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org.openoffice.xmerge.merger.MergeAlgorithm Interface Reference

This is the MergeAlgorithm interface. More...

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void applyDifference (Iterator orgSeq, Iterator modSeq, Difference[] differences) throws MergeException
 This method is to merge the difference to an Iterator. More...

Detailed Description

This is the MergeAlgorithm interface.

It is an interface so that different merge algorithms may be plugged-in to actually merge the diffs back to an original document.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ applyDifference()

void org.openoffice.xmerge.merger.MergeAlgorithm.applyDifference ( Iterator  orgSeq,
Iterator  modSeq,
Difference[]  differences 
) throws MergeException

This method is to merge the difference to an Iterator.

The original Iterator will be modified after the call.

orgSeqThe original sequence which the difference will be applied. It will be modified.
modSeqThe modified sequence where the difference content will be extracted.
differencesThe Difference array.
MergeExceptionIf an error occurs during the merge.

Implemented in org.openoffice.xmerge.merger.merge.DocumentMerge.

Referenced by org.openoffice.xmerge.converter.xml.sxc.DocumentMergerImpl.merge().

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