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1 /* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*- */
2 /*
3  * This file is part of the LibreOffice project.
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5  * This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
6  * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
7  * file, You can obtain one at
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9  * This file incorporates work covered by the following license notice:
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11  * Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
12  * contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file distributed
13  * with this work for additional information regarding copyright
14  * ownership. The ASF licenses this file to you under the Apache
15  * License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file
16  * except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of
17  * the License at .
18  */
23 #include <IMark.hxx>
24 #include <IDocumentMarkAccess.hxx>
25 #include <unordered_map>
26 #include <memory>
28 class SwCursorShell;
30 namespace sw::mark {
31  typedef std::unordered_map<OUString, sal_Int32> MarkBasenameMapUniqueOffset_t;
36  : virtual public IDocumentMarkAccess
37  {
38  public:
39  MarkManager(/*[in/out]*/ SwDoc& rDoc);
40  // IDocumentMarkAccess
41  virtual ::sw::mark::IMark* makeMark(const SwPaM& rPaM,
42  const OUString& rName, IDocumentMarkAccess::MarkType eMark,
44  SwPosition const* pSepPos = nullptr) override;
46  virtual sw::mark::IFieldmark* makeFieldBookmark( const SwPaM& rPaM,
47  const OUString& rName,
48  const OUString& rType,
49  SwPosition const* pSepPos = nullptr) override;
51  const OUString& rName,
52  const OUString& rType) override;
54  virtual ::sw::mark::IMark* getMarkForTextNode(const SwTextNode& rTextNode, IDocumentMarkAccess::MarkType eMark) override;
57  const SwPaM& rPaM,
58  const OUString& rName ) override;
60  virtual void repositionMark(::sw::mark::IMark* io_pMark, const SwPaM& rPaM) override;
61  virtual bool renameMark(::sw::mark::IMark* io_pMark, const OUString& rNewName) override;
62  virtual void correctMarksAbsolute(const SwNodeIndex& rOldNode, const SwPosition& rNewPos, const sal_Int32 nOffset) override;
63  virtual void correctMarksRelative(const SwNodeIndex& rOldNode, const SwPosition& rNewPos, const sal_Int32 nOffset) override;
65  virtual void deleteMarks(const SwNodeIndex& rStt, const SwNodeIndex& rEnd, std::vector< ::sw::mark::SaveBookmark>* pSaveBkmk, const SwIndex* pSttIdx, const SwIndex* pEndIdx) override;
67  // deleters
68  virtual std::unique_ptr<ILazyDeleter>
69  deleteMark(const const_iterator_t& ppMark) override;
70  virtual void deleteMark(const ::sw::mark::IMark* const pMark) override;
71  virtual void clearAllMarks() override;
73  // marks
74  virtual const_iterator_t getAllMarksBegin() const override;
75  virtual const_iterator_t getAllMarksEnd() const override;
76  virtual sal_Int32 getAllMarksCount() const override;
77  virtual const_iterator_t findMark(const OUString& rName) const override;
79  // bookmarks
80  virtual bool isBookmarkDeleted(SwPaM const& rPaM) const override;
81  virtual const_iterator_t getBookmarksBegin() const override;
82  virtual const_iterator_t getBookmarksEnd() const override;
83  virtual sal_Int32 getBookmarksCount() const override;
84  virtual const_iterator_t findBookmark(const OUString& rName) const override;
85  virtual const_iterator_t findFirstBookmarkStartsAfter(const SwPosition& rPos) const override;
87  // Fieldmarks
88  virtual const_iterator_t getFieldmarksBegin() const override;
89  virtual const_iterator_t getFieldmarksEnd() const override;
90  virtual ::sw::mark::IFieldmark* getFieldmarkAt(const SwPosition& rPos) const override;
91  virtual ::sw::mark::IFieldmark* getFieldmarkFor(const SwPosition& rPos) const override;
92  virtual ::sw::mark::IFieldmark* getFieldmarkBefore(const SwPosition& rPos) const override;
93  virtual ::sw::mark::IFieldmark* getFieldmarkAfter(const SwPosition& rPos) const override;
95  virtual ::sw::mark::IFieldmark* getDropDownFor(const SwPosition &rPos) const override;
96  virtual std::vector< ::sw::mark::IFieldmark* > getDropDownsFor(const SwPaM &rPaM) const override;
98  virtual void deleteFieldmarkAt(const SwPosition& rPos) override;
99  virtual ::sw::mark::IFieldmark* changeFormFieldmarkType(::sw::mark::IFieldmark* pFieldmark, const OUString& rNewType) override;
101  virtual void NotifyCursorUpdate(const SwCursorShell& rCursorShell) override;
102  virtual void ClearFieldActivation() override;
104  void dumpAsXml(xmlTextWriterPtr pWriter) const;
106  // Annotation Marks
107  virtual const_iterator_t getAnnotationMarksBegin() const override;
108  virtual const_iterator_t getAnnotationMarksEnd() const override;
109  virtual sal_Int32 getAnnotationMarksCount() const override;
110  virtual const_iterator_t findAnnotationMark( const OUString& rName ) const override;
111  virtual sw::mark::IMark* getAnnotationMarkFor(const SwPosition& rPos) const override;
112  virtual const_iterator_t findFirstAnnotationStartsAfter(const SwPosition& rPos) const override;
114  virtual void assureSortedMarkContainers() const override;
116  typedef std::vector<sw::mark::MarkBase*> container_t;
118  private:
120  MarkManager(MarkManager const&) = delete;
121  MarkManager& operator=(MarkManager const&) = delete;
123  // make names
124  OUString getUniqueMarkName(const OUString& rName) const;
126  void sortSubsetMarks();
127  void sortMarks();
129  // container for all marks, this container owns the objects it points to
130  container_t m_vAllMarks;
132  // additional container for bookmarks
133  container_t m_vBookmarks;
134  // additional container for fieldmarks
135  container_t m_vFieldmarks;
137  mutable MarkBasenameMapUniqueOffset_t m_aMarkBasenameMapUniqueOffset;
139  // container for annotation marks
140  container_t m_vAnnotationMarks;
145  };
147 }
149 #endif
151 /* vim:set shiftwidth=4 softtabstop=4 expandtab: */
virtual sw::mark::IMark * getAnnotationMarkFor(const SwPosition &rPos) const override
Definition: docbm.cxx:1587
virtual const_iterator_t findFirstAnnotationStartsAfter(const SwPosition &rPos) const override
Finds the first mark that is starting after.
Definition: docbm.cxx:1599
virtual sal_Int32 getAllMarksCount() const override
returns the number of marks.
Definition: docbm.cxx:1353
Marks a position in the document model.
Definition: pam.hxx:35
sw::mark::FieldmarkWithDropDownButton * m_pLastActiveFieldmark
virtual const_iterator_t findFirstBookmarkStartsAfter(const SwPosition &rPos) const override
Finds the first mark that is starting after.
Definition: docbm.cxx:1373
wrapper iterator: wraps iterator of implementation while hiding MarkBase class; only IMark instances ...
container_t m_vFieldmarks
OUString getUniqueMarkName(const OUString &rName) const
Definition: docbm.cxx:1608
Provides access to the marks of a document.
Definition: doc.hxx:186
virtual ::sw::mark::IFieldmark * getFieldmarkAfter(const SwPosition &rPos) const override
Definition: docbm.cxx:1560
virtual const_iterator_t getAllMarksBegin() const override
returns a STL-like random access iterator to the begin of the sequence of marks.
Definition: docbm.cxx:1347
virtual const_iterator_t getAnnotationMarksBegin() const override
Definition: docbm.cxx:1566
virtual const_iterator_t getFieldmarksBegin() const override
returns a STL-like random access iterator to the begin of the sequence of fieldmarks.
Definition: docbm.cxx:1365
virtual ::sw::mark::IFieldmark * getFieldmarkFor(const SwPosition &rPos) const override
Definition: docbm.cxx:1398
Fieldmark with a drop down button (e.g. this button opens the date picker for a date field) ...
Definition: bookmrk.hxx:266
virtual sw::mark::IFieldmark * makeNoTextFieldBookmark(const SwPaM &rPaM, const OUString &rName, const OUString &rType) override
Definition: docbm.cxx:756
virtual const_iterator_t getBookmarksEnd() const override
returns a STL-like random access iterator to the end of the sequence of IBookmarks.
Definition: docbm.cxx:1359
virtual void clearAllMarks() override
Clear (deletes) all marks.
Definition: docbm.cxx:1324
container_t m_vBookmarks
virtual ::sw::mark::IFieldmark * getFieldmarkAt(const SwPosition &rPos) const override
Definition: docbm.cxx:1382
void dumpAsXml(xmlTextWriterPtr pWriter) const
Definition: docbm.cxx:1665
Mode eMode
virtual ::sw::mark::IMark * getMarkForTextNode(const SwTextNode &rTextNode, IDocumentMarkAccess::MarkType eMark) override
Returns a mark in the document for a paragraph.
Definition: docbm.cxx:805
virtual void deleteMarks(const SwNodeIndex &rStt, const SwNodeIndex &rEnd, std::vector< ::sw::mark::SaveBookmark > *pSaveBkmk, const SwIndex *pSttIdx, const SwIndex *pEndIdx) override
Deletes marks in a range.
Definition: docbm.cxx:1069
PaM is Point and Mark: a selection of the document model.
Definition: pam.hxx:136
struct _xmlTextWriter * xmlTextWriterPtr
virtual sal_Int32 getAnnotationMarksCount() const override
Definition: docbm.cxx:1576
virtual ::sw::mark::IMark * makeMark(const SwPaM &rPaM, const OUString &rName, IDocumentMarkAccess::MarkType eMark, sw::mark::InsertMode eMode, SwPosition const *pSepPos=nullptr) override
Definition: docbm.cxx:545
container_t m_vAnnotationMarks
virtual const_iterator_t getFieldmarksEnd() const override
returns a STL-like random access iterator to the end of the sequence of fieldmarks.
Definition: docbm.cxx:1368
virtual const_iterator_t getAnnotationMarksEnd() const override
Definition: docbm.cxx:1571
std::vector< sw::mark::MarkBase * > container_t
virtual void assureSortedMarkContainers() const override
Definition: docbm.cxx:1647
MarkBasenameMapUniqueOffset_t m_aMarkBasenameMapUniqueOffset
virtual const_iterator_t findMark(const OUString &rName) const override
Finds a mark by name.
Definition: docbm.cxx:1335
virtual std::unique_ptr< ILazyDeleter > deleteMark(const const_iterator_t &ppMark) override
Deletes a mark.
Definition: docbm.cxx:1224
virtual bool renameMark(::sw::mark::IMark *io_pMark, const OUString &rNewName) override
Renames an existing Mark, if possible.
Definition: docbm.cxx:853
Marks a character position inside a document model node.
Definition: index.hxx:33
std::unordered_map< OUString, sal_Int32 > MarkBasenameMapUniqueOffset_t
Definition: MarkManager.hxx:31
Marks a node in the document model.
Definition: ndindex.hxx:31
virtual const_iterator_t getAllMarksEnd() const override
returns a STL-like random access iterator to the end of the sequence of marks.
Definition: docbm.cxx:1350
virtual const_iterator_t findAnnotationMark(const OUString &rName) const override
Definition: docbm.cxx:1581
virtual sw::mark::IMark * makeAnnotationMark(const SwPaM &rPaM, const OUString &rName) override
Definition: docbm.cxx:818
SwTextNode is a paragraph in the document model.
Definition: ndtxt.hxx:80
virtual sal_Int32 getBookmarksCount() const override
returns the number of IBookmarks.
Definition: docbm.cxx:1362
virtual bool isBookmarkDeleted(SwPaM const &rPaM) const override
check if the selection would delete a BOOKMARK
Definition: docbm.cxx:1047
virtual void correctMarksAbsolute(const SwNodeIndex &rOldNode, const SwPosition &rNewPos, const sal_Int32 nOffset) override
Corrects marks (absolute) This method ignores the previous position of the mark in the paragraph...
Definition: docbm.cxx:882
virtual void NotifyCursorUpdate(const SwCursorShell &rCursorShell) override
Definition: docbm.cxx:1482
virtual sw::mark::IFieldmark * makeFieldBookmark(const SwPaM &rPaM, const OUString &rName, const OUString &rType, SwPosition const *pSepPos=nullptr) override
Definition: docbm.cxx:716
MarkManager & operator=(MarkManager const &)=delete
virtual const_iterator_t findBookmark(const OUString &rName) const override
Finds a bookmark by name.
Definition: docbm.cxx:1341
virtual void correctMarksRelative(const SwNodeIndex &rOldNode, const SwPosition &rNewPos, const sal_Int32 nOffset) override
Corrects marks (relative) This method uses the previous position of the mark in the paragraph as offs...
Definition: docbm.cxx:928
virtual ::sw::mark::IFieldmark * getFieldmarkBefore(const SwPosition &rPos) const override
Definition: docbm.cxx:1563
virtual ::sw::mark::IFieldmark * getDropDownFor(const SwPosition &rPos) const override
Definition: docbm.cxx:1530
virtual void deleteFieldmarkAt(const SwPosition &rPos) override
Definition: docbm.cxx:1420
virtual std::vector< ::sw::mark::IFieldmark * > getDropDownsFor(const SwPaM &rPaM) const override
Definition: docbm.cxx:1538
virtual ::sw::mark::IFieldmark * changeFormFieldmarkType(::sw::mark::IFieldmark *pFieldmark, const OUString &rNewType) override
Definition: docbm.cxx:1429
virtual void ClearFieldActivation() override
Definition: docbm.cxx:1522
Definition: IMark.hxx:31
MarkManager(SwDoc &rDoc)
Definition: docbm.cxx:536
virtual const_iterator_t getBookmarksBegin() const override
returns a STL-like random access iterator to the begin of the sequence the IBookmarks.
Definition: docbm.cxx:1356
virtual void repositionMark(::sw::mark::IMark *io_pMark, const SwPaM &rPaM) override
Moves an existing mark to a new selection and performs needed updates.
Definition: docbm.cxx:826