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ScDPResultMember Class Reference

#include <dptabres.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 ScDPResultMember (const ScDPResultData *pData, const ScDPParentDimData &rParentDimData)
 ScDPResultMember (const ScDPResultData *pData, bool bForceSub)
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 ~ScDPResultMember ()
void InitFrom (const ::std::vector< ScDPDimension * > &ppDim, const ::std::vector< ScDPLevel * > &ppLev, size_t nPos, ScDPInitState &rInitState, bool bInitChild=true)
void LateInitFrom (LateInitParams &rParams, const ::std::vector< SCROW > &pItemData, size_t nPos, ScDPInitState &rInitState)
void CheckShowEmpty (bool bShow=false)
OUString GetName () const
OUString GetDisplayName (bool bLocaleIndependent) const
ScDPItemData FillItemData () const
bool IsValid () const
bool IsVisible () const
tools::Long GetSize (tools::Long nMeasure) const
bool HasHiddenDetails () const
bool IsSubTotalInTitle (tools::Long nMeasure) const
tools::Long GetSubTotalCount (tools::Long *pUserSubStart=nullptr) const
bool IsNamedItem (SCROW nIndex) const
bool IsValidEntry (const ::std::vector< SCROW > &aMembers) const
void SetHasElements ()
void SetAutoHidden ()
void ProcessData (const ::std::vector< SCROW > &aChildMembers, const ScDPResultDimension *pDataDim, const ::std::vector< SCROW > &aDataMembers, const ::std::vector< ScDPValue > &aValues)
void FillMemberResults (css::uno::Sequence< css::sheet::MemberResult > *pSequences, tools::Long &rPos, tools::Long nMeasure, bool bRoot, const OUString *pMemberName, const OUString *pMemberCaption)
void FillDataResults (const ScDPResultMember *pRefMember, ScDPResultFilterContext &rFilterCxt, css::uno::Sequence< css::uno::Sequence< css::sheet::DataResult > > &rSequence, tools::Long nMeasure) const
void UpdateDataResults (const ScDPResultMember *pRefMember, tools::Long nMeasure) const
void UpdateRunningTotals (const ScDPResultMember *pRefMember, tools::Long nMeasure, ScDPRunningTotalState &rRunning, ScDPRowTotals &rTotals) const
void SortMembers (ScDPResultMember *pRefMember)
void DoAutoShow (ScDPResultMember *pRefMember)
void ResetResults ()
void DumpState (const ScDPResultMember *pRefMember, ScDocument *pDoc, ScAddress &rPos) const
void Dump (int nIndent) const
const ScDPResultDimensionGetChildDimension () const
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ScDPResultDimensionGetChildDimension ()
ScDPDataMemberGetDataRoot () const
const ScDPDimensionGetParentDim () const
const ScDPLevelGetParentLevel () const
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const ScDPMemberGetDPMember () const
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SCROW GetOrder () const
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bool IsRoot () const
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SCROW GetDataId () const
ScDPAggDataGetColTotal (tools::Long nMeasure) const
void FillVisibilityData (ScDPResultVisibilityData &rData) const

Private Attributes

const ScDPResultDatapResultData
ScDPParentDimData aParentDimData
std::unique_ptr< ScDPResultDimensionpChildDimension
std::unique_ptr< ScDPDataMemberpDataRoot
bool bHasElements:1
bool bForceSubTotal:1
bool bHasHiddenDetails:1
bool bInitialized:1
bool bAutoHidden:1
ScDPAggData aColTotal
sal_uInt16 nMemberStep

Detailed Description

Definition at line 328 of file dptabres.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ScDPResultMember::ScDPResultMember ( const ScDPResultData pData,
const ScDPParentDimData rParentDimData 

Definition at line 949 of file dptabres.cxx.

ScDPResultMember::ScDPResultMember ( const ScDPResultData pData,
bool  bForceSub 


Definition at line 963 of file dptabres.cxx.

ScDPResultMember::~ScDPResultMember ( )

Definition at line 974 of file dptabres.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

void ScDPResultMember::CheckShowEmpty ( bool  bShow = false)
void ScDPResultMember::DoAutoShow ( ScDPResultMember pRefMember)

Definition at line 1713 of file dptabres.cxx.

References IsRoot(), pChildDimension, and pDataRoot.

Referenced by ScDPResultDimension::DoAutoShow().

void ScDPResultMember::Dump ( int  nIndent) const
void ScDPResultMember::DumpState ( const ScDPResultMember pRefMember,
ScDocument pDoc,
ScAddress rPos 
) const
void ScDPResultMember::FillDataResults ( const ScDPResultMember pRefMember,
ScDPResultFilterContext rFilterCxt,
css::uno::Sequence< css::uno::Sequence< css::sheet::DataResult > > &  rSequence,
tools::Long  nMeasure 
) const
ScDPItemData ScDPResultMember::FillItemData ( ) const
void ScDPResultMember::FillMemberResults ( css::uno::Sequence< css::sheet::MemberResult > *  pSequences,
tools::Long rPos,
tools::Long  nMeasure,
bool  bRoot,
const OUString *  pMemberName,
const OUString *  pMemberCaption 
void ScDPResultMember::FillVisibilityData ( ScDPResultVisibilityData rData) const

Definition at line 1831 of file dptabres.cxx.

References pChildDimension.

Referenced by ScDPResultDimension::FillVisibilityData().

const ScDPResultDimension* ScDPResultMember::GetChildDimension ( ) const
ScDPResultDimension* ScDPResultMember::GetChildDimension ( )

Definition at line 411 of file dptabres.hxx.

ScDPAggData * ScDPResultMember::GetColTotal ( tools::Long  nMeasure) const

Definition at line 1826 of file dptabres.cxx.

References aColTotal, and lcl_GetChildTotal().

Referenced by ScDPDataMember::UpdateRunningTotals().

SCROW ScDPResultMember::GetDataId ( ) const
ScDPDataMember* ScDPResultMember::GetDataRoot ( ) const
OUString ScDPResultMember::GetDisplayName ( bool  bLocaleIndependent) const
const ScDPMember* ScDPResultMember::GetDPMember ( ) const
OUString ScDPResultMember::GetName ( ) const
SCROW ScDPResultMember::GetOrder ( ) const


Definition at line 418 of file dptabres.hxx.

References ScDPParentDimData::mnOrder.

const ScDPDimension* ScDPResultMember::GetParentDim ( ) const

Definition at line 415 of file dptabres.hxx.

References ScDPParentDimData::mpParentDim.

Referenced by FillMemberResults().

const ScDPLevel* ScDPResultMember::GetParentLevel ( ) const
tools::Long ScDPResultMember::GetSize ( tools::Long  nMeasure) const
tools::Long ScDPResultMember::GetSubTotalCount ( tools::Long pUserSubStart = nullptr) const
bool ScDPResultMember::HasHiddenDetails ( ) const
void ScDPResultMember::InitFrom ( const ::std::vector< ScDPDimension * > &  ppDim,
const ::std::vector< ScDPLevel * > &  ppLev,
size_t  nPos,
ScDPInitState rInitState,
bool  bInitChild = true 
bool ScDPResultMember::IsNamedItem ( SCROW  nIndex) const
bool ScDPResultMember::IsRoot ( ) const


Definition at line 419 of file dptabres.hxx.

References GetParentLevel().

Referenced by DoAutoShow(), SortMembers(), and UpdateRunningTotals().

bool ScDPResultMember::IsSubTotalInTitle ( tools::Long  nMeasure) const
bool ScDPResultMember::IsValid ( ) const
bool ScDPResultMember::IsValidEntry ( const ::std::vector< SCROW > &  aMembers) const
bool ScDPResultMember::IsVisible ( ) const
void ScDPResultMember::LateInitFrom ( LateInitParams rParams,
const ::std::vector< SCROW > &  pItemData,
size_t  nPos,
ScDPInitState rInitState 
void ScDPResultMember::ProcessData ( const ::std::vector< SCROW > &  aChildMembers,
const ScDPResultDimension pDataDim,
const ::std::vector< SCROW > &  aDataMembers,
const ::std::vector< ScDPValue > &  aValues 
void ScDPResultMember::ResetResults ( )

Definition at line 1728 of file dptabres.cxx.

References pChildDimension, and pDataRoot.

Referenced by ScDPResultDimension::ResetResults().

void ScDPResultMember::SetAutoHidden ( )

Definition at line 378 of file dptabres.hxx.

References bAutoHidden.

Referenced by ScDPResultDimension::DoAutoShow(), and ScDPDataDimension::DoAutoShow().

void ScDPResultMember::SetHasElements ( )

Definition at line 377 of file dptabres.hxx.

References bHasElements.

Referenced by CheckShowEmpty(), and ProcessData().

void ScDPResultMember::SortMembers ( ScDPResultMember pRefMember)

Definition at line 1698 of file dptabres.cxx.

References IsRoot(), pChildDimension, and pDataRoot.

Referenced by ScDPResultDimension::SortMembers().

void ScDPResultMember::UpdateDataResults ( const ScDPResultMember pRefMember,
tools::Long  nMeasure 
) const
void ScDPResultMember::UpdateRunningTotals ( const ScDPResultMember pRefMember,
tools::Long  nMeasure,
ScDPRunningTotalState rRunning,
ScDPRowTotals rTotals 
) const

Member Data Documentation

ScDPAggData ScDPResultMember::aColTotal

Definition at line 340 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by GetColTotal().

ScDPParentDimData ScDPResultMember::aParentDimData

Definition at line 332 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by FillMemberResults(), and GetDisplayName().

bool ScDPResultMember::bAutoHidden

Definition at line 339 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by IsValid(), and SetAutoHidden().

bool ScDPResultMember::bForceSubTotal

Definition at line 336 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by GetSubTotalCount().

bool ScDPResultMember::bHasElements

Definition at line 335 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by CheckShowEmpty(), IsVisible(), and SetHasElements().

bool ScDPResultMember::bHasHiddenDetails

Definition at line 337 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by HasHiddenDetails(), InitFrom(), and LateInitFrom().

bool ScDPResultMember::bInitialized

Definition at line 338 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by CheckShowEmpty(), InitFrom(), IsVisible(), and LateInitFrom().

sal_uInt16 ScDPResultMember::nMemberStep

Definition at line 342 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by FillMemberResults(), InitFrom(), and LateInitFrom().

std::unique_ptr<ScDPResultDimension> ScDPResultMember::pChildDimension
std::unique_ptr<ScDPDataMember> ScDPResultMember::pDataRoot
const ScDPResultData* ScDPResultMember::pResultData

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