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ScDPResultDimension Class Reference

#include <dptabres.hxx>

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Public Types

typedef std::vector< std::unique_ptr< ScDPResultMember > > MemberArray
typedef std::map< SCROW, ScDPResultMember * > MemberHash

Public Member Functions

 ScDPResultDimension (const ScDPResultData *pData)
 ~ScDPResultDimension ()
void InitFrom (const ::std::vector< ScDPDimension * > &ppDim, const ::std::vector< ScDPLevel * > &ppLev, size_t nPos, ScDPInitState &rInitState, bool bInitChild=true)
void LateInitFrom (LateInitParams &rParams, const ::std::vector< SCROW > &pItemData, size_t nPos, ScDPInitState &rInitState)
void CheckShowEmpty (bool bShow=false)
tools::Long GetSize (tools::Long nMeasure) const
bool IsValidEntry (const ::std::vector< SCROW > &aMembers) const
void ProcessData (const ::std::vector< SCROW > &aMembers, const ScDPResultDimension *pDataDim, const ::std::vector< SCROW > &aDataMembers, const ::std::vector< ScDPValue > &aValues) const
void FillMemberResults (css::uno::Sequence< css::sheet::MemberResult > *pSequences, tools::Long nStart, tools::Long nMeasure)
 Test. More...
void FillDataResults (const ScDPResultMember *pRefMember, ScDPResultFilterContext &rFilterCxt, css::uno::Sequence< css::uno::Sequence< css::sheet::DataResult > > &rSequence, tools::Long nMeasure) const
void UpdateDataResults (const ScDPResultMember *pRefMember, tools::Long nMeasure) const
void UpdateRunningTotals (const ScDPResultMember *pRefMember, tools::Long nMeasure, ScDPRunningTotalState &rRunning, ScDPRowTotals &rTotals) const
void SortMembers (ScDPResultMember *pRefMember)
tools::Long GetSortedIndex (tools::Long nUnsorted) const
void DoAutoShow (ScDPResultMember *pRefMember)
void ResetResults ()
ScDPDataMemberGetRowReferenceMember (const ScDPRelativePos *pMemberPos, const OUString *pName, const sal_Int32 *pRowIndexes, const sal_Int32 *pColIndexes) const
void DumpState (const ScDPResultMember *pRefMember, ScDocument *pDoc, ScAddress &rPos) const
void Dump (int nIndent) const
tools::Long GetMemberCount () const
const ScDPResultMemberGetMember (tools::Long n) const
ScDPResultMemberGetMember (tools::Long n)
const ScMemberSortOrderGetMemberOrder () const
ScMemberSortOrderGetMemberOrder ()
bool IsDataLayout () const
const OUString & GetName () const
bool IsSortByData () const
bool IsSortAscending () const
tools::Long GetSortMeasure () const
bool IsAutoShow () const
bool IsAutoTopItems () const
tools::Long GetAutoMeasure () const
tools::Long GetAutoCount () const
ScDPResultDimensionGetFirstChildDimension () const
void FillVisibilityData (ScDPResultVisibilityData &rData) const

Static Public Member Functions

static ScDPDataMemberGetColReferenceMember (const ScDPRelativePos *pMemberPos, const OUString *pName, sal_Int32 nRefDimPos, const ScDPRunningTotalState &rRunning)

Private Member Functions

ScDPResultMemberFindMember (SCROW iData) const
ScDPResultMemberAddMember (const ScDPParentDimData &aData)
ScDPResultMemberInsertMember (const ScDPParentDimData *pMemberData)
void InitWithMembers (LateInitParams &rParams, const ::std::vector< SCROW > &pItemData, size_t nPos, ScDPInitState &rInitState)

Private Attributes

const ScDPResultDatapResultData
MemberArray maMemberArray
MemberHash maMemberHash
OUString aDimensionName
tools::Long nSortMeasure
 or ptr to IntDimension? More...
ScMemberSortOrder aMemberOrder
bool bIsDataLayout:1
bool bSortByData:1
 or ptr to IntDimension? More...
bool bSortAscending:1
bool bAutoShow:1
bool bAutoTopItems:1
bool bInitialized:1
tools::Long nAutoMeasure
tools::Long nAutoCount

Detailed Description

Definition at line 486 of file dptabres.hxx.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ MemberArray

typedef std::vector<std::unique_ptr<ScDPResultMember> > ScDPResultDimension::MemberArray

Definition at line 489 of file dptabres.hxx.

◆ MemberHash

Definition at line 490 of file dptabres.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ScDPResultDimension()

ScDPResultDimension::ScDPResultDimension ( const ScDPResultData pData)

Definition at line 2755 of file dptabres.cxx.

References pData.

◆ ~ScDPResultDimension()

ScDPResultDimension::~ScDPResultDimension ( )

Definition at line 2769 of file dptabres.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddMember()

ScDPResultMember * ScDPResultDimension::AddMember ( const ScDPParentDimData aData)

Definition at line 3974 of file dptabres.cxx.

References aData, and ScDPResultMember::GetDataId().

Referenced by InitFrom(), and LateInitFrom().

◆ CheckShowEmpty()

void ScDPResultDimension::CheckShowEmpty ( bool  bShow = false)

Definition at line 4084 of file dptabres.cxx.

References ScDPResultMember::CheckShowEmpty(), i, maMemberArray, and nCount.

Referenced by ScDPResultMember::CheckShowEmpty().

◆ DoAutoShow()

void ScDPResultDimension::DoAutoShow ( ScDPResultMember pRefMember)

◆ Dump()

void ScDPResultDimension::Dump ( int  nIndent) const

◆ DumpState()

void ScDPResultDimension::DumpState ( const ScDPResultMember pRefMember,
ScDocument pDoc,
ScAddress rPos 
) const

◆ FillDataResults()

void ScDPResultDimension::FillDataResults ( const ScDPResultMember pRefMember,
ScDPResultFilterContext rFilterCxt,
css::uno::Sequence< css::uno::Sequence< css::sheet::DataResult > > &  rSequence,
tools::Long  nMeasure 
) const

◆ FillMemberResults()

void ScDPResultDimension::FillMemberResults ( css::uno::Sequence< css::sheet::MemberResult > *  pSequences,
tools::Long  nStart,
tools::Long  nMeasure 

◆ FillVisibilityData()

void ScDPResultDimension::FillVisibilityData ( ScDPResultVisibilityData rData) const

◆ FindMember()

ScDPResultMember * ScDPResultDimension::FindMember ( SCROW  iData) const

◆ GetAutoCount()

tools::Long ScDPResultDimension::GetAutoCount ( ) const

Definition at line 593 of file dptabres.hxx.

References nAutoCount.

Referenced by ScDPDataDimension::DoAutoShow().

◆ GetAutoMeasure()

tools::Long ScDPResultDimension::GetAutoMeasure ( ) const

Definition at line 592 of file dptabres.hxx.

References nAutoMeasure.

Referenced by ScDPDataDimension::DoAutoShow().

◆ GetColReferenceMember()

ScDPDataMember * ScDPResultDimension::GetColReferenceMember ( const ScDPRelativePos pMemberPos,
const OUString *  pName,
sal_Int32  nRefDimPos,
const ScDPRunningTotalState rRunning 

◆ GetFirstChildDimension()

ScDPResultDimension * ScDPResultDimension::GetFirstChildDimension ( ) const

Definition at line 3515 of file dptabres.cxx.

References maMemberArray.

Referenced by ScDPResultMember::FillMemberResults().

◆ GetMember() [1/2]

ScDPResultMember * ScDPResultDimension::GetMember ( tools::Long  n)

Definition at line 3510 of file dptabres.cxx.

References maMemberArray, and n.

◆ GetMember() [2/2]

const ScDPResultMember * ScDPResultDimension::GetMember ( tools::Long  n) const

◆ GetMemberCount()

tools::Long ScDPResultDimension::GetMemberCount ( ) const

◆ GetMemberOrder() [1/2]

ScMemberSortOrder & ScDPResultDimension::GetMemberOrder ( )

Definition at line 581 of file dptabres.hxx.

References aMemberOrder.

◆ GetMemberOrder() [2/2]

const ScMemberSortOrder & ScDPResultDimension::GetMemberOrder ( ) const

◆ GetName()

const OUString & ScDPResultDimension::GetName ( ) const

◆ GetRowReferenceMember()

ScDPDataMember * ScDPResultDimension::GetRowReferenceMember ( const ScDPRelativePos pMemberPos,
const OUString *  pName,
const sal_Int32 *  pRowIndexes,
const sal_Int32 *  pColIndexes 
) const

◆ GetSize()

tools::Long ScDPResultDimension::GetSize ( tools::Long  nMeasure) const

◆ GetSortedIndex()

tools::Long ScDPResultDimension::GetSortedIndex ( tools::Long  nUnsorted) const

Definition at line 3223 of file dptabres.cxx.

References aMemberOrder.

Referenced by GetRowReferenceMember().

◆ GetSortMeasure()

tools::Long ScDPResultDimension::GetSortMeasure ( ) const

Definition at line 588 of file dptabres.hxx.

References nSortMeasure.

Referenced by ScDPDataDimension::SortMembers().

◆ InitFrom()

void ScDPResultDimension::InitFrom ( const ::std::vector< ScDPDimension * > &  ppDim,
const ::std::vector< ScDPLevel * > &  ppLev,
size_t  nPos,
ScDPInitState rInitState,
bool  bInitChild = true 

◆ InitWithMembers()

void ScDPResultDimension::InitWithMembers ( LateInitParams rParams,
const ::std::vector< SCROW > &  pItemData,
size_t  nPos,
ScDPInitState rInitState 

◆ InsertMember()

ScDPResultMember * ScDPResultDimension::InsertMember ( const ScDPParentDimData pMemberData)

◆ IsAutoShow()

bool ScDPResultDimension::IsAutoShow ( ) const

Definition at line 590 of file dptabres.hxx.

References bAutoShow.

Referenced by ScDPDataDimension::DoAutoShow().

◆ IsAutoTopItems()

bool ScDPResultDimension::IsAutoTopItems ( ) const

Definition at line 591 of file dptabres.hxx.

References bAutoTopItems.

Referenced by ScDPDataDimension::DoAutoShow().

◆ IsDataLayout()

bool ScDPResultDimension::IsDataLayout ( ) const

◆ IsSortAscending()

bool ScDPResultDimension::IsSortAscending ( ) const

Definition at line 587 of file dptabres.hxx.

References bSortAscending.

Referenced by ScDPDataDimension::SortMembers().

◆ IsSortByData()

bool ScDPResultDimension::IsSortByData ( ) const

Definition at line 586 of file dptabres.hxx.

References bSortByData.

Referenced by ScDPDataDimension::SortMembers().

◆ IsValidEntry()

bool ScDPResultDimension::IsValidEntry ( const ::std::vector< SCROW > &  aMembers) const

◆ LateInitFrom()

void ScDPResultDimension::LateInitFrom ( LateInitParams rParams,
const ::std::vector< SCROW > &  pItemData,
size_t  nPos,
ScDPInitState rInitState 

◆ ProcessData()

void ScDPResultDimension::ProcessData ( const ::std::vector< SCROW > &  aMembers,
const ScDPResultDimension pDataDim,
const ::std::vector< SCROW > &  aDataMembers,
const ::std::vector< ScDPValue > &  aValues 
) const

Definition at line 3021 of file dptabres.cxx.

References FindMember(), and ScDPResultMember::ProcessData().

Referenced by ScDPTableData::ProcessRowData().

◆ ResetResults()

void ScDPResultDimension::ResetResults ( )

Definition at line 3212 of file dptabres.cxx.

References bIsDataLayout, i, maMemberArray, nCount, and ScDPResultMember::ResetResults().

◆ SortMembers()

void ScDPResultDimension::SortMembers ( ScDPResultMember pRefMember)

◆ UpdateDataResults()

void ScDPResultDimension::UpdateDataResults ( const ScDPResultMember pRefMember,
tools::Long  nMeasure 
) const

◆ UpdateRunningTotals()

void ScDPResultDimension::UpdateRunningTotals ( const ScDPResultMember pRefMember,
tools::Long  nMeasure,
ScDPRunningTotalState rRunning,
ScDPRowTotals rTotals 
) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ aDimensionName

OUString ScDPResultDimension::aDimensionName

Definition at line 495 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by GetName(), InitFrom(), and LateInitFrom().

◆ aMemberOrder

ScMemberSortOrder ScDPResultDimension::aMemberOrder

◆ bAutoShow

bool ScDPResultDimension::bAutoShow

Definition at line 501 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by DoAutoShow(), InitFrom(), IsAutoShow(), and LateInitFrom().

◆ bAutoTopItems

bool ScDPResultDimension::bAutoTopItems

Definition at line 502 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by DoAutoShow(), InitFrom(), IsAutoTopItems(), and LateInitFrom().

◆ bInitialized

bool ScDPResultDimension::bInitialized

Definition at line 503 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by InitFrom(), and LateInitFrom().

◆ bIsDataLayout

bool ScDPResultDimension::bIsDataLayout

◆ bSortAscending

bool ScDPResultDimension::bSortAscending

Definition at line 500 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by InitFrom(), IsSortAscending(), LateInitFrom(), and SortMembers().

◆ bSortByData

bool ScDPResultDimension::bSortByData

or ptr to IntDimension?

Definition at line 499 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by InitFrom(), IsSortByData(), LateInitFrom(), and SortMembers().

◆ maMemberArray

MemberArray ScDPResultDimension::maMemberArray

◆ maMemberHash

MemberHash ScDPResultDimension::maMemberHash

Definition at line 494 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by FindMember().

◆ nAutoCount

tools::Long ScDPResultDimension::nAutoCount

Definition at line 505 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by DoAutoShow(), GetAutoCount(), InitFrom(), and LateInitFrom().

◆ nAutoMeasure

tools::Long ScDPResultDimension::nAutoMeasure

Definition at line 504 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by DoAutoShow(), GetAutoMeasure(), InitFrom(), and LateInitFrom().

◆ nSortMeasure

tools::Long ScDPResultDimension::nSortMeasure

or ptr to IntDimension?

Definition at line 496 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by GetSortMeasure(), InitFrom(), LateInitFrom(), and SortMembers().

◆ pResultData

const ScDPResultData* ScDPResultDimension::pResultData

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