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SdrMarkView Class Reference

#include <svdmrkv.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool IsAction () const override
virtual void MovAction (const Point &rPnt) override
virtual void EndAction () override
virtual void BckAction () override
virtual void BrkAction () override
virtual void TakeActionRect (tools::Rectangle &rRect) const override
virtual void ClearPageView () override
virtual void HideSdrPage () override
bool IsObjMarkable (SdrObject const *pObj, SdrPageView const *pPV) const
bool IsMarking () const
void BegMarkObj (const Point &rPnt, bool bUnmark=false)
void MovMarkObj (const Point &rPnt)
bool EndMarkObj ()
void BrkMarkObj ()
bool IsMarkObj () const
void SetDragMode (SdrDragMode eMode)
SdrDragMode GetDragMode () const
void SetFrameHandles (bool bOn)
bool IsFrameHandles () const
bool HasMultipleMarkableObjects () const
void SetEditMode (SdrViewEditMode eMode)
SdrViewEditMode GetEditMode () const
void SetEditMode (bool bOn)
bool IsEditMode () const
void SetCreateMode (bool bOn)
bool IsCreateMode () const
void SetGluePointEditMode (bool bOn)
bool IsGluePointEditMode () const
void SetDesignMode (bool bOn=true)
bool IsDesignMode () const
void SetFrameDragSingles (bool bOn=true)
bool IsFrameDragSingles () const
bool HasMarkableObj () const
void SetNegativeX (bool bOn)
 whether all x coordinates in use are negated or not More...
bool IsNegativeX () const
const SdrMarkListGetMarkedObjectList () const
size_t TryToFindMarkedObject (const SdrObject *pObj) const
SdrPageViewGetSdrPageViewOfMarkedByIndex (size_t nNum) const
SdrMarkGetSdrMarkByIndex (size_t nNum) const
SdrObjectGetMarkedObjectByIndex (size_t nNum) const
size_t GetMarkedObjectCount () const
void SortMarkedObjects () const
bool AreObjectsMarked () const
OUString const & GetDescriptionOfMarkedObjects () const
OUString const & GetDescriptionOfMarkedPoints () const
OUString const & GetDescriptionOfMarkedGluePoints () const
const SdrMarkListGetEdgesOfMarkedNodes () const
const SdrMarkListGetMarkedEdgesOfMarkedNodes () const
const std::vector< SdrObject * > & GetTransitiveHullOfMarkedObjects () const
void hideMarkHandles ()
void showMarkHandles ()
bool areMarkHandlesHidden () const
bool IsMarkedHit (const Point &rPnt, short nTol=-2) const
bool IsMarkedObjHit (const Point &rPnt, short nTol=-2) const
SdrHdlPickHandle (const Point &rPnt) const
SdrObjectPickObj (const Point &rPnt, short nTol, SdrPageView *&rpPV, SdrSearchOptions nOptions, SdrObject **ppRootObj, bool *pbHitPassDirect=nullptr) const
SdrObjectPickObj (const Point &rPnt, short nTol, SdrPageView *&rpPV, SdrSearchOptions nOptions=SdrSearchOptions::NONE) const
bool MarkObj (const Point &rPnt, short nTol=-2, bool bToggle=false, bool bDeep=false)
bool PickMarkedObj (const Point &rPnt, SdrObject *&rpObj, SdrPageView *&rpPV, SdrSearchOptions nOptions) const
bool MarkNextObj (bool bPrev=false)
bool MarkNextObj (const Point &rPnt, short nTol, bool bPrev)
void MarkObj (const tools::Rectangle &rRect, bool bUnmark)
void MarkObj (SdrObject *pObj, SdrPageView *pPV, bool bUnmark=false, bool bDoNoSetMarkHdl=false, std::vector< basegfx::B2DRectangle > &&rSubSelections=std::vector< basegfx::B2DRectangle >())
void MarkAllObj (SdrPageView *pPV=nullptr)
void UnmarkAllObj (SdrPageView const *pPV=nullptr)
bool IsObjMarked (SdrObject const *pObj) const
void UnMarkAll (SdrPageView const *pPV=nullptr)
sal_uInt16 GetMarkHdlSizePixel () const
void SetMarkHdlSizePixel (sal_uInt16 nSiz)
virtual bool HasMarkablePoints () const
virtual sal_Int32 GetMarkablePointCount () const
virtual bool HasMarkedPoints () const
bool IsPointMarkable (const SdrHdl &rHdl) const
virtual bool MarkPoint (SdrHdl &rHdl, bool bUnmark=false)
bool MarkPointHelper (SdrHdl *pHdl, SdrMark *pMark, bool bUnmark)
 should only be used from outside svx for special ui elements More...
bool UnmarkPoint (SdrHdl &rHdl)
bool IsPointMarked (const SdrHdl &rHdl) const
bool MarkAllPoints ()
bool UnmarkAllPoints ()
void MarkNextPoint ()
size_t GetHdlNum (SdrHdl const *pHdl) const
SdrHdlGetHdl (size_t nHdlNum) const
const SdrHdlListGetHdlList () const
bool BegMarkPoints (const Point &rPnt, bool bUnmark=false)
void MovMarkPoints (const Point &rPnt)
bool EndMarkPoints ()
void BrkMarkPoints ()
bool IsMarkPoints () const
void SetPlusHandlesAlwaysVisible (bool bOn)
bool IsPlusHandlesAlwaysVisible () const
bool HasMarkableGluePoints () const
bool HasMarkedGluePoints () const
bool PickGluePoint (const Point &rPnt, SdrObject *&rpObj, sal_uInt16 &rnId, SdrPageView *&rpPV) const
bool MarkGluePoint (const SdrObject *pObj, sal_uInt16 nId, bool bUnmark)
void UnmarkGluePoint (const SdrObject *pObj, sal_uInt16 nId)
bool IsGluePointMarked (const SdrObject *pObj, sal_uInt16 nId) const
SdrHdlGetGluePointHdl (const SdrObject *pObj, sal_uInt16 nId) const
bool MarkAllGluePoints ()
bool UnmarkAllGluePoints ()
void MarkNextGluePoint ()
bool BegMarkGluePoints (const Point &rPnt, bool bUnmark=false)
void MovMarkGluePoints (const Point &rPnt)
void EndMarkGluePoints ()
void BrkMarkGluePoints ()
bool IsMarkGluePoints () const
void AdjustMarkHdl (SfxViewShell *pOtherShell=nullptr)
const tools::RectangleGetMarkedObjRect () const
tools::Rectangle GetMarkedObjBoundRect () const
const tools::RectangleGetMarkedPointsRect () const
const tools::RectangleGetMarkedGluePointsRect () const
const tools::RectangleGetAllMarkedRect () const
tools::Rectangle GetAllMarkedBoundRect () const
virtual void MarkListHasChanged ()
void EnterMarkedGroup ()
const PointGetRef1 () const
void SetRef1 (const Point &rPt)
const PointGetRef2 () const
void SetRef2 (const Point &rPt)
virtual SfxViewShellGetSfxViewShell () const
 Get access to the view shell owning this draw view, if any. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from SdrSnapView
void SetSnapGridWidth (const Fraction &rX, const Fraction &rY)
const FractionGetSnapGridWidthX () const
const FractionGetSnapGridWidthY () const
void SetSnapMagnetic (const Size &rSiz)
void SetSnapMagneticPixel (sal_uInt16 nPix)
sal_uInt16 GetSnapMagneticPixel () const
void RecalcLogicSnapMagnetic (const OutputDevice &rOut)
void SetActualWin (const OutputDevice *pWin)
SdrSnap SnapPos (Point &rPnt, const SdrPageView *pPV) const
Point GetSnapPos (const Point &rPnt, const SdrPageView *pPV) const
void CheckSnap (const Point &rPt, tools::Long &nBestXSnap, tools::Long &nBestYSnap, bool &bXSnapped, bool &bYSnapped) const
bool IsSnapEnabled () const
bool IsGridSnap () const
bool IsBordSnap () const
bool IsHlplSnap () const
bool IsOFrmSnap () const
bool IsOPntSnap () const
bool IsOConSnap () const
void SetSnapEnabled (bool bOn)
void SetGridSnap (bool bOn)
void SetBordSnap (bool bOn)
void SetHlplSnap (bool bOn)
void SetOFrmSnap (bool bOn)
void SetOPntSnap (bool bOn)
void SetOConSnap (bool bOn)
void SetMoveSnapOnlyTopLeft (bool bOn)
bool IsMoveSnapOnlyTopLeft () const
void BegSetPageOrg (const Point &rPnt)
void MovSetPageOrg (const Point &rPnt)
void EndSetPageOrg ()
void BrkSetPageOrg ()
bool IsSetPageOrg () const
bool PickHelpLine (const Point &rPnt, short nTol, const OutputDevice &rOut, sal_uInt16 &rnHelpLineNum, SdrPageView *&rpPV) const
bool BegDragHelpLine (sal_uInt16 nHelpLineNum, SdrPageView *pPV)
void BegDragHelpLine (const Point &rPnt, SdrHelpLineKind eNewKind)
PointerStyle GetDraggedHelpLinePointer () const
void MovDragHelpLine (const Point &rPnt)
bool EndDragHelpLine ()
void BrkDragHelpLine ()
bool IsDragHelpLine () const
void SetAngleSnapEnabled (bool bOn)
bool IsAngleSnapEnabled () const
void SetSnapAngle (Degree100 nAngle)
Degree100 GetSnapAngle () const
void SetOrtho (bool bOn)
bool IsOrtho () const
void SetBigOrtho (bool bOn)
bool IsBigOrtho () const
void SetMoveOnlyDragging (bool bOn)
bool IsMoveOnlyDragging () const
void SetSlantButShear (bool bOn)
bool IsSlantButShear () const
void SetCrookNoContortion (bool bOn)
bool IsCrookNoContortion () const
void SetCrookMode (SdrCrookMode eMode)
SdrCrookMode GetCrookMode () const
void SetEliminatePolyPoints (bool bOn)
bool IsEliminatePolyPoints () const
void SetEliminatePolyPointLimitAngle (Degree100 nAngle)
Degree100 GetEliminatePolyPointLimitAngle () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SdrPaintView
bool IsBufferedOutputAllowed () const
void SetBufferedOutputAllowed (bool bNew)
bool IsBufferedOverlayAllowed () const
void SetBufferedOverlayAllowed (bool bNew)
bool IsPagePaintingAllowed () const
void SetPagePaintingAllowed (bool bNew)
virtual rtl::Reference< sdr::overlay::OverlayManagerCreateOverlayManager (OutputDevice &rDevice) const
sal_uInt32 PaintWindowCount () const
SdrPaintWindowFindPaintWindow (const OutputDevice &rOut) const
SdrPaintWindowGetPaintWindow (sal_uInt32 nIndex) const
OutputDeviceGetFirstOutputDevice () const
bool ImpIsGlueVisible () const
SdrModelgetSdrModelFromSdrView () const
SdrModelGetModel () const
virtual bool IsTextEdit () const
void SetActualWin (const OutputDevice *pWin)
void SetMinMoveDistancePixel (sal_uInt16 nVal)
void SetHitTolerancePixel (sal_uInt16 nVal)
sal_uInt16 GetHitTolerancePixel () const
sal_uInt16 getHitTolLog () const
const SdrDragStatGetDragStat () const
virtual SdrPageViewShowSdrPage (SdrPage *pPage)
SdrPageViewGetSdrPageView () const
virtual void AddWindowToPaintView (OutputDevice *pNewWin, vcl::Window *pWindow)
virtual void DeleteWindowFromPaintView (OutputDevice *pOldWin)
void SetLayerVisible (const OUString &rName, bool bShow)
bool IsLayerVisible (const OUString &rName) const
void SetLayerLocked (const OUString &rName, bool bLock=true)
bool IsLayerLocked (const OUString &rName) const
void SetLayerPrintable (const OUString &rName, bool bPrn)
bool IsLayerPrintable (const OUString &rName) const
void PrePaint ()
virtual void CompleteRedraw (OutputDevice *pOut, const vcl::Region &rReg, sdr::contact::ViewObjectContactRedirector *pRedirector=nullptr)
virtual SdrPaintWindowBeginCompleteRedraw (OutputDevice *pOut)
void DoCompleteRedraw (SdrPaintWindow &rPaintWindow, const vcl::Region &rReg, sdr::contact::ViewObjectContactRedirector *pRedirector=nullptr)
virtual void EndCompleteRedraw (SdrPaintWindow &rPaintWindow, bool bPaintFormLayer)
SdrPaintWindowBeginDrawLayers (OutputDevice *pOut, const vcl::Region &rReg, bool bDisableIntersect=false)
void UpdateDrawLayersRegion (const OutputDevice *pOut, const vcl::Region &rReg)
void EndDrawLayers (SdrPaintWindow &rPaintWindow, bool bPaintFormLayer)
bool IsPageVisible () const
 Draw Page as a white area or not. More...
bool IsPageShadowVisible () const
 Draw Page shadow or not. More...
bool IsPageBorderVisible () const
 Draw Page as a white area or not. More...
bool IsBordVisible () const
 Draw Border line or not. More...
bool IsGridVisible () const
 Draw Grid or not. More...
bool IsGridFront () const
 Draw Grid in front of objects or behind them. More...
bool IsHlplVisible () const
 Draw Help line of the Page or not. More...
bool IsHlplFront () const
 Draw Help line in front of the objects or behind them. More...
const ColorGetGridColor () const
void SetPageVisible (bool bOn=true)
void SetPageShadowVisible (bool bOn)
void SetPageBorderVisible (bool bOn=true)
void SetBordVisible (bool bOn=true)
void SetGridVisible (bool bOn)
void SetGridFront (bool bOn)
void SetHlplVisible (bool bOn=true)
void SetHlplFront (bool bOn)
void SetGlueVisible (bool bOn=true)
bool IsPreviewRenderer () const
void SetPreviewRenderer (bool bOn)
bool getHideOle () const
bool getHideChart () const
bool getHideDraw () const
bool getHideFormControl () const
void setHideOle (bool bNew)
void setHideChart (bool bNew)
void setHideDraw (bool bNew)
void setHideFormControl (bool bNew)
void SetGridCoarse (const Size &rSiz)
void SetGridFine (const Size &rSiz)
const SizeGetGridCoarse () const
const SizeGetGridFine () const
void InvalidateAllWin ()
void InvalidateAllWin (const tools::Rectangle &rRect)
virtual void InvalidateOneWin (OutputDevice &rWin)
 If the View should not call Invalidate() on the windows, override the following 2 methods and do something else. More...
virtual void InvalidateOneWin (OutputDevice &rWin, const tools::Rectangle &rRect)
void SetActiveLayer (const OUString &rName)
const OUString & GetActiveLayer () const
void LeaveOneGroup ()
 Leave an object group of all visible Pages (like chdir .. in MS-DOS) More...
void LeaveAllGroup ()
 Leave all entered object groups of all visible Pages (like chdir \ in MS-DOS) More...
bool IsGroupEntered () const
 Determine, whether Leave is useful or not. More...
void SetDefaultAttr (const SfxItemSet &rAttr, bool bReplaceAll)
 Default attributes at the View Newly created objects are assigned these attributes by default when they are created. More...
const SfxItemSetGetDefaultAttr () const
void SetDefaultStyleSheet (SfxStyleSheet *pStyleSheet, bool bDontRemoveHardAttr)
void SetNotPersistDefaultAttr (const SfxItemSet &rAttr)
void MergeNotPersistDefaultAttr (SfxItemSet &rAttr) const
bool IsSwapAsynchron () const
 Execute a swap-in of e.g. More...
void SetSwapAsynchron (bool bJa=true)
virtual bool KeyInput (const KeyEvent &rKEvt, vcl::Window *pWin)
virtual bool MouseButtonDown (const MouseEvent &, OutputDevice *)
virtual bool MouseButtonUp (const MouseEvent &, OutputDevice *)
virtual bool Command (const CommandEvent &, vcl::Window *)
void GetAttributes (SfxItemSet &rTargetSet, bool bOnlyHardAttr) const
void SetAttributes (const SfxItemSet &rSet, bool bReplaceAll)
SfxStyleSheetGetStyleSheet () const
void SetStyleSheet (SfxStyleSheet *pStyleSheet, bool bDontRemoveHardAttr)
virtual void MakeVisible (const tools::Rectangle &rRect, vcl::Window &rWin)
virtual void DoConnect (SdrOle2Obj *pOleObj)
 For Plugins Is called by the Paint of the OLE object. More...
bool IsAnimationEnabled () const
 Enable/disable animations for Paint Is used by e.g. More...
void SetAnimationEnabled (bool bEnable=true)
void SetAnimationPause (bool bSet)
 Set/unset pause state for animations. More...
void SetAnimationMode (const SdrAnimationMode eMode)
 Mode when starting an animation in the Paint Handler: More...
void VisAreaChanged (const OutputDevice *pOut)
 Must be called by the App when scrolling etc. More...
void VisAreaChanged ()
bool IsPrintPreview () const
void SetPrintPreview (bool bOn=true)
const svtools::ColorConfiggetColorConfig () const
void onChangeColorConfig ()
void SetApplicationBackgroundColor (Color aBackgroundColor)
void SetApplicationDocumentColor (Color aDocumentColor)
void SetAnimationTimer (sal_uInt32 nTime)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SfxListener
 SfxListener ()
 SfxListener (const SfxListener &rCopy)
virtual ~SfxListener () COVERITY_NOEXCEPT_FALSE
void StartListening (SfxBroadcaster &rBroadcaster, DuplicateHandling eDuplicateHanding=DuplicateHandling::Unexpected)
void EndListening (SfxBroadcaster &rBroadcaster, bool bRemoveAllDuplicates=false)
void EndListeningAll ()
bool IsListening (SfxBroadcaster &rBroadcaster) const
sal_uInt16 GetBroadcasterCount () const
SfxBroadcasterGetBroadcasterJOE (sal_uInt16 nNo) const
void RemoveBroadcaster_Impl (SfxBroadcaster &rBC)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SfxRepeatTarget
virtual ~SfxRepeatTarget ()=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from SfxBroadcaster
 SfxBroadcaster ()
 SfxBroadcaster (const SfxBroadcaster &rBC)
virtual ~SfxBroadcaster () COVERITY_NOEXCEPT_FALSE
void Broadcast (const SfxHint &rHint)
bool HasListeners () const
size_t GetListenerCount () const
size_t GetSizeOfVector () const
SfxListenerGetListener (size_t nNo) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from utl::ConfigurationListener
virtual ~ConfigurationListener ()
virtual void ConfigurationChanged (ConfigurationBroadcaster *p, ConfigurationHints nHint)=0

Protected Member Functions

bool getPossibleGridOffsetForSdrObject (basegfx::B2DVector &rOffset, const SdrObject *pObj, const SdrPageView *pPV) const
bool getPossibleGridOffsetForPosition (basegfx::B2DVector &rOffset, const basegfx::B2DPoint &rPoint, const SdrPageView *pPV) const
virtual void Notify (SfxBroadcaster &rBC, const SfxHint &rHint) override
virtual void ModelHasChanged () override
virtual void SetMarkHandles (SfxViewShell *pOtherShell)
void modelHasChangedLOKit ()
void SetMarkRects ()
void CheckMarked ()
void AddDragModeHdl (SdrDragMode eMode)
virtual bool MouseMove (const MouseEvent &rMEvt, OutputDevice *pWin) override
 handle mouse over effects for handles More...
virtual bool RequestHelp (const HelpEvent &rHEvt) override
virtual void AddCustomHdl ()
void ForceRefToMarked ()
void ForceUndirtyMrkPnt () const
virtual SdrObjectCheckSingleSdrObjectHit (const Point &rPnt, sal_uInt16 nTol, SdrObject *pObj, SdrPageView *pPV, SdrSearchOptions nOptions, const SdrLayerIDSet *pMVisLay) const
SdrObjectCheckSingleSdrObjectHit (const Point &rPnt, sal_uInt16 nTol, SdrObjList const *pOL, SdrPageView *pPV, SdrSearchOptions nOptions, const SdrLayerIDSet *pMVisLay, SdrObject *&rpRootObj) const
SdrObjectCheckSingleSdrObjectHit (const Point &rPnt, sal_uInt16 nTol, SdrObjList const *pOL, SdrPageView *pPV, SdrSearchOptions nOptions, const SdrLayerIDSet *pMVisLay, SdrObject *&rpRootObj, const SdrMarkList *pMarkList) const
bool ImpIsFrameHandles () const
OUString ImpGetDescriptionString (TranslateId pStrCacheID, ImpGetDescriptionOptions nOpt=ImpGetDescriptionOptions::NONE) const
bool ImpMarkPoint (SdrHdl *pHdl, SdrMark *pMark, bool bUnmark)
virtual bool MarkPoints (const tools::Rectangle *pRect, bool bUnmark)
bool MarkGluePoints (const tools::Rectangle *pRect, bool bUnmark)
void SetMoveOutside (bool bOn)
bool MarkableObjectsExceed (int n) const
 SdrMarkView (SdrModel &rSdrModel, OutputDevice *pOut)
virtual ~SdrMarkView () override
SdrMarkListGetMarkedObjectListWriteAccess ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SdrSnapView
 SdrSnapView (SdrModel &rSdrModel, OutputDevice *pOut)
virtual ~SdrSnapView () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SdrPaintView
void DeletePaintWindow (const SdrPaintWindow &rOld)
void ConfigurationChanged (::utl::ConfigurationBroadcaster *, ConfigurationHints) override
sal_uInt16 ImpGetMinMovLogic (short nMinMov, const OutputDevice *pOut) const
sal_uInt16 ImpGetHitTolLogic (short nHitTol, const OutputDevice *pOut) const
void FlushComeBackTimer () const
void TheresNewMapMode ()
void ImpSetGlueVisible2 (bool bOn)
void ImpSetGlueVisible3 (bool bOn)
void ImpSetGlueVisible4 (bool bOn)
void GlueInvalidate () const
 SdrPaintView (SdrModel &rSdrModel, OutputDevice *pOut)
virtual ~SdrPaintView () override
void ImpFormLayerDrawing (SdrPaintWindow &rPaintWindow)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SfxBroadcaster
void Forward (SfxBroadcaster &rBC, const SfxHint &rHint)

Protected Attributes

Point maRef1
Point maRef2
SdrHdlList maHdlList
sdr::ViewSelection maSdrViewSelection
std::vector< basegfx::B2DRectanglemaSubSelectionList
tools::Rectangle maMarkedObjRect
tools::Rectangle maMarkedPointsRect
tools::Rectangle maMarkedGluePointsRect
SdrDragMode meDragMode
SdrViewEditMode meEditMode
SdrViewEditMode meEditMode0
bool mbDesignMode: 1
bool mbForceFrameHandles: 1
bool mbPlusHdlAlways: 1
bool mbInsPolyPoint: 1
bool mbMarkedObjRectDirty: 1
bool mbMrkPntDirty: 1
bool mbMarkedPointsRectsDirty: 1
bool mbMarkHandlesHidden: 1
bool mbNegativeX: 1
- Protected Attributes inherited from SdrSnapView
class ImplPageOriginOverlaympPageOriginOverlay
class ImplHelpLineOverlaympHelpLineOverlay
Size aMagnSiz
Fraction aSnapWdtX
Fraction aSnapWdtY
sal_uInt16 nMagnSizPix
Degree100 nSnapAngle
Degree100 nEliminatePolyPointLimitAngle
SdrCrookMode eCrookMode
bool bSnapEnab: 1
bool bGridSnap: 1
bool bBordSnap: 1
bool bHlplSnap: 1
bool bOFrmSnap: 1
bool bOPntSnap: 1
bool bOConSnap: 1
bool bMoveSnapOnlyTopLeft: 1
bool bOrtho: 1
bool bBigOrtho: 1
bool bAngleSnapEnab: 1
bool bMoveOnlyDragging: 1
bool bSlantButShear: 1
bool bCrookNoContortion: 1
bool bEliminatePolyPoints: 1
- Protected Attributes inherited from SdrPaintView
VclPtr< OutputDevicempActualOutDev
VclPtr< OutputDevicempDragWin
OUString maActualLayer
OUString maMeasureLayer
std::vector< std::unique_ptr< SdrPaintWindow > > maPaintWindows
Size maGridBig
Size maGridFin
SdrDragStat maDragStat
tools::Rectangle maMaxWorkArea
SfxItemSet maDefaultAttr
Idle maComeBackIdle
SdrAnimationMode meAnimationMode
sal_uInt16 mnHitTolPix
sal_uInt16 mnMinMovPix
sal_uInt16 mnHitTolLog
sal_uInt16 mnMinMovLog
bool mbPageVisible: 1
bool mbPageShadowVisible: 1
bool mbPageBorderVisible: 1
bool mbBordVisible: 1
bool mbGridVisible: 1
bool mbGridFront: 1
bool mbHlplVisible: 1
bool mbHlplFront: 1
bool mbGlueVisible: 1
bool mbGlueVisible2: 1
bool mbGlueVisible3: 1
bool mbGlueVisible4: 1
bool mbSomeObjChgdFlag: 1
bool mbSwapAsynchron: 1
bool mbPrintPreview: 1
bool mbAnimationPause: 1
bool mbBufferedOutputAllowed: 1
bool mbBufferedOverlayAllowed: 1
bool mbPagePaintingAllowed: 1
bool mbPreviewRenderer: 1
bool mbHideOle: 1
bool mbHideChart: 1
bool mbHideDraw: 1
bool mbHideFormControl: 1
svtools::ColorConfig maColorConfig
Color maGridColor

Static Protected Attributes

static constexpr sal_uInt16 mnFrameHandlesLimit = 50

Private Member Functions

SVX_DLLPRIVATE void ImpSetPointsRects () const
void UndirtyMrkPnt () const
void SetMarkHandlesForLOKit (tools::Rectangle const &rRect, const SfxViewShell *pOtherShell)
bool dumpGluePointsToJSON (boost::property_tree::ptree &rTree)

Private Attributes

std::unique_ptr< ImplMarkingOverlaympMarkObjOverlay
std::unique_ptr< ImplMarkingOverlaympMarkPointsOverlay
std::unique_ptr< ImplMarkingOverlaympMarkGluePointsOverlay
std::unique_ptr< MarkingSubSelectionOverlaympMarkingSubSelectionOverlay


class SdrPageView

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from SdrPaintView
static void InitOverlayManager (rtl::Reference< sdr::overlay::OverlayManager > xOverlayManager)
static vcl::Region OptimizeDrawLayersRegion (const OutputDevice *pOut, const vcl::Region &rReg, bool bDisableIntersect)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 90 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SdrMarkView::SdrMarkView ( SdrModel rSdrModel,
OutputDevice pOut 
SdrMarkView::~SdrMarkView ( )

Definition at line 191 of file svdmrkv.cxx.

References BrkMarkGluePoints(), BrkMarkObj(), and BrkMarkPoints().

Member Function Documentation

void SdrMarkView::AddCustomHdl ( )

Definition at line 1485 of file svdmrkv.cxx.

Referenced by SetMarkHandles().

void SdrMarkView::AddDragModeHdl ( SdrDragMode  eMode)
void SdrMarkView::AdjustMarkHdl ( SfxViewShell pOtherShell = nullptr)
bool SdrMarkView::areMarkHandlesHidden ( ) const
bool SdrMarkView::AreObjectsMarked ( ) const
void SdrMarkView::BckAction ( )

Reimplemented from SdrSnapView.

Reimplemented in SdrObjEditView, SdrCreateView, and SdrDragView.

Definition at line 331 of file svdmrkv.cxx.

References SdrSnapView::BckAction(), BrkMarkGluePoints(), BrkMarkObj(), and BrkMarkPoints().

Referenced by SdrObjEditView::BckAction().

bool SdrMarkView::BegMarkGluePoints ( const Point rPnt,
bool  bUnmark = false 
void SdrMarkView::BegMarkObj ( const Point rPnt,
bool  bUnmark = false 
bool SdrMarkView::BegMarkPoints ( const Point rPnt,
bool  bUnmark = false 
void SdrMarkView::BrkAction ( )
void SdrMarkView::BrkMarkGluePoints ( )
void SdrMarkView::BrkMarkObj ( )

Definition at line 436 of file svdmrkv.cxx.

References DBG_ASSERT, IsMarkObj(), and mpMarkObjOverlay.

Referenced by BckAction(), BrkAction(), EndMarkObj(), SdrMarkView(), and ~SdrMarkView().

void SdrMarkView::BrkMarkPoints ( )
void SdrMarkView::CheckMarked ( )
SdrObject * SdrMarkView::CheckSingleSdrObjectHit ( const Point rPnt,
sal_uInt16  nTol,
SdrObject pObj,
SdrPageView pPV,
SdrSearchOptions  nOptions,
const SdrLayerIDSet pMVisLay 
) const
SdrObject * SdrMarkView::CheckSingleSdrObjectHit ( const Point rPnt,
sal_uInt16  nTol,
SdrObjList const *  pOL,
SdrPageView pPV,
SdrSearchOptions  nOptions,
const SdrLayerIDSet pMVisLay,
SdrObject *&  rpRootObj 
) const

Definition at line 2357 of file svdmrkv.cxx.

SdrObject * SdrMarkView::CheckSingleSdrObjectHit ( const Point rPnt,
sal_uInt16  nTol,
SdrObjList const *  pOL,
SdrPageView pPV,
SdrSearchOptions  nOptions,
const SdrLayerIDSet pMVisLay,
SdrObject *&  rpRootObj,
const SdrMarkList pMarkList 
) const
void SdrMarkView::ClearPageView ( )

Reimplemented from SdrPaintView.

Definition at line 360 of file svdmrkv.cxx.

References SdrPaintView::ClearPageView(), and UnmarkAllObj().

bool SdrMarkView::dumpGluePointsToJSON ( boost::property_tree::ptree &  rTree)
void SdrMarkView::EndAction ( )
void SdrMarkView::EndMarkGluePoints ( )
bool SdrMarkView::EndMarkObj ( )
bool SdrMarkView::EndMarkPoints ( )
void SdrMarkView::EnterMarkedGroup ( )
void SdrMarkView::ForceRefToMarked ( )
void SdrMarkView::ForceUndirtyMrkPnt ( ) const
tools::Rectangle SdrMarkView::GetAllMarkedBoundRect ( ) const

Definition at line 427 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

const tools::Rectangle& SdrMarkView::GetAllMarkedRect ( ) const
OUString const& SdrMarkView::GetDescriptionOfMarkedGluePoints ( ) const
OUString const& SdrMarkView::GetDescriptionOfMarkedObjects ( ) const
OUString const& SdrMarkView::GetDescriptionOfMarkedPoints ( ) const
SdrDragMode SdrMarkView::GetDragMode ( ) const

Definition at line 221 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

const SdrMarkList& SdrMarkView::GetEdgesOfMarkedNodes ( ) const
SdrViewEditMode SdrMarkView::GetEditMode ( ) const

Definition at line 229 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

SdrHdl * SdrMarkView::GetGluePointHdl ( const SdrObject pObj,
sal_uInt16  nId 
) const
SdrHdl* SdrMarkView::GetHdl ( size_t  nHdlNum) const

Definition at line 359 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

References SdrHdlList::GetHdl().

Referenced by MouseMove(), and RequestHelp().

const SdrHdlList& SdrMarkView::GetHdlList ( ) const
size_t SdrMarkView::GetHdlNum ( SdrHdl const *  pHdl) const

Definition at line 358 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

References SdrHdlList::GetHdlNum().

sal_Int32 SdrMarkView::GetMarkablePointCount ( ) const
const SdrMarkList& SdrMarkView::GetMarkedEdgesOfMarkedNodes ( ) const

Definition at line 274 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

Referenced by SdrEditView::ImpBroadcastEdgesOfMarkedNodes().

const tools::Rectangle & SdrMarkView::GetMarkedGluePointsRect ( ) const
tools::Rectangle SdrMarkView::GetMarkedObjBoundRect ( ) const
SdrObject* SdrMarkView::GetMarkedObjectByIndex ( size_t  nNum) const
size_t SdrMarkView::GetMarkedObjectCount ( ) const

Definition at line 264 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

Referenced by AddDragModeHdl(), SdrEditView::AlignMarkedObjects(), E3dView::BegDragObj(), SdrDragView::BegDragObj(), E3dView::Break3DObj(), CheckMarked(), E3dView::CheckPossibilities(), SdrEditView::CheckPossibilities(), E3dView::ConvertMarkedObjTo3D(), E3dView::ConvertMarkedToPolyObj(), E3dView::CreateMarkedObjModel(), SdrEditView::CrookMarkedObj(), SdrGlueEditView::DeleteMarkedGluePoints(), SdrEditView::DeleteMarkedObj(), SdrPolyEditView::DeleteMarkedPoints(), SdrEditView::DistortMarkedObj(), SdrView::DoMouseEvent(), E3dView::DrawMarkedObj(), EnterMarkedGroup(), SdrEditView::ForceMarkedObjToAnotherPage(), SdrExchangeView::GetAllMarkedGraphic(), SdrObjEditView::GetAttributes(), SdrEditView::GetAttributes(), SdrView::GetContext(), GetMarkablePointCount(), SdrExchangeView::GetMarkedObjBitmapEx(), GetMarkedObjBoundRect(), SdrExchangeView::GetMarkedObjects(), SdrPolyEditView::GetMarkedObjectsClosedState(), SdrExchangeView::GetMarkedObjMetaFile(), GetMarkedObjRect(), SdrEditView::GetMarkedObjRotate(), SdrEditView::GetMarkedObjShear(), SdrView::GetPreferredPointer(), SdrObjEditView::GetScriptType(), SdrEditView::GetStyleSheet(), SdrEditView::GetStyleSheetFromMarked(), HasMarkableGluePoints(), HasMarkablePoints(), HasMarkedGluePoints(), HasMarkedPoints(), SdrPolyEditView::ImpCheckPolyPossibilities(), SdrGlueEditView::ImpCopyMarkedGluePoints(), SdrGlueEditView::ImpDoMarkedGluePoints(), ImpIsFrameHandles(), SdrGlueEditView::ImpTransformMarkedGluePoints(), SdrPolyEditView::ImpTransformMarkedPoints(), SdrEditView::IsAlignPossible(), E3dView::IsBreak3DObjPossible(), E3dView::IsConvertTo3DObjPossible(), SdrDragView::IsInsGluePointPossible(), IsMarkedObjHit(), SdrPolyEditView::IsOpenCloseMarkedObjectsPossible(), SdrPolyEditView::IsRipUpAtMarkedPointsPossible(), MarkAllObj(), MarkGluePoints(), MarkListHasChanged(), MarkNextObj(), SdrEditView::MergeAttrFromMarked(), SdrEditView::MergeNotPersistAttrFromMarked(), SdrEditView::MirrorMarkedObj(), modelHasChangedLOKit(), SdrEditView::MoveMarkedObj(), PickGluePoint(), PickMarkedObj(), PickObj(), SdrEditView::ResizeMarkedObj(), SdrEditView::ResizeMultMarkedObj(), SdrPolyEditView::RipUpAtMarkedPoints(), SdrEditView::RotateMarkedObj(), SdrObjEditView::SetAttributes(), SdrEditView::SetAttributes(), SdrEditView::SetAttrToMarked(), SdrEditView::SetMarkedObjRect(), SdrPolyEditView::SetMarkedPointsSmooth(), SdrPolyEditView::SetMarkedSegmentsKind(), SetMarkHandles(), SetMarkHandlesForLOKit(), SdrEditView::SetNotPersistAttrToMarked(), SdrEditView::SetStyleSheet(), SdrEditView::SetStyleSheetToMarked(), SdrEditView::ShearMarkedObj(), E3dView::Start3DCreation(), SdrDragView::TakeDragObjAnchorPos(), UndirtyMrkPnt(), and UnmarkAllObj().

const SdrMarkList& SdrMarkView::GetMarkedObjectList ( ) const

Definition at line 258 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

Referenced by SdrObjEditView::ApplyFormatPaintBrush(), E3dView::BegDragObj(), svx::checkForSelectedCustomShapes(), svx::checkForSelectedFontWork(), SvxXConnectionPreview::Construct(), SdrEditView::CopyMarkedObj(), E3dView::CreateMarkedObjModel(), SdrEditView::DeleteMarkedObj(), SvxGraphCtrlAccessibleContext::deselectAccessibleChild(), SdrDragCrook::EndSdrDrag(), SdrDragCrop::EndSdrDrag(), svx::ExtrusionBar::execute(), svx::FontworkBar::execute(), svx::MediaShellHelpers::Execute(), SvxGrafAttrHelper::ExecuteGrafAttr(), E3dView::Get3DAttributes(), getExtrusionColorState(), getExtrusionDepthState(), getExtrusionDirectionState(), getExtrusionLightingDirectionState(), getExtrusionLightingIntensityState(), getExtrusionProjectionState(), getExtrusionSurfaceState(), SdrEditView::GetGeoAttrFromMarked(), SvxGrafAttrHelper::GetGrafAttrState(), FmFormView::getMarkedGrid(), SvxGraphCtrlAccessibleContext::getSelectedAccessibleChild(), SvxGraphCtrlAccessibleContext::getSelectedAccessibleChildCount(), svx::MediaShellHelpers::GetState(), svxform::NavigatorTree::implExecuteDataTransfer(), SdrView::MarkAll(), SdrObjEditView::MarkListHasChanged(), SdrView::MoveShapeHandle(), svx::sidebar::PosSizePropertyPanel::NotifyItemUpdate(), sdr::table::SvxTableController::onSelectionHasChanged(), PickObj(), FmXFormView::restoreMarkList(), FmXFormView::saveMarkList(), SdrUndoObjSetText::SdrRepeat(), E3dView::Set3DAttributes(), SetAlignmentState(), SetCharacterSpacingState(), SetFontWorkShapeTypeState(), SdrEditView::SetGeoAttrToMarked(), SetKernCharacterPairsState(), SetMarkRects(), svx::SignatureLineHelper::setShapeCertificate(), FmFormView::ShowSdrPage(), svxform::NavigatorTree::ShowSelectionProperties(), svxform::NavigatorTree::SynchronizeSelection(), and SdrObjEditView::TakeFormatPaintBrush().

SdrMarkList& SdrMarkView::GetMarkedObjectListWriteAccess ( )
const tools::Rectangle & SdrMarkView::GetMarkedObjRect ( ) const
const tools::Rectangle & SdrMarkView::GetMarkedPointsRect ( ) const
sal_uInt16 SdrMarkView::GetMarkHdlSizePixel ( ) const

Definition at line 2192 of file svdmrkv.cxx.

References SdrHdlList::GetHdlSize(), and maHdlList.

Referenced by SdrEdgeObj::ImpFindConnector().

bool SdrMarkView::getPossibleGridOffsetForPosition ( basegfx::B2DVector rOffset,
const basegfx::B2DPoint rPoint,
const SdrPageView pPV 
) const
bool SdrMarkView::getPossibleGridOffsetForSdrObject ( basegfx::B2DVector rOffset,
const SdrObject pObj,
const SdrPageView pPV 
) const
const Point& SdrMarkView::GetRef1 ( ) const
const Point& SdrMarkView::GetRef2 ( ) const
SdrMark* SdrMarkView::GetSdrMarkByIndex ( size_t  nNum) const

Definition at line 262 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

Referenced by SdrEditView::AlignMarkedObjects(), CheckMarked(), SdrEditView::CheckPossibilities(), E3dView::ConvertMarkedObjTo3D(), SdrDragMethod::createSdrDragEntries_GlueDrag(), SdrDragMethod::createSdrDragEntries_PointDrag(), SdrDragMethod::createSdrDragEntries_PolygonDrag(), SdrDragMethod::createSdrDragEntries_SolidDrag(), SdrEditView::CrookMarkedObj(), SdrGlueEditView::DeleteMarkedGluePoints(), SdrPolyEditView::DeleteMarkedPoints(), SdrEditView::DistortMarkedObj(), EnterMarkedGroup(), SdrEditView::ForceMarkedObjToAnotherPage(), SdrExchangeView::GetAllMarkedGraphic(), GetMarkablePointCount(), GetMarkedObjBoundRect(), SdrExchangeView::GetMarkedObjects(), SdrPolyEditView::GetMarkedObjectsClosedState(), GetMarkedObjRect(), SdrEditView::GetMarkedObjRotate(), SdrEditView::GetMarkedObjShear(), SdrEditView::GetStyleSheetFromMarked(), HasMarkableGluePoints(), HasMarkablePoints(), HasMarkedGluePoints(), HasMarkedPoints(), SdrPolyEditView::ImpCheckPolyPossibilities(), SdrGlueEditView::ImpCopyMarkedGluePoints(), SdrGlueEditView::ImpDoMarkedGluePoints(), ImpIsFrameHandles(), ImpMarkPoint(), SdrGlueEditView::ImpTransformMarkedGluePoints(), SdrPolyEditView::ImpTransformMarkedPoints(), IsGluePointMarked(), IsMarkedObjHit(), SdrPolyEditView::IsOpenCloseMarkedObjectsPossible(), SdrPolyEditView::IsRipUpAtMarkedPointsPossible(), MarkGluePoint(), MarkGluePoints(), MarkNextObj(), MarkPoint(), MarkPoints(), SdrEditView::MergeNotPersistAttrFromMarked(), SdrEditView::MirrorMarkedObj(), SdrEditView::MoveMarkedObj(), PickGluePoint(), PickMarkedObj(), PickObj(), SdrEditView::ResizeMarkedObj(), SdrEditView::ResizeMultMarkedObj(), SdrPolyEditView::RipUpAtMarkedPoints(), SdrEditView::RotateMarkedObj(), SdrEditView::SetAttrToMarked(), SdrEditView::SetMarkedObjRect(), SdrPolyEditView::SetMarkedPointsSmooth(), SdrPolyEditView::SetMarkedSegmentsKind(), SetMarkHandles(), SetMarkHandlesForLOKit(), SdrEditView::SetNotPersistAttrToMarked(), SdrEditView::SetStyleSheetToMarked(), SdrEditView::ShearMarkedObj(), and UndirtyMrkPnt().

SdrPageView* SdrMarkView::GetSdrPageViewOfMarkedByIndex ( size_t  nNum) const
SfxViewShell * SdrMarkView::GetSfxViewShell ( ) const

Get access to the view shell owning this draw view, if any.

Definition at line 1813 of file svdmrkv.cxx.

References SfxViewShell::Current().

Referenced by SdrObjEditView::ImpMakeOutlinerView(), SdrEditView::MergeAttrFromMarked(), modelHasChangedLOKit(), SetMarkHandles(), SetMarkHandlesForLOKit(), and SdrObjEditView::ShowSdrPage().

const std::vector<SdrObject*>& SdrMarkView::GetTransitiveHullOfMarkedObjects ( ) const

Definition at line 275 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

Referenced by SdrEditView::ImpBroadcastEdgesOfMarkedNodes().

bool SdrMarkView::HasMarkableGluePoints ( ) const
bool SdrMarkView::HasMarkableObj ( ) const

Definition at line 244 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

bool SdrMarkView::HasMarkablePoints ( ) const
bool SdrMarkView::HasMarkedGluePoints ( ) const
bool SdrMarkView::HasMarkedPoints ( ) const
bool SdrMarkView::HasMultipleMarkableObjects ( ) const

Definition at line 226 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

void SdrMarkView::hideMarkHandles ( )

Definition at line 584 of file svdmrkv.cxx.

References AdjustMarkHdl(), and mbMarkHandlesHidden.

Referenced by GalleryTheme::GetGraphic().

void SdrMarkView::HideSdrPage ( )
OUString SdrMarkView::ImpGetDescriptionString ( TranslateId  pStrCacheID,
ImpGetDescriptionOptions  nOpt = ImpGetDescriptionOptions::NONE 
) const
bool SdrMarkView::ImpIsFrameHandles ( ) const
bool SdrMarkView::ImpMarkPoint ( SdrHdl pHdl,
SdrMark pMark,
bool  bUnmark 
void SdrMarkView::ImpSetPointsRects ( ) const
bool SdrMarkView::IsAction ( ) const

Reimplemented from SdrSnapView.

Reimplemented in SdrObjEditView, SdrCreateView, and SdrDragView.

Definition at line 290 of file svdmrkv.cxx.

References SdrSnapView::IsAction(), IsMarkGluePoints(), IsMarkObj(), and IsMarkPoints().

Referenced by SdrObjEditView::IsAction().

bool SdrMarkView::IsCreateMode ( ) const
bool SdrMarkView::IsDesignMode ( ) const
bool SdrMarkView::IsEditMode ( ) const

Definition at line 232 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

References Edit.

Referenced by SdrView::PickAnything().

bool SdrMarkView::IsFrameDragSingles ( ) const

Definition at line 242 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

bool SdrMarkView::IsFrameHandles ( ) const

Definition at line 223 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

Referenced by SdrView::GetContext().

bool SdrMarkView::IsGluePointEditMode ( ) const
bool SdrMarkView::IsGluePointMarked ( const SdrObject pObj,
sal_uInt16  nId 
) const
bool SdrMarkView::IsMarkedHit ( const Point rPnt,
short  nTol = -2 
) const

Definition at line 285 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

bool SdrMarkView::IsMarkedObjHit ( const Point rPnt,
short  nTol = -2 
) const
bool SdrMarkView::IsMarkGluePoints ( ) const
bool SdrMarkView::IsMarking ( ) const

Definition at line 208 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

Referenced by SdrView::PickAnything().

bool SdrMarkView::IsMarkObj ( ) const
bool SdrMarkView::IsMarkPoints ( ) const
bool SdrMarkView::IsNegativeX ( ) const

Definition at line 248 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

bool SdrMarkView::IsObjMarkable ( SdrObject const *  pObj,
SdrPageView const *  pPV 
) const
bool SdrMarkView::IsObjMarked ( SdrObject const *  pObj) const
bool SdrMarkView::IsPlusHandlesAlwaysVisible ( ) const

Definition at line 372 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

bool SdrMarkView::IsPointMarkable ( const SdrHdl rHdl) const
bool SdrMarkView::IsPointMarked ( const SdrHdl rHdl) const

Definition at line 346 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

References SdrHdl::IsSelected().

bool SdrMarkView::MarkableObjectsExceed ( int  n) const
bool SdrMarkView::MarkAllGluePoints ( )

Definition at line 397 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

Referenced by SdrView::MarkAll().

void SdrMarkView::MarkAllObj ( SdrPageView pPV = nullptr)
bool SdrMarkView::MarkAllPoints ( )

Definition at line 347 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

Referenced by SdrView::MarkAll().

bool SdrMarkView::MarkGluePoint ( const SdrObject pObj,
sal_uInt16  nId,
bool  bUnmark 
bool SdrMarkView::MarkGluePoints ( const tools::Rectangle pRect,
bool  bUnmark 
void SdrMarkView::MarkListHasChanged ( )
void SdrMarkView::MarkNextGluePoint ( )

Definition at line 533 of file svdmrkv1.cxx.

References ForceUndirtyMrkPnt(), and SortMarkedObjects().

Referenced by SdrView::DoMouseEvent().

bool SdrMarkView::MarkNextObj ( bool  bPrev = false)
bool SdrMarkView::MarkNextObj ( const Point rPnt,
short  nTol,
bool  bPrev 
void SdrMarkView::MarkNextPoint ( )

Definition at line 230 of file svdmrkv1.cxx.

References ForceUndirtyMrkPnt(), and SortMarkedObjects().

Referenced by SdrView::DoMouseEvent().

bool SdrMarkView::MarkObj ( const Point rPnt,
short  nTol = -2,
bool  bToggle = false,
bool  bDeep = false 
void SdrMarkView::MarkObj ( const tools::Rectangle rRect,
bool  bUnmark 
void SdrMarkView::MarkObj ( SdrObject pObj,
SdrPageView pPV,
bool  bUnmark = false,
bool  bDoNoSetMarkHdl = false,
std::vector< basegfx::B2DRectangle > &&  rSubSelections = std::vector<basegfx::B2DRectangle>() 
bool SdrMarkView::MarkPoint ( SdrHdl rHdl,
bool  bUnmark = false 
bool SdrMarkView::MarkPointHelper ( SdrHdl pHdl,
SdrMark pMark,
bool  bUnmark 

should only be used from outside svx for special ui elements

Definition at line 87 of file svdmrkv1.cxx.

References ImpMarkPoint().

bool SdrMarkView::MarkPoints ( const tools::Rectangle pRect,
bool  bUnmark 
void SdrMarkView::ModelHasChanged ( )
void SdrMarkView::modelHasChangedLOKit ( )
bool SdrMarkView::MouseMove ( const MouseEvent rMEvt,
OutputDevice pWin 
void SdrMarkView::MovAction ( const Point rPnt)
void SdrMarkView::MovMarkGluePoints ( const Point rPnt)
void SdrMarkView::MovMarkObj ( const Point rPnt)
void SdrMarkView::MovMarkPoints ( const Point rPnt)
void SdrMarkView::Notify ( SfxBroadcaster rBC,
const SfxHint rHint 
bool SdrMarkView::PickGluePoint ( const Point rPnt,
SdrObject *&  rpObj,
sal_uInt16 &  rnId,
SdrPageView *&  rpPV 
) const
SdrHdl * SdrMarkView::PickHandle ( const Point rPnt) const
bool SdrMarkView::PickMarkedObj ( const Point rPnt,
SdrObject *&  rpObj,
SdrPageView *&  rpPV,
SdrSearchOptions  nOptions 
) const
SdrObject * SdrMarkView::PickObj ( const Point rPnt,
short  nTol,
SdrPageView *&  rpPV,
SdrSearchOptions  nOptions,
SdrObject **  ppRootObj,
bool *  pbHitPassDirect = nullptr 
) const
SdrObject * SdrMarkView::PickObj ( const Point rPnt,
short  nTol,
SdrPageView *&  rpPV,
SdrSearchOptions  nOptions = SdrSearchOptions::NONE 
) const

Definition at line 2404 of file svdmrkv.cxx.

References PickObj().

bool SdrMarkView::RequestHelp ( const HelpEvent rHEvt)
void SdrMarkView::SetCreateMode ( bool  bOn)

Definition at line 233 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

References Create, and Edit.

Referenced by SdrCreateView::SetCreateMode().

void SdrMarkView::SetDesignMode ( bool  bOn = true)
void SdrMarkView::SetDragMode ( SdrDragMode  eMode)
void SdrMarkView::SetEditMode ( SdrViewEditMode  eMode)
void SdrMarkView::SetEditMode ( bool  bOn)

Definition at line 231 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

References Create, Edit, and SetEditMode().

Referenced by SetEditMode().

void SdrMarkView::SetFrameDragSingles ( bool  bOn = true)

Definition at line 241 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

void SdrMarkView::SetFrameHandles ( bool  bOn)
void SdrMarkView::SetGluePointEditMode ( bool  bOn)

Definition at line 235 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

References GluePointEdit.

Referenced by SdrCreateView::SetGluePointEditMode().

void SdrMarkView::SetMarkHandles ( SfxViewShell pOtherShell)

Reimplemented in SdrDragView.

Definition at line 1156 of file svdmrkv.cxx.

References a, SdrObject::addCropHandles(), AddCustomHdl(), AddDragModeHdl(), SdrHdlList::AddHdl(), SdrObject::AddToHdlList(), SdrObject::AddToPlusHdlList(), areMarkHandlesHidden(), BezierWeight, tools::Rectangle::Bottom(), tools::Rectangle::BottomCenter(), tools::Rectangle::BottomLeft(), tools::Rectangle::BottomRight(), SdrHdlList::Clear(), Crop, o3tl::sorted_vector< Value, Compare, Find, class >::end(), o3tl::sorted_vector< Value, Compare, Find, class >::find(), SdrGluePointList::FindGluePoint(), SdrGluePoint::GetAbsolutePos(), SdrPaintView::GetFirstOutputDevice(), SdrHdlList::GetFocusHdl(), SdrObject::GetGluePointList(), SdrHdlList::GetHdl(), SdrHdlList::GetHdlCount(), SdrHdl::GetKind(), SdrMark::GetMarkedGluePoints(), GetMarkedObjectByIndex(), GetMarkedObjectCount(), GetMarkedObjRect(), SdrMark::GetMarkedPoints(), SdrMark::GetMarkedSdrObj(), SdrHdl::GetObj(), OutputDevice::GetOutDevType(), SdrMark::GetPageView(), SdrHdl::GetPointNum(), SdrHdl::GetPolyNum(), GetSdrMarkByIndex(), GetSdrPageViewOfMarkedByIndex(), GetSfxViewShell(), Glue, SdrObject::HasLimitedRotation(), i, ImpIsFrameHandles(), comphelper::LibreOfficeKit::isActive(), tools::Rectangle::IsEmpty(), SdrTextObj::IsInEditMode(), SdrOle2Obj::isInplaceActive(), SdrObject::IsPolyObj(), SdrPaintView::IsTextEdit(), SdrTextObj::IsTextFrame(), SdrOle2Obj::isUiActive(), tools::Rectangle::Left(), Left, tools::Rectangle::LeftCenter(), Lower, LowerLeft, LowerRight, maHdlList, maSubSelectionList, mbPlusHdlAlways, meDragMode, Move, SdrHdlList::MoveTo(), mpMarkedObj, mpMarkedPV, mpMarkingSubSelectionOverlay, nId, OUTDEV_WINDOW, Point, Poly, tools::Rectangle::Right(), Right, tools::Rectangle::RightCenter(), Rotate, SDRGLUEPOINT_NOTFOUND, SdrHdlList::SetDistortShear(), SdrHdlList::SetFocusHdl(), SetMarkHandlesForLOKit(), SdrHdl::SetObj(), SdrHdl::SetObjHdlNum(), SdrHdl::SetPageView(), SdrHdl::SetPlusHdl(), SdrHdlList::SetRotateShear(), SdrHdl::SetSelected(), Shear, SdrHdlList::Sort(), tools::Rectangle::Top(), tools::Rectangle::TopCenter(), tools::Rectangle::TopLeft(), tools::Rectangle::TopRight(), Upper, UpperLeft, and UpperRight.

Referenced by AdjustMarkHdl(), SetDragMode(), SdrDragView::SetMarkHandles(), and SetPlusHandlesAlwaysVisible().

void SdrMarkView::SetMarkHandlesForLOKit ( tools::Rectangle const &  rRect,
const SfxViewShell pOtherShell 

Definition at line 767 of file svdmrkv.cxx.

References Anchor, Anchor_TR, o3tl::convert(), basegfx::B2DPolygon::count(), sdr::table::SdrTableObj::createTableEdgesJson(), CustomShape1, dumpGluePointsToJSON(), Edge, o3tl::strong_int< UNDERLYING_TYPE, PHANTOM_TYPE >::get(), basegfx::B2DPolygon::getB2DPoint(), SfxViewShell::GetEditWindowForActiveOLEObj(), SdrPaintView::GetFirstOutputDevice(), SdrHdlList::GetHdl(), SdrHdlList::GetHdlCount(), tools::Rectangle::GetHeight(), SdrHdl::GetKind(), AllSettings::GetLayoutRTL(), GetMarkedObjectByIndex(), GetMarkedObjectCount(), SdrMark::GetMarkedSdrObj(), SdrObject::GetName(), SdrHdl::GetObjHdlNum(), SdrObject::GetObjIdentifier(), vcl::Window::GetOffsetPixelFrom(), vcl::Window::GetOutOffXPixel(), OutputDevice::GetOwnerWindow(), SdrHdl::GetPointer(), SdrHdl::GetPos(), getPossibleGridOffsetForSdrObject(), SdrObject::GetRotateAngle(), GetSdrMarkByIndex(), SdrPaintView::getSdrModelFromSdrView(), SdrPaintView::GetSdrPageView(), GetSfxViewShell(), vcl::Window::GetSizePixel(), o3tl::getToken(), SdrPageView::GetView(), tools::Rectangle::GetWidth(), Tuple2D< double >::getX(), LokChartHelper::GetXController(), Tuple2D< double >::getY(), SdrObject::HasLimitedRotation(), i, vcl::Window::IsAncestorOf(), vcl::Window::IsChart(), tools::Rectangle::IsEmpty(), SdrModel::IsWriter(), tools::Rectangle::Justify(), tools::Rectangle::Left(), SfxViewShell::libreOfficeKitViewCallback(), LowerRight, maHdlList, mbNegativeX, o3tl::mm100, tools::Rectangle::Move(), mpMarkedObj, mpMarkedPV, nIndex, SfxLokHelper::notifyOtherView(), SfxLokHelper::notifyOtherViews(), nPos, p, SdrPaintView::PaintWindowCount(), PathFill, vcl::Window::PixelToLogic(), Point, point(), Poly, pOut, rectangle(), tools::Rectangle::Right(), tools::Rectangle::SetLeft(), tools::Rectangle::SetRight(), Table, SdrObject::TakeXorPoly(), o3tl::toInt32(), tools::Rectangle::Top(), tools::Rectangle::toString(), o3tl::twip, u, UpperLeft, and Size::Width().

Referenced by SetMarkHandles().

void SdrMarkView::SetMarkHdlSizePixel ( sal_uInt16  nSiz)

Definition at line 2197 of file svdmrkv.cxx.

References SdrHdlList::GetHdlSize(), maHdlList, and SdrHdlList::SetHdlSize().

void SdrMarkView::SetMarkRects ( )
void SdrMarkView::SetMoveOutside ( bool  bOn)

Definition at line 2709 of file svdmrkv.cxx.

References maHdlList, and SdrHdlList::SetMoveOutside().

Referenced by FmFormView::SetMoveOutside().

void SdrMarkView::SetNegativeX ( bool  bOn)

whether all x coordinates in use are negated or not

Definition at line 247 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

void SdrMarkView::SetPlusHandlesAlwaysVisible ( bool  bOn)
void SdrMarkView::SetRef1 ( const Point rPt)
void SdrMarkView::SetRef2 ( const Point rPt)
void SdrMarkView::showMarkHandles ( )

Definition at line 593 of file svdmrkv.cxx.

References AdjustMarkHdl(), and mbMarkHandlesHidden.

void SdrMarkView::SortMarkedObjects ( ) const
void SdrMarkView::TakeActionRect ( tools::Rectangle rRect) const
size_t SdrMarkView::TryToFindMarkedObject ( const SdrObject pObj) const
void SdrMarkView::UndirtyMrkPnt ( ) const
void SdrMarkView::UnMarkAll ( SdrPageView const *  pPV = nullptr)

Definition at line 325 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

Referenced by svxform::NavigatorTree::UnmarkAllViewObj().

bool SdrMarkView::UnmarkAllGluePoints ( )
void SdrMarkView::UnmarkAllObj ( SdrPageView const *  pPV = nullptr)
bool SdrMarkView::UnmarkAllPoints ( )
void SdrMarkView::UnmarkGluePoint ( const SdrObject pObj,
sal_uInt16  nId 

Definition at line 389 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

References MarkGluePoint.

bool SdrMarkView::UnmarkPoint ( SdrHdl rHdl)

Definition at line 345 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

References MarkPoint.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class SdrPageView

Definition at line 92 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

Member Data Documentation

SdrHdlList SdrMarkView::maHdlList
tools::Rectangle SdrMarkView::maMarkedGluePointsRect

Definition at line 114 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

Referenced by GetMarkedGluePointsRect(), and ImpSetPointsRects().

tools::Rectangle SdrMarkView::maMarkedObjRect

Definition at line 112 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

Referenced by GetMarkedObjRect().

tools::Rectangle SdrMarkView::maMarkedPointsRect

Definition at line 113 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

Referenced by GetMarkedPointsRect(), and ImpSetPointsRects().

Point SdrMarkView::maRef1
Point SdrMarkView::maRef2
sdr::ViewSelection SdrMarkView::maSdrViewSelection

Definition at line 109 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

Referenced by MarkListHasChanged().

std::vector<basegfx::B2DRectangle> SdrMarkView::maSubSelectionList

Definition at line 111 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

Referenced by MarkObj(), and SetMarkHandles().

bool SdrMarkView::mbDesignMode

Definition at line 122 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

Referenced by IsObjMarkable(), and SetDesignMode().

bool SdrMarkView::mbForceFrameHandles

Definition at line 123 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

Referenced by ImpIsFrameHandles(), and SetFrameHandles().

bool SdrMarkView::mbInsPolyPoint
bool SdrMarkView::mbMarkedObjRectDirty
bool SdrMarkView::mbMarkedPointsRectsDirty
bool SdrMarkView::mbMarkHandlesHidden

Definition at line 131 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

Referenced by hideMarkHandles(), and showMarkHandles().

bool SdrMarkView::mbMrkPntDirty

Definition at line 127 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

Referenced by ModelHasChanged(), and UndirtyMrkPnt().

bool SdrMarkView::mbNegativeX
bool SdrMarkView::mbPlusHdlAlways

Definition at line 124 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

Referenced by ImpMarkPoint(), SetMarkHandles(), and SetPlusHandlesAlwaysVisible().

SdrDragMode SdrMarkView::meDragMode
SdrViewEditMode SdrMarkView::meEditMode
SdrViewEditMode SdrMarkView::meEditMode0

Definition at line 120 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

Referenced by SetEditMode().

constexpr sal_uInt16 SdrMarkView::mnFrameHandlesLimit = 50
SdrObject* SdrMarkView::mpMarkedObj
SdrPageView* SdrMarkView::mpMarkedPV
std::unique_ptr<ImplMarkingOverlay> SdrMarkView::mpMarkGluePointsOverlay
std::unique_ptr<MarkingSubSelectionOverlay> SdrMarkView::mpMarkingSubSelectionOverlay

Definition at line 99 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

Referenced by SetMarkHandles().

std::unique_ptr<ImplMarkingOverlay> SdrMarkView::mpMarkObjOverlay

Definition at line 95 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

Referenced by BegMarkObj(), BrkMarkObj(), EndMarkObj(), and MovMarkObj().

std::unique_ptr<ImplMarkingOverlay> SdrMarkView::mpMarkPointsOverlay

Definition at line 96 of file svdmrkv.hxx.

Referenced by BegMarkPoints(), BrkMarkPoints(), EndMarkPoints(), and MovMarkPoints().

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