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ScDPResultDimension Class Reference

#include <dptabres.hxx>

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Public Types

typedef std::vector< std::unique_ptr< ScDPResultMember > > MemberArray
typedef std::map< SCROW, ScDPResultMember * > MemberHash

Public Member Functions

 ScDPResultDimension (const ScDPResultData *pData)
 ~ScDPResultDimension ()
void InitFrom (const ::std::vector< ScDPDimension * > &ppDim, const ::std::vector< ScDPLevel * > &ppLev, size_t nPos, ScDPInitState &rInitState, bool bInitChild=true)
void LateInitFrom (LateInitParams &rParams, const ::std::vector< SCROW > &pItemData, size_t nPos, ScDPInitState &rInitState)
void CheckShowEmpty (bool bShow=false)
long GetSize (long nMeasure) const
bool IsValidEntry (const ::std::vector< SCROW > &aMembers) const
void ProcessData (const ::std::vector< SCROW > &aMembers, const ScDPResultDimension *pDataDim, const ::std::vector< SCROW > &aDataMembers, const ::std::vector< ScDPValue > &aValues) const
void FillMemberResults (css::uno::Sequence< css::sheet::MemberResult > *pSequences, long nStart, long nMeasure)
 Test. More...
void FillDataResults (const ScDPResultMember *pRefMember, ScDPResultFilterContext &rFilterCxt, css::uno::Sequence< css::uno::Sequence< css::sheet::DataResult > > &rSequence, long nMeasure) const
void UpdateDataResults (const ScDPResultMember *pRefMember, long nMeasure) const
void UpdateRunningTotals (const ScDPResultMember *pRefMember, long nMeasure, ScDPRunningTotalState &rRunning, ScDPRowTotals &rTotals) const
void SortMembers (ScDPResultMember *pRefMember)
long GetSortedIndex (long nUnsorted) const
void DoAutoShow (ScDPResultMember *pRefMember)
void ResetResults ()
ScDPDataMemberGetRowReferenceMember (const ScDPRelativePos *pMemberPos, const OUString *pName, const long *pRowIndexes, const long *pColIndexes) const
void DumpState (const ScDPResultMember *pRefMember, ScDocument *pDoc, ScAddress &rPos) const
void Dump (int nIndent) const
long GetMemberCount () const
const ScDPResultMemberGetMember (long n) const
ScDPResultMemberGetMember (long n)
const ScMemberSortOrderGetMemberOrder () const
ScMemberSortOrderGetMemberOrder ()
bool IsDataLayout () const
const OUString & GetName () const
bool IsSortByData () const
bool IsSortAscending () const
long GetSortMeasure () const
bool IsAutoShow () const
bool IsAutoTopItems () const
long GetAutoMeasure () const
long GetAutoCount () const
ScDPResultDimensionGetFirstChildDimension () const
void FillVisibilityData (ScDPResultVisibilityData &rData) const

Static Public Member Functions

static ScDPDataMemberGetColReferenceMember (const ScDPRelativePos *pMemberPos, const OUString *pName, long nRefDimPos, const ScDPRunningTotalState &rRunning)

Private Member Functions

ScDPResultMemberFindMember (SCROW iData) const
ScDPResultMemberAddMember (const ScDPParentDimData &aData)
ScDPResultMemberInsertMember (const ScDPParentDimData *pMemberData)
void InitWithMembers (LateInitParams &rParams, const ::std::vector< SCROW > &pItemData, size_t nPos, ScDPInitState &rInitState)

Private Attributes

const ScDPResultDatapResultData
MemberArray maMemberArray
MemberHash maMemberHash
OUString aDimensionName
long nSortMeasure
 or ptr to IntDimension? More...
ScMemberSortOrder aMemberOrder
bool bIsDataLayout:1
bool bSortByData:1
 or ptr to IntDimension? More...
bool bSortAscending:1
bool bAutoShow:1
bool bAutoTopItems:1
bool bInitialized:1
long nAutoMeasure
long nAutoCount

Detailed Description

Definition at line 488 of file dptabres.hxx.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<std::unique_ptr<ScDPResultMember> > ScDPResultDimension::MemberArray

Definition at line 491 of file dptabres.hxx.

Definition at line 492 of file dptabres.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ScDPResultDimension::ScDPResultDimension ( const ScDPResultData pData)

Definition at line 2749 of file dptabres.cxx.

ScDPResultDimension::~ScDPResultDimension ( )

Definition at line 2763 of file dptabres.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

ScDPResultMember * ScDPResultDimension::AddMember ( const ScDPParentDimData aData)

Definition at line 3962 of file dptabres.cxx.

References ScDPResultMember::GetDataId().

Referenced by InitFrom(), and LateInitFrom().

void ScDPResultDimension::CheckShowEmpty ( bool  bShow = false)

Definition at line 4076 of file dptabres.cxx.

References ScDPResultMember::CheckShowEmpty(), and i.

Referenced by ScDPResultMember::CheckShowEmpty().

void ScDPResultDimension::DoAutoShow ( ScDPResultMember pRefMember)
void ScDPResultDimension::Dump ( int  nIndent) const
void ScDPResultDimension::DumpState ( const ScDPResultMember pRefMember,
ScDocument pDoc,
ScAddress rPos 
) const
void ScDPResultDimension::FillDataResults ( const ScDPResultMember pRefMember,
ScDPResultFilterContext rFilterCxt,
css::uno::Sequence< css::uno::Sequence< css::sheet::DataResult > > &  rSequence,
long  nMeasure 
) const
void ScDPResultDimension::FillMemberResults ( css::uno::Sequence< css::sheet::MemberResult > *  pSequences,
long  nStart,
long  nMeasure 
void ScDPResultDimension::FillVisibilityData ( ScDPResultVisibilityData rData) const
ScDPResultMember * ScDPResultDimension::FindMember ( SCROW  iData) const
long ScDPResultDimension::GetAutoCount ( ) const

Definition at line 595 of file dptabres.hxx.

References nAutoCount.

Referenced by ScDPDataDimension::DoAutoShow().

long ScDPResultDimension::GetAutoMeasure ( ) const

Definition at line 594 of file dptabres.hxx.

References nAutoMeasure.

Referenced by ScDPDataDimension::DoAutoShow().

ScDPDataMember * ScDPResultDimension::GetColReferenceMember ( const ScDPRelativePos pMemberPos,
const OUString *  pName,
long  nRefDimPos,
const ScDPRunningTotalState rRunning 
ScDPResultDimension * ScDPResultDimension::GetFirstChildDimension ( ) const

Definition at line 3503 of file dptabres.cxx.

Referenced by ScDPResultMember::FillMemberResults().

const ScDPResultMember * ScDPResultDimension::GetMember ( long  n) const
ScDPResultMember * ScDPResultDimension::GetMember ( long  n)

Definition at line 3498 of file dptabres.cxx.

long ScDPResultDimension::GetMemberCount ( ) const
const ScMemberSortOrder& ScDPResultDimension::GetMemberOrder ( ) const
ScMemberSortOrder& ScDPResultDimension::GetMemberOrder ( )

Definition at line 583 of file dptabres.hxx.

References aMemberOrder.

const OUString& ScDPResultDimension::GetName ( ) const
ScDPDataMember * ScDPResultDimension::GetRowReferenceMember ( const ScDPRelativePos pMemberPos,
const OUString *  pName,
const long *  pRowIndexes,
const long *  pColIndexes 
) const
long ScDPResultDimension::GetSize ( long  nMeasure) const
long ScDPResultDimension::GetSortedIndex ( long  nUnsorted) const

Definition at line 3211 of file dptabres.cxx.

References aMemberOrder.

Referenced by GetRowReferenceMember().

long ScDPResultDimension::GetSortMeasure ( ) const

Definition at line 590 of file dptabres.hxx.

References nSortMeasure.

Referenced by ScDPDataDimension::SortMembers().

void ScDPResultDimension::InitFrom ( const ::std::vector< ScDPDimension * > &  ppDim,
const ::std::vector< ScDPLevel * > &  ppLev,
size_t  nPos,
ScDPInitState rInitState,
bool  bInitChild = true 
void ScDPResultDimension::InitWithMembers ( LateInitParams rParams,
const ::std::vector< SCROW > &  pItemData,
size_t  nPos,
ScDPInitState rInitState 
ScDPResultMember * ScDPResultDimension::InsertMember ( const ScDPParentDimData pMemberData)
bool ScDPResultDimension::IsAutoShow ( ) const

Definition at line 592 of file dptabres.hxx.

References bAutoShow.

Referenced by ScDPDataDimension::DoAutoShow().

bool ScDPResultDimension::IsAutoTopItems ( ) const

Definition at line 593 of file dptabres.hxx.

References bAutoTopItems.

Referenced by ScDPDataDimension::DoAutoShow().

bool ScDPResultDimension::IsDataLayout ( ) const
bool ScDPResultDimension::IsSortAscending ( ) const

Definition at line 589 of file dptabres.hxx.

References bSortAscending.

Referenced by ScDPDataDimension::SortMembers().

bool ScDPResultDimension::IsSortByData ( ) const

Definition at line 588 of file dptabres.hxx.

References bSortByData.

Referenced by ScDPDataDimension::SortMembers().

bool ScDPResultDimension::IsValidEntry ( const ::std::vector< SCROW > &  aMembers) const
void ScDPResultDimension::LateInitFrom ( LateInitParams rParams,
const ::std::vector< SCROW > &  pItemData,
size_t  nPos,
ScDPInitState rInitState 
void ScDPResultDimension::ProcessData ( const ::std::vector< SCROW > &  aMembers,
const ScDPResultDimension pDataDim,
const ::std::vector< SCROW > &  aDataMembers,
const ::std::vector< ScDPValue > &  aValues 
) const

Definition at line 3009 of file dptabres.cxx.

References FindMember(), and ScDPResultMember::ProcessData().

Referenced by ScDPTableData::ProcessRowData().

void ScDPResultDimension::ResetResults ( )

Definition at line 3200 of file dptabres.cxx.

References bIsDataLayout, i, maMemberArray, nCount, and ScDPResultMember::ResetResults().

void ScDPResultDimension::SortMembers ( ScDPResultMember pRefMember)
void ScDPResultDimension::UpdateDataResults ( const ScDPResultMember pRefMember,
long  nMeasure 
) const
void ScDPResultDimension::UpdateRunningTotals ( const ScDPResultMember pRefMember,
long  nMeasure,
ScDPRunningTotalState rRunning,
ScDPRowTotals rTotals 
) const

Member Data Documentation

OUString ScDPResultDimension::aDimensionName

Definition at line 497 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by GetName(), InitFrom(), and LateInitFrom().

ScMemberSortOrder ScDPResultDimension::aMemberOrder
bool ScDPResultDimension::bAutoShow

Definition at line 503 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by DoAutoShow(), InitFrom(), IsAutoShow(), and LateInitFrom().

bool ScDPResultDimension::bAutoTopItems

Definition at line 504 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by DoAutoShow(), InitFrom(), IsAutoTopItems(), and LateInitFrom().

bool ScDPResultDimension::bInitialized

Definition at line 505 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by InitFrom(), and LateInitFrom().

bool ScDPResultDimension::bIsDataLayout
bool ScDPResultDimension::bSortAscending

Definition at line 502 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by InitFrom(), IsSortAscending(), LateInitFrom(), and SortMembers().

bool ScDPResultDimension::bSortByData

or ptr to IntDimension?

Definition at line 501 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by InitFrom(), IsSortByData(), LateInitFrom(), and SortMembers().

MemberArray ScDPResultDimension::maMemberArray
MemberHash ScDPResultDimension::maMemberHash

Definition at line 496 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by FindMember().

long ScDPResultDimension::nAutoCount

Definition at line 507 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by DoAutoShow(), GetAutoCount(), InitFrom(), and LateInitFrom().

long ScDPResultDimension::nAutoMeasure

Definition at line 506 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by DoAutoShow(), GetAutoMeasure(), InitFrom(), and LateInitFrom().

long ScDPResultDimension::nSortMeasure

or ptr to IntDimension?

Definition at line 498 of file dptabres.hxx.

Referenced by GetSortMeasure(), InitFrom(), LateInitFrom(), and SortMembers().

const ScDPResultData* ScDPResultDimension::pResultData

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