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ScDocumentLoader Class Reference

#include <tablink.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 ScDocumentLoader (const OUString &rFileName, OUString &rFilterName, OUString &rOptions, sal_uInt32 nRekCnt=0, weld::Window *pInteractionParent=nullptr, css::uno::Reference< css::io::XInputStream > xInputStream=css::uno::Reference< css::io::XInputStream >())
 ~ScDocumentLoader ()
ScDocumentGetDocument ()
ScDocShellGetDocShell ()
bool IsError () const
OUString GetTitle () const
void ReleaseDocRef ()

Static Public Member Functions

static SfxMediumCreateMedium (const OUString &rFileName, std::shared_ptr< const SfxFilter > const &pFilter, const OUString &rOptions, weld::Window *pInteractionParent=nullptr)
 Create SfxMedium for stream read with SfxFilter and filter options set at the medium's SfxItemSet. More...
static OUString GetOptions (const SfxMedium &rMedium)
static bool GetFilterName (const OUString &rFileName, OUString &rFilter, OUString &rOptions, bool bWithContent, bool bWithInteraction)
 Returns the filter name and options from a file name. More...
static void RemoveAppPrefix (OUString &rFilterName)

Private Attributes

SfxObjectShellRef aRef

Detailed Description

Definition at line 76 of file tablink.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ScDocumentLoader::ScDocumentLoader ( const OUString &  rFileName,
OUString &  rFilterName,
OUString &  rOptions,
sal_uInt32  nRekCnt = 0,
weld::Window pInteractionParent = nullptr,
css::uno::Reference< css::io::XInputStream >  xInputStream = css::uno::Reference<css::io::XInputStream>() 
ScDocumentLoader::~ScDocumentLoader ( )

Definition at line 552 of file tablink.cxx.

References aRef, SfxObjectShell::DoClose(), tools::SvRef< T >::is(), and pMedium.

Member Function Documentation

SfxMedium * ScDocumentLoader::CreateMedium ( const OUString &  rFileName,
std::shared_ptr< const SfxFilter > const &  pFilter,
const OUString &  rOptions,
weld::Window pInteractionParent = nullptr 

Create SfxMedium for stream read with SfxFilter and filter options set at the medium's SfxItemSet.

Definition at line 493 of file tablink.cxx.

References SfxShell::GetPool(), comphelper::getProcessComponentContext(), weld::Window::GetXWindow(), makeAny(), SfxGetpApp(), and SfxMedium::UseInteractionHandler().

Referenced by ScAreaLink::Refresh(), and ScDocumentLoader().

ScDocShell* ScDocumentLoader::GetDocShell ( )
ScDocument * ScDocumentLoader::GetDocument ( )

Definition at line 573 of file tablink.cxx.

References ScDocShell::GetDocument(), and pDocShell.

Referenced by ScDocument::LinkExternalTab(), and ScContentTree::LoadFile().

bool ScDocumentLoader::GetFilterName ( const OUString &  rFileName,
OUString &  rFilter,
OUString &  rOptions,
bool  bWithContent,
bool  bWithInteraction 
OUString ScDocumentLoader::GetOptions ( const SfxMedium rMedium)
OUString ScDocumentLoader::GetTitle ( ) const

Definition at line 586 of file tablink.cxx.

References EMPTY_OUSTRING, SfxObjectShell::GetTitle(), and pDocShell.

Referenced by ScContentTree::LoadFile().

bool ScDocumentLoader::IsError ( ) const
void ScDocumentLoader::ReleaseDocRef ( )

Definition at line 560 of file tablink.cxx.

References aRef, tools::SvRef< T >::clear(), tools::SvRef< T >::is(), pDocShell, and pMedium.

void ScDocumentLoader::RemoveAppPrefix ( OUString &  rFilterName)

Member Data Documentation

SfxObjectShellRef ScDocumentLoader::aRef

Definition at line 80 of file tablink.hxx.

Referenced by ReleaseDocRef(), ScDocumentLoader(), and ~ScDocumentLoader().

ScDocShell* ScDocumentLoader::pDocShell

Definition at line 79 of file tablink.hxx.

Referenced by GetDocument(), GetTitle(), IsError(), ReleaseDocRef(), and ScDocumentLoader().

SfxMedium* ScDocumentLoader::pMedium

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