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sc::RefUpdateContext Struct Reference

Context for reference update during shifting, moving or copying of cell ranges. More...

#include <refupdatecontext.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 RefUpdateContext (ScDocument &rDoc, ScDocument *pClipdoc=nullptr)
bool isInserted () const
bool isDeleted () const
void setBlockPositionReference (ColumnBlockPositionSet *blockPos)
ColumnBlockPositiongetBlockPosition (SCTAB nTab, SCCOL nCol)

Public Attributes

UpdateRefMode meMode
 update mode - insert/delete, copy, or move. More...
ScRange maRange
 Range of cells that are about to be moved for insert/delete/move modes. More...
bool mbTransposed
 Are the data transposed? More...
SCCOL mnColDelta
 Amount and direction of movement in the column direction. More...
SCROW mnRowDelta
 Amount and direction of movement in the row direction. More...
SCTAB mnTabDelta
 Amount and direction of movement in the sheet direction. More...
UpdatedRangeNames maUpdatedNames
ColumnSet maRegroupCols

Detailed Description

Context for reference update during shifting, moving or copying of cell ranges.

Definition at line 52 of file refupdatecontext.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sc::RefUpdateContext::RefUpdateContext ( ScDocument rDoc,
ScDocument pClipdoc = nullptr 

Definition at line 67 of file refupdatecontext.cxx.

References ScDocument::IsClipboard(), and meMode.

Member Function Documentation

ColumnBlockPosition * sc::RefUpdateContext::getBlockPosition ( SCTAB  nTab,
SCCOL  nCol 
bool sc::RefUpdateContext::isDeleted ( ) const

Definition at line 84 of file refupdatecontext.cxx.

References meMode, mnColDelta, mnRowDelta, mnTabDelta, and URM_INSDEL.

Referenced by ScTokenArray::AdjustReferenceOnShift().

bool sc::RefUpdateContext::isInserted ( ) const
void sc::RefUpdateContext::setBlockPositionReference ( ColumnBlockPositionSet blockPos)

Definition at line 89 of file refupdatecontext.cxx.

References mpBlockPos.

Member Data Documentation

ScRange sc::RefUpdateContext::maRange
ColumnSet sc::RefUpdateContext::maRegroupCols
UpdatedRangeNames sc::RefUpdateContext::maUpdatedNames
bool sc::RefUpdateContext::mbTransposed

Are the data transposed?

Definition at line 72 of file refupdatecontext.hxx.

Referenced by ScTokenArray::AdjustReferenceInMovedName(), and ScTokenArray::AdjustReferenceOnMove().

UpdateRefMode sc::RefUpdateContext::meMode
SCCOL sc::RefUpdateContext::mnColDelta
SCROW sc::RefUpdateContext::mnRowDelta
SCTAB sc::RefUpdateContext::mnTabDelta
ColumnBlockPositionSet* sc::RefUpdateContext::mpBlockPos

Definition at line 84 of file refupdatecontext.hxx.

Referenced by getBlockPosition(), and setBlockPositionReference().

ScDocument& sc::RefUpdateContext::mrDoc

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