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ToolBox Class Reference

A toolbar: contains all those icons, typically below the menu bar. More...

#include <toolbox.hxx>

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struct  ImplToolSize

Public Types

using ImplToolItems = std::vector< ImplToolItem >

Public Member Functions

virtual FactoryFunction GetUITestFactory () const override
void SetCurItemId (ToolBoxItemId CurID)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplFloatControl (bool bStart, FloatingWindow *pWindow)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE int ImplGetDragWidth () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplUpdateDragArea () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplCalcBorder (WindowAlign eAlign, tools::Long &rLeft, tools::Long &rTop, tools::Long &rRight, tools::Long &rBottom) const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplCheckUpdate ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplDrawGrip (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplDrawGradientBackground (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool ImplDrawNativeBackground (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext) const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplDrawTransparentBackground (const vcl::Region &rRegion)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplDrawBackground (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext, const tools::Rectangle &rRect)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplErase (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext, const tools::Rectangle &rRect, bool bHighlight, bool bHasOpenPopup=false)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplDrawBorder (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE const ImplToolItemImplGetFirstClippedItem () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE Size ImplCalcSize (ImplToolItems::size_type nCalcLines, sal_uInt16 nCalcMode=0)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplCalcFloatSizes ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE Size ImplCalcFloatSize (ImplToolItems::size_type &rLines)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplCalcMinMaxFloatSize (Size &rMinSize, Size &rMaxSize)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplSetMinMaxFloatSize ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE ImplToolItems::size_type ImplCalcLines (tools::Long nToolSize) const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE sal_uInt16 ImplTestLineSize (const Point &rPos) const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplLineSizing (const Point &rPos, tools::Rectangle &rRect, sal_uInt16 nLineMode)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplDrawMenuButton (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext, bool bHighlight)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplDrawButton (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext, const tools::Rectangle &rRect, sal_uInt16 highlight, bool bChecked, bool bEnabled, bool bIsWindow)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE ImplToolItems::size_type ImplCountLineBreaks () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE ImplToolBoxPrivateDataImplGetToolBoxPrivateData () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ApplyBackgroundSettings (vcl::RenderContext &, const StyleSettings &)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ApplyForegroundSettings (vcl::RenderContext &, const StyleSettings &)
 ToolBox (vcl::Window *pParent, WinBits nStyle=0)
 ToolBox (vcl::Window *pParent, const OUString &rID, const OUString &rUIXMLDescription, const css::uno::Reference< css::frame::XFrame > &rFrame=css::uno::Reference< css::frame::XFrame >())
virtual ~ToolBox () override
virtual void dispose () override
 This is intended to be used to clear any locally held references to other Window-subclass objects. More...
virtual void Click ()
void DoubleClick ()
virtual void Activate () override
virtual void Deactivate () override
void Highlight ()
virtual void Select ()
virtual void MouseButtonDown (const MouseEvent &rMEvt) override
virtual void MouseButtonUp (const MouseEvent &rMEvt) override
virtual void MouseMove (const MouseEvent &rMEvt) override
virtual void Tracking (const TrackingEvent &rTEvt) override
virtual void Paint (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext, const tools::Rectangle &rRect) override
virtual void Resize () override
virtual void RequestHelp (const HelpEvent &rHEvt) override
virtual bool EventNotify (NotifyEvent &rNEvt) override
virtual void Command (const CommandEvent &rCEvt) override
virtual void StateChanged (StateChangedType nType) override
virtual void DataChanged (const DataChangedEvent &rDCEvt) override
virtual void LoseFocus () override
virtual void KeyInput (const KeyEvent &rKEvt) override
virtual void ToggleFloatingMode () override
virtual void StartDocking () override
virtual bool Docking (const Point &rPos, tools::Rectangle &rRect) override
virtual void EndDocking (const tools::Rectangle &rRect, bool bFloatMode) override
virtual void Resizing (Size &rSize) override
virtual Size GetOptimalSize () const override
virtual void doDeferredInit (WinBits nBits) override
virtual void queue_resize (StateChangedType eReason=StateChangedType::Layout) override
virtual void InsertItem (const OUString &rCommand, const css::uno::Reference< css::frame::XFrame > &rFrame, ToolBoxItemBits nBits, const Size &rRequestedSize, ImplToolItems::size_type nPos=APPEND)
 Insert a command (like '.uno:Save'). More...
void InsertItem (ToolBoxItemId nItemId, const Image &rImage, ToolBoxItemBits nBits=ToolBoxItemBits::NONE, ImplToolItems::size_type nPos=APPEND)
void InsertItem (ToolBoxItemId nItemId, const Image &rImage, const OUString &rText, ToolBoxItemBits nBits=ToolBoxItemBits::NONE, ImplToolItems::size_type nPos=APPEND)
void InsertItem (ToolBoxItemId nItemId, const OUString &rText, const OUString &rCommand, ToolBoxItemBits nBits=ToolBoxItemBits::NONE, ImplToolItems::size_type nPos=APPEND)
void InsertWindow (ToolBoxItemId nItemId, vcl::Window *pWindow, ToolBoxItemBits nBits=ToolBoxItemBits::NONE, ImplToolItems::size_type nPos=APPEND)
void InsertSpace ()
void InsertSeparator (ImplToolItems::size_type nPos=APPEND, sal_uInt16 nPixSize=0)
void InsertBreak (ImplToolItems::size_type nPos=APPEND)
void RemoveItem (ImplToolItems::size_type nPos)
void CopyItem (const ToolBox &rToolBox, ToolBoxItemId nItemId)
void Clear ()
void SetButtonType (ButtonType eNewType)
ButtonType GetButtonType () const
void SetToolboxButtonSize (ToolBoxButtonSize eSize)
ToolBoxButtonSize GetToolboxButtonSize () const
vcl::ImageType GetImageSize () const
void SetAlign (WindowAlign eNewAlign=WindowAlign::Top)
WindowAlign GetAlign () const
bool IsHorizontal () const
void SetLineCount (ImplToolItems::size_type nNewLines)
void ShowLine (bool bNext)
ImplToolItems::size_type GetItemCount () const
ToolBoxItemType GetItemType (ImplToolItems::size_type nPos) const
ImplToolItems::size_type GetItemPos (ToolBoxItemId nItemId) const
ImplToolItems::size_type GetItemPos (const Point &rPos) const
ToolBoxItemId GetItemId (ImplToolItems::size_type nPos) const
ToolBoxItemId GetItemId (const Point &rPos) const
ToolBoxItemId GetItemId (const OUString &rCommand) const
 Map the command name (like .uno:Save) back to item id. More...
tools::Rectangle GetItemRect (ToolBoxItemId nItemId)
tools::Rectangle GetItemPosRect (ImplToolItems::size_type nPos)
tools::Rectangle const & GetOverflowRect () const
Size GetItemContentSize (ToolBoxItemId nItemId)
 Returns size of the bitmap / text that is inside this toolbox item. More...
ToolBoxItemId GetCurItemId () const
ToolBoxItemId GetDownItemId () const
sal_uInt16 GetModifier () const
void SetItemBits (ToolBoxItemId nItemId, ToolBoxItemBits nBits)
ToolBoxItemBits GetItemBits (ToolBoxItemId nItemId) const
void SetItemExpand (ToolBoxItemId nItemId, bool bExpand)
void SetItemWindowNonInteractive (ToolBoxItemId nItemId, bool bNonInteractive)
void SetItemData (ToolBoxItemId nItemId, void *pNewData)
void * GetItemData (ToolBoxItemId nItemId) const
void SetItemImage (ToolBoxItemId nItemId, const Image &rImage)
Image GetItemImage (ToolBoxItemId nItemId) const
void SetItemImageAngle (ToolBoxItemId nItemId, Degree10 nAngle10)
void SetItemImageMirrorMode (ToolBoxItemId nItemId, bool bMirror)
void SetItemText (ToolBoxItemId nItemId, const OUString &rText)
const OUString & GetItemText (ToolBoxItemId nItemId) const
void SetItemWindow (ToolBoxItemId nItemId, vcl::Window *pNewWindow)
vcl::WindowGetItemWindow (ToolBoxItemId nItemId) const
ToolBoxItemId GetHighlightItemId () const
void EndSelection ()
void SetItemDown (ToolBoxItemId nItemId, bool bDown)
void SetItemState (ToolBoxItemId nItemId, TriState eState)
TriState GetItemState (ToolBoxItemId nItemId) const
void CheckItem (ToolBoxItemId nItemId, bool bCheck=true)
bool IsItemChecked (ToolBoxItemId nItemId) const
void EnableItem (ToolBoxItemId nItemId, bool bEnable=true)
bool IsItemEnabled (ToolBoxItemId nItemId) const
void TriggerItem (ToolBoxItemId nItemId)
void ShowItem (ToolBoxItemId nItemId, bool bVisible=true)
 Shows or hides items. More...
void HideItem (ToolBoxItemId nItemId)
 Convenience method to hide items (via ShowItem). More...
bool IsItemClipped (ToolBoxItemId nItemId) const
bool IsItemVisible (ToolBoxItemId nItemId) const
bool IsItemReallyVisible (ToolBoxItemId nItemId) const
void SetItemCommand (ToolBoxItemId nItemId, const OUString &rCommand)
OUString GetItemCommand (ToolBoxItemId nItemId) const
void SetQuickHelpText (ToolBoxItemId nItemId, const OUString &rText)
OUString GetQuickHelpText (ToolBoxItemId nItemId) const
void SetHelpText (ToolBoxItemId nItemId, const OUString &rText)
const OUString & GetHelpText (ToolBoxItemId nItemId) const
void SetHelpId (ToolBoxItemId nItemId, const OUString &rHelpId)
Size CalcWindowSizePixel ()
Size CalcWindowSizePixel (ImplToolItems::size_type nCalcLines)
Size CalcWindowSizePixel (ImplToolItems::size_type nCalcLines, WindowAlign eAlign)
Size CalcFloatingWindowSizePixel ()
Size CalcFloatingWindowSizePixel (ImplToolItems::size_type nCalcLines)
Size CalcPopupWindowSizePixel ()
Size CalcMinimumWindowSizePixel ()
ImplToolItems::size_type GetFloatingLines () const
void SetStyle (WinBits nNewStyle)
WinBits GetStyle () const
void Lock (bool bLock)
void EnableCustomize (bool bEnable=true)
bool IsCustomize () const
void SetClickHdl (const Link< ToolBox *, void > &rLink)
void SetDoubleClickHdl (const Link< ToolBox *, void > &rLink)
void SetDropdownClickHdl (const Link< ToolBox *, void > &rLink)
void SetActivateHdl (const Link< ToolBox *, void > &rLink)
void SetDeactivateHdl (const Link< ToolBox *, void > &rLink)
void SetSelectHdl (const Link< ToolBox *, void > &rLink)
void SetStateChangedHdl (const Link< StateChangedType const *, void > &aLink)
void SetDataChangedHdl (const Link< DataChangedEvent const *, void > &aLink)
void SetMenuButtonHdl (const Link< ToolBox *, void > &rLink)
void SetMenuType (ToolBoxMenuType aType=ToolBoxMenuType::Customize)
ToolBoxMenuType GetMenuType () const
bool IsMenuEnabled () const
PopupMenuGetMenu () const
void UpdateCustomMenu ()
void SetMenuExecuteHdl (const Link< ToolBox *, void > &rLink)
void ExecuteCustomMenu (const tools::Rectangle &rRect=tools::Rectangle())
bool IsKeyEvent () const
bool WillUsePopupMode () const
void WillUsePopupMode (bool b)
OUString GetDisplayText () const override
tools::Rectangle GetCharacterBounds (ToolBoxItemId nItemId, tools::Long nIndex)
tools::Long GetIndexForPoint (const Point &rPoint, ToolBoxItemId &rItemID)
Size GetDefaultImageSize () const
void ChangeHighlight (ImplToolItems::size_type nPos)
void SetToolbarLayoutMode (ToolBoxLayoutMode eLayout)
void SetToolBoxTextPosition (ToolBoxTextPosition ePosition)
void SetLineSpacing (bool b)
virtual void DumpAsPropertyTree (tools::JsonWriter &) override
 Dumps itself and potentially its children to a property tree, to be written easily to JSON. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from DockingWindow
bool isLayoutEnabled () const
void setOptimalLayoutSize ()
void ImplStartDocking (const Point &rPos)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool isDeferredInit () const
virtual void doDeferredInit (WinBits nBits)
 DockingWindow (vcl::Window *pParent, WinBits nStyle, const char *pIdleDebugName="vcl::DockingWindow maLayoutIdle")
 DockingWindow (vcl::Window *pParent, const OUString &rID, const OUString &rUIXMLDescription, const char *pIdleDebugName="vcl::DockingWindow maLayoutIdle", const css::uno::Reference< css::frame::XFrame > &rFrame=css::uno::Reference< css::frame::XFrame >())
virtual ~DockingWindow () override
virtual void dispose () override
 This is intended to be used to clear any locally held references to other Window-subclass objects. More...
virtual void StartDocking ()
virtual bool Docking (const Point &rPos, tools::Rectangle &rRect)
virtual void EndDocking (const tools::Rectangle &rRect, bool bFloatMode)
virtual bool PrepareToggleFloatingMode ()
virtual void ToggleFloatingMode ()
virtual void Resizing (Size &rSize)
virtual bool Close ()
virtual void Tracking (const TrackingEvent &rTEvt) override
virtual bool EventNotify (NotifyEvent &rNEvt) override
virtual void StateChanged (StateChangedType nType) override
virtual void DataChanged (const DataChangedEvent &rDCEvt) override
void SetMinOutputSizePixel (const Size &rSize)
const SizeGetMinOutputSizePixel () const
void SetMaxOutputSizePixel (const Size &rSize)
bool IsDocking () const
bool IsDockable () const
bool IsDockingCanceled () const
void SetFloatingMode (bool bFloatMode)
bool IsFloatingMode () const
SystemWindowGetFloatingWindow () const
void SetFloatingPos (const Point &rNewPos)
Point GetFloatingPos () const
void SetFloatStyle (WinBits nWinStyle)
WinBits GetFloatStyle () const
virtual void setPosSizePixel (tools::Long nX, tools::Long nY, tools::Long nWidth, tools::Long nHeight, PosSizeFlags nFlags=PosSizeFlags::All) override
Point GetPosPixel () const override
Size GetSizePixel () const override
void SetOutputSizePixel (const Size &rNewSize) override
Size GetOutputSizePixel () const
virtual void SetText (const OUString &rStr) override
virtual OUString GetText () const override
virtual Size GetOptimalSize () const override
virtual void queue_resize (StateChangedType eReason=StateChangedType::Layout) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from vcl::Window
 DECL_DLLPRIVATE_LINK (ImplHandlePaintHdl, Timer *, void)
 DECL_DLLPRIVATE_LINK (ImplGenerateMouseMoveHdl, void *, void)
 DECL_DLLPRIVATE_LINK (ImplTrackTimerHdl, Timer *, void)
 DECL_DLLPRIVATE_LINK (ImplAsyncFocusHdl, void *, void)
 DECL_DLLPRIVATE_LINK (ImplHandleResizeTimerHdl, Timer *, void)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE vcl::WindowImplGetFrameWindow () const
weld::WindowGetFrameWeld () const
vcl::WindowGetFrameWindow () const
SalFrameImplGetFrame () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE ImplFrameDataImplGetFrameData ()
vcl::WindowImplGetWindow () const
 if this is a proxy return the client, otherwise itself More...
SAL_DLLPRIVATE ImplWinDataImplGetWinData () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE vcl::WindowImplGetClientWindow () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE vcl::WindowImplGetDlgWindow (sal_uInt16 n, GetDlgWindowType nType, sal_uInt16 nStart=0, sal_uInt16 nEnd=0xFFFF, sal_uInt16 *pIndex=nullptr)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE vcl::WindowImplGetParent () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE vcl::WindowImplFindWindow (const Point &rFramePos)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplInvalidateFrameRegion (const vcl::Region *pRegion, InvalidateFlags nFlags)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplInvalidateOverlapFrameRegion (const vcl::Region &rRegion)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool ImplSetClipFlag (bool bSysObjOnlySmaller=false)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool ImplIsWindowOrChild (const vcl::Window *pWindow, bool bSystemWindow=false) const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool ImplIsChild (const vcl::Window *pWindow, bool bSystemWindow=false) const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool ImplIsFloatingWindow () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool ImplIsPushButton () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool ImplIsSplitter () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool ImplIsOverlapWindow () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplIsInTaskPaneList (bool mbIsInTaskList)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE WindowImplImplGetWindowImpl () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplGrabFocus (GetFocusFlags nFlags)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplGrabFocusToDocument (GetFocusFlags nFlags)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplInvertFocus (const tools::Rectangle &rRect)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE PointerStyle ImplGetMousePointer () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplCallMouseMove (sal_uInt16 nMouseCode, bool bModChanged=false)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplGenerateMouseMove ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplNotifyKeyMouseCommandEventListeners (NotifyEvent &rNEvt)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplNotifyIconifiedState (bool bIconified)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplUpdateAll ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplControlFocus (GetFocusFlags nFlags=GetFocusFlags::NONE)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplMirrorFramePos (Point &pt) const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplPosSizeWindow (tools::Long nX, tools::Long nY, tools::Long nWidth, tools::Long nHeight, PosSizeFlags nFlags)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplCallResize ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplCallMove ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void CompatGetFocus ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void CompatLoseFocus ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void CompatStateChanged (StateChangedType nStateChange)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void CompatDataChanged (const DataChangedEvent &rDCEvt)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool CompatPreNotify (NotifyEvent &rNEvt)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool CompatNotify (NotifyEvent &rNEvt)
void IncModalCount ()
void DecModalCount ()
 Window (vcl::Window *pParent, WinBits nStyle=0)
virtual ~Window () override
::OutputDevice const * GetOutDev () const
::OutputDeviceGetOutDev ()
Color GetBackgroundColor () const
const WallpaperGetBackground () const
bool IsBackground () const
const MapModeGetMapMode () const
void SetBackground ()
void SetBackground (const Wallpaper &rBackground)
virtual void MouseMove (const MouseEvent &rMEvt)
virtual void MouseButtonDown (const MouseEvent &rMEvt)
virtual void MouseButtonUp (const MouseEvent &rMEvt)
virtual void KeyInput (const KeyEvent &rKEvt)
virtual void KeyUp (const KeyEvent &rKEvt)
virtual void PrePaint (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext)
virtual void Paint (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext, const tools::Rectangle &rRect)
virtual void PostPaint (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext)
void Erase (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext)
virtual void Draw (::OutputDevice *pDev, const Point &rPos, SystemTextColorFlags nFlags)
virtual void Move ()
virtual void Resize ()
virtual void Activate ()
virtual void Deactivate ()
virtual void GetFocus ()
virtual void LoseFocus ()
virtual void RequestHelp (const HelpEvent &rHEvt)
virtual void Command (const CommandEvent &rCEvt)
virtual void Tracking (const TrackingEvent &rTEvt)
virtual void StateChanged (StateChangedType nStateChange)
virtual void DataChanged (const DataChangedEvent &rDCEvt)
virtual bool PreNotify (NotifyEvent &rNEvt)
virtual bool EventNotify (NotifyEvent &rNEvt)
void AddEventListener (const Link< VclWindowEvent &, void > &rEventListener)
void RemoveEventListener (const Link< VclWindowEvent &, void > &rEventListener)
void AddChildEventListener (const Link< VclWindowEvent &, void > &rEventListener)
void RemoveChildEventListener (const Link< VclWindowEvent &, void > &rEventListener)
ImplSVEventPostUserEvent (const Link< void *, void > &rLink, void *pCaller=nullptr, bool bReferenceLink=false)
void RemoveUserEvent (ImplSVEvent *nUserEvent)
LanguageType GetInputLanguage () const
void SetStyle (WinBits nStyle)
WinBits GetStyle () const
WinBits GetPrevStyle () const
void SetExtendedStyle (WindowExtendedStyle nExtendedStyle)
WindowExtendedStyle GetExtendedStyle () const
void SetType (WindowType nType)
WindowType GetType () const
bool IsSystemWindow () const
bool IsDockingWindow () const
bool IsDialog () const
bool IsMenuFloatingWindow () const
bool IsToolbarFloatingWindow () const
bool IsTopWindow () const
SystemWindowGetSystemWindow () const
bool SupportsDoubleBuffering () const
 Can the widget derived from this Window do the double-buffering via RenderContext properly? More...
void RequestDoubleBuffering (bool bRequest)
 Enable/disable double-buffering of the frame window and all its children. More...
void EnableAllResize ()
void SetBorderStyle (WindowBorderStyle nBorderStyle)
WindowBorderStyle GetBorderStyle () const
void GetBorder (sal_Int32 &rLeftBorder, sal_Int32 &rTopBorder, sal_Int32 &rRightBorder, sal_Int32 &rBottomBorder) const
Size CalcWindowSize (const Size &rOutSz) const
Size CalcOutputSize (const Size &rWinSz) const
tools::Long CalcTitleWidth () const
void EnableClipSiblings (bool bClipSiblings=true)
void EnableChildTransparentMode (bool bEnable=true)
bool IsChildTransparentModeEnabled () const
void SetMouseTransparent (bool bTransparent)
bool IsMouseTransparent () const
void SetPaintTransparent (bool bTransparent)
bool IsPaintTransparent () const
void SetDialogControlStart (bool bStart)
bool IsDialogControlStart () const
void SetDialogControlFlags (DialogControlFlags nFlags)
DialogControlFlags GetDialogControlFlags () const
PointerState GetPointerState ()
bool IsMouseOver () const
void SetInputContext (const InputContext &rInputContext)
const InputContextGetInputContext () const
void PostExtTextInputEvent (VclEventId nType, const OUString &rText)
void EndExtTextInput ()
void SetCursorRect (const tools::Rectangle *pRect=nullptr, tools::Long nExtTextInputWidth=0)
const tools::RectangleGetCursorRect () const
tools::Long GetCursorExtTextInputWidth () const
void SetCompositionCharRect (const tools::Rectangle *pRect, tools::Long nCompositionLength, bool bVertical=false)
void UpdateSettings (const AllSettings &rSettings, bool bChild=false)
void NotifyAllChildren (DataChangedEvent &rDCEvt)
void SetPointFont (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext, const vcl::Font &rFont)
vcl::Font GetPointFont (vcl::RenderContext const &rRenderContext) const
void SetZoomedPointFont (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext, const vcl::Font &rFont)
tools::Long GetDrawPixel (::OutputDevice const *pDev, tools::Long nPixels) const
vcl::Font GetDrawPixelFont (::OutputDevice const *pDev) const
void SetControlFont ()
void SetControlFont (const vcl::Font &rFont)
vcl::Font GetControlFont () const
bool IsControlFont () const
void ApplyControlFont (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext, const vcl::Font &rDefaultFont)
void SetControlForeground ()
void SetControlForeground (const Color &rColor)
const ColorGetControlForeground () const
bool IsControlForeground () const
void ApplyControlForeground (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext, const Color &rDefaultColor)
void SetControlBackground ()
void SetControlBackground (const Color &rColor)
const ColorGetControlBackground () const
bool IsControlBackground () const
void ApplyControlBackground (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext, const Color &rDefaultColor)
void SetParentClipMode (ParentClipMode nMode=ParentClipMode::NONE)
ParentClipMode GetParentClipMode () const
void SetWindowRegionPixel ()
void SetWindowRegionPixel (const vcl::Region &rRegion)
vcl::Region GetWindowClipRegionPixel () const
vcl::Region GetPaintRegion () const
bool IsInPaint () const
void ExpandPaintClipRegion (const vcl::Region &rRegion)
void SetParent (vcl::Window *pNewParent)
vcl::WindowGetParent () const
DialogGetParentDialog () const
bool IsAncestorOf (const vcl::Window &rWindow) const
void Show (bool bVisible=true, ShowFlags nFlags=ShowFlags::NONE)
void Hide ()
bool IsVisible () const
bool IsReallyVisible () const
bool IsReallyShown () const
bool IsInInitShow () const
void Enable (bool bEnable=true, bool bChild=true)
void Disable (bool bChild=true)
bool IsEnabled () const
void EnableInput (bool bEnable=true, bool bChild=true)
void EnableInput (bool bEnable, const vcl::Window *pExcludeWindow)
bool IsInputEnabled () const
void AlwaysEnableInput (bool bAlways, bool bChild=true)
 Override EnableInput. More...
bool IsAlwaysEnableInput () const
 returns the current AlwaysEnableInput state More...
bool IsInModalMode () const
 A window is in modal mode if one of its children or subchildren is a running modal window (a modal dialog) More...
void SetActivateMode (ActivateModeFlags nMode)
ActivateModeFlags GetActivateMode () const
void ToTop (ToTopFlags nFlags=ToTopFlags::NONE)
void SetZOrder (vcl::Window *pRefWindow, ZOrderFlags nFlags)
void EnableAlwaysOnTop (bool bEnable=true)
bool IsAlwaysOnTopEnabled () const
virtual void setPosSizePixel (tools::Long nX, tools::Long nY, tools::Long nWidth, tools::Long nHeight, PosSizeFlags nFlags=PosSizeFlags::All)
virtual void SetPosPixel (const Point &rNewPos)
virtual Point GetPosPixel () const
virtual void SetSizePixel (const Size &rNewSize)
virtual Size GetSizePixel () const
virtual void SetPosSizePixel (const Point &rNewPos, const Size &rNewSize)
virtual void SetOutputSizePixel (const Size &rNewSize)
bool IsDefaultPos () const
bool IsDefaultSize () const
Point GetOffsetPixelFrom (const vcl::Window &rWindow) const
Point OutputToScreenPixel (const Point &rPos) const
Point ScreenToOutputPixel (const Point &rPos) const
Point OutputToNormalizedScreenPixel (const Point &rPos) const
Point NormalizedScreenToOutputPixel (const Point &rPos) const
Point OutputToAbsoluteScreenPixel (const Point &rPos) const
Point AbsoluteScreenToOutputPixel (const Point &rPos) const
tools::Rectangle GetDesktopRectPixel () const
tools::Rectangle GetWindowExtentsRelative (const vcl::Window &rRelativeWindow) const
tools::Rectangle GetWindowExtentsAbsolute () const
bool IsScrollable () const
virtual void Scroll (tools::Long nHorzScroll, tools::Long nVertScroll, ScrollFlags nFlags=ScrollFlags::NONE)
void Scroll (tools::Long nHorzScroll, tools::Long nVertScroll, const tools::Rectangle &rRect, ScrollFlags nFlags=ScrollFlags::NONE)
void Invalidate (InvalidateFlags nFlags=InvalidateFlags::NONE)
void Invalidate (const tools::Rectangle &rRect, InvalidateFlags nFlags=InvalidateFlags::NONE)
void Invalidate (const vcl::Region &rRegion, InvalidateFlags nFlags=InvalidateFlags::NONE)
virtual void LogicInvalidate (const tools::Rectangle *pRectangle)
 Notification about some rectangle of the output device got invalidated.Used for the main document window. More...
virtual void PixelInvalidate (const tools::Rectangle *pRectangle)
 Notification about some rectangle of the output device got invalidated. More...
void Validate ()
bool HasPaintEvent () const
void PaintImmediately ()
void EnableDocking (bool bEnable=true)
void EnablePaint (bool bEnable)
bool IsPaintEnabled () const
void SetUpdateMode (bool bUpdate)
bool IsUpdateMode () const
void SetParentUpdateMode (bool bUpdate)
void GrabFocus ()
bool HasFocus () const
bool HasChildPathFocus (bool bSystemWindow=false) const
bool IsActive () const
bool HasActiveChildFrame () const
GetFocusFlags GetGetFocusFlags () const
void GrabFocusToDocument ()
VclPtr< vcl::WindowGetFocusedWindow () const
void SetFakeFocus (bool bFocus)
 Set this when you need to act as if the window has focus even if it doesn't. More...
bool IsCompoundControl () const
void LocalStartDrag ()
void CaptureMouse ()
void ReleaseMouse ()
bool IsMouseCaptured () const
virtual void SetPointer (PointerStyle)
PointerStyle GetPointer () const
void EnableChildPointerOverwrite (bool bOverwrite)
void SetPointerPosPixel (const Point &rPos)
Point GetPointerPosPixel ()
Point GetLastPointerPosPixel ()
void SetLastMousePos (const Point &rPos)
 Similar to SetPointerPosPixel(), but sets the frame data's last mouse position instead. More...
void ShowPointer (bool bVisible)
void EnterWait ()
void LeaveWait ()
bool IsWait () const
void SetCursor (vcl::Cursor *pCursor)
vcl::CursorGetCursor () const
void SetZoom (const Fraction &rZoom)
const FractionGetZoom () const
bool IsZoom () const
tools::Long CalcZoom (tools::Long n) const
virtual void SetText (const OUString &rStr)
virtual OUString GetText () const
virtual OUString GetDisplayText () const
virtual const WallpaperGetDisplayBackground () const
void SetHelpText (const OUString &rHelpText)
const OUString & GetHelpText () const
void SetQuickHelpText (const OUString &rHelpText)
const OUString & GetQuickHelpText () const
void SetHelpId (const OUString &)
const OUString & GetHelpId () const
sal_uInt16 GetChildCount () const
vcl::WindowGetChild (sal_uInt16 nChild) const
vcl::WindowGetWindow (GetWindowType nType) const
bool IsChild (const vcl::Window *pWindow) const
bool IsWindowOrChild (const vcl::Window *pWindow, bool bSystemWindow=false) const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void CollectChildren (::std::vector< vcl::Window * > &rAllChildren)
 Add all children to rAllChildren recursively. More...
virtual void ShowFocus (const tools::Rectangle &rRect)
void HideFocus ()
void DrawSelectionBackground (const tools::Rectangle &rRect, sal_uInt16 highlight, bool bChecked, bool bDrawBorder)
void ShowTracking (const tools::Rectangle &rRect, ShowTrackFlags nFlags=ShowTrackFlags::Small)
void HideTracking ()
void InvertTracking (const tools::Rectangle &rRect, ShowTrackFlags nFlags)
void StartTracking (StartTrackingFlags nFlags=StartTrackingFlags::NONE)
void EndTracking (TrackingEventFlags nFlags=TrackingEventFlags::NONE)
bool IsTracking () const
void StartAutoScroll (StartAutoScrollFlags nFlags)
void EndAutoScroll ()
bool HandleScrollCommand (const CommandEvent &rCmd, Scrollable *pHScrl, Scrollable *pVScrl)
virtual const SystemEnvDataGetSystemData () const
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XVclWindowPeer > GetComponentInterface (bool bCreate=true)
void SetComponentInterface (css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XVclWindowPeer > const &xIFace)
void SetUseFrameData (bool bUseFrameData)
void SetLOKNotifier (const vcl::ILibreOfficeKitNotifier *pNotifier, bool bParent=false)
 Interface to register for dialog / window tunneling. More...
const vcl::ILibreOfficeKitNotifierGetLOKNotifier () const
vcl::LOKWindowId GetLOKWindowId () const
VclPtr< vcl::WindowGetParentWithLOKNotifier ()
 Find the nearest parent with LOK Notifier; can be itself if this Window has LOK notifier set. More...
void ReleaseLOKNotifier ()
 Indicate that LOK is not going to use this dialog any more. More...
virtual void DumpAsPropertyTree (tools::JsonWriter &)
 Dumps itself and potentially its children to a property tree, to be written easily to JSON. More...
void RecordLayoutData (vcl::ControlLayoutData *pLayout, const tools::Rectangle &rRect)
VCLXWindowGetWindowPeer () const
void SetWindowPeer (css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XVclWindowPeer > const &xPeer, VCLXWindow *pVCLXWindow)
bool IsCreatedWithToolkit () const
void SetCreatedWithToolkit (bool b)
css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::dnd::XDropTarget > GetDropTarget ()
css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::dnd::XDragSource > GetDragSource ()
css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::dnd::XDragGestureRecognizer > GetDragGestureRecognizer ()
css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::clipboard::XClipboard > GetClipboard ()
void SetClipboard (css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::clipboard::XClipboard > const &xClipboard)
 Sets a custom clipboard for the window's frame, instead of creating it on-demand using css::datatransfer::clipboard::SystemClipboard. More...
virtual void queue_resize (StateChangedType eReason=StateChangedType::Layout)
void set_height_request (sal_Int32 nHeightRequest)
sal_Int32 get_height_request () const
void set_width_request (sal_Int32 nWidthRequest)
sal_Int32 get_width_request () const
Size get_preferred_size () const
VclAlign get_halign () const
void set_halign (VclAlign eAlign)
VclAlign get_valign () const
void set_valign (VclAlign eAlign)
bool get_hexpand () const
void set_hexpand (bool bExpand)
bool get_vexpand () const
void set_vexpand (bool bExpand)
bool get_expand () const
void set_expand (bool bExpand)
bool get_fill () const
void set_fill (bool bFill)
void set_border_width (sal_Int32 nBorderWidth)
sal_Int32 get_border_width () const
void set_margin_start (sal_Int32 nWidth)
sal_Int32 get_margin_start () const
void set_margin_end (sal_Int32 nWidth)
sal_Int32 get_margin_end () const
void set_margin_top (sal_Int32 nWidth)
sal_Int32 get_margin_top () const
void set_margin_bottom (sal_Int32 nWidth)
sal_Int32 get_margin_bottom () const
VclPackType get_pack_type () const
void set_pack_type (VclPackType ePackType)
sal_Int32 get_padding () const
void set_padding (sal_Int32 nPadding)
sal_Int32 get_grid_width () const
void set_grid_width (sal_Int32 nCols)
sal_Int32 get_grid_left_attach () const
void set_grid_left_attach (sal_Int32 nAttach)
sal_Int32 get_grid_height () const
void set_grid_height (sal_Int32 nRows)
sal_Int32 get_grid_top_attach () const
void set_grid_top_attach (sal_Int32 nAttach)
bool get_secondary () const
void set_secondary (bool bSecondary)
bool get_non_homogeneous () const
void set_non_homogeneous (bool bNonHomogeneous)
virtual bool set_property (const OUString &rKey, const OUString &rValue)
bool set_font_attribute (const OUString &rKey, std::u16string_view rValue)
void add_to_size_group (const std::shared_ptr< VclSizeGroup > &xGroup)
void remove_from_all_size_groups ()
void add_mnemonic_label (FixedText *pLabel)
void remove_mnemonic_label (FixedText *pLabel)
const std::vector< VclPtr< FixedText > > & list_mnemonic_labels () const
void reorderWithinParent (sal_uInt16 nNewPosition)
void set_id (const OUString &rID)
 Sets an ID. More...
const OUString & get_id () const
 Get the ID of the window. More...
void EnableNativeWidget (bool bEnable=true)
bool IsNativeWidgetEnabled () const
void PaintToDevice (::OutputDevice *pDevice, const Point &rPos)
KeyIndicatorState GetIndicatorState () const
 Query the states of keyboard indicators - Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock. More...
void SimulateKeyPress (sal_uInt16 nKeyCode) const
virtual OUString GetSurroundingText () const
virtual Selection GetSurroundingTextSelection () const
virtual bool DeleteSurroundingText (const Selection &rSelection)
virtual FactoryFunction GetUITestFactory () const
virtual bool IsChart () const
virtual bool IsStarMath () const
void SetHelpHdl (const Link< vcl::Window &, bool > &rLink)
void SetMnemonicActivateHdl (const Link< vcl::Window &, bool > &rLink)
void SetModalHierarchyHdl (const Link< bool, void > &rLink)
void SetDumpAsPropertyTreeHdl (const Link< tools::JsonWriter &, void > &rLink)
Size GetOutputSizePixel () const
tools::Rectangle GetOutputRectPixel () const
Point LogicToPixel (const Point &rLogicPt) const
Size LogicToPixel (const Size &rLogicSize) const
tools::Rectangle LogicToPixel (const tools::Rectangle &rLogicRect) const
vcl::Region LogicToPixel (const vcl::Region &rLogicRegion) const
Point LogicToPixel (const Point &rLogicPt, const MapMode &rMapMode) const
Size LogicToPixel (const Size &rLogicSize, const MapMode &rMapMode) const
tools::Rectangle LogicToPixel (const tools::Rectangle &rLogicRect, const MapMode &rMapMode) const
Point PixelToLogic (const Point &rDevicePt) const
Size PixelToLogic (const Size &rDeviceSize) const
tools::Rectangle PixelToLogic (const tools::Rectangle &rDeviceRect) const
tools::PolyPolygon PixelToLogic (const tools::PolyPolygon &rDevicePolyPoly) const
vcl::Region PixelToLogic (const vcl::Region &rDeviceRegion) const
Point PixelToLogic (const Point &rDevicePt, const MapMode &rMapMode) const
Size PixelToLogic (const Size &rDeviceSize, const MapMode &rMapMode) const
tools::Rectangle PixelToLogic (const tools::Rectangle &rDeviceRect, const MapMode &rMapMode) const
Size LogicToLogic (const Size &rSzSource, const MapMode *pMapModeSource, const MapMode *pMapModeDest) const
const AllSettingsGetSettings () const
void SetSettings (const AllSettings &rSettings)
void SetSettings (const AllSettings &rSettings, bool bChild)
tools::Rectangle GetTextRect (const tools::Rectangle &rRect, const OUString &rStr, DrawTextFlags nStyle=DrawTextFlags::WordBreak, TextRectInfo *pInfo=nullptr, const vcl::ITextLayout *_pTextLayout=nullptr) const
float GetDPIScaleFactor () const
tools::Long GetOutOffXPixel () const
tools::Long GetOutOffYPixel () const
void EnableMapMode (bool bEnable=true)
bool IsMapModeEnabled () const
void SetMapMode ()
void SetMapMode (const MapMode &rNewMapMode)
virtual void EnableRTL (bool bEnable=true)
bool IsRTLEnabled () const
void SetFont (const vcl::Font &rNewFont)
const vcl::FontGetFont () const
tools::Long GetTextWidth (const OUString &rStr, sal_Int32 nIndex=0, sal_Int32 nLen=-1, vcl::text::TextLayoutCache const *=nullptr, SalLayoutGlyphs const *const pLayoutCache=nullptr) const
 Width of the text. More...
tools::Long GetTextHeight () const
 Height where any character of the current font fits; in logic coordinates. More...
float approximate_digit_width () const
void SetTextColor (const Color &rColor)
const ColorGetTextColor () const
void SetTextFillColor ()
void SetTextFillColor (const Color &rColor)
Color GetTextFillColor () const
bool IsTextFillColor () const
void SetTextLineColor ()
void SetTextLineColor (const Color &rColor)
const ColorGetTextLineColor () const
bool IsTextLineColor () const
void SetOverlineColor ()
void SetOverlineColor (const Color &rColor)
const ColorGetOverlineColor () const
bool IsOverlineColor () const
void SetTextAlign (TextAlign eAlign)
TextAlign GetTextAlign () const
bool IsNativeControlSupported (ControlType nType, ControlPart nPart) const
 Query the platform layer for control support. More...
bool GetNativeControlRegion (ControlType nType, ControlPart nPart, const tools::Rectangle &rControlRegion, ControlState nState, const ImplControlValue &aValue, tools::Rectangle &rNativeBoundingRegion, tools::Rectangle &rNativeContentRegion) const
 Query the native control's actual drawing region (including adornment) More...
css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessible > GetAccessible (bool bCreate=true)
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessible > CreateAccessible ()
void SetAccessible (const css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessible > &)
vcl::WindowGetAccessibleParentWindow () const
sal_uInt16 GetAccessibleChildWindowCount ()
vcl::WindowGetAccessibleChildWindow (sal_uInt16 n)
void SetAccessibleRole (sal_uInt16 nRole)
sal_uInt16 GetAccessibleRole () const
void SetAccessibleName (const OUString &rName)
OUString GetAccessibleName () const
void SetAccessibleDescription (const OUString &rDescr)
OUString GetAccessibleDescription () const
void SetAccessibleRelationLabeledBy (vcl::Window *pLabeledBy)
vcl::WindowGetAccessibleRelationLabeledBy () const
void SetAccessibleRelationLabelFor (vcl::Window *pLabelFor)
vcl::WindowGetAccessibleRelationLabelFor () const
vcl::WindowGetAccessibleRelationMemberOf () const
bool IsAccessibilityEventsSuppressed (bool bTraverseParentPath=true)
void SetAccessibilityEventsSuppressed (bool bSuppressed)
KeyEvent GetActivationKey () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from VclReferenceBase
void acquire () const
void release () const
sal_Int32 getRefCount () const
void disposeOnce ()
bool isDisposed () const

Static Public Member Functions

static SAL_DLLPRIVATE int ImplGetDragWidth (const vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext, bool bHorz)
static SAL_DLLPRIVATE int ImplGetDragWidth (const vcl::Window &rWindow, bool bHorz)
static SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplDrawGrip (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext, const tools::Rectangle &aDragArea, int nDragWidth, WindowAlign eAlign, bool bHorz)
static SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplDrawConstantBackground (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext, const vcl::Region &rRegion, bool bIsInPopupMode)
static SAL_DLLPRIVATE ImplToolItems::size_type ImplFindItemPos (const ImplToolItem *pItem, const ImplToolItems &rList)
static bool AlwaysLocked ()
static Size GetDefaultImageSize (ToolBoxButtonSize eToolBoxButtonSize)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from vcl::Window
static SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplInitAppFontData (vcl::Window const *pWindow)
static SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplCalcSymbolRect (tools::Rectangle &rRect)
static DockingManagerGetDockingManager ()
static VclPtr< vcl::WindowSaveFocus ()
static void EndSaveFocus (const VclPtr< vcl::Window > &xFocusWin)
static VclPtr< vcl::WindowFindLOKWindow (vcl::LOKWindowId nWindowId)
 Find an existing Window based on the LOKWindowId. More...
static bool IsLOKWindowsEmpty ()
 check if LOK Window container is empty More...

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr auto APPEND = std::numeric_limits<ImplToolItems::size_type>::max()
static constexpr auto ITEM_NOTFOUND = std::numeric_limits<ImplToolItems::size_type>::max()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void ApplySettings (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DockingWindow
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplInit (vcl::Window *pParent, WinBits nStyle)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplInitSettings ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void DoInitialLayout ()
void loadUI (vcl::Window *pParent, const OUString &rID, const OUString &rUIXMLDescription, const css::uno::Reference< css::frame::XFrame > &rFrame)
 DockingWindow (WindowType nType, const char *pIdleDebugName="vcl::DockingWindow maLayoutIdle")
- Protected Member Functions inherited from vcl::Window
virtual void dispose () override
 This is intended to be used to clear any locally held references to other Window-subclass objects. More...
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplInit (vcl::Window *pParent, WinBits nStyle, SystemParentData *pSystemParentData)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplInvalidateParentFrameRegion (const vcl::Region &rRegion)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplValidateFrameRegion (const vcl::Region *rRegion, ValidateFlags nFlags)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplValidate ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplMoveInvalidateRegion (const tools::Rectangle &rRect, tools::Long nHorzScroll, tools::Long nVertScroll, bool bChildren)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplMoveAllInvalidateRegions (const tools::Rectangle &rRect, tools::Long nHorzScroll, tools::Long nVertScroll, bool bChildren)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE vcl::WindowImplGetBorderWindow () const
virtual void ImplInvalidate (const vcl::Region *pRegion, InvalidateFlags nFlags)
virtual WindowHitTest ImplHitTest (const Point &rFramePos)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplSetMouseTransparent (bool bTransparent)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplScroll (const tools::Rectangle &rRect, tools::Long nHorzScroll, tools::Long nVertScroll, ScrollFlags nFlags)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool ImplSetClipFlagChildren (bool bSysObjOnlySmaller)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool ImplSetClipFlagOverlapWindows (bool bSysObjOnlySmaller=false)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void PushPaintHelper (PaintHelper *pHelper, vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void PopPaintHelper (PaintHelper const *pHelper)
 Window (WindowType nType)
void SetCompoundControl (bool bCompound)
void CallEventListeners (VclEventId nEvent, void *pData=nullptr)
virtual void ImplAdjustNWFSizes ()
virtual void ApplySettings (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE float approximate_char_width () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE vcl::WindowgetLegacyNonLayoutAccessibleRelationMemberOf () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE vcl::WindowgetLegacyNonLayoutAccessibleRelationLabeledBy () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE vcl::WindowgetLegacyNonLayoutAccessibleRelationLabelFor () const
virtual vcl::WindowgetAccessibleRelationLabelFor () const
virtual sal_uInt16 getDefaultAccessibleRole () const
virtual OUString getDefaultAccessibleName () const
void InvalidateSizeCache ()
 clear OptimalSize cache More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from VclReferenceBase
 VclReferenceBase ()
virtual ~VclReferenceBase ()
virtual void dispose ()

Private Member Functions

SAL_DLLPRIVATE void InvalidateItem (ImplToolItems::size_type nPosition)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void InvalidateSpin (bool bInvalidateUpper=true, bool bInvalidateLower=true)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void InvalidateMenuButton ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplInitToolBoxData ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplInit (vcl::Window *pParent, WinBits nStyle)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplInitSettings (bool bFont, bool bForeground, bool bBackground)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE ImplToolItemImplGetItem (ToolBoxItemId nId) const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool ImplCalcItem ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE ImplToolItems::size_type ImplCalcBreaks (tools::Long nWidth, sal_Int32 *pMaxLineWidth, bool bCalcHorz) const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplFormat (bool bResize=false)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplDrawSpin (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplDrawSeparator (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext, ImplToolItems::size_type nPos, const tools::Rectangle &rRect)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplDrawItem (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext, ImplToolItems::size_type nPos, sal_uInt16 nHighlight)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplInvalidate (bool bNewCalc=false, bool bFullPaint=false)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplUpdateItem (ImplToolItems::size_type nIndex=ITEM_NOTFOUND)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool ImplHandleMouseMove (const MouseEvent &rMEvt, bool bRepeat=false)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool ImplHandleMouseButtonUp (const MouseEvent &rMEvt, bool bCancel=false)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplChangeHighlight (ImplToolItem const *pItem, bool bNoGrabFocus=false)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool ImplChangeHighlightUpDn (bool bUp, bool bNoCycle=false)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE ImplToolItems::size_type ImplGetItemLine (ImplToolItem const *pCurrentItem)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE ImplToolItemImplGetFirstValidItem (ImplToolItems::size_type nLine)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool ImplOpenItem (vcl::KeyCode aKeyCode)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool ImplActivateItem (vcl::KeyCode aKeyCode)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplShowFocus ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplHideFocus ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplUpdateInputEnable ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplFillLayoutData ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool ImplHasClippedItems ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE Point ImplGetPopupPosition (const tools::Rectangle &rRect) const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool ImplIsFloatingMode () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool ImplIsInPopupMode () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE const OUString & ImplGetHelpText (ToolBoxItemId nItemId) const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE Size ImplGetOptimalFloatingSize ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool ImplHasExternalMenubutton () const
 DECL_DLLPRIVATE_LINK (ImplUpdateHdl, Timer *, void)
 DECL_DLLPRIVATE_LINK (ImplCustomMenuListener, VclMenuEvent &, void)
 DECL_DLLPRIVATE_LINK (ImplDropdownLongClickHdl, Timer *, void)
 ToolBox (const ToolBox &)=delete
ToolBoxoperator= (const ToolBox &)=delete
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplInitSettings ()

Static Private Member Functions

static SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplDrawFloatwinBorder (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext, ImplToolItem const *pItem)

Private Attributes

std::unique_ptr< ImplToolBoxPrivateDatampData
std::vector< ImplToolSizemaFloatSizes
std::unique_ptr< IdlempIdle
tools::Rectangle maUpperRect
tools::Rectangle maLowerRect
tools::Rectangle maPaintRect
VclPtr< FloatingWindowmpFloatWin
tools::Long mnDX
tools::Long mnDY
tools::Long mnMaxItemWidth
tools::Long mnMaxItemHeight
tools::Long mnWinHeight
tools::Long mnLeftBorder
tools::Long mnTopBorder
tools::Long mnRightBorder
tools::Long mnBottomBorder
tools::Long mnLastResizeDY
tools::Long mnActivateCount
ToolBoxItemId mnLastFocusItemId
ToolBoxItemId mnHighItemId
ToolBoxItemId mnCurItemId
ToolBoxItemId mnDownItemId
ImplToolItems::size_type mnCurPos
ImplToolItems::size_type mnLines
ImplToolItems::size_type mnCurLine
ImplToolItems::size_type mnCurLines
ImplToolItems::size_type mnVisLines
ImplToolItems::size_type mnFloatLines
ImplToolItems::size_type mnDockLines
sal_uInt16 mnMouseModifier
bool mbDrag:1
bool mbUpper:1
bool mbLower:1
bool mbIn:1
bool mbCalc:1
bool mbFormat:1
bool mbFullPaint:1
bool mbHorz:1
bool mbScroll:1
bool mbLastFloatMode:1
bool mbCustomize:1
bool mbDragging:1
bool mbIsKeyEvent:1
bool mbChangingHighlight:1
bool mbLineSpacing:1
bool mbIsArranged:1
WindowAlign meAlign
WindowAlign meDockAlign
ButtonType meButtonType
PointerStyle meLastStyle
WinBits mnWinStyle
ToolBoxLayoutMode meLayoutMode
ToolBoxTextPosition meTextPosition
Link< ToolBox *, void > maClickHdl
Link< ToolBox *, void > maDoubleClickHdl
Link< ToolBox *, void > maActivateHdl
Link< ToolBox *, void > maDeactivateHdl
Link< ToolBox *, void > maSelectHdl
Link< ToolBox *, void > maMenuButtonHdl
Link< StateChangedType const *, void > maStateChangedHandler
Link< DataChangedEvent const *, void > maDataChangedHandler


class FloatingWindow
class ImplTBDragMgr

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from DockingWindow
bool mbIsDeferredInit
VclPtr< vcl::WindowmpDialogParent

Detailed Description

A toolbar: contains all those icons, typically below the menu bar.

Definition at line 73 of file toolbox.hxx.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ImplToolItems

using ToolBox::ImplToolItems = std::vector<ImplToolItem>

Definition at line 79 of file toolbox.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ToolBox() [1/3]

ToolBox::ToolBox ( const ToolBox )

◆ ToolBox() [2/3]

ToolBox::ToolBox ( vcl::Window pParent,
WinBits  nStyle = 0 

Definition at line 1268 of file toolbox.cxx.

References ImplInit(), ImplInitToolBoxData(), and TOOLBOX.

◆ ToolBox() [3/3]

ToolBox::ToolBox ( vcl::Window pParent,
const OUString &  rID,
const OUString &  rUIXMLDescription,
const css::uno::Reference< css::frame::XFrame > &  rFrame = css::uno::Reference<css::frame::XFrame>() 

◆ ~ToolBox()

ToolBox::~ToolBox ( )

Definition at line 1294 of file toolbox.cxx.

References VclReferenceBase::disposeOnce().

Member Function Documentation

◆ Activate()

void ToolBox::Activate ( )

◆ AlwaysLocked()

bool ToolBox::AlwaysLocked ( )

◆ ApplyBackgroundSettings()

void ToolBox::ApplyBackgroundSettings ( vcl::RenderContext rRenderContext,
const StyleSettings rStyleSettings 

◆ ApplyForegroundSettings()

void ToolBox::ApplyForegroundSettings ( vcl::RenderContext rRenderContext,
const StyleSettings rStyleSettings 

◆ ApplySettings()

void ToolBox::ApplySettings ( vcl::RenderContext rRenderContext)

◆ CalcFloatingWindowSizePixel() [1/2]

Size ToolBox::CalcFloatingWindowSizePixel ( )

◆ CalcFloatingWindowSizePixel() [2/2]

Size ToolBox::CalcFloatingWindowSizePixel ( ImplToolItems::size_type  nCalcLines)

Definition at line 4079 of file toolbox.cxx.

References ImplCalcFloatSize(), mbFormat, and mpData.

◆ CalcMinimumWindowSizePixel()

Size ToolBox::CalcMinimumWindowSizePixel ( )

◆ CalcPopupWindowSizePixel()

Size ToolBox::CalcPopupWindowSizePixel ( )

◆ CalcWindowSizePixel() [1/3]

Size ToolBox::CalcWindowSizePixel ( )

Definition at line 519 of file toolbox.hxx.

References CalcWindowSizePixel(), and mnLines.

Referenced by CalcWindowSizePixel(), Lock(), and MenuBarWindow::Resize().

◆ CalcWindowSizePixel() [2/3]

Size ToolBox::CalcWindowSizePixel ( ImplToolItems::size_type  nCalcLines)

Definition at line 4027 of file toolbox.cxx.

References ImplCalcSize().

◆ CalcWindowSizePixel() [3/3]

Size ToolBox::CalcWindowSizePixel ( ImplToolItems::size_type  nCalcLines,
WindowAlign  eAlign 

Definition at line 4032 of file toolbox.cxx.

References Bottom, ImplCalcSize(), TB_CALCMODE_HORZ, TB_CALCMODE_VERT, and Top.

◆ ChangeHighlight()

void ToolBox::ChangeHighlight ( ImplToolItems::size_type  nPos)

◆ CheckItem()

void ToolBox::CheckItem ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId,
bool  bCheck = true 

Definition at line 509 of file toolbox.hxx.

References SetItemState(), TRISTATE_FALSE, and TRISTATE_TRUE.

Referenced by SalInstanceToolbar::set_item_active().

◆ Clear()

void ToolBox::Clear ( )

◆ Click()

void ToolBox::Click ( )

◆ Command()

void ToolBox::Command ( const CommandEvent rCEvt)

◆ CopyItem()

void ToolBox::CopyItem ( const ToolBox rToolBox,
ToolBoxItemId  nItemId 

◆ DataChanged()

void ToolBox::DataChanged ( const DataChangedEvent rDCEvt)

◆ Deactivate()

void ToolBox::Deactivate ( )


ToolBox::DECL_DLLPRIVATE_LINK ( ImplCustomMenuListener  ,
VclMenuEvent ,


ToolBox::DECL_DLLPRIVATE_LINK ( ImplDropdownLongClickHdl  ,
Timer ,


ToolBox::DECL_DLLPRIVATE_LINK ( ImplUpdateHdl  ,
Timer ,

◆ dispose()

void ToolBox::dispose ( void  )

This is intended to be used to clear any locally held references to other Window-subclass objects.

Reimplemented from DockingWindow.

Definition at line 1299 of file toolbox.cxx.

References Cancel, VclPtr< reference_type >::clear(), Deactivate(), DockingWindow::dispose(), FloatingWindow::EndPopupMode(), ImplGetSVData(), ImplSVData::maCtrlData, mnActivateCount, mpData, mpFloatWin, mpIdle, and ImplSVCtrlData::mpTBDragMgr.

◆ Docking()

bool ToolBox::Docking ( const Point rPos,
tools::Rectangle rRect 

◆ doDeferredInit()

void ToolBox::doDeferredInit ( WinBits  nBits)

Reimplemented from DockingWindow.

Definition at line 1255 of file toolbox.cxx.

References ImplInit(), DockingWindow::mbIsDeferredInit, and DockingWindow::mpDialogParent.

◆ DoubleClick()

void ToolBox::DoubleClick ( )

◆ DumpAsPropertyTree()

void ToolBox::DumpAsPropertyTree ( tools::JsonWriter rJsonWriter)

◆ EnableCustomize()

void ToolBox::EnableCustomize ( bool  bEnable = true)

Definition at line 4136 of file toolbox.cxx.

References mbCustomize.

◆ EnableItem()

void ToolBox::EnableItem ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId,
bool  bEnable = true 

◆ EndDocking()

void ToolBox::EndDocking ( const tools::Rectangle rRect,
bool  bFloatMode 

◆ EndSelection()

void ToolBox::EndSelection ( )

◆ EventNotify()

bool ToolBox::EventNotify ( NotifyEvent rNEvt)

◆ ExecuteCustomMenu()

void ToolBox::ExecuteCustomMenu ( const tools::Rectangle rRect = tools::Rectangle())

◆ GetAlign()

WindowAlign ToolBox::GetAlign ( ) const

◆ GetButtonType()

ButtonType ToolBox::GetButtonType ( ) const

Definition at line 324 of file toolbox.hxx.

◆ GetCharacterBounds()

tools::Rectangle ToolBox::GetCharacterBounds ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId,
tools::Long  nIndex 

Definition at line 1392 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References i, ImplFillLayoutData(), mpData, nIndex, and nItemID.

◆ GetCurItemId()

ToolBoxItemId ToolBox::GetCurItemId ( ) const

Definition at line 353 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by ToolBoxUIObject::get_action(), and ToolBoxUIObject::get_state().

◆ GetDefaultImageSize() [1/2]

Size ToolBox::GetDefaultImageSize ( ) const

Definition at line 666 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References GetDefaultImageSize(), and GetToolboxButtonSize().

Referenced by GetDefaultImageSize(), and ImplCalcItem().

◆ GetDefaultImageSize() [2/2]

Size ToolBox::GetDefaultImageSize ( ToolBoxButtonSize  eToolBoxButtonSize)

◆ GetDisplayText()

OUString ToolBox::GetDisplayText ( ) const

Reimplemented from vcl::Window.

Definition at line 1385 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References ImplFillLayoutData(), and mpData.

◆ GetDownItemId()

ToolBoxItemId ToolBox::GetDownItemId ( ) const

Definition at line 354 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by FloatingWindow::StartPopupMode().

◆ GetFloatingLines()

ToolBox::ImplToolItems::size_type ToolBox::GetFloatingLines ( ) const

Definition at line 524 of file toolbox.hxx.

References mnFloatLines.

◆ GetHelpText()

const OUString & ToolBox::GetHelpText ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId) const

Definition at line 1347 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References ImplGetHelpText().

◆ GetHighlightItemId()

ToolBoxItemId ToolBox::GetHighlightItemId ( ) const

Definition at line 375 of file toolbox.hxx.

◆ GetImageSize()

ImageType ToolBox::GetImageSize ( ) const

Definition at line 635 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References Large, mpData, and Size32.

Referenced by SalInstanceToolbar::get_icon_size(), and InsertItem().

◆ GetIndexForPoint()

tools::Long ToolBox::GetIndexForPoint ( const Point rPoint,
ToolBoxItemId rItemID 

Definition at line 1411 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References i, ImplFillLayoutData(), mpData, and nIndex.

◆ GetItemBits()

ToolBoxItemBits ToolBox::GetItemBits ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId) const

◆ GetItemCommand()

OUString ToolBox::GetItemCommand ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId) const

◆ GetItemContentSize()

Size ToolBox::GetItemContentSize ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId)

Returns size of the bitmap / text that is inside this toolbox item.

Definition at line 763 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References GetItemPos(), ImplFormat(), mbCalc, mbFormat, mpData, and nPos.

◆ GetItemCount()

ToolBox::ImplToolItems::size_type ToolBox::GetItemCount ( ) const

◆ GetItemData()

void * ToolBox::GetItemData ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId) const

Definition at line 938 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References ImplGetItem(), and ImplToolItem::mpUserData.

◆ GetItemId() [1/3]

ToolBoxItemId ToolBox::GetItemId ( const OUString &  rCommand) const

Map the command name (like .uno:Save) back to item id.

Definition at line 775 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References mpData.

◆ GetItemId() [2/3]

ToolBoxItemId ToolBox::GetItemId ( const Point rPos) const

Definition at line 751 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References BUTTON, and mpData.

◆ GetItemId() [3/3]

ToolBoxItemId ToolBox::GetItemId ( ImplToolItems::size_type  nPos) const

◆ GetItemImage()

Image ToolBox::GetItemImage ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId) const

Definition at line 1012 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References ImplGetItem(), and ImplToolItem::maImage.

Referenced by DecoToolBox::calcMinSize(), and DumpAsPropertyTree().

◆ GetItemPos() [1/2]

ToolBox::ImplToolItems::size_type ToolBox::GetItemPos ( const Point rPos) const

Definition at line 734 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References ITEM_NOTFOUND, and mpData.

◆ GetItemPos() [2/2]

ToolBox::ImplToolItems::size_type ToolBox::GetItemPos ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId) const

◆ GetItemPosRect()

tools::Rectangle ToolBox::GetItemPosRect ( ImplToolItems::size_type  nPos)

Definition at line 847 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References ImplFormat(), mbCalc, mbFormat, mpData, and nPos.

Referenced by GetItemRect().

◆ GetItemRect()

tools::Rectangle ToolBox::GetItemRect ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId)

◆ GetItemState()

TriState ToolBox::GetItemState ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId) const

Definition at line 1203 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References ImplGetItem(), ImplToolItem::meState, and TRISTATE_FALSE.

Referenced by IsItemChecked().

◆ GetItemText()

const OUString & ToolBox::GetItemText ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId) const

◆ GetItemType()

ToolBoxItemType ToolBox::GetItemType ( ImplToolItems::size_type  nPos) const

Definition at line 717 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References DONTKNOW, mpData, and nPos.

◆ GetItemWindow()

vcl::Window * ToolBox::GetItemWindow ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId) const

Definition at line 1073 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References ImplGetItem(), and ImplToolItem::mpWindow.

Referenced by DumpAsPropertyTree().

◆ GetMenu()

PopupMenu * ToolBox::GetMenu ( ) const

Definition at line 1475 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References mpData.

Referenced by ExecuteCustomMenu(), and UpdateCustomMenu().

◆ GetMenuType()

ToolBoxMenuType ToolBox::GetMenuType ( ) const

Definition at line 1465 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References mpData.

Referenced by CalcMinimumWindowSizePixel(), ExecuteCustomMenu(), and ImplSetMinMaxFloatSize().

◆ GetModifier()

sal_uInt16 ToolBox::GetModifier ( ) const

Definition at line 355 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by SalInstanceToolbar::get_modifier_state().

◆ GetOptimalSize()

Size ToolBox::GetOptimalSize ( ) const

◆ GetOverflowRect()

tools::Rectangle const & ToolBox::GetOverflowRect ( ) const

Definition at line 858 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References mpData.

Referenced by FloatingWindow::StartPopupMode().

◆ GetQuickHelpText()

OUString ToolBox::GetQuickHelpText ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId) const

◆ GetStyle()

WinBits ToolBox::GetStyle ( ) const

Definition at line 434 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by CalcMinimumWindowSizePixel(), ImplErase(), and ToolBox().

◆ GetToolboxButtonSize()

ToolBoxButtonSize ToolBox::GetToolboxButtonSize ( ) const

Definition at line 630 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References mpData.

Referenced by GetDefaultImageSize(), ImplCalcItem(), and SalInstanceToolbar::set_icon_size().

◆ GetUITestFactory()

FactoryFunction ToolBox::GetUITestFactory ( ) const

Reimplemented from vcl::Window.

Definition at line 363 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References ToolBoxUIObject::create().

◆ HideItem()

void ToolBox::HideItem ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId)

Convenience method to hide items (via ShowItem).

Definition at line 396 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by VclBuilder::makeObject().

◆ Highlight()

void ToolBox::Highlight ( )

Definition at line 358 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References vcl::Window::CallEventListeners(), and ToolboxHighlight.

Referenced by ImplHandleMouseMove(), and MouseButtonDown().

◆ ImplActivateItem()

bool ToolBox::ImplActivateItem ( vcl::KeyCode  aKeyCode)

◆ ImplCalcBorder()

void ToolBox::ImplCalcBorder ( WindowAlign  eAlign,
tools::Long rLeft,
tools::Long rTop,
tools::Long rRight,
tools::Long rBottom 
) const

◆ ImplCalcBreaks()

ToolBox::ImplToolItems::size_type ToolBox::ImplCalcBreaks ( tools::Long  nWidth,
sal_Int32 *  pMaxLineWidth,
bool  bCalcHorz 
) const

◆ ImplCalcFloatSize()

Size ToolBox::ImplCalcFloatSize ( ImplToolItems::size_type &  rLines)

◆ ImplCalcFloatSizes()

void ToolBox::ImplCalcFloatSizes ( )

◆ ImplCalcItem()

bool ToolBox::ImplCalcItem ( )

◆ ImplCalcLines()

ToolBox::ImplToolItems::size_type ToolBox::ImplCalcLines ( tools::Long  nToolSize) const

◆ ImplCalcMinMaxFloatSize()

void ToolBox::ImplCalcMinMaxFloatSize ( Size rMinSize,
Size rMaxSize 

◆ ImplCalcSize()

Size ToolBox::ImplCalcSize ( ImplToolItems::size_type  nCalcLines,
sal_uInt16  nCalcMode = 0 

◆ ImplChangeHighlight()

void ToolBox::ImplChangeHighlight ( ImplToolItem const *  pItem,
bool  bNoGrabFocus = false 

◆ ImplChangeHighlightUpDn()

bool ToolBox::ImplChangeHighlightUpDn ( bool  bUp,
bool  bNoCycle = false 

◆ ImplCheckUpdate()

void ToolBox::ImplCheckUpdate ( )

◆ ImplCountLineBreaks()

ToolBox::ImplToolItems::size_type ToolBox::ImplCountLineBreaks ( ) const

Definition at line 4038 of file toolbox.cxx.

References BREAK, and mpData.

Referenced by CalcFloatingWindowSizePixel(), and CalcPopupWindowSizePixel().

◆ ImplDrawBackground()

void ToolBox::ImplDrawBackground ( vcl::RenderContext rRenderContext,
const tools::Rectangle rRect 

◆ ImplDrawBorder()

void ToolBox::ImplDrawBorder ( vcl::RenderContext rRenderContext)

◆ ImplDrawButton()

void ToolBox::ImplDrawButton ( vcl::RenderContext rRenderContext,
const tools::Rectangle rRect,
sal_uInt16  highlight,
bool  bChecked,
bool  bEnabled,
bool  bIsWindow 

◆ ImplDrawConstantBackground()

void ToolBox::ImplDrawConstantBackground ( vcl::RenderContext rRenderContext,
const vcl::Region rRegion,
bool  bIsInPopupMode 

◆ ImplDrawFloatwinBorder()

void ToolBox::ImplDrawFloatwinBorder ( vcl::RenderContext rRenderContext,
ImplToolItem const *  pItem 

◆ ImplDrawGradientBackground()

void ToolBox::ImplDrawGradientBackground ( vcl::RenderContext rRenderContext)

◆ ImplDrawGrip() [1/2]

void ToolBox::ImplDrawGrip ( vcl::RenderContext rRenderContext)

◆ ImplDrawGrip() [2/2]

void ToolBox::ImplDrawGrip ( vcl::RenderContext rRenderContext,
const tools::Rectangle aDragArea,
int  nDragWidth,
WindowAlign  eAlign,
bool  bHorz 

◆ ImplDrawItem()

void ToolBox::ImplDrawItem ( vcl::RenderContext rRenderContext,
ImplToolItems::size_type  nPos,
sal_uInt16  nHighlight 

Definition at line 2550 of file toolbox.cxx.

References BUTTON, Checked, COL_WHITE(), ColorTransform, ImplToolItem::DetermineButtonDrawStyle(), determineButtonType(), Disable, DontKnow, OutputDevice::DrawCtrlText(), OutputDevice::DrawImage(), DROPDOWN, DROPDOWNONLY, ImplToolItem::GetDropDownRect(), StyleSettings::GetFaceColor(), OutputDevice::GetFont(), tools::Rectangle::getOpenWidth(), vcl::Window::GetOutDev(), OutputDevice::GetSettings(), StyleSettings::GetShadowColor(), tools::Rectangle::GetSize(), Image::GetSizePixel(), AllSettings::GetStyleSettings(), vcl::Window::GetTextHeight(), Size::Height(), ImplCheckUpdate(), ImplDrawButton(), ImplDrawDropdownArrow(), ImplDrawFloatwinBorder(), ImplDrawSeparator(), ImplErase(), ImplIsFloatingMode(), tools::Rectangle::IsEmpty(), vcl::Window::IsEnabled(), tools::Rectangle::Left(), LEFT, Left, ImplToolItem::maImage, ImplToolItem::maRect, ImplToolItem::maText, ImplToolItem::mbEnabled, mbHorz, ImplToolItem::mbShowWindow, ImplToolItem::mbVisibleText, meAlign, meButtonType, ImplToolItem::meState, meTextPosition, ImplToolItem::meType, ImplToolItem::mnBits, mnDownItemId, ImplToolItem::mnId, mpData, mpFloatWin, NONE, nPos, Pressed, Right, SEPARATOR, OutputDevice::SetFillColor(), OutputDevice::SetFont(), vcl::Window::SetFont(), vcl::Font::SetOrientation(), SMALLBUTTON_HSIZE, SMALLBUTTON_OFF_NORMAL_X, SMALLBUTTON_OFF_NORMAL_Y, SMALLBUTTON_VSIZE, TB_IMAGETEXTOFFSET, tools::Rectangle::Top(), tools::Rectangle::TopLeft(), TRISTATE_INDET, TRISTATE_TRUE, and Size::Width().

Referenced by Paint().

◆ ImplDrawMenuButton()

void ToolBox::ImplDrawMenuButton ( vcl::RenderContext rRenderContext,
bool  bHighlight 

◆ ImplDrawNativeBackground()

bool ToolBox::ImplDrawNativeBackground ( vcl::RenderContext rRenderContext) const

◆ ImplDrawSeparator()

void ToolBox::ImplDrawSeparator ( vcl::RenderContext rRenderContext,
ImplToolItems::size_type  nPos,
const tools::Rectangle rRect 

◆ ImplDrawSpin()

void ToolBox::ImplDrawSpin ( vcl::RenderContext rRenderContext)

◆ ImplDrawTransparentBackground()

void ToolBox::ImplDrawTransparentBackground ( const vcl::Region rRegion)

Definition at line 444 of file toolbox.cxx.

References vcl::Window::Invalidate(), mpData, NoClipChildren, and Update.

Referenced by ImplDrawBackground().

◆ ImplErase()

void ToolBox::ImplErase ( vcl::RenderContext rRenderContext,
const tools::Rectangle rRect,
bool  bHighlight,
bool  bHasOpenPopup = false 

◆ ImplFillLayoutData()

void ToolBox::ImplFillLayoutData ( )

◆ ImplFindItemPos()

ToolBox::ImplToolItems::size_type ToolBox::ImplFindItemPos ( const ImplToolItem pItem,
const ImplToolItems rList 

Definition at line 4512 of file toolbox.cxx.

References ITEM_NOTFOUND, and nPos.

Referenced by ImplChangeHighlight(), and ImplChangeHighlightUpDn().

◆ ImplFloatControl()

void ToolBox::ImplFloatControl ( bool  bStart,
FloatingWindow pWindow 

◆ ImplFormat()

void ToolBox::ImplFormat ( bool  bResize = false)

Definition at line 1887 of file toolbox.cxx.

References tools::Rectangle::Bottom(), DockingManager::GetDockingWindowWrapper(), ImplDockingWindowWrapper::GetDragArea(), Size::Height(), ImplCalcBorder(), ImplCalcBreaks(), ImplCalcItem(), ImplCalcLines(), ImplGetDockingManager(), ImplGetOptimalFloatingSize(), ImplHasExternalMenubutton(), ImplIsFloatingMode(), ImplIsInPopupMode(), ImplUpdateDragArea(), vcl::Window::Invalidate(), IsMenuEnabled(), vcl::Window::IsVisible(), tools::Rectangle::Left(), Locked, maFloatSizes, ImplToolItem::maItemSize, maLowerRect, maPaintRect, ImplToolItem::maRect, maUpperRect, mbFormat, mbFullPaint, mbHorz, mbIsArranged, mbLineSpacing, mbScroll, meAlign, meLayoutMode, mnBottomBorder, mnCurLine, mnCurLines, mnDX, mnDY, mnFloatLines, mnLeftBorder, mnLines, mnMaxItemHeight, mnMaxItemWidth, mnRightBorder, mnTopBorder, mnVisLines, mnWinHeight, mnWinStyle, mpData, tools::Rectangle::Right(), tools::Rectangle::SetBottom(), tools::Rectangle::SetLeft(), DockingWindow::SetOutputSizePixel(), tools::Rectangle::SetRight(), tools::Rectangle::SetTop(), TB_BORDER_OFFSET1, TB_BORDER_OFFSET2, TB_LINESPACING, TB_MAXNOSCROLL, TB_MENUBUTTON_OFFSET, TB_SPIN_OFFSET, TB_SPIN_SIZE, tools::Rectangle::Top(), tools::Rectangle::Union(), WB_BORDER, and Size::Width().

Referenced by GetItemContentSize(), GetItemPosRect(), GetItemRect(), ImplChangeHighlight(), ImplHasClippedItems(), KeyInput(), MouseButtonDown(), Paint(), Resize(), SetMenuType(), SetStyle(), ShowLine(), StateChanged(), and ToggleFloatingMode().

◆ ImplGetDragWidth() [1/3]

int ToolBox::ImplGetDragWidth ( ) const

◆ ImplGetDragWidth() [2/3]

int ToolBox::ImplGetDragWidth ( const vcl::RenderContext rRenderContext,
bool  bHorz 

◆ ImplGetDragWidth() [3/3]

int ToolBox::ImplGetDragWidth ( const vcl::Window rWindow,
bool  bHorz 

Definition at line 121 of file toolbox.cxx.

References vcl::Window::GetOutDev(), and ImplGetDragWidth().

◆ ImplGetFirstClippedItem()

const ImplToolItem * ToolBox::ImplGetFirstClippedItem ( ) const

Definition at line 627 of file toolbox.cxx.

References mpData.

Referenced by ImplChangeHighlightUpDn().

◆ ImplGetFirstValidItem()

ImplToolItem * ToolBox::ImplGetFirstValidItem ( ImplToolItems::size_type  nLine)

it->mbEnabled ||

Definition at line 4481 of file toolbox.cxx.

References BUTTON, ImplIsFixedControl(), mnCurLines, and mpData.

Referenced by KeyInput().

◆ ImplGetHelpText()

const OUString & ToolBox::ImplGetHelpText ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId) const

◆ ImplGetItem()

ImplToolItem * ToolBox::ImplGetItem ( ToolBoxItemId  nId) const

◆ ImplGetItemLine()

ToolBox::ImplToolItems::size_type ToolBox::ImplGetItemLine ( ImplToolItem const *  pCurrentItem)

Definition at line 4467 of file toolbox.cxx.

References mpData.

Referenced by ImplChangeHighlight().

◆ ImplGetOptimalFloatingSize()

Size ToolBox::ImplGetOptimalFloatingSize ( )

◆ ImplGetPopupPosition()

Point ToolBox::ImplGetPopupPosition ( const tools::Rectangle rRect) const

◆ ImplGetToolBoxPrivateData()

SAL_DLLPRIVATE ImplToolBoxPrivateData * ToolBox::ImplGetToolBoxPrivateData ( ) const

Definition at line 250 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by vcl::Window::GetDisplayBackground().

◆ ImplHandleMouseButtonUp()

bool ToolBox::ImplHandleMouseButtonUp ( const MouseEvent rMEvt,
bool  bCancel = false 

◆ ImplHandleMouseMove()

bool ToolBox::ImplHandleMouseMove ( const MouseEvent rMEvt,
bool  bRepeat = false 

◆ ImplHasClippedItems()

bool ToolBox::ImplHasClippedItems ( )

Definition at line 1485 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References ImplFormat(), and mpData.

Referenced by ImplChangeHighlightUpDn(), ImplDrawMenuButton(), MouseButtonDown(), and MouseMove().

◆ ImplHasExternalMenubutton()

bool ToolBox::ImplHasExternalMenubutton ( ) const

◆ ImplHideFocus()

void ToolBox::ImplHideFocus ( )

◆ ImplInit()

void ToolBox::ImplInit ( vcl::Window pParent,
WinBits  nStyle 

◆ ImplInitSettings() [1/2]

void DockingWindow::ImplInitSettings ( )

◆ ImplInitSettings() [2/2]

void ToolBox::ImplInitSettings ( bool  bFont,
bool  bForeground,
bool  bBackground 

◆ ImplInitToolBoxData()

void ToolBox::ImplInitToolBoxData ( )

◆ ImplInvalidate()

void ToolBox::ImplInvalidate ( bool  bNewCalc = false,
bool  bFullPaint = false 

◆ ImplIsFloatingMode()

bool ToolBox::ImplIsFloatingMode ( ) const

◆ ImplIsInPopupMode()

bool ToolBox::ImplIsInPopupMode ( ) const

◆ ImplLineSizing()

void ToolBox::ImplLineSizing ( const Point rPos,
tools::Rectangle rRect,
sal_uInt16  nLineMode 

◆ ImplOpenItem()

bool ToolBox::ImplOpenItem ( vcl::KeyCode  aKeyCode)

◆ ImplSetMinMaxFloatSize()

void ToolBox::ImplSetMinMaxFloatSize ( )

◆ ImplShowFocus()

void ToolBox::ImplShowFocus ( )

◆ ImplTestLineSize()

sal_uInt16 ToolBox::ImplTestLineSize ( const Point rPos) const

◆ ImplUpdateDragArea()

void ToolBox::ImplUpdateDragArea ( ) const

◆ ImplUpdateInputEnable()

void ToolBox::ImplUpdateInputEnable ( )

Definition at line 1361 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References mpData.

Referenced by EnableItem(), and ImplInvalidate().

◆ ImplUpdateItem()

void ToolBox::ImplUpdateItem ( ImplToolItems::size_type  nIndex = ITEM_NOTFOUND)

◆ InsertBreak()

void ToolBox::InsertBreak ( ImplToolItems::size_type  nPos = APPEND)

◆ InsertItem() [1/4]

void ToolBox::InsertItem ( const OUString &  rCommand,
const css::uno::Reference< css::frame::XFrame > &  rFrame,
ToolBoxItemBits  nBits,
const Size rRequestedSize,
ImplToolItems::size_type  nPos = APPEND 

◆ InsertItem() [2/4]

void ToolBox::InsertItem ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId,
const Image rImage,
const OUString &  rText,
ToolBoxItemBits  nBits = ToolBoxItemBits::NONE,
ImplToolItems::size_type  nPos = APPEND 

◆ InsertItem() [3/4]

void ToolBox::InsertItem ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId,
const Image rImage,
ToolBoxItemBits  nBits = ToolBoxItemBits::NONE,
ImplToolItems::size_type  nPos = APPEND 

◆ InsertItem() [4/4]

void ToolBox::InsertItem ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId,
const OUString &  rText,
const OUString &  rCommand,
ToolBoxItemBits  nBits = ToolBoxItemBits::NONE,
ImplToolItems::size_type  nPos = APPEND 

◆ InsertSeparator()

void ToolBox::InsertSeparator ( ImplToolItems::size_type  nPos = APPEND,
sal_uInt16  nPixSize = 0 

◆ InsertSpace()

void ToolBox::InsertSpace ( )

◆ InsertWindow()

void ToolBox::InsertWindow ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId,
vcl::Window pWindow,
ToolBoxItemBits  nBits = ToolBoxItemBits::NONE,
ImplToolItems::size_type  nPos = APPEND 

◆ InvalidateItem()

void ToolBox::InvalidateItem ( ImplToolItems::size_type  nPosition)

◆ InvalidateMenuButton()

void ToolBox::InvalidateMenuButton ( )

Definition at line 3405 of file toolbox.cxx.

References vcl::Window::Invalidate(), and mpData.

Referenced by EventNotify(), ImplChangeHighlightUpDn(), ImplHideFocus(), and MouseMove().

◆ InvalidateSpin()

void ToolBox::InvalidateSpin ( bool  bInvalidateUpper = true,
bool  bInvalidateLower = true 

◆ IsCustomize()

bool ToolBox::IsCustomize ( ) const

Definition at line 442 of file toolbox.hxx.

◆ IsHorizontal()

bool ToolBox::IsHorizontal ( ) const

◆ IsItemChecked()

bool ToolBox::IsItemChecked ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId) const

Definition at line 514 of file toolbox.hxx.

References GetItemState(), and TRISTATE_TRUE.

Referenced by DumpAsPropertyTree(), and SalInstanceToolbar::get_item_active().

◆ IsItemClipped()

bool ToolBox::IsItemClipped ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId) const

Definition at line 1267 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References ImplGetItem(), and ImplToolItem::IsClipped().

◆ IsItemEnabled()

bool ToolBox::IsItemEnabled ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId) const

◆ IsItemReallyVisible()

bool ToolBox::IsItemReallyVisible ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId) const

◆ IsItemVisible()

bool ToolBox::IsItemVisible ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId) const

◆ IsKeyEvent()

bool ToolBox::IsKeyEvent ( ) const

Definition at line 477 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by ImplDockingWindowWrapper::StartPopupMode().

◆ IsMenuEnabled()

bool ToolBox::IsMenuEnabled ( ) const

◆ KeyInput()

void ToolBox::KeyInput ( const KeyEvent rKEvt)

◆ Lock()

void ToolBox::Lock ( bool  bLock)

◆ LoseFocus()

void ToolBox::LoseFocus ( )

Reimplemented from vcl::Window.

Definition at line 4141 of file toolbox.cxx.

References ImplChangeHighlight(), and vcl::Window::LoseFocus().

◆ MouseButtonDown()

void ToolBox::MouseButtonDown ( const MouseEvent rMEvt)

◆ MouseButtonUp()

void ToolBox::MouseButtonUp ( const MouseEvent rMEvt)

◆ MouseMove()

void ToolBox::MouseMove ( const MouseEvent rMEvt)

◆ operator=()

ToolBox & ToolBox::operator= ( const ToolBox )

◆ Paint()

void ToolBox::Paint ( vcl::RenderContext rRenderContext,
const tools::Rectangle rRect 

◆ queue_resize()

void ToolBox::queue_resize ( StateChangedType  eReason = StateChangedType::Layout)

Reimplemented from DockingWindow.

Definition at line 1263 of file toolbox.cxx.

Referenced by SalInstanceToolbar::set_icon_size().

◆ RemoveItem()

void ToolBox::RemoveItem ( ImplToolItems::size_type  nPos)

◆ RequestHelp()

void ToolBox::RequestHelp ( const HelpEvent rHEvt)

◆ Resize()

void ToolBox::Resize ( )

◆ Resizing()

void ToolBox::Resizing ( Size rSize)

◆ Select()

void ToolBox::Select ( )

◆ SetActivateHdl()

void ToolBox::SetActivateHdl ( const Link< ToolBox *, void > &  rLink)

Definition at line 452 of file toolbox.hxx.

◆ SetAlign()

void ToolBox::SetAlign ( WindowAlign  eNewAlign = WindowAlign::Top)

◆ SetButtonType()

void ToolBox::SetButtonType ( ButtonType  eNewType)

Definition at line 608 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References ImplInvalidate(), and meButtonType.

◆ SetClickHdl()

void ToolBox::SetClickHdl ( const Link< ToolBox *, void > &  rLink)

Definition at line 449 of file toolbox.hxx.

◆ SetCurItemId()

void ToolBox::SetCurItemId ( ToolBoxItemId  CurID)

Definition at line 83 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by ToolBoxUIObject::execute().

◆ SetDataChangedHdl()

void ToolBox::SetDataChangedHdl ( const Link< DataChangedEvent const *, void > &  aLink)

Definition at line 456 of file toolbox.hxx.

◆ SetDeactivateHdl()

void ToolBox::SetDeactivateHdl ( const Link< ToolBox *, void > &  rLink)

Definition at line 453 of file toolbox.hxx.

◆ SetDoubleClickHdl()

void ToolBox::SetDoubleClickHdl ( const Link< ToolBox *, void > &  rLink)

Definition at line 450 of file toolbox.hxx.

◆ SetDropdownClickHdl()

void ToolBox::SetDropdownClickHdl ( const Link< ToolBox *, void > &  rLink)

◆ SetHelpId()

void ToolBox::SetHelpId ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId,
const OUString &  rHelpId 

◆ SetHelpText()

void ToolBox::SetHelpText ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId,
const OUString &  rText 

Definition at line 1339 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References ImplGetItem(), and ImplToolItem::maHelpText.

◆ SetItemBits()

void ToolBox::SetItemBits ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId,
ToolBoxItemBits  nBits 

Definition at line 877 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References AUTOSIZE, DROPDOWN, GetItemCount(), GetItemPos(), ImplInvalidate(), LEFT, mpData, and nPos.

◆ SetItemCommand()

void ToolBox::SetItemCommand ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId,
const OUString &  rCommand 

Definition at line 1303 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References ImplGetItem(), and ImplToolItem::maCommandStr.

Referenced by SalInstanceToolbar::set_item_ident().

◆ SetItemData()

void ToolBox::SetItemData ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId,
void *  pNewData 

Definition at line 927 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References GetItemPos(), ImplUpdateItem(), mpData, and nPos.

◆ SetItemDown()

void ToolBox::SetItemDown ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId,
bool  bDown 

◆ SetItemExpand()

void ToolBox::SetItemExpand ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId,
bool  bExpand 

◆ SetItemImage()

void ToolBox::SetItemImage ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId,
const Image rImage 

◆ SetItemImageAngle()

void ToolBox::SetItemImageAngle ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId,
Degree10  nAngle10 

Definition at line 990 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References GetItemPos(), ITEM_NOTFOUND, ImplToolItem::mnImageAngle, mpData, and nPos.

◆ SetItemImageMirrorMode()

void ToolBox::SetItemImageMirrorMode ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId,
bool  bMirror 

◆ SetItemState()

void ToolBox::SetItemState ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId,
TriState  eState 

◆ SetItemText()

void ToolBox::SetItemText ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId,
const OUString &  rText 

◆ SetItemWindow()

void ToolBox::SetItemWindow ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId,
vcl::Window pNewWindow 

◆ SetItemWindowNonInteractive()

void ToolBox::SetItemWindowNonInteractive ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId,
bool  bNonInteractive 

Definition at line 894 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References GetItemCount(), GetItemPos(), mpData, and nPos.

◆ SetLineCount()

void ToolBox::SetLineCount ( ImplToolItems::size_type  nNewLines)

Definition at line 697 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References vcl::Window::Invalidate(), and mnLines.

Referenced by EndDocking().

◆ SetLineSpacing()

void ToolBox::SetLineSpacing ( bool  b)

Definition at line 504 of file toolbox.hxx.

◆ SetMenuButtonHdl()

void ToolBox::SetMenuButtonHdl ( const Link< ToolBox *, void > &  rLink)

Definition at line 457 of file toolbox.hxx.

◆ SetMenuExecuteHdl()

void ToolBox::SetMenuExecuteHdl ( const Link< ToolBox *, void > &  rLink)

Definition at line 1480 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References mpData.

◆ SetMenuType()

void ToolBox::SetMenuType ( ToolBoxMenuType  aType = ToolBoxMenuType::Customize)

◆ SetQuickHelpText()

void ToolBox::SetQuickHelpText ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId,
const OUString &  rText 

◆ SetSelectHdl()

void ToolBox::SetSelectHdl ( const Link< ToolBox *, void > &  rLink)

◆ SetStateChangedHdl()

void ToolBox::SetStateChangedHdl ( const Link< StateChangedType const *, void > &  aLink)

Definition at line 455 of file toolbox.hxx.

◆ SetStyle()

void ToolBox::SetStyle ( WinBits  nNewStyle)

Definition at line 3840 of file toolbox.cxx.

References ImplFormat(), ImplIsFloatingMode(), mbFormat, mbScroll, mnWinStyle, and WB_SCROLL.

◆ SetToolbarLayoutMode()

void ToolBox::SetToolbarLayoutMode ( ToolBoxLayoutMode  eLayout)

Definition at line 4799 of file toolbox.cxx.

References meLayoutMode.

◆ SetToolboxButtonSize()

void ToolBox::SetToolboxButtonSize ( ToolBoxButtonSize  eSize)

Definition at line 620 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References mbCalc, mbFormat, and mpData.

Referenced by SalInstanceToolbar::set_icon_size().

◆ SetToolBoxTextPosition()

void ToolBox::SetToolBoxTextPosition ( ToolBoxTextPosition  ePosition)

Definition at line 4805 of file toolbox.cxx.

References meTextPosition.

◆ ShowItem()

void ToolBox::ShowItem ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId,
bool  bVisible = true 

◆ ShowLine()

void ToolBox::ShowLine ( bool  bNext)

Definition at line 2850 of file toolbox.cxx.

References ImplFormat(), mbFormat, and mnCurLine.

Referenced by Command(), and ImplHandleMouseButtonUp().

◆ StartDocking()

void ToolBox::StartDocking ( )

Reimplemented from DockingWindow.

Definition at line 3900 of file toolbox.cxx.

References ImplIsFloatingMode(), mbLastFloatMode, meAlign, meDockAlign, mnDockLines, mnLines, and DockingWindow::StartDocking().

Referenced by MouseButtonDown().

◆ StateChanged()

void ToolBox::StateChanged ( StateChangedType  nType)

◆ ToggleFloatingMode()

void ToolBox::ToggleFloatingMode ( )

◆ Tracking()

void ToolBox::Tracking ( const TrackingEvent rTEvt)

◆ TriggerItem()

void ToolBox::TriggerItem ( ToolBoxItemId  nItemId)

Definition at line 4149 of file toolbox.cxx.

References ImplActivateItem(), and mnHighItemId.

◆ UpdateCustomMenu()

void ToolBox::UpdateCustomMenu ( )

◆ WillUsePopupMode() [1/2]

bool ToolBox::WillUsePopupMode ( ) const

Definition at line 1701 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References mpData.

◆ WillUsePopupMode() [2/2]

void ToolBox::WillUsePopupMode ( bool  b)

Definition at line 1706 of file toolbox2.cxx.

References mpData.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ FloatingWindow

friend class FloatingWindow

Definition at line 75 of file toolbox.hxx.

◆ ImplTBDragMgr

friend class ImplTBDragMgr

Definition at line 76 of file toolbox.hxx.

Member Data Documentation


constexpr auto ToolBox::APPEND = std::numeric_limits<ImplToolItems::size_type>::max()


constexpr auto ToolBox::ITEM_NOTFOUND = std::numeric_limits<ImplToolItems::size_type>::max()

◆ maActivateHdl

Link<ToolBox *, void> ToolBox::maActivateHdl

Definition at line 154 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by Activate().

◆ maClickHdl

Link<ToolBox *, void> ToolBox::maClickHdl

Definition at line 152 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by Click().

◆ maDataChangedHandler

Link<DataChangedEvent const *, void> ToolBox::maDataChangedHandler

Definition at line 159 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by DataChanged().

◆ maDeactivateHdl

Link<ToolBox *, void> ToolBox::maDeactivateHdl

Definition at line 155 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by Deactivate().

◆ maDoubleClickHdl

Link<ToolBox *, void> ToolBox::maDoubleClickHdl

Definition at line 153 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by DoubleClick().

◆ maFloatSizes

std::vector<ImplToolSize> ToolBox::maFloatSizes

◆ maLowerRect

tools::Rectangle ToolBox::maLowerRect

◆ maMenuButtonHdl

Link<ToolBox *, void> ToolBox::maMenuButtonHdl

Definition at line 157 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by ImplOpenItem(), and MouseButtonDown().

◆ maPaintRect

tools::Rectangle ToolBox::maPaintRect

Definition at line 104 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by ImplFormat(), ImplUpdateItem(), and RemoveItem().

◆ maSelectHdl

Link<ToolBox *, void> ToolBox::maSelectHdl

Definition at line 156 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by Select().

◆ maStateChangedHandler

Link<StateChangedType const *, void> ToolBox::maStateChangedHandler

Definition at line 158 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by StateChanged().

◆ maUpperRect

tools::Rectangle ToolBox::maUpperRect

◆ mbCalc

bool ToolBox::mbCalc

◆ mbChangingHighlight

bool ToolBox::mbChangingHighlight

Definition at line 142 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by ImplActivateItem(), ImplChangeHighlight(), ImplInitToolBoxData(), and KeyInput().

◆ mbCustomize

bool ToolBox::mbCustomize

Definition at line 139 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by EnableCustomize(), and ImplInitToolBoxData().

◆ mbDrag

bool ToolBox::mbDrag

◆ mbDragging

bool ToolBox::mbDragging

◆ mbFormat

bool ToolBox::mbFormat

◆ mbFullPaint

bool ToolBox::mbFullPaint

Definition at line 135 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by ImplFormat(), ImplInitToolBoxData(), and Paint().

◆ mbHorz

bool ToolBox::mbHorz

◆ mbIn

bool ToolBox::mbIn

◆ mbIsArranged

bool ToolBox::mbIsArranged

Definition at line 144 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by ImplFormat(), and ImplInitToolBoxData().

◆ mbIsKeyEvent

bool ToolBox::mbIsKeyEvent

Definition at line 141 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by ImplActivateItem(), ImplInitToolBoxData(), and ImplOpenItem().

◆ mbLastFloatMode

bool ToolBox::mbLastFloatMode

Definition at line 138 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by Docking(), ImplInitToolBoxData(), and StartDocking().

◆ mbLineSpacing

bool ToolBox::mbLineSpacing

◆ mbLower

bool ToolBox::mbLower

◆ mbScroll

bool ToolBox::mbScroll

◆ mbUpper

bool ToolBox::mbUpper

◆ meAlign

WindowAlign ToolBox::meAlign

◆ meButtonType

ButtonType ToolBox::meButtonType

◆ meDockAlign

WindowAlign ToolBox::meDockAlign

Definition at line 146 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by Docking(), EndDocking(), ImplInitToolBoxData(), and StartDocking().

◆ meLastStyle

PointerStyle ToolBox::meLastStyle

Definition at line 148 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by ImplInitToolBoxData(), and MouseMove().

◆ meLayoutMode

ToolBoxLayoutMode ToolBox::meLayoutMode

Definition at line 150 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by ImplFormat(), ImplInitToolBoxData(), and SetToolbarLayoutMode().

◆ meTextPosition

ToolBoxTextPosition ToolBox::meTextPosition

◆ mnActivateCount

tools::Long ToolBox::mnActivateCount

Definition at line 116 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by Activate(), Deactivate(), dispose(), and ImplInitToolBoxData().

◆ mnBottomBorder

tools::Long ToolBox::mnBottomBorder

◆ mnCurItemId

ToolBoxItemId ToolBox::mnCurItemId

◆ mnCurLine

ImplToolItems::size_type ToolBox::mnCurLine

◆ mnCurLines

ImplToolItems::size_type ToolBox::mnCurLines

◆ mnCurPos

ImplToolItems::size_type ToolBox::mnCurPos

◆ mnDockLines

ImplToolItems::size_type ToolBox::mnDockLines

◆ mnDownItemId

ToolBoxItemId ToolBox::mnDownItemId

◆ mnDX

tools::Long ToolBox::mnDX

◆ mnDY

tools::Long ToolBox::mnDY

◆ mnFloatLines

ImplToolItems::size_type ToolBox::mnFloatLines

◆ mnHighItemId

ToolBoxItemId ToolBox::mnHighItemId

◆ mnLastFocusItemId

ToolBoxItemId ToolBox::mnLastFocusItemId

Definition at line 117 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by EventNotify(), ImplInitToolBoxData(), and ImplOpenItem().

◆ mnLastResizeDY

tools::Long ToolBox::mnLastResizeDY

Definition at line 115 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by ImplInitToolBoxData(), Resize(), and Resizing().

◆ mnLeftBorder

tools::Long ToolBox::mnLeftBorder

◆ mnLines

ImplToolItems::size_type ToolBox::mnLines

◆ mnMaxItemHeight

tools::Long ToolBox::mnMaxItemHeight

◆ mnMaxItemWidth

tools::Long ToolBox::mnMaxItemWidth

◆ mnMouseModifier

sal_uInt16 ToolBox::mnMouseModifier

◆ mnRightBorder

tools::Long ToolBox::mnRightBorder

◆ mnTopBorder

tools::Long ToolBox::mnTopBorder

◆ mnVisLines

ImplToolItems::size_type ToolBox::mnVisLines

◆ mnWinHeight

tools::Long ToolBox::mnWinHeight

◆ mnWinStyle

WinBits ToolBox::mnWinStyle

◆ mpData

std::unique_ptr<ImplToolBoxPrivateData> ToolBox::mpData

Definition at line 99 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by ApplyBackgroundSettings(), ApplySettings(), CalcFloatingWindowSizePixel(), CalcMinimumWindowSizePixel(), CalcPopupWindowSizePixel(), Clear(), CopyItem(), dispose(), EnableItem(), EventNotify(), ExecuteCustomMenu(), GetCharacterBounds(), GetDisplayText(), GetImageSize(), GetIndexForPoint(), GetItemContentSize(), GetItemCount(), GetItemId(), GetItemPos(), GetItemPosRect(), GetItemType(), GetMenu(), GetMenuType(), GetOptimalSize(), GetOverflowRect(), GetToolboxButtonSize(), ImplCalcBreaks(), ImplCalcFloatSizes(), ImplCalcItem(), ImplCalcSize(), ImplChangeHighlight(), ImplChangeHighlightUpDn(), ImplCountLineBreaks(), ImplDrawItem(), ImplDrawMenuButton(), ImplDrawSeparator(), ImplDrawTransparentBackground(), ImplErase(), ImplFillLayoutData(), ImplFloatControl(), ImplFormat(), ImplGetFirstClippedItem(), ImplGetFirstValidItem(), ImplGetItem(), ImplGetItemLine(), ImplHandleMouseButtonUp(), ImplHandleMouseMove(), ImplHasClippedItems(), ImplHideFocus(), ImplInitSettings(), ImplInitToolBoxData(), ImplIsFloatingMode(), ImplIsInPopupMode(), ImplOpenItem(), ImplUpdateInputEnable(), ImplUpdateItem(), InsertBreak(), InsertItem(), InsertSeparator(), InsertSpace(), InsertWindow(), InvalidateItem(), InvalidateMenuButton(), IsMenuEnabled(), KeyInput(), Lock(), MouseButtonDown(), MouseMove(), Paint(), RemoveItem(), Resize(), SetDropdownClickHdl(), SetItemBits(), SetItemData(), SetItemImage(), SetItemImageAngle(), SetItemImageMirrorMode(), SetItemState(), SetItemText(), SetItemWindow(), SetItemWindowNonInteractive(), SetMenuExecuteHdl(), SetMenuType(), SetToolboxButtonSize(), ShowItem(), ToggleFloatingMode(), UpdateCustomMenu(), and WillUsePopupMode().

◆ mpFloatWin

VclPtr<FloatingWindow> ToolBox::mpFloatWin

◆ mpIdle

std::unique_ptr<Idle> ToolBox::mpIdle

Definition at line 101 of file toolbox.hxx.

Referenced by dispose(), ImplInitToolBoxData(), and ImplInvalidate().

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