), SwFont::GetShadowWidth(), gProp, SwRect::Height(), lcl_PaintShadow(), SwRect::Left(), SwAlignRect(), SwRect::Top(), and SwRect::Width().

Referenced by SwTextPaintInfo::DrawBorder().

◆ paintGraphicUsingPrimitivesHelper() [1/2]

void paintGraphicUsingPrimitivesHelper ( vcl::RenderContext rOutputDevice,
drawinglayer::primitive2d::Primitive2DContainer rContent,
const basegfx::B2DHomMatrix rGraphicTransform,
const OUString &  rName,
const OUString &  rTitle,
const OUString &  rDescription 

◆ paintGraphicUsingPrimitivesHelper() [2/2]

void paintGraphicUsingPrimitivesHelper ( vcl::RenderContext rOutputDevice,
GraphicObject const &  rGraphicObj,
GraphicAttr const &  rGraphicAttr,
const basegfx::B2DHomMatrix rGraphicTransform,
const OUString &  rName,
const OUString &  rTitle,
const OUString &  rDescription 

◆ RegistFlys()

void RegistFlys ( SwPageFrame pPage,
const SwLayoutFrame pLay 

◆ RemoveHiddenObjsOfNode()

void RemoveHiddenObjsOfNode ( SwTextNode const &  rNode,
std::vector< sw::Extent >::const_iterator const *  pIter,
std::vector< sw::Extent >::const_iterator const *  pEnd,
SwTextNode const *  pFirstNode,
SwTextNode const *  pLastNode 

◆ RestoreContent()

void RestoreContent ( SwFrame pSav,
SwLayoutFrame pParent,
SwFrame pSibling 

Definition at line 3035 of file frmtool.cxx.

Referenced by lcl_MoveRowContent().

◆ SaveContent()

SwFrame * SaveContent ( SwLayoutFrame pLay,
SwFrame pStart = nullptr 

Definition at line 2873 of file frmtool.cxx.

Referenced by lcl_MoveRowContent().

◆ SwAlignGrfRect()

void SwAlignGrfRect ( SwRect pGrfRect,
const vcl::RenderContext rOut 

Method to pixel-align rectangle for drawing graphic object.

Because we are drawing graphics from the left-top-corner in conjunction with size coordinates, these coordinates have to be calculated at a pixel level. Thus, we convert the rectangle to pixel and then convert to left-top-corner and then get size of pixel rectangle back to logic. This calculation is necessary, because there's a different between the conversion from logic to pixel of a normal rectangle with its left-top- and right-bottom-corner and the same conversion of the same rectangle with left-top-corner and size.

NOTE: Call this method before each <GraphicObject.Draw(...)>

Definition at line 1241 of file paintfrm.cxx.

References tools::Rectangle::GetSize(), OutputDevice::LogicToPixel(), OutputDevice::PixelToLogic(), SwRect::Pos(), SwRect::SSize(), SwRect::SVRect(), and tools::Rectangle::TopLeft().

Referenced by lcl_DrawGraphic(), and SwNoTextFrame::PaintPicture().

◆ SwAlignRect()

void SwAlignRect ( SwRect rRect,
const SwViewShell pSh,
const vcl::RenderContext pRenderContext 

Variable Documentation

◆ bObjsDirect

bool bObjsDirect

Definition at line 104 of file frmtool.cxx.

Referenced by InsertCnt_(), MakeFrames(), and SwHeadFootFrame::SwHeadFootFrame().


constexpr tools::Long BROWSE_HEIGHT = 56700 * 10

◆ bSetCompletePaintOnInvalidate

bool bSetCompletePaintOnInvalidate

Definition at line 105 of file frmtool.cxx.

Referenced by SwContentNotify::ImplDestroy(), and SwFlyAtContentFrame::MakeAll().