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weld::Window Class Referenceabstract

#include <weld.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void set_title (const OUString &rTitle)=0
virtual OUString get_title () const =0
virtual void set_busy_cursor (bool bBusy)=0
virtual void window_move (int x, int y)=0
virtual void set_modal (bool bModal)=0
virtual bool get_modal () const =0
virtual bool get_resizable () const =0
virtual Size get_size () const =0
virtual Point get_position () const =0
virtual tools::Rectangle get_monitor_workarea () const =0
virtual void set_centered_on_parent (bool bTrackGeometryRequests)=0
virtual bool has_toplevel_focus () const =0
virtual void present ()=0
virtual void set_window_state (const OString &rStr)=0
virtual OString get_window_state (WindowStateMask nMask) const =0
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XWindow > GetXWindow ()=0
void connect_help (const Link< Widget &, bool > &rLink)
virtual void connect_toplevel_focus_changed (const Link< Widget &, void > &rLink)
virtual SystemEnvData get_system_data () const =0
virtual void resize_to_request ()=0
virtual void draw (VirtualDevice &rOutput)=0
virtual ScreenShotCollection collect_screenshot_data ()=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from weld::Container
virtual void move (weld::Widget *pWidget, weld::Container *pNewParent)=0
virtual void recursively_unset_default_buttons ()=0
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XWindow > CreateChildFrame ()=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from weld::Widget
virtual void set_sensitive (bool sensitive)=0
virtual bool get_sensitive () const =0
virtual void show ()=0
virtual void hide ()=0
virtual void set_visible (bool visible)
virtual bool get_visible () const =0
virtual bool is_visible () const =0
virtual void set_can_focus (bool bCanFocus)=0
virtual void grab_focus ()=0
virtual bool has_focus () const =0
virtual bool is_active () const =0
virtual void set_has_default (bool has_default)=0
virtual bool get_has_default () const =0
virtual void set_size_request (int nWidth, int nHeight)=0
virtual Size get_size_request () const =0
virtual Size get_preferred_size () const =0
virtual float get_approximate_digit_width () const =0
virtual int get_text_height () const =0
virtual Size get_pixel_size (const OUString &rText) const =0
virtual OString get_buildable_name () const =0
virtual void set_help_id (const OString &rName)=0
virtual OString get_help_id () const =0
virtual void set_grid_left_attach (int nAttach)=0
virtual int get_grid_left_attach () const =0
virtual void set_grid_width (int nCols)=0
virtual void set_grid_top_attach (int nAttach)=0
virtual int get_grid_top_attach () const =0
virtual void set_hexpand (bool bExpand)=0
virtual bool get_hexpand () const =0
virtual void set_vexpand (bool bExpand)=0
virtual bool get_vexpand () const =0
virtual void set_secondary (bool bSecondary)=0
virtual void set_margin_top (int nMargin)=0
virtual void set_margin_bottom (int nMargin)=0
virtual void set_margin_left (int nMargin)=0
virtual void set_margin_right (int nMargin)=0
virtual int get_margin_top () const =0
virtual int get_margin_bottom () const =0
virtual int get_margin_left () const =0
virtual int get_margin_right () const =0
virtual bool get_extents_relative_to (Widget &rRelative, int &x, int &y, int &width, int &height)=0
virtual void set_accessible_name (const OUString &rName)=0
virtual OUString get_accessible_name () const =0
virtual OUString get_accessible_description () const =0
virtual void set_accessible_relation_labeled_by (weld::Widget *pLabel)=0
virtual void set_accessible_relation_label_for (weld::Widget *pLabeled)=0
virtual void add_extra_accessible_relation (const css::accessibility::AccessibleRelation &rRelation)=0
virtual void clear_extra_accessible_relations ()=0
virtual void set_tooltip_text (const OUString &rTip)=0
virtual OUString get_tooltip_text () const =0
virtual void connect_focus_in (const Link< Widget &, void > &rLink)
virtual void connect_focus_out (const Link< Widget &, void > &rLink)
virtual void connect_mnemonic_activate (const Link< Widget &, bool > &rLink)
virtual void connect_size_allocate (const Link< const Size &, void > &rLink)
virtual void connect_key_press (const Link< const KeyEvent &, bool > &rLink)
virtual void connect_key_release (const Link< const KeyEvent &, bool > &rLink)
virtual void connect_mouse_press (const Link< const MouseEvent &, bool > &rLink)
virtual void connect_mouse_move (const Link< const MouseEvent &, bool > &rLink)
virtual void connect_mouse_release (const Link< const MouseEvent &, bool > &rLink)
virtual void grab_add ()=0
virtual bool has_grab () const =0
virtual void grab_remove ()=0
virtual vcl::Font get_font ()=0
virtual bool get_direction () const =0
virtual void set_direction (bool bRTL)=0
virtual void freeze ()=0
virtual void thaw ()=0
virtual std::unique_ptr< Containerweld_parent () const =0
virtual void help_hierarchy_foreach (const std::function< bool(const OString &)> &func)=0
virtual OUString strip_mnemonic (const OUString &rLabel) const =0
virtual VclPtr< VirtualDevicecreate_virtual_device () const =0
virtual void set_stack_background ()=0
virtual void set_highlight_background ()=0
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::dnd::XDropTarget > get_drop_target ()=0
virtual ~Widget ()

Protected Member Functions

void signal_toplevel_focus_changed ()

Protected Attributes

Link< Widget &, bool > m_aHelpRequestHdl
Link< Widget &, voidm_aTopLevelFocusChangedHdl
- Protected Attributes inherited from weld::Widget
Link< Widget &, voidm_aFocusInHdl
Link< Widget &, voidm_aFocusOutHdl
Link< Widget &, bool > m_aMnemonicActivateHdl
Link< const Size &, voidm_aSizeAllocateHdl
Link< const KeyEvent &, bool > m_aKeyPressHdl
Link< const KeyEvent &, bool > m_aKeyReleaseHdl
Link< const MouseEvent &, bool > m_aMousePressHdl
Link< const MouseEvent &, bool > m_aMouseMotionHdl
Link< const MouseEvent &, bool > m_aMouseReleaseHdl

Detailed Description

Definition at line 399 of file weld.hxx.

Member Function Documentation

virtual ScreenShotCollection weld::Window::collect_screenshot_data ( )
pure virtual
void weld::Window::connect_help ( const Link< Widget &, bool > &  rLink)

Definition at line 436 of file weld.hxx.

virtual void weld::Window::connect_toplevel_focus_changed ( const Link< Widget &, void > &  rLink)

Definition at line 437 of file weld.hxx.

virtual void weld::Window::draw ( VirtualDevice rOutput)
pure virtual
virtual bool weld::Window::get_modal ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual tools::Rectangle weld::Window::get_monitor_workarea ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual Point weld::Window::get_position ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual bool weld::Window::get_resizable ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual Size weld::Window::get_size ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual SystemEnvData weld::Window::get_system_data ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual OUString weld::Window::get_title ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual OString weld::Window::get_window_state ( WindowStateMask  nMask) const
pure virtual
virtual css::uno::Reference<css::awt::XWindow> weld::Window::GetXWindow ( )
pure virtual
virtual bool weld::Window::has_toplevel_focus ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual void weld::Window::present ( )
pure virtual
virtual void weld::Window::resize_to_request ( )
pure virtual
virtual void weld::Window::set_busy_cursor ( bool  bBusy)
pure virtual
virtual void weld::Window::set_centered_on_parent ( bool  bTrackGeometryRequests)
pure virtual
virtual void weld::Window::set_modal ( bool  bModal)
pure virtual
virtual void weld::Window::set_title ( const OUString &  rTitle)
pure virtual
virtual void weld::Window::set_window_state ( const OString &  rStr)
pure virtual
void weld::Window::signal_toplevel_focus_changed ( )

Definition at line 405 of file weld.hxx.

References Link< class, class >::Call().

virtual void weld::Window::window_move ( int  x,
int  y 
pure virtual

Member Data Documentation

Link<Widget&, bool> weld::Window::m_aHelpRequestHdl

Definition at line 402 of file weld.hxx.

Link<Widget&, void> weld::Window::m_aTopLevelFocusChangedHdl

Definition at line 403 of file weld.hxx.

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