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tblsel.hxx File Reference
#include "swtable.hxx"
#include "swrect.hxx"
#include "swdllapi.h"
#include <o3tl/sorted_vector.hxx>
#include <memory>
#include <deque>
#include <vector>
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struct  CompareSwSelBoxes
class  SwSelBoxes
struct  o3tl::typed_flags< SwTableSearchType >
class  SwSelUnion
class  FndBox_
class  FndLine_
struct  FndPara




typedef std::deque< SwCellFrame * > SwCellFrames
typedef std::vector< SwSelUnionSwSelUnions
typedef std::vector< std::unique_ptr< FndBox_ > > FndBoxes_t
typedef std::vector< std::unique_ptr< FndLine_ > > FndLines_t


enum  SwTableSearchType : sal_uInt16 {
  SwTableSearchType::NONE = 0x01,
  SwTableSearchType::Row = 0x02,
  SwTableSearchType::Col = 0x03,
  SwTableSearchType::Protect = 0x08,
  SwTableSearchType::NoUnionCorrect = 0x10


SW_DLLPUBLIC void GetTableSel (const SwCursorShell &rShell, SwSelBoxes &rBoxes, const SwTableSearchType=SwTableSearchType::NONE)
void GetTableSel (const SwCursor &rCursor, SwSelBoxes &rBoxes, const SwTableSearchType=SwTableSearchType::NONE)
void GetTableSel (const SwLayoutFrame *pStart, const SwLayoutFrame *pEnd, SwSelBoxes &rBoxes, SwCellFrames *pCells, const SwTableSearchType=SwTableSearchType::NONE)
void GetTableSelCrs (const SwCursorShell &rShell, SwSelBoxes &rBoxes)
void GetTableSelCrs (const SwTableCursor &rTableCursor, SwSelBoxes &rBoxes)
bool GetAutoSumSel (const SwCursorShell &, SwCellFrames &)
bool HasProtectedCells (const SwSelBoxes &rBoxes)
bool ChkChartSel (const SwNode &rSttNd, const SwNode &rEndNd)
bool IsFrameInTableSel (const SwRect &rUnion, const SwFrame *pCell)
void GetMergeSel (const SwPaM &rPam, SwSelBoxes &rBoxes, SwTableBox **ppMergeBox, SwUndoTableMerge *pUndo)
TableMergeErr CheckMergeSel (const SwPaM &rPam)
TableMergeErr CheckMergeSel (const SwSelBoxes &rBoxes)
bool IsEmptyBox (const SwTableBox &rBox, SwPaM &rPam)
bool CheckSplitCells (const SwCursorShell &rShell, sal_uInt16 nDiv, const SwTableSearchType)
bool CheckSplitCells (const SwCursor &rCursor, sal_uInt16 nDiv, const SwTableSearchType)
void MakeSelUnions (SwSelUnions &, const SwLayoutFrame *pStart, const SwLayoutFrame *pEnd, const SwTableSearchType=SwTableSearchType::NONE)
SW_DLLPUBLIC void ForEach_FndLineCopyCol (SwTableLines &rLines, FndPara *pFndPara)

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<std::unique_ptr<FndBox_> > FndBoxes_t

Definition at line 152 of file tblsel.hxx.

typedef std::vector<std::unique_ptr<FndLine_> > FndLines_t

Definition at line 155 of file tblsel.hxx.

typedef std::deque< SwCellFrame* > SwCellFrames

Definition at line 41 of file tblsel.hxx.

typedef std::vector<SwSelUnion> SwSelUnions

Definition at line 138 of file tblsel.hxx.

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum SwTableSearchType : sal_uInt16

Definition at line 58 of file tblsel.hxx.

Function Documentation

TableMergeErr CheckMergeSel ( const SwPaM rPam)
TableMergeErr CheckMergeSel ( const SwSelBoxes rBoxes)
bool CheckSplitCells ( const SwCursorShell rShell,
sal_uInt16  nDiv,
const SwTableSearchType   
bool CheckSplitCells ( const SwCursor rCursor,
sal_uInt16  nDiv,
const SwTableSearchType   
bool ChkChartSel ( const SwNode rSttNd,
const SwNode rEndNd 
SW_DLLPUBLIC void ForEach_FndLineCopyCol ( SwTableLines rLines,
FndPara pFndPara 
bool GetAutoSumSel ( const SwCursorShell ,
void GetMergeSel ( const SwPaM rPam,
SwSelBoxes rBoxes,
SwTableBox **  ppMergeBox,
SwUndoTableMerge pUndo 

Definition at line 929 of file tblsel.cxx.

References SwUndoTableMerge::AddNewBox(), IDocumentContentOperations::AppendTextNode(), SwIndex::Assign(), SwNodeIndex::Assign(), o3tl::sorted_vector< Value, Compare, Find, class >::begin(), SwRect::Bottom(), SwTableBox::ClaimFrameFormat(), o3tl::sorted_vector< Value, Compare, Find, class >::clear(), COLFUZZY, DEFAULT, SwNodes::Delete(), IDocumentUndoRedo::DoesUndo(), IDocumentUndoRedo::DoUndo(), o3tl::sorted_vector< Value, Compare, Find, class >::empty(), o3tl::sorted_vector< Value, Compare, Find, class >::erase(), SwLayoutFrame::FirstCell(), SwFormat::GetAttrSet(), SwFormat::GetBox(), SwTableLine::GetBoxPos(), SwPaM::GetContentNode(), IDocumentLayoutAccess::GetCurrentLayout(), SwFormat::GetDoc(), SwNode::GetDoc(), SwTabFrame::GetFirstNonHeadlineRow(), SwLayoutFrame::GetFormat(), SwFrameAreaDefinition::getFrameArea(), SwTableBox::GetFrameFormat(), SwFormat::GetFrameSize(), SwDoc::getIDocumentContentOperations(), SwDoc::getIDocumentLayoutAccess(), SwDoc::GetIDocumentUndoRedo(), SfxItemSet::GetItemState(), SwContentNode::getLayoutFrame(), SwFrame::GetNext(), SwDoc::GetNodes(), SwPaM::GetPoint(), SwTableBox::GetSttIdx(), SwTableLine::GetTabBoxes(), SwTabFrame::GetTable(), SwTable::GetTabSortBoxes(), SwTextNode::GetText(), SwNode::GetTextNode(), SwTableBox::GetUpper(), SwFrame::GetUpper(), SvxSizeItem::GetWidth(), i, o3tl::sorted_vector< Value, Compare, Find, class >::insert(), SwLayoutFrame::IsAnLower(), SwFrame::IsCellFrame(), IsEmptyBox(), SwFlowFrame::IsFollow(), SwRect::IsOver(), SwFrame::IsRowFrame(), lcl_FindNextCellFrame(), lcl_InsTableBox(), SwRect::Left(), SwContentNode::Len(), SwLayoutFrame::Lower(), MakeSelUnions(), SwUndoTableMerge::MoveBoxContent(), IDocumentContentOperations::MoveNodeRange(), n, SwPosition::nContent, SwPosition::nNode, Point, RES_BOX(), SwRect::Right(), sal_False, sal_True, SwUndoTableMerge::SaveCollection(), SwFormat::SetFormatAttr(), SvxBoxItem::SetLine(), o3tl::sorted_vector< Value, Compare, Find, class >::size(), SwRect::Top(), Variable, SwRect::Width(), and Y.

Referenced by SwTable::PrepareMerge().

SW_DLLPUBLIC void GetTableSel ( const SwCursorShell rShell,
SwSelBoxes rBoxes,
const SwTableSearchType  = SwTableSearchType::NONE 
void GetTableSel ( const SwCursor rCursor,
SwSelBoxes rBoxes,
const SwTableSearchType  = SwTableSearchType::NONE 
void GetTableSel ( const SwLayoutFrame pStart,
const SwLayoutFrame pEnd,
SwSelBoxes rBoxes,
SwCellFrames pCells,
const SwTableSearchType  = SwTableSearchType::NONE 
void GetTableSelCrs ( const SwCursorShell rShell,
SwSelBoxes rBoxes 
void GetTableSelCrs ( const SwTableCursor rTableCursor,
SwSelBoxes rBoxes 
bool HasProtectedCells ( const SwSelBoxes rBoxes)
bool IsEmptyBox ( const SwTableBox rBox,
SwPaM rPam 
bool IsFrameInTableSel ( const SwRect rUnion,
const SwFrame pCell 
void MakeSelUnions ( SwSelUnions ,
const SwLayoutFrame pStart,
const SwLayoutFrame pEnd,
const SwTableSearchType  = SwTableSearchType::NONE