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SwBasicEscherEx Class Reference

#include <escher.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SwBasicEscherEx (SvStream *pStrm, WW8Export &rWrt)
sal_Int32 WriteGrfFlyFrame (const SwFrameFormat &rFormat, sal_uInt32 nShapeId)
void WriteGrfBullet (const Graphic &)
sal_Int32 WriteOLEFlyFrame (const SwFrameFormat &rFormat, sal_uInt32 nShapeId)
void WriteEmptyFlyFrame (const SwFrameFormat &rFormat, sal_uInt32 nShapeId)
virtual void WriteFrameExtraData (const SwFrameFormat &)
virtual void WritePictures ()
virtual ~SwBasicEscherEx () override
bool IsRelUrl ()
OUString GetBasePath ()
OUString BuildFileName (sal_uInt16 &rnLevel, bool &rbRel, const OUString &rUrl)
void WriteHyperlinkWithinFly (SvMemoryStream &rStrm, const SwFormatURL *pINetFormatArg)
void PreWriteHyperlinkWithinFly (const SwFrameFormat &rFormat, EscherPropertyContainer &rPropOpt)
- Public Member Functions inherited from EscherEx
 EscherEx (const std::shared_ptr< EscherExGlobal > &rxGlobal, SvStream *pOutStrm, bool bOOXML=false)
virtual ~EscherEx () override
virtual sal_uInt32 GenerateShapeId ()
EscherGraphicProviderGetGraphicProvider ()
SvStreamQueryPictureStream ()
void Flush (SvStream *pPicStreamMergeBSE=nullptr)
void InsertAtCurrentPos (sal_uInt32 nBytes)
void InsertPersistOffset (sal_uInt32 nKey, sal_uInt32 nOffset)
void ReplacePersistOffset (sal_uInt32 nKey, sal_uInt32 nOffset)
sal_uInt32 GetPersistOffset (sal_uInt32 nKey)
bool SeekToPersistOffset (sal_uInt32 nKey)
void InsertAtPersistOffset (sal_uInt32 nKey, sal_uInt32 nValue)
void SetEditAs (const OUString &rEditAs)
const OUString & GetEditAs ()
SvStreamGetStream () const
sal_uLong GetStreamPos () const
virtual void OpenContainer (sal_uInt16 nEscherContainer, int nRecInstance=0)
virtual void CloseContainer ()
void BeginAtom ()
void EndAtom (sal_uInt16 nRecType, int nRecVersion=0, int nRecInstance=0)
void AddAtom (sal_uInt32 nAtomSitze, sal_uInt16 nRecType, int nRecVersion=0, int nRecInstance=0)
void AddChildAnchor (const tools::Rectangle &rRectangle)
void AddClientAnchor (const tools::Rectangle &rRectangle)
virtual sal_uInt32 EnterGroup (const OUString &rShapeName, const tools::Rectangle *pBoundRect)
sal_uInt32 EnterGroup (const tools::Rectangle *pBoundRect=nullptr)
sal_uInt32 GetGroupLevel () const
void SetGroupSnapRect (sal_uInt32 nGroupLevel, const tools::Rectangle &rRect)
void SetGroupLogicRect (sal_uInt32 nGroupLevel, const tools::Rectangle &rRect)
virtual void LeaveGroup ()
virtual void AddShape (sal_uInt32 nShpInstance, ShapeFlag nFlagIds, sal_uInt32 nShapeID=0)
virtual void Commit (EscherPropertyContainer &rProps, const tools::Rectangle &rRect)
void AddSdrPage (const SdrPage &rPage)
void AddUnoShapes (const css::uno::Reference< css::drawing::XShapes > &rxShapes)
sal_uInt32 AddSdrObject (const SdrObject &rObj, bool ooxmlExport=false)
virtual void AddSdrObjectVMLObject (const SdrObject &)
void EndSdrObjectPage ()
virtual EscherExHostAppDataStartShape (const css::uno::Reference< css::drawing::XShape > &rShape, const tools::Rectangle *pChildAnchor)
virtual void EndShape (sal_uInt16 nShapeType, sal_uInt32 nShapeID)
virtual EscherExHostAppDataEnterAdditionalTextGroup ()
virtual sal_uInt32 QueryTextID (const css::uno::Reference< css::drawing::XShape > &, sal_uInt32 nShapeId)
sal_uInt32 AddDummyShape ()
void SetHellLayerId (SdrLayerID nId)
SdrLayerID GetHellLayerId () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from EscherPersistTable
bool PtIsID (sal_uInt32 nID)
void PtInsert (sal_uInt32 nID, sal_uInt32 nOfs)
void PtDelete (sal_uInt32 nID)
sal_uInt32 PtGetOffsetByID (sal_uInt32 nID)
void PtReplace (sal_uInt32 nID, sal_uInt32 nOfs)
void PtReplaceOrInsert (sal_uInt32 nID, sal_uInt32 nOfs)
 EscherPersistTable ()
virtual ~EscherPersistTable ()
EscherPersistTableoperator= (EscherPersistTable const &)=delete
 EscherPersistTable (EscherPersistTable const &)=delete

Protected Member Functions

virtual sal_Int32 WriteFlyFrameAttr (const SwFrameFormat &rFormat, MSO_SPT eShapeType, EscherPropertyContainer &rPropOpt)
void WriteBrushAttr (const SvxBrushItem &rBrush, EscherPropertyContainer &rPropOpt)
void WriteOLEPicture (EscherPropertyContainer &rPropOpt, ShapeFlag nShapeFlags, const Graphic &rGraphic, const SdrObject &rObj, sal_uInt32 nShapeId, const css::awt::Rectangle *pVisArea)
sal_Int32 DrawModelToEmu (sal_Int32 nVal) const
virtual void SetPicId (const SdrObject &, sal_uInt32, EscherPropertyContainer &)
SdrLayerID GetInvisibleHellId () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from EscherEx
bool DoSeek (sal_uInt32 nKey)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void WriteGrfAttr (const SwNoTextNode &rNd, const SwFrameFormat &rFormat, EscherPropertyContainer &rPropOpt)
static sal_Int32 ToFract16 (sal_Int32 nVal, sal_uInt32 nMax)

Protected Attributes

long mnEmuMul
long mnEmuDiv
- Protected Attributes inherited from EscherEx
std::shared_ptr< EscherExGlobalmxGlobal
::std::unique_ptr< ImplEESdrWritermpImplEESdrWriter
bool mbOwnsStrm
sal_uInt32 mnStrmStartOfs
std::vector< sal_uInt32 > mOffsets
std::vector< sal_uInt16 > mRecTypes
sal_uInt32 mnCurrentDg
sal_uInt32 mnCountOfs
sal_uInt32 mnGroupLevel
SdrLayerID mnHellLayerId
bool mbEscherSpgr
bool mbEscherDg
bool mbOOXML
OUString mEditAs

Private Member Functions

void Init ()
 SwBasicEscherEx (const SwBasicEscherEx &)=delete
SwBasicEscherExoperator= (const SwBasicEscherEx &)=delete

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from EscherEx
static sal_uInt32 GetColor (const sal_uInt32 nColor)
static sal_uInt32 GetColor (const Color &rColor)
static const SdrObjectGetSdrObject (const css::uno::Reference< css::drawing::XShape > &rXShape)
- Public Attributes inherited from EscherPersistTable
::std::vector< std::unique_ptr< EscherPersistEntry > > maPersistTable

Detailed Description

Definition at line 92 of file escher.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SwBasicEscherEx::SwBasicEscherEx ( SvStream pStrm,
WW8Export rWrt 

Definition at line 1528 of file wrtw8esh.cxx.

References Init().

SwBasicEscherEx::~SwBasicEscherEx ( )

Definition at line 1534 of file wrtw8esh.cxx.

SwBasicEscherEx::SwBasicEscherEx ( const SwBasicEscherEx )

Member Function Documentation

OUString SwBasicEscherEx::BuildFileName ( sal_uInt16 &  rnLevel,
bool &  rbRel,
const OUString &  rUrl 
sal_Int32 SwBasicEscherEx::DrawModelToEmu ( sal_Int32  nVal) const

Definition at line 110 of file escher.hxx.

References BigMulDiv().

Referenced by WriteFlyFrameAttr(), SwEscherEx::WriteFlyFrameAttr(), and WriteGrfBullet().

OUString SwBasicEscherEx::GetBasePath ( )
SdrLayerID SwBasicEscherEx::GetInvisibleHellId ( ) const
void SwBasicEscherEx::Init ( void  )
bool SwBasicEscherEx::IsRelUrl ( )
SwBasicEscherEx& SwBasicEscherEx::operator= ( const SwBasicEscherEx )
void SwBasicEscherEx::PreWriteHyperlinkWithinFly ( const SwFrameFormat rFormat,
EscherPropertyContainer rPropOpt 
void SwBasicEscherEx::SetPicId ( const SdrObject ,
sal_uInt32  ,

Reimplemented in SwEscherEx.

Definition at line 1782 of file wrtw8esh.cxx.

Referenced by WriteOLEPicture().

sal_Int32 SwBasicEscherEx::ToFract16 ( sal_Int32  nVal,
sal_uInt32  nMax 

Definition at line 2163 of file wrtw8esh.cxx.

Referenced by WriteGrfAttr().

void SwBasicEscherEx::WriteBrushAttr ( const SvxBrushItem rBrush,
EscherPropertyContainer rPropOpt 
void SwBasicEscherEx::WriteEmptyFlyFrame ( const SwFrameFormat rFormat,
sal_uInt32  nShapeId 
sal_Int32 SwBasicEscherEx::WriteFlyFrameAttr ( const SwFrameFormat rFormat,
MSO_SPT  eShapeType,
EscherPropertyContainer rPropOpt 
void SwBasicEscherEx::WriteFrameExtraData ( const SwFrameFormat )
void SwBasicEscherEx::WriteGrfAttr ( const SwNoTextNode rNd,
const SwFrameFormat rFormat,
EscherPropertyContainer rPropOpt 
void SwBasicEscherEx::WriteGrfBullet ( const Graphic rGrf)
sal_Int32 SwBasicEscherEx::WriteGrfFlyFrame ( const SwFrameFormat rFormat,
sal_uInt32  nShapeId 
void SwBasicEscherEx::WriteHyperlinkWithinFly ( SvMemoryStream rStrm,
const SwFormatURL pINetFormatArg 
sal_Int32 SwBasicEscherEx::WriteOLEFlyFrame ( const SwFrameFormat rFormat,
sal_uInt32  nShapeId 
void SwBasicEscherEx::WriteOLEPicture ( EscherPropertyContainer rPropOpt,
ShapeFlag  nShapeFlags,
const Graphic rGraphic,
const SdrObject rObj,
sal_uInt32  nShapeId,
const css::awt::Rectangle *  pVisArea 
void SwBasicEscherEx::WritePictures ( )

Reimplemented in SwEscherEx.

Definition at line 2189 of file wrtw8esh.cxx.

References EscherEx::mxGlobal, pEscherStrm, and SvStream::WriteStream().

Referenced by SwWW8WrGrf::WriteGrfForBullet().

Member Data Documentation

long SwBasicEscherEx::mnEmuDiv

Definition at line 99 of file escher.hxx.

Referenced by Init().

long SwBasicEscherEx::mnEmuMul

Definition at line 99 of file escher.hxx.

Referenced by Init().

SvStream* SwBasicEscherEx::pEscherStrm

Definition at line 98 of file escher.hxx.

Referenced by SwEscherEx::FinishEscher(), and WritePictures().

WW8Export& SwBasicEscherEx::rWrt

Definition at line 97 of file escher.hxx.

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