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ScParameterClassification Class Reference

#include <parclass.hxx>

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struct  CommonData
struct  RawData
struct  RunData

Static Public Member Functions

static void Init ()
 MUST be called once before any other method. More...
static void Exit ()
static formula::ParamClass GetParameterType (const formula::FormulaToken *pToken, sal_uInt16 nParameter)
 Get one parameter type for function eOp. More...
static bool HasForceArray (OpCode eOp)
 Whether OpCode has a parameter of type ForceArray or ReferenceOrForceArray. More...

Static Private Member Functions

static formula::ParamClass GetExternalParameterType (const formula::FormulaToken *pToken, sal_uInt16 nParameter)

Static Private Attributes

static const RawData pRawData []
static RunDatapData = nullptr


struct ScParameterClassification::RunData

Detailed Description

Definition at line 44 of file parclass.hxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Exit()

void ScParameterClassification::Exit ( )

Definition at line 356 of file parclass.cxx.

References pData.

Referenced by ScGlobal::Clear().

◆ GetExternalParameterType()

formula::ParamClass ScParameterClassification::GetExternalParameterType ( const formula::FormulaToken pToken,
sal_uInt16  nParameter 

◆ GetParameterType()

formula::ParamClass ScParameterClassification::GetParameterType ( const formula::FormulaToken pToken,
sal_uInt16  nParameter 

◆ HasForceArray()

static bool ScParameterClassification::HasForceArray ( OpCode  eOp)

Whether OpCode has a parameter of type ForceArray or ReferenceOrForceArray.

Definition at line 63 of file parclass.hxx.

References pData, and SC_OPCODE_LAST_OPCODE_ID.

Referenced by ScInterpreter::MatrixParameterConversion().

◆ Init()

void ScParameterClassification::Init ( void  )

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ ScParameterClassification::RunData

friend struct ScParameterClassification::RunData

Definition at line 88 of file parclass.hxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ pData

ScParameterClassification::RunData * ScParameterClassification::pData = nullptr

Definition at line 97 of file parclass.hxx.

Referenced by Exit(), GetParameterType(), HasForceArray(), and Init().

◆ pRawData

const ScParameterClassification::RawData ScParameterClassification::pRawData

Definition at line 96 of file parclass.hxx.

Referenced by Init().

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