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1 /* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*- */
2 /*
3  * This file is part of the LibreOffice project.
4  *
5  * This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
6  * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
7  * file, You can obtain one at
8  *
9  * This file incorporates work covered by the following license notice:
10  *
11  * Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
12  * contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file distributed
13  * with this work for additional information regarding copyright
14  * ownership. The ASF licenses this file to you under the Apache
15  * License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file
16  * except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of
17  * the License at .
18  */
24 #include <svx/svdtrans.hxx>
25 #include "wrtww8.hxx"
27 const sal_uInt32 nInlineHack = 0x00010001;
28 class SwFrameFormat;
29 // #i30669#
30 class SwFormatHoriOrient;
31 class SwFormatVertOrient;
34 {
35 public:
36  void WriteData(EscherEx& rEx) const override;
37  void SetAnchoring(const SwFrameFormat& rFormat);
65  static bool ConvertPosition( SwFormatHoriOrient& _iorHoriOri,
66  SwFormatVertOrient& _iorVertOri,
67  const SwFrameFormat& _rFrameFormat );
69 private:
70  bool mbInline;
72  sal_uInt32 mnXAlign;
73  sal_uInt32 mnYAlign;
74  sal_uInt32 mnXRelTo;
75  sal_uInt32 mnYRelTo;
77 };
80 {
81 public:
82  explicit SwEscherExGlobal();
83  virtual ~SwEscherExGlobal() override;
85 private:
87  virtual SvStream* ImplQueryPictureStream() override;
89 private:
90  std::shared_ptr< SvStream > mxPicStrm;
91 };
93 class SwBasicEscherEx : public EscherEx
94 {
95 private:
96  void Init();
97 protected:
102  virtual sal_Int32 WriteFlyFrameAttr(const SwFrameFormat& rFormat, MSO_SPT eShapeType,
103  EscherPropertyContainer& rPropOpt);
104  void WriteBrushAttr(const SvxBrushItem &rBrush,
105  EscherPropertyContainer& rPropOpt);
107  ShapeFlag nShapeFlags, const Graphic &rGraphic, const SdrObject &rObj,
108  sal_uInt32 nShapeId, const css::awt::Rectangle* pVisArea );
109  static void WriteGrfAttr(const SwNoTextNode& rNd, const SwFrameFormat& rFormat, EscherPropertyContainer& rPropOpt);
111  sal_Int32 DrawModelToEmu(sal_Int32 nVal) const
112  { return BigMulDiv(nVal, mnEmuMul, mnEmuDiv); }
114  static sal_Int32 ToFract16(sal_Int32 nVal, sal_uInt32 nMax);
116  virtual void SetPicId(const SdrObject &, sal_uInt32, EscherPropertyContainer &);
119 public:
120  SwBasicEscherEx(SvStream* pStrm, WW8Export& rWrt);
121  sal_Int32 WriteGrfFlyFrame(const SwFrameFormat& rFormat, sal_uInt32 nShapeId);
122  //For i120928,to export graphic of bullet
123  void WriteGrfBullet(const Graphic&);
124  sal_Int32 WriteOLEFlyFrame(const SwFrameFormat& rFormat, sal_uInt32 nShapeId);
125  void WriteEmptyFlyFrame(const SwFrameFormat& rFormat, sal_uInt32 nShapeId);
126  virtual void WriteFrameExtraData(const SwFrameFormat&);
127  virtual void WritePictures();
128  virtual ~SwBasicEscherEx() override;
129  //i120927,this function is added to export hyperlink info,such as graphic/frame/OLE
130  bool IsRelUrl() const;
131  OUString GetBasePath() const;
132  OUString BuildFileName(sal_uInt16& rnLevel, bool& rbRel, const OUString& rUrl);
133  void WriteHyperlinkWithinFly( SvMemoryStream& rStrm, const SwFormatURL* pINetFormatArg);
136 private:
137  SwBasicEscherEx(const SwBasicEscherEx&) = delete;
138  SwBasicEscherEx& operator=(const SwBasicEscherEx&) = delete;
139 };
142 {
143 private:
144  std::vector<sal_uLong> aFollowShpIds;
149  sal_uInt32 GetFlyShapeId(const SwFrameFormat& rFormat,
150  unsigned int nHdFtIndex, DrawObjPointerVector &rPVec);
151  void MakeZOrderArrAndFollowIds(std::vector<DrawObj>& rSrcArr,
152  DrawObjPointerVector& rDstArr);
154  sal_Int32 WriteFlyFrame(const DrawObj &rObj, sal_uInt32 &rShapeId,
155  DrawObjPointerVector &rPVec);
156  sal_Int32 WriteTextFlyFrame(const DrawObj &rObj, sal_uInt32 nShapeId,
157  sal_uInt32 nTextBox, DrawObjPointerVector &rPVec);
158  void WriteOCXControl(const SwFrameFormat& rFormat,sal_uInt32 nShapeId);
159  virtual sal_Int32 WriteFlyFrameAttr(const SwFrameFormat& rFormat, MSO_SPT eShapeType,
160  EscherPropertyContainer& rPropOpt) override;
162  virtual sal_uInt32 QueryTextID(
163  const css::uno::Reference< css::drawing::XShape > &, sal_uInt32) override;
164  virtual void SetPicId(const SdrObject &rSdrObj, sal_uInt32 nShapeId,
165  EscherPropertyContainer &rPropOpt) override;
166 public:
167  SwEscherEx( SvStream* pStrm, WW8Export& rWW8Wrt );
168  virtual ~SwEscherEx() override;
169  void FinishEscher();
170  virtual void WritePictures() override;
172  virtual void WriteFrameExtraData(const SwFrameFormat& rFormat) override;
174  EscherExHostAppData* StartShape(const css::uno::Reference< css::drawing::XShape > &, const tools::Rectangle*) override {return &aHostData;}
175 private:
176  SwEscherEx(const SwEscherEx&) = delete;
177  SwEscherEx &operator=(const SwEscherEx&) = delete;
178 };
180 #endif
182 /* vim:set shiftwidth=4 softtabstop=4 expandtab: */
SvStream * pEscherStrm
Definition: escher.hxx:99
Exporter of the binary Word file formats.
Definition: wrtww8.hxx:993
std::vector< sal_uLong > aFollowShpIds
Definition: escher.hxx:144
WW8_WrPlcTextBoxes * pTextBxs
Definition: escher.hxx:147
std::shared_ptr< SvStream > mxPicStrm
Definition: escher.hxx:90
void WriteOCXControl(const SwFrameFormat &rFormat, sal_uInt32 nShapeId)
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:2901
long Long
virtual sal_Int32 WriteFlyFrameAttr(const SwFrameFormat &rFormat, MSO_SPT eShapeType, EscherPropertyContainer &rPropOpt) override
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:2052
sal_Int32 WriteOLEFlyFrame(const SwFrameFormat &rFormat, sal_uInt32 nShapeId)
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:1772
SwBasicEscherEx & operator=(const SwBasicEscherEx &)=delete
void SetAnchoring(const SwFrameFormat &rFormat)
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:2569
SwEscherEx & operator=(const SwEscherEx &)=delete
const sal_uInt32 nInlineHack
Definition: escher.hxx:27
virtual void WriteFrameExtraData(const SwFrameFormat &rFormat) override
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:2711
virtual void SetPicId(const SdrObject &rSdrObj, sal_uInt32 nShapeId, EscherPropertyContainer &rPropOpt) override
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:1763
virtual void SetPicId(const SdrObject &, sal_uInt32, EscherPropertyContainer &)
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:1758
static bool ConvertPosition(SwFormatHoriOrient &_iorHoriOri, SwFormatVertOrient &_iorVertOri, const SwFrameFormat &_rFrameFormat)
method to perform conversion of positioning attributes with the help of corresponding layout informat...
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:2373
virtual sal_uInt32 QueryTextID(const css::uno::Reference< css::drawing::XShape > &, sal_uInt32) override
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:2977
virtual sal_Int32 WriteFlyFrameAttr(const SwFrameFormat &rFormat, MSO_SPT eShapeType, EscherPropertyContainer &rPropOpt)
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:1874
void WriteHyperlinkWithinFly(SvMemoryStream &rStrm, const SwFormatURL *pINetFormatArg)
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:166
SwBasicEscherEx(SvStream *pStrm, WW8Export &rWrt)
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:1511
sal_uInt32 mnXAlign
Definition: escher.hxx:72
tools::Long BigMulDiv(tools::Long nVal, tools::Long nMul, tools::Long nDiv)
void WriteBrushAttr(const SvxBrushItem &rBrush, EscherPropertyContainer &rPropOpt)
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:1831
SdrLayerID GetInvisibleHellId() const
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:2156
static sal_Int32 ToFract16(sal_Int32 nVal, sal_uInt32 nMax)
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:2135
OUString BuildFileName(sal_uInt16 &rnLevel, bool &rbRel, const OUString &rUrl)
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:131
void WriteGrfBullet(const Graphic &)
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:1561
OUString GetBasePath() const
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:113
Style of a layout element.
Definition: frmfmt.hxx:59
EscherExHostAppData aHostData
Definition: escher.hxx:145
virtual void WritePictures() override
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:1479
sal_uInt32 mnXRelTo
Definition: escher.hxx:74
bool IsRelUrl() const
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:102
void FinishEscher()
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:2311
sal_uInt32 mnGroupShapeBooleanProperties
Definition: escher.hxx:71
sal_Int32 DrawModelToEmu(sal_Int32 nVal) const
Definition: escher.hxx:111
void WriteData(EscherEx &rEx) const override
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:1417
tools::Long mnEmuMul
Definition: escher.hxx:100
Layout frame for SwNoTextNode, i.e. graphics and OLE nodes (including charts).
Definition: ndnotxt.hxx:29
sal_uInt32 GetFlyShapeId(const SwFrameFormat &rFormat, unsigned int nHdFtIndex, DrawObjPointerVector &rPVec)
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:2958
sal_Int32 WriteFlyFrame(const DrawObj &rObj, sal_uInt32 &rShapeId, DrawObjPointerVector &rPVec)
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:2723
tools::Long mnEmuDiv
Definition: escher.hxx:100
sal_uInt32 mnYAlign
Definition: escher.hxx:73
virtual ~SwEscherEx() override
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:2307
WW8Export & rWrt
Definition: escher.hxx:98
static void WriteGrfAttr(const SwNoTextNode &rNd, const SwFrameFormat &rFormat, EscherPropertyContainer &rPropOpt)
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:1658
void MakeZOrderArrAndFollowIds(std::vector< DrawObj > &rSrcArr, DrawObjPointerVector &rDstArr)
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:2932
virtual void WriteFrameExtraData(const SwFrameFormat &)
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:1521
virtual void WritePictures()
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:2161
void WriteEmptyFlyFrame(const SwFrameFormat &rFormat, sal_uInt32 nShapeId)
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:1527
virtual ~SwEscherExGlobal() override
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:1499
void PreWriteHyperlinkWithinFly(const SwFrameFormat &rFormat, EscherPropertyContainer &rPropOpt)
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:274
virtual SvStream * ImplQueryPictureStream() override
Override to create a new memory stream for picture data.
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:1503
EscherExHostAppData * StartShape(const css::uno::Reference< css::drawing::XShape > &, const tools::Rectangle *) override
Definition: escher.hxx:174
SwEscherEx(SvStream *pStrm, WW8Export &rWW8Wrt)
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:2174
sal_Int32 WriteGrfFlyFrame(const SwFrameFormat &rFormat, sal_uInt32 nShapeId)
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:1598
WinwordAnchoring aWinwordAnchoring
Definition: escher.hxx:146
std::vector< DrawObj * > DrawObjPointerVector
Definition: wrtww8.hxx:361
virtual ~SwBasicEscherEx() override
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:1517
void WriteOLEPicture(EscherPropertyContainer &rPropOpt, ShapeFlag nShapeFlags, const Graphic &rGraphic, const SdrObject &rObj, sal_uInt32 nShapeId, const css::awt::Rectangle *pVisArea)
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:2880
sal_uInt32 mnYRelTo
Definition: escher.hxx:75
sal_Int32 WriteTextFlyFrame(const DrawObj &rObj, sal_uInt32 nShapeId, sal_uInt32 nTextBox, DrawObjPointerVector &rPVec)
Definition: wrtw8esh.cxx:2826