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org.openoffice.xmerge.merger.diff.IteratorLCSAlgorithm Class Reference

This is one of the implementations of DiffAlgorithm interface. More...

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Public Member Functions

Difference[] computeDiffs (Iterator orgSeq, Iterator modSeq)
 Returns a Difference array. More...
Difference[] computeDiffs (Iterator orgSeq, Iterator modSeq)
 Returns a Difference array. More...

Private Member Functions

void printDiffTable (int[][] diffTable)
 Debug function used to print out the nicely formatted difference table. More...
int[][] createDiffTable (Iterator orgSeq, Iterator modSeq)
 Create the difference table. More...
void generateResult (int[][] diffTable, int i, int j, ArrayList< Difference > diffVector)
 Generate the Difference object result vector. More...

Detailed Description

This is one of the implementations of DiffAlgorithm interface.

Using Longest Common Subsequence (LCS). The algorithm here is based on the book "Introduction to Algorithms" by Thomas H.Cormen, Charles E.Leiserson and Ronald L.Riverst (MIT Press 1990) page 314.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ computeDiffs()

Difference[] org.openoffice.xmerge.merger.diff.IteratorLCSAlgorithm.computeDiffs ( Iterator  orgSeq,
Iterator  modSeq 

Returns a Difference array.

This method finds out the difference between two sequences.

orgSeqThe original sequence of object.
modSeqThe modified (or changed) sequence to compare against with the original.
A Difference array.

Implements org.openoffice.xmerge.merger.DiffAlgorithm.

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References org.openoffice.xmerge.merger.diff.IteratorLCSAlgorithm.createDiffTable(), org.openoffice.xmerge.merger.Iterator.elementCount(), org.openoffice.xmerge.merger.diff.IteratorLCSAlgorithm.generateResult(), org.openoffice.xmerge.util.Debug.INFO, org.openoffice.xmerge.util.Debug.isFlagSet(), and org.openoffice.xmerge.merger.diff.IteratorLCSAlgorithm.printDiffTable().

◆ createDiffTable()

int[][] org.openoffice.xmerge.merger.diff.IteratorLCSAlgorithm.createDiffTable ( Iterator  orgSeq,
Iterator  modSeq 

Create the difference table.

The difference table is used internal to keep track what elements are common or different in the two sequences.

orgSeqThe original sequence to be used as a base.
modSeqThe modified sequence to compare.
A difference table as a two-dimensional array of integers.

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References org.openoffice.xmerge.merger.Iterator.elementCount(), org.openoffice.xmerge.merger.Iterator.equivalent(), i,, Object, and org.openoffice.xmerge.merger.Iterator.start().

Referenced by org.openoffice.xmerge.merger.diff.IteratorLCSAlgorithm.computeDiffs().

◆ generateResult()

void org.openoffice.xmerge.merger.diff.IteratorLCSAlgorithm.generateResult ( int  diffTable[][],
int  i,
int  j,
ArrayList< Difference diffVector 

Generate the Difference object result vector.

This method will be called recursively to backtrack the difference table to get the difference result (and also the LCS).

diffTableThe difference table containing the Difference result.
iThe nth element in original sequence to compare. This method is called recursively with i and j decreased until 0.
jThe nth element in modified sequence to compare.
diffVectorA vector to output the Difference result. Can not use a return variable as it is a recursive method. The vector will contain Difference objects with operation and positions fill in.

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References org.openoffice.xmerge.merger.Difference.ADD, org.openoffice.xmerge.merger.Difference.CHANGE, org.openoffice.xmerge.merger.Difference.DELETE, org.openoffice.xmerge.merger.diff.IteratorLCSAlgorithm.generateResult(), and i.

Referenced by org.openoffice.xmerge.merger.diff.IteratorLCSAlgorithm.computeDiffs(), and org.openoffice.xmerge.merger.diff.IteratorLCSAlgorithm.generateResult().

◆ printDiffTable()

void org.openoffice.xmerge.merger.diff.IteratorLCSAlgorithm.printDiffTable ( int  diffTable[][])

Debug function used to print out the nicely formatted difference table.

diffTableThe difference table to display.

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References i, org.openoffice.xmerge.util.Debug.INFO, and org.openoffice.xmerge.util.Debug.log().

Referenced by org.openoffice.xmerge.merger.diff.IteratorLCSAlgorithm.computeDiffs().

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