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parclass.hxx File Reference
#include <formula/opcode.hxx>
#include <formula/paramclass.hxx>
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class  ScParameterClassification
struct  ScParameterClassification::CommonData
struct  ScParameterClassification::RawData
struct  ScParameterClassification::RunData


namespace  formula


 Activate parameter classification documentation. More...

Macro Definition Documentation



Activate parameter classification documentation.

Building with DEBUG_SC_PARCLASSDOC 1 enables generation of parameter classification documentation when instantiating the first Calc document if the environment variable OOO_CALC_GENPARCLASSDOC is set and SAL_LOG contains

Generated output contains CALC_GENPARCLASSDOC that can be easily grep'ed for.

Activation adds overhead to Calc initialization time to gather information that otherwise is not needed for anything else.

Definition at line 37 of file parclass.hxx.