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CommandEvent Class Reference

#include <commandevent.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 CommandEvent ()
 CommandEvent (const Point &rMousePos, CommandEventId nCmd, bool bMEvt=false, const void *pCmdData=nullptr)
CommandEventId GetCommand () const
const PointGetMousePosPixel () const
bool IsMouseEvent () const
voidGetEventData () const
const CommandExtTextInputDataGetExtTextInputData () const
const CommandWheelDataGetWheelData () const
const CommandScrollDataGetAutoScrollData () const
const CommandModKeyDataGetModKeyData () const
const CommandDialogDataGetDialogData () const
CommandMediaDataGetMediaData () const
const CommandSelectionChangeDataGetSelectionChangeData () const
const CommandSwipeDataGetSwipeData () const
const CommandLongPressDataGetLongPressData () const
const CommandGestureDataGetGestureData () const

Private Attributes

Point maPos
CommandEventId mnCommand
bool mbMouseEvent

Detailed Description

Definition at line 65 of file commandevent.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CommandEvent::CommandEvent ( )

Definition at line 101 of file commandevent.cxx.

References mbMouseEvent, mnCommand, mpData, and NONE.

CommandEvent::CommandEvent ( const Point rMousePos,
CommandEventId  nCmd,
bool  bMEvt = false,
const void pCmdData = nullptr 

Definition at line 108 of file commandevent.cxx.

References mbMouseEvent, mnCommand, and mpData.

Member Function Documentation

const CommandScrollData * CommandEvent::GetAutoScrollData ( ) const
CommandEventId CommandEvent::GetCommand ( ) const
const CommandDialogData * CommandEvent::GetDialogData ( ) const

Definition at line 149 of file commandevent.cxx.

References mnCommand, mpData, and ShowDialog.

void* CommandEvent::GetEventData ( ) const
const CommandExtTextInputData * CommandEvent::GetExtTextInputData ( ) const

Definition at line 117 of file commandevent.cxx.

References ExtTextInput, mnCommand, and mpData.

Referenced by TextView::Command(), and Edit::Command().

const CommandGestureData * CommandEvent::GetGestureData ( ) const

Definition at line 189 of file commandevent.cxx.

References Gesture, mnCommand, and mpData.

Referenced by vcl::Window::HandleScrollCommand().

const CommandLongPressData * CommandEvent::GetLongPressData ( ) const

Definition at line 181 of file commandevent.cxx.

References LongPress, mnCommand, and mpData.

CommandMediaData * CommandEvent::GetMediaData ( ) const

Definition at line 157 of file commandevent.cxx.

References Media, mnCommand, and mpData.

const CommandModKeyData * CommandEvent::GetModKeyData ( ) const

Definition at line 141 of file commandevent.cxx.

References mnCommand, ModKeyChange, and mpData.

const Point& CommandEvent::GetMousePosPixel ( ) const
const CommandSelectionChangeData * CommandEvent::GetSelectionChangeData ( ) const

Definition at line 165 of file commandevent.cxx.

References mnCommand, mpData, and SelectionChange.

Referenced by Edit::Command().

const CommandSwipeData * CommandEvent::GetSwipeData ( ) const

Definition at line 173 of file commandevent.cxx.

References mnCommand, mpData, and Swipe.

const CommandWheelData * CommandEvent::GetWheelData ( ) const
bool CommandEvent::IsMouseEvent ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

Point CommandEvent::maPos

Definition at line 68 of file commandevent.hxx.

bool CommandEvent::mbMouseEvent

Definition at line 71 of file commandevent.hxx.

Referenced by CommandEvent().

CommandEventId CommandEvent::mnCommand
void* CommandEvent::mpData

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