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Package org.openoffice.xmerge.converter.xml


package  sxc
 Provides base implementation of StarCalc XML conversion to and from different { "Device"}.
package  sxw
 Provides base implementation of StarWriter XML conversion to and from different { "Device"}.
package  xslt
 Provides the tools for doing the conversion of StarWriter XML to and from supported formats, through the use of an XSLT transformation.


class  alignment
 This class converts alignment values.
class  conversionAlgorithm
class  EmbeddedBinaryObject
 This class represents embedded object's in an document that have a binary representation. More...
class  EmbeddedObject
class  EmbeddedXMLObject
 This class represents those embedded objects in an document that have an XML representation. More...
class  horizSize
 This algorithm expects only values in millimeters, e.g.
class  lineHeight
 This algorithm does line height { -} can be either millimeters or a percentage.
interface  OfficeConstants
 This interface contains constants for StarOffice XML tags, attributes (StarCalc cell types, etc.). More...
class  OfficeDocumentException
 Used by OfficeDocument to encapsulate exceptions. More...
class  OfficeZip
 Class used by OfficeDocument to handle reading and writing from a ZIP file, as well as storing ZIP entries.
class  ParaStyle
 This class represents a paragraph. More...
class  Style
 An object of class. More...
class  StyleCatalog
 A. More...
class  TextStyle
 Represents a text. More...

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implementations for XML based formats.