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 NxmergeProvides interfaces for converting between two
 NdomProvides classes for converting basic document types to/from a
 NpalmProvides classes for converting Palm database data to/from a
 NsxcProvides base implementation of StarCalc XML conversion to and from different { "Device"}
 NsxwProvides base implementation of StarWriter XML conversion to and from different { "Device"}
 NxsltProvides the tools for doing the conversion of StarWriter XML to and from supported formats, through the use of an XSLT transformation
 NdiffProvides implementations for the Iterator interface and related support classes
 NmergeProvides implementations for the MergeAlgorithm interface, the NodeMergeAlgorithm interface, and related support classes
 NutilProvides general purpose utilities
 NregistryProvides an interface for plug-in registration