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Camera3D Class Referencefinal

#include <camera3d.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 Camera3D (const basegfx::B3DPoint &rPos, const basegfx::B3DPoint &rLookAt, double fFocalLen=35.0)
 Camera3D ()
void SetViewWindow (double fX, double fY, double fW, double fH)
void SetPosition (const basegfx::B3DPoint &rNewPos)
const basegfx::B3DPointGetPosition () const
void SetLookAt (const basegfx::B3DPoint &rNewLookAt)
void SetPosAndLookAt (const basegfx::B3DPoint &rNewPos, const basegfx::B3DPoint &rNewLookAt)
void SetFocalLength (double fLen)
double GetFocalLength () const
void SetBankAngle (double fAngle)
void SetAutoAdjustProjection (bool bAdjust)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Viewport3D
 Viewport3D ()
void SetVRP (const basegfx::B3DPoint &rNewVRP)
void SetVPN (const basegfx::B3DVector &rNewVPN)
void SetVUV (const basegfx::B3DVector &rNewVUV)
void SetPRP (const basegfx::B3DPoint &rNewPRP)
const basegfx::B3DPointGetVRP () const
const basegfx::B3DVectorGetVUV () const
void SetProjection (ProjectionType ePrj)
ProjectionType GetProjection () const
void SetViewWindow (double fX, double fY, double fW, double fH)
void SetDeviceWindow (const tools::Rectangle &rRect)
const tools::RectangleGetDeviceWindow () const
const basegfx::B3DPointGetViewPoint ()

Private Attributes

basegfx::B3DPoint aPosition
basegfx::B3DPoint aLookAt
double fFocalLength
double fBankAngle
bool bAutoAdjustProjection

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from Viewport3D
basegfx::B3DHomMatrix aViewTf
basegfx::B3DPoint aVRP
basegfx::B3DVector aVPN
basegfx::B3DVector aVUV
basegfx::B3DPoint aPRP
ProjectionType eProjection
tools::Rectangle aDeviceRect
struct {
   double   X
   double   Y
   double   W
   double   H
basegfx::B3DPoint aViewPoint
bool bTfValid

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file camera3d.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Camera3D() [1/2]

Camera3D::Camera3D ( const basegfx::B3DPoint rPos,
const basegfx::B3DPoint rLookAt,
double  fFocalLen = 35.0 

Definition at line 22 of file camera3d.cxx.

References SetFocalLength(), SetLookAt(), and SetPosition().

◆ Camera3D() [2/2]

Camera3D::Camera3D ( )

Definition at line 32 of file camera3d.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetFocalLength()

double Camera3D::GetFocalLength ( ) const

◆ GetPosition()

const basegfx::B3DPoint & Camera3D::GetPosition ( ) const

◆ SetAutoAdjustProjection()

void Camera3D::SetAutoAdjustProjection ( bool  bAdjust)

◆ SetBankAngle()

void Camera3D::SetBankAngle ( double  fAngle)

◆ SetFocalLength()

void Camera3D::SetFocalLength ( double  fLen)

◆ SetLookAt()

void Camera3D::SetLookAt ( const basegfx::B3DPoint rNewLookAt)

Definition at line 59 of file camera3d.cxx.

References aLookAt, aPosition, fBankAngle, SetBankAngle(), and Viewport3D::SetVPN().

Referenced by Camera3D().

◆ SetPosAndLookAt()

void Camera3D::SetPosAndLookAt ( const basegfx::B3DPoint rNewPos,
const basegfx::B3DPoint rNewLookAt 

◆ SetPosition()

void Camera3D::SetPosition ( const basegfx::B3DPoint rNewPos)

◆ SetViewWindow()

void Camera3D::SetViewWindow ( double  fX,
double  fY,
double  fW,
double  fH 

Member Data Documentation

◆ aLookAt

basegfx::B3DPoint Camera3D::aLookAt

Definition at line 37 of file camera3d.hxx.

Referenced by SetBankAngle(), SetLookAt(), SetPosAndLookAt(), and SetPosition().

◆ aPosition

basegfx::B3DPoint Camera3D::aPosition

Definition at line 36 of file camera3d.hxx.

Referenced by SetBankAngle(), SetLookAt(), SetPosAndLookAt(), and SetPosition().

◆ bAutoAdjustProjection

bool Camera3D::bAutoAdjustProjection

Definition at line 41 of file camera3d.hxx.

Referenced by SetViewWindow().

◆ fBankAngle

double Camera3D::fBankAngle

Definition at line 39 of file camera3d.hxx.

Referenced by SetBankAngle(), SetLookAt(), SetPosAndLookAt(), and SetPosition().

◆ fFocalLength

double Camera3D::fFocalLength

Definition at line 38 of file camera3d.hxx.

Referenced by SetFocalLength(), and SetViewWindow().

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