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SwFormatVertOrient Class Referencefinal

Defines the vertical position of a fly frame. More...

#include <fmtornt.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SwFormatVertOrient (SwTwips nY=0, sal_Int16 eVert=css::text::VertOrientation::NONE, sal_Int16 eRel=css::text::RelOrientation::PRINT_AREA)
 SwFormatVertOrient (SwFormatVertOrient const &)=default
virtual bool operator== (const SfxPoolItem &) const override
 "Pure virtual methods" of SfxPoolItem. More...
virtual SwFormatVertOrientClone (SfxItemPool *pPool=nullptr) const override
virtual bool GetPresentation (SfxItemPresentation ePres, MapUnit eCoreMetric, MapUnit ePresMetric, OUString &rText, const IntlWrapper &rIntl) const override
virtual bool QueryValue (css::uno::Any &rVal, sal_uInt8 nMemberId=0) const override
virtual bool PutValue (const css::uno::Any &rVal, sal_uInt8 nMemberId) override
sal_Int16 GetVertOrient () const
sal_Int16 GetRelationOrient () const
void SetVertOrient (sal_Int16 eNew)
void SetRelationOrient (sal_Int16 eNew)
SwTwips GetPos () const
void SetPos (SwTwips nNew)
void dumpAsXml (xmlTextWriterPtr pWriter) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SfxPoolItem
void AddRef (sal_uInt32 n=1) const
virtual ~SfxPoolItem ()
void SetWhich (sal_uInt16 nId)
sal_uInt16 Which () const
T & StaticWhichCast (TypedWhichId< T > nId)
const T & StaticWhichCast (TypedWhichId< T > nId) const
T * DynamicWhichCast (TypedWhichId< T > nId)
const T * DynamicWhichCast (TypedWhichId< T > nId) const
virtual bool operator== (const SfxPoolItem &) const=0
bool operator!= (const SfxPoolItem &rItem) const
virtual bool operator< (const SfxPoolItem &) const
virtual bool IsSortable () const
virtual bool HasLookup () const
virtual lookup_iterator Lookup (lookup_iterator, lookup_iterator end) const
virtual bool GetPresentation (SfxItemPresentation ePresentation, MapUnit eCoreMetric, MapUnit ePresentationMetric, OUString &rText, const IntlWrapper &rIntlWrapper) const
virtual void ScaleMetrics (tools::Long lMult, tools::Long lDiv)
virtual bool HasMetrics () const
virtual bool QueryValue (css::uno::Any &rVal, sal_uInt8 nMemberId=0) const
virtual bool PutValue (const css::uno::Any &rVal, sal_uInt8 nMemberId)
virtual SfxPoolItemClone (SfxItemPool *pPool=nullptr) const=0
std::unique_ptr< SfxPoolItemCloneSetWhich (sal_uInt16 nNewWhich) const
std::unique_ptr< T > CloneSetWhich (TypedWhichId< T > nId) const
sal_uInt32 GetRefCount () const
SfxItemKind GetKind () const
virtual void dumpAsXml (xmlTextWriterPtr pWriter) const
virtual boost::property_tree::ptree dumpAsJSON () const
virtual bool IsVoidItem () const

Private Attributes

SwTwips m_nYPos
 Contains always the current RelPos. More...
sal_Int16 m_eOrient
sal_Int16 m_eRelation

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from SfxPoolItem
typedef std::vector< SfxPoolItem * >::const_iterator lookup_iterator
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SfxPoolItem
 SfxPoolItem (sal_uInt16 nWhich=0)
 SfxPoolItem (const SfxPoolItem &rCopy)

Detailed Description

Defines the vertical position of a fly frame.

For example: from top (orientation), by 1cm (relative position), to the entire page (relation).

Definition at line 36 of file fmtornt.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SwFormatVertOrient() [1/2]

SwFormatVertOrient::SwFormatVertOrient ( SwTwips  nY = 0,
sal_Int16  eVert = css::text::VertOrientation::NONE,
sal_Int16  eRel = css::text::RelOrientation::PRINT_AREA 

Definition at line 1370 of file atrfrm.cxx.

Referenced by Clone().

◆ SwFormatVertOrient() [2/2]

SwFormatVertOrient::SwFormatVertOrient ( SwFormatVertOrient const &  )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Clone()

SwFormatVertOrient * SwFormatVertOrient::Clone ( SfxItemPool pPool = nullptr) const

◆ dumpAsXml()

void SwFormatVertOrient::dumpAsXml ( xmlTextWriterPtr  pWriter) const

Reimplemented from SfxPoolItem.

Definition at line 1451 of file atrfrm.cxx.

References m_eOrient, m_eRelation, m_nYPos, and SfxPoolItem::Which().

◆ GetPos()

SwTwips SwFormatVertOrient::GetPos ( ) const

◆ GetPresentation()

bool SwFormatVertOrient::GetPresentation ( SfxItemPresentation  ePres,
MapUnit  eCoreMetric,
MapUnit  ePresMetric,
OUString &  rText,
const IntlWrapper rIntl 
) const

Reimplemented from SfxPoolItem.

Definition at line 332 of file attrdesc.cxx.

References EditResId(), GetPos(), GetVertOrient(), SwPostItHelper::NONE, and SwResId().

◆ GetRelationOrient()

sal_Int16 SwFormatVertOrient::GetRelationOrient ( ) const

◆ GetVertOrient()

sal_Int16 SwFormatVertOrient::GetVertOrient ( ) const

Definition at line 57 of file fmtornt.hxx.

Referenced by SwWrapTabPage::ActivatePage(), SwFmDrawPage::add(), SwXMLTableFrameFormatsSort_Impl::AddCell(), SwFrame::AdjustNeighbourhood(), CalcClipRect(), SwTextFly::CalcMinBottom(), objectpositioning::SwAsCharAnchoredObjectPosition::CalcPosition(), objectpositioning::SwToContentAnchoredObjectPosition::CalcPosition(), objectpositioning::SwToLayoutAnchoredObjectPosition::CalcPosition(), SwEditWin::ChangeFly(), ChgNumToText(), SwFlyFrame::ChgRelPos(), ChgTextToNum(), WinwordAnchoring::ConvertPosition(), SwTextBoxHelper::doTextBoxPositioning(), SwBaseShell::Execute(), SwDrawBaseShell::Execute(), SwFramePage::FillItemSet(), SwCellFrame::Format(), DocxAttributeOutput::FormatVertOrientation(), WW8AttributeOutput::FormatVertOrientation(), RtfAttributeOutput::FormatVertOrientation(), SwDoc::GetBoxAlign(), DocxAttributeOutput::GetOLEStyle(), GetPresentation(), objectpositioning::SwAsCharAnchoredObjectPosition::GetRelPosToBase(), SwDrawBaseShell::GetState(), SwFrameNotify::ImplDestroy(), SwContentNotify::ImplDestroy(), SwFramePage::Init(), SwTextFly::InitAnchoredObjList(), lcl_TCFlags(), SwVirtFlyDrawObj::NbcMove(), SwFEShell::NewFlyFrame(), Notify_Background(), SwHTMLWriter::OutCSS1_FrameFormatOptions(), SwHTMLWriter::OutFrameFormatOptions(), WW8Export::OutGrf(), DocxAttributeOutput::PopulateFrameProperties(), SvXMLExportItemMapper::QueryXMLValue(), WinwordAnchoring::SetAnchoring(), SwHTMLParser::SetAttr_(), SwDoc::SetFlyFrameAnchor(), SwHTMLParser::SetSpace(), DocxSdrExport::startDMLAnchorInline(), legacy::SwFormatVert::Store(), SwGrfNumPortion::SwGrfNumPortion(), RtfAttributeOutput::TablePositioning(), WW8AttributeOutput::TablePositioning(), RtfAttributeOutput::TableVerticalCell(), SwTableAutoFormat::UpdateToSet(), DocxAttributeOutput::WriteActiveXControl(), SwHTMLWriter::writeFrameFormatOptions(), PlcDrawObj::WritePlc(), and DocxSdrExport::writeVMLDrawing().

◆ operator==()

bool SwFormatVertOrient::operator== ( const SfxPoolItem rAttr) const

"Pure virtual methods" of SfxPoolItem.

Implements SfxPoolItem.

Definition at line 1378 of file atrfrm.cxx.

References m_eOrient, m_eRelation, and m_nYPos.

◆ PutValue()

bool SwFormatVertOrient::PutValue ( const css::uno::Any &  rVal,
sal_uInt8  nMemberId 

◆ QueryValue()

bool SwFormatVertOrient::QueryValue ( css::uno::Any &  rVal,
sal_uInt8  nMemberId = 0 
) const

◆ SetPos()

void SwFormatVertOrient::SetPos ( SwTwips  nNew)

◆ SetRelationOrient()

void SwFormatVertOrient::SetRelationOrient ( sal_Int16  eNew)

◆ SetVertOrient()

void SwFormatVertOrient::SetVertOrient ( sal_Int16  eNew)

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_eOrient

sal_Int16 SwFormatVertOrient::m_eOrient

Definition at line 39 of file fmtornt.hxx.

Referenced by dumpAsXml(), operator==(), PutValue(), and QueryValue().

◆ m_eRelation

sal_Int16 SwFormatVertOrient::m_eRelation

Definition at line 40 of file fmtornt.hxx.

Referenced by dumpAsXml(), operator==(), PutValue(), and QueryValue().

◆ m_nYPos

SwTwips SwFormatVertOrient::m_nYPos

Contains always the current RelPos.

Definition at line 38 of file fmtornt.hxx.

Referenced by dumpAsXml(), and operator==().

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