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rechead.hxx File Reference
#include <tools/stream.hxx>
#include <memory>
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class  ScMultipleReadHeader
class  ScMultipleWriteHeader


#define SCID_SIZES   0x4200
#define SC_31_EXPORT_VER   0x0012
#define SC_FONTCHARSET   0x0101
#define SC_MATRIX_DOUBLEREF   0x0202
#define SC_CURRENT_VERSION   0x0205

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#define SC_31_EXPORT_VER   0x0012

Definition at line 30 of file rechead.hxx.


#define SC_CURRENT_VERSION   0x0205

Definition at line 37 of file rechead.hxx.


#define SC_FONTCHARSET   0x0101

Definition at line 32 of file rechead.hxx.


#define SC_MATRIX_DOUBLEREF   0x0202

Definition at line 35 of file rechead.hxx.


#define SCID_SIZES   0x4200

Definition at line 27 of file rechead.hxx.