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1/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*- */
3 * This file is part of the LibreOffice project.
4 *
5 * This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
6 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
7 * file, You can obtain one at
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9 * This file incorporates work covered by the following license notice:
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11 * Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
12 * contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file distributed
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14 * ownership. The ASF licenses this file to you under the Apache
15 * License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file
16 * except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of
17 * the License at .
18 */
20#pragma once
22#include <memory>
23#include <string_view>
25#include "worksheethelper.hxx"
27namespace oox { class AttributeList; }
28namespace oox { class PropertySet; }
29namespace oox::core { class Relations; }
31namespace oox::xls {
33class HeaderFooterParser;
38 css::uno::Reference<css::graphic::XGraphic> mxGraphic;
39 OUString maBinSettPath;
40 OUString maOddHeader;
41 OUString maOddFooter;
42 OUString maEvenHeader;
43 OUString maEvenFooter;
44 OUString maFirstHeader;
45 OUString maFirstFooter;
46 double mfLeftMargin;
48 double mfTopMargin;
52 sal_Int32 mnPaperSize;
53 sal_Int32 mnPaperWidth;
54 sal_Int32 mnPaperHeight;
55 sal_Int32 mnCopies;
56 sal_Int32 mnScale;
57 sal_Int32 mnFirstPage;
58 sal_Int32 mnFitToWidth;
59 sal_Int32 mnFitToHeight;
60 sal_Int32 mnHorPrintRes;
61 sal_Int32 mnVerPrintRes;
62 sal_Int32 mnOrientation;
63 sal_Int32 mnPageOrder;
64 sal_Int32 mnCellComments;
65 sal_Int32 mnPrintErrors;
78 explicit PageSettingsModel();
81 void setBiffPrintErrors( sal_uInt8 nPrintErrors );
87 explicit PageSettings( const WorksheetHelper& rHelper );
90 void importPrintOptions( const AttributeList& rAttribs );
92 void importPageMargins( const AttributeList& rAttribs );
94 void importPageSetup( const ::oox::core::Relations& rRelations, const AttributeList& rAttribs );
96 void importChartPageSetup( const ::oox::core::Relations& rRelations, const AttributeList& rAttribs );
98 void importHeaderFooter( const AttributeList& rAttribs );
101 std::u16string_view rChars, sal_Int32 nElement );
103 void importPicture( const ::oox::core::Relations& rRelations, const AttributeList& rAttribs );
110 void importPageSetup( const ::oox::core::Relations& rRelations, SequenceInputStream& rStrm );
112 void importChartPageSetup( const ::oox::core::Relations& rRelations, SequenceInputStream& rStrm );
116 void importPicture( const ::oox::core::Relations& rRelations, SequenceInputStream& rStrm );
119 void setFitToPagesMode( bool bFitToPages );
122 void finalizeImport();
126 void importPictureData( const ::oox::core::Relations& rRelations, const OUString& rRelId );
135 explicit PageSettingsConverter( const WorkbookHelper& rHelper );
136 virtual ~PageSettingsConverter() override;
140 PropertySet& rPropSet,
141 const PageSettingsModel& rModel,
142 WorksheetType eSheetType );
146 {
147 sal_Int32 mnLeftPropId;
148 sal_Int32 mnRightPropId;
149 sal_Int32 mnFirstPropId;
150 sal_Int32 mnHeight;
151 sal_Int32 mnBodyDist;
157 explicit HFHelperData( sal_Int32 nLeftPropId, sal_Int32 nRightPropId, sal_Int32 nFirstPropId );
158 };
162 PropertySet& rPropSet,
163 HFHelperData& orHFData,
164 const OUString& rOddContent,
165 const OUString& rEvenContent,
166 const OUString& rFirstContent,
167 bool bUseEvenContent,
168 bool bUseFirstContent,
169 double fPageMargin,
170 double fContentMargin );
172 sal_Int32 writeHeaderFooter(
173 PropertySet& rPropSet,
174 sal_Int32 nPropId,
175 const OUString& rContent );
178 typedef ::std::unique_ptr< HeaderFooterParser > HeaderFooterParserPtr;
184} // namespace oox::xls
186/* vim:set shiftwidth=4 softtabstop=4 expandtab: */
void writePageSettingsProperties(PropertySet &rPropSet, const PageSettingsModel &rModel, WorksheetType eSheetType)
Writes all properties to the passed property set of a page style object.
PageSettingsConverter(const WorkbookHelper &rHelper)
void convertHeaderFooterData(PropertySet &rPropSet, HFHelperData &orHFData, const OUString &rOddContent, const OUString &rEvenContent, const OUString &rFirstContent, bool bUseEvenContent, bool bUseFirstContent, double fPageMargin, double fContentMargin)
HeaderFooterParserPtr mxHFParser
virtual ~PageSettingsConverter() override
sal_Int32 writeHeaderFooter(PropertySet &rPropSet, sal_Int32 nPropId, const OUString &rContent)
::std::unique_ptr< HeaderFooterParser > HeaderFooterParserPtr
void importChartPageSetup(const ::oox::core::Relations &rRelations, const AttributeList &rAttribs)
Imports pageSetup element for chart sheets.
void importPictureData(const ::oox::core::Relations &rRelations, const OUString &rRelId)
Imports the binary picture data from the fragment with the passed identifier.
void importPrintOptions(const AttributeList &rAttribs)
Imports printing options from a printOptions element.
void importPageSetup(const ::oox::core::Relations &rRelations, const AttributeList &rAttribs)
Imports pageSetup element for worksheets.
void importPicture(const ::oox::core::Relations &rRelations, const AttributeList &rAttribs)
Imports the picture element.
void importHeaderFooterCharacters(std::u16string_view rChars, sal_Int32 nElement)
Imports header/footer characters from a headerFooter element.
void importPicture(const ::oox::core::Relations &rRelations, SequenceInputStream &rStrm)
Imports the PICTURE record from the passed stream.
void importPageMargins(const AttributeList &rAttribs)
Imports pageMarings element containing page margins.
void importHeaderFooter(const AttributeList &rAttribs)
Imports header and footer settings from a headerFooter element.
void importPageSetup(const ::oox::core::Relations &rRelations, SequenceInputStream &rStrm)
Imports the PAGESETUP record from the passed stream.
void importChartPageSetup(const ::oox::core::Relations &rRelations, SequenceInputStream &rStrm)
Imports the CHARTPAGESETUP record from the passed stream.
void setFitToPagesMode(bool bFitToPages)
Sets whether percentual scaling or fit to width/height scaling is used.
PageSettingsModel maModel
void finalizeImport()
Creates a page style for the spreadsheet and sets all page properties.
PageSettings(const WorksheetHelper &rHelper)
Helper class to provide access to global workbook data.
An enumeration for all types of sheets in a workbook.
HFHelperData(sal_Int32 nLeftPropId, sal_Int32 nRightPropId, sal_Int32 nFirstPropId)
Holds page style data for a single sheet.
sal_Int32 mnFirstPage
Page scale (zoom in percent).
bool mbDraftQuality
True = print black and white.
sal_Int32 mnOrientation
Vertical printing resolution in DPI.
double mfLeftMargin
Footer string for first page of the sheet.
sal_Int32 mnCopies
Paper height in twips.
double mfTopMargin
Margin between end of sheet area and right edge of page.
void setBiffPrintErrors(sal_uInt8 nPrintErrors)
Sets the BIFF print errors mode.
bool mbPrintHeadings
True = print grid lines.
True = print column/row headings.
double mfFooterMargin
Margin between top edge of page and begin of header.
sal_Int32 mnHorPrintRes
Fit to number of pages in vertical direction.
sal_Int32 mnScale
Number of copies to print.
bool mbUseFirstHF
True = use maEvenHeader/maEvenFooter.
sal_Int32 mnFitToWidth
First page number.
double mfHeaderMargin
Margin between end of sheet area and bottom edge of page.
OUString maOddHeader
Relation identifier of binary printer settings.
bool mbHorCenter
True = Fit to width/height; false = scale in percent.
bool mbFitToPages
True = print in draft quality.
sal_Int32 mnPrintErrors
Cell comments printing mode.
OUString maEvenFooter
Header string for even pages.
sal_Int32 mnPaperSize
Margin between end of footer and bottom edge of page.
bool mbValidSettings
True = use maFirstHeader/maFirstFooter.
sal_Int32 mnPageOrder
Landscape or portrait.
OUString maFirstHeader
Footer string for even pages.
double mfBottomMargin
Margin between top edge of page and begin of sheet area.
OUString maFirstFooter
Header string for first page of the sheet.
OUString maEvenHeader
Footer string for odd pages.
sal_Int32 mnPaperHeight
Paper width in twips.
sal_Int32 mnPaperWidth
Paper size (enumeration).
bool mbBlackWhite
True = start page numbering with mnFirstPage.
sal_Int32 mnFitToHeight
Fit to number of pages in horizontal direction.
double mfRightMargin
Margin between left edge of page and begin of sheet area.
OUString maBinSettPath
Background Graphic.
sal_Int32 mnCellComments
Page order through sheet area (to left or down).
css::uno::Reference< css::graphic::XGraphic > mxGraphic
bool mbPrintGrid
True = vertically centered.
bool mbUseEvenHF
Cell error printing mode.
bool mbVerCenter
True = horizontally centered.
OUString maOddFooter
Header string for odd pages.
sal_Int32 mnVerPrintRes
Horizontal printing resolution in DPI.
bool mbUseFirstPage
True = use imported settings.
unsigned char sal_uInt8