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SfxAppData_Impl Class Reference

#include <appdata.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SfxAppData_Impl ()
 ~SfxAppData_Impl ()
SfxDocumentTemplatesGetDocumentTemplates ()
void DeInitDDE ()
void OnApplicationBasicManagerCreated (BasicManager &_rManager)
 called when the Application's BasicManager has been created. More...

Public Attributes

IndexBitSet aIndexBitSet
OUString aLastDir
std::unique_ptr< DdeServicepDdeService
std::vector< SfxDdeDocTopic_Impl * > maDocTopics
std::unique_ptr< SfxDdeTriggerTopic_ImplpTriggerTopic
std::unique_ptr< DdeServicepDdeService2
std::vector< SfxChildWinFactorymaFactories
std::vector< SfxFrame * > vTopFrames
std::optional< SfxFilterMatcherpMatcher
std::optional< SfxErrorHandlerm_pToolsErrorHdl
std::optional< SfxErrorHandlerm_pSoErrorHdl
rtl::Reference< SfxStatusDispatchermxAppDispatch
std::optional< SfxPickListmxAppPickList
std::optional< SfxDocumentTemplatespTemplates
sal_uInt16 nDocModalMode
sal_uInt16 nRescheduleLocks
std::vector< SfxTbxCtrlFactorymaTbxCtrlFactories
std::vector< SfxStbCtrlFactorymaStbCtrlFactories
std::vector< SfxViewFrame * > maViewFrames
std::vector< SfxViewShell * > maViewShells
std::unordered_map< OUString, css::uno::Reference< css::ui::XAcceleratorConfiguration > > maAcceleratorConfs
std::vector< SfxObjectShell * > maObjShells
std::unique_ptr< SfxBasicManagerHolderpBasicManager
std::unique_ptr< SfxBasicManagerCreationListenerpBasMgrListener
std::optional< SfxSlotPoolpSlotPool
std::optional< SfxDispatcherpAppDispat
::rtl::Reference< sfx2::sidebar::Themem_pSidebarTheme
bool bDowning:1
bool bInQuit: 1
o3tl::enumarray< SfxToolsModule, std::unique_ptr< SfxModule > > aModules

Detailed Description

Definition at line 60 of file appdata.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SfxAppData_Impl()

SfxAppData_Impl::SfxAppData_Impl ( )

Definition at line 72 of file appdata.cxx.

References pBasic, and pBasMgrListener.

◆ ~SfxAppData_Impl()

SfxAppData_Impl::~SfxAppData_Impl ( )

Definition at line 91 of file appdata.cxx.

References DeInitDDE(), pBasic, pBasicManager, and pBasMgrListener.

Member Function Documentation

◆ DeInitDDE()

void SfxAppData_Impl::DeInitDDE ( )

Definition at line 435 of file appdde.cxx.

References maDocTopics, pDdeService, pDdeService2, and pTriggerTopic.

Referenced by ~SfxAppData_Impl().

◆ GetDocumentTemplates()

SfxDocumentTemplates * SfxAppData_Impl::GetDocumentTemplates ( )

Definition at line 104 of file appdata.cxx.

References pTemplates.

◆ OnApplicationBasicManagerCreated()

void SfxAppData_Impl::OnApplicationBasicManagerCreated ( BasicManager _rManager)

called when the Application's BasicManager has been created.

This can happen explicitly in SfxApplication::GetBasicManager, or implicitly if a document's BasicManager is created before the application's BasicManager exists.

Definition at line 113 of file appdata.cxx.

References SfxObjectShell::GetCurrentComponent(), pBasicManager, and BasicManager::SetGlobalUNOConstant().

Referenced by SfxBasicManagerCreationListener::onBasicManagerCreated().

Member Data Documentation

◆ aIndexBitSet

IndexBitSet SfxAppData_Impl::aIndexBitSet

Definition at line 63 of file appdata.hxx.

◆ aLastDir

OUString SfxAppData_Impl::aLastDir

Definition at line 64 of file appdata.hxx.

◆ aModules

o3tl::enumarray<SfxToolsModule, std::unique_ptr<SfxModule> > SfxAppData_Impl::aModules

Definition at line 124 of file appdata.hxx.

◆ bDowning

bool SfxAppData_Impl::bDowning

Definition at line 115 of file appdata.hxx.

◆ bInQuit

bool SfxAppData_Impl::bInQuit

Definition at line 116 of file appdata.hxx.

◆ m_pSidebarTheme

::rtl::Reference<sfx2::sidebar::Theme> SfxAppData_Impl::m_pSidebarTheme

Definition at line 113 of file appdata.hxx.

◆ m_pSoErrorHdl

std::optional<SfxErrorHandler> SfxAppData_Impl::m_pSoErrorHdl

Definition at line 79 of file appdata.hxx.

◆ m_pToolsErrorHdl

std::optional<SfxErrorHandler> SfxAppData_Impl::m_pToolsErrorHdl

Definition at line 78 of file appdata.hxx.

◆ maAcceleratorConfs

std::unordered_map<OUString, css::uno::Reference<css::ui::XAcceleratorConfiguration> > SfxAppData_Impl::maAcceleratorConfs

Definition at line 102 of file appdata.hxx.

◆ maDocTopics

std::vector<SfxDdeDocTopic_Impl*> SfxAppData_Impl::maDocTopics

Definition at line 68 of file appdata.hxx.

Referenced by DeInitDDE().

◆ maFactories

std::vector<SfxChildWinFactory> SfxAppData_Impl::maFactories

Definition at line 73 of file appdata.hxx.

◆ maObjShells

std::vector<SfxObjectShell*> SfxAppData_Impl::maObjShells

Definition at line 104 of file appdata.hxx.

◆ maStbCtrlFactories

std::vector<SfxStbCtrlFactory> SfxAppData_Impl::maStbCtrlFactories

Definition at line 99 of file appdata.hxx.

◆ maTbxCtrlFactories

std::vector<SfxTbxCtrlFactory> SfxAppData_Impl::maTbxCtrlFactories

Definition at line 97 of file appdata.hxx.

◆ maViewFrames

std::vector<SfxViewFrame*> SfxAppData_Impl::maViewFrames

Definition at line 100 of file appdata.hxx.

◆ maViewShells

std::vector<SfxViewShell*> SfxAppData_Impl::maViewShells

Definition at line 101 of file appdata.hxx.

◆ mxAppDispatch

rtl::Reference<SfxStatusDispatcher> SfxAppData_Impl::mxAppDispatch

Definition at line 83 of file appdata.hxx.

◆ mxAppPickList

std::optional<SfxPickList> SfxAppData_Impl::mxAppPickList

Definition at line 84 of file appdata.hxx.

◆ nDocModalMode

sal_uInt16 SfxAppData_Impl::nDocModalMode

Definition at line 93 of file appdata.hxx.

Referenced by SfxObjectShell::SetModalMode_Impl().

◆ nRescheduleLocks

sal_uInt16 SfxAppData_Impl::nRescheduleLocks

Definition at line 94 of file appdata.hxx.

Referenced by SfxProgress::EnterLock(), and SfxProgress::LeaveLock().

◆ pAppDispat

std::optional<SfxDispatcher> SfxAppData_Impl::pAppDispat

Definition at line 112 of file appdata.hxx.

◆ pBasicManager

std::unique_ptr<SfxBasicManagerHolder> SfxAppData_Impl::pBasicManager

Definition at line 106 of file appdata.hxx.

Referenced by OnApplicationBasicManagerCreated(), and ~SfxAppData_Impl().

◆ pBasMgrListener

std::unique_ptr<SfxBasicManagerCreationListener> SfxAppData_Impl::pBasMgrListener

Definition at line 108 of file appdata.hxx.

Referenced by SfxAppData_Impl(), and ~SfxAppData_Impl().

◆ pDdeService

std::unique_ptr<DdeService> SfxAppData_Impl::pDdeService

Definition at line 67 of file appdata.hxx.

Referenced by DeInitDDE().

◆ pDdeService2

std::unique_ptr<DdeService> SfxAppData_Impl::pDdeService2

Definition at line 70 of file appdata.hxx.

Referenced by DeInitDDE().

◆ pMatcher

std::optional<SfxFilterMatcher> SfxAppData_Impl::pMatcher

Definition at line 77 of file appdata.hxx.

◆ pPool

SfxItemPool* SfxAppData_Impl::pPool

Definition at line 88 of file appdata.hxx.

◆ pProgress

SfxProgress* SfxAppData_Impl::pProgress

Definition at line 91 of file appdata.hxx.

◆ pSlotPool

std::optional<SfxSlotPool> SfxAppData_Impl::pSlotPool

Definition at line 110 of file appdata.hxx.

Referenced by SfxSlotPool::GetSlotPool().

◆ pTemplates

std::optional<SfxDocumentTemplates> SfxAppData_Impl::pTemplates

Definition at line 85 of file appdata.hxx.

Referenced by GetDocumentTemplates().

◆ pTriggerTopic

std::unique_ptr<SfxDdeTriggerTopic_Impl> SfxAppData_Impl::pTriggerTopic

Definition at line 69 of file appdata.hxx.

Referenced by DeInitDDE().

◆ pViewFrame

SfxViewFrame* SfxAppData_Impl::pViewFrame

Definition at line 109 of file appdata.hxx.

Referenced by SfxViewFrame::Current().

◆ vTopFrames

std::vector<SfxFrame*> SfxAppData_Impl::vTopFrames

Definition at line 74 of file appdata.hxx.

Referenced by SfxFrame::InsertTopFrame_Impl(), and SfxFrame::RemoveTopFrame_Impl().

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