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ScClipParam Struct Reference

This struct stores general clipboard parameters associated with a ScDocument instance created in clipboard mode. More...

#include <clipparam.hxx>

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Public Types

enum  Direction {

Public Member Functions

 ScClipParam ()
 ScClipParam (const ScRange &rRange, bool bCutMode)
bool isMultiRange () const
SCCOL getPasteColSize ()
 Get the column size of a pasted range. More...
SCROW getPasteRowSize (const ScDocument &rSrcDoc, bool bIncludeFiltered)
 Same as the above method, but returns the row size of the compressed range. More...
ScRange getWholeRange () const
 Return a single range that encompasses all individual ranges. More...
void transpose (const ScDocument &rSrcDoc, bool bIncludeFiltered, bool bIsMultiRangeRowFilteredTranspose)
 Transpose the clip parameters. More...
sal_uInt32 getSourceDocID () const
void setSourceDocID (sal_uInt32 nVal)

Public Attributes

ScRangeList maRanges
Direction meDirection
bool mbCutMode
sal_uInt32 mnSourceDocID
ScRangeListVector maProtectedChartRangesVector

Detailed Description

This struct stores general clipboard parameters associated with a ScDocument instance created in clipboard mode.

Definition at line 30 of file clipparam.hxx.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Definition at line 32 of file clipparam.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ScClipParam::ScClipParam ( )

Definition at line 23 of file clipparam.cxx.

ScClipParam::ScClipParam ( const ScRange rRange,
bool  bCutMode 

Definition at line 30 of file clipparam.cxx.

References maRanges, and ScRangeList::push_back().

Member Function Documentation

SCCOL ScClipParam::getPasteColSize ( )

Get the column size of a pasted range.

Note that when the range is non-contiguous, we first compress all individual ranges into a single range, and the size of that compressed range is returned.

Definition at line 43 of file clipparam.cxx.

References ScRange::aEnd, ScRange::aStart, ScAddress::Col(), Column, ScRangeList::empty(), ScRangeList::front(), i, maRanges, meDirection, Row, ScRangeList::size(), and Unspecified.

Referenced by ScDocument::CopyMultiRangeFromClip(), and ScViewFunc::PasteMultiRangesFromClip().

SCROW ScClipParam::getPasteRowSize ( const ScDocument rSrcDoc,
bool  bIncludeFiltered 
sal_uInt32 ScClipParam::getSourceDocID ( ) const

Definition at line 70 of file clipparam.hxx.

Referenced by ScViewFunc::PasteFromClip().

ScRange ScClipParam::getWholeRange ( ) const
bool ScClipParam::isMultiRange ( ) const
void ScClipParam::setSourceDocID ( sal_uInt32  nVal)

Definition at line 71 of file clipparam.hxx.

Referenced by ScViewFunc::CopyToClipSingleRange().

void ScClipParam::transpose ( const ScDocument rSrcDoc,
bool  bIncludeFiltered,
bool  bIsMultiRangeRowFilteredTranspose 

Member Data Documentation

ScRangeListVector ScClipParam::maProtectedChartRangesVector

Definition at line 38 of file clipparam.hxx.

Referenced by ScViewFunc::CopyToClipSingleRange(), and ScViewFunc::PasteFromClip().

ScRangeList ScClipParam::maRanges
bool ScClipParam::mbCutMode
Direction ScClipParam::meDirection
sal_uInt32 ScClipParam::mnSourceDocID

Definition at line 37 of file clipparam.hxx.

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