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org.openoffice.xmerge.merger.DiffAlgorithm Interface Reference

This is the difference algorithm interface. More...

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Difference[] computeDiffs (Iterator orgSeq, Iterator modSeq)
 Returns a Difference array. More...

Detailed Description

This is the difference algorithm interface.

It is an interface so that different algorithms may be plugged-in to actually compute the differences.

NOTE: this code may not be thread safe.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ computeDiffs()

Difference[] org.openoffice.xmerge.merger.DiffAlgorithm.computeDiffs ( Iterator  orgSeq,
Iterator  modSeq 

Returns a Difference array.

This method finds out the difference between two sequences.

orgSeqThe original sequence of object.
modSeqThe modified (or changed) sequence to compare against with the original.
A Difference array.

Implemented in org.openoffice.xmerge.merger.diff.IteratorLCSAlgorithm, and org.openoffice.xmerge.merger.diff.IteratorRowCompare.

Referenced by org.openoffice.xmerge.converter.xml.sxc.DocumentMergerImpl.merge(), and org.openoffice.xmerge.converter.xml.xslt.DocumentMergerImpl.merge().

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