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pamtyp.hxx File Reference
#include <unotools/textsearch.hxx>
#include <memory>
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struct  SwMoveFnCollection


 Dialog to specify the properties of date form field.


typedef bool(* GoNd) (SwNode *, SwIndex *, sal_uInt16)
typedef SwContentNode *(* GoNds) (SwNodeIndex *, bool)
typedef void(* GoDoc) (SwPosition *)
typedef void(* GoSection) (SwPosition *)
typedef bool(SwPosition::* CmpOp) (const SwPosition &) const
typedef const SwTextAttr *(* GetHint) (const SwpHints &, size_t &, sal_Int32)
typedef bool(utl::TextSearch::* SearchText) (const OUString &, sal_Int32 *, sal_Int32 *, css::util::SearchResult *)
typedef void(* MvSection) (SwNodeIndex *)


void GoStartDoc (SwPosition *)
void GoEndDoc (SwPosition *)
void GoStartSection (SwPosition *)
void GoEndSection (SwPosition *)
 go to the end of the current base section More...
const SwTextAttrGetFrwrdTextHint (const SwpHints &, size_t &, sal_Int32)
const SwTextAttrGetBkwrdTextHint (const SwpHints &, size_t &, sal_Int32)
bool GoNext (SwNode *pNd, SwIndex *pIdx, sal_uInt16 nMode)
bool GoPrevious (SwNode *pNd, SwIndex *pIdx, sal_uInt16 nMode)
SwContentNodeGoNextNds (SwNodeIndex *pIdx, bool)
SwContentNodeGoPreviousNds (SwNodeIndex *pIdx, bool)
SwContentNodeGetNode (SwPaM &, bool &, SwMoveFnCollection const &, bool bInReadOnly=false, SwRootFrame const *pLayout=nullptr)
 This function returns the next node in direction of search. More...
std::unique_ptr< SwPaMsw::MakeRegion (SwMoveFnCollection const &fnMove, const SwPaM &rOrigRg)
 make a new region More...
bool sw::FindTextImpl (SwPaM &rSearchPam, const i18nutil::SearchOptions2 &rSearchOpt, bool bSearchInNotes, utl::TextSearch &rSText, SwMoveFnCollection const &fnMove, const SwPaM &rRegion, bool bInReadOnly, SwRootFrame const *pLayout, std::unique_ptr< SvxSearchItem > &xSearchItem)
 Search. More...
bool sw::FindFormatImpl (SwPaM &rSearchPam, const SwFormat &rFormat, SwMoveFnCollection const &fnMove, const SwPaM &rRegion, bool bInReadOnly, SwRootFrame const *const pLayout)
bool sw::FindAttrImpl (SwPaM &rSearchPam, const SfxPoolItem &rAttr, SwMoveFnCollection const &fnMove, const SwPaM &rRegion, bool bInReadOnly, SwRootFrame const *const pLayout)

Typedef Documentation

typedef bool(SwPosition::* CmpOp) (const SwPosition &) const

Definition at line 63 of file pamtyp.hxx.

typedef const SwTextAttr*(* GetHint) (const SwpHints &, size_t &, sal_Int32)

Definition at line 64 of file pamtyp.hxx.

typedef void(* GoDoc) (SwPosition *)

Definition at line 61 of file pamtyp.hxx.

typedef bool(* GoNd) (SwNode *, SwIndex *, sal_uInt16)

Definition at line 59 of file pamtyp.hxx.

typedef SwContentNode*(* GoNds) (SwNodeIndex *, bool)

Definition at line 60 of file pamtyp.hxx.

typedef void(* GoSection) (SwPosition *)

Definition at line 62 of file pamtyp.hxx.

typedef void(* MvSection) (SwNodeIndex *)

Definition at line 67 of file pamtyp.hxx.

typedef bool(utl::TextSearch::* SearchText) (const OUString &, sal_Int32 *, sal_Int32 *, css::util::SearchResult *)

Definition at line 65 of file pamtyp.hxx.

Function Documentation

const SwTextAttr* GetBkwrdTextHint ( const SwpHints ,
size_t &  ,

Definition at line 89 of file findattr.cxx.

References SwpHints::Get(), and SwTextAttr::GetStart().

const SwTextAttr* GetFrwrdTextHint ( const SwpHints ,
size_t &  ,

Definition at line 76 of file findattr.cxx.

References SwpHints::Count(), SwpHints::Get(), and SwTextAttr::GetStart().

SwContentNode* GetNode ( SwPaM rPam,
bool &  rbFirst,
SwMoveFnCollection const &  fnMove,
bool const  bInReadOnly,
SwRootFrame const *const  i_pLayout 

This function returns the next node in direction of search.

If there is no left or the next is out of the area, then a null-pointer is returned.

rbFirstIf <true> then first time request. If so than the position of the PaM must not be changed!

Definition at line 823 of file pam.cxx.

References SwMoveFnCollection::fnCmpOp, fnMoveForward, SwPaM::GetContentNode(), IDocumentLayoutAccess::GetCurrentLayout(), SwPaM::GetDoc(), sw::GetFirstAndLastNode(), SwDoc::getIDocumentLayoutAccess(), SwPaM::GetMark(), SwPaM::GetPoint(), GetSttOrEnd(), SwNodes::GoNextSection(), and SwNodes::GoPrevSection().

Referenced by SwFlyFreeFrame::CheckClip(), SwFEShell::CheckUnboundObjects(), SwDoc::ChgAnchor(), SwFEShell::ChgCurPageDesc(), SwFlyFrame::ChgSize(), sw::DocumentContentOperationsManager::CopyImplImpl(), SwPaM::DeleteMark(), SwFEShell::DeleteRow(), DelFlyInRange(), SwPageBreakWin::execute(), SwFEShell::FindAnchorPos(), sw::FindAttrImpl(), FindAttrsImpl(), SwFEShell::FindFlyFrame(), sw::FindFormatImpl(), SwNode::FindPageDesc(), sw::FindTextImpl(), SwCursorShell::FindValidContentNode(), sw::FrameContainsNode(), SwDoc::GetAllFlyFormats(), SwFrame::GetAttrSet(), SwFEShell::GetBestObject(), GetBorderCacheOwner(), SwEditShell::GetCntType(), SwPaM::GetContentNode(), SwFlyFrame::GetContour(), SwAccessibleEmbeddedObject::getExtendedAttributes(), SwFEShell::GetGrfAtPos(), SwFrameFormat::GetIMapObject(), SwPageFrame::GetModelPositionForViewPoint(), SwFEShell::GetObjCntType(), SwFEShell::GetOleRef(), SwFrame::getSdrAllFillAttributesHelper(), SwDoc::GetTextDirection(), SwFEShell::GotoFly(), SwFEShell::ImpEndCreate(), SwContentNotify::ImplDestroy(), SwFrame::IsProtected(), SwFEShell::IsSelObjProtected(), lcl_FindAnchorPos(), lcl_UpDown(), SwFEShell::NewFlyFrame(), SwFEShell::RequestObjectResize(), SwFEShell::SelFlyGrabCursor(), SwFlyAtContentFrame::SetAbsPos(), SwTabFrame::Split(), SwFlyAtContentFrame::SwClientNotify(), and SwFlyFrame::UpdateAttr_().

void GoEndDoc ( SwPosition )
void GoEndSection ( SwPosition )
bool GoNext ( SwNode pNd,
SwIndex pIdx,
sal_uInt16  nMode 

Definition at line 291 of file pam.cxx.

References SwNode::IsContentNode().

Referenced by SwEditShell::GCAttr(), and SwDoc::InsCopyOfTable().

SwContentNode* GoNextNds ( SwNodeIndex pIdx,

Definition at line 305 of file pam.cxx.

References CheckNodesRange(), SwNodeIndex::GetIndex(), SwNodeIndex::GetNodes(), and SwNodes::GoNext().

Referenced by GoCurrPara().

bool GoPrevious ( SwNode pNd,
SwIndex pIdx,
sal_uInt16  nMode 

Definition at line 298 of file pam.cxx.

References SwNode::IsContentNode().

SwContentNode* GoPreviousNds ( SwNodeIndex pIdx,
void GoStartDoc ( SwPosition )
void GoStartSection ( SwPosition )