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ScDPResultData Class Reference

The term 'measure' here roughly equals "data dimension" ? More...

#include <dptabres.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 ScDPResultData (ScDPSource &rSrc)
 ~ScDPResultData ()
void SetMeasureData (std::vector< ScSubTotalFunc > &rFunctions, std::vector< css::sheet::DataPilotFieldReference > &rRefs, std::vector< css::sheet::DataPilotFieldOrientation > &rRefOrient, std::vector< OUString > &rNames)
void SetDataLayoutOrientation (css::sheet::DataPilotFieldOrientation nOrient)
void SetLateInit (bool bSet)
long GetMeasureCount () const
ScSubTotalFunc GetMeasureFunction (long nMeasure) const
OUString GetMeasureString (long nMeasure, bool bForce, ScSubTotalFunc eForceFunc, bool &rbTotalResult) const
OUString GetMeasureDimensionName (long nMeasure) const
const css::sheet::DataPilotFieldReference & GetMeasureRefVal (long nMeasure) const
css::sheet::DataPilotFieldOrientation GetMeasureRefOrient (long nMeasure) const
bool IsLateInit () const
long GetColStartMeasure () const
long GetRowStartMeasure () const
long GetCountForMeasure (long nMeas) const
bool IsBaseForGroup (long nDim) const
long GetGroupBase (long nGroupDim) const
bool IsNumOrDateGroup (long nDim) const
bool IsInGroup (SCROW nGroupDataId, long nGroupIndex, const ScDPItemData &rBaseData, long nBaseIndex) const
bool HasCommonElement (SCROW nFirstDataId, long nFirstIndex, const ScDPItemData &rSecondData, long nSecondIndex) const
ResultMembersGetDimResultMembers (long nDim, const ScDPDimension *pDim, ScDPLevel *pLevel) const
const ScDPSourceGetSource () const

Private Attributes

std::vector< ScSubTotalFuncmaMeasureFuncs
 keep things like measure lists here More...
std::vector< css::sheet::DataPilotFieldReference > maMeasureRefs
std::vector< css::sheet::DataPilotFieldOrientation > maMeasureRefOrients
std::vector< OUString > maMeasureNames
bool bLateInit:1
bool bDataAtCol:1
bool bDataAtRow:1
std::vector< std::unique_ptr< ResultMembers > > maDimMembers
 add "displayed values" settings More...

Detailed Description

The term 'measure' here roughly equals "data dimension" ?

Definition at line 273 of file dptabres.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ScDPResultData::ScDPResultData ( ScDPSource rSrc)

Definition at line 759 of file dptabres.cxx.

ScDPResultData::~ScDPResultData ( )

Definition at line 767 of file dptabres.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

long ScDPResultData::GetColStartMeasure ( ) const
long ScDPResultData::GetCountForMeasure ( long  nMeas) const
ResultMembers & ScDPResultData::GetDimResultMembers ( long  nDim,
const ScDPDimension pDim,
ScDPLevel pLevel 
) const
long ScDPResultData::GetGroupBase ( long  nGroupDim) const

Definition at line 889 of file dptabres.cxx.

References ScDPSource::GetData(), ScDPTableData::GetGroupBase(), and mrSource.

long ScDPResultData::GetMeasureCount ( ) const
OUString ScDPResultData::GetMeasureDimensionName ( long  nMeasure) const
ScSubTotalFunc ScDPResultData::GetMeasureFunction ( long  nMeasure) const
sheet::DataPilotFieldOrientation ScDPResultData::GetMeasureRefOrient ( long  nMeasure) const

Definition at line 833 of file dptabres.cxx.

References o3tl::make_unsigned(), and maMeasureRefOrients.

Referenced by ScDPDataMember::UpdateRunningTotals().

const sheet::DataPilotFieldReference & ScDPResultData::GetMeasureRefVal ( long  nMeasure) const
OUString ScDPResultData::GetMeasureString ( long  nMeasure,
bool  bForce,
ScSubTotalFunc  eForceFunc,
bool &  rbTotalResult 
) const
long ScDPResultData::GetRowStartMeasure ( ) const

Definition at line 813 of file dptabres.cxx.

References bDataAtRow, maMeasureFuncs, SC_DPMEASURE_ALL, and SC_DPMEASURE_ANY.

const ScDPSource& ScDPResultData::GetSource ( ) const

Definition at line 326 of file dptabres.hxx.

References mrSource.

Referenced by ScDPResultMember::FillMemberResults(), and ScDPResultMember::GetDisplayName().

bool ScDPResultData::HasCommonElement ( SCROW  nFirstDataId,
long  nFirstIndex,
const ScDPItemData rSecondData,
long  nSecondIndex 
) const
bool ScDPResultData::IsBaseForGroup ( long  nDim) const

Definition at line 884 of file dptabres.cxx.

References ScDPSource::GetData(), ScDPTableData::IsBaseForGroup(), and mrSource.

bool ScDPResultData::IsInGroup ( SCROW  nGroupDataId,
long  nGroupIndex,
const ScDPItemData rBaseData,
long  nBaseIndex 
) const
bool ScDPResultData::IsLateInit ( ) const
bool ScDPResultData::IsNumOrDateGroup ( long  nDim) const
void ScDPResultData::SetDataLayoutOrientation ( css::sheet::DataPilotFieldOrientation  nOrient)

Definition at line 794 of file dptabres.cxx.

References bDataAtCol, and bDataAtRow.

void ScDPResultData::SetLateInit ( bool  bSet)

Definition at line 800 of file dptabres.cxx.

References bLateInit.

void ScDPResultData::SetMeasureData ( std::vector< ScSubTotalFunc > &  rFunctions,
std::vector< css::sheet::DataPilotFieldReference > &  rRefs,
std::vector< css::sheet::DataPilotFieldOrientation > &  rRefOrient,
std::vector< OUString > &  rNames 

Member Data Documentation

bool ScDPResultData::bDataAtCol

Definition at line 284 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by GetColStartMeasure(), and SetDataLayoutOrientation().

bool ScDPResultData::bDataAtRow

Definition at line 285 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by GetRowStartMeasure(), and SetDataLayoutOrientation().

bool ScDPResultData::bLateInit

Definition at line 283 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by IsLateInit(), and SetLateInit().

std::vector<std::unique_ptr<ResultMembers> > ScDPResultData::maDimMembers

add "displayed values" settings

Definition at line 288 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by GetDimResultMembers().

std::vector<ScSubTotalFunc> ScDPResultData::maMeasureFuncs

keep things like measure lists here

Definition at line 278 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by GetColStartMeasure(), GetMeasureFunction(), GetMeasureString(), GetRowStartMeasure(), and SetMeasureData().

std::vector<OUString> ScDPResultData::maMeasureNames

Definition at line 281 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by GetMeasureString(), and SetMeasureData().

std::vector<css::sheet::DataPilotFieldOrientation> ScDPResultData::maMeasureRefOrients

Definition at line 280 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by GetMeasureRefOrient(), and SetMeasureData().

std::vector<css::sheet::DataPilotFieldReference> ScDPResultData::maMeasureRefs

Definition at line 279 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by GetMeasureRefVal(), and SetMeasureData().

ScDPSource& ScDPResultData::mrSource

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